My friend came over

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friend came />
I was home alone and bored, so I called my friend to come over. I always had fantisized about him but never
moved on it. So this time I was going for it. I had a few beers before he got here so I was feeling pretty
I decided to shave my legs and put on a pair of silky nude pantyhose along with a leotard with a big
oversized t shirt.
Mike knocked on the door and I yelled for him to come in. I was In the kitchen and asked him to have a
seat (in the
living room) and I'll bring us some beers in. I handed him his beer and sat in the chair and put on the TV.
He didnt
notice what I was wearing, or he did and didnt say anything. I then got up and changed the channnel right in
front of
him to kinda make sure he saw me. He then said what the hell are you wearing?, I said what? he said are you
stockings? I said no, they are pantyhose. I wear them around the house sometimes. He asked me if i was a homo
. I said
you know Im married, so how could I be a homo? It was quiet for a bit then he said too bad your legs look
great in the
pantyhose. I then went up to him and put my foot on his thigh and pointed my toes and said you really think
so? He said
yeah as he rubbed my foot and leg. Mike then said your legs feels so silky. I said thats the pantyhose you
like them huh?

he nodded. I then took off my tshirt and he saw my leotard with my huge erection poking up. as he stared at
my cock in
the leotard I asked him if he liked what he saw. He stood up and had his hands all over my ass and legs as
I undid his
pants and pulled out his cock. He said I always thought you were a homo. I said I never was with a guy
before(not true)
but thought about being with you. I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock and licked his balls. this went
on for about
15 minutes or so then we both sat next to each other on the couch and played with each others dicks.I snapped
a few
( I posted one in the group) and he jumped up. I said dont worry i didnt get our faces in itand I would NEVER
show it to
anyone.After I said you think I want anyone knowing I sucked a dick or wear pantyhose? after that he was more
relaxed and
ok with it.He was getting close to cumming. so I then unsnapped my leotard and got on his lap and gave him a
lap dance,
grinding my pantyhosed ass into his hard cock. He grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his cock as we both
grinded against
each other. His cock felt so hard rubbing against my ass.He said the feeling of my pantyhose ass was gonna
make him cum.
I then grinded my pantyhosed ass into him a little harder and I felt it throb, I jumped off him and took his
cock into my
mouth all the way down to his balls as he unloaded a huge amount of cum down my throat.I known him my whole
life and felt
safe swallowing his cum. I kept sucking as he kept cumming and some of it dripped out of my mouth. He scooped
it up and
then pulled out my rock hard cock and used the cum to jerk me off, wich only took a few strokes. I shot ropes
of cum all
over my pantyhose as he stroked me. He then rubbed it into my pantyhose and his hands were all over my pantyhose.

After we cleaned up Mike said are you sure you were never with a guy before? I said no you were my first( still
not true).
but I had fun and would like to do this again and maybe dress up a little more for you next time. He said that
would be
He then left and I took a shower and jerked off thinking about what just will tell
you about our
next meeting if anyone want to hear about

story by: iminhose

Tags: true story transvestite gay sex story

Author: iminhose

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