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This story is not based on any actual event or person. All characters and all parts of the story are completely fictional. Viewer discretion is advised.

Two women sat in a beautifully lit office room. The walls were a cream color, and the floor was dark oak colored hardwood. The room was spacious, with oak book cases on either wall, and large windows behind them that opened up to a city. Over the edge of the floor one could see the street, cars, people, and could hear the city noises, indicating this office was far up. Off in the distance was construction next to a well known and expensive hotel.
One woman wore a nice pinstripe suit and sat behind a desk, her dark hair pulled up into a bun, and her glasses sat low on her nose. She wore golden hoop earrings and a pretty diamond ring on her wedding ring finger. She appeared to be short, wearing fancy black heels to give her a few inches of height. Before her lay papers, notebooks and pens, as well as a phone, a decorative lamp, and various office supplies.
Across from her desk sat another woman with dirty blonde curly hair that fell over her shoulders in soft ringlets. She was dressed casually, in a worn pair of jeans and a pink and black sweater. She was shapely, and well endowed.

“Momma died when I was only eight years old. It hurt my daddy bad. Daddy always told me I looked just like Momma. She was so pretty, and I don't think I'm pretty, so I ain't sure where he got that idea from. Momma was tall and skinny. Her hair was so long and silky and the color of golden hay like we used to feed to our horses. Her eyebrows were so perfect. I remember when I's a little girl, I always liked lookin' at her when she did her makeup. She'd pluck them eyebrows like nobody's business. I always said, 'Momma, don't that hurt when you go rippin' the hair out like that?' She'd always laugh and say, 'Of course it does, but a woman's got ta do what a woman's got ta do, even if it hurts her.'
“Me, I ain't no pretty thing like Momma. My hair is curly like Daddy's, and it's like a soapy mop water brown. Yuck. Who'd think that's pretty? Not me. Boys used to tease me, they called me mop head. I sure do miss Momma. Daddy musta missed her too, 'cause he'd say, you look so much like your momma, I just wanna marry you.'
“Well, after Momma died, Daddy moved us from the country of Dahlonega, Georgia to the big city of Atlanta. I hated the city. It was loud, smoggy, noisy. I couldn't bring my horses, neither. God, I miss my horses even now! He moved us into this cramped up ole shack of an apartment building in downtown. He said that it'd be better for me. I think he just wanted to get the memories of Momma outta his head. Y'know, livin' on the farm was like seein' her every damn day.
“Well, he got himself a job in the city and I started goin' to a big city school. City kids teased me 'cause I talked so funny. I guess I adjusted pretty darn well, though. 'Cause I was making real good grades. My readin' and writin' wasn't so good and I had to do a lot of tutorin' in those subjects. But I made straight A's in math. Daddy said, 'You sure are smart, just like your momma.'
“We lived pretty good for the next few years. Daddy was always tellin' me how much I reminded him of Momma. Like, he really started tellin' me when I got my period. I turned twelve in December of 1997. I remember bein' so embarrassed to tell him. But I couldn't just go to school all bleedin' outta my private parts! We lived real close to a store, and that morning he ran the six blocks to that Shell station to buy me some pads. Good ole Daddy.
“However, that's when it all started. That's when I started gettin' confused about everything. School was out for the holidays and we didn't go back til sometime in January. I remember it, just like it was yesterday.
“Daddy came into my room that night. I was in a flannel nightgown. It was about 2 weeks after my birthday, a few days after Christmas and I'd finished my period about a week before. Daddy came into bed with me, and he put his arms around me and he said, 'Melody, you're so pretty and you look so much like your momma. I want to marry you. Will you marry me?' I was so confused I said, 'Course I will, Daddy. I want you to be happy.' And then Daddy kissed me on the lips. It wasn't a father-daughter kiss, neither. He kissed me, his lips were so warm. They hugged my lips and I didn't know what to do, so I just let him do it. His tongue licked my lips, and then it went into my mouth. He tasted just like whiskey smelled. His tongue stroked the insides of my mouth, and then he pulled away. He said, 'Melody, I bet you ain't been with a boy yet. I'm gonna show you what it's like to be with a boy.' I was clueless. I just agreed and laid there.
“Daddy put his big, rough hands under my flannel nightgown, and he just pushed it up off me. I was just wearin' some cotton panties. His hands immediately went up my little pudgy belly and he cupped my small, under-developed breasts. I just laid there and took it. He started kissin' my nipples while he used his hands to massage my breasts. He started suckin' on my nipples, so hard it started to hurt. I said, 'Daddy, that hurts. Don't do that.' I think he apologized, but he didn't stop. He kept going. His tongue was so warm, he flicked it around in circles until I felt my nipples getting hard. Then he started pinching them while he started kissing my belly. He was licking my belly, right below my belly button. He sucked on that skin there and it tickled and I started giggling, forgetting about how he'd just sucked my nipples raw. Then he started to move my panties off of me. I was scared now, cause nobody had ever touched me like this. But I still just lay there and took it. He sat up on his knees and he pulled my panties off and tossed them on the floor. Then he opened my legs with his hands and he started kissing my knees, then he started kissing my thighs. He started licking his warm tongue up and down my inner thighs, and that tickled too. I was getting kinda scared now, so I just closed my eyes and covered my face with my hands.
“Daddy said to me, 'You're gonna like this, Melody baby. You're gonna like it, don't you worry.' And then I felt his mouth licking the little mound above the opening to my vagina. I didn't have much hair there, so it felt pretty darn weird. He musta liked it, cause he said, 'Melody baby, I didn't know you were so smooth. I wish I'd known earlier.' He started licking hungrily on my mound, his fingers stroking the outside of my pussy lips. I didn't really feel nothin, not like he said I would. So I just let him continue. His mouth was real hot, and his tongue was kinda rough and real wet. He propped my legs on his shoulders and he lay down completely flat between my legs, and he started using his fingers to spread open my lips. He used his thumbs to push up the hood that covered my little clitoris, and then he started licking on my clitoris. I 'bout near came up off that bed. That was the strangest feeling I'd ever felt in my life. I sure couldn't tell if it felt good or if it was hurting.
“He laughed and muttered something, and continued. He used his tongue to circle around and around my clitoris, and he used his thumbs to massage the inner parts of my pussy lips. Then he stopped, and he repositioned me by pushing my lower body up a little bit so I was kinda curled up, I guess so he could see it better. Then he gently used his fingers to stroke and spread my pussy open, exposing the pink flesh inside. He called me a beautiful virgin, and then he used that hot slimy tongue of his to push into my pussy hole. It felt weird, like a fat, slimy worm trying to wiggle into me. I felt this hot pressure in my pussy. It was coming all the way from my belly. I didn't understand what the heck it was. But he kept going. He licked up and down my pussy, stroking the inside of my hole, then he stroked my clitoris, then he began sucking on it.
“That burning sensation came like fire straight from the pit of my belly and flew out of my pussy. I started screamin, 'Daddy! Daddy! What are you doing? It hurts so bad but it feels so good!' He was sayin', 'Hush, Melody! The neighbors will hear! Just moan all you want into your pillow or somethin' ok, 'lil girl?' So I did. I grabbed my pillow and put it over my face. I started moaning into my pillow. He was licking me so hard now, he kept sayin', 'Come on, baby, I can feel your body tensing up. You're getting real close.' Getting close to what?! It felt like my pussy was on fire! And he just kept licking and sucking, and he was stroking me too. Then I felt this incredible shiver going through my body. This was an orgasm, I know that now. That burning sensation went from my belly and out my pussy, it made me shiver and convulse against my daddy's face. I was moaning into my pillow, and he was sayin, 'God, Melody, you taste so fucking good. Come all you want, I want to keep sucking the nectar out of you.' Hell if I knew what he was talking about, though. I just knew that my body was doing all this strange stuff all on its own.”

Melody sat in the chair, her legs crossed. She looked across the glass-top desk at her therapist. "I really don't feel like talkin' anymore today. Is that alright?" The therapist just nodded. Throughout Melody's talking, she had been scribbling on her notepads. Melody forced a smile. "I'll see you next week, Miss Lang."

story by: LillianScott

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Author: LillianScott

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