The one that mattered

It all started on a summer day, I was driving home from work and got a call from my wife Michelle. she said "hey Chris its me i'm out picking up groceries ill be back at about 7." i didn't find this weird because with 3 teens in the house food seemed to magically disappear. Anyway i got home and started to make dinner with what we had so for dinner i made grilled cheese and tomato soup. the kids and myself got done not to long after and they went elsewhere. Ashley who is 15 and the middle child went to her friend Addison's house, Alex who is 13 and the youngest was playing Playstation 3. now Mike hes my oldest and 17 he took the keys and went to his girlfriends house but what i found out they did later is a different story. Anyway im sitting on the couch watching espn wanting to see who won the Steelers games i get a call at 630 from my wives boss saying she never went into work. I found this weird because unless my wife is sick she never misses work so i called her no answer i left a voicemail. I told my kids i'd be back later i went to the store and didn't find my wives car. I called the house and asked chris is she was home he said no so i checked around the neighborhood getting worried now because it was 8 and she still wasnt home. finally i see her car outside the phoenix house i knock on the door and hear giggling of what sounds like my wife in the back and open the door i walk into the back only to see andy and my wife naked playing with each other. I scream "what the fuck is going on here?" my wife jumps and tries to explain i get furious and start to yell some more she says its been going on for 2 years i start to calm down knowing what happened happened she asks if theres anything she can do to make it better i sit on the bed she hug me from behind surprisingly this got me horny after how mad i was she looked down and saw the bulge in my pants she starts to rub my throbbing mahood as i reach back to grab her ass i say i will never forgive you for this and grab her ass. She slowly starts to take my pants off as they slide to my ankles mtcock springs to life. i turn around and begin to rub her clitoris and boobs ans she rubs my cock i say " while were all here might aswell make the most of it. I Tell andy to come over my wife get doggy for him and begins to blow me he takes her from behind thrusting in and out sending her d-cups flying towards me with each thrust she moans with my cock in her mouth finally i cant take anymore i tell her to get up as i lay on the bed i have her sit on my cock but as she sits down i say no as ur punishment ur getting a double dose of cock i lay down and position the head of my penis right at the entrance to her asshole as i thrust it in andy takes her from the front we thrust in equal until finally he blows on her chest and im left alone in her ass i continue to thrust fondleing her perfect tits ans she screams FUCK ME,FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! i continue going deeper with each thrust amazed at the thought of me fucking my wives asshole. i finally cum with the most explosive load ive ever shot but i cant pull out because of the tightness of her ass i cum inside her as i finally manage to pull out my cock is followed by a river of white hot cum. she plays with her asshole for another minute or two and then apologizes i say its ok im sorry for working to much how about we do this every two weeks? deal? andy agrees aswell as michelle. and thats the story of the one that mattered

story by: The load blower

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: The load blower

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