Taking risks chaper 2

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My phone rang at about 11 o'clock at night. I regained sight and looked over at it, it was Ricky.
I asked groggily.
"Hey, I need you over here…NOW." He said.
"What? It's elev-"
"Excuse me…slave…did i tell you to question me? Get your little ass over here!" He commanded.
I paused, there was noise in the was talking to him.
"Y-yes sir." I said. I was so tired…but it was Ricky…
Ugh, fine, I'll go.
I got out if bed, ran a brush through my hair and walked all the way across campus to Rickys dorm room.
There was noise coming from the other side of the door. Someone shouted /> I knocked.
Ricky opened the door with a grin. "Glad to see you're obeying orders." He said.
"Why do you need me, sir?" I asked.
"Why do you think" and with that, he pulled me inside, slammed the door, and pushed me in the direction of the couch. He started unbuttoning my top then kissed me fiercely.
I reached for his shirt, pulling it off.
He pulled away from the kiss, resting his forehead against mine.
"I told you I'd make up for it…well, I'm going to…Drew!" He yelled.
I heard footsteps, and turned around. At the foot if the stares was a slim, sexy blonde. His hair was just the right length, and he had a great body.
"Drew will also be your master. You got that ya little slut?" He asked, grabbing my throat.
"Mmmm, yes sir." I almost moaned as he kissed me, i wanted him so bad.
Drew started unbuttoning my jeans as Ricky did his own.
I was left in only a bra when Drew pushed me over the arm of the couch. He traced his fingers around the outside of my vagina then thrust one in. He then bent down and started licking my clit with his tongue. He stuck two fingers inside of me and swirled his tongue around my clit. I moaned and tilted my head to the side, Ricky was jacking off to us.
Ricky walked over to me.
"Suck, slave." He ordered, so i took the base of his shaft in my hand and put my lips around his tip. I circled my tongue around his tip then slowly moved his entire length into my mouth. I started up and down on his hard cock as Drews fingers pounded harder into me and he played harder with my clit.
I moaned with Rickys hard, thick cock in my mouth and he seemed to go wild for it.
I took Rickys dick out if my mouth and began to run my hand up and down on his shaft. He let out a small moan. Drew pulled his fingers out and moved his tongue from my clit to my core and began sliding his tongue in and out of me. I moaned loudly, still giving Ricky a hand job. Rickys dick was throbbing and soon he shoved his thick cock into my mouth and came hard. I swallowed every drop of his delicious cum. No sooner had i had swallowed it, Drew had pounded his rock hard dick into my wet pussy. I gasped. It hurt a bit, but it still felt so good. He pulled in and out, each time he went deeper, each time he went harder, he slammed as hard as he could into me, I bucked my hips and grinded them against his. It felt so fucking good. Suddenly i felt my muscles clench around him as i climaxed. It felt amazing. I came all over his huge cock. He pulled out if me and Ricky took his place. Drew made me suck his dick so i could taste myself on his huge member. Meanwhile, Ricky was teasing me with his cock, his fingers, and his tongue. Finally, i was moaning while sucking Drew's dick, begging Ricky to slam his thick cock deep inside my tight wet pussy. I wanted him so bad.
Like he was reading my mind, he slammed into me.
"Damn baby girl, you're so wet and tight!" He said.
I began to suck in Drew's cock harder and harder as Ricky slammed harder and deeper with each thrust.
Drew was just about ready to cum when he pulled out of my mouth and came all over my body. He covered me in the white, sticky liquid. It was so hot. Ricky came inside of me when he saw me covered in cum. I could feel him throbbing inside of me. His moaning pushed me over the edge and I came right after he did. I have to say, I like Ricky more than Drew…
Ricky pulled out and helped me to my feet. He pulled me into his bedroom and shut the door, leaving Drew outside.
"You're all mine, bitch. On the bed, now." He ordered.
I got on the bed. He grabbed my wrist and tied me to the bed with my hands above my head.
"You're gonna be a good girl right?"
"Y-yes sir…" I said hesitantly, i didn't know how I felt about this.
"Good," he said walking over to my side and leaning down to my ear, "cause right now, i want to fuck you so damn hard, and i don't want a bad girl struggling to get away." He said in a whisper.
It sent a shiver down my spine. Hewas got between my legs, crawled above me, and kissed my lips softly, then started trailing kisses to my neck. He was sucking and biting on my neck when i felt him rub his fingers on my wet pussy. I moaned quietly. He moved his finger up and rubbed my clit while moving his kisses down to my breasts. My eyes were closed, but i felt his warm breath on my breast and on my nipple. He started licking around my nipple, playing with my breasts, all while rubbing my clit. It felt so good. Then he stopped all together. I opened my eyes just as he began to thrust inside me. I shut my eyes again and let out a gasp. It was then I remembered I couldn't move my hands. He thrust harder and harder into me, giving me every inch. I didn't struggle against the restraints, instead i started moving my hips, driving Ricky wild, and making it even better for me. He kept thrusting in and out for a bit. Soon his cock was throbbing deep inside my tight wet pussy as i felt myself tighten around him. I let out a small squeal…
"Come on baby, cum all over my huge cock." He said, and when i did, i felt him cum too. The fact i couldn't use my hands made the orgasm even more powerful. I wanted to give him everything because i felt weak and vulnerable, and damn did it feel good. He could have done whatever he wanted next and i would have been fine with it.
He gave me my panties and a big shirt of his to wear, and then dressed himself in pajama pants and a tee. We went out into the living room and saw that Drew wasn't there anymore.
"So why was Drew here?" I asked.
"I told you I'd make it up to you, and they say two is better than one, so why not make it a threesome?" He said.
"Your logic i stated hesitantly.
"Baby, i don't care, watching and hearing you cum was so fucking hot, its seriously the greatest thing ever. Mmmmm, you're just so innocent…but your also the devil…and i loved how weak you were when i tied you up. It was definitely one of the hottest things." He said.
I looked at him with a smirk. "Thanks baby, but i think i look better…" i leaned over and whispered in his ear, "COVERED in your cum."
To be continued…

story by: kittehlove123

Tags: masturbation blowjob consensual sex erotica exhibitionism male/female mature boys/teen female virginity cum swallowing hardcore romance males / female threesome incest domination/submission bondage and restriction teen discipline oral sex group sex older male / female slavery male / female teens male domination prostitution diary sex story written by women

Author: kittehlove123

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