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At age 42, I've worked as a custodian at a small town high school for twenty years. I consider my duties of cleaning the bleachers after a basketball game a fringe benefit. Many of you may be asking, how can that be viewed as a benefit? I don't consider myself a pervert just because I enjoy gazing at the short skirts prancing around with fluffy pom poms held up high in the air. Those girls sure know how to make a guy feel young. The occasional smile from a firm bodied honey in the hallways between class can make any guy stand up and take notice.

Many school activities last well into the night after school has let out. One particular night our schools drama club had been rehearsing for the upcoming play. Students were wrapping their night up and people were heading to their cars. I had the second shift and was the sole custodian in the school. I was heading down the hall way turning off the lights when I noticed the stage floor light was still on. Somebody had forgot to kill the lights. As I headed for the switch in the front of the auditorium, I noticed that I wasn't the only person remaining in the building. A student cast member was hanging up costumes in the dress room just to the right of the stage. I crashed the main lights so to give her a hint it was time to go. The security light above the costume room was the only light that stays on. She immediately said, " I'm sorry I didn't know it was time to go." I politely responded, " no problem, I help you lock up." As I turned the corner into the small room I caught a glimpse of her.

I didn't know her name, but she looked so beautiful standing there under the dim security light. I asked her, " How do you think the play will turn out?" She simply smiled and with a cute giggle she said, " I think it is going to be the best play the school has ever seen." After a few minutes of small talk she asked, " Do you enjoy your work and do you have any children?" I was ready for the first part of the question, but the children part threw me for a loop. I told her I liked certain aspects of my job and no I didn't have any children. It soon hit me like a ton of bricks. I figured she asked about children because it was her round about way of seeing if I was married.

As the chit chat continued I took a load off and sat in a comfy lazy boy chair as she continued hanging the costumes on the hangers. She was wearing a cotton type black and white striped one piece short dress that seemed to snuggle her every curve. She was the nerdy type girl who was a bit shy around her peers. She had straight auburn hair that stopped just short of her slim waist. The dress covered about three inches past her sweet little ass. Her titties were about the size of grapefruit and with the tight dress revealed the tauntness of her firm breasts. There was no sag on this young honey. She had long slender legs that appeared as smooth as silk. Her eyes were bright and full of innocence. Her teeth were that of snow and her skin had a soft golden glow under that dim light.

In the back of my mind I had visions of being young again and the opportunity to make love to such a beautiful girl. It was just a dream for the moment. As she stretched to hook a hanger up I noticed her dress ride up, exposing the bottom of her ass. She was wearing pink panties. My first thought was, she is either doing this on purpose for me to notice or she is too innocent to even be aware of her actions. My heart was pounding as I admired her youthful body.
I got out of my chair and promptly assisted her in reaching up to secure the hanger. She thanked me and gave me a cute smile. As she went to reach for the next costume on the floor she had stepped on the edge of the carpet and lost her balance. For her sake she was glad I stopped her fall. For my sake I had the unsuspecting pleasure of catching her on her way down. It seems all trivial up to this point, but the manner in which a broke her fall was somewhat of an embarrassment for her. As she feel toward me I simply put my hands out; but her titties just happened to fall into my hands. She quickly said,"Oh, I'm so sorry." I was in such shock that I was so lucky to have a hand full of young titty. I had a Fruedian slip of the tongue and said," It's ok, it was my pleasure." Before I could correct myself she let out a small giggle of embarrassment and responded in a joking way," I have never had a boy or guy touch me that way." We both had a good laugh and we were both going to dismiss the mishap.

I thought this was my opportunity to put her on the spot. I asked, "why did you want to know if I had children?" The truth soon spilled from her lips. She said, "I have always liked the way you look, but
knew I was to old to be her boyfriend. It was just a silly fantasy; you know, pretend." I jumped on the chance and quickly took a leap of faith in my next question. It would set the stage for great possibilities. I asked her," Do you want to rehearse for our own play
of your fantasy and mine?" She said," Only if her mom and dad and none of her friends would never find out." Both of our hearts were pounding out of our clothes. We were the only two in the building and
all the doors were locked. We were safe from being caught in the act.

Before I went any further, I had the urge to ask her if she was old enough. She simply looked at me, smiled, shrugged her shoulders and replied ,"old enough, I guess." She was only 5' to 5'1" tall and around 110 pounds. I made the first move and put my hands on her hips as we stood facing each other. I leaned forward and gently kissed her lips. In response, she pushed her lips back into mine as I started to give her a deeper kiss. Soon, our tongues were exploring each others mouth. Her breathing was heavy; I expect from her nervousness and excitement. As I continued to kiss her soft lips I pulled up on her striped dress. Her hands immediately grabbed mine and stopped me in my tracks. She stopped kissing me and said,"I have never done what I think we are going to do." I said," I will show her how and she had nothing to worry about." In the back of my mind as I told her these words; it was the farthest from the truth. In reality, I was going to fuck the daylights out of this sweet little honey.

I lifted her dress up and over her head and there before me stood the most innocent, young honey I had ever seen. The years of lusting over the short skirts was about to become a dream come true. Her bra matched her panties, both pink in color. Her bra snap was in the front and I quickly flicked it open. Her young titties seemed to leap out as the snap opened. She had gorgeous tits. Her nipples were a supple pink and the size of half silver dollars. I pulled down my pants and shorts to expose my cock to her. She simply looked at my cock with a sense of interest. Of course, I thought to myself. This is her first time of ever seeing a cock, let alone a 42 year old cock. She didn't say a word. I pulled off my shirt and socks and continued to undress her. I got directly in front of her and pulled down her shiny pink panties.

I got on my knees and faced her. My eyes were level with her red pussy hair. She looked to young. She looked down at me as if she had a good guess to what I was about to do. She was right. I plunged my tongue into her pussy lips as she stood there. She immediately got weak in her knees as her legs shivered from the sensation. I let my tongue glid into her warm pussy as I cupped her small ass in my hands. She tasted tangy and sweet. Her juices began to ooze out of her as I lapped them up. I ran my tongue along her pussy lips u8p to her clit. She was becoming very wet and warm.

I stood up and had a raging hard cock ready to slid into her tight body. I had to squat slightly so my cock would be lower than her pussy lips as I entered her. I let the head of my cock touch her opening. I knew this would be heaven for both of us. Right before I entered her, I gave her red pussy a quick glance. I held her ass in my hands firmly and thrust in one motion into her young box. She let out a gasp as I pushed my cock to the hilt inside her warm vagina.
With that first thrust I could feel her hymen break and at that time I knew I had taken her virginity. As I pumped my cock into her I could see her beautiful, firm titties bouncing to my every thrust. I brought her body closer into mine and I felt her nipple slip up and down my chest.

I had a good steady pace of fucking her and she was flowing with her warm juices. I could feel her warm pussy juice drip down along the outsides of my balls as I slapped them up against her ass with each pump. She jumped up and wrapped her slender legs around me as I held her ass in my hands. She began to thrust her pussy down onto my cock
as I stood there enjoying every inch of her tight vagina's walls. She was like silk inside, but her pussy was very tight. I held her tight as I gently laid her on her back on the dressing room floor. I arched back and continue to plunge into her young hole. Her gorgeous breast danced with my every thrust. She again wrapped her legs around me. I looked into her eyes and we made a connection. She let her eyes roll back and said," Oh my God, fuck me." I started to slam my hip as hard as I could into her small body. I thought I was going to split her body in half. I grabbed her titties in my hand a caressed them. As I looked down at her, I couldn't believe it was really happening.

She looked up at me and told me the words that made me go crazy with pleasure. She said," I'm on the pill, because my parents said it would regulate my hormones." I thanked her for letting me know. This was my go ahead to explode my cum deep inside her young pussy. I didn't want to leave my cum in her now. I wanted to fuck her in a few more positions. I rolled her over so she was on top. I enjoyed watching her titties bounce forward and back as she eased into her own sweet rythem. I cupped her beautiful mellons as her pussy slid all the way down my shaft with each stroke. She stopped to a second and started grinding her hips down onto my cock. As her hips moved into a circular motion I could feel the head of my cock swirling around her pussy walls.

I positioned her in the doggy style. I got down on my knees behind her and admired her pert ass and pink little asshole. I wanted to butt fuck her, but her pussy was too tight with pleasure. I guided the head of my cock to her pussy opening. Her pussy lips were moving with her every heart beat. I entered her and began to thrust. In the doggy style I could bottom out inside her vagina. I could feel the tell tell signs that the head of my cock was pushing into her cervics. I tilted her head down toward the floor as she grabbed a dress to rest her head. Her ass was up high as I watch my cock slid easily in and out of her auburn haired pussy. Her pussy lips clung to my cock as I withdrew each stroke and then disappeared as I thrust back into her. I grabbed her hips firmly and began my final steps to orgasm. As the minutes went by I thrust harder with every pump. My cock was reaching her deepest parts. She was sweating and let out a whimper with her first experience of being fucked. I slammed my cock deep inside and she let out deep moans. I was in a frenzy and the pace was quick. With a few deep thrusts, I unloaded an unreal amount of my cum inside her tight young pussy. I coated every inch of her walls and pulled her into me as I allowed my cock to spasm and continue to explode.

She let her body go limp on the floor as I wiped the sweat from her face. I pulled my cock out of her and I noticed her pussy juices and my cum had intermixed on her white little ass. Her legs were spread as I looked down at her ass. I just couldn't give up the chance to ass fuck her. I ask her as kindly as possible if she would want to try. She said," if it is a good as sex I would like to try it."

Amazingly I was hard within a half minute. My cock was red from the friction of fucking, but I couldn't wait to ass fuck this honey. I eased my cock head into her anus until it popped into her hole. She said," this feels a little funny, but you can push it in a little more if you want." I slid my entire cock into her ass and began a slow fuck. She moan and smile with each push. I had a nice easy rythem watching my cock slid into her small tight asshole. Within minutes I was ready to cum in her ass. Again I picked up the pace and plunged deeper inside. She closed her eyes and I enjoyed the look of her auburn hair as it lay over her back. With a few hard thrusts I deposited another load of cum inside her bubble butt.

I grabbed a towel nearby and she cleaned herself up. We both agreed that it was our little secret. To this day, we have kept our fantasy play made real a secret and I thank her for it.

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