My man went to jail…

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[b]I found myself one day watching my husband being taken away from me in a squad care unexpectedly. As of this moment, he is still sitting in jail. I am a 26 year old woman, about 3 1/2 months pregnant..

Every day away from him has been torture and today I finally broke. I had tried to pleasure myself all week, and I just couldn't seem to get into it. I tried putting my fingers in my pussy and using lube and all kinds of toys.. Nothing seemed to work.. I just couldn't bring myself to cum without my husband helping me.

He called me today, and started talking very dirty to me on the phone, and as he spoke, I felt my pussy lips swelling and I started to really get wet… My juicy pussy was leaking all down my legs from being so horny.. He told me about how he couldn't wait to eat my sweet pussy again, and pull my hair, and wrestle me on the bed and tie me down so he could tease me and make me squirm.. My nipples started to get really hard. I was downstairs in front of the kitchen window and I decided to go up to my bedroom to get more comfortable, and it wasn't long after that I took my pants off and threw them accross the room.

He continued to tell me all these dirty things he was going to do to me… He wanted to fuck me in my ass from behind me and bite my neck and scratch my back.. that is one of my favorite positions. I started to rub my pussy lips up and down on the outside of my heart covered bikini underwear. I was dripping wet, oozing my juices all over my panties and my fingers..

He kept talking even more, slower and so sexy that I had to put my fingers inside my underwear and start rubbing my bald pussy. It started to dry, so I took my hand out and licked my two longest fingers and got them really wet with spit and put them back in my underwear. Then I started to finger my pussy. He moaned and groaned in my ear as my breathing heavied and my body moved with the motions of my fingers in my swollen twat.. My clit was so hard I could barely even touch it.. By now, my fingers were soaking wet and I was wishing it was his hard throbbing cock pumping into me instead of my fingers.

But his voice was so sexy on the phone that i felt my body start to shudder and my legs got weak as I could feel a huge orgasm building up inside of me.. He started talking faster and my breathing got heavier, and the wonderful wet sensations vibrating off of my pussy made my body so weak I couldn't even talk. I thrust my fingers even deeper into my pussy, faster and harder than before. I tried to make myself squirt as my pussy tightened even more around my fingers.. Cum ran down my ass as I rapidly rammed my fingers into my pussy and I moaned into his ear. My body twitched and tingled and I finally reached climax and the orgasm sent waves of cum all over my fingers and all down my ass, making a big wet spot on the bed… My pussy tightened and vibrated with the pleasure my man had been able to get me to feel…

I relaxed for a minute and tried to regain my breath so I could continue to talk to him on the phone.. It wasn't ten seconds later, I found myself urging to do it again.. I rolled over onto my stomach and rubbed my pussy as hard as I could and squeezed my legs together around my hand as I ran my fingers into my swollen drizzling pussy again… "Oh my God!" It was the best orgasm I had ever felt while masterbating. My pussy enclosed around my fingers so hard I couldn't even take them out.. More pussy juice streamed out of my throbbing hole as my back arched in the motions of my fingers in my pussy…

My body collapsed and I rolled onto my back again to catch my breath.. He asked me if it felt good, and I said "Hell yeah, it did!" I reached my soaking wet fingers up to my mouth and sucked the juices off my fingers and told him that it tasted even better.. He was ready to cum himself after that was over..

Finally, I went back downstairs, with my legs still shaking and sat down again at the kitchen table.. I hope he calls me back tomorrow.

story by: JWsWoman007

Tags: masturbation mind control true story coercion female solo wife pregnant sex story

Author: JWsWoman007

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