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It had been a usual day so far. Sandra had taken her children that still lived at home to a birthday party. All but one. Young Monique had decided to stay home and finish her homework. Plus it was a birthday party for a friend of her youngest brother so she refused to be at such a childish party. Once her mother and siblings left, she had made herself a sandwich and a glass of milk for lunch. After eating, she decided that she might as well get her homework done. Homework on a Saturday! She made her way up her room. She had only just started when the end of her last black pen came off, spilling ink all over the desk. Growling at the pen, she pushed her rolling chair backwards. "Surely Mom has a pen in her room somewhere." Making her way down the hall, she begins to search her mothers’ room. Not finding a single pen anywhere. Finally, she sits down on the edge of her mothers’ bed and opens the bedside table drawer. Her quest for a pen came to a crashing halt at what she saw in that drawer.

Her 16-year-old mind tried to wrap around what she was looking at as she pulled out her Mothers sex toy from the drawer. In her hand was an 8-inch silicon cock with a black base. Just above that base was a prong sticking up and out. On the bottom of the base was a dial that controlled the intensity of the vibrations with two switches. One that turned it on and another that made the vibrations either constant or pulsating. As she studied the toy, the scent of her Mothers pussy rolls off it from its last use. A quite moan escaped her lips from the scent alone. It was one of her darker secrets that she lusted after her own Mother. It had gotten to the point lately that after her Mother would shower Monique would make sure that she was the next into the bathroom so she could steal her Mothers used panties from the hamper. She felt her own pussy beginning to tingle and her panties growing moist. All thoughts of homework had gone as she fled from her Mothers room to her own.

Getting to her room, Monique wasted no time. Tossing the vibrator onto her bed her fingers hooked under the hem of her shirt and tugged it over her head. Catching sight of herself in the mirror, she stopped only long enough to look at herself. Her breasts were a nice handful without being too large. Her tanned skin tight over her abs and arms, showing off the small amount of tone that had begun to develop since she started to work out. Her black lace bra covered her breast from view, yet only for a moment. Her hands moving behind her quickly saw to the end of that as she turned and flopped down onto the center of her bed. The vibrator ending up just under her nice tight ass. Becoming impatient, her hands begin to fumble with the button of her jeans before giving up. Arching her back upwards, she forced her jeans and her black bikini cut panties down her tanned legs.

Leaving her garments in a haphazard pile at the foot of her bed, she moves the vibrator from under her and sits her ass back down to the bed. Sliding up the bed until she is leaning back against the headboard before her legs bend upwards and spread wide. Having had no reason to she had not shaved her pubic hair it a while. Now a small bush, matted down with her pussy juices, covered her mound and around her pussy lips. Like her Mother, she had a certain turn on. Watching. Even herself. Which is the reason she had moved the full body mirror to the back of her door that she now faced. Her left hand takes up the 8-inch fake cock and brings it up to her lips. More to taste her Mothers pussy then to have a cock in her mouth she slowly drags her tongue up along the underside of the fake cock. As her tongue travels her right hand slides up her tanned flesh until her hand comes to her left breast. As she circles her tongue around the head of the cock, moaning quietly at the taste of her Mothers juices, the nail of her right index finger drags around her nipple. Unable to wait any longer she moves her right hand down her body, making to find her young pussy.

Meanwhile Sandra's oldest daughter, Kayla, had decided to visit. Her Mother had told her last week that she was taking the kids to the birthday party so she had planned to surprise them by cooking dinner for them. Letting herself in she drops her overnight bag down beside the door and closes it behind her, making sure to lock it back. As she makes her way through the house towards the bathroom, she has to pass by Monique's room. On her way by it, she noticed nothing odd. However, on her way back towards the living room she hears a faint humming noise and the sound of moaning coming from behind the closed door. Knowing that she should just walk away and pretend she heard nothing, she had been horny for a few days now. The temptation was too great for her. Slowly she opened the door but a crack. The sound of her younger sisters’ moans, no longer muffled by the door, fill the hallway. Peaking in she sees a sight before her that almost makes her cum in her panties.

While Kayla had been in the bathroom her younger sister had changed positions. No longer worried about watching herself she had rolled over onto her stomach and got up on her knees. Her chest and face were down against the bed with her ass in the air. Giving Kayla an unhindered view of her ass cheeks, her perky asshole and her dripping wet pussy. The last being where the humming was coming from. With Kayla watching Monique plunged that vibrating fake cock deep into her pussy. Each thrust making the prong hit her young clit, making her call out a name that caught Kayla off guard, though moan all the same. As Kayla watched Monique fuck herself, she listened to her talking dirty to their Mother. "Mmm that’s it. Right there. Fuck your own daughter with that fake dick." As Kayla watched she done the only thing she could think to do. Her right hand slides down into the front of her jeans and begins to fiercely rub her clit. A moan escaping her lips accidentally.

Upon hearing the moan, Monique’s movements stopped cold. Suddenly she realized she was not alone. She jumps up and hastily tries to cover herself with her comforter on the bed just as Kayla, her fingers still rubbing her clit slowly, walks into the room. "No, please Sis. Don't stop now." Suddenly Kayla gets an idea. She removes her hand from her pants and walks over towards where Monique lay covered up. Her young body still twitching from the vibrating cock that is still in her pussy. As Kayla moves deeper into the room, she lifts her shirt over her head and drops it on the floor. Now bare from the waist up except for the red bra she was wearing. "On second thought, I am joining you." If there was anyone else in the world Monique lusted after, other then her own Mother, it was this beautiful creature in front of her. Monique did not even have time to nod her consent before Kayla snatched the comforter from her younger sister. Kayla moaned again as she looks over the now bare body of her younger sister. She stopped when she saw the amount of hair on her sisters’ pussy. "Now now, that just won't do. Come with me." Kayla takes Monique’s hand and pulls her to her feet, the cock falling to the floor.

With Monique’s hand in hers, Kayla leads her quickly to the bathroom. Once there Kayla has Monique sit on the edge of the sink near the toilet with her legs spread. From within the shower Kayla takes out their Mothers razor and shaving cream. As Kayla sits down on the seat of the toilet it becomes obvious what is going on. Quickly lathering the shaving cream onto Monique’s pubic hair, with small moans come from Monique, Kayla begins to shave her younger sisters’ pussy for her. Once Monique’s pussy, still dripping her own juices, was bald Kayla smirks up to her. "Now for the real fun." Without waiting for Monique to respond Kayla leans forward and begins kissing her way along Monique’s inner thigh. Monique’s teeth catch her lower lip as she leans back against the mirror, watching her older sister. As Kayla's kisses move their way up her thigh her hands hand went behind her and removed hr own bra. Right before Kayla touched Monique’s pussy she stopped. Her face merely inches from her pussy makes her cool breath land on drenched pussy. "Mmm we don't want our first time to be in a bathroom do we?" Monique, with her lip still in her teeth, shook her head.

As Kayla leads Monique back to her bedroom she loses her high-heeled boots, pants and panties to the hallway floor. However, she did leave on her white knee high socks at her sisters’ request. As Kayla closed the bedroom door behind them, she pulled Monique into her crushing embrace, pressing her lips hungrily to her sisters. As their kiss deepened Kayla’s hands hand found their way to Monique’s ass and gripped her cheeks as she lifted her. Instinctively Monique’s legs wrap around Kayla’s waist and begin grinding her pussy against her older sisters’ hips. Kayla carries her over to the bed, lays her down on the bed, and lays over her. Slowly Kayla kisses her way down her younger sisters’ body. Finally making it to that sweet young honey pot Kayla slowly begins to drag her tongue through the juicy folds of her pussy. As Kayla's tongue begins to dance over Monique’s clit it almost pushes her over the edge already.

Monique’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as Kayla devoured her young clit. Suddenly the humming from the vibrator began to get louder as Kayla picked it up off the floor. Monique already lost in the ecstasy of this taboo moment did not know it until Kayla suddenly forces it into her young pussy. The prong now turned the other way so that as it fucks inward the tip of it vibrates against Monique’s perky asshole. The moment this happens Monique’s back arches high as she humps against the fake dick and her sisters’ mouth. The smell of sexy fills the room as these two sexy sisters enjoy their first, though not last, experience together. Monique’s moans mix with the sounds of the vibrator fucking her and the sucking sounds Kayla is making with her pussy. Suddenly it was too much for her. As her body begins to violently tremble she cums hard around the vibrator. As she begins to come down from the orgasmic high, Kayla smirks to her. "Come on, let’s get you cleaned up." Helping her stand Kayla leads a shaken legged, but grinning from ear to ear, Monique towards the bathroom to shower.

story by: RobinGoodfellowPuck

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Author: RobinGoodfellowPuck

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