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Katelyn: 17 years old, high school student. Dark brown hair. Green eyes. C cup breasts. Slander waist. Flared hips. 5'6" tall.

Me: 18 years old. Hig school student. Short, spiky Black hair. Hard muscled body. Large pecs, biceps, and broad shoulders. 6 pack. 8 in long dick. 2 in around. 6'1" tall.

I looked down at her sleeping form. Never before had I laid eyes on such a lust inspiring creature. She stole my breath away. It helped that she was completely naked. Katelyn. The girl of my dreams. The bitch who dumped me. Lay nude before me on her bed. I was going to teach her a lesson. That if you fucked with the wrong guy then your gonna get fucked. On that note let's get started. I slowly took out my roll of duck tape and stretched out a piece long enough to cover her mouth. Slowly, ever so slowly. I quietly ripped it off and moved it to hover inches over her full, succulent lips. Slowly. As easily as I could manage I pressed it to her lips and along her jaw. I had to make sure she stayed quiet. Now asleep and effectively silenced, I rolled her onto her back and carefully spread her legs. Exposing her treasure for my greedy eyes. I have never seen anything more amazing and juicy then her shaved pussy. It could have belonged to Aphrodite herself. By now my cock was at full readiness, but I could not indulge my self of this goddess yet. I quietly unrolled another piece of tape. This one much longer. I slowly, quietly, started to wrap the tape around her wrists. I wrapped it around several times, as she made gentle movements in her sleep. Once her wrists were secured I started to breath a little easier. Now I felt my excitement begin to build as I undressed and knelt between her thighs. I stroked my shaft gently as I admired her bare cunt. Before I plunged into her most privet area, I reached out and grabbed her breasts. Her breasts were not huge, but neither were the small. They were about a c cup, of soft womanly flesh. I massaged them gently before focusing on her nipples. Her nipples were erect from my gentle mauling. Katelyn started to stir in her sleep. The time had come to wake her. So she could see what was going to happen to her. So she could see who was going to do it to her. So she would know that she screwed up something awful when she dumped my ass. To wake her I twisted the nipple I was rubbing brutally. She woke instantly and with a confused expression on her face. She looked around and then up at my unmoving form, looming over her. Her expression quickly changed from confused to startled. She tried to speak but only mumbles came out. She reached her hands up and felt her mouth. As she did so she realized her mouth and hands were taped tightly. Now her face showed fear. Katelyn looked up at me with terrified eyes and saw nothing but anger and lust in mine. I saw her eyes track down my hard, muscled body, to the 8 inch monster protruding from my pelvis. Her head jerked up and she stared down the length of her prone, naked form, to where I knelt between her thighs. I watched as the full reality of her situation dawned on her. Her eyes snapped back to mine, pleading me not to do what I obviously planed on doing. I ignored the desperate look she gave me and took a moment to admire her figure. I stared at her dark, sleep tussled, shoulder length hair. I stared at her sparkling, fear leaden, green eyes. I stared at her heaving breasts as they rose and fell. I stared at her flat stomach, with just a trace of a four pack. Then my eyes locked onto her pussy, and lust over took me. I could not stop. I grabed my dick and rubbed it up and down her dry slit. I knew it would hurt her when I forced myself into her, but I cared little about that. She deserved the pain for what she did to me. My cock settled at the opening to her teenage cunt. I looked back up to her face to see how she was taking her impending rape. She was crying. Her eyes were locked onto my dick. But when I paused at her entrance, she looked back up at my face and her eyes found mine. "do you know who I am" I asked her softly. She flinched at the sound of my voice, but after a second she nodded. "good" I whispered, "and do you remember what you did to me". She looked confused again, and after a moment she shook her head no. My hand blurred into movement and without warning smacked her across the face with a resounding crack. She let out a muffled cry as I whispered angrily "what! You don't remember how you dumped me! How you booted me out of your life! How you broke my heart!" her cheek was beet red now and more tears poured from her eyes. As she sobbed quietly, I made an effort to control my anger. I did so but as it left, my lust came back stronger then ever. My hips involenterly twitched forward, driving my hard, pulsing cock half an inch into her incredibly tight cunt. Her eyes widened in shock and pain as her dry twat was invaded by my Massive member. I pushed into her as hard as I could and was rewarded with another inch of my rock hard cock diapering into her cunt. Then something unexpected happened. As she whimmpered in pain, my dick bumped into her hymen. This bitch was still a virgin. At that thought pleasure exploded inside me. I really was gonna teach this whore a lesson. I looked away from her pussy and back up to her eyes. Her face was scrunched up in pain from my violent intrusion. "your still a virgin?" I whispered in glee, "oh, but not for long". As I said these words, I reached out and grabed her hips. Then with a mighty effort I slammed my dick into her pusay as hard as I could. The head of my cock exploded through her barrier, then smacked into her cervix at the back of her tunnel. Though her screams of pain were blocked by the tape, they were still clearly audible. I was amazzed that she was able to take my entire cock into her tight hole. Amazed I was, but stop I did not. I pulled out of her almost all the way, before I slammed all the way back into her. My balls slapped against her ass as she grunted in agony. Again and again I did this. Her blood making it easy to pistion in and out. Every time I went to enter her, I slammed forward with all my might, making her hurt as much as possible. Every time my balls slapped her ass, her tits bounced and she grunted in pain and humiliation. After a few seconds of this I reached up for her jiggiling breasts. With her taped hands, katelyn tried to stop me, but I easily knocked her hands aside. As I roughly squeezed and sucked on her tits, my cock continued to stroke in and out of her tight cunt. Again she tried to force me away with her hands. This time I got angry. I used my teeth and bit down on her left nipple. Hard. She cried out and stopped trying to push me away. I let go of her tit and looked her in the eye. "stop fighting me you stupid bitch, or I swear to god Ill make you hurt more then anything you've ever felt". After I was sure that she got the message, I resumed my steady, hard fucking. And what a Fuck she was. I had never felt anything even close to how good her pussy felt around my throbbing cock. It was bliss. It was the greatest feeling on earth. Her pussy was so tight, so soft, so amazing that I knew I wouldn't last long. As I steadily fucked her, she looked as if she was starting to enjoy the deep massage my cock was giving her. "you like my cock in you, don't you?" I quietly whispered in her ear. She instantly shook her head no. That she didn't. "lier" I whispered gleefully. As I did I felt my balls start to tingle, and I knew I was close. "I'm gonna cum inside you, you fucking whore". When she heard these words a look of horror and panic stole onto her face. She shook her head violently from side to side. I stopped fucking her for a moment as I examined the expression on her face. the instant I stopped, she literally sagged with relief. "I'm gonna take the tap off your mouth, but if you scream, I will kill you and anyone that comes to help you". And I showed her the handgun I had brought just incase. "do you She nodded looking terrified again. So I ripped the tape off in one fast pull. True to her word she made no noise. "why don't you want me to cum inside you?" I asked in a dangerous tone, my throbbing cock still lodged firmly in her pussy. "because I don't want to get pregnant, and this is the worst time of month possible for this to happen" she said in a soft, strained voice. Her eyes were pleading with mine again. "so you don't want me to rape a little baby into your sexy body, is that it?". She nodded quickly. "well you should have thought of that before you dumped me and broke my heart" and I again resumed Fucking her pussy. "no! Please!" she whispered desperately, "I'll do anything! Just don't do it inside me". I Stopped again and thought about it for a second. "if you go out with me again and let me fuck you whenever I want, then I'll not put a new life inside of you" I said after a little thought. She looked shocked by this proposal and said "no way!". I just shrugged and started fucking her again, this time much faster. After a few minuets of this I knew the end was coming. "last chance" I stated as I started slamming into her as fast as I could. I was seconds from erupting when she moaned "all right! Just don't cum inside me!". "too late!" I groaned out. I slammed into her as hard as I could as several jets of sperm blasted from the tip of my cock and pasted her cervix in sticky cum. "oh, god" she whispered in horror, "it's so hot! Oh, god! It's inside me! Oh my god ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod!" I just laid there listing to her, as her cunt milked the rest of the sperm from my cock. I lifted my head and looked her in the eyes. "you should have decided faster" I told her without remorse. She looked at me and whispered "why?". I laughed. "why? I'll tell you why. When you broke up with me I was crushed. I wasn't right for weeks. Now you have to suffer because you made me suffer. Now are you still gonna get back together with me?" she just shook her head weakly. "fine. I'll just have to dump some more baby butter into your tight teenage cunt". With that I picked her up and flipped her over onto her hands and knees. Her wet cunt was dripping sperm and womanly juices on too her bed. I grabbed my still hard shaft and rubbed it up against her pussy lips. She groaned quietly as I slammed back into her tight, sticky twat. "no! Please! No more!". I ignored her as I concentrated on the unbeatable pleasure I was receiving from her pussy. Besides she knew what to say if she wanted me to stop. So for a while there was silence except for her quiet groans and the slap of my hips hitting her ass. After my last orgasm, my ability to resist cuming doubled. So as I continued to plow recently deflowered pussy, I reach around her and grabbed her swaying breasts. But eventually I started to pant in anticipation. "Sure you don't want to agree to my deal?" I managed to get out, "Every time I cum inside you just doubles the chance that you'll get pregnant". I waited for her answer as my stamina rapidly depleted. "Fine!" she whispered defeated, "Just don't put any more in me!". I smiled in triumph as I pulled out of her tight, dripping cunt. I grabbed her arm and jerked her around, bringing her face level with my cock. "Open" I commanded. She grimaced but complied instantly. Her lips were bearly open before I rammed my dick into her mouth. I only had time to face fuck her for a few seconds before I felt my balls tighten. I pulled out just in time to spray cum all over face. Little did she know, but I had taken out my phone and snapped a picture of her with her mouth open and eyes closed, receiving my massive load on her face. As I finished cuming, I got up and told her not to move. I moved around her taking more pics of here nude form. I got her tits, her cum filled pussy as well as some full body shots. "now, if you ever go back on your word these pics all be given out at school, to your parents, and posted around the town." she just stared at the bed defeated. "I think I have enough in me for one more. So why don't you be a good girl and get that pussy in the air for me? Hmm?" resigned to her fate she wearily complied with my orders.

This is my first ever erotic story, so please don't kill it. However I would welcome any helpful tips or constructive criticism.

Also if you want a part two, just let me know.

story by: Dark Impregnation

Tags: blowjob first time teen male/teen female virginity rape humiliation domination/submission bondage and restriction fantasm reluctance male domination non-consensual sex authoritarian blackmail pregnant sex story

Author: Dark Impregnation

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