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Pregnant Sex At the Movies
by Dunchad©

*Number three of four in the series, hope you like this one.*

Cassy had been feeling depressed the last few weeks. She kept talking about how
she wasn't sexy and attractive anymore, and no matter how many times I told her
I thought differently, it didn't seem to help any. So I started to pound my
brain to find a solution that would make her feel better and be fun to boot.
After all, what's life if not fun right?

Finally, it hit me. Cassy had been talking about wanting to go out and do
something. So I decided to take her to a really nice restaurant for dinner and
then out to a movie. I made reservations at her favorite restaurant and started
my plan. When I got home that night she was moping around the apartment again. I
came in and gave her a big hug and grabbed her ass. She squeaked and told me to
stop it. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bedroom. I sat her on the
bed and made her close her eyes.

I then went into the bathroom and filled the tub with hot water and bubble bath,
best way to pamper a woman. Then I lead her into the bathroom and helped her
into the tub. She started to ask what was going on and I told her to sit back,
be quiet, and enjoy what I was doing. She looked at me oddly and did. I started
to wash her back first so that she could lie back and enjoy the rest in comfort.
You see Cassy is about six months pregnant, which was the cause of her
depression. Not being pregnant, she wanted the baby with all her heart, but she
had gained a lot of weight over the last couple of months and felt that she was
ugly. Which I think is a normal thing to happen with women when they are
pregnant, but I couldn't stand seeing her unhappy like this, which lead up to

After washing her back, I had her lie back. I then lifted her left leg and
started to wash it. At the same time caressing and gently massaging it. When I
got to the apex of her leg I stopped and did the same to her right leg. Avoiding
touching her there yet. Then I washed her gorgeous, full belly. I just love the
stretch marks and how her belly button had popped out. I would tease her that it
was like a turkey telling us she was done. Then I started to wash her breast.

They were definitely getting larger and larger each week. She seemed to be
building up a supply of milk for the baby, no matter how much I tried to deplete
it myself. Another thing I find sexy about her being pregnant, was the fact that
she had started lactating early in her pregnancy and got turned on when I would
suck on her large nipples and feed off of her.

Finally, I reached between her legs and start to her there. She arched her back
and started to moan after a few minutes of the constant pressure and
stimulation. Her eyes were closed tight as I lost the washcloth and started to
wash her outer lips with my fingertips. I massaged her lips until I found her
enflamed clit. As I rubbed it between my fingers she started to moan louder and
louder. She cinched her legs closed around my hand and started to hump my hand
as her orgasm passed through her.

When she was done she opened her eyes and had a very satisfied look on her face.
She smiled and rose up to kiss me. Her kiss was full of passion and fire like
before. I kissed my way to her ear and whispered, "This is only the beginning my
love. I want you to know just how sexy I find you and to hell with the rest."
She then moved her face in front of mine and smiled a smile that I had not seen
in quite some time.

I helped her out of the tub and dried her off. Gently patting her dry and
rubbing her beautiful belly gently. At the same time the baby kicked and
reminded her of her condition. Before she even had a chance to get moody again,
I kissed her and led her into the bedroom. There was an outfit waiting on the
bed. A dress made for pregnant women, with some special alterations just for
tonight. I led her to the bed and pulled out her sexiest underwear and slowly
dressed her. She just stood still and languished in my attention to her and her
clothing for the night.

Once I got her dressed I had her sit down as I quickly donned my clothes for the
night. As soon as I was ready I guided her out of the apartment and down to her
car. As I held the passenger door open for her I made sure that she and her
dress was safely in the seat before getting behind the wheel. As we drove off
she asked, "What devilish plans have you in store for me tonight?" I tsked her
and simply drove the car to my destination.

We arrived at her favorite restaurant and were escorted to the arranged table.
Farthest from anyone with the dimmest amount of light possible. No menus were
set down, but a bottle of Café Zinfandel was waiting in a bucket of ice and two
glasses. In the center was a small vase with two white roses. Tears started to
stream down her face as I wiped them away and poured her a glass of wine. I knew
that she could only have one, may be two glasses, but it was her favorite

We talked about our life and were it was going when dinner was brought out. Once
again her favorite meal. Finally, we were left alone to eat our meal. We sat
quietly, enjoying the bounty placed in front of us and then joked about having
to take half of it home for later. As dessert was brought out, she delicately
ate her cheesecake and languished in each bite. She was trying so hard not to
gain any more weight, that she had deprived herself of her favorite’s things. But
tonight was a night of splurging and I was doing my best to splurge the hell out
of her.

After we were done she asked what was next. I told her that I still had a few
surprise up my sleeve as I escorted her out of the restaurant and out to our
waiting car. Once again making she sure she was safely inside before departing.
While in the car she leaned against my shoulder and purred how much she loved
me. I then reached over and started to caress her thigh through her dress. She
jumped a little at my touch and I smiled wide. The material it was made of was
the thinnest possible; yet still solid enough to not be see through.

Finally we reached our destination. As we pulled into the small movie theater,
her eyes lit up as she saw the marquee. It read "Limited Showing of the Infamous
Rocky Horror Picture Show". She looked in the parking lot and realized that
there were only a few cars, and absolutely no line. It was the middle of the
week in a nearby small town and practically nobody knew that the movie was even
in the theater, I had chanced upon it myself.

I came over and helped her out of the car and walked up to the ticket booth. It
was starting in a couple of minutes. The kid behind the booth looked at us
strangely but didn't say a thing. After all, it was the Rocky Horror Picture
Show we came to see. We walked in and I ushered her to the very back seat. She
protested that she was not a virgin, and I told her that tonight she was. She
grinned at me and followed beside me. There was only a small hand full of
people inside the theater, and they were mostly up front anyhow.

As the lights went down, so did my hand. My hands were between her legs in no
time flat. No previews, just the movie starting. As the infamous movie began, so
did I. I started to massage her inner thigh and knee. She looked at me, and
asked me to behave. I looked her in the eyes and told her to wait and enjoy the
naughtiness that was to come. I knew that this movie always turned her on, and
was ready to give her a new memory for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I
continued to massage her leg and waited. When I felt her legs relax completely,
I knew that I had won.

Now came for the special design in the dress. I had it modified for her to be
able to nurse in. And I was the one planning on nursing the most from it. With a
deft movement, one I practiced for a while on the dress, the section that
covered her nipples came free. She looked at me and then around the theater.
When she realized that no one was around, she relaxed a little. I quickly
removed the material from her bra that covered her nipples. Now they were
completely free and visible to anyone who even bothered to look. Her nipples
quickly became erect and protruded from her large breasts.

My mouth watered with desire and lust. I slowly took an erect nipple into my
hand and started to gently move it around between my fingers. Rubbing it back
and forth. Gently pushing it in and watching it spring back out. She was moaning
softly and squeezing her legs together. I moved a hand back between her legs and
started to rub her thigh again. This time she spread her legs as far as she
could and let me slide my hand all the way to her wet silk covered pussy. As I
released the material down there, I could tell that a draft of cool air touched
her enflamed lips, as she gasped loud enough for a couple of heads to turn. They
saw us in the back row and snickered and turned back around to watch the movie.

Emboldened by this reaction, she grabbed my hand and placed directly on her wet
pussy lips. I started to rub and massage them as I leaned over to take a nipple
into my mouth. She leaned back and bites her lower lip to keep from crying out.
As I sucked on her nipple, I felt the warm stream of her milk start to flow and
fill my mouth. As I continued to suck on her nipple, she started to grind
against my hand. I slowly parted her lower lips and got my fingertips wet in her
abundant juices. I started to massage her clit and circle it with my finger.
Almost instantly, she came on my fingers.

Now she started to get bold and reached over to release my large erection form
the confines on my slacks and underwear. As it came free she started to rub and
stroke it immediately. I was so excited that I had to fight the urge to cum
right then. I continued to suck her nipple and drink her milk from her bountiful
breast. Then I heard her breathe catch, and looked up to see a young lady with a
flashlight staring at us. And what a sight she got. Me sucking on Cassy's nipple
and her stroking my cock, and my hand between Cassy's thighs. Cassy stopped what
she was downing and I moved away from her nipple. At the same time, a squirt of
Cassy's milk shoots from her nipple and landed on the young lady. She looked at
the wet spot on her skirt and then I realized that the young lady was not with
the theater, but was a late arrival to the movie.

Cassy just sat there, with my throbbing cock still in her hand. I looked at the
young lady and back at Cassy and invited her to join us. Cassy, squeezed my
cock, but I didn't hesitate at all. I knew that Cassy had a secret fantasy to
have another woman join us in bed. Well, this wasn't our bed, but it was just as
exciting. As the young lady turned her flash light off, she got on her knees
between us and started to lick just the tip of my cock as Cassy started to
stroke it again. This time, I took my free hand and massaged Cassy's nipple and
got it ready to start squirting her milk again. I aimed it at my cock head and
got close. It hit the lady's face and dribbled down to my cock.

To me and Cassy's surprise, she licked it from my cock and looked up as if she
wanted more. So I started to squirt more of Cassy's milk at my cock and this
ladies face. I got even more turned on and so did Cassy. She started to stroke
me a little faster and grind into my hand. The lady then moved a hand up next to
mine and inserted two fingers into Cassy's pussy. Cassy jumped and then pushed
down really hard. I started to pinch and pull on her clit and could tell she was
close to an orgasm. I took her nipple back into my mouth and watched the other
lady suck on my cock as Cassy stroked it into her mouth.

The lady then slipped her free hand into her skirt and I could tell she was
playing with her pussy. I pulled away and told her that we wanted to see her
play with herself as we were all close to cumming. She stood up quickly and
pulled her panties off and then sat back down, but this time with her legs
spread between ours and started to touch herself as she took my cock back into
her mouth. She re-inserted her fingers into Cassy and started to pump really
hard this time. Cassy was cumming before I knew it and was flooding the ladies
hands with her juices. I was sucking her milk deep into my mouth and could feel
the rise of my cum. Cassy then pulled away from me and was in my lap.

Cassy and the stranger started to suck my cock and fight over the tip with their
tongues. Finally, I couldn't hold it anymore and let loose. A moan escaped my
mouth and my cum shoot from my cock. Cassy took the first shot and then let the
stranger take the rest. As I unloaded my cum into her mouth, Cassy was fingering
the woman to her own orgasm.

I looked up and saw that the movie was almost over and quickly motioned for them
to get up. They both barely got covered again before the lights came on. The
other moviegoers passed us by and were smiling like they knew what had happened.
If they only knew the truth of it all. As the last one left, I stood up and
zipped up my pants. Cassy was whispering to the young lady. Cassy then turned to
me and said, "Erika has agreed to follow us home to finish this at our house. Is
that okay with you?" I think I broke my neck shaking it yes so hard.

So Erika followed us home and we continued what we started in the movie theater.
And that is a story for another time.

story by: Brother Prophet

Tags: masturbation consensual sex male/female true story lactation sex story

Author: Brother Prophet

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