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We stayed in contact via social media like most people do now-a-days, her on one side of the world and me on the other. Although we never met in person we have a good connection. Telling each other how we feel. We would talk via video some times but the time difference made that hard. We decided after about 3 years of this it was time to meet up in person. Call it chat if you want but we also said if she got a boyfriend or I got a girlfriend we were still going to fuck. I booked flights and a hotel to go over and see her in the states as i am from the UK. Low and behold, they were booked for 5 months down the line. That would make it summer time. Me flying over in June time. Low and behold about 3 weeks before I was due to fly out she got her self a boyfriend. The flights were booked and I wasn’t going to waste them. She promised me she was still going to fuck me no matter what. Given we swapped pictures over the years we both new what we were going to get, her words were
“I am not missing out on the big dick for anyone"

The day of the flight arrived. I made my way to the airport. It was 3 am hear. My flight was at 6 am. I hard a good 12 hour flight to get so given there was not delays I should be state side round 6 pm UK time round 1 PM in the states. Nice time of day to arrive. The flight left with out any delays, that was a good thing as i didn't fancy sitting round the airport longer than I needed to. On the flight all I could think about was her and what we planned to do. You know, all the normal things that come with sex. Standing round 5 ft 10 in with dark brown hair and brown hair I was looking forward to meeting her. Her name was Jill and boy did I think she was hot. At least what I seen on the web-cam and in the pictures she sent. Not your skinny by any means. I’d say average size. Nice and perfect as fair as I was concerned.

There was no shock when the next thing I new I was landing in state side. I had feel asleep. As I got of the plane I got a message saying Jill was waiting for me in arrivals. I didn’t know if her other half Tom would be with her or not. To my delight he wasn’t there. We didn’t grate each other with a kiss or anything in case someone that new Jill or Tom seen us. I collected my bags and we made our way to the exit. We got a taxi to the hotel I was staying at. I new no-one hear would know her or Tom as she advised me to book this one.

Once in the room we finally had time to grate properly. I dropped my bag on the floor, and turned towards her. She stood there looking at me with a smile on her face. She then moved over my way where we kissed for the first time. Her lips were so soft and her tongue felt just great as it slide into my mouth to meet mine. My hands were running all over her back, but something seamed to be missing. I moved to the bottom of her top so I could run my hand under her top, as I moved up the soft skin of her back I was right, there was something missing. It was her bra. We broke our kiss and she smiled and said
“I thought it would be better if I didn’t ware one, less to remove”
I told her “It was fine with me that she wasn’t wearing one”

I had to get my hands round her lovely tits once and for all so I lifted her top over her head and boy were them tits good looking, even better in the flesh, the were 32d and Jill’s nipples were standing as hard as a rock. I admired them for a few minutes before moving in to take one nipple into my mouth licking and sucking it as I groped the other tit. All I heard was groans of pleasure, then I moved to the other one. Dam I liked them tits so much. Jill pulled my head up and told me to sit on the bed, she opened my shirt then my jeans were next. My cock was rock hard by now.
“Glad to see me?” she said looking at the bulge in my boxers.
“Someone is” I said back as she took my cock out.

Moving her hand up and down my shaft slowly at first.
“I have been waiting for the day for so long” she said,
As she took the tip of my cock into her mouth. Going deeper every time her head went down.
“So have I” is all I could say back to her.
The deeper Jill went the better it felt. Her mouth was so wet and inviting. It wasn’t one of them blowjob's you see in porn where you hear the slurping, fuck no, this was what I call a dam good one. Watching her head bob up and down was so so good. I had to move up the bed to stop my cumming for a few more minutes. It worked. This way I can play with her tits some more. Sucking my ball and wanking my cock was driving me over the edge. I told her I was going to cum if she keeps going. Taking this as a challenge she took my cock back into her mouth, sucking me and playing with my balls. I was getting closer and closer, i told her I was about to cum. She never missed a beat as I dumped my first load of sticky goodness into her mouth, taking every last drop she never stopped sucking till I was finished cumming. Making sure to get every drop out my rubbing my balls. I just lay there with a grin on my face. This was as good as I had hopped.

Now it was her turn, I got her up on the bed, started kissing her on her lips, making my round to her neck and slowly nibbling her as I do. Wanting to dive right in to her pussy I hold back and take it slowly, moving down the side of her neck I make my way to her tits and suck her rock hard nipples again. Gapes come from her mouth as I do, I spend about 5 minutes sucking each tit in turn. I then make my way down her belly to the top of her jeans. I slide my hand in between her legs for the first time and to my surprise her crouch is wet. I open the button and slide them down closely followed by her knickers. I kiss her thighs one at a time. Making my way to the gold at the end. When I get there I can see her juices are already flowing free. I have to have some for my self and I stick out my tongue to taste it, and boy I am not disappointed. It is so good. I start slowly licking her pussy, aiming at her clit and making her shake as best I can. I slide my finger into her socking wet fanny, eating her at the same time as I finger her. I start with one finger soon sliding in my second finger, driving her mad. I nibble on her clit and finger fuck Jill at the same time, she soon cums on my tongue. I get up on my knees with my fingers still inside her.

“Lie down” she says
With out a second though I was on my back, Jill was moving round to meet my lips with her lips again. After she had some of her own juices she made her way back to my cock that was starting to get hard again.

“I want this in me” she said
As she pulled me off. Moving her head down she took my cock back in her mouth and bobbed up and down for a couple of seconds before taking my cock out and lifting her leg over my head and lowering her self onto my face, I was eating her sweet pussy again as she sucked my cock. Sucking my cock till she was happy I was hard enough, Jill lifted her head up first then the rest of her body, moving of me first and turning round she took my cock in her hand a aimed it right at her pussy.

“What about a condom?” I asked
“Fuck it. We don’t need one I want you to cum inside me” Was her replay
“What if we get you pregnant?” I said back
“I am on the pill. I already told you that” She said as my cock went all the way inside her.

After that I took her tits in both my hands as she bounced up and down on me. Leaning down a bit so I can suck on her nipples some more, tit in one hand and nipple in my mouth. I move between both just the same way I did before.

“Jump up” I told her
“What is wrong?” She asked with a look of worry on her face
“Nothing, didn’t you tell me you like to get fucked doggy?” I said.
“Dam fucking right” Was her answer.

Getting on her hands and knees in front of me was one heavenly sight I will never forget. I run my hand over her pussy again before I stick two fingers into her for good measure. I then pull them back out and replace my fingers with my cock. I fuck her hard from behind, my balls slapping of her as her tits swing underneath her.

She spins round onto her back so I can look right at her naked body, as she opens her legs for me again, opening he r pussy lips inviting me to enter her one more time. I move into her and slide right inside her dripping wet fuck hole. I start slowly then build up a bit of speed. Soon I’m pounding her hard, getting ready to cum again.

“I am going to cum” I say.
“Keep it in me. I want all your white goodness in there” She says
As she locks her legs round my back. A fee seconds later I am shooting deep inside her baby tunnel.

“Fuck that feels so good” I say.
“I can feel it, your cock throbbing” She says in return.

We lie there for a few minutes, me on top of her with my cock still buried in her as I go limp. No words are spoken as we cum down to earth. Jill looks at me,

“I need to go and meet Tom, He’s finishing work in half an hour.” She says.
OK, is it safe to assume we will fuck again before I head back home?” I ask.
“The only way it doesn’t happen is over my dead body” Was her replay.
“I am glad to hear that” I say.
“Before I leave I need to do one more thing” She says
“What is that?” I ask
She says
As she moves down to suck my cock clean from both our juices.
“I did say I would clean you up after. By the way, you are not getting to clean me. I want all that juice in my panties for later. As a little reminder, anyway when Tom takes them of me tonight to fuck me, I will have a smile on face at the though of having you cum in then. Till next time” She said
As she left to go and meet Tom.

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