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WARNING: the following story contains underage and preteen sex and is completely fantasy. if you dislike or disagree with underage sex, then don't read the story. names have been changed for privacy reasons. This is a work of fiction for adults only. The characters and their actions are fiction and none of this has ever happened. Any places mentioned, had nothing to do with this story nor do they endorse anything mentioned herein, or have any knowledge of their being mentioned in the story. The author does not condone or endorse any illegal activities written of in the story. This just a story, do not do this at home.

just a quick background:
Julie: my beautiful 15 year old girlfriend.
Jennifer: Julie's little step-sister, at 11 years old.
Steven: Julie's older brother, just graduated college and moved back in.
Nicole: Jennifer's mother, married to Bill, Julie's dad.

Chapter One: A Not-So Ordinary School Day

when i was a 16, a sophomore in high school, i was a guy everybody got along with. my 'social rank' wasn't high or low, but i sure wasn't that weird guy who everyone looked down upon or that football jock who looked down on everyone else. somewhat B average student, and i was pretty good looking too. being about 6'1", 180 something odd pounds with dirty blond hair, piercing blue eyes and a voice low, deep and smooth. i wasn't a total fitness work-a-holic, but i had pretty sculpted abs and toned arms. i lived fifteen or so miles outside of the local town in Oregon, so i kept fit by logging, splitting, and selling firewood. At 16, i was driving and had my own truck, which was an old beater i got from my dad. that thing ran like a dream. (only down side was i was my little sisters on-call 'taxi' for wherever she wanted to go). life was good, nobody could complain. growing up, i never had much interests in girls. sure i looked, but never had any time for them. that is, until i met the new girl…

jogging down the deserted hallway, i made my way to first block Monday morning with my yellow tardy slip because i overslept. just as i turned the corner into the main hallway i crashed into someone, papers scattering everywhere and she fell on her butt. naturally, i said 'i'm sorry ma'am, i didn't see you there' with a slight chuckle. a shy little voice spoke up. 'it's okay, i didn't see you either. wow, what a mess. sorry, i can be a little clumsy at times.' as i bent down to start picking up the papers, i realized that i didn't recognize that voice. nearly done, we brushed arms and that caused both of us to look at each other. if i wasn't already kneeling, i'm sure i would've fallen flat on my butt because i was stunned like a deer in headlights. she was amazing, with long flowing brunette hair under a little beanie which made me chuckle when i started breathing again. she had beautiful emerald green eyes, cute little dimples on her cheeks, a few freckles and that 'stop you in your tracks' amazing smile. and that's when i noticed she was staring me right in my eyes, smiling and looking as innocent as possible. remember how you got the image that i was strong and could handle my own? well, i fell for it. all my strength and wills were washed away as i looked deep into her eyes. it was her who finally broke the silence. 'thanks for helping me clean this up, i really appreciate it. i'm new here, my name is Julie.' i almost stuttered when i said 'your welcome Julie. your new here huh? where abouts you from?' 'Reading, California. my parents didn't like it there, so we moved further north and came across this place. so we got a little cottage on the outskirts of town.' 'oh, ok' i said. 'well, welcome to the middle of nowhere. my name is Johnny and ill be your tour guide for this trip. if you allow me, ill take you around and show you the sights.' she giggled and said ' i'd love that.' the whole thing took less than 5 minutes but seemed to last forever…..

we walked around the school, i showed her everything there was to see in a small town high school, from the trophies that we've won, to the hangout spot behind the school, and to the football field covered with fresh dew, where if you look through the trees just right, you can see the water of the lake glimmer under the morning sunlight. i walked her to her classrooms and showed her how to get to them. forty something minutes later, we ended up where we met and just as i was about to say something the bell rang. she passed by me with a smile and walked to her next block class. as it turns out we have the same lunch and third block (third of four) together. when the last bell rang, i met her on her way to her bus and asked her if she wanted a ride home instead. she thanked me, but refused and said that she had to watch her cousin. as i watched her bus pull away, i was sitting in the cab of my truck thinking about the happenings of the day. missing first block was definitely worth it.

the next week and a half,i passed by her in the hall, she would shoot me that dazzling smile. we started sitting with each other during the classes we had together and we would slip notes to each other. then one day, she slipped me a note as the third block bell rang that had "Don't open till after school" written across it. so, as per her wish, i waited till i was sitting in my truck to open it. on the inside of the paper was a number and "anytime~ Julie" with a smiley face on it. i smiled as i shifted the truck into first gear and pulled out of the school that day with a phone number of the new girl. i didn't call her instantly, but i gave it a day or two. then i called her up one night.

halfway trough the third ring someone answered /> 'hi ma'am, my name is johnny. im looking for Julie, is she around?'
'yeah, one second.'
when she found Julie, i heard her proclaim "wow! not even a month and you already got boys calling the house at all hours of the night." then i heard Julie whine /> she asked.
"hey Julie, its johnny." i said.
"oh, i was wondering when you would call. took ya long enough; what, you shy or something?" she teased.
i chuckled "no, ive just been a bit busy lately. im sorry i didn't call sooner miss. it wont happen again." i could hear her giggling on the other end of the line.
"haha its okay." she said. we talked for probably close to forty minutes about her old life in Reading, and her old friends and her old school. then she asked me to tell her about my childhood and i told her as much as i could remember with her laughing at most of my dumb mistakes and dares as a kid and teen. she scolded me like a mother does to her misbehaving children for doing so many things that i would never regret. and when we started to talk about how she likes the area, she told me to hold on a second. i could hear talking in the background, and she returned and said "i gotta get ready to go to the neighbors 22nd birthday party. but i was wondering, would you like to join me? if you don't want to, i mean, that's fine by me but i could use some company since i know no one in this one horse town…" she half asked, half pleaded to me.
i looked at my watch, 9:30. how could i resist i thought to myself. "sure, id love to accompany you to the party. where is it?" she gave me an address on the other side of town and i told her id meet her there in a half hour. i got up, looked in the mirror at my unshaven rough look and grease smears all over my face from the truck, i figured id have enough to shower, shave, and head on down.

Chapter Two: The Party

after id cleaned myself up and i was looking half decent, i put on some smell good and putted on down to he other side of town. when i got there, it was a decent size party, i knew half the people there. then i felt arms wrap around me from behind. i started laughing and pried the arms loose and turned around to see who it was. there she was, hair braided, body hugging white blouse with skin tight blue jeans, both of which left nothing to the imagination. all i could utter was "wow" as i looked at her. she giggled as she knew her outfit had an obvious effect on me. she grabbed me by the hand and said "come on, they're about to start the party." as we walked in the house, i could distinctly make out the definite smell of booze. out on the back deck, there was a full bar surrounded by tiki torches, with the state college game on behind the counter. everybody was wearing party hats, and we were the ones who weren't so we found some. the party started off with a bang, literally. shotguns appeared outta nowhere and so did hunting rifles and handguns; cans, bottles and targets were being shot for almost a half hour. after the intro, there was some conversation and music; you know, normal twenty two year old guys birthday party. and the alcohol seemed endless, but i constrained myself (i figured i might be the Designated Driver tonight….). however, it seemed that the little innocent girl that i liked had a wild side; through the night, she was slipping alcohol! the little vixen was slurring her speech, seemed to be walking on a narrow board, and couldn't stop grabbing onto me. don't get me wrong, i liked it, but this was all new to me since she was the first girl that had ever drawn my attention. as midnight came and went, everyone was getting drunk and a little wild. so i pulled Julie off to the side and said "listen, this is starting to get a little crazy. do u want me to drive you home?" she slapped me lightly on the chest and with a wild smile said "stop being Mr.—- Mr. Grumpy pants and come downstairs. i got a surprise for you." i chuckled and followed her as she led me downstairs into the basement.

it was a decent size room that smelled of cigars and liquor, with cheap blue carpet and a few shaggy rugs. on the walls hung posters, beer signs, a score sheet, and all of it surrounded by a weird, almost faded, green wallpaper. there was a recliner and a love seat surrounding a television with a pool table off to the side. she pushed me down on the small love seat and straddled me. she giggled and said "i liked you since i saw you, but i never knew how to tell you. but now, now i can show you." i went to say something, and she stopped me by giving me a gentle kiss. that sure shut me up. i knew what she was going to do, and my suspicions were confirmed when she stood up and took off her shirt and bra in record time and flung them into the corner. she stood there for a second and let me take in her tanned body. she had white perky boobs, at least a full b cup, with half inch pink areolas topped with dark pink pencil eraser nipples. continuing further down, i saw the sexiest, toned stomach ive ever seen with slight outlines of abs. leaning forward, i traced my index finger over her stomach, tracing her abs and putting kisses on almost every inch of exposed skin. she kept trying to get closer, urging me to explore; so, i decided to see how far she was really willing to go. i pulled her close and started kissing all around her breast and neck, everywhere except her nipples, and she cooed as i did. after a couple minutes of fondling and kissing, she started to breathe heavier and faster, moaning occasionally. "please, stop teasing me. i cant handle much more of it!" she practically begged me in a soft whisper. i stopped and thought for a second, then wrapped my lips around her hard nipple and she let out a quiet sigh as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. i sucked, squeezed and tweaked her nipples in every way i could think of and seemed to get moans from some and little squeals from her; i even got a high pitched moan when i tweaked one nipple and lightly nibbled on the other. after ten minutes of sucking, licking and caressing every part of exposed skin on her topless body, she moaned a little louder than she should've and her whole body went rigid as she hugged me to her right breast. after a minute, she pulled away and said "okay, your turn mister" with a spark in her eye and a look of satisfaction on her face.

now, i was nervous as i had never done anything with a girl before. ive seen some pictures my friends showed me of some girls in my school, but that was about it. i masturbated, what kid my age didn't, but the hot and horny girl in front of me unbuckling my belt almost made me blow my load right there. with a little help, she got my jeans off. after getting my jeans around my ankles, she looked up and saw my boxers forming a circus tent. she hooked her fingers in my waistband and i stood up to help her; she smiled and pulled my boxers completely down, 7 1/2 inches of rock hard cock almost smacking her in the face. a small gasp escaped her lips as she stared at in wonder and slowly wrapped her tiny hand at the base of my throbbing shaft. she looked up at me with pleading eyes as if to ask for permission. i smiled at her and slightly nodded. she reverted her attention back to my cock, and after pumping my shaft for a minute, with precum freely flowing from my member, she looked up at me and licked my cock from base to tip, swirling her tongue around the tip before sucking the head in her hot, tight mouth. i would've surely blown my load by now, if not for the fact that ive practiced holding my release for this exact reason. i moaned in pleasure as she took a few more inches in her mouth, then gently started moving her head back and forth. i was in total ecstasy as i watched her give me my first blowjob, and i reached down and started tweaking and playing with her nipple which emitted muffled moans from her as she started taking me deeper. bout 10 minutes later, the head of my cock started hitting the back of her throat, she tried to suppress her gag reflex as the familiar pressure started building up in my balls. "baby, i…. im gonna cum soon" i said and got what sounded like a muffled 'mmhmm' in reply. she started sucking me with more vigor, saliva and precum dripping from her chin and mascara starting to run down her face; man, she was a hot mess. i was finding it even harder than ever to hold back the flood gates, but soon it became too much. "honey, i cant hold it! im cumming!" i half screamed, half groaned as she pulled back until just the head of my cock was in her mouth. i groaned loudly as i shot almost a dozen thick ropes of cum into her mouth. she tried keeping up with me, swallowing as much as fast as possible, but she couldn't swallow fast enough and gave up as it started to leak out the corners of her mouth and down her chin. as i fired my last shot, she pulled her mouth off my cock, looked up at me and opened her mouth showing me the treasure inside, before closing it and swallowing. i collapsed onto the couch with my britches still around my ankles and she climbed up next to me and snuggled up against me, resting her head against my chest, with cum still on her boobs. as i recovered from my orgasmic high, i leaned down and kissed her. when we pulled away, i looked into those beautiful green eyes and said "baby, that was the best blowjob ever. that was absolutely amazing, and im glad that my first one was with you." she looked up at me with a smile "im glad my first was with you too. ive never cum so hard, and it was absolutely wonderful." i smiled and hugged her to me and we basked glory of the moment, still half naked. i looked at her and said "darling i was just wondering, since this is a night for firsts, what would u think about being my first girlfriend?" she chuckled lightly and replied "i would love it."

well, this is my first story posting here on this website. constructive criticism is welcome, please rate. working on more chapters, soon to come!

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