The sergeant's affair – chapter 2

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A Sergeant's Affair — Chapter 2

A continuation of their day in the park.

She picked her head up from his chest, a secret smile on her lips as she licked them, imagining how his cum would taste. She looked up at him, as he lay there staring up at the dark rain clouds that were moving in overhead. She wondered what he was thinking about and if it was anything like her little fantasy. He glanced at her momentarily and smiled that sexy smile of his and she felt herself falling for him quickly. Everything about him seemed so perfect, and she found it easy to get carried away with her emotions. She glanced down and tried to hide the blush that was creeping up her cheeks quickly.

married,” she reminded herself, “and so is he. Be careful.”

She played with the ring on her left finger that felt like it weighed a ton at that particular moment as she twirled it around and around her finger. Never before had she wished so much that she wasn’t married, though she knew it wouldn’t have made a difference seeing he was, too. Glancing at the ring on his left hand, the metal catching the few remaining sun rays causing it to shine brightly, and grimaced. Why did the circumstances have to be like they were?

She felt the first raindrop on her face and she sat up. Turning her face towards the sky, she waited for another. She loved the rain, and couldn’t have thought of a better person to be caught in a storm with. Her husband hated the rain and would have already been bolting for the car when the first drop fell. She felt Matthew sit up behind her and fought the temptation to lean back against him. She desperately wanted to feel his arms around her and to be caught together in the storm.

His cell phone rang and broke the silence. Answering it, he got up and walked a few steps away from her where she could barely hear the call. She knew her afternoon was over, however, as it was his work phone. He was on call, and if that phone rang it generally meant something was wrong, or broken. He came back to her, the smile gone from his face, and she knew she was right. Their afternoon in the park was over.
“I’m sorry. I have to go back to the house. I need to work this issue.” Gone was the happy Matthew that had been lying with her only moments before under the tree. What stood before her looked like a child who had just been told his favorite toy had been destroyed, and she felt his pain. Together they walked back to the parking lot, neither saying much as the rain started to fall more heavily. Their afternoon had been cut short, and neither was ready to say good bye. They stopped beside his motorcycle, but he didn’t rush to get on. Instead, they stood there face to face, not a word spoken.

Sierra stepped toward him and he reached out and pulled her close. It was the first time he had hugged her and she felt herself melting on the inside. It felt so right to be in his arms—like this is where she she clung on tight. She fought back tears as she tried not to think of the fact that he was leaving her there to go back to his house where his wife would be waiting for him. She had never met her, but she hated her just the same. Jessica had everything she wanted; everything she dreamed of. All she had were these short excursions that never seemed long enough. She buried her head in his shirt and prayed he wouldn’t feel the tears that she couldn’t hold back. Thankful for the rain that was soaking his shirt, she her tears and looked up at him.

“I wish you didn’t have to go,” Sierra said, her voice trembling.

“I wish I didn’t either. None of this seems fair.” Matthew brushed her hair out of her face, his soft fingers sending chills through her body. She felt the moistness between her legs as her sex screamed for him from that simple touch, and she fought back the urge to kiss him. She knew she couldn’t, but that didn’t stop the desires at all.

He pulled her close again as they both stalled and tried to make time stand still. It wasn’t fair, and they both knew it. The cards were stacked against them and they were forced to follow the rules of the nuptials they had both taken with another. She felt his arms tighten around her and she held on to him for dear life. She felt his hard cock pressing against her and she bit her lip as she tightened her grip around his waist. She wanted to reach down and feel it, to stroke it, to lick it. It was killing her to have to let him go, but she knew she had to. Work was waiting on him, and he had to go.

He stepped back from her, sorrow spread across his face, and paused. She felt her heart stop as he moved his face in close, and she prayed he would kiss her. She knew she didn’t have the heart to do it herself. He would have to make the first move. She closed her eyes and waited as the kiss landed softly on her cheek. She opened her eyes and felt her breath catch in her throat as she watched his lips move away. Her vagina pulsed again, reminding her of her desire for him and she shifted her position, hoping he wouldn’t notice how turned on she was. Unlike that shaft of his that was standing at attention under his khaki shorts, she could hide how turned on she was, and for once was thankful of that. Or was she?

With a quick turn, he climbed onto his bike and she couldn’t help but to stare. The curve of the seat hugged his tight ass and his sexy calves looked even more amazing as his legs gripped the bike. It was easy to picture herself riding behind him, her arms wrapped around his waist and her pussy pressed against his ass as they road along, the motion of the road keeping them pressed together. She shifted her position again; once again thankful she had left her panties at home. With a final wave, he turned the bike around and disappeared down the road and out of sight.

Sierra stood there for a few moments, not wanting to leave the park and have the perfect afternoon end. The rain continued to trickle down, but she didn’t care. She waited a few minutes, hoping to hear his bike come back to the parking lot, but deep in her heart she knew he was long gone. Work had called and there was no getting past that fact. Opening the door to her Mustang, she slid into the passenger seat and closed the door behind her. Looking around, she realized she was alone, as most of the other park patrons had left when the rain started. Tilting her seat back a little, she closed her eyes and pictured him on his bike. Without realizing it, her left hand slid down inside her shorts as she slipped back into fantasy land.

“Want to join me for a ride?” he whispered in her ear from behind her. His hands rested lightly on her hips and he pulled her back so she could feel his erection pressed against her ass. He gently pushed his pelvis forward and she fought back a groan. “Man, I love this ass of yours,” he mumbled, still pressed firmly against her.

“You know I do, Baby,” Sierra replied, pushing back against him. She grabbed one of his hands and guided it to the front of her shorts, resting it on her pussy. Even through the jean material, she knew he could feel how wet she was.

Sierra sighed softly as the moisture from her pussy coated her fingers. With slow, deliberate strokes, she ran her first and second fingers up and down from her clit to her hole, her own moisture lubricating her lips with each stroke. She parted them a little wider and continued stroking, occasionally stopping to slip her fingers inside of herself, her juices trickling down and soaking her already wet shorts even more.

He rubbed the front of her shorts with his big, warm hands, and Sierra sighed softly. It was a painstaking affair to keep from turning around and ripping his shorts off so she could take his big, manly cock in her mouth and suck it down deep. She grinded her ass against him in rhythm with his strokes and teased him just enough to let him know her intentions. He pushed her shorts aside and slid his hands up the leg opening till he found what he was looking for. He took two fingers and pushed them deep inside her, his other hand pulling her even closer so he could go deeper. With this thumb, he rubbed her clit in a tantalizing circle, wetting it with her own juices.

She reached behind her and grabbed his cock with her free hand. Using her palm, she stroked him through his shorts with long, hard strokes. She paused once in a while and gave his shaft a squeeze, then continued stroking him from top to bottom. Going lower, she rubbed his balls and heard him whimper in her ear as his breaths began to get faster and shallower. She rolled them around between her fingers as much as the khaki material would let her. He pushed against her hand in appreciation, and she found herself smiling.

Sierra glanced around quickly to make sure she was still alone in the park. Seeing that she was, she resumed masturbating, her left hand working diligently at making herself cum. Closing her eyes, she pictured Matthew’s fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, and she mimicked the motion with her own fingers. The smell of her sex filled the car and she became even more turned on. She withdrew her fingers from her shorts and put them to her lips. She imagined him doing the same, as she slowly licked the slickness from her fingers and swallowed it down.

“I bet you taste as good as you feel,” Matthew teased, and she felt his fingers slide out from between her swollen pussy lips. He brought his fingers to his lips and tasted her; taking his time to savor what his cock was aching to feel. She turned her head slightly and met his lips with her own, his finger still between his lips. Together they tasted her sweetness and she fought back the first orgasm. Her pussy threatened to let loose between her legs and she found herself fighting against it. Together they sucked on his finger, cleaning it of all traces of her. When there was nothing left to suck off, he withdrew his finger but continued to kiss her deeply. He drove his tongue in and out of her mouth in hungry delves, as the lust grew between them with a burning heat.

Licking her lips, Sierra repositioned her hand back in her shorts and continued where she had left off. With her first and middle fingers she rubbed her clit in a slow circle teasing it just enough to where she knew she couldn’t cum. With her other hand, she found her way up her short legs and slid her fingers into her pussy, amazed at how wet she still was. No man had ever had this effect on her, and she was bewildered. She wasn’t sure what it was about Matthew that drove her this hot and wild, but she wasn’t going to complain. She quickened her pace with both hands, her left making circles on her clit while her right continued to dive and explore in her own love cave. She curled her fingers up and pressed against her g-spot, and she felt her toes curl into her sneakers.

Sierra deftly undid the button on Matthew’s shorts and slid her hands inside, grabbing his thick, hard shaft in her palm and giving it a squeeze. She felt the pre-cum on her fingers and coaxed his love muscle into giving up more. With her fingers, she teased his head by drawing small circles around it. With skill, she traced the underside of his ride softly and he moaned his delight in her ear. Giving his head a final squeeze, she persuaded his cock to release more of its juices onto her fingers. Withdrawing her hand from the confines of his shorts, she brought it up to her mouth and sucked on her fingers. With a devilish look, she glanced up at him through her half closed lashes, inviting him with her eyes to come taste. His mouth closed on her lips, trapping her finger between them, and together they tasted him, the sweetness driving them both wild.
“How about that ride now?” he growled into her mouth, hungry for more of her. He drew back from her and turned her around. Effortlessly, he picked her up and cradled her, as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He licked her lips, teasing her for a brief moment before moving to her neck. He trailed soft kisses up and down her nape before settling on her ear. His tongue was moist and hot as it traced her ear, making her even more turned on than before. His lips felt soft as they kissed her earlobe and she fought to control herself. Using his arms, he moved her body up and down so she rocked against his cock. She held on tightly around his neck, arching her back to bring her sex closer to his and matched his rhythm.

Sierra moved her body in time with her fantasy, her fingers creating a rhythm of their own as she stroked herself in the front seat of her Mustang. With her feet braced against the floorboards, she drove her fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy skillfully, stopping when she needed to, and going faster when she felt the urge. Time and again she brought herself to the brink of orgasm, only to slow down and fight it off. Finally she couldn’t fight it anymore. With her left hand she rubbed her clit quickly, using her own moisture to help her fingers slide and enhance the feeling. Her right hand continued its plight in her tight pussy, moving in and out to the rhythm in her imagination.

With a suave move, he straddled his motorcycle and settled Sierra down in front of him. Grabbing her luscious ass, he dragged her closer to him, squeezing her cheeks tightly. God, he loved the feel of her ass in his hands. She rested her feet on the seat behind him as he started the engine, the vibration under them heightening the already lustful feeling between the two of them. With greedy lips, Sierra leaned forward and sought his out. She drove her tongue into this mouth, seeking out the hottest corners in shameless desperation. Their tongues danced together as she slid her hands up under his shirt. Finding their way around, she lightly dug her nails in and raked them across his back, and she felt him pull her closer. His mouth mashed onto hers ravenously as their kiss deepened, the apparent lust no longer able to be hidden. She bit his lower lip, and then drew it in, sucking on it till he drew back unable to handle it anymore.
He tightened his grip on her ass and dragged her forcefully forward onto his aching cock. Sierra slid her hands into his waistband and grabbed his ass in an attempt to pull them even closer together. Her wet pussy throbbed as she imagined how he would feel sliding into her. She lifted herself up so she could sit more in his lap. Unable to take it anymore, she pushed his already unbuttoned shorts open and slid his member out from underneath the confines of his skimpy underwear. It sprang forth, already glistening wet with pre-cum and she moaned into his mouth. With extreme dexterity, she began to jerk him off, his moistness covering her hands as she brought him close to orgasm.

“I want to feel your tight pussy around my hard cock. Do you want to feel that?” She nodded, and felt her short leg being slid aside. He released her hold on his cock and moved it towards her pussy. To tease her, he ran his head along her lips, opening them wide till he stopped on her clit. Her love juice soaked his dick as he slid it back down, pausing just at the entrance to what he sought.

“You fucker, don’t tease!” She smiled at him, obviously enjoying the game they were playing.

“You want this?” He pushed against her hole, letting just the tip slide in before pulling it back out again.

“You know I do, fucker.” She tried to slide closer to him, but he held her back.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” he prodded her, shaking his cock lightly on her hole to drive her wild.

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Is that all?” he asked.

“I want to feel you cum inside me,” she replied, making sure her voice reflected the need.

“Good girl,” he answered as he slowly slid his already throbbing cock inside the tight pussy he had been dreaming about for days. “Oh God!” he exclaimed, as she closed around him. He filled her completely, and she felt incredibly hot around his cock.

She tightened her legs around his waist and pulled herself as close as she could get. He revved the engine with his free hand and they felt the seat hum beneath their asses. Tilting her head back, she let out a groan of delight. Together they moved, each driving towards the other, his cock slamming into her tight wet pussy in a forceful tempo. He looked down to watch, loving how slick and wet he was each time he pulled out of her. She was dripping wet, and seeing it drove him more wild and crazy with lust. Taking her mouth in his, he kissed her in a mouth-grinding kiss that left her breathless. Within moments, they were cumming earth-shattering orgasms that would make a grown man cry.

Sierra whimpered softly as she felt the impending orgasm grow deep inside of her. She continued rubbing her clit, her fingers drenched in her own juices as she imagined what it would be like to have Matthews thick, throbbing shaft buried deep inside her. Her hips rose off her seat as she drove her fingers deep within her own pussy, wishing it was him instead. In and out she moved them, teasing her g-spot until she couldn’t take it anymore. With an earthshattering force she exploded, her cum soaking her fingers and her shorts. Wave after wave, she rode the orgasm with her fingers buried deep, desperate to keep the feeling going. She squeezed her eyes shut, visions of him dancing before her eyes. With one final shudder, she slid her fingers out of her glistening, soaked pussy. Her car reeked of sex, and she smiled to herself. She knew she may never feel the real thing with him, but for now she could dream.

To be

story by: LittleBlackDress22

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Author: LittleBlackDress22

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