Sex in school – part two

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by – Anonymous

In Part One I told you about my introduction to oral sex, which was the answer to my problem with mathematics. I was in this fancy girl’s boarding school, getting prepped for college, but even though Professor Robert Lusty was a great math teacher, I was getting failing grades, until – his young niece, Sally showed me the way to success in his subject – through the front of his pants!
Sally was a year or two older than me, maybe 16 or 17 and she was living with the Prof. and his wife for a year while her parents were out of the country. She was doing a Home School program, so didn’t attend regular classes, but the Prof had brought her in to meet me – and to help get his cock in my mouth! I had been called in to discuss a ‘D’ grade in my mid-term test paper. That was when she showed me how to suck her uncle’s cock. That was also when I sucked her cunt and helped her uncle get some of his cock into her – while she in turn licked my pussy until I came off in her mouth. It was the first time I had ever seen anyone fucking and it was truly, a time to remember!
But now it was a Saturday afternoon and I was standing at the front door of the Lusty’s house, which was on a quiet street not far from my school, about to ring their door bell. I was filled with a mix of excitement and nervous apprehension and really was not sure what to expect. The Professor had invited me over to get some in mathematics, explaining that his wife was also a school teacher and that he would be willing to let me write a supplemental mid-term exam when he thought I was ready – after some tutoring. So I rang the bell.
It was the professor's niece, Sally who opened the door, and she warmly invited me in. She was wearing a very skimpy bikini bathing suit, explaining that she had been sun bathing in the back yard. She said her uncle had been called away to attend some sort of emergency School Board of Governors meeting, but should be back in a couple of hours. He had told her I was coming over and to make me comfortable get me ready for his return!?
"Gee, I’m glad you could come over, June – come on into the study and meet my Aunt Ruth – you’re gonna just love her!", she bubbled, as she took my hand and led me toward the back of the house.
"Here she is, Auntie Ruth, right on time, and I bet she is ready and willing to do some learning!", June gaily sang out as we entered a large, comfortable looking room, where a beautiful blond woman put down a book and rose to meet me. Mrs Lusty was a luscious looking lady. Much younger than her husband, maybe a bit more than about half his age. She was a couple inches taller than me, with luxurious, long blond hair falling about half way down her back. Her gorgeous figure was emphasized by a very short, tight fitting skirt and a low cut, sleeveless blouse which complimented her full breasts and did not conceal the ample nipples which were obviously not confined by a brassier! She was not wearing stockings, but her high heeled shoes had interesting narrow bindings which encircled her beautiful legs, up to her knees.
Hoop earrings, a plain gold necklace, a narrow red hair band and a couple of finger rings completed this picture of a lady just oozing sex!
"June – how very nice to meet you!" Mrs Lusty exclaimed, as she came forward and immediately embraced me. She held me tightly against her beautiful body, letting one hand slowly run down my back and onto my bum, where her fingers fondled my ass. Her other hand was feeling my breasts and before I knew what was happening, she had unbuttoned my school uniform blouse and was toying with my nipples!
"My husband told me how pretty you are, June but he didn't do you justice. Now I can see why he has taken an interest in your success in his subject. And he wants me to help you get ready for that supp exam, which sounds like a great idea!" – she said, as she continued to caress my bum as she managed to slip her knee in between my legs.
Well! I had expected something like this might happen and I guess I had maybe hoped it might, or would – but this was absolutely breath taking – and so sudden. My pussy was tingling and I did not resist as Mrs Lusty now ordered Sally to get my school skirt off – "So I can see if her cunt is as pretty as you and my husband told me it is!" – she murmured.
She was now kissing me on the lips, gently at first but soon she had worked her tongue into my opening mouth and was exploring it in an avid manner. She sucked my tongue into her mouth for a while then she started to lick and kiss every part of my face.
By now Sally had got my skirt undone and down to the floor. She had also pulled my brief little panties down, and I instinctively raised one foot after the other as she pulled these clothes out of the way altogether.
‘Let me smell her panties!" – ordered Mrs Lusty , as she moved the hand that had been feeling my bum around to my front and in between my legs.
Sally obligingly held the crotch of my panties up to her aunt’s face, pointing out the obvious big wet spot which was there.
"Oh, now that's a good sign!" smiled Mrs Lusty, as he not only inhaled my pussy aroma deeply, but also opened her mouth and Sally pushed that wet part of my panty into her greedy mouth.
"Ummmm, nice! Oh yes, Sally, you and the Professor were absolutely right – she has a sweet smelling cunt, and this pussy juice is delicious, but now I want to taste some more of it. Let’s get her over to the sex sofa!"
With that she relaxed her embrace and led me over to a sort of narrow padded bench without any back or arms on it. She quickly removed my blouse, which she had already unbuttoned. This now left me naked, except for my school regulation knee sox and low shoes. And Sally had also slipped off her bikini swim suit and was standing nude except for her sandals.
Now Sally sat down straddling the bench with one leg on either side of it and her aunt placed me in a similar position, in front of her niece, who quickly wrapped her arms around me and started to rub and squeeze my titties. It seems this configuration must have been previously arranged – or was it standard procedure?
Mrs Lusty had peeled off her blouse and I could see the nipples of her beautiful breasts had hardened and were standing out proudly. She then tossed a cushion on the floor and knelt on it at the end of the ‘sex sofa’ where she picked up my legs and put them up over her bare shoulders.
"Sally can watch me suck you off for the first time, June – it will make her very excited and I want to see your face while I am getting you off! Then maybe we will let Sally squat over your mouth and you can lick her cunt while I do you again – or something nice like that!"
Putting these exciting words into action, Mrs Lusty started to work on me. At first she just lightly licked around my belly and upper thighs, sometimes letting her tongue flick down to my ass hole. Her hot breath down there was driving me wild!
She was giving me some wonderful sensations and Sally’s manipulation of my titties was adding to it. Soon I could feel one of her fingers working around the outside of my bum hole and with the other hand she had spread the lips of my cunt and now her tongue was licking the inside of it and circling around my erect clit. And at the same time she was saying what a lovely little cunt I had and how sweet it tasted.
All the while she was looking up and watching my face intently and I couldn’t help but watch what she was doing to my pussy. If I closed my eyes she immediately ordered me to look at her again – and I did. Now I was moaning and trying to wiggle my bum as she rapidly flicked her tongue across the tip of my clit and continued to work a finger into my asshole.
"You were right, Sally – her cunt is delicious. It’s dripping pure honey. I love the taste of a young girl’s cunt before she has been fucked very often – her pussy juices are so thick and creamy. I’m going to finger fuck her a bit now and it won’t take long to make her cum, but we're going to make this last for a good while yet!"
Now Mrs Lusty slowly slipped a finger into my moistened cunt and as she continued to lick and suck my clit, she gently fucked me up both my holes with the finger of one hand while she used the other hand to continue rubbing and caressing the lips of my pussy.
She stopped licking long enough to ask: – "How come a nice girl like you has not been fucked yet, June? Sally and my husband told me you are still a virgin; that your home town boy friend had never got his cock into you. I can feel that your pussy has never been really opened up yet!"
"Uh, ohhhh, I don’t really know." I gasped, as I moaned and writhed in ecstasy. Oh please ma’am, please I want to cum! I've got to cum! I’m going to cum – right now! Aw, ohhhhh, please, please keep doing what you were with your tongue, I pleaded – trying to push my cunt upward and grind it closer to her mouth.
"Alright, then", she responded. "Look right at me and I will finish you off."
And she did – with her tongue and teeth she went back to work on my pussy and clit, while at the same time she increased the finger fucking in both my cunt and asshole.
I couldn’t help it – as wave after wave of fantastic pleasure rolled over my entire body – my pleading moans turned into screams as at last the release came and for a minute I thought I was going to faint – the sensations were so overpowering.
Then at last it was over, and as I was gradually getting my breath back, Mrs. Lusty got up, leaned forward and started kissing both Sally and me, saying, "Sally deserves a taste of your pussy juice, don’t you think, June?"
I would have agreed to anything right then, and when she said it was now my turn to suck her niece's cunt, I didn’t hesitate for a minute. We quickly changed positions, and as her aunt straddled the bench and held Sally in front of her, I hopped down on my knees at the end of it and got Sally’s legs up over my shoulders – just like her aunt had done with mine.
"Now, I want to watch you suck Sally off, June – she helped me do you and I think turn about is fair play, don’t you? My husband told me you had a lick on Sally’s cunt in his office, and helped him get some cock into her tight little pussy after you had sucked him off, and you did quite well. Is that right?"
"Oh, yes ma'am", I readily agreed. "I liked doing that and I will try to do my best again."
I at once lowered my face down to Sally’s sweet smelling cunt, and as her aunt fondled and rubbed the nipples of her pert little tits, I took my first tentative licks on her pussy which was already dripping wet. She had been terribly excited by watching her aunt suck me off and she was burning hot. I tried to do it exactly the same way as Mrs Lusty had done it to me, but Sally couldn’t last as long as I had. She was going wild as her aunt held her and kissed her, licking her face as I licked her cunt.
"Now finger fuck her a bit June." – prompted the Professor’s wife – "Get one finger going into her asshole and maybe you can get two into her cunt. We have opened her up quite a bit since she came to live with us, but my husband still can’t get that cock of his all the way into her!"
"Oh yessss! Suck me, fuck me!", screamed Sally, as she twisted and wiggled her ass, pushing her cunt up into my mouth. She was twisting around so violently, I could hardly control her, and now she was using her legs around the back of my head to pull my face harder against her pussy.
I had two fingers of my right hand into her cunt now, and the third finger into her asshole and I had her clit sucked right into my mouth and was flicking it with my tongue. Her aunt was watching closely and at the same time holding her in position with both arms – squeezing her tits and twisting the nipples between her fingers.
"You are doing a splendid job, June – that's just great!", murmured Mrs Lusty. "I think you are a very quick learner and you're going to be a terrific cunt sucker. But now I think we should finish Sally off. Ram your fingers up her cunt a bit faster and get that other finger further up her ass – sort of wiggle it around up there. She will be really ready for some cock by the time her uncle gets home. Maybe we could even give her a double fuck!"
I didn't know what she meant by a 'double fuck', but I followed her instruction about finger fucking Sally as hard as I could, and now her moans and screams increased as at last she had her long delayed orgasm and lay in her aunt's arms, gasping and shuddering.
And there we were – two teenaged girls now sitting on either side of Mrs Lusty, who had her arms around each of us – kissing and licking our faces in turn as she complimented us on our oral sex abilities. We were completely nude except for my knee sox and shoes and Sally's sandals. But Mrs lusty still had her short skirt and fancy high heeled shoes on and I wasn't surprised when she said, "OK girls, you have both had some great fun, so now don't you think it's my turn?"
"Oh yes, Auntie Ruth!", replied Sally, while I just nodded my agreement, not knowing what to expect next.
"Well, I think it’s high time young June had a cock up that tight little cunt of hers, don't you think so, Sally?"
"Yes, oh yes!" – exclaimed Sally excitedly, "We could break her in a bit the way you did me – Uncle Bob would love that, I just know he would!", she bubbled, looking over at me with a sly smile.
"Uh, I guess I don't quite understand", I managed to mumble. "How would you do that?", I asked, quickly thinking about getting some more finger fucking.
"Why – with this!" exclaimed Mrs Lusty, as she quickly stood and pulled up the mini skirt she was wearing – and to my absolute and utter amazement exposed her perfectly shaped cock! It was only about half the size of her husband's, but otherwise exactly the same. As I gaped in open mouthed wonder at this startling revelation, she took my hand and placed it on her cock. Instinctively, I guess, I wrapped my fingers around it and my mind flipped back to when my boy friend back home used to put his cock in my hand and have me jerk him off. In fact her cock was about the same size as his and as I rubbed it back and forth I could feel it getting a bit stiffer, and Mrs Lusty began breathing heavily and moaned her appreciation softly.
"Oh, June – you know just what to do with a cock, don't you dear! But now I want to see how well you can suck it! My husband said you did his very well the very first time. Of course you had Sally there to coach you!", she smiled as she started rubbing the head of her cock around my cheeks and chin, then pushing it against my lips – which parted automatically, I guess.
And then her cock was right into my mouth, and I was sucking it just like Sally had shown me how to do her husband’s, that first day in his school office. Mrs Lusty’s cock was not nearly so big as his and when she put her hands behind my head and pushed it part way down my throat I hardly gagged at all.
But it was getting a bit bigger and when she pulled it out of my mouth and rubbed it all over my face, she said that she thought it was stiff enough to fuck me with and Sally said, "Oh yah, Auntie Ruth, let’s try to get that into her,
it’s so exciting to see you fucking a girl for the first time and I know June really wants it. Don’t you June?"
Well, I was so amazed by all of this that I think I just nodded and when Mrs. Lusty suggested Sally should adjust the sex sofa high enough for a fuck, her niece seemed to know just what was coming and I was surprised to see that all she had to do was press a button to have the bench rise up to about waist level. Without any prompting, Sally then lay face up on it and her aunt told me to get face down on her, in what she explained was the 69 position. She got me sort of kneeling down straddling her niece’s face, with my bum stuck well up at her end of the sofa – at just the right height for her cock to go into it while she was standing up. Sally immediately started to lick and suck my pussy and Mrs Lusty told me I should do the same to her niece – which I most willingly did.
Now my face was buried between Sally’s legs, and as I licked her juicy little cunt, she returned the favour to mine. Then I felt something else pressing against my pussy and I knew it was Mrs Lusty’s stiff cock.
"You will let us fuck you, won’t you dear?", she grunted hoarsely, her voice now thick with pure lust. "It might sting just for a little bit when I first get it into you, but then you are going to really like it! Sally has got your cunt nice and juicy with her tongue and now she can lick the head of my cock a bit to get it nice and slippery also."
There was a big mirror on the wall at the end of the sex sofa, and when I raised my eyes from Sally’s cunt I could see the reflection of Mrs Lusty standing at the other end, ready to fuck me. Of course she could also watch me licking her niece’s cunt. She had both hands on my hips and was praising my ‘luscious little ass’, as she glanced down to see Sally lick my cunt. Then Sally’s tongue left my pussy for a few minutes as she licked her aunt’s cock. Next, I felt Sally’s fingers opening the lips of my cunt and the head of her aunt’s cock was pressing into it. And suddenly I felt a hot, burning sensation as she rammed her rampant prick right into me.
"Oh yes – I’m into her Sally – I’m right up her sweet little cunt and it is sooo tight. Oh yes, now I’m going to fuck her hard for a few minutes and then I’ll pull my cock out and give you a lick on it. I know you’ll like the taste of her cunt on my cock, even if there is a bit of blood mixed in the juice! Keep your tongue going on her clit, I want her to really like her first fuck. And you know that it’s kinder to break a virgin in quickly and get any discomfort over with all at once."
The first wave of pain had now passed and as Sally kept licking and sucking my clit, I started to feel pleasure from her aunt’s cock going in and out of my cunt. I think this made me all the more want to suck Sally’s pussy and now I was licking and sucking it harder than ever. When her aunt pulled out of my cunt long enough to give Sally a suck on her juicy cock, I knew I wanted it right back in there more than ever.
But now Mrs. Lusty was moaning and gasping as she fucked me harder and faster. She had hold of my hips and then she started to slap my ass with one hand and pinch it with the fingers of her other one. This pleasant pain and her cock going into me was driving me crazy. Now I reached around Sally’s ass and got two fingers into her cunt and finger fucked her as hard as I could.
Mrs. Lusty was grunting harder, moaning, and groaning as she gasped out, "Oh yessss, oh yessss, Oh god yess – I’m cuming, I’m cuming – I can’t stop – I can’t stop!!"
I could feel the spurts of cum as she pumped it into me and I think I had an orgasm at the same time – even stronger and longer than when Mrs Lusty had sucked me off. When at last she pulled her cock out of me she said,
"OK Sally, now you can suck the cum out of June’s cunt, but don’t hog it all – I want you to let her have a good mouthful too!"
That’s what happened. Sally avidly sucked my pussy out, then she squirmed out from under me and came around to my end of the bench where she grabbed my head in both her hands and as she pressed her lips against mine, I opened my mouth and she squirted a big bunch of her aunt’s hot cum into it. There really wasn’t much taste to it – sort of sweet and a bit salty, but the idea of it was exciting and I swallowed everything then licked Sally’s lips and face to get a little more of the taste.
Just about then the door of the study opened and in came Professor Lusty! At first he just stood there, sort of speechless – staring at three almost nude females. Well, two females and one she-male, I guess it was!
"I knew someone was fucking in the house! As soon as I came in the front door I caught a delicious smell of cunt! Now what have you girls been up to while I was gone to that damned meeting?", said the smiling Professor as he took in the sexy scene with a look of apparent approval.
"Oh Robert, we have been making real progress with young June. I think her math has been improved – she now knows what the number 69 is all about! And better still, I was able to pop her cherry – after I had sucked her off, But Sally has been a great help, and now I think our little niece deserves a double fuck – don't you think so?"

And in Part Three I will tell you what happened then!

story by: Zoey

Tags: school blowjob cum swallowing coercion authoritarian diary sex story

Author: Zoey

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