Randy rachel: cockhunter

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Randy Rachel: Cockhunter

“The weekend starts here!” That was how Jools Holland would introduce the music programme The Tube at 6pm every Friday night in the early 1980’s.

But when did last weekend begin? When I left Jens house wearing tiny tartan miniskirt and a new pair of black fishnet stockings? When I kissed my husband goodbye before I drove to Jens house? When I hid the sports bag containing my secret outfit in the boot of the car the day before? Was it the previous Friday when I spent 4 hours cyber-wanking with a him all about my crazy sex life? Was it 5 years ago when I realised that my husband alone couldn’t satisfy my sexual urges? Or was it 20 years ago when I was 17 and discovered the power that stockings have on the male of the species?

I was really starting to buzz with excitement as I drove the 4 miles to Jens house. She greeted me with her customary kiss on the cheek and handed me a large glass of wine as we went upstairs to get changed into my sexy clothing.

My husband thought that I was going to wear the smart pair of long black shorts and a pretty revealing top (which we’d already argued about) that I left the house wearing for my night on the town with my best friend; but he was wrong.

Jen was already dressed and made-up: a brown pleated skirt that finished about 4 inches above her knees with a figure hugging cream cotton cardigan unbuttoned to show just enough cleavage and a little bit of her frilly pink bra. The out fit was finished off with her obligatory tan stockings and presumably a suspender belt and panties that matched the bra.

“Hi!” Jens’ husband Dan called from his office along the landing, “I hope that you two aren’t going to get up to any mischief />
I looked along at the open door which was directly opposite the room that I would be using, “As if!” Jen and I both giggled as innocently as possible.

Jen and Dan had the type of marriage that I need but don’t have. It’s and every know and again Jen needs a night out sampling the delights our local town has to offer and I know for a fact that Dan has fucked two women that I’m acquainted with as well as countless others.

As I opened my bag Jen waved her digital camera.
“You I giggled.

“Of course I have…you naughty girl!” Jen grinned as I unzipped my shorts.

When I’d rang her on Tuesday night I’d confessed to having an ‘on-line affair’ on MSN Messenger for the last couple of Fridays; cyber-wanking with a guy I’d met on a stockings fetishist site. I’d already sent him a couple of naughty pictures that an old boyfriend had taken and I’d kept hidden deep inside my laptop; but he wanted some new ones from tonight as I got dressed into my fishnets.

I took the packet of stockings and my skirt out of the bag then dropped my shorts to the floor; nonchalantly stepping out of them without closing the bedroom door. I could feel Dans’ eyes on me as Jen began taking snaps. I took the black fishnets out of the packet and slowly pulled them up my legs; having to bend over a couple of times hoping and expecting that Dan would be staring at my arse.

“What are you two up to now?” Dan’s husky voice cackled behind me, making me jump.

got a special friend that she wants to send some photos to!” Jen teased.

“A… special friend?” Dan whistled, “Do I know him?”

“I doubt it,” Jen said as she knelt in front of me and took a photo between my legs, “she met him on the />
a bit dangerous.” Her husband warned me, now standing about two feet away from us in the door well casually drinking a cup of coffee.

I shrugged my shoulders, life without a little bit of danger?”

“My thoughts exactly.” He said as he smiled at his loving wife who was still photographing me as I finally fastened my skirt and checked everything was fine in the wardrobe mirror. It was. With one final ‘touch of my toes’ to make sure that my stocking tops and thong would visible from the right angle; for the camera (and Dan) I was ready for a night on the town.

I’m told that I’m an exhibitionist and ‘attention seeker’ – I can’t deny either! I’m the type of girl who wears low rise jeans with a hi-rise thong (accidentally of course). My boobs (now 34c) first arrived when I was 13 and attracted a lot of attention from the older boys at school and the Youth Club. When I was about 16 the other girls at school caught up with me in the boob stakes and I no longer got the male attention that I craved; so one night I borrowed a pair of my mum’s hold-up stockings and wore them with a short skirt to a party. The effect and interest I received was way beyond what I’d hoped for. One after another nearly every boy there wanted to dance with me then snog me, making sure that their hands immediately went up my skirt. Over the next few months word went out that I wore stockings and I was never short of a boyfriend. Obviously most boys wanted to fuck me; but a couple were more than happy just looking at or stroking my nylon covered legs and stocking tops. At first I thought that this was quite weird; but after a couple of months I gradually got more and more turned on wearing stockings knowing the effect that something so simple has on the male of the species.

Dan got a good look up our skirts as we flashed our arses when we got into the taxi that would take us to town.

Fifteen minutes later the taxi dropped us outside of Wetherspoons pub. As usual on a Friday night it was packed to the rafters and we had to fight our way to the bar. We hadn’t been in the pub two minutes when I felt the first hand glide up my leg and tickle my arse. This was going to be a good night!

I’ve been happily married to Dave for eight years and had remained painfully faithful for the first three; but I quickly realised that my husband alone couldn’t satisfy my lustful cravings.
I’d been a wild child since I tasted my first cock at 14 and had notched up nearly 40 different lovers by the time I met my future husband. He’s fantastic in every way and when we make love he always manages to give me an orgasm; he knows exactly which buttons to press and which order to press them in; but….but; every so often I need more. I need raw, passionate, sweaty, dangerous sex. I need to be fucked and fucked hard. I absolutely crave sucking on the thick cock of a man that I’ve probably only met less than an hour before who will shoot his spunk into the back of my throat.
Thankfully this doesn’t happen every week or every month for that matter. This time the gap had been 9 months; since the works Christmas party (but that’s a whole other story!). The had been building up for weeks and I’d hoped that my dalliance on MSN Messenger would be enough to satisfy me but it actually made the craving worse!
Sadly after eight years I don’t feel I can get what I need sexually from within my marriage and the only people who understand my desires are Jen and Dan.

In the first hour we bumped into some old friends who we chatted with but my eyes kept drifting towards a group of young boisterous guys in the corner near the stairs. I’m 37, married and have a very good job in financial services and these lads were as rough as they come. 5 or 6 had shaved heads and a couple had those Mod/Paul Weller feather cuts. They all appeared to have tattoos on their arms and wore branded designer tops and jeans. They were supremely confident and gave off the air that they feared no one.

Every few minutes I would look across and catch the eye of the tallest meanest looking one who had a missing front tooth. He returned the smile a couple of times but made no effort to come and talk to me. He was about 6ft 3ins and stocky with it. His nose looked like he could have been a boxer or just had a lot of fights and his arms were covered in football tattoos with an English bulldog on one fore-arm.

Obviously after drinking two glasses of wine at Jen’s house and three bottles of lager in Wetherspoons; I eventually needed to pee. Just my luck (and theirs) the toilets were on the first floor and I would have to walk up the stairs that they were standing under.

Just as I planned, they could see up my skirt when I’d got about 10 steps up. The first one wolf-whistled then the rest joined in by grunting and howling like dogs. I tried to hide my smile but it was difficult.

When I returned he was waiting for me at the bottom of the staircase.

your name?” He asked with a cheeky grin.

“Rachel. Why?” I replied as I twirled my hair between my fingers like a smitten.

“You look pretty hot.” He grunted into my ear as he bent forward so I could hear above the noisy bar, “you know…with the stockings and />
I feigned embarrassment, “You couldn’t see up my skirt could you?”

“Like you didn’t know.” He rolled his eyes skywards, “Do you want a drink?”

“I’m with a friend.” I smiled and looked for Jen, who was about 12 feet away with her tongue down the throat of some black guy that I’d never seen before.

He bought me a drink and we made polite conversation. That’s not exactly true. He told me his name – Dean and he was with a Stag Party celebrating a friend’s 21st birthday; while he drooled over my Wonderbra enhanced cleavage and kept his hand up my skirt stroking my naked thigh above my stocking top.
At one stage he pointed out his friends – Gaz, Shay, Alex, Mish and I can’t remember the rest of their names as there were so many of them.

“Are you married?” Dean asked when he spotted my gold wedding ring.

I replied suddenly hiding my hand, “is that a />
Without asking he leant forward and forcibly kissed me. I responded in kind and our tongues quickly curled around each other like two snakes in a basket.

Out of nowhere one his friends parted us, telling Dean that they were all going to another bar.

good?” he asked me, as a slightly shorter black skinhead tried to manhandle him away from me.

I laughed as another skinhead grabbed his other arm and forced him out of the door.

I soon met up with Jen and we compared notes; as women do.

We almost immediately drank up and made our way to HaHa’s. Sure enough Dean and his friends were near the bar. Only this time they were getting ‘the evil eye’ from a group of local lads.

Jen and I bought our own drinks and I made ‘goo-goo eyes’ with Dean for 15 minutes or so until he broke away from his friends to join us. We chatted and drank for nearly an hour until I realised that we were in an isolated part of the bar. It was all getting too much for me as we began kissing and snogging like teenagers. His huge hands were like shovels as they wandered all over my body – squeezing my tits and stroking my thighs and arse. I responded by rubbing myself against his stiffening bulge which was pressing against my belly.

God….I wanted him….I wanted him to fuck me there and then…and I didn’t care who saw me.

“Come back to the hotel with me,” He begged, “and I’ll fuck you ragged.”

That was just what I wanted to hear and do but I couldn’t, I had to go back to Jen’s house.

“I can’t, but let’s go outside instead.” I panted as his middle finger was stroking my wet pussy through my little red thong.

I held onto his wrist as he virtually dragged me through the throng until we were in the doorway.
“Where can we go?” Dean asked; breathing heavily with excitement.

a car park around there.” I whispered as we walked past the bouncers. Seconds later I was pressed up against a white transit van with my skirt up around my waist with his hand inside my little knickers trying to find my dripping cunt and his tongue was halfway down my throat.

“Oh I gasped as his huge middle finger easily slid into my willing hole. Dean was young and probably quite inexperienced but the way he dug his finger into my quim he made it feel bigger than most of the cocks that I’d ever had. I was soon fumbling with his belt and zip trying to unleash what I hoped was a monster cock as he pulled my panties down to my knees to give himself easier access between my willing legs.

I wasn’t disappointed. Still with his finger in my cunt Dean took half a step back to let me pull his jeans down. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when his cock sprang from his boxer shorts. It was fucking huge! At least 7 inches long and nicely thick – just like my favourite vibrator.

I wrapped my fingers around it and began wanking him, making it get a little bit stiffer.

“Oh Jesus that looks nice.” I gasped, “Do you want me to suck it?”

“My pleasure.” He laughed as he pulled his finger out of my cunt and rested his back against a red VW Golf.

I instantly dropped to my knees and began kissing his shaft and hairy bollocks.

“Never mind that,” Dean groaned as he grabbed a handful of my thick, shoulder lengthy brown hair, forcing my face against the fat knob that was poking out of his foreskin “just fucking suck it!”

That sounded good; and I did as I was told, stuffing as much of his young cock into my mouth as possible. It tasted fucking fantastic and when he began thrusting his hips making his cock fill my mouth and actually touch my tonsils I was in sexual Heaven. That’s the beauty of really big cocks; they don’t get as hard as smaller ones making them more flexible and pliable.
I love sucking cock and this one was special. I did my best to match his thrusts but Dean had a tight grip on my hair making me think that he wanted to cum in my mouth. I normally like a mouthful of cum but tonight I wanted him to fuck me ragged like he’d promised.

a voice suddenly called out into the darkness, “Deano? Is that you?” The voice sounded frantic.

“What the fuck do you want?” He growled at the invisible voice; still holding my head in place.

“It’s kicking off!” The voice called out as it got nearer, “Binksy and Gaz are getting />
Dean groaned as he loosened his grip on my hair, but kept his cock in my mouth. He suddenly appeared perplexed; not knowing whether to finish off in my mouth or go to the aid of his friends.

Sadly it was no contest. He pushed me away and tucked his big dick back into his pants as he ran towards the voice.

I was shaking my head in disbelief as I pulled my tiny red knickers back up when I saw Jen staring into the car park looking for me.

When I met up with her at the corner it was obvious what I must have been doing but she looked puzzled because I was alone.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” I sighed as I stepped into the street light.

As I expected there was a big group of guys pushing, shoving and shouting in the middle of the road. Dean was right in the middle pointing threateningly at a local fella. The guy lunged at Dean who took half a step to the side and thundered a punch into his face sending him reeling, blood gushing from his mouth. This was the signal for the others to step in and mayhem ensued with Dean punching and kicking a local thug to the ground.
Jen and I looked at each other philosophically when the blue flashing lights and police sirens approached; and with one voice said, get out of here!”

As we waited for a taxi two smart looking blokes in their 30’s chatted us up but it was too late; I had the hots for Dean but just wanted to go back to Jens and fall fast asleep.

Dan was already in bed when we arrived at my friend’s house. In the taxi I’d told her what had happened with Dean and she’d laughed out loud – no sympathy whatsoever!
By the time I’d been to the toilet and brushed my teeth Jen was already in bed. As I stripped off I could hear the first fumblings from the bedroom next door. Dan may have been in bed but he wasn’t asleep. I couldn’t get to sleep for Jen moaning and groaning as Dan loudly pleasured his for my benefit. Then as her moans got noisier the headboard began banging against the adjoining wall. My fingers very quickly found their way between my legs and began stroking my pussy lips until my clit finally made its’ appearance.

“Oh yes…baby, baby…oh yes…fuck me baby…fuck me!” Jen moaned loudly as the wall vibrated from Dan’s vigorous love making. My fingers were a blur as I frigged myself to some sort of satisfaction; cumming at roughly the same time as Dan appeared to, which was quite nice.

I must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing I knew was the early morning sun streaming through a gap in the curtains waking me up. I lay in the silence half awake and half dreaming about Dean fucking me ragged with his huge cock. Mmmm it felt really nice as I ran two fingers along my slit as I gently tweaked my nipples with the other hand. I made myself comfortable by spreading my legs and raising my right knee until it was making a tent.

I was soon mumbling and purring as I imagined taking Dean’s cock deep into my throat then getting on top and riding him like a stallion. My cunt was soon becoming juicy as my fingers dipped in and out alternating with lazily rubbing my clitoris.

Just as my clit began to throb my eyes blinked open to see Dan standing beside my bed grinning like an idiot as he held a cup of coffee in one hand and a shiny silver disc in the other.

let me stop you.” My friend’s husband laughed quietly.

Flustered I stopped flicking my clit; “How long have you been there?”

“Long enough!” Dan chuckled as he waved the coffee cup, “I thought you might need one of these.”

Dan put the coffee on the side table next to the disc; making no pretence at hiding the bulge in his shorts, which he adjusted when he stood up straight.

“I’ll join if you want me too….while you to finish off.” Dan winked as he pulled his stiff dick out of his shorts.

I gasped as he pulled the foreskin back exposing a bright purple knob end, “What about Jen?”

He put his finger to his lips then whipped my duvet back so he could see my naked body.

We didn’t exchange another word for the next few minutes as I furiously rubbed my clit and squeezed my tits as he wanked his chunky six inches. I soon began bucking my hips as my climax neared and Dan stepped closer until his cock hovered over my stomach and tits. My eyes were bulging and I had to bite my lip to stop myself screaming when my orgasm tore through my body from top to everything tingling.

Dan now had a very mischievous grin on his face as he stood on tip toes and fired a plume of spunk into the air which landed with a splash on my heaving tits. This was followed by another two smaller spurts which fell next to the first load leaving a warm puddle of spunk running down my mounds.

“I’m impressed.” I told him as I rubbed his warm milk into my tits, “Especially after the fucking you gave Jen last night.”

“Oh.” Dan smiled, “You heard us.”

It was my turn to roll my eyes in mock surprise.

“What do you want for breakfast?” Dan asked as he pulled his shorts up and covered his shrinking cock. “Cereal? Bacon and eggs?”

“I’ll get my own thanks.” I beamed then shooed him out of the room so I could get dressed.

An hour later, dressed in the same clothes that I’d left the house in the previous night I drove home. Just as I put the key in the front door a car pulled up and tooted the horn making me jump. I turned to see two of my husbands’ mates waving at me.

“Are you just getting home?” Mark shouted. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. David my husband was dressed and putting the finishing touches to his hair when I opened the door.

he smiled without taking his eyes off his reflection in the mirror, “Good night?”

“Yes thanks.” I sighed when I realised that he was going out to play football.

He quickly kissed me on the cheek and shouted over his shoulder as he ran down the path, “It’s a cup match in Brighton, and then we’re watching the England game in a pub so I’ll not be back ‘til late.”

A second later he was in the car and it roared off before he’d even closed the car door.

I made a cup of coffee and ate some toast before I had a shower.

I was soaping my 34c’s in the shower and still as horny and frustrated as ever when I had the maddest idea of my 38 years. I knew which hotel Dean was staying in and that he was staying over on Saturday night too so I could go straight there and fuck his brains out in his hotel room!

40 minutes later I was standing in front of the bedroom mirror applying a final coat of red lipstick. I stepped back and admired my ‘power secretary’ look of white translucent shirt, grey pencil skirt, 9 inch red elastic belt with a large silver clasp that acted like a waspie (pinching in my stomach and pushing up my bust), black 10 denier seamed stockings, shiny red shoes with a metallic spike heel and you could just make out my black and silver bra through the diaphanous material of my shirt. Dean wouldn’t stand a chance!

30 minutes later I’d parked my car behind Dean’s hotel and I was taking a huge breath to calm my nerves as I entered the foyer. My head was spinning; I’d come this far on impulse and had no idea what I was actually going to do…even if he was actually in the hotel. I suddenly realised I only knew his Christian name so couldn’t ask for him at reception.

As I was feeling lost in the foyer my ears where drawn to some loud voices in the bar. I strode over to the area that the noise was coming from and stood at the top of the steps surveying the room looking for Dean. It was his group of friends and they looked even rougher and tougher in the daylight. Just as I recognised him a couple of his friends spotted me and nudged each other.

Dean was playing pool with his back to me. Although it was only quarter past opening time there were already loads of empty glasses and bottles strewn around the tables. I didn’t move as I waited for someone to tell him that I was there. I didn’t have to wait long.

A black skinhead with two large golden ear-rings kicked his friend in the arse to attract his attention, “That tart from last night’s looking for you.”

Dean asked as he potted a ball into the middle pocket.

“That tart from the pub.” The lad continued, “I think she’s looking for you.”

Dean looked over his shoulder and raised his eyebrows when he saw me…and how I was dressed.

he threw the pool cue to a chubby guy in a white Fred Perry polo shirt, “finish the game for me.”

All of their eyes were on me as Dean strode across the room.

“What are you doing here?” He leered as he looked me up and down.

I gulped and answered; “I was hoping to finish off what you started last night.”

“Fair enough.” He smirked, your husband think you are?”

I didn’t answer but shrugged my shoulders.

As I started to walk back into the foyer Dean turned to his mates; “I’m gonna be busy for an hour so…leave a text telling me where you’re going!”

His friends cheered and hollered as we got into the lift. We didn’t say a word but stared longingly into each others eyes as the lift slowly made its way up the five floors to his room.

It was a twin room and the beds had been made but whoever was sharing with him was just as messy as he was; clothes where scattered everywhere.

As Dean closed the door he ran his hand across my tits, hardly touching them.
“What do you want to do?” he asked nervously.

“Anything and everything you want to do.” I purred as sexily as possible; squeezing his cock at the same time.

Gazing into his brown eyes I deftly unbuckled his belt and pulled his zip down. He’d never been in a situation like this before and I was now going to take advantage of him; making him my sex toy.

As I tugged his Levi’s down his thick legs he kicked his trainers off.

I purred, tickling his stiffening cock through his boxer shorts “that feels as nice as it did last night.”

I gently pushed him against the bedroom wall and pulled his boxers down letting his cock swing free then swiftly began sucking it making it get even stiffer. It was salty and sweaty.

“Oh good.” He groaned as I slowly deep throated his fat cock. When I was satisfied that his 7 incher was as hard as it was going to get I took it out of my mouth and gave it a couple of hard tugs, making him wince.

I stood up and walked to the window where I was going to close the curtains then the idea of someone peering in and watching me fuck my young lover appealed to my exhibitionist streak.

I slowly turned to face him; unclipping my belt and sexily opening my shirt to reveal my black and silver bra. Dean was grinning like a kid at Christmas as I pulled the zip down on my skirt and wriggled out of it; leaving me in my bra, thong, suspender belt, tiny thong and red fuck-me shoes.

“Stay like that!” He said in a low husky voice as he fumbled in his jeans until he found his mobile phone; then held it at arms length taking pictures of me in my undies.

“Get on the bed.” I told him. He loped forward throwing his t-shirt onto the floor and pulling his socks off as he jumped onto the single bed. He looked so with his missing tooth, gold earrings and tattoos covering his chest, shoulders and arms.

He lay on his back with his big cock sticking up like a flagpole. I lay beside him and we began kissing and stroking each others’ bodies. I immediately rubbed his cock but his huge hands caressed and explored every part of me especially my legs as he seemed fascinated with my nylons. In due course I kissed my way down his tattooed chest until I was in the foetal position sucking his cock while he pulled my knickers to one side and fingered my cunt with his long thick finger.

I was delirious as I sucked and licked his dazzling cock; hardly noticing him taking more pictures on his phone. This was exactly what I needed last night but ‘better late than never’ I thought as I swallowed his cock into the back of my throat again.

“Fucking a helluva a fucking Dean gasped as his balls touched my chin. “I’m gonna fuck you rigid in a minute!” He promised again as he twisted his finger inside my twat.

Because Dean was calling me all the dirty names under the sun I didn’t hear the bedroom door open and was only aware that we had company when I heard his friends giggling.

I spat his cock out and attempted to cover myself.

going on?” I shouted.

Dean laughed, “They just want to watch you sucking me off!”

I asked, “How did they know what we Then I realised that he had been texting my pictures downstairs to the boys in the bar!

I looked at their young leering faces and the idea of teasing them while I sucked and fucked their giant friend appealed to me.

Dean grabbed a handful of my thick brown hair and pushed my face towards his softening cock.

“Come on babe, show the boys what a good cocksucker you are.”

He didn’t need to tell me twice…I was more than willing to comply; but sometimes a little bit of force can be a turn on.

the way…suck them how you deep throat my cock!”

“I can’t believe she can get that fucking thing in her throat.” Someone panted as I swallowed inch after inch after inch of delicious man-meat.

My cunt was now so wet it was squelching when I ground my thighs together.

“Fucking Hell have you seen her?” A young voice gasped, wearing />
“I know.” Another voice panted; obviously none of them had seen a woman wearing seemed stockings in real life.

a fucking horny cunt; I know that much.” A deep voice called out.

Still with Dean’s big dick in my mouth I swivelled until I was on all fours with my arse facing his friends. Dean grabbed my hair with both hands and began fucking my mouth as I wiggled and rolled my hips for his friends pleasure.

Several wandering hands stroked my nylon covered legs and the braver ones squeezed my dangling tits and two even touched me between the legs; but not actually inside my pants.

so fucking wet I think she’s pissed herself.” Somebody laughed as he stroked my sodden pussy then pulled back the elastic of my thong and twanged it, making my jump a little bit.

“Oh shit…oh shit!” Dean tightened his grip on my hair and struggled for breath as his hips pounded his long cock into the back of my throat; “I’m cumming!” In an instant spurt after spurt of hot bitter spunk filled my mouth; so much some of it ran out of the corner of my red lips.

Dean flopped back onto the bed and loosened his grip on my hair as his cock slid out of my oral cavity. Pleased with myself I made to climb off the bed only to be grabbed by a tall black guy.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” He told me in a threatening manner as he tightened his grip on my arm.

it,” I replied, “the shows over; I’m going now.”

“I don’t fucking think so!” His eyes were wide open and his nose was flaring; “the rest of us want some pussy too.”

Horrified I looked over my shoulder to see 5 or 6 young guys in various stages of undress and 3 others snorting coke off the dressing table.

not like not like that.” I whimpered, tears welling up in my eyes as it dawned on me what they wanted.

“You fucking are like that…you fucking whore!” The black guy grunted as he forced me onto the bed.

“Stop it…that hurts.” I whimpered as he twisted my wrist.

“Get her knickers off somebody!” He shouted to the others as Dean rolled off the bed.

Sensing the danger I tried to kick a pasty faced lad, who was trying to pull my panties down, but he jumped back only to be replaced by another who took hold of my left ankle. Another joined him but I kicked him in the stomach with my sharp heel.

“Right you feisty fucker!” The black guy growled, “If you want it rough we’ll fucking give it to you rough!”
The next I knew hands were everywhere; grabbing my hair and slapping my arse and tits until I was pinned to the bed my wrists and ankles shaking with fear.

“Stop it…stop I begged, “I won’t tell anyone about />
“Shut the fuck The black guy snarled as he stood at the bottom of the bed taking off his t-shirt and loosening the belt on his jeans.

“Get her knickers off.” He commanded as he stepped out of his jeans and underpants.

Terrified I began turning and twisting to stop them pulling my thong down.

“Fucking Hell!” He exhaled noisily, you cunts do anything fucking right?”

I was still struggling when he took something out of his jeans pocket…it was a knife!

I froze as he leant forward with an evil grin on his face and slid the blunt edge between my skin and the string of my thong.

SWISH. He cut the string and did the same at the other side. SWISH. Still grinning he raised his eyebrows and slowly pulled the torn material from my pussy leaving my wet crack on show.

“Now get her fucking legs apart!” He cackled as he began tugging on his thick black cock which was getting harder by the second.

I pleaded.

“Shut the fucker up!” He told Dean; who picked up my damp panties and shoved them into my mouth. As he forced them past my tightly shut lips the aroma of my cunt juices which they were soaked in was nearly overpowering but also very stimulating

“Okay slut…lets how much you struggle after I’ve fucked you!” The black guy declared; as he knelt between my spread-eagled legs and nudged his pink knob against my pussy lips.

I was gagging on my knickers and my eyes were bulging as he slowly slid his long fat cock inside me.

“The dirty bitch is fucking loving it!” Somebody laughed as I threw myself around as much as possible trying to throw him off me as he grabbed my hips and thrust his cock into me like a piston engine.

it slut.” He grinned as I thrashed around, “Ride me baby…ride ME.!”
His cock felt huge as he pounded my cunt for all he was worth. With all of the movement I realised that my clit was rubbing against his pubic bone and the beginnings of an orgasm were building up in my stomach.

I screamed inside my head but the orgasm built and built. I couldn’t stop it and as soon as he screwed up his face and bit his lip I began trembling too and shaking as a powerful orgasm exploded in my pussy just as he filled my pussy with his seed.

“Did you see that?” The youngest one giggled as he danced beside the bed, “Did you see that? Binksey made her fucking cum!”

“The dirty cunt.” “Fucking slapper!” fucking gagging for it!” fucking take the lot of us on and fucking love every minute!” Where only some of the comments I heard as Binksy drained the last of his seed onto my nylons.

“Who wants to fuck her next?” He cackled as he stepped aside.

“Let little Mish go next,” somebody laughed, “his first time should be memorable and he’ll remember a fuck like this for the rest of his life!”

I was still being held spread-eagled across the single bed as the young boy who’d been dancing pushed his way through the group at the bottom of the bed.

The dumpy kid pulled his jogging pants off and waved a short fat cock in the direction of my dripping cunt.

“I’ll make the old tart scream.” He arrogantly announced as he climbed between my legs.

To tell the truth I could hardly feel anything after having my cunt pounded and stretched by the black lad. He lay on top of me licking and sucking my tits as he fucked me like a rabbit, then without any warning he went all limp as his spunk joined his friends in my vagina.

He was quickly pulled off me and replaced by a thick set skinhead covered in tattoos just like Dean; who declared “I’m gonna fuck her into next week!” as he slid his hard six inches into my wet gash.

I wasn’t struggling half as much now; probably resigned to my fate, and was breathing easily through my nose (a trick I’d learnt years ago through sucking loads of cocks) as my knickers were still in my mouth.

The skinhead grimaced as his cock slithered into my hole; “Shit! It’s fucking much spunk did you shoot into her?” But it didn’t deter him; he did give me a good fucking – hammering my cunt for all it was worth, making my head shake from side to side as I fought the desire to enjoy myself.

I couldn’t stop thrusting my hips upwards to meet his lunges as I stared at his scarred face and lopsided grin. The feeling of helplessness as they continued to forcefully hold me spread-eagled was quickly becoming arousing.

“I told you she would fucking love it!” A voice laughed.

“Look at the tart; she’s fucking Lippy harder than he’s fucking her!” Another snorted.
The room was full of laughter and sexual tension as the boys relaxed and became vocally braver.

“When I’m finished her cunt’ll be hanging inside out!” “I’m gonna get her to suck me off!” “Yeh! Let’s roast the old tart!” Their dirty horrible comments and the fucking that the skinhead with the chipped front tooth was giving me was turning me on like never before and it wasn’t long before I had ‘that feeling’ in my clitty again.

I was surrounded and hands were pawing at my nylons and two were mauling my tits which were now hanging out of my bra as the skinhead’s fucking became faster.

I had to cum too…I just had to! His cock was gliding into my love tube very easily because of the two loads of spunk already in there so I tried to force my hips up so my clit could rub against him. It worked.

He moaned through gritted teeth as he filled my cavity with even more young seed as I threw my head back when my own orgasm overwhelmed my body.

I lay quivering in the afterglow as the boys bickered about who was going to fuck me next. It took a moment or so but I realised that they had let go of my wrists and ankles giving me the opportunity to fight them off and run away.

I didn’t take it. I pulled my panty gag from my mouth and made myself more comfortable.

“Look at her.” One of the modish boys said as a blonde lad stuck his 5 inches into my sodden twat as another knelt beside my head and I willingly began sucking his cock, “it’s a fucking dream come true for her!”

a fucking not getting any at home.”
a fucking never seen anything like this before.”

They were all correct
Neither boy lasted very long; both coming like fountains especially the one in my mouth. I love a mouthful of spunk and this young lad certainly didn’t disappoint me.

“Turn over and get on all fours,” Dean commanded and I meekly obeyed, “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you!”

“Oh God!” I gasped for air as he roughly pushed his long dong into my stretched hole.

He was like a wild animal as he fucked me from behind holding onto my suspender belt like a set of reigns.

I panted as he hammered my cunt.

your husband think when we send you back with a bellyful of spunk?” He teased as he grabbed a handful of hair and jerked my head back.

I tried to speak but />
Still laughing at me he began spanking my arse as he tugged at my hair; making me grimace and whimper.

“Faster you dirty He called out as he rode me like a cowboy on a stallion.

My arms were aching and I could feel the tops of my stockings were soaking with excess spunk and my own love juice which was pouring out of my stretched cunt.

your dick in the slags’ mouth.” Dean called to a black boy, roast the old />
His friend immediately eased in front of me and fed his black cock into my open mouth.

it, slag?” Dean tormented me as he began spanking my arse raw and his friend grabbed my head and bounced my head onto his hard cock.

I wanted to IT FUCKING IS! But couldn’t move or speak.

The others were still playing with my tits and some were rubbing their cocks very against my face.

The boy grunted as he quickly erupted in my mouth sending his lumpy spunk straight down my neck into my belly. As soon as he let go of my hair and pulled his cock out I threw my head back to gulp in some air and swallow his spunk but as I did the two young skinheads shot their own spunk straight onto my face; some of it going into my eyes and up my nose.

“Go on Deano!” Somebody yelled out, “Rip her arse in two!”

I could hardly move as Dean slowly drew his long cock out of my greasy cunt and pressed his knob against my arsehole.

I’m no stranger to anal sex but I wasn’t prepared for a cock as big as his going up there.

The pain was excruciating as his fat knob stretched my anus and inch after inch of his seven long inches fed into my tight hole as smelly spunk dripped off my face onto the bed.

Thankfully the excess spunk was acting as a lubricant on my arse and his cock fucked me quite easily if a little painful.

Listening to their comments as Dean buggered me it was apparent that none of them ever fucked a girls arse even called him a faggot for fucking my arse….but it didn’t stop him.

not shit right for a fortnight!” He grunted as he built up a good head of steam; fucking my bum as easily as he had my vagina.

After a couple of minutes of painful ecstasy Dean shot his second load of cum deep into my bowels. My arsehole felt like a train had run through it as I fell face forwards onto the bed.

I was unceremoniously turned onto my back and mauled by the pack as one after another they wanked onto my face and tits covering me with even more ripe seed.

“Oh fuck…you can’t do that!” A boy with a mod haircut moaned to an unseen friend.

“I can do what I fucking want and the slut will fucking love Binksy with the broken tooth cackled as he moved to the bottom of the bed.
“Get her legs in the air and hold her still.” He told no one in particular with an air of menace. Two boys grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs in the air forcing me onto my shoulders as my eyes finally focussed on his hands. He was holding an empty beer bottle.

just about right.” He guffawed as he ran the cold glass base of the bottle up and down my spunk filled cunt; then spreading my sticky flaps with his fingers he began shoving the beer bottle into my spunk filled cavity. My eyes were soon out on stalks but I remained silent, grinding my teeth, as he worked the bottle as far as possible into my gaping hole. Then, satisfied with his work, he produced a second bottle and shoved the neck into my over-stretched shit hole.

He then forcefully worked them in and out of my holes in unison until I came with my fifth and sixth orgasm of the morning as the boys gathered around taking photos of the two bottles in my cunt and arse on their camera phones.

Exhausted, I drifted in and out of sleep for the next few minutes, giving them the chance to leave the bedroom without speaking to me. When I was sure the last one had left I hobbled into the bathroom where I washed as much of their spunk off my face, tits and between my tender legs as possible then gathered up my dishevelled clothes and got dressed as best as possible.

I quickly made my way down the stairs carefully avoiding contact with anyone then ran knickerless across the foyer and out into the car park. God knows what anyone would have thought if they’d seen me. My hair was like a scarecrow and just like my bra and stockings was covered in smelly sticky youthful spunk.

The relatively short drive home was agony as my arsehole was on fire and my pussy ached so much I had to squirm and shift for comfort as the accumulation of seed in my holes seeped out onto my skirt and drivers seat.

Eventually I arrived home and ran up the drive as fast as possible until I opened the front door, went inside and collapsed crying onto my sofa. My mind was racing…I was unsure how to I…should I tell someone? Jen? The police? My husband? The answer was in my own hands…I frigged myself three times, scooping cum out of my pussy and licking it off my fingers before I had a hot bath and changed into some casual clothing for a night in front of the TV.

story by: Magpie Amy

Tags: spanking anal rape fantasm reluctance female exhibitionist older female / males sex story

Author: Magpie Amy

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