Seducing silvio

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Seducing Silvio
– s.k.s.

I looked around and laughed as Silvio yelled to me to check out his
new trailer… complete with clothesline, barrel hottub, and outhouse,
it was a riot. I agreed that it was totally pimped out, and climbed
the rickety front steps; immediately inside the door was a half-circle
kitchen table where he sat opposite me. He looked up and grinned, a
pile of half broken up weed and a blunt wrap in front of him, and
gestured for me to sit down. I climbed around the other side of the
table and lounged back, stretching my bare legs toward him and leaning
on my elbows as I watched his fingers meticulously groom the fragrant
pot, then sweep it into the brown blunt paper and roll it up expertly.
We talked about the usual subjects… music, the club we both DJ'd
at… spent a moment or two commiserating over the drama relationships
bring… and then he lit the perfectly-rolled blunt and inhaled
deeply, eyes closing and smoke streaming from the lit end. It smelled
amazing… "Like god's vagina" I giggled as he passed it to me, and
that sparked some talk about movies. We got to talking about wrestling
finally, as usual… not real wrestling, but that terrible dramatic
WWE stuff that we were both hooked on. We had a great time laughing
while we remembered how great the Rock used to be on the mic, passing
the oversized, pot-stuffed cigar between us.

My eyelids grew heavier and heavier, and Silvio kept getting slower
about leaning over to pass to me… finally, in frustration, I sat up
and pulled my knees under me, leaning over to snatch the blunt from
his lazy fingers and take a deep drag. "Hey… " he protested slowly,
making a half-hearted grab for the almost half burned blunt.

"Fuck that, man" I laugh-coughed, holding it out of his reach /> slackin, holdin up the goddamn rotation!" I took another hit, my chest
expanding as far as possible with my effort to hold it as I passed it

He took it back with a mock-offended look, teasing me for coughing so
hard before he took a long, deep pull… then blew the smoke toward my
face with a mischievous grin. I rolled my eyes and remarked "Ya know,
I bet I could make you cough." He shook his head and sucked a second
drag, holding it out to me.

"No way" he mumbled in a strangled voice, still holding a lungful of
sweet smoke. "I don't cough anymore from blunts."

I looked at it appraisingly; it was still long enough. "Alright then,
mister iron lungs… let me blow you a shotgun."

Silvio arched an eyebrow. "You sure you're not gonna burn /> he asked doubtfully, eyeballing the blunt himself.

"Nah, I can do it… what? Are you scared?" I teased, sticking my
tongue out at him a little as I exhaled slowly. "C'mon, don't be a

Now it was Sil's turn to roll his eyes. "Whatever man… just don't
whine like an emo when you blister your tongue."

I giggled, extremely stoned, and took another drag. This one wasn't
quite as big, since I needed to hold it for awhile. I leaned over in
front of Silvio and tapped the excess ash off the end, baring the
glowing ember in the tip. Smirking at him with heavy-lidded eyes, I
turned the blunt around backwards and put the lit end in my mouth,
holding it loosely between my lips and my jaws as far apart as
possible. Then I leaned over, one hand braced on the table and the
other on the bench seat for balance, and pressed the other end of the
blunt against his lips until he parted them… then exhaled my own
held hit, plus a full fresh one, forcefully into his mouth. I pulled
back quickly and got the blunt out of my mouth, as the blowing had
aggravated the lit end, and watched him struggle to hold the massive
hit. He suceeded for about… 10 seconds maybe… before it came out
explosively in a flurry of coughs. I giggled and clapped, the blunt
held between my grinning lips "I knew it!! Muahahaha, I got yoooou,
nyah nyah!" I teased.

He pretended to glare, not able to keep up the pretense for long and
was soon laugh-coughing right along with me. "That was vicious!" he
exclaimed. "I didn't think you'd do it that hard."

I flashed a cheeky grin "Why do it any other way?" I said, winking in
a comically over-lecherous way. We both dissolved in laughter for a
minute or two.

"You have to let me get you back" Silvio said, nodding as if he'd
decided. "It's only fair. Don't worry… I'll be nice since you're a

I growled and started to throw the blunt at him,
then laughed and handed it over. It had reached that middle point
where the resin makes it start to burn slower, and I figured hell how
bad could it be? the day I need you to take it easy on
me, shoot me ok?" I waited while he got the blunt situated between his
lips, then leaned over to help him reach me, straining awkwardly
again. He didn't blow a huge hit into my lungs fast… he just
wouldn't quit blowing! Started slow, and just kept going… finally I
had to break the hit off myself, face going hot and probably red as I
struggled not to choke for as long as possible… then barely managed
to turn away before I started coughing wildly. I listened to him
chuckle as he took his own hits, watching me fight for air… my head
swam. I was dizzy as hell, lightheaded and thoroughly baked. "I wanna
do it to you again…" I said with a bit of difficulty. "Wow am I
slurring? I can't remember when I was this high last…"

Silvio laughed "Yeah you are… lightweight bitch, haha."

I snatched the blunt back and rumbled another mock growl. "Keep talkin
buddy, I'm gonna make you cough up a lung! But the way we're sitting
sucks for this…" I looked around, absently puffing, then perked up.
I sat up on my knees and knee-walked the rest of the way around the
table, then threw one leg over Silvio's thighs. I sat back on his
knees, the thin edge of the table digging into my back a bit, but I
barely noticed. Though it rarely came up, he was one of my friends
that I was extremely attracted to, but it just seemed like
circumstances were always wrong… bad timing I guess… and now it
occured to me that without even thinking about it, I was sitting in
his lap. I was actually kinda shocked at myself, because the more I
like someone, the harder it usually is for me to make a move… and I
liked him a lot, I just didn't like to make an issue about it, for
various reasons.

Silvio was pretty surprised too, apparently. "What are you doing…
not that I mind or anything if you wanna sit on my lap." he grinned.

"I'm tired of leaning over weird to give each other shotguns… I
wasn't really thinking about me being in your lap" I said, a little
flustered. I could feel my face starting to redden and I stammered "I
can move if you want; I didn't mean to be weird or />
"Nah, it's cool man" he smiled and patted my thigh. "Bring it on then,
shit's burnin."

I took a deep breath of relief and shifted my weight a little.
Straddling him like that had all kinds of things starting to react
under my clothes… I pushed the nerves back and leaned forward to
blow him another massive backward hit. This one he managed with
minimal coughs, and smirked triumphantly as I turned nearly 180
degrees at the waist, and nearly fell off his lap, to keep from
coughing on him from the one he gave me on his next turn. "Fine!" I
giggled breathlessly, when the uncontrollable choking finally stopped.
"You win, jeez, hadda prove what a hardcore smoker you are…" I stuck
out my tongue again childishly. "You handle it better than me, you the
master, I the student, blah blah… but seriously, MAN this is fuckin
me up… wanna keep doing it?"

"Sure" Silvio nodded, handing the now closer to 1/3 of a blunt back to
me. "Getting kinda short />
I looked at it and agreed. "Well, there's always the other way… and
it's like getting twice the hits still…" I took as deep a drag as I
could manage, with my overworked lungs, then leaned closer and brought
my lips so close to his I could feel their warmth on mine, then began
to exhale slowly. He caught on right away and sucked my air in,
holding it in turn before taking the blunt from me and returning the
favor, his lips once again almost touching mine. By this point, I was
a mass of nerves, my nipples were like painful little rocks under my
tank top, and my pussy was frankly throbbing. I could feel the cotton
panel in the crotch of my panties getting wetter and wetter, and I
gave a little shiver that was met by a curious look from Silvio. I
tilted my head back and blew my secondhand hit up, noticing that
almost the whole trailer, which was basically one room with a
curtained-off bed, was full of swirling smoke. It made me smile, and I
pointed it out to Sil. We both had a good laugh, dispelling the
tension that maybe only I was feeling.

I took another fat lungful of my own, then leaned over to share again,
balanced on my knees… as I started to exhale, one of Silvio's legs
twitched and it rocked me forward, bringing me into sudden and full
contact with his lips. I froze for a second, mid-exhale… then he
began to kiss me and I relaxed, still kinda exhaling into his mouth,
though most of the smoke was escaping between our lips as the kiss
quickly deepened. I think I must have whimpered softly because he
chuckled against my lips and took gentle hold of my shoulders, pushing
me back a little with a 'be patient' smile. He took another drag and
pulled me back to him, using his to part my lips and slipping his
tongue into my mouth to rub against mine as he shared his hit… while
I kissed back, shaking with nerves and arousal, and tried to also
catch as much of the sweet smoke as possible. I sat back and we stared
at each other wordlessly, my mouth suddenly painfully dry watching his
lips around the blunt as he dragged again. I fumbled behind me for the
soda I'd noticed on the table and gulped some, trying to still my
shaking hands and slow my pounding heart. When I was done, he took it
from me and handed me the blunt in exchange, still not speaking, and I
hit it without thinking while he drank. I was still mesmerized by his
lips… my own feeling warm and rather swollen from the intensity of
the kiss. I shivered as I exhaled, and when he leaned forward closer
to me to put the drink back on the table I longed to just… grab him.

Silvio sat back and watched me, his half-lidded eyes matching the
stoned half-smile on his face. He rested his hands on my knees and
slid them up my thighs until the tips of his fingers were under the
edge of my short skirt… then stopped. The challenge in his gaze made
me blush harder, but I was too turned on by this point to stop… I
took one last big hit, then grabbed the ashtray and gently,
deliberately, stubbed the blunt out, never losing eye contact. This
time, instead of leaning forward to share, I scooted toward him on his
lap until my thighs were spread wide around his waist, wrapping my
arms around his shoulders, and just went for it… Sil responded
immediately to my kiss, hands slipping all the way under my skirt and
grabbing my ass firmly, pulling me against him… he needn't have
bothered, since I was grinding my hungry, barely-covered pussy against
the crotch of his pants, and I wasn't gonna try to back away anytime
soon… soon we were making out like high school kids in the back of a
car… kissing hard, deeply… hands wandering under each others'
clothes; his fingers slipped under the band of my boishorts to fondle
my bare ass, me sneaking my hands under his shirt to drag my nails
lightly up and down his back… the only sounds were breathless gasps
between kisses from both of us, and my little whimpers and moans that
I couldn't supress. My pulse was beating like a drum in my clit as I
angled my hips to press against him harder. I was loving it, but I
wanted more… with a little growl I yanked his shirt up, and finally
broke the kissing to work it off over his head… and then made short
work of my own top and bra, pressing my bare breasts and achingly hard
nipples against his chest. The feel of it made me spasm between my
legs, and I felt more moisture seeping from between my nether lips to
soak my already wet and sticky panties.

Silvio's lips and tongue began to wander when my top came off, and I
arched my back toward him as he bent his head to lick and then suck on
those tingling, stiff nipples. Head thrown back, I groaned loudly and
rocked my hips against him, feeling like I might explode… then
something in me just snapped, all shame gone. Pressing back close,
feeling his lips and teeth kiss and nip at my neck and shoulder, I
murmured against his ear "I want you… I can't stand it anymore,
please, I've been waiting for so much longer than you know…"

I felt him shiver in my arms, and one of his hands slip between my
legs, fingers tracing the damp shape of my mound through my panties. I
could feel his lips curl in a smile against my neck. I moaned in
encouragement, tilting my hips even further forward, and his fingers
found their way quickly into the legband of my panties. He stroked my
bare, overheated flesh far more gently than I wanted… I wanted him
to shove his fingers into me, hard; something to ease this agonizing
ache of need. His fingers settled over my swollen and throbbing clit,
stroking it softly and making me writhe in desperation.

I shoved a hand between our bodies and wriggled it down until it was
pressed against the hard length of him in his pants… I couldn't
resist a quick squeeze, before I went to work getting those pants out
of the way. It didn't take long before I found a way to free his cock,
his pants completely spread open in the front. Feeling the hot,
smooth length of his cock throbbing in my hand made me shudder with
need. "Oh fuck… please, you're just killin me… I want you, god I
need it…" I babbled, breaths coming in hitches from the attentions
of his fingers on my clit, every muscle between my navel and my knees
as tense as a guitar-string. I heard him suck a breath through his
teeth and felt his cock grow harder in my hand… yanking my panties
to the side, he dragged me closer by them until the burning, soft skin
of his cock slipped between my extremely slick inner lips and then
into me in one smooth movement that takes my breath away… I want to
scream in pleasure but can only gurgle in my throat as Silvio raises
his hips to slam all the way home. He takes possession of my lips
again, kissing me forcefully as he grinds his hips back against me, my
grateful sighs and yesses lost and incoherent against his mouth. Still
half-dressed, completely baked, we begin to move as if reading each
other's minds… one of his hands slipping around to cup my ass and
the other holding me to him around my back, my own arms wrapped
tightly around his neck as I began to ride him hard, keeping the
pulsing length of his cock buried inside me and grinding my clit
against him until my cunt clamped down on that hard length and my
movements grew jerky as I came, tearing my lips away and throwing my
head back to cry out. Pleasure radiated out from the center of me,
making me tingle all the way to my toes. I heard him groan as I
squeezed and massaged his cock inside my spasming pussy walls… so
sensitive now that the pleasure made me grind my teeth… until my
movements began to smooth out again, rocking my hips against his at
first. Then I braced my palms against the edge of the table behind me,
leaning away and arching my back… using that leverage I started to
move up and down on his cock, almost letting him slide out of me and
then shoving back against him. He used both his hands to grip my hips
under my skirt and guide me as I fucked him faster, my
still-contracting pussy clenched around him. My ass slammed into the
tops of his thighs over and over again, riding him hard, little cries
bursting from my lips with each thrust. I heard his breathing go more
ragged and start to hitch, and felt his cock swell up even bigger and
harder inside me, stretching me in away that felt so good that I
shuddered… so I worked harder, virtually sucking the cum from him
with my voracious cunt, until I felt his hands gripping my hips
painfully hard and with a low grunt he explodes into me… I can feel
the jerking throbs of his cock as I try to prolong it for him with my
well-trained muscles. I feel his tension mount higher and higher as he
spurts into me, then the sudden relaxation of his whole body and a
slow, shuddering breath as he started to come back down. He pulled me
to him and I slumped against his chest; listening to his heart thump
as we both fought to catch our breath… still not feeling the need to
say a word.

(At this point in the fantasy it always works for me, if it hasn't
already… so it never really got developed past this. If you didn't
like it, I don't really care; I didn't write it for YOU. >=P haha.
This is just one of my strongest, clearest, and most
fantasies about someone I currently know. I may
decide to write more of my fantasies down at some point if you guys do
dig them, or perhaps just for my own benefit… who knows? xD

Thanks for reading, please take the time to rate! -s.k.s)

story by: subkittehslut

Tags: consensual sex fantasy sex story

Author: subkittehslut

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