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It is time go meet John for dinner. We'd talked about this for months and the time is here at last. We'd agreed to meet in public, at a restaurant about twenty miles from where Carrie Ann lives. With both of us being single and former lovers, being discreet is necessary, and I felt that the restaurant would grant us a measure of anonymity while being public enough that we'd be able to control the lust that burned within us.

Carrie Ann stride confidently into the restaurant; hoping I would not notice how nervous she is about meeting me. As she enters the lobby, she sees me. I look so different from the last time we met two years ago, her heart recognizes me instantly as did her overactive libido. I turn towards her as she enters, and our eyes lock. My jade green eyes capture her own whisky brown ones, and we move towards each other drawn by a force beyond our desire to control it. Carrie Ann joyfully meet my embrace, and the instant she feels my touch, she knows that any thoughts of a platonic meeting is a delusion.

Desire coils hot in her belly and her nipples harden against my chest. She feels my monster erection pressing intimately against her mound. Carrie Ann pulls back slightly to look into my eyes, to see if I'm feeling what she is feeling. My eyes are luminescent with desire, she knows hers are golden with lust for me. I lower my mouth to hers. This is a passionate kiss. A kiss full of months of talking on the phone, of sharing our past, of hot, illicit fantasies together. Our lips meet seconds before my tongue sweeps into her mouth, tangling with hers. My hands find their way to her ass, I pull her tight against my cock. Wordlessly, I lift her up. She wraps her legs around my waist. As she does, her skirt rides up to her hips, allowing her to feel the hardness behind my zipper against her bare wet pussy.

Without taking my mouth from hers, I carry her into the men's room. We don't notice the startled looks we get from the few men at the urinals as I carry her into the handicap stall. I lock the door as I press her up against it so she is trapped between the cold metal and my hot body. My hand unzips the zipper, my knuckles brushing against her wet pussy in the process. A moan slips out of her at the exquisite sensation of finally having my hands on her. My cock is free and she feels me guiding it teasingly over her clit. I use the head to spread her juices around and the throbbing in her clit intensifies. I place the head in her slit, I swallow her begging whimper. With a mischievous laugh I let her feel another inch of my delicious monster cock inside of her. Carrie Ann's body pulses as it gets use to my size. When she is resigned to my slow, teasing, I thrust plunging all nine inches of my fat cock into her hungry pussy in one thrust.

Carrie Ann gasps against my mouth at the incredible fullness she is feeling. She braces her hands on my shoulders and my hands on her ass guiding her up and down on my shaft. Her head bumping the stall door as I slam into her, my mouth swallows her moans. I leave her mouth, kissing down her chin, along her jaw and down her neck. She throws her head back to give me better access. My mouth leaves a scorching trail across her skin. She continues to ride me, she feels herself get closer and closer to a blazing orgasm. I feel her juices dripping down my cock and onto my balls. her pussy is tight like a vise as she gets closer. My cock grows larger as my own climax approaches, I'm slamming into her faster. " Kiss me. NOW!" She commands, and as my lips meet hers than her orgasm rips through her and I swallow her screams in my mouth.

I feel the tight draw of her cunt against my cock, I explode with my own orgasm, My cum flooding into her. My yell of release is trapped in her mouth, and I accidentally bite her lip in my ecstasy. The pain is minor, and she relishes in the feel of my hard cock still buried inside her tight wet pussy as we cling to each other and catch our breaths. After several minutes, she slides down my body. She takes my cock into her mouth, sucking and savoring our combined cum, sucking and licking it off. I tell her to wait right there. I leave the stall and return with a wet paper towel. I wash the stickiness from her thighs. We walk out of the men's room, knowing that everyone who sees us would know what we just did.

We return to the lobby to wait for a table. While we wait for the hostess to return, Carrie Ann turns to me, hold out her hand and with a smile says, " Hi. You must be John. I'm Carrie Ann. It's great to finally meet you." I shake her hand, then pull her towards me into another hug. As we embrace, I say, " It's great to finally see you again." A discreet cough interrupts us and we part as the hostess comes to seat us. She leads us to a secluded corner table and we sit down beside each other. The high seats of the booth afford us a measure of privacy. We order drinks and dinner. While we're waiting for our food, we take time to talk, to get to re-connect with each other in person. As we're talking, I feel her hand on my thigh through my pants, and it crawls up my leg towards my groin. My cock hardens again as I feel the heat of her hand.

I moan low in my throat. I place my hand on top of hers, intending to stop its progress. Instead, I simply guide it up until it's resting on my cock, exerting the slightest pressure against my hard length. A flush races across her skin as she realizes I want her again already. I lean towards her, making sure my arm brushes against her breast. I notice her nipple hardens instantly, I brush my arm against it again, making sure this time that I catch the nipple with my touch. She gives me a wicked smile pressing her hand a bit harder against my crouch. I groan low in my throat as I give her a tight smile. Her eyes notices the wet spot on the front of my pants as the waitress brings us our meal.

We eat our dinner, and during dinner we flirt, every word seemingly ripe with double entendres and suggestions. We're enjoying each other, so we decide to order dessert, anything to delay our time together. We choose the blueberry cheesecake, feeding each other bites off our forks. My breath catches as she licks the cheesecake off my lips. All too soon, our dinner is finished and the bill is paid. We walk out to the parking lot together, our steps slow, measured. We don't want our time together to end. It's been a perfect blend of hot steamy sex, sharing our souls and laughter again. I walk her to her car. It's fairly dark in that part of the parking lot. She unlocks the driver's side door and turns to tell me good night.

Effortlessly, we fall into each other's arms. It feels so right. I lower my mouth to hers and we share another mind-blowing kiss. My arms around her waist and my hands fall until they're resting just above the curve of her ass; with the slightest pressure, I let her feel my hard cock. Her hands roam my chest, finding my hard nipples through my shirt. Carrie Ann feels one of my hands leave her ass. I manage to open the car door and we tumble inside. Her butt lands on the center console, her hips arch high into the air. I shove her skirt up and my mouth attacks her wet pussy.

I feel the silkiness of her thighs against my head as I suck her clit. She screams with pleasure. One foot is draped over the steering wheel; the other is braced against the seat. From this angle, she is exposed, vulnerable. All she can do is grab my head and hang on. My hands grab her hips, holding them in place while I feast. She feels my hot tongue licking and sucking her clit, her pleasure nub throbs more insistently under my attack. I give her backdoor a playful lick before curling my tongue and jabbing it into her slit. She lets out a loud moan as my tongue continues its in and out motion. I smack her hard clit, stimulating it as my tongue fucks her.

I'm trying to lap up her juices as fast as they're flowing, some escapes dripping down my chin. With a scream she surrenders to the intense orgasm. Her juices squirt out of her, coating my mouth and chin. I'm relentless, tonguing her and teasing her clit through the orgasm, driving her to a second one, this one only slightly less intense. As she sinks down into the seat, aftershocks ripple through her. I crawl into the car so that I'm on top of her. As we kiss she smells her essences on my face, tastes herself on my mouth. She lets out a little purr of satisfaction as I draw her close.

We stay like this for a while, until we notice the cool autumn air slipping around our heated bodies. I rise up slightly and look at her. In the little light that's coming into our little corner of paradise, my eyes are feline. I brush a stray lock of hair back off her face as I look into her eyes. " Come to my house," I says. She gives me a puzzled look and asks, " What about your new mistress?" I reply, " Out of town, with ex- husband." Tears glisten in her eyes as she realizes that I'm offering her a night with me. With a bright smile, she says, " Lead the way. I'll follow you."

Fifteen minutes later we pull into my driveway, I'm out of my car and heading towards the house as Carrie Ann gets out of her car. She catches up with me as I unlock the door. I place my arm around her as we go inside. As soon as the door shuts, I close the dead bolt as she pins me against the door for another kiss. Her fingers find the buttons of my shirt, slipping each button through its hole and kissing every bit of skin she exposes. As she gets closer to the hem, she kneels at my feet, kissing my belly just above the waistband on my pants, letting her tongue follow the line of hair till it disappears from sight. She unbuttons my pants using her teeth to unzip them. My pubic hairs tickle her nose as the zipper lowers. My hard monster cock juts out in her face, and she gives me a long lick, from the base to the head. She gives me her Mona Lisa smile as she takes my shoes and socks off and I step out of my pants. She rises up on her knees a bit until my cock is level with her mouth.

I don't want her teases any more. I decide the teasing has gone on long enough and I want her mouth around my cock now. I grab her head and ram my cock between her lips. She swallows it eagerly, sucking it noisily, enthusiastically. My fingers tangle in her hair as I hold her head in place as I fuck her mouth. She grabs my ass, kneading the firm flesh with her fingers, relishing in the play of muscles as my hips move back and forth. I feel the gentle rasp of her teeth against my cock and the silk of her tongue against the bottom as I thrust in and out. She tightens her lips around me, putting more pressure on my cock as I roughly pump her. My cock throbbing, and she feels my balls against her chin getting tighter. My grip on her head becomes harder, and with a yell my cum explodes in her mouth. She tastes my salty essence as it hits the back of her throat. My cock throbbing my release, she sucks harder, draining every last drop from me.

As the last of my orgasm drains out of me, my legs give out and I sink to the floor. She sits in between my legs, and I wrap my arms around her holding her close as we kiss softly. We stay this way for a few minutes, savoring the few minutes of silent, tender togetherness, our hunger for each other satisfied temporarily. We get up off the floor, I take her hand leading her to the bedroom. We're standing next to the bed and I drag her dress off over her head. My hands graze her soft belly before coming up to cup her breasts through her bra. My thumbs brush across her distended nipples, she moans from the pleasure. I wrap my arms around her, my hands rubbing down her back. Carrie Ann is standing before me, wearing a black lace-bra, black lace garter belt, black stockings and her black heels. I step back admiring her, my eyes darkening with desire once again. I draw her back into my arms, I reach behind her to unhook her bra. I tug the straps down her arms and toss the bra across the room.

I drop to my knees placing a kiss on her mound. My mouth feels so incredibly good there, she grabs my ears pulling me back up to a standing position. I cup her breasts, then lower my head to take one hard nipple in my mouth. She moans bringing her hands to the back of my head, holding my head in place. She leans down kissing the top of my head. I kiss my way across to her other breast, nuzzling the cleavage on my way. Her scent rises up to meet me, the slight scent of soap mixing with her own musk. My mouth captures the other nipple, my tongue squeezing the raspberry tip against the roof of my mouth. I flick the tip with my tongue, and her fingernails involuntarily dig into my head. I kiss up her chest, returning to her lips. We hold each other close, her bare breasts against my bare chest, my hair tantalizing her sensitive nipples. She feels my hard cock pressing against her lower belly, my balls against her mound. I grab her ass, kneading it, pressing her fully against me. Her hands are behind my neck.

Carrie Ann rubs them over my short hair then gently massages my neck. She playfully nips at my lower lip before licking it soothingly. Our tongues tangle, and we drink deeply of each other. We are pliant, completely lost in the moment. Then before I realize it, she gently pushes me back onto the bed. I drag her with me so that she is on top of me, she lands with her hips perfectly aligned to mine. I feel her wet pussy against my hard cock." Mmmm… It feels so good." She slides off of me telling me to scoot to the head of the bed. I give her a puzzled look as she gets off the bed. She shoots me her Mona Lisa smile as she saunters to my closet and returns carrying a couple of my belts.

Carrie Ann takes my left hand using the belt to fasten it to the headboard. She does the same with my right hand. My smile is looking a little nervous, my cock is ramrod straight up. She leans down and places a gentle kiss on my mouth. She pulls back and looking deep into my eyes, she asks me, " Do you trust me?" I answer yes I do trust her, and her heart swells in her chest at such a gift. She gives me another soft kiss. I try to force a deeper kiss by sliding my tongue between her lips. She pulls back quickly and with a smile says, " No, no," and shakes her finger at me. She kisses her way down my body. I pull against my bonds, to no avail. She sits back and watches the muscles in my arms and chest flex. She can't resist the temptation to touch, letting her hands play over my chest, running them up to my shoulders and following along my arms. She playfully squeezes my biceps, and a low purr of satisfaction passes her lips as she feels the hard muscle underneath.

Her hands caress my chest, her fingers finding my nipples and rubbing over them. She pinches them; I moan. She replaces her fingers with her mouth, drawing a nipple between her lips. Her teeth scrape across it, gently. Then she bites my nipple, eliciting a sharp " Ow!" out of me. She licks the nipple, soothing the hurt. I again moan in pleasure. She does the same thing to my other nipple, giving me a bite followed by a soft soothing lick. This pain/pleasure combination is new to me, I find it extremely erotic. My cock jerking, wanting her. She arches a look at me, a subtle warning to be patient lest she will punish me for my impertinence. I look down in submission, and she smiles at me proudly. For the first time I have allowed a lover to be dominate. She kisses down my body, her lips trailing across my belly to my hard shaft. " Do you want me to suck your cock?" She asks.

I replie, " I want what my Mistress wants." " Very good," She purrs, before sucking my cock deep into her mouth. She gives me several hard sucks before pulling her mouth off. I want so badly to groan in disappointment as she removes her mouth, years of discipline keeps me silent. Carrie Ann kneels besides me and strokes me with her hand. She swings her leg over me, I feel her hot wet pussy grinding against my cock. I moan low in my throat and my arms strain against my bonds. I want to grab her hips and impale her on my hard shaft. She slowly grinds against me, drenching my cock with her juices. My teeth clenched against the impulse to beg her to take my cock inside of her.

She is pleased with my discipline and restraint. She shifts her hips so my head is pressed against her slit. Slowly, oh-so-slowly, she takes my cock into her, inch by delicious inch feeling the veins that around my shaft . I'm stretching her pussy, and she moans at the exquisite sensation. I shoot her a questioning look, my eyes asking her permission to express my pleasure. She smiles nodding. Neither of us capable of coherent speech. Finally I'm buried deep inside of her. She feels my cock throbbing against her womb. She starts riding me, slowly at first. She bends over offering me her breasts to taste, I suckle them hungrily. My mouth's tug-release on her nipples is matching the rhythm her hips have set, it feels like I'm fucking her tits and her pussy at the same time. " Are you ready to come?" She asks.

" If my Mistress wishes me to be." " I do wish it. Come with me." She screams as she cums, her juices pouring down over my shaft and balls. With a growl, my body tenses a moment before I explode inside of her. Her grasping pussy clenches around my throbbing jerking cock. Our bodies are joined, we as one – pulsing and convulsing together. Feeling my cock throbbing and jerking inside of her is extremely thrilling, prolonging her orgasm. Her pussy milks my cock, draining it completely. Carrie Ann gives me a sultry smile as she climbs off of me. I'm replete, lying on the bed. She takes her finger wiping some of our cum off my cock and offers it to me to suck off. I take her finger deep in my mouth, savoring the taste of our juices. With a wicked glint in my eye I let my tongue work down between her fingers, setting off a new wave of erotic pleasure in her. She reclaims her finger and bends down, holding her hair back as she licks our cum off my cock and balls. After cleaning me with her mouth, she sits back with a very satisfied smile on her face.

She reaches up and untying my hands. I grab her hand pulling her down beside me. She lies in my arms, catching her breath, her nose nestles against my chest. She gives it a gentle kiss. I place a finger under her chin lifting it so she is looking up at me. For several moments, we just look at each other, hardly daring to believe that we're actually here , holding each other, savoring the closeness. Slowly I lower my head gently kissing her. The kiss is slow and tender. My tongue explores her mouth, tasting it. It glides over her teeth. Her tongue goes on its own journey, gliding against mine, feeling the pearly smoothness of my teeth. Soft sighs escape our mouths, melting together. We kiss for a small eternity, concentrating on the rising passion and on enjoying the closeness, the blending of our breath.

She feels my hand on her hip, gently kneading it. My hand gliding up over her rib cage, brushing against the side of her breast. My palm rubs her nipple, and I feel as a pebble under my touch. She moans against my mouth. I gently push her over to her back following her, my body lying on top of her. " Mmmmm," She sighs appreciably as she feels my rock hard length against her mound. A part of her can't believe that I'm already hard and ready to go again, but mostly she relishes her power over me. I place a knee between her legs, nudging them apart. She spreads her legs, cradling my hips against hers. Her foot slides up the back of my leg, her toes gliding up my crack as she wraps her leg around my waist. She does the same thing with her other foot, sliding it up my leg, guiding it along my crack before wrapping it around my waist. My cock is pressing intimately against her pussy, my head nudging against her slit. Her juices coat my head, I slide it in. I'm buried to the hilt inside of her, my head bumping against her womb. Carrie Ann wraps her arms around me holding me close. This cuddle sex is perfect, wonderful, sensual. She feels every inch of me; we're as close as two people can possibly be. The scent of our lovemaking envelops us. I continue the slow pace, wanting to prolong the experience.

The room is silent except for our sighs and the whisper of skin rubbing against skin. This slow intimacy is more potent than anything we've shared in a long time. My cock glides in and out, she feels my chest hairs aganist her very sensitive nipples. Suddenly, something changes, a slightly deeper thrust or my head rubbing against her g-spot. Whatever it is, our slow lovemaking is no longer enough for her. Her heels dig into my lower back, urging me to take her rougher and faster. I give her a low growl and maintains my slow rhythm. She groans in defeat, with a small smile on her face. She is not getting what she wants, what I'm giving her feels exquisite, and she is willing to surrender to my pace. In. Out. In. Out. I continue the slow pace. She feels my cock throbbing inside of her. I feel her pussy starting to tighten like a vise around me. The pleasure building within us faster, begging for release. I'm going slow, letting it build higher. Finally, the orgasm surges through her. As the first wave crashes over her, with one last throb, I cum inside of her. I collapse on top of her, my cock buried deep inside. She feels our juices dripping down her ass. It tickles a bit, she is way too content to move. We lay there like that, still joined, feeling the aftershocks rippling through us. Our hearts beat in a syncopated rhythm as we slowly drift back to earth and into a contented slumber.

story by: horny fox

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: horny fox

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