Sister finds my toys pt3

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This part 3 of a 5 part story. Hope you enjoy it and leave a comment…

I awoke the next morning to the sound of my phone ringing. It was my sister Carol. Carol is two years older than Chris and six years old than I. Her news floored me.
I lay in bed, wide awake trying to decide if I should tell Chris before or after we did the deed. I decided to wait until after.
As a kid growing up in a rural New England town my folks had a puritan outlook on sex. In fact, it would have been difficult to define sex in our house at all, because it appeared to be non-existent. No word of sex was ever mentioned. Not the slightest inkling of sex; not even to accept that there was a difference between boys and girls. Even the word fart was not allowed. Fart was a vulgar swear word.
I had always assumed that my sisters, all four of them, subscribed to this sort of thinking and that they carried it into their adult lives. Then, along came Chris to blow that theory out of the water.
Carol’s call had me wide awake. Since sleeping in was past being an option I dragged myself out of bed and headed for the kitchen. I didn’t bother to get dressed. Clothes were no longer an issue with Chris and me. I got the coffee started.
A few minutes later Chris joined me.
up kind of early aren’t you?” she said. She was wearing panties, but no top. Her big, beautiful tits were there for all the world, or at least for me, to see.
“Yeah, I decided to get an early start today.”
Chris poured herself a cup of coffee, sipped a little bit, then sat down across from me.
so important that Mr. Stay-in-bed got up before me?”
Looking at my sister sitting across from me with her chest completely exposed was already having a real effect on my lower anatomy. My dick was start to twitch.
“I thought maybe we’d get started on your promise from last night.”
Even though Chris and I had no secrets anymore I still found it weird to use sexual slang when speaking to her. Obviously she didn’t suffer from the same problem.
“You mean when I promised that we’d fuck today?” she said. She had a serious expression on her face, but couldn’t hold it for long. She started to laugh.
“Little brother, after all that’s happened are you still unsure of saying, Boy, Mom really had a big influence on you, didn’t she?”
Okay, I could play the game. Let’s see how she liked it.
“No, I’m okay with saying I was trying to be polite. Let’s skip breakfast and go fuck.” I would never admit it, but it still felt weird saying fuck to my sister. And she knew it.
she said. “The way you ate my clit last night has me really ready to fuck your brains out. And don’t forget, you promised to show me how to fuck myself with the Rabbit toys. Oh yeah, and when we fuck I want to do it in front of your bedroom mirror so I can watch your big cock slide in and out of my wet cunt”. She stared at me grinning.
“Okay, okay you win. Mom’s rules are imbedded in my brain. Good grief. Where did you learn to talk like that?” I said.
Chris got up and came over to my side of the table. She looked down at the tent pole in my underwear.
“Seeing that,” she said pointing to my already hard cock, “has enlightened me to the finer points of sex to include, but not limited to, dirty talk. Now let’s go fuck.”
When we got to the bedroom Chris laid down on the bed. Her big tits fell, one to each side of her chest. Her areolas stretched a bit and her nipples were already hard. I was beginning to think I had created a sexual monster. But hey, monsters need love, too. I went to the closet and got the Rabbit toy.
I said, “this is how it works.”
I plugged the toy into the wall socket and pushed one of the little buttons on the control handle. The rubber dick part with the clear plastic in the center that showed the beads began to whir. The dick at the tip started to move in a circular rotation while the beads in the clear part bounced all around.
“Put your hand on it and feel the beads,” I said.
“Chris put her hand on the toy. “Oh wow! I can feel the beads like little, I don’t know what, but they feel like they just might do a good job on Miss Kitty.”
“Miss Kitty,” I said with raised eyebrows? “Sounds like a little of Mom is in you, too.”
I push the next button and the rabbit part of the toy started to buzz. “Feel that part,” I said.
Chris put her finger on the rabbit. And sighed. “Oh dear, that is going to be so nice. Put it to work. I’m ready.”
I shut the toy off and handed it to Chris. “You put it to work. I’m going to sit in that chair over there and take notes.”
Chris laughed. “You little devil you. You just want to watch me fuck myself.”
“Guilty as charged,” I said and sat down in the chair.
Chris lifted her hips up and slid her panties off. Her exposed pussy excited me as if I had never seen it before. It was wet and her clit was at full attention.
My beautiful older sister put the tip of the Mister Rabbit toy to the lips of her wet pussy. In one smooth motion she slid it in all the way in.
“Oh, that feels nice,” Chris said. She pushed the first button which started the rotation part of the toy. She groaned and lifted her hips a little to meet the rubber dick. The speed was set at slow and though I wanted to see her reaction to the high setting I remained in my chair as an uninvolved spectator. Then she pushed the next button.
The toy started to rotate at a much higher speed. I could hear the buzzing of the motor clearly and from the look that came over Chris’ face I could tell she was enjoying those twenty or thirty little beads that were jumping around inside her pussy.
“Still nice?” I said.
Chris groaned. “It moved past nice about ten second ago.”
She was fucking herself with the toy while the little motor buzzed away. Her eyes were closed and I could see she was really getting off to the feeling. Time for me to up the ante.
I walked over to the bed and put my hand on the vibrator. Chris opened her eyes.
“Put the rabbit’s ears on your clit,” I said while moving it in that direction.
three speeds to the rabbit so work it however it feels best.” When she had the rabbit up against that huge clit of hers I flicked the button on. Chris pushed her hips up off the bed.
“Oh shit. That feels so… so… so different. Fuck, that’s going to make me cum.”
I sat back down in my chair. My cock was so hard I had troubled getting comfortable. It reminded me of something a friend of mine used to say a long time ago. He would say, “my dick was so hard a bulldog couldn’t bite it.” Right now my dick was so hard I doubted an alligator could bite it.
I really wanted to take my cock out of my underwear and jack off watching my sister, but that would ruin the rest of the plan. I didn’t want to cum now and have wait until later in the day, when I was ready again, to fuck Chris because I still had to tell her about the phone call from Carol and I had serious doubts about her still wanting to get it on after she got the news. So, I sat there watching my sister impaling herself with an eighty-five dollar fuck toy.
“Oh shit, Johnny,” she said. “This is really good. Should I keep doing it or do you want me to stop so we can fuck?”
Every time she said the word, my dick jumped.
“If you can cum and still want to get it on with me go ahead. If you think it will take to much of the edge off our doing it then stop. It’s your choice.”
Chris was breathing hard. “I wish you’d stop saying ‘doing it and just say what it is.’ Come on, say it and watch your sister cum big time.”
“Okay, if you think you can cum while fucking your hot cunt with that rubber prick and still want to fuck the balls off me then go a head.”
Chris moaned. Those words must have been what she was waiting for. She pushed her hips into the air and with every bit of resolve left in her she switched the rabbit to high.
“Oh, oh oh… I’m gonna cum. Oh fuck I’m gonna cum. Herrrreeeee it cums! /> Chris stopped pushing the dildo in and out of her pussy. She held it firmly in place with the shaft full of beads rotating against her pussy lips and the rabbit’s ears flattening her clit while it buzzed loudly.
I watched, not taking my eyes off the sight of her pussy which seemed to be sucking the power out of the toy.
Chris slammed her legs together when she came. She bucked into the air pushing her cunt and the dildo up together while keeping her legs locked. Then her ass fell back to the bed and she opened her legs for a brief moment. When she did a stream of piss shot into the air and fell back on her stomach and tits. She again locked her legs tightly and push up into the rabbit then fell back onto the bed and opened her legs and fired more piss into the air.”
I got the sense that the pee drenching her was some kind of turn on that she perhaps had never acknowledged because each time she pee’d she moaned and each time the pee landed on her body she gasped. I made a mental note to investigate this quirk at another time. And to be quite honest, watching her piss on herself was having a big effect on me as well.
Just as I thought Chris was ready to fall back on the bed and rest she let out another yell, “Oh fuck I’m cumming again.” She repeated pushing her hips in the air and pissing on herself , but with less force than she had shortly before. After a few more shudders she finally fell back on the bed and closed her eyes. The rabbit was still whirling away.
I knew in my heart of hearts that this had to have destroyed any possibly of Chris and me getting it on, or in her words, But it was almost worth it to have seen her cum and piss at the same time. I sat in my chair with my cock at full attention. Maybe she’d give me another hand job I thought.
With her eyes still closed she pulled the vibrating toy from her pussy and dropped it on the bed. She didn’t have the energy to turn it off. Shit!
Chris kept her eyes closed for a few minutes, but when I stood to leave she opened them wide.
“Where you going?” she asked. “I’m still horny and you said we’d fuck!”
Oh Yeah!
I shut off the Mister Rabbit and tossed it on the chair. Chris was laying on her back completely relaxed. Once again her big tits lay to either side of her chest. Her clit had shrunk down to its normal size which was still much bigger than the average woman.
“You want a shower first?” I asked. Chris was still glistening in her own piss.
She shrugged. I could see she wanted to say something, but I didn’t know what.
Finally she spit it out. “Do you think we can fuck while I’m still wet?”
I responded by climbing on top of her and putting my lips to hers. With opened mouths we let our tongues entwine.
My cock was already so hard it was nearly painful. I settled in between Chris’ legs and continued our passionate kissing.
Chris moved her hips around a little and suddenly I felt my cock head pushing at the opening to her cunt. I didn’t want it to go this fast, but once our sex organs were aligned Chris pushed up and took my dick all the way into her pussy.
Over the past few days we had enjoyed electro stimulators and rubber dolls. She jacked me off and I watched her fuck the rabbit. And although all of that was good beyond my wildest dreams, fucking my sister, skin to skin, cock in pussy was the ultimate turn on for both of us. If I never fucked her again I would go to my grave a happy man.
While we sucked each others tongues I slowly push in and out of the wet pussy wrapped around my manhood. Our crotches were soaked with the juices of our sex and I couldn’t tell which one of us had added more to the mix.
I knew that if we continued at this slow pace I was going to cum way too soon so I raised myself up and braced my arms against the bed. This gave me the leverage I needed to hammer my cock home into Chris pussy. And that’s exactly what I did.
I began slamming my pelvis into Chris’ with all the energy I had built up while she was trying to slam her pelvis back into me, but for the first time in nearly two days I was in control. I was fucking my big sister’s cunt and enjoying ever stroke of it.
Suddenly. Without the least bit of warning Chris jack knifed her body up to where her face and mine met and screamed, “I’m cumming.” She threw her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. Before I could even begin to react she shot her tongue into my mouth. When my tongue found hers she maneuvered to where her lips caught my tongue off guard and she sucked it into her mouth like a tongue blow-job. She held on like this, bucking into me as she again began to piss. I didn’t care and to be quite honest I liked it, a lot!
As unexpectedly as Chris had sat up on the bed she dropped back and we continued fucking.
A few minutes passed and I could feel the old tingles beginning in my balls. It wouldn’t be long now and I told Chris so. She immediately stopped pushing into me and with her hands on my chest shoved me up and off.
I was dumbfounded. I said as I tried to catch my breath.
Chris climbed off the bed. “Lay on your back,” she said. “I want to fuck you!”
Okay… that’ll work!
I laid down as she had instructed and she climbed on top of me turning her head around and looking toward the wall behind her. She caught the sight of herself in the full length mirror. “Oh she hissed.
Chris lowered her dripping pussy down to where the tip of my cock just barely slipped inside and stopped. Her huge tits were swaying freely in front of my face. I was mesmerized by the sight. I reached out and caught them both in my hands squeezed them together so her nipples were touching. Then I took both nipples into my mouth at the same time.
I guess Chris liked me sucking both of her nipples at the same time. It was obvious by her moaning. As I sucked relentlessly she lowered her hips impaling herself on my cock once more. This time she didn’t hesitate but slid all the way down until her ass cheeks were flat against my balls.
I kept the hold I had on Chris’ nipples and she did what she said she would. She fucked me with everything she had.
I knew this wasn’t going to last long so I told her, “I’m going to cum any minute now so if you’re cumming with me you’d better hurry up.”
move,” she said. She slid her pussy up and down my shaft a few more times then pulled off completely. When her pussy was clear of my raging prick she grabbed her clit between two fingers and jerked herself off. Of course, while she beat herself to orgasm she pissed all over the bed.
As soon as Chris was finished cumming she jumped back on top of me only this time she was facing the mirror.
she said. “Now tell me when you’re gonna cum. I want to pull it out and watch you in the mirror. I’m gonna jerk you off all over us.” She began to pump her body up and down while my cock remained lodged in her soaking wet pussy.
From my vantage point I could see my stiff prick sliding in and out of my sister’s cunt. She leaned forward just a bit and I could see our union as if I were kneeling behind her doggy style. I was getting ready.
A few more pumps and I felt my cum start to rise up on its one way trip to Chris’ pussy.
“I cumming,” I shouted and when I did, Chris raised up just enough for my cock to fall out of her pussy. She grabbed it with her right hand and my balls with her left. With all the wet cock and cunt juice we had expelled my prick was so slick it felt like it was still in her throbbing hole.
As the first shot of cum flew out of the head of my dick, Chris aimed it at her chest. I couldn’t believe the force in which it shot out and landed on her tits and on her right arm. She, in turn, watched every erupting shot in the mirror. It was like her own private porn movie and she loved it.
Over the years I’ve had a few hand jobs, but there is nothing quite like having your own sister beat your meat. There’s just no way to explain it. The proof was in the pudding or should I say in the cumming.
I shot several loads of spunk onto my sister’s tits and stomach before finally ending with a drooling puddle on her leg. She was so right last night when she said if we waited until today our would be so much better.
When I opened my eyes Chris was sitting up, still on my legs, but facing me once again.
“So, how was it, big boy?”
I tried to talk but all that came out was murmurs. She laughed.
Chris bent forward and kissed me delicately. “Next time we fuck you can cum in my pussy,” she said. “I just had to watch it this time. I love to see you cum.”
I couldn’t argue with that. I loved to see her cum too.
It took me a few minutes to regain my composure and catch my breath.
“”I guess I might as well tell you why I was up so early this morning,” I said.
Chris climbed off me and stood near the bed. I stood up near her.
“Remember when we were kids and we tried to play doctor that one time?”
Chris thought for a moment. that was a long time ago. Yeah, I /> “And who was it who told Mom what we were doing”
Chris wrinkled her lips. “Carol. Who else?”
“And when you were out on the porch and that boy from down the street was going to kiss you. Who told Mom and got you in all that /> Chris looked at me with inquisitive eyes. “Carol. Where are you going with this?”
I shook my head slowly.
“I’m not going anywhere. That was her on the phone this morning. She’s coming here… for two weeks.

To be continued…

story by: Lovemysister

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Author: Lovemysister

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