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It all happened when I was 10. I live in the suburbs where the doors were usually left unlocked, and windows were open at night to stay cool. I would sleep in my boxers because we didn’t have heat. I wasn’t fat, or thin just normal I suppose. I rode my bike everywhere I wanted to go so I was in all right shape for someone my age.
My neighbor was also 10 named Jill we did everything together ride bikes, go to movies, eat dinner, and walk into each other's home. It was like we were one big family. Everyone in the neighbor acted like family. Parents did not care if we would spend the night at another person's home, because they all knew there were spare bedrooms.
Jill and I had a late summer party in my hot tub. It was me her and just a couple of our friends. We crammed into the hot tub and were all basically sitting on top of each other. Which did not bother anyone because we all grew up together. Jill came up with the idea of playing truth or dare. This seemed like a fun idea as there were two girls, Jill, and Kim, and two boys Me (Bob), and Mike. We had never thought of anything sexual, towards each other or anyone for that matter we were only 10 after all.
So Kim went first Jill asked her "Truth or Dare" and Kim said truth. Jill thought about a good question and said "can I ask anything" "of course" Kim said. So Jill asked if she had ever masturbated. Kim looked puzzled and said no; I don’t know what that is. Jill blushed and said she didn’t know either but she over heard some girls talking about it at school. I didn’t know what it was either and mike didn’t either. The game pretty much stopped there because we all wanted to go home and find out what this masturbation thing was.
I hopped on the computer and typed in masturbate in the search field. I whole bunch of sex sites came up with nudie pictures and my penis got a little hard. But I really wanted to know what it meant to masturbate. So I typed in "how to masturbate" a site came up with male or female so I clicked male. There were instructions, and said if you want to masturbate do as follows. It said to look at the pictures. The pictures involved a girl stripping out of all her clothes then rubbing her crotch. And my penis again got hard. As I scrolled down it said if your penis is hard click here. So I clicked and there were pictures of a boy in jeans with a tent in them. It said to unzip your pants and take your penis out. So I did as follows. The boy in the picture also took his penis out his was larger though. It said to wrap your hand around your cock like the boy in the picture. So I did that. Then it said to click here to see the movie. I clicked it and the player popped up. The boy was looking at porn then took his cock out and rubbed his dick up and down up and down. He started going faster and faster and grunted, I was doing as follows rubbing my little dick and it started to spasm and it felt like I was going to pee so I stuck my hand out and caught it so I would make a mess. Thick white goo came out in the palm of my hand. The boy in the video had a girl in the room with him because when he came on his chest she bent down and licked the stuff off of his chest.
So I was sitting there with this white stuff in my hand. And figured what the hell and I licked all the white stuff out of my hand. It tasted all right I guess.
I kept surfing the web looking for how to masturbate and I learned what it was to orgasm or cum, and that my penis can be called cock. I came a few more times in my hands while looking at pictures of girls and licked it all up. I came to like the taste of my own cum.
What I didn’t know was that the rest of the guys in the hot tub went home and did the same thing. Jill didn’t have any tits yet, a small round ass of a 10 year old, nothing special it body as Kim. Jill must have found the same site but she clicked on the female button. There were pictures of a girl rubbing her pussy through her fabric and then a video of the girl masturbating. She noticed her panties got wet while watching and crossed her legs. But that felt good to her so she put her hand in her pants and rubbed her pussy through the panties. She felt the damp spot and stuck her fingers under her panties and felt her wetness. She licked it like the girl in the movie and she loved the taste.
Everyone that was in the hot tub that one time instantly became addicted to masturbating and tasting the liquids that came out of their holes. But the didn’t let anyone know.
I was hanging out with Jill one night and we bother revealed that we both had been masturbating and it felt really good to orgasm. Jill wanted to see how a guy masturbated but I said I would only do it if I could watch her masturbate. So we both agreed Jill told her mom that bob would be sleeping over. So Jill came down to the basement where the spare bedroom was and sat Indian style across from me. I took my dick out and started rubbing it looking at her body. She asked me to get naked and I figured what the hell and took off my PJs. I was sitting there naked and rubbing my little cock. Jill was obviously enjoying this because she squirmed around and asked if she could also get naked. So we both sat there naked rubbing ourselves. We both orgasimed and said nothing but I licked up my cum and she licked her girl cum. We both went to bed. And thought nothing of it.
I saw mike the other day and we went for a bike ride. And we talked and Mike asked what it was like to masturbate. I almost fell off my bike when he asked me. And I just said how do you know I masturbate. He said he assumed that I like him went home and figured out what it was like to do it. So we pulled off the road and rode our bikes into the woods and found a secluded place. He took his penis out and started rubbing it till it got hard. I did the same. He said that he saw a web site where two guys were sucking each other's cock. So I figured what the hell and put his cock in my mouth and bobbed my head up and down lick his cock where I would want mine licked. I did this till he stopped me and said he was going to cum. But I just kept going and tasted his cum in my mouth. And swallowed. WOW Bob that felt amazing let me do it to you. So he sucked my cock and we got back on our bikes and rode home.
The years went by and mike told me that he had to move because his dad got a job. At this point we were 13 years old, Jill and Kim both got bigger and developed nice Asses, and really small round tits. The three of us became closer and closer. One day we were watching a movie at my house and all fell asleep on the couch. I woke up at midnight and went into my bedroom. I fell back asleep but had a dream about the porn I had seen on the computer. I woke up to a raging hard on and I was rubbing it but Kim had come into bed with me while I was sleeping and woke up and just stared at my cock. She asked if she could suck on it. I said sure I don’t mind. She bent down and bobbed her head up and down swirling her tongue all around my cock until I came in her mouth. She said wow it does taste good. Jill walked in and asked if she could suck it too. But I said I couldn't get hard again. She said what if I give you a show? Or better yet if Kim and I give you a show. They both started kissing and rubbing their tits. Then we all got naked. Kim and Jill were rubbing each other's crotches and I said ok I am hard Jill immediately stopped and bent over to suck my cock. She kept going until I came in her mouth. Every now and then we would get together and they would suck me off. It got to the point where I could cum like 5 times in one night and I would of course eat them out and finger them in return.
Jill's birthday came around and I was invited to the sleep over party. It was 5 girls and another boy that I didn’t know. It turned into a big truth or dare game and we all ended up naked. Everyone saw that Sam and me were hard and the girls wanted to suck us off. So the lined up and sucked our 12 year old dicks. We came over and over, in their sweet little mouths.
Jill said I wanna lose my virginity. The other girls asked what that meant. Jill had read up on it and just said get hard I will do the rest. So she started sucking my cock and I as I saw her head bobbing up and down on my cock, she was also rubbing her pussy as well. She got so wet that her juice was running down her legs. She told me to lie down and she got up and positioned her pussy above my cock. And dropped down the tight wetness of her pussy around my cock excited me so much that we both started bucking against each other. Until I said I was going to cum. She moaned and said in my cum just keep going. She bucked and grabbed my shoulders so that all of my cock was in her. Her pussy spas med and as she orgasimed I started to unload Wave after wave of cum into her tight pussy. I looked over and the four girls were fingering their bare pussies and pinching their nipples. I looked at Sam and he was rubbing his cock. I was spent so I went over and sucked his cock until he cummed in my mouth. Apparently the girls liked the idea of a guy sucking the other guy off because they all began to squeal when Sam groaned and cummed in my mouth. Kelly an Asian girl instantly stuck her tongue in my mouth and took swallowed Sams cum. We were all spent after that and went too bed.

story by: bob_1

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Author: bob_1

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