Skulduggery pleasant – china's repayment

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Ok this is my first erotic story so be gentle its my first time I do not own any of these characters so there now that’s out the way enjoy the story and please leave comments on what I can improve on
And if I should continue this series im thinking about a Fletcher x Tanith next so erm nothing else to say apart from enjoy.

Fletcher teleported to china’s apartment, he was looking for a book that ghastly had recommended to him about teleporters he was just about to knock when he heard a noise, it sounded like a groan.
Fletcher was instantly alert if china was in danger he would have to save her again, his mind briefly flashed back to aronmoor farm when he had beat up that detective bloke who had shot her he couldn’t help but smile at the thought.
he teleported away then reappeared a second later a chrome baseball bat in his grasp.

He pushed the door open and stepped through the doorway, and stealthily walked into her bedroom, he glanced around the room looking for an intruder. His gaze stopped when he saw china sprawled on her bed on hand down her trousers and the other under her top fondling her breasts, fletcher stopped breathing, his eyes were glued to her for a minute before he managed to tear himself away he was about to leave when he heard her delicate voice.

“ohh fletcher” china moaned arching her back as her nimble fingers rubbed her clit.
Fletcher stopped and could barely hold back a gasp, she was masturbating thinking of him, he got even harder and he decided to stay, he reached his hand into his own trousers and started to stroke himself slowly. He rested the baseball bat against the wall and continued, chinas breathing got faster and she moaned his name again her hands moving faster under her white trousers. She bucked her hips shuddering as she orgasmed.

Fletcher decided it was time to go and took a step back his foot his the baseball bat and it hit the floor with a clang, china’s eyes snapped open to see fletcher with his hand down his trousers and a deer in headlights expression on his face.
China looked at him then at his crotch where a noticeable bulge stood out,
“oh crap” he said he was just about to teleport away when china spoke,
“fletcher just the person I wanted to see” china stood and walked over to him,
She stood in front of him their noses inches apart

“you see” she said sliding her hand down his chest through his shirt “ i have been thinking how I could repay you for saving my life” her hand slid lower,
“ and I have this itch that needs to be scratched” she said and her hand brushed against his straining erection, fletcher gulped his eyes widening.

“so I think this would shoot two birds with one stone” she said and grabbed fletchers hand, she placed it her breast and fletcher decided the hell with it, he kneaded her breast and brought his face to hers, their lips meet and her tongue entered his mouth he met it with his own they battled for dominance and after a minute fletcher won he explored her mouth and broke apart for a breath.

China grabbed fletchers shirt and she practically threw him onto her bed. Fletcher fell onto it and china straddled him and she grinded herself against him and fletcher gripped her arms and flipped her onto her back, he started to undo her shirt and soon got frustrated with the small buttons he growled and ripped it open buttons scattered and fletcher stared in awe.

China had average sized breast that was covered by a black lace bra, fletcher shed his clothes and leant over her clad only in his boxers staring down at the beauty below him,
Chinas hair was fanned out on her silk sheets and she looked at him hungrily, as his eyes devoured the scene before him, her breasts seemed to be calling to him he slid his hand down her neck and squeezed them together.

China moaned and smirked,
“ I bet you want to squeezed these together and fuck them wouldn’t you china said her hand reaching in his boxers and gripped his manhood in her delicate hand.
“ go ahead” she practically groaned and pulled down his underwear freeing his cock, he would say it was above average at about seven inches. China eyed it hungrily at it as he straddled her stomach and placed it between her breasts under her bra,
“go on” china goaded as she pressed her luscious globes together engulfing his dick,

He began to thrust and she leaned her head back as his manhood slid between the valley of her breasts, he panted the feeling of her squeezing his cock was almost over whelming, china arched her back and undid her bra, her breasts broke free and fletcher pinched her nipple china moaned and pushed him away.

She sat him on the bed and gripped his hard dick in her hand and brought it to her lips, fletcher gasped as she engulfed him in her mouth tongue swirling around his sensitive tip fletcher groaned the feeling was, well orgasmic. He held back a smile and almost came when he saw china’s hands under the waistband of her expensive underwear, china could feel fletcher reaching his climax and looked up at him smiled and took his entire lenth in her small, beautiful mouth.

Fletcher’s knees bucked and he came thick spurts of his essence splashing down china’s throat who hungrily swallowed it all, he fell back as china stood and sighed. Her shirt was ruined but it was worth it in her mind, fletcher sat up and china smiled,
“I guess now we’re even” he said,
“yes we are” china said in agreement “ but my itch is still here” she said and slid her trousers down her long legs, fletcher licked his lips.

His cock was erect again which didn’t surprise china she knew how strong teenagers hormones were. She straddled him rubbing her wetness against his eager member, china pulled of her lace panties and positioned herself over his awaiting manhood. fletcher lay back on china’s slik sheets as she waited posed on her knees over his throbbing cock.

China fell impaling herself on his shaft and fletcher inhaled sharply at the feeling of her wet, velvety folds that surrounded his dick once she was sure that she had adjusted addequetly she began to rock herself backwards and forwards which extracted a long groan from fletcher. Fletcher brought his hand up to squeeze her breast and leaned his head up to suck on the other one, he brought his mouth to china’s light pink nipple and started to lick it china moaned and picked up the speed.

Fletcher moaned as well and started to buck his hips in rhythm to her and soon they were both panting china could feel herself getting close and fletcher knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer, he saved this moment in his memory, china rocking back and forth her womanhood enclosed around his manhood her breasts bouncing up and down her hands above her head as if she was stretching, biting her lip in her pleasure and then they came in a symphony of pleasure, he erupted inside her as her walls tightened on his pulsing cock.

China screamed out loud as she orgasmed for the second time that night falling forward onto fletchers chest as he grunted in his own pleasure, it took them a few minutes to come down from their earth shattering high and when they did they turned to each other and kissed.

Fletcher sat up and looked around for his clothe they were heaped on the ground , he picked them up and put them on. He turned to say something to china but she had fallen asleep a smile on her delicate features. He turned again and disappeared to ghastlys’ shop.
The tailor was sitting down infront of a sowing machine and barely looked up when he appeared,
“did you get the book?” he asked glancing up,
“nah” fletcher said a smile forming on his face “ china was busy doing /> “ ok goodnight” said ghastly and fletcher vanished.

story by: lizardboy360

Tags: blowjob erotica male/female fantasy fan fiction sex story

Author: lizardboy360

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