The office junior – part 11

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Stefan and Willem's apartment was in the student area of the city. The large warehouses and factories of the old port district where we caught the taxi changed into the built up granite edifices of the modern city. Bright yellow street lights marked the roads as they crisscrossed through concreted plaza's which hosted fountains, bench's and small coffee cabins that during the week hosted 1000's of suited men and women. The downtown maze gradually evolved into the land of malls. Huge mega cities of shopfronts, endless car parks and well known brands sprawling out in their low rise brilliance.

We passed in to the residential district. House upon house with finely tended front lawns, people carriers in driveways, picket fences and a million stories that played out behind closed doors. As the architecture got older we entered the student area. Large houses, once so grand, now split into dormitories, and separate smaller apartments. Parks boasting sport grounds, libraries with huge courtyards, student pubs advertising student prices, toga parties and speed dating. The University itself, a large building renovated throughout the decades so that it took upon a strange hybrid design – unsure of its own identity like most of the students that trod its hallways.

The Taxi turned into a short road. Along it were a number of almost identical houses. We stopped and Stefan urged us out. The comfort and warmth of Willem disappeared I was instead slapped by the cool early morning air. Although my brain was still firing off bolts of pleasure I could feel my body was starting to rebel. I could do with a sit down on a comfy chair.

Stefan paid the taxi, refusing money from Becky, and walked us up to the door. We walked into their house and I was immediately surprised by what I saw. Whereas I was expecting a typical student flat of empty beer cans, unwashed dishes and stained walls, I was greeted by a small hallway and a wood paneled staircase. The carpet seemed nice and there was a subtle aroma of coffee.

"I don't think anyone else is awake so we'll just head straight to our room." Willem told us.

We walked up the stairs and turned into a small vestibule with two doors each leading separate ways. Willem unlock the left hand door and we stepped into their />
Their room was actually a separate apartment. We walked into a tastefully decorated lounge. On the left there was a small kitchen and a door leading to a bedroom. Across on the other side was another bedroom door and on the same wall as the front door another door that lead into a bathroom.

"Sit Stefan enquired

"I really want a beer….is that wrong?" asked Becky.

"Not at all. And we have some so get />
I sat on the big couch and was happy that Becky choose to sit next to me. Stefan came through with some beers and handed them out.

"Well cheers for a great night," Willem toasted, "we were so lucky to run into you guys at that pub."

"I think we were the lucky ones." I remarked.

I heard my phone buzz in my bag and decided to check it while the others chatted. It was from Micky.

M – Wow. Just checked the time. You guys really are going crazy. I got bacon. Let me know when you need it.

I texted back a quick and realized that I needed the toilet. I put my phone down and walked to the bathroom. I did the typical thing of spending too much time in there. Apart from peeing I also touched up my hair, washed my face and did a general face check. My 2 minute wee run turned into a 15 minute beauty regime.

When I came back Becky was on my phone typing something on the touch screen.

"Hey Emma, just thought I'd put my number in there for you. No excuse for you not to call or text me now."

"I would have got it off you anyway. If you think I'm going to leave you alone you're sadly />
I sat back down on the sofa next to Becky and joined in the conversation. We must have talked about everything under the sun. We all had a ton of energy even though our bodies were feeling a bit tired. Before I knew it I had drunk another 3 or 4 bottles of beer and I could see the early morning sun peeking through the curtains.

Stefan made the first move to bed. He stood up and announced that he was tired and wanted to cuddle someone in bed. We all played paper, scissor, rock but Willem won, much to Stefan's excitement. They both told us that we could use the bed in the other room if we wanted or one could take the sofa. They both kissed us good 'night' and walked hand in hand through to their bedroom.

Becky and I sat on the sofa in a moment of silence both lost in our thoughts.

"That was a great night." Becky announced . "But I am exhausted now."

"Yeah….I seem to have hit a wall." I remarked.

"I think it is called the 'come down'. At least that is what Stefan said we could look forward to."

"I do want to sleep though. Do you want the sofa or the bed?" I asked Becky.

"I think I'm going to stay up a bit more, might watch some TV so you take the bed."

"OK. Thanks for a great night. I'll see you when I wake up." I leaned over and gave Becky a hug. She hugged me back and kissed me softly on the lips. We held that for a few seconds until she pulled away.

I steal the bed from you."

I stood up and walked through to the bedroom. I turned and saw Becky lie down on the couch and turn on the TV.

I didn't even notice what the bedroom looked like. I was happy that the curtains in the room were thick and backed so very little light was coming in. I closed the door, took off my skirt, top and bra and climbed into the nice cool covers. I bunched up the pillows and got comfortable. Within a few minutes I was sound asleep.

I woke up in a daze. The room was still dark but there was movement in one corner. I bolted upright.

just me Emma. Go back to sleep." Becky's voice whispered across the murky room.

I lay down and felt the covers being moved from the other side of the bed. I felt the bed move and sag a little as Becky climbed in. Becky slid over and cuddled up to me. I was on my side facing away from her so she spooned me. I felt her warmth against my skin. She was topless as well. I could feel her breasts pushed up against my back. Her arm lying across me. Her legs matching my slightly bent lying position so that her crotch was fitting flush with the curve of my arse.

We lay like that for a while. She slowly rubbed my arm with her hand. It was soothing, and if it hadn't been for my heart bursting out of my chest, probably would have put me to sleep.

I could feel her breath against my neck. Butterflies started fluttering in my stomach. I could feel the tingle of excitement in my crotch.

Becky's hand that was rubbing my arm moved slightly so that she occasionally rubbed up against my breast. I held my breath as I waited to see if she would continue. Sure enough her fingers found my nipples and started to play with them. I arched my back a little and pushed my arse into her crotch. She returned the forced so that our bodies were again pushed together. I moved my arms a little so that she could play with my tits a little easier.

Her fingers softly pinched my erect nipples causing me to moan softly. I felt her lips on my shoulders. I moved my arm so that I was reaching behind me. I placed my hand on her buttocks and pushed her up against me. We slowly started to rotate our hips in time with each other while her fingers continued to cause intense pleasure.

She moved slightly and with her hand pushed back on my shoulder. This caused me to lie on my back while she remained on her side. Her hand once again played with my breasts but now tracked down my belly to the waist band of my panties.

Her fingers moved down over the material covering my mound. I opened my legs a little as I felt her fingers inch towards my slit. I could barely contain my excitement. When I felt her fingers touch my swollen lips I thought I was going to cum right then and there. I could feel her fingers probing along my slit which parted with ease. Soon she was grinding her fingers against my pussy creating flashes of pure pleasure. She pushed my panties aside and I experienced her fingers entering me for the first time. I let out a sigh of contentment. Her fingers were different to Tamara's. Tamara's fingers were rough. Becky's were soft and slender. Her movements were delicate and sympathetic as opposed to Tamara's invasive prodding. When Becky touched my clit and couldn't help moaning out loud. I was in heaven.

And then my moral's, my stupid moral's, kicked in. Becky was Micky's. I had no right to be allowing this to happen, regardless of the they had with each other. I remembered thinking that I wanted to make Becky mine and that not even Micky's feelings would stand in the way. But I wasn't like that. I loved Micky. I wanted him to be happy. This was wrong. It had to stop.

"No Becky." I said grabbing her hand and holding it against my belly taking in large gulps of air.

She sat up, "What's wrong Emma?" Her voice sounded genuinely concerned.

"I….I can't do this to Micky." I stammered. "This isn't right."

"But you know that Micky and I have a />
"No Becky. You may have a special relationship with him when it comes to strangers. But I'm his daughter. I see the way he is around you. This is />
In the darken room I could make out her face. She looked shocked….and also sad.

"I guess I didn't think of it like that." she whispered.

"I have to be honest with you Becky. I can't just fool around with you. I've fallen for you….like properly fallen for you. I would love nothing more than to make love to you right now, which I know is stupid because I have only just met you but it's how I feel and if that makes me a bit psycho than 'Hey' I'm psycho Emma…pleased to meet you." I pulled a pillow from behind my head and covered my face with it. I wanted to hide.

There was silence next to me. Then she spoke.

"Wow. Way to ruin the mood."

I took the pillow off my face and looked at her face. She was smiling her beautiful smile.

"I'm sorry Emma, I didn't know you felt like that."

"Well most sane people probably wouldn't think that someone could go from introductions to future plans in the space of a night."

She lay down next to me on her back. I couldn't help but look at her impressive breasts. My desire was to lean over and suck on each of her large nipples. But I didn't.

"You do know that I like you as well don't you?" she offered me.

"Yeah, probably not the same way though."

"Well not now. But I could easily see myself with someone like you."

If the conversation hadn't progressed like it had I would be dancing on clouds made of unicorn cum at a statement like that.

"But I can't do that to Micky."

"I see what you mean." She paused. "I'm going to speak to him about it. I know that it would be weird and possibly more than either of us could handle but it needs />
"Of course." She rolled onto her side and looked at me. "Do you honestly think that I do this to everyone I meet?"

are certainly more adventurous than anyone I've ever met before." I giggled.

"It's different with you though. When I fingered you before it felt different to my other experiences. With others it was about sex plain and simple. With you it was about….sharing, being with someone. Wanting to pleasure someone for no other reason than I wanted to be close with them. You think your feelings towards me are strange…..I don't. I completely understand how it can happen. It happened with me and Micky. And I think it may be happening between you and me. But I understand what you mean about Micky so we should talk to him."

"I'm sorry." I rather pathetically said.

Becky cuddled up to me, "Why sweetie. You have nothing to be sorry about. What you just did now made me think even more of you. What a beautiful person you are."

I smiled. I rolled onto my side with my back to her. "Can we sleep now?"

"Of course."

Even though the feeling of her almost naked body next to mine drove me insane with lust I managed to sleep. So much so that I didn't hear the 3 text messages ping on my phone.

OK, should I be worried? I've text the girls numerous times but haven't heard anything back. Last one was around 4am and it was just a returned. They'll be fine, right?

I wasn't sure why I was worrying. They were perfectly capable of looking after themselves. They weren't little kids.

It was almost 11 in the morning.

I had gone to bed around midnight. The girls had left for their night out and I had fixed myself a snack and watched a movie. Once the movie finished I checked up on some sport results and sat around for 30 minutes to see if my live 'sex show' neighbour was in. She wasn't. I had turned off the lights and headed to bed.

I had woken up around 4 in the morning and was a bit worried that the other side of the bed was empty. I had sent a message to both Emma and Becky but only Emma had replied.

I realized that my feelings about this situation weren't worry or concern over safety – I was jealous. I was jealous that Becky would find someone younger, hotter, richer and better in bed than me. I was worried that she would return to my apartment, be cold and distant and leave. I would text her and ask if everything was OK and she would say 'fine'. I would make all the effort and she would come up with excuses to not see me. The office environment would become tense, our friendship would erode.

Or she's fallen asleep and will call me when she wakes up.

The thing to do now is not bombard her with texts. Coming across needy and desperate would be a shortcut to singlesville again.

I busied myself for the morning. I ate some of the bacon I had got in for the girls and went out to the shops to stock up the fridge and cupboards. All the time keeping my phone in my jacket pocket on vibrate so I wouldn't miss any calls or texts.

The light forced me awake. The room was warm and my body was sticky. I still just had my panties on and could feel Becky lying next to me. I lifted my head and was surprised that I wasn't suffering from a hangover. My ears were ringing and I thought my throat was going to catch on fire it was so dry. I sat up and pushed the covers away from me hoping that some air on my body might make me feel better.

Becky stirred and rolled over so she was on her back. The covers were only covering her lower legs so I had a wonderful view of her breasts, stomach and crotch.

In a gravel like voice Becky said, "Hey Em. How ya feeling?"

I felt compelled to cover myself but instead answered, "In desperate need of water. You?"

"Same," she pulled herself up so she was sitting next to me, "you feeling OK about last night?"

"Yeah not too bad. Gutted that my conscious got the better of me. Would have been nice to wake up with some morning sex."

"Oooooo don't. I'm still horny."

"I know, but not until we speak to Micky." I said resolutely.

"Well if you're not allowed to touch me then I'll just sort myself out." Becky said in a husky voice.

Not quite believing my eyes I watched as she took one of her breasts in each hand and started to massage them. Almost immediately her nipples popped out and stood erect on her huge tits. She turned he head so she was looking directly at me. She let one hand slide down her belly. Her fingers glided across her panties, the outline of her mound and pussy were clearly visible.

I wanted to stare into her eyes but I couldn't look away from watching her nimble fingers. She rubbed herself through the material of her panties. I could see her labia parting as her finger worked away at her slit. She stopped rubbing and lifted her bottom. She hooked her thumbs under her waist band and pulled her panties down to her ankles. She removed one foot and then kicked them off with the other.

She was now half sitting, half lying stark naked in front of me. She bought one hand back up to her breast and the other continued to work on her pussy. I watched as her fingers started to spread her wetness around her opening. I could see her clitoris swelling and starting to become more pronounced. She continued to look at me.

I was completely turned on now. My hand had drifted to my own breast and started to play with my hard nipples. My other hand stroking my crotch gently. I was transfixed. I noticed the ever subtle changes in Becky's body. The way her belly had had a steady rise and fall and now was a mess of ragged movements. Becky's eyes hooded over every time she came in contact with her clit. Her breathing which constantly caught in her throat. Her hips rolling back and forwards, her legs ever so slightly spreading.

Her fingers were inside her now. I could see her juices coating them. I could smell her arousal.

My own pussy was awash with my fluids.

"Take your panties off Emma….I want to watch you too."

Almost like someone under hypnosis I immediately complied. I pulled my pants down and kicked them off. I was now sitting up naked, I spread my legs apart and allowed my fingers to enter me. There was no hindrance from my surrounding muscles. My pussy accepted my fingers greedily.

Once I got a steady rhythm going and I could feel my body reacting and allowed myself to ignore the sights around me and just stare at Becky. I eyes met and locked. She smiled but then breathed in deeply as her fingers hit a sensitive spot. Composing herself she looked back at me.

For about 3 or 4 minutes we looked at each other’s faces. I drank in her raw beauty. Her facial expressions reflecting her arousal in an honest way… porn star gurning, just pure pleasure.

I broke the silence, "I'm going to cum Becky."

"I'm close too Em….I really want to come with you."

As the emotions got the better of me I leaned over and kissed her. Our tongues filling the others mouth. The kiss was passionate and deep. Our fingers increased their speed causing both of us to start moaning. I could hear Becky's pussy squelching with the amount of juice she was producing.

I came first. My crotch exploded in pleasure and great bolts of electricity shot up by back. I felt a gush of liquid on my hand. I had squirted, I had never squirted before.

Becky followed a few seconds after me. She almost folded herself in two with the force of her orgasm. Her head fell into my lap. The sensation of her hair touching my jangled nerves just under my skin caused my orgasm to intensify again. We both rode out the waves of lust. My pussy became too sensitive to touch so I let my hand grip my thigh. Becky had buried her face in my lap. I felt like she was aware of the fact that the sensations were too much for me and she made sure she didn't move around too much.

We lay that way for about 5 minutes. I was staring up at the ceiling not sure that I could move. Becky finally lifted her head.

"That feels better."

"Sorry about the kiss. I couldn't help myself."

"That's OK. It drove me over the edge. Did you know you were a />
"Never happened before. God…..what am I going tell the guys about their sheets?"

"I wouldn't worry." Becky sat up on her knees. She looked amazing. She was glowing from the orgasm and was covered in a sheen of sweat. "I'm going to get a shower, mind if I go first?"

"That's fine"

She got up from the bed. She wrapped herself in one of the sheets and picked up her clothes. She waddled over to the door and opened it.

She turned back to me, "No one up yet."

With that she walked through the doorway and closed the door behind her.

I sat there on the bed for a few minutes longer and then decided that I should get in contact with Micky. I crawled over the bed and picked up my bag. As I turned to move back down the bed I noticed the large wet patch I had created. I cringed thinking that I was going to have to explain that to the guys.

I unlocked the phone and was greeted by a couple of texts from Micky. They were general hope you are OK texts. The last one was a slightly terse request for me to call him. I went into my sent texts to see when I last contacted him. And that's when I noticed the texts that had been sent to Becky's phone.

I opened up the first one and was shocked to see that it was a photo of me, standing in front of a mirror bending over showing off my cleavage. The next text showed me sitting on a bed with my legs spread showing my panties off. I scrolled through and saw that 2 other texts, each containing 3 photos, had been sent. The final one contained the video I had taken of me masturbating.

I should have been angry. I should have felt violated. But I didn't. I was excited. I was thrilled to know that Becky had those images of me and that she even wanted those images of me. I thought about Becky using my photos and video to make herself cum and it made me happy.

I sent a quick text to her number which was now obviously in my phone.

E – Hope you liked the photos and vid you sneaky girl. xx

I switched my phone over to calling mode and phoned Micky. His voice came through loud and clear after a couple of rings.

"Where are you!" he briskly asked.

"Alright Micky settle down. We're in the University district. We met some guys and ended up partying with them until the wee small hours."

I could hear his disappointment, "Oh….I see….well….I hope you had fun."

I giggled a little, "We did. Stefan and Willem were amazing. I haven't had so much fun in ages."

"Riiiiight. And is Becky OK?"

"Yep. I think she is in the shower cleaning up."

"Oh……so she's OK then."

"Micky – Stefan and Willem are a gay couple. Don't sound so worried!"

"I wasn't worried Emma. Becky…….I mean you two are old enough to make your own decisions. I'm just relived you're OK."

"Well we're going to head home shortly. We'll get a taxi to yours. Is that OK?

"Of course. I still have bacon for you."

"Thanks Micky. We'll stop off and get something for dinner as well."

"Right – see you soon."

"Bye Micky." and I hung up.

Bless him. I could tell that he was worried about Becky being with someone else. I'm sure he is open to their relationship being the way it is but perhaps not as open to Becky being intimate with someone else…..say someone like me?

I stripped the bed down and balled the covers up. Becky finished her shower and came into the room. I took the sheet from her and wrapped it around me. As I was doing that she checked her phone. I saw her face change as she read my text.

I stood there waiting for an explanation with my hand on my hip.

"Sorry sweetie. I just wanted something nice to look at." She said this with the most innocent face I have ever seen.

"I didn't take them for you! Well…..not really."

"I'll delete them if you want."

"You can have them. Just don't let the wrong people see them!"

"Like Micky?"

"Um hell yes Micky."

She walked over to me and put her arms around my waist, "You do look amazing in them."

I wriggled free knowing that I wouldn't be able to stop myself if anything happened in that moment. "Well you owe me. I expect something similar in return one day."

She smiled, />
I sighed and walked out to the bathroom.

My shower was uneventful and I felt 1000 times better thanks to the great water pressure. I dried myself and wrapped the sheet around me. I could hear voices in the main room and as I opened the door I saw Stefan and Willem were in the kitchen with Becky all having some water.

Willem turned to see me and ran over to me and gave me a hug, "Hello party girl – how are you feeling?"

"A little fuzzy but much better after the shower. Thanks so much for last night."

"It was our pleasure. We're going to head out in about 10 minutes. Do you want us to drop you off home or do you want to crash here for the evening?"

"Probably best if we got home, what do you think Becky?"

"Perfect. Can we pop by my place so I can get some work clothes?"

"We are you humble drivers," Stefan said peeling a banana with a massive grin on his face.

We picked up our bags, had a couple more glasses of water and made our way down stairs. The house was busy. Other milled around the social areas and looked on in amusement as Becky and I made our way out into the sun still dressed on our short skirts and heels. The strangest walk of shame I have ever been involved in.

On the car trip over to Becky's house we made some plans to meet up with the guys again. I was only here for a little while longer but we would try our best to have dinner together. We pulled up outside of Becky's apartment and she ran inside. She came back out a few minutes later with an overnight bag and had changed into a pair of track pants and a hooded top. How did she manage to look gorgeous in that??

We stopped off at a local shop and bought some Indian ready meals. We also bought some chocolates, wine and a loofer as a gift for Stefan and Willem for being such wonderful hosts. They drove us to Micky's building and we said our goodbyes promising to see each other soon.

We didn't even have time to open the door to Micky's apartment. He was waiting for us with a big smile on his face. He gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek and shared a long kiss with Becky which I walked away really need to see that.

Dinner was put in the oven. While the Indian food was cooking Micky made us a bacon roll each. The thick cut rashers were cooked to perfection and the fresh rolls only added to the taste. Once ready the Indian was eaten and cleaned away. We told him what our night had entailed. Meeting Stefan and Willem, the club, the party drugs (he wasn't that impressed) and it in the university district. We left out the stuff that happened between me and Becky. We had decided that I would tell him about my before going into that. Both Becky and I agreed that we were to have no intimate contact until we told Micky about our feelings and found out how he felt about it. If Micky didn't want it to continue then it wouldn't.

I remember thinking about how I was willing to risk breaking Micky's heart so I could be with Becky. I now realized that I was willing to let my heart break to let Micky be happy.

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