Timewalker pt 4 (long – 120 pgs)

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The Adventures of Béla, the Vampire Girl
Book 4: Time Walker
Part 4
Chapter 1 />
Lisa stretched her wings, gliding now that she’d gained some altitude. Her arms, wings, rather, were burning from the hard usage she forced on them to gain this much height. She was breathing heavily from her exertion and not paying attention to where she was or who might be watching. She sailed over a gorge, enjoying a free updraft for a moment, then banked and began her watch, looking out over the ranges and the forest, checking for anyone who might be out there.

The little flitter flashed by less than twenty meters over her head, descending down toward a small mountain lake. Lisa tumbled head over heels as the sudden turbulence flipped her over, tearing the thinly stretched flesh along her rib cage.

Stretching her wings as wide as she could, Lisa tried to regain control of her spin, but her wings kept folding back because of her increasing spiral descent and her muscles simply weren’t strong enough to hold her wings steady.

right!’ she realized, angrily giving up and folding her wings back into arms. ‘I’m soft and out of shape!’

Lisa knew she was lazy, preferring to teleport and levitate rather than do anything physical, like actually fly using her wings. To keep her body trim, she would simply flame and rematerialize. Poof! No excess fat! Simple… but she couldn’t make her body stronger by doing that. She could only make it leaner. She looked good, but didn’t have any stamina. At times like this, she needed stamina.

She plummeted downward for another minute, mentally searching for the craft that had almost struck her. She found it, and watched as it erratically descended toward a mountain lake. It was a tiny two-seat sport flitter built to get around in large cities, never intended to travel any distance. And this one was hauling a glide trailer! It was seriously under-powered for what it was being used for. Lisa located the empty seat beside the pilot and teleported.

Rematerializing next to the overwrought pilot, she turned to him, grinning, and said, “Hi! Overfly any giant condors lately?” The man jumped, jerking back on the controls and putting his craft into a steep climb.

“You should probably roll out before you stall or something,” Lisa added, sounding bored. “You could crash, you know.”

“What the fuck!” the man exclaimed. “Who are you? How did you get in here?”

‘Christ! She naked!’

Then he was too busy trying to steer as his craft as began to sway wildly with the weight of the attached trailer. The flitter lurched to the left, suddenly, and the engine went very quiet.

the pilot cried, finally straightening out. not gonna make it. We’re too heavy! Comin’ down too fast!”

Lisa watched the wild images he was broadcasting in his fear and frustration. To save himself, he could detach the trailer hitch and let the trailer glide down until it crashed into the side of the mountain. He was completely unwilling to do that, even to save himself. His pregnant wife and her twin sister were in there.

Lisa held onto her seat as the flitter again lurched one way, then the other as the unstable trailer reacted to a sudden updraft. She peered around to the left so she could see the pilot’s panel. The powerless craft started to tilt down as the trailer ascended, raising the rear of the flitter, and she lost her balance, fell across the seat and squashed her bare tits into his lap.

“Open the she cried, trying to push herself back up.

nothing to burn!” Roland cried back. “I’ve got just enough to soft-land!”

They were plummeting down more rapidly now, the increasing speed and the internal giros keeping the craft more or less level.

Lisa straightened up and looked at the panel. The airspeed indicator read 335 kph. The direction was forty degrees down. The craft was starting to tilt the other way and the engines were delivering absolutely no power for guidance. Any landing they made wasn’t going to be soft.

“This thing’ll never soft-land!” she exclaimed. dropping too fast!”

Stretching out past the pilot’s shoulder, Lisa flipped the after-burner switch. The remaining fuel was sucked into the twin ramjets and vaporized, giving them a three second burst of power, just enough to stabilize them and level out. Then it was quiet and they were beginning to drop again.

“You Asshole!” the pilot screamed. “You just used up all the fuel! We’re gonna crash!”

Lisa wasn’t paying attention. She was concentrating on the ignition chamber inside the ramjet. Then the ramjet burst into life as Lisa created a tiny ball of fire inside the ignition chamber from the nuclear energy stored in her mind.

They were both pushed against the backs of their seats as the engine suddenly fired with more power that it ever had originally. Now there was enough power in the engine to control both the craft and the trailer. The pilot pulled up, dropping off most of the downward and forward speed. He didn’t understand it, but he knew that somehow, this naked, dark-haired girl sitting next to him was doing something to make the engines work with no fuel. He dared to turn and stare at her for an instant. Her eyes were squeezed shut in concentration.

he heard her cry out in his mind. ‘Something wrong! It’s getting too hot!’

He glanced at the engine temperature readout. It was three thousand degrees and climbing. Stutter jets weren’t meant to run at that temperature. The entire craft could catch fire. He suddenly realized that the power he was feeling in the engines was constant. That was why the jet was getting so hot. There was no airflow between the bursts of fuel to cool it down. There was just a steady flow of exploded fuel. The aft-burner could actually melt under these conditions.

They were almost down, now. The airspeed indicator was reading 75 kph and dropping. He adjusted the controls to a twenty-degree descent and aimed at the shoreline a few hundred meters ahead. The surface of the lake was coming up really fast!

“Brace for impact!” he yelled into the intercom.

The little craft hit the water belly first and bounced. Pulling as hard as he could, the pilot strove to keep the nose up. They bounced again. The power was gone out of the engines now that Lisa’s concentration was broken. On the third bounce, they were going too slow and the nose dove in beneath the water and struck the sandy bottom. Lisa watched the trailer glide by overhead as it broke free from its hitch and narrowly missed the rear of the flitter. It was gliding into the trees.

“No!” the pilot cried in anguish, watching it float by, almost in slow motion. “God! Please! No!”

Lisa teleported into the trailer. Two females were being bounced around violently as there were no seats in the glide trailer. They were desperately trying to bury themselves in a pile of clothing for protection against the coming impact.

Lisa teleported outside levitating above the gliding trailer and created a fiery force field in front of it and let the trailer fly into it, forming an energy field around the skin of the trailer. The trailer continued on into the tree line, the force field coating its surface slicing through every obstacle that threatened to damage the craft. It dropped into a clearing two hundred meters further in and came to rest against the cliff face of the mountain.

Grinning with Lisa teleported back to where the pilot was. The other craft had pivoted around on its nose and beached on the shoreline, miraculously still upright.

The pilot stared at the sheared off trees the trailer had vanished into. His grief flooded the little craft.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Lisa said softly, safe now.”

“No,” he replied, his voice barely audible. “You don’t understand. They were in the trailer. Over there. It hit the trees and… and it…”

He dropped his head down against the stick, overwhelmed with his loss.

Lisa sighed and looked at him. okay! They didn’t crash. The trailer landed in a clearing on the other side of the trees.”

the man said, disbelieving, but needing to hear that his little family was all right. />
Lisa brightly agreed. “A clearing. Over there.”

She pointed toward the swath of sliced trees.

The pilot looked up at her. She was kneeling in the copilot’s seat with her head bent against the overhead air shield. He suddenly reached up and grabbed the girl’s right tit, squeezing hard.

“Ow!” Lisa yelped. “Hey, asshole!” She slapped his hand away, then gently held her breast up with her hand. “That hurt, you shit!”

real!” the pilot murmured, leaving his hand hanging in the air where Lisa had slapped it.

She suddenly realized he was in a state of shock. He still thought the trailer was lost and everyone else was dead.

She reached down and stroked the side of his head to comfort him. The man took her gesture as an invitation to wrap his arms around her naked waist and hug her tightly, digging his unshaven chin into her soft belly.

Lisa sighed as her body responded to his gouging whiskers and all the excitement of the last few minutes and moaned her pleasure to him. He began kissing and licking her stomach and hips, mumbling to himself.

“Oh, God! You’re okay! I was so scared… so scared, baby,” he kept saying, over and over.

He reached her bare cunt and stopped. no hair down there!’

Lisa heard his shocked thought resonate through her. The man looked up at her with his mouth open, more than a little confused.

“Right idea, wrong girl,” Lisa grinned down at him. “But you can continue if you want. It felt really good – what you were />
The man stared up at her, still in shock, not understanding what had happened.

Lisa gave his head a gentle nudge toward her crotch, wanting him to continue what he’d started.

stop now,” she complained. “You owe me for saving those two blondes in the />
“My wife!” he exclaimed, suddenly jumping up. “I’ve got to find her!”

He shoved Lisa back and crawled over her legs to the door.

Lisa yelped as his knee dug into the inside of one thigh and an elbow poked into a tit. all right. Just crawl right over me!”

The door opened and the pilot nearly fell out.

“Roland, why is there a naked girl in there with you?” someone asked irately from behind Lisa.

Lisa moaned and tried to straighten up.

“I’m Lisa,” she said, looking over her shoulder to the blonde standing outside the door. “This bumble-fuck here knocked me out of the air back there and I hitched a ride down.”

“Who are you, anyway?” Roland, the pilot, asked, now that he realized that they were all alive after all.

“I’m Lisa,” Lisa repeated candidly. “Maybe you remember seeing me – big condor – flying? You nearly tore my wings off!”

Roland wasn’t speaking. He was just staring. At her. Specifically, at her breasts. The blond woman swatted him behind his head. It seemed to help his mind begin processing data again.

your flying gear?” he asked, stunned. “How did you get in here, anyway?”

Lisa shrugged. Maybe she would show him her flying later, but she really didn’t know what to say to his questions. She’d simply acted on impulse, teleporting into the little flitter to complain about his driving.

“And how did you get the engines running again?” he asked, as another question occurred to him. “And how did the trailer land like that?”

“My turn,” Lisa said, started to get annoyed. “Why are you flying over restricted air space? This land is private property under the protection of Tomlin Security. I work for them, so it’s me where I belong and you

She smiled at him, watching his mind process her words. Now he was interested in something besides her tits.

“I’m not he began, then changed his mind. “Look, we’re just trying to get out of Denver and find a place to hide. I remembered this lake where my family used to come when I was a kid. It was part of a National Forest back then. I didn’t know it was private property now.”

so private about this the girl asked, interrupting. “Is there some kind of secret base in the mountains />
Lisa laughed. Solar City wasn’t exactly a secret base. It just wasn’t advertised. It would be impossible to hide a whole town, even an underground one. Simple logistics would get in the way. Food, fuel and other materials were constantly coming in. Raw ore was being constantly shipped out.

There were several major industries in the little town – Mining was the main industry as it paid for the construction of the new NorAmCo Airframes plant and the thousands of electronic parts that go into building a spaceship.

Camden Research and Development, the corporation which had purchased NASA, had just completed a working model of a magnetic drive thruster similar to the planet-sized magnetic drives situated, one at each pole, in New Eden. Praetor, along with additional schooling in electromagnetic engineering, provided the new engineering concepts for the design and development of the new ship.

“Solar City is no secret,” Lisa replied. “But it is underground. Those shiny-looking panels on the mountaintops are our power source. It’s important to maintain some increased level of security, these days. I’m sure you />
“Yeah, well,” the girl said sarcastically. “But you? Guarding those solar panels? You’re just a naked girl out here in the woods. What can you do?”

“I fuck the trespassers and convince them to go away,” Lisa replied jokingly, ignoring the girl’s sarcasm.

The girl was just scared, she realized, and was acting defensive to cover it up.

“Male or female, I’m not fussy,” she concluded, only half-jesting. That blonde was really pretty.

Lisa pushed her way out of the little flitter and dropped to the ground, took a deep breath and stretched her arms over her head, displaying her entire, beautifully naked, slender form.

The mountain air smelled fresh and alive. The quiet breeze whispering through the trees and the sounds of the birds belied the stress and danger that they all had just endured.

“You guys got any plans?” Lisa asked the girl, looking in her mind to see what was going on in there.

The girl was one half of a set of twins – sisters. Her name was Ember. Her sister’s name was Amber and was the one married to Roland. Amber was also pregnant, which was why she’d invited Ember to move in with her and Roland in Denver. Roland’s ability to impregnate Amber was what made him so attractive to the twins. Fertile, healthy men were getting hard to find, and the twins agreed long before they found this one that they would share whoever they found with the other.

“No, no plans,” Ember replied, uncertain of how much she should say to this naked young girl intruding into their lives.

They had no idea how trustworthy she was, or if she was at all. But Ember was also confused. She seemed to be able to see right into the mind of the naked girl she’d caught her sister’s husband with. She realized that Roland, for once, was completely innocent and that this strange girl had tried to seduce him. Ember could understand why Roland was reluctant to leave the flitter. This girl was the most alluring female she’d ever met.

Lisa smiled at the blonde, reading her thoughts. She realized that her mental shields were down and Ember was latently Empathic, like most twins. Suddenly the blond girl kissed her.

“I get the idea that you saved us,” Ember said, suddenly embarrassed and releasing her from the kiss. “What can we do to repay you?”

Lisa was really feeling frustrated, now. She’d been kissed and hugged by two very attractive people, now. She was game for lots more.

Lisa replied, trying to behave rationally with her body starting to go hormonally postal. “We could finish that

She looked at the blonde hopefully. She could feel Roland standing to one side, watching intently. He was secretly hoping something exciting would happen between the two. Ember was, after all, a pretty wild child.

Then he radiated his pleasure, strong enough for Lisa to feel. Ember was moving toward her, her lips pursed for another kiss.

“I’ll get a blanket!” he said, trying not to sound too excited.

Ember was easily turned off by his vulgar desires and would often spite him by refusing to continue with whatever he so badly wanted her to do.

Lisa happily puckered up to receive her kiss, putting her hands on the blonde’s hips as she did so and pulling her closer. She left her mind open so that they could both share their emotions and sensations.

Ember murmured after a moment. “I never had it feel like that with someone else!”

She moved her hands up and began massaging Lisa’s bare breasts, curious about how the feedback would feel in her own mind. She chuckled low in her throat as she felt Lisa’s body respond.

“This is like touching Amber,” Ember said, smiling at her. “I can feel her, too. But I’ve never been able to feel anyone else. Are you a twin?”

Lisa asked, realizing she would have to recover from her emotional saturation at least enough to vocalize some kind of response.

“Oh, yes,” she said, “I mean, no. I’m She thought for a moment. “I’m just special that

She went back to kissing the sexy blonde. Roland wanted to join and put his arms around both of them.

“Go find your wife,” Ember said, almost sneering at him.

Then she saw in Lisa’s mind that Lisa didn’t mind him being there and changed her mind. She kissed her sister’s husband and then pushed him down on the blanket. Both girls dropped down beside him, one on each side as Lisa caught on to the sexual torture Ember had planned for him.

Ember and Lisa, both on their knees, now, formed a luscious structure of female flesh over Roland and continued their interrupted kissing. Lisa began unbuttoning Ember’s front, having to slap Roland’s hands away a couple of times when he tried to help.

After a moment, Ember’s breasts were free and the girls pressed closer to each other, each rubbing their nipples against the other’s. They both giggled into each other’s mouths as Roland stared at the incredible scene above him. They could actually hear him salivate.

Then Ember’s hands were traveling lower, caressing Lisa’s sides and hips. Lisa scooted forward, offering her pelvis to the luscious blonde and moaned as a hand disappeared between her legs. In return for the pleasure she was receiving, Lisa began caressing the blonde’s magnificent breasts, still in mode so that each could feel the other’s sensations.

Ember jumped, mildly surprised, when Roland decided to get in on the action and pushed his hand up between her legs. Lisa was so amused by Ember’s annoyed reaction to Roland’s invasive hand that Ember decided to let him stay there with his hand playing between her legs.

‘He’s such a crummy lover!’ Ember complained mentally. ‘He doesn’t even know where my clit is! The one man in the last two years that’s still fertile, and he can’t fuck worth a fuck!’

‘So, show him!’ Lisa thought back at her, marvelously amused. ‘He’s a man. He can be trained. Just show him your bodacious ta-ta’s and he’ll do anything you say.’

Image of her life-mate, Macario, making love to her, touching her in exactly all the right places.

‘Holy shit!’ Ember thought back, stunned. ‘I came just from watching him fuck you! I’ve got to fuck him! Can I? Please? I’ll let you fuck />
“Ow!” Ember yelped, as Roland managed to miss her vaginal opening as he gouged his finger in and out of her. you

Then she remembered. ‘Training – He’s a man. He can be />
Lisa sat back and watched, laughing to herself as Ember spread her legs, showing Roland, probably for the first time ever, what she liked and what she didn’t like. Ember was sounding a little sarcastic, but, Lisa realized, if the lesson took and he improved, she’d be more willing to explain next time.

Now Ember was practically purring as Roland slipped his fingers back and forth, massaging her pussy lips instead of gouging his fingers into her.

“A little higher,” she crooned. “Oh, yes! That’s nice! That’s my little love knob – my clit. It just loves to be touched.”

She was quivering, her stomach muscles contracting beautifully as she responded to Roland’s previously despised touch. She suddenly remembered Lisa and went back to kissing and fondling her new friend.

A moment later, Roland had both his hands on both their pussies and the girls were writhing above him, locked into their passionate kiss and moaning loudly. Their sexual sensations raged back and forth between them, reflected from one to the other and back again. Even Roland was receiving some of the feedback and was completely absorbed by the incredible sexuality of what was happening.

The girls came simultaneously, crying their orgasms out to each other and embracing tightly. They both collapsed down on top of Roland, who immediately began kissing Ember, embracing her tightly. Lisa, collapsing the other way, found herself staring at Roland’s pants. They were stretched to the limit, trying to hold his cock as it pointed straight up, tenting his trousers.

Lisa giggled, then began running her nails up and down the length of the penis hidden and yet so visible beneath the coarse fabric. She heard Roland moan with pleasure and was surprised to notice that Ember now included Roland in her mind, still linked with Lisa’s. The three of them were now experiencing each other’s sensations.

Between the two girls, they managed to relieve Roland of his pants. Ember’s hot little pussy claimed his dick first, sinking down onto it with almost no preamble at all.

Lisa sat back and watched, noticing that Ember was trying to work things out in her mind as she humped up and down – her feelings of jealously toward her sister for being the one married to Roland, her feelings of inadequacy because her sister was the one that was pregnant. She desperately hoped that Roland would make her pregnant today.

There was one thing that made Ember feel better, though. Now that she could see Roland’s mind, she realized that he loved her as much as he loved his wife – her sister. She didn’t need to feel jealous about that any more.

As her legs started to burn with all the humping, Ember lay down on top of Roland, swiveling her hips around more that she was bouncing on him now. She realized that this was even nicer – her clit was rubbing against his hairy pelvis down there. In another moment, she was coming – her first orgasm ever with Roland. Before this, she could only orgasm with her sister and had been jealous of the fact that her sister didn’t have the same problem.

As Roland felt her twitch, he realized that she was actually coming. He began thrusting upward, trying to get deeper into her pussy, trying to make her come harder. Then he was coming, pumping his seed into her. They clung desperately to each other, grinding their pelvises against each other almost painfully, hoping that maybe now Ember was pregnant, too.

Lisa sat back, overwhelmed by the desires the two of them were sharing with her. She had no idea that the need to be impregnated could be so… erotic. It almost made her want to go fly with Macario. Her body tensed and trembled as she orgasmed at the thought of Macario’s seed taking root inside her, sharing her sensations with the pair fornicating madly right in front of her.

The two lovers, Roland and Ember, collapsed, their energies depleted completely by their newfound ardor for each other.

you leave Denver?” Lisa asked, after a few moments. “Are things getting bad there, too?”

“Well, living in Denver’s been pretty bad for a while, now,” Ember replied. “But lately, entire city blocks have come under gang attack. People were being burned to death in their own homes. We had to leave.”

Lisa could see in her mind that Ember was worried about her folks. They had to leave them behind, there not being enough room in the tiny flitter that was already seriously overloaded with the glide trailer. Lisa’s additional weight when she’d teleported aboard was all it took to make the craft too unstable to fly.

“Where are your folks?” Lisa asked, unable to get a good image in the girl’s increasingly upset mind.

Ember was starting to feel guilty about enjoying the afternoon’s romp while her parents might be in the process of getting murdered.

“I don’t know,” Ember replied. “They were… they were going to try leaving overland – by car, I mean.”

“What do you do for a living?” Lisa wanted to know, changing the subject to get Ember to relax a little.

“Well, I… Amber and me – we’re dancers,” Ember said, glad to talk about something else.

Lisa caught images of the type of dancing they did and grinned at her.

“My mom owned a strip joint, once,” Lisa volunteered, letting Ember know that she wasn’t judging her from some snobbishly superior point of view. Roland do?”

Ember thought for a moment.

Neither sister really knew him that well, although they’d been together for almost a year now. They were simply doing their personal best to keep the human race going.

Ember finally decided. “He’s kind of a guy. He repairs stuff. He got that old wreck of a flyer going so we could get out of there before everything blew up.”

She was referring to what had happened in Arlington and Washington, D.C. a few weeks earlier. Mass riots, burning, looting and shooting ran rampant in the nation’s old capital, coming to an end suddenly when someone detonated a nuclear device, wiping out most of the remaining population in both cities.

“Hey, Sis!” someone yelled tiredly from not too far off. have fun without the old draggin’ queen tagging along?”

It was the other sister – the pregnant one – waddling across the clearing toward them.

Ember called out. “We got company.”

She indicated the dark-haired naked girl standing next to her.

I noticed,” Amber called back. “I could feel you guys’ little orgy all the way back in the trailer.”

She looked at Lisa and nodded. It suddenly occurred to Lisa that she might have been snooping while everyone else was having orgasms.

“Get anything from Mom and Dad?” Amber asked. “You think they made it out?”

Ember just shook her head, feeling more miserable by the minute.

“What about your mom and dad?” Lisa asked. “What do they do?”

“Mom and Dad,” Ember replied. “Well, they’re retired. Dad was an engineer at Northrop, but they’re out of business, now. God, I hope they’re all right. I hope they got out. Have you heard anything

She stopped, realizing a naked girl in the Colorado wilderness probably wouldn’t be up to date on current events.

Lisa shook her head. “No. I haven’t heard anything.”

She noticed that there was enough of a psychic connection between the two twins and their parents that she could follow it to Denver. She lay back on the edge of the blanket and closed her eyes so she could concentrate better.

‘Think about your folks,’ she thought into both the twins’ minds. ‘Where might they be? Don’t imagine – just />
Lisa could see the girls’ parents now, and so could the twins. They were stranded in ground traffic jamming what had once been a lovely, winding eight-lane highway leading out of the city. Now, the freeway was jammed with vehicles, some of which were burning. Nothing was moving except people. They were running around in every direction – reminding Lisa of an anthill.

‘How did you do that?’ Ember wanted to know.

Amber was, surprisingly quiet. She seemed unsurprised at Lisa’s capabilities, confirming Lisa’s suspicion that Amber had snooped in her mind while she and the rest of her little family happily fucked each others brains out.

‘My God! They’re in trouble!’ Ember cried out in both the other girls’ minds.

There were half a dozen hoodlums smashing car windows, assaulting and terrifying people.

‘Want to see what else I can do?’ Lisa asked them both.

Ember was already astounded at her new experience. Amber waited patiently for Lisa to show them. Lisa frowned and torched each hoodlum as she determined which of them were actually terrorizing the Normals on that distant, jammed up highway. It happened so quickly that none of them even screamed. They just flashed into powder.

Both twins watched as their mother, no longer threatened, climbed cautiously out of the car, then rushed to where her husband had been dragged and beaten. Lisa smiled at the convenience of not having to teleport the entire vehicle and pulled them both into the teleportation zone once they were together.

They were both screaming in terror as she pushed them out into the clearing next to Roland’s crashed flitter.

she said, grinning to both the astounded twins. “Your folks are safe. I’ll be going now.”

Forming her wings, she leaped up, beating the air furiously, and flew off over their heads. As she left, she shielded her mind so they were no longer capable of sharing her special abilities. As soon as she was certain she was no longer being observed, either physically or mentally, she teleported back to Solar City.

“Hi,” Macario said cheerfully as Lisa appeared in her living room. />
squatters at Chalk Lake,” Lisa replied, dropping down on the couch. burning, and thousands of refugees are gonna be crawling all over the hills by />
“Not everybody will come here, will they?” Mac asked, concerned. “We can’t feed much more than the population we have – especially if the trucks stop running.”

He knew there was enough canned goods to last the entire community several years if it became necessary to isolate them from the rest of the world. It was his job, after all, to maintain and increase their inventory of perishable goods. And he was good at his job.

“Well, we knew it would come to this,” Lisa said, sounding helpless and upset. “I suppose we should call a board meeting. It’s crisis time.”

Chapter 2 />
The board meeting was essentially the same as one of the Tabor clan’s family forums. The same people were there, only more of them, now that Solar City was fully operational. It lasted almost an hour; plans made several years ago now being put into effect.

Assignments were given to the Femme Fatales and Tomlin Security, which had relocated to Solar City several years ago with the collapse of the Supreme Board of Directors.

The main entrance into the underground community was Tabatha’s new home for the duration. With her shield capabilities, she was the strongest defense for the city’s most vulnerable entry point. Every vehicle entering the city would have to be inspected from now on. Refugees would only be allowed if they had something to contribute – preferably skills, now that the city’s primary source of wealth, raw ore, was becoming redundantly valueless as there was less and less civilization capable of processing it into something useful.

Tanya was now that Tabatha had a point position at the entrance into the mountain. Béla and Lisa, both capable of independent flight, were assigned reconnaissance. It was their job to keep the solar panels and everything outside their mountain stronghold secure.

The security guards provided by Tomlin were more of a military unit, now, and were stationed around the perimeter of the newly constructed launch platform for the space capsules still being tested on the ground. The platform was a two-mile long railed ramp running up the backside of the mountain the city was located beneath. It was completely camouflaged, undetectable by spy-satellites and hard to recognize for what it was even standing next to it on the ground.

Surprisingly few people came into the mountains from Denver. The city didn’t blow up and most people decided it was easier to live together in squalor than to make their way somewhere else. The news from everywhere was bad, so it didn’t seem to make sense to pick up and leave just to discover how much worse off you could become.

The first space capsule was launched two months later. After that, construction of new capsules was proceeding at the rate of one every six months. Once in space, the capsules were attached to each other, creating a space station that would eventually become the ship that would take them all to a better place.

Over the next ten years, a magnetic drive was perfected that would power the orbiting space During that same period, a device was developed using alien technology; actually hooking the Praetor up to two one on the orbiting station and one in Solar City.

No technology on Earth could compare to a Praetor’s microminiaturized brain to enable personnel to move instantaneously back and forth from the space station to the town. This was the same technology that had been used on the great ship for emergency transporting of personnel. Now, the space capsules only handled items that were too large for the transporter.

By now, there were probably less than a billion people left on earth. The remnants of the coastal cities were flooding as the polar ice caps melted. There were three major areas of civilization still extant, of which Montreal in Canada was the hub on the North American continent. The rest was a wilderness of ruined cities and towns where roving bands of marauders raided and stole what they needed to survive from each other.

The largest of these bands, calling itself the Confederacy, was beginning to establish order in what had been the southern states. It was, from information gleaned from refugees, a harsh, militant group determined to insure the survival of mankind even if they had to kill every last dissident alive. Volunteering in their ever-growing army was a sure way of ensuring that you would be fed and your family would be taken care of. Despite its harsh, militaristic rule, it was very popular, offering itself as the only viable salvation for mankind.

Surprisingly, most of the army was put to use farming and constructing underground shelters. There was no fuel for machinery, so everything was done manually, including plowing and cultivating crops. With the amount of organized manpower involved, it became relatively successful in a dying world.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that Solar City could offer the Confederacy or the Montreal district in exchange for food or produce. There wasn’t enough room on the ship being constructed in orbit to hold more than the population inside their mountain stronghold and with all the abandoned machinery covering the planet, raw, unprocessed ore had no real value.

“IT’S EMPTY!” Jackie yelled, as loud as she could.

echoed through the round, twenty-meter-wide cylinders making up this section of the space station. Part of Jackie’s self-created job, along with Praetor, was to design the insides of this giant donut of a ship into a habitable cocoon for a townful of people.

Right in the center, attached to the space station with high-grade steel conduits and causeways, was where the Magnetic Drive would go. In the center of the ship, it would magnetically affect all parts of the ship equally, causing less stress on the ship’s structure during maneuvering. The living quarters would be in the two center sections, with eight sections surrounding them to provide protection from radiation.

Unlike the ‘old ones’ great ship, this small tubular station had no artificial gravity plating. The elements needed for gravity plating didn’t exist in this solar system except for whatever might be left in the wreckage of the great ship, wherever it might be drifting, now.

If someone wanted to make gravity plating, they would have to catch a quasar, where most of the anti-gravity, anti-matter elements resided in this universe. The more practical method was simply to duplicate quasar conditions in a laboratory and recreate those elements, which was what the old race had done. But that was far beyond the capabilities of mankind, even with the Praetor’s knowledge of how it could be done. There was simply too large a gap in technological capabilities between the two civilizations.

Incoming traffic, the Praetor announced in the minds of everyone aboard the space station.

Several people suddenly appeared on the transport platform, along with pallets of building material and some machinery. Jackie was surprised to see Béla among the people climbing down from the platform.

Béla thought at the Praetor, loud enough for Jackie to hear, as well. ‘I’ve even done it now, and I still don’t understand it! How did I get here?’

Béla honestly tried, but she was unable to fathom how the Praetor transported solid objects from one point in the physical universe to another. She remembered the first time she ever saw a Praetor transport something. It was such an alien concept that she believed that the person transported had been horribly vaporized at her request.

‘The circuitry is called a ‘Focal the Praetor replied, sounding somewhat superior. ‘The theory behind it is that matter is simply energy suspended in space and shaped by tremendous forces acting against it, causing the energy particles to bond with other similar particles gravitationally and />
‘I don’t Béla thought back at it, perplexed. ‘What kind of force can turn energy into matter? And why does it />
‘The amount of force required is more that can be applied with the physical universe in its present state. However, the theory enabled the construction of the Focal Press, and the device works.’

Béla wanted to know, ‘how does it work?’

‘The Focal Press takes the outermost particles of the object to be transported and collapses them down into a single central point. The rest of the particles follow suite. It is not entirely understood why this occurs, but it has something to do with how particles bond to each other. This ‘single point’ is then transmitted to a distant cyclotron, which fires it against a barrier at the speed of light. The single point containing all the particles of the object passes through the barrier and reconstitutes back into a solid object.’

‘But, why?’ Béla asked. This device was simply beyond her understanding of the physical universe. It simply violated too many natural laws. ‘If I were to take, for example, a pallet of bricks and transport them somewhere, what happens to the mass and weight of all those bricks?’

‘To begin with,’ the Praetor stated, and it was definitely being haughty with her, now, ‘a brick doesn’t have enough internal structure to maintain its integrity during transport. It will revert into its original material. Highly refined metals and living tissues are the most resilient materials to transport, maintaining almost one hundred percent />
‘You mean stuff gets lost during transport?’ Béla asked, incredulous. ‘Somebody could lose a kidney or />
‘You may lose a few atoms of material,’ the Praetor replied. ‘It is of no consequence. Your question was regarding mass. Do you still require an answer?’

‘Yes, please,’ very contrite.

‘Mass has nothing to do with the object being the Praetor replied. ‘The compressed particle being transmitted doesn’t weigh anything. You can transmit an elephant as easily as you can transmit a />
Béla always got confused on this point, ‘where does the mass go?’

the Praetor admitted, finally. ‘It has been hypothesized that mass is an illusion of sensory perception. An alternate theory is that occurred sometime after the creation of the universe, stabilizing the universe forever into its current ‘mass = energy’ status.’

‘What about E=MC squared?’ Béla asked. ‘Some Earther figured that out a couple hundred years ago. Is it right or wrong? Are you talking about the same thing?’

‘Yes, and no,’ the Praetor replied. ‘The is not a necessary part of the formula. It works, />
‘Okay, then, where does the mass go?’ Béla asked, certain of her facts, now.

‘There is no mass in a single point,’ the Praetor insisted. ‘All single points weigh the same – />
Once again, Béla felt defeated. The way she understood how a Focal Press worked was that it simply didn’t follow the natural laws of the universe. It operated outside the physical universe.

‘Very good, child,’ the Praetor responded. ‘That is />
‘Oh, shut up!’ Béla thought, disgusted with the whole subject.

“It can’t be that bad, can it?” Jackie asked, walking up to Béla.

“It’s Béla replied. “I don’t understand it!”

Jacked laughed, “You haven’t managed to teach me how to teleport, either. But I would like to make a comparison to, maybe, demonstrate a hypothesis regarding your question about mass.”

Béla replied, closing her eyes in expectation of a mental image.

Jackie cleared her throat, attracting attention again. “I was just going to mention my views on the />
“Oh,” Béla murmured, a little embarrassed.

“Perhaps your trouble with understanding the concepts behind the ‘Focal Press’ and my inability to learn how to teleport have a common area of, um… understanding? Misunderstanding? />
Jackie continued, “I can easily see how the Focal Press works, and you can easily see how to teleport. Both techniques accomplish the same function – instantaneous movement of an object from one location to another.

“When you teleport,” she continued, “you basically ignore the physical universe laws regarding time and distance, although those factors determine how much mass is lost during teleportation. Now, when the Focal Press transmits a person or a thing, physical universe laws regarding are ignored, and distance is basically determined by the wattage of the transmitted signal, which is, as far as anyone can tell, unaffected by the mass of the object or person being />
Béla stood there getting glassy-eyed as she tried to hold her weary gaze on Jackie’s forehead where her brows furrowed together – a valiant but doomed attempt to grasp the strange concepts swimming around in her mind.

Béla replied, doing her very best to pay attention through the weariness surrounding her.

“What I’m getting at,” Jackie was saying, “is that both methods ignore different physical laws of nature. But that doesn’t mean that they both don’t />
Béla cried weakly. “I can’t listen to this! You’re crushing my brain with all these empty />
Realizing she was probably insulting Jackie terribly, Béla turned away, nearly losing her balance in her anxious attempt to escape. Reaching into the teleportation zone, she mentally pulled herself in and shoved herself out onto her bed in Solar City. The omnipresent teleportation zone was something she understood and was comfortable with. It existed everywhere and nowhere at the same time – a contradiction, perhaps. But at least she knew how it worked.

Jackie sighed, truly frustrated, then turned and went back to work.

“Heads up!” Jake called out, throwing a biscuit across the bed to his lifemate.

It disappeared in mid-air.

Béla said, dully. />
“Wow! Hard day, huh?” Jake ventured.

He handed her the next biscuit. She physically ate that one, a bite at a time. After a moment, she burped out the air from the first biscuit.

designing a whole spaceship,” Béla complained. “What if she’s wrong and something happens. There are so many limitations to your technology. Everything has to be put together by hand. My father’s ships weren’t built that way. They had machines that could build whatever you could think of.”

Jake laughed. “I’ve seen your images of the inside of Deimos. It didn’t look very creative to me.”

“Deimos was made by hand,” Béla declared. “The machines don’t exist here. They probably don’t exist anywhere, now. And hundreds of lives were lost trying to build that sanctuary for my father’s people.”

She was referring, of course, to the failed Phobos project, the first sanctuary. Shortly after the Phobos shell had been completed and ice glaciers were melted inside it to provide an atmosphere, the artificial moon was struck by an asteroid, collapsing half of its exterior shell and venting its internal atmosphere into space. Several hundred of the old race died that day, their bodies never recovered from the depths of space.

The second sanctuary, Deimos, was constructed after that. It was much larger and, like Phobos, was purposely designed to look like an asteroid, just in case the Arcadians ever came looking for them. The first two hollow moon projects were good practice for the construction of New Eden, which was actually constructed by the great ship, using energy particle emitters and tractor beams. Each piece had to be connected manually, but the ship did all the heavy work, including moving ice glaciers into the hollow moon to provide an atmosphere.

Béla grunted her pleasure as Jake began massaging her shoulders and neck. He always seemed to know what she needed.

“Everything will be fine,” Jake assured her as he worked his fingers into her shoulders. “The Praetor knows what it’s doing and it knows the limitations of what we can do. Everything that can be done, will be done. You know that.”

He kissed the nape of her neck, sending chills down her spine. She grinned, gritting her teeth as she shivered.

“You feel up to checking out the changes Lisa and I made to the maze?” he asked brightly.

The maze was his son’s idea – a training module to keep Tomlin Security’s Femme Fatales in tip-top condition. It had very lethal traps in it that were supposed to be detected and avoided. To date, every girl triggered every trap in the maze every time they entered. From a training point of view, it was a complete failure. As a carnival ride for an immortal, sex-crazed female, it was great fun!

Jake Hedron abandoned the after several years of forcing himself to watch recordings of the girls – his own wife, especially – getting mutilated and repeatedly murdered by the insidious and often lethal devices placed within its confines. Now, the girls themselves, along with Frank Tabor and Jake Pestova, came up with ideas for upgrading it, often surprising each other with some new, insidious torture.

“I could use some diversion,” Béla smiled up at him. “Anyone else in there?”

“Tanya was helping Lisa make some final Jake informed her. Béla raised her eyebrows.

‘Tanya and Lisa together? I hope I don’t get Jake heard his wife think.

‘No, not Jake thought back at her, then verbally, “They were playing with an old wire trap that Frank bought for her years ago. They even trapped me in it.”

Béla exclaimed.

She knew Jake wasn’t ever remotely interested in being on the receiving end of any kind of torture. Receiving sensation seemed to be more of a issue. Men preferred to dish it out, instead, and watch the fun rather than take it in the gut or wherever the limited male imagination could deliver it.

Jake replied, sounding really disgusted. “That barbed wire gouged the hell out of me!”

Béla was immediately much more cheerful. “Did it leave scars? Can I see?”

She hopped up and pulled at Jake’s shirt. She got it up around his chest, excitedly checking out his torso. There wasn’t even a scratch on him.

Béla grumbled, and flopped back down.

Jake stared at her, his mouth wide open. “What the hell was that?” he yelled, still staring at her. “You act like you wanted to see me all ripped to hell and back! Are you nuts?”

Now it was turn to stare. She kept quiet, having absolutely no idea what to say. She’d acted purely on impulse, expecting him to response favorably, like he always did when they played games together. She finally shut her mouth and looked away.

“I guess,” she admitted.

The thought of running her hands over his bleeding chest while she was madly riding his hard cock really turned her on. She dared to project that image to Jake. Stunned, Jake sat down, almost missing his chair.

He looked at her for a moment. mind was open to him, letting him see her thoughts as easily as she could see his. In all the time they’d known each other, neither of them had ever thought of reversing their roles like that. Jake could see that she was entranced by the idea, now that it occurred to her. Béla knew he would do anything to please her, but she also knew that he wouldn’t enjoy this.

he said, finally.

He got up and left. A moment later, he returned from the kitchen with a steak knife. He handed it to her and lifted up his shirt, again.

“How do you want to do this?” Jake asked, staring at her and waiting.

Béla stood in front of him, knife in hand, totally uncertain of her next move. After a moment, she raised the knife up and laid the blade against his left pectoral. She stared at the shape edge of the blade, mesmerized as she touched it to his flesh. She hesitated, unable to continue.

“I… I she murmured finally, backing away and shaking her head. “I can’t do that to you. I can’t deliberately hurt you.”

Raising her head, she nervously met his gaze. He seemed relieved, but there was something upsetting him, deeper inside.

“I do it to you all the time,” he told her. “Sometimes even in my sleep I dream about carving on your sweet flesh.”

Béla grinned at him. “I dream about you doing that to me, too.” she laughed nervously. “But, I’ve never wanted to do that to you. I’ve never wanted to hurt you.”

Jake laughed right in her face. “You beat the crap out of me every chance you get! What do you />
“Only when I’m mad,” Béla interrupted, raising her voice, “and only when you need to be taught a lesson!”

She moved toward him threateningly with the knife. Jake was bright enough to flinch back. Instantly, Béla stopped and glared down at the little knife in her hand. Then, snarling at it, she threw it down on the couch.

Jake sighed, “This isn’t going to work.” He put his hands on shoulders and pulled her to him. “Use your teeth.”

Béla asked, half-laughing and backing away to look at him.

“I realize that, for you, a knife is too… Jake reasoned. “Your teeth and nails are your weapons of choice. The knife and gun are mine. Go with what you’re familiar with.”

Béla began, then stopped.

She blinked and looked up at him again.

“When we’re making love,” Jake said, still trying to get through her odd hesitancy about hurting him, “you often bite me. You always apologize for doing it, but I know you love biting me. So bite me now.”

He pulled her toward him again.

“No! I Béla cried out, shaking free of his gentle grasp. “I

There were tears in her eyes, now. And… Fear?

“What are you afraid of?” Jake asked. “You won’t kill me. You have my permission. I love you!”

Béla allowed him to pull her up against his bare chest. She buried her head in his chest and arms and started to cry.

she pleaded, sobbing quietly. make it okay for me to do that to you. It mustn’t ever be okay!” She looked up at him through her tear-streaked eyes. “I’ll kill />
“No you Jake replied, laughing nervously at her fears. “You love me too much.

“At least, I hope you do,” he added, trying to joke her out of her strange mood.

He hugged her tightly, suddenly remembering that there was a lot about Béla that he didn’t know – thousands of years of things happening to her and of things she herself had done, both good and bad, that he was completely ignorant of. This was obviously one of those things he was running into, now.

Backing her slowly toward the couch, he sat down, pulling her with him so she was sitting halfway on his lap. He continued hugging her and kissing her soft, silky black hair. After a moment, Béla sniffed, trying to dry her nose and eyes. He handed her a cloth off the end of the couch. She blew her nose on it and handed it back, both of them giggling as he delicately took it from her with two fingers barely pinching the edge of the soiled cloth and tossed it aside.

Béla was soft and warm, a little sticky from crying, and very vulnerable. Jake’s cock was raging, as it always did in the presence of a helpless female. He continued kissing her and massaging her shoulders and back with his hands, helping her to relax and forget about whatever silly thing had happened in her distant past.

After a few more minutes, he lay her back on the couch, her legs and hips still in his lap, and unbuttoned her blouse. Then he pulled her up, his arms wrapped around her back, and began kissing and sucking on her nipples. Béla let her head fall back, gently moaning her pleasure to him. Holding her up with his left arm, he moved his right hand down, only to find her pants didn’t have any fasteners. They simply slid on and off.

Béla raised her head, noticing his problem regarding her limited accessibility. She grinned at him and her pants simply vanished, falling on the floor next to the couch. Jake chuckled at her simple maneuver and began massaging her hip and left leg, laying her back down on the couch. Then he slid out from underneath her hips and knelt down on the floor, massaging both her thighs with his hands.

Béla parted her legs as she gazed down the length of her body into his eyes. Jake began kissing and nipping her warm, soft, inner thighs, traveling slowly up toward that magical center between them. Béla sighed as his face brushed gently against her vulva, and then grabbed a handful of his hair while trying not to buck too hard against him as he licked along her entire length, from her butt to her clitoris.

“Oh, God!” she sighed. “Do that again!”

She could feel his hot breath as he laughed to himself. He enjoyed making her feel the sensations she was broadcasting. Moving back down, he repeated his long, slow tongue torture, traveling from her ass back up to her clit, again. This time, he bit her clitoris gently, letting her know he’d arrived at her special place.

Béla was broadcasting her need for more sensation constantly, now. Jake added his fingers to his slow, sweet torture of her, first simply rubbing her anus gently with a finger, moving to her pussy, then back again. Back and forth. He stopped for a moment when Béla bucked against him, moaning in her frustration.

When she was still, again, Jake continued his slow torture. He moved his index finger into her anus ever so slowly and very gently, using his thumb and middle finger, began to stroke the cleavage where her legs ended. Béla trembled, forcing her body to stay still, needing him to violently tear into her, but loving his tender torture of her, loving the sweet way he made her wait. She knew that when she finally came, it would be worth the waiting and the torture.

Finally, he had his index finger buried in her ass and was pushing into her soaking wet pussy with his thumb. He continued simply holding her clit in his gentle teeth, occasionally flicking it with his tongue. His hot breath exhaling against her sensitive flesh was followed by the cool air rushing back into his mouth as he breathed, hot and cool, hot and cool, against her clitoris gently trapped in his teeth.

Béla grabbed at the edges of the soft, uncaring couch, needing to grasp something with her hands to help stabilize her cascading sensations. If she touched any part of her body, she knew she would explode in orgasm, destroying the sensations she was riding on now. She cried out, rolling her head from side to side, forcing the rest of her energized body to remain steady, holding it still, forcing it to not react to the orgasmic sensations that threatened to overwhelm her.

Then Jake, his thumb and index finger buried in her pussy and ass, bent his thumb backward and raked his thumbnail gently against the soft, sensitive tissue inside the front of her vagina. That was all it took. Béla began exploding in orgasm, bucking her hips wildly against his face and crying out her pleasure, her entire body convulsing as she came.

Pulling his finger and thumb out, Jake used both hands to hold onto her thrashing hips and sucked her clitoris further into his mouth. He chewed on her soft girl-flesh and rapidly flicked his tongue against her clit, keeping her coming for almost a minute. Béla cried out and thrashed her body around on the couch, Jake’s face and mouth tightly riding her pelvis.

Finally, Béla weakly pushed her hand against his head, trying to get him to release her poor, tired clit from his torturous lips. He grinned and let go, rubbing his moistened face against her inner thighs as he withdrew. Béla lay exhausted on the couch, her stomach and breasts heaving up and down with each exhausted breath.

Jake sat back and watched her for a moment as she lay there, recovering from her orgasms. She was so incredibly beautiful lying there with her legs spread like that, with her moist pussy glistening in the lamplight and her tight flesh stretched between her jutting hips. She radiated sexual satiation and contentment. Everything was right as Jake gazed at her, loving her.

He realized that, as satisfied as she was right now, she was lying on the couch by herself. She was alone – just her and her sensations. Jake thought that perhaps he was beginning to understand why she needed him so badly. She was alone on the couch but she knew he was there, sitting there and watching over her. It made the difference, to her, between being alone and being lonely.

Impulsively, he reached up and put an arm around her stomach, hugging her and resting his head against her side, listening to her breathe. He could hear her heart pounding from the workout he’d given her. As he listened, it slowed down until it was beating normally. Her breathing was normal now, too. She moved her arm and tousled his hair with her hand.

“You haven’t come yet,” she murmured, smiling into the room, her eyes still closed.

“That was for you,” he replied.

His cock was hard, but he wasn’t feeling horny. The conflicting conditions confused him a little, but loving an exotic immortal was bound to have strange side effects; at least that was his reasoning. He just wanted to hold this beautiful, wild creature for as long as he could – which, he realized, wasn’t going to be much longer. She was already getting restless in his grasp.

After another moment, he felt her stomach muscles tighten and she grunted, trying to sit up. Pushing herself up along the back of the couch, she looked down at him.

“I should do something for you,” she said softly, responding to his earlier reply.

She slid off the couch and down next to him and put her arms around his shoulders. Then they both lay down on the carpet, kissing each other gently.

“You don’t need to feel obligated,” Jake teased, when his mouth was free for a moment.

Béla gently closed her teeth around the flesh on his cheek in response to his silly remark. The idea that they owed each other anything was… interesting. Béla thought about that while they continued making out on the floor.

Jake’s dick was starting to take over his thought processes now. He was getting more ardent and demanding in his caresses, pulling her torso tightly against his, letting his cock rub against her soft belly, feeling her alluring body move beneath his hands.

Béla felt her body responding to her lifemate’s arousal, and became more demanding, herself, in her caresses. She slid up, freeing his cock from its warm, confining prison of flesh and let it spring out between her legs, only to become trapped, once again, between her thighs.

Jake rolled her onto her back and thrust upward, his hard cock magically finding its home inside her – sliding up into her, stretching her like his tongue and fingers couldn’t. Béla moaned, satisfied with the feeling of his cock inside her. He began to gently move in and out, arousing her more.

The carpet was starting to press against her back and hips, scratching her skin and making her even hornier. They began fucking each other harder and harder, breathing into each other’s mouths as they fervently kissed, and breathing their hot breath against each other’s cheeks as they caught their breath again.

Jake began kissing his way down her cheek to her earlobe, then bent down to kiss and nip the moist, sweating skin of her neck. Béla did the same, kissing, licking and nipping her way down to his shoulder blade. She bared her teeth, pressed against his shoulder, and froze, instantly pulling her head back.

Jake stopped, surprised at her sudden stiffness, and looked at her face. Then he realized what had happened. She’d almost bitten him again.

He smiled at her. “It’s okay. If you want, you can bite me.”

He saw the fear in her eyes again.

‘An image of a young blond girl, covered with blood and lying in a blood-soaked bed, her throat, breasts and stomach ripped open. It was her sister, Elaine – their very first love tryst together. She’d almost killed her first sister because of her vampiric blood lust.’

“You didn’t kill her,” Jake implored her, “and you won’t kill me. I know that’s how you show affection with your own kind. I know it hurts you to think you can’t do it to me. But you can. It’s okay.”

He pulled her against him, and moved his cock in and out of her again. He could feel that her lust was gone, replaced by her fear of hurting him.

He relaxed, holding Béla against him and making love to her slowly, letting her relax and catch up to him, again. Finally, she began to move her pelvis a little as her body became interested once again in what he was doing to her. He changed his position so that he wasn’t on top of her and crushing her into the hard carpet anymore. He pulled her leg up over his hip, letting her control more of the action.

As he lay, half leaning his shoulder against the front of the couch, his leg was being pressured by something hard. Reaching behind and underneath his leg, he sliced his finger on the blade of the knife. Holding his finger up in front of him and looking at the cut, he realized that the knife must have fallen off the couch when Béla joined him on the floor.

He started to lick the blood off and felt the jolt in his mind as Béla smelled his bloodied finger. He held his finger out to her and touched her lips. She greedily licked it clean and stared at him, her breathing becoming more ragged and uneven.

Jake reached back and pulled the knife out from under his leg, careful not to cut himself further. Bringing it around, he ran the sharp edge along his chest, making a thin, red line a couple of inches long. It barely hurt at all and began healing immediately. But Béla had her lips against his chest almost before he could get the knife out of her way.

Jake grinned to himself, realizing that he had the perfect opportunity to help her get over this weird phobia. As his tiny wound closed, Béla started to regain control of her lust. He handed her the knife.

“Now you do one,” he said softly.

eyes widened in denial and she shook her head.

“I don’t need to,” she lied. “My control is okay, now.”

She pushed the knife back into his hand. Jake moved his cock in and out of her one more time, gazing into her face. Her mind was sealed tightly against him. He smiled slightly and moved his hand upward again. Béla waited for him to make another tiny cut, knowing he was really trying to help her overcome that single limitation in her lovemaking.

Her eyes widened suddenly and she gasped as she felt the white-hot pain of the knife sliding into her stomach just below her ribs. She stared at him, gasping in surprise, not understanding why he’d done that.

your control now?” Jake asked her, his expression unreadable.

He pulled the knife out and wiped her blood off on his chest where she’d licked him clean a moment earlier. Béla growled at him and licked her blood off, then started to pull away once she’d cleaned him off again. Jake jabbed his finger deep into her almost healed wound, tearing it open further.

Béla cried out, furious with him and full of lust, now, and sank her teeth into his chest. She immediately stiffened up and pulled back. Jake pulled her tightly against him so that her face was trapped in his neck and shoulder and jabbed his finger into her wound again. He began moving his finger in and out of her bleeding belly in rhythm with his cock moving in and out of her pussy.

She was starting to flow between her legs, now, and she breathed in ragged and unsteady gasps. She bit into his neck and began to suck his blood. Jake stopped finger-fucking her belly and held her head against his neck with both hands while increasing his movement in and out of her pussy.

Béla was responding now as he had never seen her respond. Her pussy was flowing as she tore several gaping wounds in his neck, sucking madly at each one for a moment before tearing another. Her fingers were busy, too – raking long lines of weeping cuts down his back and ribs, shredding his flesh. Jake was amazed at how erotic it felt to be torn apart at the height of lust.

She was tearing at the flesh on his shoulder now, and coming constantly. The constant orgasms she was radiating through him drove him over the edge. As he came, he bit into her neck, realizing that she wanted him to, and tasted her blood on his tongue. Béla released her fanged grip out of his shoulder and screamed in one final orgasm, then went completely limp.

Jake lay on the floor, holding her limp body against his, breathing heavily, his mind working furiously to determine exactly what had happened. Béla had cut loose with him like she never had before, making him realize that she definitely wasn’t human. She really was what she claimed to be all those years ago on that lonely mesa when she revealed her secret to him.

Jake held her close against him, kissing and licking the blood off her neck as her wound healed. He could feel the tingling in his body of her fresh blood renewing him. This was the kind of lovemaking she had with her vampiric sisters. She severely curtailed herself when making love to Jake, or any other human for that matter, often requiring an incredible quantity of sex or personal injury to make up for the demonic sex she craved. He realized that, now.

He also realized that, although she’d gone further this time with him in the amount of pure physical damage done, she’d still treated him with incredible gentleness compared to the images he’d seen in her mind of the violent sex she’d had with several of her sisters.

It seemed like it only took a few minutes before Béla stirred in his arms, but, when he moved to release her, his sore, stiff muscles told him it had been at least an hour since he’d last moved. He’d spent the entire time thinking, but was still undecided on how to handle this fascinating facet of his sexy, immortal wife.

Chapter 3 />
‘Are you ready?’ Tabatha heard in her mind.

She grinned, cautiously peering into the seemingly innocent hallway in front of her. She was naked and standing in ‘Square One’ of The Maze! She was excited, wondering what kind of mutilating tortures were set up for today. The Femmes often set up maze traps for each other. These days it was more for the entertainment of the girl monitoring the maze as they watched their fellow teammates get ripped up. The traps were no longer intended to be ‘avoided if possible’. Most were impossible to avoid.

she called out audibly, still cautious, after all these years, of using telepathy without also verbalizing her thoughts.

The glass panel that blocked anyone from accidentally entering slid to one side. Tensing her body, Tabatha stepped forward. Nothing happened.

She began to walk down the center of the hallway with bare feet padding silently on the floor, her senses tuned to pick up the slightest sound or electrical pulse. Switches usually made a clicking sound that she could pick up telepathically, as they caused a tiny electromagnetic pulse when a circuit opened or closed. Her mind was so sensitive that she could feel the electric motors of the flat recorder as it moved to track her position.

Something changed. Tabatha braced for whatever impact was about to occur. Then she saw a scythe swinging down and threw herself against the wall. It nicked her shoulder as it passed much too close for comfort. Getting her head sliced open was not what she had in mind.

‘Damn! Missed her!’ she heard Lisa chortle in her mind. ‘Watch the wall, />
Tabatha suddenly fell backwards as the wall vanished behind her. As she fell, something sharp gouged through her back. Unable to stop her fall, she found she was impaled, the sharp, bloody end of an iron spike sticking out of her chest. The next thing she noticed was how badly it hurt.

She gasped in pain, thankful that the damned thing had missed both her lungs. But, since it went right through the center of her body, she was sure it pierced the large artery going up to her heart. If she teleported off, she would quickly bleed to death. As it was, she would only live a few more minutes without help. She began to tremble as her body reacted to the violent penetration.

‘Fuck! I’m stuck here until somebody comes to help me off this thing.’

She began reprogramming her nervous system to spread the pain more evenly throughout her body. That kept her from going into shock, but now she was getting horny as her clitoris and pussy responded to the stimulation of her nerves down there.

Beginning to panic, she realized that no one was going to come and help her. Lisa was monitoring today, and she wouldn’t help until you were dead. Tabatha was expected to solve this, herself. Trying not to move too much, she craned her head around, exploring the area she’d fallen into behind the wall. There were electrical cables running everywhere. She laughed, realizing how simple the solution was.

Dropping her head back onto the floor, she dream-walked out of her body and created an image of the cabling running along the wall, then moved it over the image of her staked body lying on the floor until the iron stake appeared to penetrate the cable. Effectively, she was teleporting electricity from the inside of the cable and grounding it against the iron spike sticking out of her chest.

She watched her body convulse as electricity poured down the spike and through her grounded body. Most of the raw energy was traveling right through the spike and into the metal base beneath her. Her body was shaking just from the small amount of residual current that passed from the spike and traveled through her body to the metal floor.

But that current eddy was effectively cauterizing her ruptured blood vessels. She watched as the hole in her body surrounding the spike began to cook. Then she teleported back into the hallway. As she did, she found herself yanked back into her body.

Tabatha screamed in agony as she violently jerked awake. Her pain was incredibly intense and there was nowhere she could dissipate it into. Her whole body was in agony. Then she started to come, her pussy actually flaring out from the intense over-stimulation it was receiving.

Writhing in the middle of the hallway for several minutes, Tabatha cried and gasped incoherently as the intense, burning pain in her body dissipated through her pussy and clitoris. As overwhelming as her sensations were, however, she never lost consciousness. Finally, she lay, covered in sweat, drying blood still speckling her chest and belly, gasping on the cold steel floor.

‘Wow! That was fucking intense!’ Lisa excitedly cried into her mind. ‘I must have come a dozen times. Let’s do another one!’

‘You almost killed me, you Cunt!’ Tabatha sent back to her.

‘Not possible,’ Lisa replied, sounding bored now. ‘If you die, I’ll just go back and rescue you. Can you walk? There’s lots />
Tabatha laughed to herself at Lisa’s childish demeanor. Lisa was right, of course. Dying didn’t mean very much if you could go back and change the past. She even had the ability to time-walk into the past and rescue herself if she needed to.

She decided to try and get up. The hollowed out hole in her chest crinkled as she did, creating a really odd sensation of being fucked in her rib cage. As she stood up and forced a deep breath into her lungs, the hollow tunnel of cooked meat suddenly collapsed as her body finished repairing the damage the spike had created. There was some bleeding from each surface of the wound, but most of the impaling sensation was dissipating. She felt she needed to belch air out of her stomach, but nothing she did alleviated that sensation.

Finally deciding she was fit enough, Tabatha continued through the maze. Without any warning, she was suddenly surrounded by a dozen strands of barbed wire. They simply dropped on her from above and tightened around her before she could react.

Crying out as the cruel wires tightened, shredding her flesh and yanking her up into the air, Tabatha teleported a few meters farther down the passage, triggering another trap. She found herself skewered again as a spear was catapulted up through the floor beneath her feet. The sharp tip slashed up the inner thigh of her left leg and jammed itself into her hipbone. Losing her balance as she tried to sidestep the new danger, she fell, snapping the spear in half and landing hard on the floor.

The floor folded away beneath her, and Tabatha dropped a couple of meters down. The floor folded back up, trapping her in a tiny, totally dark chamber. A loud hissing filled the air. Tabatha choked as she tried to breathe.


Backing up a fraction of a second in time, Tabatha shielded her body as the chamber exploded. She survived the explosion, but now there was no breathable air.

Choking and gasping, Tabatha appeared back in the hallway between the barbed wire trap and the ruptured flooring where the gas chamber had been. She was covered with half-healed cuts and slashes. That damned spear was still stuck in her leg and hurting her hipbone terribly. She teleported it out of her thigh and onto the floor a little ways from where she sat.

‘Jesus! You’ve been busy!’ Tabatha mentally exclaimed into the air around her. new!’

‘Oh! There you are!’ Lisa anxiously exclaimed into her mind. ‘I went back to get you and you were gone!’

She suddenly appeared kneeling next to Tabatha.

The girls looked at each other for a moment, then Lisa embraced her friend and kissed her passionately.

she cried out anxiously in Tabatha’s mind, ‘I’ve just got to!’

“Got to what?” Tabatha yelped as Lisa’s awkward movements pulled them both down to the floor.

Then she knew. Lisa had gotten so aroused from watching Tabatha getting murdered that she was going nuts with blood lust.

Lisa pushed her down and dove after the leg wound that the spear had made. Although it was almost healed, it was still bleeding, and Lisa locked her lips around the wound and sucked greedily, biting Tabatha’s leg when her wound stopped giving up blood.

“Ow! Hey!” Tabatha cried out, knocking her other knee against the back of Lisa’s head, trying to get her to let go.

Finally, she teleported out from beneath her horny vampiric lover and reappeared next to the wall.

“I didn’t like that!” Tabatha yelled. “If you want to fuck me, I’m game, ’cause I’m horny, too. But don’t get so damned greedy for my blood!”

Lisa stared anxiously at the fresh bite mark on Tabatha’s inner thigh as it healed, then looked up at her friend’s face as she regained her control.

“I’m sorry,” she said, her voice quivering a little. “I couldn’t find you. You time-walked out of that gas chamber but you didn’t go anywhere. Then, I guess I just got…

“You mean you can’t see me when I’m shielded?” Tabatha asked, surprised. “Because I was in there when it exploded. I just phased out of present time a little when I smelled the gas.

“Well, did you see me?” Lisa asked. “I was shielded the same way.”

Tabatha shook her head.

they both thought.

“Still want to fuck?” Tabatha asked, more interested in exploring the new maze, but willing to take a break if Lisa wanted her.

Seeing her thoughts, Lisa smiled. “No, there’s always later. We can go through the maze together if you want.”

Tabatha agreed. “But you know what’s up there and I

Lisa grinned and licked her lips. “I know! Should be

Her grin turned wickedly sly and she laughed. Both girls clambered to their feet and began walking further down the hallway, stepping carefully over the warped floor where the gas chamber had exploded.

Tabatha looked carefully at the bent and warped steel that had been the floor.

“That was a pretty powerful explosion,” she said, “a lot more than what’s needed to kill anyone.”

“Um, well,” Lisa confessed. “I flared through my time shield when the gas exploded. It was just an automatic reaction, but… Well, there’s the results. I did that.”

Tabatha replied. “Remind me not to startle you.”

She grinned at her friend and turned to continue down the hallway, not noticing that Lisa had stopped after the first step.

An electrical rotor resonated in Tabatha’s mind – something was moving close by. She dived to the floor and rolled onto her back to see what it was. A metal arm with a spinning saw blade passed through the air where she’d been a second earlier.

“Ha! Missed me!” she chortled.

The arm turned and elbowed down toward her. Tabatha yelped and rolled. Sparks flew where the blade spun against the metal floor, then it changed direction and was moving toward her again.

‘Shit! It knows where I am!’ Tabatha realized.

She scooted against the wall, out of room to maneuver. The spinning blade darted down and dug into her soft belly, carving all the way down to her right hipbone before Tabatha could grab the blade with her mind and teleport it into the wreckage of the gas chamber. She could hear it grinding away at the wall and flooring as it lost its momentum and stopped, then grunted as the arm that had held the blade rammed into her stomach.

Pinned to the wall by the pneumatic arm pressing painfully into her stomach almost to her backbone, Tabatha stared down at the foot-long gash in her side, her bottom rib and her right hip easily visible and whitish gray beneath the dark red flow of blood pouring down her leg with each pulse of her wildly beating heart.

Unable to move the mechanical arm, Tabatha reached down, gasping with the effort, and tried to hold her bleeding wound together. Lisa was suddenly there beside her and the feral gleam in her eyes was more frightening than the attack of the sawblade had been. Whimpering in both terror and pain, Tabatha allowed Lisa to press her gaping wound together, and between both of them, they managed to hold it closed so that it could begin to heal. After a few minutes, it was healed enough so that Lisa could hold it closed simply by pressing against it, which she did by putting her arms around Tabatha and hugging her bodice against Tabatha’s still bleeding wound.

After about ten minutes, Tabatha’s wound stopped bleeding and Lisa asked, Can you get up?” obviously ready for more.

Tabatha grunted as she tried to move, then said, “I think />
Holding her torn, half-healed side with both hands, Tabatha shoved against the wall and managed to get upright, though still somewhat unsteady.

Lisa vanished, and Tabatha’s eyes widened in terror as she saw the pneumatic arm move toward her again. The aperture at the end of the arm was changing. A hollow tube was protruding, now, and was pointing right at her. There was no way she could move before a dart fired from the hollow tube struck her.

Tabatha shrieked as the dart stuck into her torso and thousands of volts of electricity shot through the thin wire trailing from the rear of the dart to the robotic arm.

She dropped to the floor, writhing in agony, and desperately pulled her body back in time a fraction of a second. The cord between the dart and the robot hand fell slack, severed by the time shield.

Tabatha lay on the floor gasping for air while she watched the mechanical arm try to reach through her time shield. Beyond the metal arm at the far end of the hallway, Lisa was on her knees with flames physically shooting out of her pussy, her hands tightly squeezing her breasts, which were already burned black. The look on Lisa’s face was one of pure orgasmic agony as she watched her friend’s torturous mishaps with the robot arm. Making eye contact, Tabatha could feel Lisa’s powerful orgasm right through the time shield.

The air quickly got stale inside Tabatha’s protective cocoon. Changing tactics before she suffocated, Tabatha dropped her shield and created another one around the robot arm. It was immediately severed where the time shield passed through it and moved eerily across the room in the same direction it had been traveling when it was severed. Frightened that it might pass through the far wall when it reached it, Tabatha reversed the shield and let it evaporate. The robot arm fell to the floor with a loud crash and just laid there.

Lisa’s body was mostly flame, now, as she burned herself to another orgasm. Mesmerized by the erotic flow of emotions coming from the fiery phoenix, Tabatha rose and stumbled toward her. Finally arriving and dropping down in front of her, Tabatha reached into the flames and pushed Lisa onto her back, falling on top of her.

“Burn me!” Tabatha cried out, her skin scorching and her hair catching on fire. “Make me come!”

She opened her mouth and breathed her lungs full of Lisa’s fire as her scorching body orgasmed. She screamed her agonized, burning orgasm into Lisa’s face as she came, then rolled off and passed out. As Lisa came again from Tabatha’s radiated orgasm, she passed out as well, her body smoking.

Chapter 4 />
It was night. There were no clouds and no moon. Jamie leaned back against the Quonset hut and looked at his watch. He sighed. There were still two hours left before his relief showed up. From his present position, he could see along the entire length of the northern fence. Whoever was stealing their supplies wasn’t going to get in this way without his knowing it.

There was a slight sound that alerted him. It came from behind, inside the Quonset hut. He pressed the red button on his alert remote and began sneaking around the building to the entrance. As he drew closer, he pulled his blaster out.

The entrance was still locked. Jamie frowned, puzzled. During this recent rash of thefts, the thieves always locked up after themselves. But if they were inside now, he didn’t understand how the door would be locked. He pressed the side of his face against the corrugated metal siding. There were voices inside. He could hear someone, no, at least two, women?

His lieutenant was striding up behind him. Jamie held a finger up to his lips to indicate silence, then stood at attention and saluted.

the situation?” his superior whispered.

someone inside,” Jamie replied. “Sounds like a couple of women.”

They both grinned, looking forward to interrogating some nice – maybe even not so nice – female flesh, but, so long as it was female, it was going to be interrogated.

Lieutenant Connelly quietly pulled out his keys and opened the lock. It was impossible to be totally quiet, but they were as quiet as possible. It didn’t matter. The door opened with a loud groan, annoying both guards and probably alerting the thieves.

Quickly reaching around for the light switch, Connelly flipped it and scanned the room with his blaster raised. An incredibly beautiful blond girl, completely naked (as least from the waist up, from what they could see), seemed totally surprised to see them.

“Hands up!” Connelly yelped, his voice breaking in aroused shock.

In his entire life, he’d never seen anyone as alluringly beautiful as the frightened girl standing in the middle of the supply depot. She carefully raised her hands, oddly not trying to hide any part of her exposed anatomy.

“She could be a trap,” Jamie suggested. “A decoy to put us off guard.”

Lieutenant Connelly nervously looked around the room again, not seeing anyone else.

“Who were you talking to?” he asked the naked blond girl.

Tanya replied nervously in her favorite voice. “I-I wuz jus’ lookin’ fer food. S-sometimes I talk to myself.”

you get in here?” Connelly snapped at her, trying to focus on the fact that the girl was a thief and ignore the ragings of his growing cock as he stared at her.

Tanya glanced to one side, where a window had been jimmied open.

Having determined that the naked blonde was the only other person inside the storage building besides them, the two guards approached her. Tanya nervously backed away a step or two, seeming to lose her balance for a second as she backed into a double-stacked pallet. She jerked in surprise, jiggling her boobs nicely, and stood, nervous and stiff-backed, against the pallet blocking her retreat.

yer name, Pretty Girl?” Connelly asked, leering at her, having determined that she was alone and helpless.

Tanya replied nervously.

‘Bye, bye, Tootsie, Bye… />
‘Shut up!’

She did her best to suppress a grin as Tabatha appeared behind them at the other end of the quansut hut to scarf another pallet of canned goods. Tabatha ducked down as she noticed the lights and the guards, then grinned at Tanya and silently vanished, along with the pallet she was standing next to.

‘Fuck ’em good, Slut!’ Tanya heard in her mind as Tabatha vanished.

She figured that Tabatha and Lisa would go on to the next base now to swipe a couple of pallets from them, and not wait for Tanya.

“You been stealin’ from us, Whore?” Connelly sneered at her, only inches away from her face, now.

Tanya stammered. “T-this is the f-first

She could barely contain herself as her body reacted to the lust that the guards were broadcasting at her. If she worked it right, she’d get double fucked and maybe shot, too. She wondered how exciting one of those energy weapons would feel heating up her cunt.

Connelly said, almost drooling, “Jamie, get a rope. We’re gonna tie this ’un up and have some fun with her.”

“Yes, sir!” Jamie replied cheerfully.

There was a roll of thick twine used for securing cargo. He manhandled it over next to Tanya.

“Can I have some food, after?” Tanya asked, sounding fearful, but hopeful. “I’m awful hungry an’ I got a family to feed.”

The lieutenant leered at her. “That belly’s never had brats! Lying will earn you extra

Tanya shook her head, denying everything. “N-no! It’s fer my sisters! An’ my mom!”

“No brothers?” he asked, thinking about bonding the entire family to the brothels.

There was always a handsome commission for decent-looking cunts for the soldiers to enjoy. The thought of a whole family of ripe females like this one bonded to him was too good to pass up!

Tanya shook her head, nervously. “N-no, only my younger sisters an’ my mom.”

Connelly leered at her. Tanya decided she was really going to enjoy putting the screws on this one. Being mean was one thing when you didn’t know any different, but this creep was mean, greedy and smart – a bad combination.

Connelly watched Tanya’s shoulders jerk back as the guard cruelly tied her arms together behind her back. Tanya’s breasts were heaving as she nervously gulped in air, trying to stay calm. Connelly thought she was terrified. The truth was that Tanya loved being tied up and was so horny she could barely stand.

“On your knees, cunt!” Connelly snarled at her now that her arms were tied.

Tanya felt the other guard kick the back of her left knee, forcing her to drop down hard on the concrete slab floor. She cried out as she landed, one kneecap striking the toe of the boot.

In the meantime, Connelly was unfastening the front of his pants. In another moment, he had his raging cock out. Tanya gazed at it for a second, then sucked the whole thing into her mouth without waiting to be ordered to. She was a little disappointed in its size, but realized that it would fit nicely up her ass. She planned to have quite a session with these two.

‘Need any help?’ Lisa thought cheerfully into Tanya’s mind.

An image of the two girls biting the hard dicks off the guys and bathing in their blood as it spurted all over them, then licking the dark red, sticky stuff off each other while pounding their thighs into each other’s cunts.

Tanya almost came as the erotic flow accompanying Lisa’s image flooded through her body. She gave an extra-hard suck to Connelly’s cock, earning her a swat on the side of her head.

Connelly commanded. “That ain’t no Popsicle.”

Tanya blinked away stars and moaned in apology. As she continued to suck, she could feel the other guard, Jamie, playing with her between her legs.

“God, she’s wet!” Jamie exclaimed, excitedly. “She must really like this!”

He took his own cock out and started rubbing it against Tanya’s slippery pussy lips. Moaning loudly in approval, Tanya tried to sit back on that long, young cock while still holding Connelly’s dick in her mouth. He wouldn’t have any of it.

“Git back here, ya whore!” Connelly yelled. “Where ya think yer

Tanya cried out through her mouthful of cock as the lieutenant grabbed her hair and yanked her forward. Then the young guard had his cock inside her anyway, so Tanya settled down and kept sucking, bouncing a little now against the nice, long cock stretching her hungry little cunt.

‘God, what a slut you are,’ Lisa chirped into her mind, still eavesdropping. ‘Wanna know what I’m doing with myself?’

‘No! Go ’way, Kid, ya bother me!’ Tanya thought back cheerfully.

gonna shoot you afterwards – you know that, don’t you?’ Lisa asked, curious. gonna vaporize your guts and cut you in half!’

‘You think so? That might be fun, but why would they?’ Tanya thought back, excited at the prospect of getting her tits cooked with a blaster.

find Lisa cooed into her mind. Then she was gone, no longer mind-linked with her.

Connelly cried out, his dick pulsing in her mouth.

An instant later, he was shooting cum against the back of her throat. Tanya swallowed the first big spurt, then decided she didn’t like his taste and spat his cock out. He was still coming, and spattered her face and breasts with two more thick, gooey spurts.

you spit it out fer?” he asked, slapping her across the face.

the man behind her cried out. “She squeezes her cunt every time you hit her! Hit ’er again!”

He began pumping in and out of her sopping wet pussy harder and harder. Connelly struck her again, harder this time.

“Oh, yeah!” the guy fucking her cried out.

Connelly backhanded her this time, smacking her face the other way.

“Oh, fuck, Sir! I’m coming!” The man behind her yanked her hair, making her tense up and arch her back.

Connelly kicked her in the belly, forcing her to bend forward with an unhappy grunt. Then she felt that big cock in her cunt twitching and spurting. She came with him, even as Connelly sank his big boot into her belly again.

Jamie let go of the blond thief’s hair and she collapsed to the floor, twitching and moaning in pain and orgasm. He and his lieutenant understood each other and worked well together, especially when breaking in a newly bonded girl.

“We need to take a patrol and find her family,” Connelly sneered down at the sexy slut as she lay curled up, whimpering and trembling on the floor. “She shouldn’t be alone in her time of need. Or ours!”

He laughed. Jamie laughed with him, knowing their need took precedence over hers.

“Get up!” Connelly snarled, kicking her legs.

Tanya cried out and tried to scoot away. The younger boy behind her grabbed her hair and pulled her up into a sitting position as Tanya cried out in protest of his rough treatment.

Then Connelly dragged her into an upright position and leaned her against the pallet they’d found her next to. Tanya looked behind her, stunned to see that, behind the guards, the little warehouse was half-empty now.

‘Jeez, you guys have been she thought into the air around her, understanding now why Lisa was so certain that she was going to be shot.

yer family hiding out, Connelly asked, grabbing the blonde thief’s face with one hand and sneering at her.

Tanya snorted in derision. “I’m going to tell you?” she laughed in his face.

Connelly slapped her hard across the face. He was beginning to think she liked being bitch-slapped.

“Oh my God! Sir!” the younger guard exclaimed in alarm.

Connelly whirled around, ready to fight! He stared out across the empty floor in amazement along with his young guard, Jamie.

you do?” he snarled, turning back to the blond witch.

He realized that she’d distracted them while the rest of the warehouse was being raided. He didn’t know why he hadn’t heard anything, but this bitch was going to show him where it all went, and she was going to get it back for them.

Tanya laughed and spit at him. “You men are so easy!” she cooed, then watched, delighted, as the lieutenant picked up his blaster and shoved it into her belly.

Tanya tensed expectantly, waiting for him to fire. Her pussy was ready to explode in her excitement.

“No!” Jamie cried. kill her! She knows where the stuff went!”

Tanya snarled and kicked out, kneeing the lieutenant in his balls. The lieutenant fired the blaster into her belly at point blank range. The sudden agony of her insides melting was unbearable. She looked down and discovered half of her torso was missing. Then she started coming, hard.

‘One last orgasm before I />
Then she was suddenly outside, looking at Lisa’s anxious face. Lisa was staring at her, terrified.

“Are you all right?” Lisa practically screamed into Tanya’s face.

Tanya’s cunt exploded in orgasm, then she slowly collapsed against her friend.

Tanya gasped.

Slowly, Tanya put her hands down to her belly. She could still feel where her insides had been evaporated by the intense power of the blaster.

“He killed you!” Lisa cried, gently lowering Tanya down to the ground. “He cut you in half! You actually remember that?”

Tanya nodded, gasping for breath, not understanding why she couldn’t find the hole the blaster had to have made.

Image of Lisa coming back for another food pallet and finding Tanya sliced in half and lying in a pool of blood and half-cooked innards. Lisa backing up in time to where Tanya was still alive and teleporting her away just as the blaster was fired.

“You save… me,” Tanya gasped weakly. “I thought… I could take it… Didn’t know t… power. Thought it… She passed out.

Lisa didn’t understand how Tanya could remember what happened. She’d yanked Tanya out before she was shot, changing reality so that it never happened. Yet, Tanya remembered being killed and, even though her body wasn’t even singed, she was behaving like she was gutshot. Lisa teleported them both directly to where Béla was.

An hour later Béla came out of her room where Lisa had deposited her comatose teammate. Jake Pestova and Frank were there, waiting anxiously with Lisa and Tabatha.

“She's resting,” Béla announced to the anxious group.

“What happened?” Lisa asked. “How does she remember something that didn’t happen?”

Béla smiled at her daughter. “You didn’t notice? Tanya wasn’t in her body when you grabbed it out from in front of that blaster. She was so scared of how much it might hurt that she’d leaped ahead in time to just after she was shot.

“When you teleported her,” Béla continued, “you yanked her back from the alternate future where she died. She remembers being killed. Her if you will, still has the image of her torso being vaporized. She couldn’t cope with that, even though she realized that you saved her. Her mind, simply put, couldn’t handle that much disagreement, so she just shut down.”

“Will she be all right?” Frank asked, worried that something might be permanently wrong with his wife.

“Yes, She’ll be fine, Frank,” Béla soothed him. “I guided her through it, and she understands what happened to her. However, I think that perhaps you may have your old wife back. She's experienced the ‘ultimate sensation’ now, and it scared the hell out of her.”

Frank asked. “Then maybe I won’t have to worry myself sick anymore every time she goes on one of these />
“You never had to worry,” Lisa said, trying to sooth him. “I’ll always back her up. She simply can’t die if I’m with her.”

“But what about you?” Macario said from the door. He came on into the room. “I just heard about Tanya. Is she okay?”

“Yeah, she’s fine, or will be, anyway,” Frank informed him. “But you do have a point.

“Lisa, what if someone gets you?” Frank asked her, point blank.

“Then I’ll retrieve her just like she retrieved Tanya,” Tabatha chimed in. “And don’t ask who’ll save me – I saved myself the last time I got killed. I have friends on the other side.”

They all laughed nervously, assuming that she was speaking metaphorically.

“Point taken,” Frank said, ending the discussion. “Can I see her,

Béla nodded and let him into her bedroom.

“Hi, sweetie,” Frank said, soothingly. “How ya

Tanya moaned. “I guess I’m all right. It hurt so bad, and I can’t seem to make it go away.”

Frank sat down on the edge of the bed and put his hand on Tanya’s stomach. She flinched, gasping in sudden fear. Her wide eyes stared at him. Her body flickered in and out of the teleportation zone several times in the space of a single instant. Her skin was damp and cold to his touch.

Frank held his hand on her stomach, letting her get used to the feeling and letting her cold flesh beneath his hand warm up a little. After a few minutes, Tanya relaxed and began to breathe easier. Frank began to gently stroke her torso while Tanya forced her body to relax. Her heart was pounding madly and she had to keep yawning to get enough oxygen into her lungs to keep from having another panic attack.

“Pretty wild, huh?” Frank asked, after a few minutes.

Tanya murmured something under her breath.

“What was that?” he asked her.

“I said, Tanya whimpered, forcing her volume up to an audible level. “Oh, God, it hurts. And I even… tell you

She trembled violently for a moment and Frank gripped her shoulders to help her stay still.

“Talk to me, baby,” Frank said anxiously, realizing that, even though her body hadn’t been injured (in this reality, anyway), she was still in shock from what had happened before Lisa yanked her out.

“I I did… I…” Tanya gasped.

She began breathing more rapidly as she lost control again, suddenly arching her back into the air and crying out in pain as the image in her mind of having her torso vaporized overloaded her nervous system again. Frank imagined he could actually smell her flesh sizzling.

“I… Fuck!” Tanya cried out, gasping in anger and pain.

She writhed on the bed as her nervous system overloaded. Then she completely relaxed, her skin shining with sweat. At least she didn’t try to compulsively teleport like she had when Frank first touched her stomach.

“My brave little girl,” Frank crooned to her, blinking tears out of his eyes.

He sat and stroked the matted-down golden hair pasted against her cold, sweaty forehead. gonna be all right, Hon.”

Tanya flinched violently and snapped her eyes open as Frank put his hand back on her stomach, then she realized who it was and forced herself to relax, again and closed her eyes, her breathing unnaturally deep and deliberate as she tried to force her body to calm down. Then she got an idea.

“If you’re gonna touch me,” she gasped, almost whispering hoarsely, “go lower. Help me… help me get rid of some of this… this nervous energy.”

Frank frowned for a moment, not understanding.

‘She needs to burn off her excess energy,’ Béla thought into his mind. ‘She needs you to make love to her – make her feel she’s really alive.’

Frank felt sheepish as he moved his hand down between Tanya’s sweating legs. She was damp and slippery, but her belly was cold. She was warm and damp between her legs, though. He felt her legs tremble as she moved them apart for him. He could hear a short agonized sound with each exhalation of breath she made and knew she badly needed this distraction.

Getting up off the bed, Frank went around to the end and climbed halfway back on, lying on his belly so he could reach her better. He had never felt less like making love when faced with a beautiful, bare pussy than he did right now. He was worried about her so much that he wasn’t sure he could concentrate enough to do a good job on her.

‘Do you want me to do it?’ Béla asked, volunteering.

She sat down beside Tanya and bent down to kiss Tanya’s breasts, making her jerk again in shock. Frank didn’t answer. He simply moved up between Tanya’s legs and began kissing her inner thighs. Tanya trembled for a second, then stretched wider, inviting him to continue. He did, moving up to caress her pungent slit with his tongue.

‘She's already been royally fucked!’ he exclaimed into mind. ‘And recently, too!’

Changing his mind about sticking hie tongue up his wife’s creamy, pungent pussy, he began gently licking her a little further forward, trying to wake up her little clitoris. Tanya trembled again, still in shock and unable to release the image of her murder.

Gently, Frank moved his tongue up and down her slippery slit, ignoring the cum that began to leak out of her pussy. She needed him to provide sensation here that she could wrap her mind around. He heard her faraway moan as she began to respond to his caress. Upping the action a bit, Frank shoved a finger into her leaking cunt. She trembled and began humping delicately against his face.

Frank started working her pussy with his finger and her clit with his tongue, all the time wondering what kind of man would slice her in half after enjoying this perfect body.

‘It comes with the territory,’ Béla replied in his mind as she kissed and caressed Tanya’s big breasts. ‘She likes to play She's been stabbed and shot quite a few times and all it did was make her horny. But she didn’t have any experience with energy weapons. She thought it would be like that skewer-bot – intense, but />
Tanya was twitching now, definitely horny. She was crying out with each breath and humping madly against his mouth and tongue. Frank grabbed her hips and held her steady as she started to come, writhing and bucking wildly. Béla was holding her down, as well, and biting on one of her nipples.

With a final sigh of pleasure, Tanya collapsed onto the bed, breathing heavily. She was conscious and watched her two lovers surround her, one on each side as Frank climbed over and lay down on the mattress between her and the wall.

“You gonna be okay?” Frank asked, putting his arm around her chest just under her breasts.

She nodded tiredly, and moaned her agreement. Béla grinned down, evidently mind-linked with her.

“She loves you,” Béla said, smiling at Frank. “And she promises to be good from now on.”

Frank laughed as Béla relayed his wife’s unspoken thoughts to him.

“She's better than good,” Frank replied, more than a little proud of her. “She's the best!”

“No,” Tanya gasped, rolling her head and looking at him. “I mean, stop fucking… everybody I meet. You were all… all I needed for… hundred years. You… all I need, now.”

She closed her eyes and appeared to go to sleep.

‘Is she really changed?’ Frank thought at Béla as they both watched her sleep.

Béla replied. ‘I made some serious modifications to her circulatory and nervous systems so that she could handle destructive organic injuries when I was helping her heal after that fuck-bot skewered her lengthwise. I didn’t realize that I’d left her in such a sensitive, unstable state. She deliberately forced that guard to gut her with his blaster. Her need for personal violence was driving her insane.

Béla grinned at him, realizing that she had her own problems in that area that had never really been resolved. Having Lisa seemed to help her control her needs better, but they were still there, and could surface at any time.

always want some violence done to her,” Béla told him. “But I think she’ll settle for a lot less, now.”

“I hope so,” Frank sighed.

He lay back down next to his wife on bed and went to sleep, exhausted. In his dreams, he listened to her tortured screams as he repeatedly sliced her in half with blasters, blowtorches and a large, spinning saw blade. Finally, he slept peacefully.

Chapter 5 />
Béla stepped out of her bedroom and faced her close-knit group of friends and lovers waiting to find out how Tanya was faring. They had plainly heard the sounds of lovemaking behind the closed door, and the horny group was all hoping to join in the fun, if Tanya was up to it, of course.

“Frank and Tanya are sleeping here, tonight,” Béla informed them. “She needs to rest now. So, if you want to see her, you’ll have to wait until />
Disappointed, but glad she was all right, everybody left. Béla turned to Jake.

“Monitor me in The Maze?” she asked, starting to breathe harder. “I need some really hard action!”

Jake looked at his wife, realizing that Tanya’s brush with death had really fired her up. Grinning, he agreed. On the way, he brought up a new idea – new for her, anyway. He’d been working on it for a little while, now.

“Why don’t we go to the gym,” he suggested. some new stuff I want to show you.”

Béla looked at him, wondering what was on his mind.

she agreed. “But I really need a workout. All those erotic images in Tanya’s sick little brain have me treading on sharp metal spikes!”

“This just might be better than metal spikes,” Jake promised.

They arrived at the gym. There was no one there at two in the morning. Jake led her down past the indoor track, the tepid pool and the exercise machines that the desk jockeys used. In a small room at the far end, Jake opened the door and led her inside.

Béla exclaimed, looking around.

The walls were lined with medieval weapons – swords, shields, a battleaxe and a mace. There were several daggers as well. Jake handed Béla a sword belt and strapped one around his waist. Picking up a dagger, he looked at her.

“You gonna put that on?” he asked, grinning wickedly at her.

Béla suddenly got the idea, wondering why he hadn’t broadcast it to her earlier. She grinned and hurriedly strapped the belt around her narrow waist. Pulling out her sword, she examined it closely.

“This is really sharp!” she noted, slicing her thumb on the edge.

She carefully angled the tip back into the scabbard and slid it down again.

Jake said, handing her a dagger. “Or would you prefer a shield?”

Béla grinned back at him. fine. Are there any rules?”

Jake said, hefting his dagger and slipping it into his belt. “Mac and me have spared a little, but we don’t know enough to teach each other />
“Where do you want to do this?” Béla asked, surprised that Jake would put himself in harm’s way just to appease her thirst for blood.

She sneaked a peek into his mind to see how he’d arrived at this idea and realized that this was another attempt to get rid of her inhibitions about hurting him. She smiled to herself, perhaps a little angry that he hadn’t discussed it with her, then remembered that he had. Evidently, he hadn’t cared for the results of that discussion.

‘If you’re thinking of slicing me into little pieces, lover, think again! I know how to use one of Béla thought into his mind.

Jake stopped and looked at her. “In the center of the indoor track.”

Béla asked.

“You wanted to know where,” Jake clarified. “In the center of the indoor track is where Mac and I practice when you girls are on />
“Oh,” Béla replied. She turned and stepped out of the tiny room, then waited for Jake. “You guys worry about us a lot, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Jake replied absently. “I don’t worry much about you, but I worry about the others. They’re still new to life. You’ve been around for awhile longer.”

“You think they make more mistakes?” Béla wanted to know as they walked.

Jake surmised. “Look at Tanya. Would you ever stand in front of a blaster and taunt the guy who’s holding it?”

Béla thought for a moment. “I fired one at Beth, once. She got really pissed.”

“It didn’t kill her?” Jake asked, surprised.

“No, it didn’t even hit her,” Béla said, thinking back. “She teleported out of the way.”

“She was that fast?” Jake asked. “I seem to remember her a little />
Béla stopped walking and faced around. “I taught Beth the basics of what I knew. Back then, all I knew was basic stuff. She surpassed me early on and after that, she was the teacher. She always deferred to me, but that was because she loved me. But, truthfully, she was the brighter and faster one of the two of us.

“She showed me how to teleport objects over astronomical distances,” Béla continued. “She pushed me to the limits of my endurance and hers to see how much damage these hybrid bodies could take.

“Her need for sensation and self-mutilation wasn’t any worse than my needs or what Tanya demonstrated tonight that her needs are,” Béla concluded. “That Beth was snared and taken in her weakened state by that butcher Blacker was due to the fact that we didn’t know we were at war. I wasn’t watching her back. We were incredibly na? back then. We thought we owned the world. In all the practice we did in testing ourselves, we never thought that we needed to look after each other.”

“You weren’t in any condition. You were pregnant – carrying Lisa,” Jake replied. “You couldn’t do anything! If anyone should have been watching out for Beth, it was me. I left her out there for Blacker to find. And I still feel rotten about it.”

“It’s alright, Dad, I forgive you,” Lisa said from across the room.

She and Macario were walking toward them. Jake stared at them, dumbfounded.

Lisa walked up and kissed her father. “I enjoyed my last sentient moments on Earth as Beth. You were simply doing what I wanted you to. It was a game, Daddy. Life is a never-ending game. I lived, I died, I live again. I think of myself now as Lisa. I remember thinking of myself as Beth. Not everyone can remember who they were, but it’s not really important.

“But if I can lift your guilt by letting you know that Beth loved you,” Lisa continued, “then that’s important. Lisa is here because of what happened. Beth is not. But I would be here, regardless of who I am. And I love you.”

She touched her father’s cheek with a finger, tracing a single tear that escaped from his left eye, then put her finger in her mouth and sucked the salty moisture off.

“I’d go along with what’s she’s Macario spoke up, faking an Irish accent. “She's a phoenix, ya know, and she’ll set yer ass afire if ya argue with her.”

Jake accepted Mac’s attempt to lighten the mood and tapped his daughter on her nose with his finger.

you guys doing here at this hour?” he asked.

“Same thing you are, evidently,” Mac replied, looking at the sword belts Jake and Béla were wearing. “Lisa wanted to work off some excess energy, so I thought I’d bring her here. We usually go to The Maze after she’s been on a hairy />
what Béla wanted to do,” Jake said, grinning. Then he got an idea.

he said to Lisa, grinning and taking off his sword belt. “You two girls have at it. We’ll watch!”

He handed the sword belt to his daughter.

Lisa asked, incredulous. “Why would I fight Mom with a sword?”

She handed the belt and dagger back to her father.

“I have a solution,” Béla spoke up.

She held out her hand and another sword belt appeared in it. She handed it to Mac. She handed the next one she teleported to Lisa.

“Now we can all play,” Béla grinned.

She drew her sword and tapped her husband on his shoulder. Jake busily strapped his sword belt back on. Lisa and Mac were also busy putting on theirs.

“How does this work?” Lisa asked, looking for a hole to snap her belt into. “Do we take sides or something?”

She gave up and simply burned a hole in the leather where she needed it, then fastened her belt and straightened up.

“The way it worked in the arena,” Béla suggested, “was that everyone fights each other until there’s only one still />
“Sounds like fun,” Lisa exclaimed.

She drew her sword and stuck her dad in the stomach. “One down!”

“Oh! Fuck, that hurts!” Jake cried out.

He drew his sword and swung it at his daughter, she easily danced back and away from him, laughing. Suddenly noticing movement on her right, Lisa dived left. Mac’s sword swooshed by, just touching her right leg as she cartwheeled out of the way.

Lisa landed on her feet, ignoring the little slice on her calf, her eyes dancing as she watched the other three. Jake was watching her and not his wife who was creeping up behind him holding her dagger.

“Duck, Daddy,” Lisa called out casually.

Béla poked him in the arm with her dagger, drawing blood.

Béla exclaimed, teasing him. “These little things are really sharp.”

Looking sorrowfully at Jake, she stepped up and kissed his wound, then began licking at the blood as it leaked out. In a moment, Jake’s second wound was healed, as well as his first.

Jake pushed his wife back after enjoying the touch of her lips on his flesh for a moment.

“What changed?” he asked her. “Last time I couldn’t beg you to stick me with one of those things.”

Béla grinned back at him. “I have a safety net tonight,” she assured him, and glanced at Lisa and Mac, indicating them. If she went berserk with blood lust, Lisa would stop her.

“Hey, how come we don’t have daggers?” Macario asked, indicating himself and Lisa.

the young phoenix chimed in, “How cuum?”

She grinned wickedly, broadcasting an image of being absolutely covered from head to toe in sticky, stinky, warm cum.

“You get a dagger or a shield,” Jake informed his daughter and son-in-law. “Take your pick. You can only hold one.”

Lisa held up her empty palm. she chose.

One appeared in her hand.

Mac said cautiously. too many sharp instruments around.”

A shield appeared on arm. She tossed it to him, Frisbee-style. It immediately dove down to the ground and bounced, rolling in a new direction away from everyone like a hubcap.

Lisa claimed it this time, catching it with an extended hand and arm made out of fire. The huge fiery fingers gently handed the shield to her lifemate.

Mac admitted, touching the shield where the fingers of fire had held it. “Not even warm.”

He smiled at his companion, then cautiously backed away as he put his arm through the straps, remembering that he’d just sliced her leg open a moment ago.

too late,” Lisa laughed. “I already got you!”

Mac felt something sticky on his arm touching the back of the shield. Sliding the shield back off, he looked. There was a shallow gash on his forearm, almost healed now.

good!” Mac exclaimed, “I didn’t even feel that!”

Lisa shrugged. “My dagger matched your body temperature. That’s why you didn’t feel it.”

“Your turn,” Jake said, turning to his wife. been stuck but you!”

Béla backed away, holding her sword and dagger up defensively. Jake drew is sword and approached her. Béla started laughing.

Jake asked, confused.

“You don’t hold it like that,” she informed him.

She made two quick strokes and knocked his sword out of his hand.

“You know how to he asked, stunned with how easily she’d disarmed him.

Béla nodded. “It’s been some little while, but it comes back fast.”

She smiled and deftly hooked his dagger out of his belt with the tip of her sword. The dagger went sailing into the air.

“And now,” Béla moved forward, the tip of her sword swirling around, making Jake dizzy as he tried to figure out what she was doing.

Then it was gently piercing his neck.

“I surrender,” Jake gurgled, the sword point interfering with his vocal chords.

Béla wiped her sword tip on his shoulder and sheathed it.

“Where the hell did you learn all that?” Jake wanted to know.

Béla grinned. “I was a member of an all-women’s unit formed from gladiator school alumni in Naples. We were actually a part of Caligula’s army, but I never did any fighting – in wars or anything. Mostly just demonstrations in the arena that kept our numbers />
“What! You killed each other for sport?” he asked, not wanting to believe that sword-carrying females would hack each other’s sexy bodies into pieces for the fun of it.

Béla cried, defensively. “Why should men have all the fun slicing each other’s dicks off when tits are just as much fun to carve into? I didn’t stay – I kept losing my friends. I can take a strike that would kill a normal girl. It wasn’t fair for the others, so I left.”

“Did you ever lose a fight, Mom?” Lisa asked, thrilled that her mom had once been a real, honest-to-God Amazon.

Béla admitted. “I got skewered right through the chest. I had to play dead until they carried me off. That was when I decided to />
“You let her win,” Lisa accused her mom, plainly seeing the image of the fight in her mom’s mind.

“I didn’t want to kill her,” Béla admitted. “I kept hacking at her, but she wouldn’t quit. She died, anyway, so it didn’t make any difference. They always

She sounded incredibly sad. Even Lisa looked distraught.

Jake admonished his wife. not get too morose, here. We’re about to ‘have at it’ with each other in the city’s most magnificent sword-fight ever. So cheer up!”

“Yeah, Mom,” Lisa added. “It’s not your fault you’re so short.”

Béla looked sharply at her daughter, realizing that she’d not only seen the ancient fight between the two of them, but the reason why the Amazon lieutenant had picked a fight with her.

fight, then,” Béla said, drawing her sword again.

She backed away, letting Jake pick up his weapon. He had no idea where the dagger went, so he was open on his left side. After a moment of dancing around the others, he spotted it behind Lisa, and frontally attacked her, moving her to one side so he could get behind her and pick it up.

But now, Lisa and Béla were side by side, while Mac and Jake were the same.

“Girls against the guys?” Mac asked.

Jake nodded and attacked his daughter again. Lisa had no training at all in handling the heavy sword and quickly lost her grip on it. Jake sliced his daughter’s arm open as she tried to retrieve it, forcing her to dive out of the way. Now armed with just the dagger, she crouched down warily, knowing she wouldn’t be able to reach her dad with her short little dagger while he still held his sword.

Then she grinned, realizing that she had an edge that he didn’t have. He didn’t want to get hurt, and she didn’t care if she got hurt or not. She flipped the dagger over in her hand, holding the tip of the blade in her fingertips. He thrust at her again with his sword and instead of dodging, she threw the dagger at him. It stuck in his leg just below his hipbone. Lisa followed the knife past his defenses and retrieved her sword. She danced backwards away from him, laughing.

“Got you!” she laughed.

Jake pulled the knife out of his leg, grimacing at his bloodthirsty offspring.

“I got you, too,” Jake replied, pointing with the sword at her midriff.

The first thing Lisa noticed was that his sword tip was bloody. Then next thing she noticed was that her tummy was sliced open.

she exclaimed. “My blouse!”

She pulled the bloodied garment off over her head and disgustedly threw it off to one side. She faced her father topless now. The shallow gash in her stomach was healing quickly.

Béla was faring a little better with Mac. Mac had been teaching Jake the art of sword fighting and Béla was glad to have someone she could spar with on more or less equal terms. They ignored their spouses and ran through several series of move-countermove, their swords ringing loudly against each other in the otherwise quiet room. They were both starting to sweat. They were already breathing heavily.

Mac’s sword came in low in a broad, slicing manner. sword met his and the blades sang as the edges stroked each other. As they separated, managed to nick his sword hand with her dagger, but the movement threw her off balance. As they both spun around, Mac clouted her with his shield, knocking her down. She rolled quickly and his sword just missed her, digging into the floor where her torso had been a second before.

She kicked up at him, striking his shield. Rising swiftly, she swung at him wildly to keep him from retrieving his sword, now stuck in the floor. Mac charged her with his shield held high, forcing her back. She tripped and fell on her rump, watching as Mac yanked his sword out of the floorboards. They separated, and the dance started all over again.

In the meantime, Lisa had lost her sword again. She didn’t have her dagger now, either, as Jake had both his and hers.

Jake asked, smiling wickedly, his sword tip gently resting against his daughter’s belly button.

They stared at each other, both breathing heavily.

Lisa exclaimed, sounding typically determined.

Gritting her teeth, she pushed forward, impaling herself on her dad’s sword and forcing her body closer to his. In only a second, as Jake stood in shock holding the sword with his daughter impaled on it, she reached the dagger in his belt. Pulling it out, she stuck him in the stomach, sinking it in through his shirt all the way to the hilt.

“Draw, Daddy?” she asked, smiling through her gritted teeth.

She breathed rapidly as her body transferred the intense agony in her belly throughout her nervous system. She opened her mind to her dad, letting him see how she and her mom handled pain so that he could dissipate the stabbing pain in his belly like she was doing.

Jake conceded, gasping.

He felt confused for a moment. His daughter was standing there, with the bloodied tip of his sword sticking into her belly and out her back, smiling up at him, her bare breasts moving seductively as she breathed. His own dagger was stuck in his stomach with her hand on it. In addition, his body seemed to be rewiring itself according to her image of pain control and he was getting a monster hard-on from the dagger in his belly.

Lisa cooed, noticing the change in his body emissions from pain to sexual arousal. “Fratricide turn you on?”

She stroked her dad’s hard-on through his blood-dampened jeans.

Jake asked, still uncertain of what he felt. “You committed suicide in order to commit parricide. Fratricide is when you kill a sibling. And now you want to commit incest.”

At least, he could still talk. His own body wanted was to commit incest, as well. He badly needed to fuck this audacious female who’d shoved his own blade into his belly.

In a final effort to keep from violating her, he shoved Lisa back, pulling the sword out of her stomach. She staggered back, momentarily overwhelmed by the sensations created by the sword’s withdrawal, and dropped to her knees. She clutched her stomach wound with one hand and frigged herself madly right through her bloody shorts with the other, coming hard from the agonizing sensations of being gutted by her father’s sword.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” Lisa whimpered as she shook with orgasm.

Then her arms dropped listlessly to her sides. She slowly arched her back, shoving out her distended, partially healed belly to him and shoved her fingers into her partially-healed sword wound, pulling her belly button open again.

‘Fuck me!’ she screamed in his mind, radiating her orgasmic sensations throughout the room.

Lisa’s radiated orgasm struck Béla, almost bringing her to her knees as her body responded to her daughter’s sexual needs. Macario was swinging his sword back in the second part of a one-two assault. His weapon swept over limply held sword, knocking it right out of her hand.

Desperately pulling back his strike, Mac turned his blade sideways so that he wouldn’t carve Béla in half, but he was a fraction of a second too late. The blade slid through soft flesh just beneath her ribcage, then angled sharply up as he twisted it, jamming into her rib bones. Béla gasped, and toppled over, pulling Mac’s sword right out of his hand as she fell.

“Oh my God! Mac cried out as he dropped down beside her.

Béla lay gasping on the floor, spitting blood from her collapsed left lung and feebly trying to pull the sword out of her side.

help me,” Béla whimpered. “Get it out of me.”

She coughed up more blood and wondered where Jake was. Turning her head, she saw him standing over her gutted daughter, bloody sword in hand. It was Lisa’s mortal wound that had crippled Béla and made her unable to parry that last strike.

Béla fell back against the floor; her vision tunneling as her body started to go into shock. Unlike her daughter and her blooded sisters, Tanya and Tabatha, Béla hadn’t trained her body to go into pain-separation and distribution mode automatically, preferring better control of her sexual desires, especially since she was surrounded by fragile humans who could so easily die from her sexual excesses.

Sub-vocalizing the mantra that separated herself from her pain, she began the process so she wouldn’t go any further into shock. Mac, bending down over her and trying ineffectually to pull the sword out of her ribcage, noticed her relaxing and thought she was losing consciousness.

“No!” he cried. “Stay alert! Stay awake!”

He slapped her cheek several times to get her attention.

‘Stop that!’ Béla growled into his mind. ‘I’m not dying!’

Realizing his problem with the stuck sword, Béla teleported it out of her body and dropped it onto the floor next to him. Her nervous system was starting to dissipate the agonizing pain, now. She could feel it building up between her legs.

She gazed intently at Macario, opening her mind to him so that he could see she would be all right. He could also see that she was getting horny from her injury and wanted his aid in that area, as well.

Mac, enormously relieved that Béla was all right, watched incredulously as her mortal wound began to heal.

“Do sword wounds always make you that horny?” he wanted to know.

Béla, still lying on the floor and breathing heavily with her sexual need, nodded at him.

Macario grinned, suddenly getting a devilish idea. He picked up the bloodied sword and stepped over prone form. Béla, realizing what he intended, gasped, happily ready to be seriously maimed.

“Oh, God, Yes!” she cried out joyfully. “Do it!”

Mac shoved the pointed end of the sword down into her torso. Béla writhed on it like live bait on a fishhook. Mac could feel her orgasm radiating through him. He was getting incredibly horny torturing his mother-in-law this way. He pulled the sword out and stuck it into her again. Béla cried out this time, her orgasm even stronger.

Lisa responded by radiating an orgasm throughout the room, again. Her father, completely under her spell and unable to resist, was shoving his hard cock into his daughter’s belly wound. Both the men, being mortal humans, lost all sense of proportion of their actions in their need to satisfy the two wounded vampires.

Macario, his body responding to the orgasmic flows coming from both females, stepped back, knowing what the body beneath him required: His sword, dripping fresh blood from the many wounds it had made, inserted completely into the female body beneath him.

He stared down and Béla as she gazed up at him, her body trembling. Their minds shared the incredible image of what he was about to do to her – one final insertion into her body. She jutted her pelvis upward, offering her moist slit to him. It was the perfect size – a scabbard for his sword. A tiny cry escaped lips as Macario touched the bloody tip of his sword against her pussy lips. He stared, mesmerized, as the tip of his sword disappeared into her tender, moist cunt.

Béla screamed out and arched her back as Macario slowly sheathed his sword, letting the weight of the sword do most of the work as it slipped inside of her. The tip was in, slicing into her most private, sensitive flesh. Then it was piercing deeper, through her womb and into her belly as he gently shoved it farther up inside her; her arched back and raised pelvis making it easier for him to keep the sword lined up with her body. He shoved it all the way in until the blade was completely buried in her and only the hilt showed, sticking out between her legs like an ornately decorated metal cock.

Béla repeatedly screamed and gasped, twitching and convulsing on the floor. Each motion made a new slice, a fresh wound, deep inside her, but she couldn’t help it. She was coming too hard to lie still. After several moments, she lay gasping on the floor. Mac was so horny from her radiated orgasms that he pulled the hilt of the sword out, stunned to find that most of the blade had dissolved inside her.

Giving up trying to figure out what happened to the sword in his need to bury his raging cock where his steel sword had been, Mac threw the ruined sword to one side and shoved his hard cock into her recently sliced open and vacated pussy.

He expected her to be loose and bloody inside because of all the damage from the sword, but pussy, soaking wet with girl-cum and still bloody, was tight and freshly regenerated. She responded to his cock almost as violently as she’d responded to his sword a minute earlier, writhing on his hard cock and coming constantly.

Lisa’s wound kept trying to heal around Jake’s cock, and his cock was starting to burn, anyway, so she laid back and guided her dad into her hot, needy pussy. Hissing as her own acidic digestive fluids, still coating her dad’s cock, were massaged against her pussy walls, she quickly caught up and began radiating orgasms through him again.

‘Use the dagger!’ either mother or daughter broadcast into whoever was fucking them. All four heard it. Both mother and daughter wanted it. Almost simultaneously, Jake and Macario shoved their daggers into soft female flesh beneath them. Both vampire girls screamed in agony and orgasm, broadcasting their sensations through each other, their lovers and out into the room.

The two vampires orgasmic torture continued for some time, Jake and Macario becoming more and more aroused and out of control, until they were both coming, pumping their semen into two bloodied, carved-up female torsos that, somehow, were still alive and twitching and needing even more violence done to them.

Jake sat with his knees forward, almost under his daughter’s rump, gasping and covered with sweat. He stared down at what he’d done– his daughter’s ripped open belly and her carved up breasts resembling freshly butchered meat. His own torso was covered with her blood, splashed on him during his sexual madness as he’d stabbed into her over and over again with both his dagger and his cock.

Lisa lay under him, amazed at how incredible she felt. She’d never, ever been this violated before. She gasped for air, coughing blood from her punctured lungs, breathing in shallow gulps until she healed. Her body was ablaze with burning pain. If her dad’s cock hadn’t still been buried in her cunt, she would have set her whole body on fire just to complete her destruction.

Béla and Macario lay side by side on the ground, Béla in a pool of her own blood. She looked down at her breasts and belly, amazed at how torn up she was. She smiled at Mac, lying beside her, exhausted, his eyes closed to her gore.

“Thank you,” Béla whispered, gasping for air as she did so. “The last time somebody carved me up this much, I missed most of it. The bastard knocked me out, I think.”

Mac turned his head toward her, opening his eyes and gazing at her blood-speckled face.

“You liked that?” he asked, still breathless from his workout. “I fucked you with a sword!”

He couldn’t believe she actually enjoyed that much personal destruction. Lisa, he could understand. She was a fire demon of some sort. But her mother couldn’t repair her damaged body by flaming. She had to let it heal.

“That was the best part,” Béla whispered back. “That, and the dagger. Your cock was pretty good, too.”

She remembered how Jake’s male ego could get bruised if she didn’t remember to include his personal contributions to her satiation when he had hunted her in the mountains, all those years ago.

“No! Daddy!” they heard Lisa cry.

Then they heard Jake retching, throwing up. They both received an image of Lisa’s torn up belly being covered with her dad’s vomit.

Lisa cried, completely disgusted.

She teleported out, right off her father’s softening cock.

“Sounds like I get to fix Jake again,” Béla sighed.

She loved her lifemate dearly and beyond any reason why she should, but she got tired of his odd, human dualities – his constant conflicts between what he believed was right and how he reacted to the unearthly and often violent influences of living with a alien female.

Béla knew that Jake couldn’t help what he did to Lisa any more than Mac could have resisted Béla. The girls were in control, and that was how they liked it. Then she realized that Lisa had initiated this entire sexcapade, perhaps unintentionally, but still the girl had taken over all of them with her needs and desires. They were so closely matched to own needs that she hadn’t noticed until afterward that she probably wouldn’t have gone this far.

‘Well, so much for my safety net,’ Béla thought to herself, amused that she’d believed Lisa would be able to control herself any better. But, at least, their under-powered and frail human lifemates hadn’t been seriously injured. That was what she’d been worried about, after all.

Chapter 6

It was long after midnight when the front door slammed. Jake Hedron looked up to see his dark-haired, sexy wife come into the room.

he exclaimed, surprised that she’d used the door. walking?” Tabatha usually teleported wherever she needed to go. Tonight, she’d walked at least a couple of miles from quarters, if that was where she’d been.

Without stopping, Tabatha walked up to her husband and kissed him hungrily. Jake moaned his approval of her obvious lust. He smiled down at her afterward.

“Is Grams okay?” he asked, getting the formalities out of the way. She nodded, then reached up and kissed him again.

Jake murmured. “That vampire blood is really flowing tonight.”

Shortly after they had gotten married over twenty-five years ago, Béla had taken his wife and initiated her, making Tabatha her blood-sister. After that, Tabatha’s sexual appetites changed. She required somewhat more violent interaction than she’d needed before.

Tonight, Tanya’s near-murder had evidently set off Tabatha’s hormones and she needed some violent sex, badly.

“Will you monitor me?” she asked, desperate and hopeful, gazing up into her husband’s kind, brown eyes. She knew her husband disapproved of the Femmes’ usage of The Maze, but there was no one else she could ask at this hour, and she needed…

Jake sighed, understanding her question. He frowned down at her, thinking. He decided what to do. Tabatha could feel that it didn’t involve going to the maze.

“Gramps gave me something that he got for Grams a long time ago,” Jake told her. “He doesn’t use it anymore, and he thought that a time might come when I'd appreciate having it. I think that time has come.”

Tabatha, curious, brushed against his mind to see if he was broadcasting any images. Her eyes widened in surprise at what he was offering her. Her darling husband was very… organized… in every aspect of his life – his work, his leisure, his pleasures. Even in sex there were no surprises, although he was more than adequate as a lover.

“A cock ring?” she asked, incredulous. She grinned up at him. “With spikes? Wow! Let me see!”

She practically dragged him into their bedroom; her re-energized body no longer tired from the long walk home. She quickly found the little device and held it at eye level, admiring it, touching the pointy ends with her fingers.

“How long have you had this?” she asked, excited about getting it rammed up between her legs.

“Oh, a few years, I guess,” Jake ventured.

Tabatha looked at him, a question in her eyes.

“I went to see Gramps,” Jake felt compelled to explain. “I was worried about keeping you… well, about our, um, sex life. And, uh, I wanted to… I asked him how he kept Grams satisfied. He showed me some of their stuff – the medieval torture devices he uses on her. And he explained about the influence of DNA.

he sighed, “Gramps gave me that, um, device. He said that someday I’d need it for you. I guess this is the day.”

Tabatha grinned and carefully set the spiked ring down on the shelf where she’d found it. She began undressing, then stopped.

“You want to undress me?” she asked coyly. “I know how you like to.”

She shoved her shoulders forward, pleasantly offering herself to him. She opened her mind, letting him know how excited she felt and how badly she needed his attentions. She was on fire and desperately needed him to quench her.

Jake cock jerked as he felt her need. Quickly unbuttoning his shirt, he cast it off into the corner and pulled Tabatha’s top off over her head. They both shimmied out of their pants and underwear and stood naked, staring at each other like teenagers.

Jake nervously picked up the cock ring and held it. Tabatha reached forward, gently stroking her husband’s cock, making sure it was good and hard – ready for her. Pricking her fingers on a spike, Tabatha gently lifted the cock-ring out of Jake’s hand and, dropping to her knees in front of him, began kissing and licking his hard cock. When she had it pretty well slicked up, she worked the cold metal ring over the end of her husband’s cock.

Jake felt his cock twitch at the feel of the cold metal surrounding it while his wife pressed the cock ring back along his length until it resided at the base of his hard cock. It was just a little tight, which was good as it might serve to inhibit any premature orgasms he might have. The way he felt right now, if Cat licked his dick just once more, he’d spray cum all over the both of them.

Tabatha could feel his readiness and sat down on the bed.

“You should stand,” she suggested quietly, and began raising the bed up to the right height so he could enter her. There was no more foreplay than that. She needed him inside her and she needed those spikes penetrating her sweet, tender girl-flesh.

Scooting her rump to the edge of the mattress, she spread her legs and opened her arms to welcome her husband into her innermost private area. Jake grinned nervously and stepped forward, his dick still hard, now from watching her.

Somehow, in their mutual nervousness, their mind-link had dissipated. Tabatha reestablished it and pulled Jake against her. Reaching down between their legs, she gouged the back of her hand on the spike ring as she guided the head of his cock up against her moist vulva.

They both moaned as their sexual organs touched. His cock grew even harder as it touched and recognized the feel of Cat’s inviting wet warmth. Jake moved his cock-head up and down her moistening slit, then began to gently enter her.

“No,” Tabatha protested quietly, then spoke more forcefully, “Ram it in! Make me feel it!”

Her leg muscles were quivering with her need. She was ready to come just from the touch of his hard cock against her pussy as he pushed against her sensitive flesh. Then he shoved forward, penetrating her completely, driving his hard cock right up to the hilt and jabbing the sharp metal spikes into her soft, female flesh.

Tabatha shrieked and arched her back, clenching her legs tightly around her husband’s hips and almost dragging him up onto the raised bed as the fiery agony between her legs exploded through her body like electricity. There were five sharp little metal points embedded between her legs – two on each side, penetrating her tender pussy lips and one that just missed her swollen clitoris.

She held him against her for a moment with her trembling legs, then let him withdraw and slam into her again. She shrieked again as new puncture wounds occurred. He had missed her clitoris this time, too, the spike sliding along and spearing into her soft, loose flesh right at its base.

Jake began pumping in and out of her, each time ramming his cock with the spiked metal ring all the way up as far as he could. He cock was being well coated with her girl-cum, and her blood, as well.

Five times! Six times! Then she shrieked even louder as her hard little clitoris was violently punctured, shaking uncontrollably as she came. Jake gripped her against him, still mind-linked with her, feeling a somewhat muted version of everything she was experiencing. Then he moved again, one more time; out, then in, spearing her clitoris with the metal spikes around his cock, again.

He grinned, enjoying the power he had over her. He’d forgotten how much fun sexual control could be. He shoved into her again, moving a little sideways to make new puncture marks in her tender, bleeding flesh. Tabatha’s orgasms roared and jolted through her abused body with each new penetration of her shredded, bleeding girl-flesh. By now, she was too exhausted to do more than jerk helplessly as Jake repeatedly pounded his cock into her bloody cunt, madly piercing her again and again with those cruel spiked rings.

He roared out his orgasm as he pumped his semen deep inside her pussy, once again shoving up against her pelvis as hard as he could. His cock felt like it was exploding. It was harder than he’d ever felt it. He kept coming, and coming, seeming to pump his entire supply of cum into her, one powerful squirt after another. Finally, gasping for air, Jake collapsed, folding at his waist to lie with his chest and head on her shaking, sweaty torso.

As he lay there, he could hear the sounds she was making deep in her throat. Tabatha was trembling, seemingly in shock, aware only of the screaming sensations emanating from her shredded cunt with the spikes still imbedded. Her entire body wasn’t trembling, exactly… It was… vibrating. That was it – vibrating, almost like it was being stimulated electrically.

Jake tried to feel what she was broadcasting. He couldn’t feel anything. She was completely shut down, aware only of what her cunt was emitting. Struggling upright, Jake took a step back and looked down between her legs. He felt his stomach lurch at the sight of what he’d done to her, but he couldn’t look away.

Fascinated, he reached out and stroked the mess of bloody flesh surrounding Tabatha’s pussy. There was no skin left at all. It had all been punctured, shredded, and stove into the many, the dozens, of holes he’d driven into her tender flesh. It wasn’t even bleeding much, now.

As he ran his finger down the center of her fleshy, bloody mound, Tabatha twitched as he inadvertently touched a raw nerve or two, obviously brought to the surface by the perforating, churning action of the spiked ring plunging in and out of her soft girl-flesh.

A perverted impulse made him shove a finger into her pussy and he discovered that her insides were intact. Her cunt was whole and complete. Only her vulva had been pulverized. But he knew that her destroyed pussy lips were, or had been, most sensitive flesh on her entire body.

Tabatha was reacting to his fingering her, so he continued, adding another finger. As he moved his fingers in and out of her shredded entrance, he couldn’t help touching her ruined flesh as well as her undamaged inner cunt walls. Jake also noticed that, as he fingered her, Tabatha seemed to recover a little, her body responding a little to what he was doing.

After another moment, he felt her pussy contract against his fingers, surprised that she had enough strength for another orgasm. With her last contraction, some of his cum was leaking out of her as well. He wondered why more didn’t leak out, as he’d pumped quite a lot of it into her, but decided that, because of her partially upside-down position, it simply wasn’t running out of her yet.

His hand was slicker, now, so he added another finger, then a fourth, and continued sawing his hand in and out of her. Soon, she was jerking, moving her pelvis ever so slightly in time with his thrusting. The raw, shredded meat surrounding her pussy was starting to take on a weird, mottled appearance as she healed. There was still a lot of intense, concentrated damage to her tissue and it looked quite sickening in its half-healed state.

Jake ignored the view as best as he could and added his thumb to the mess of fingers sliding in and out of her. With each stroke, he pushed in until his fingers were completely inside her and her shredded pussy lips stretched around his knuckles. Then he backed out again and pushed in. Out, then in. Out, then in.

On his third stroke in, Tabatha raised her hips, her legs and belly shaking with the effort to meet his hand as it moved inward. Jake thought he heard her say something.

he asked, uncertain if he’d even get a response.

Tabatha grunted, almost inaudibly.

Jake shoved his hand the rest of the way into her pussy, stretching her cunt walls beyond what they were used to. He heard a weak gasp as her trembling legs collapsed and her hips dropped back onto the raised mattress. Her pussy walls were convulsing against his hand, seeming to want to evict the intruder.

Tabatha gasped weakly.

Her convulsing pussy walls told an amazing tale of what strengths she still had available. When she relaxed again, Jake began slowly moving his hand, shoving deeper into her and then pulling back again. She was more slippery inside now than she’d been. Tabatha’s body began trembling, slowly increasing its motion as Jake pumped his hand in, then back again, deep in her sopping wet pussy.

In only a few minutes, she was shaking so violently it appeared that she was being electrocuted. She wailed incoherently and her pussy walls contracted with more strength that he imagined could be applied, nearly crushing the bones in his hand. With one final, wavering wail, she pumped her pelvis up and down twice, trembling violently, then completely collapsed. He could even hear the air hissing out of her lungs as she passed out and fell back on the mattress.

He pulled his hand out of her impossibly stretched orifice, making a loud as her pussy relinquished its prize. The raw meat between her legs was beginning to take on a mottled, pink appearance.

“Bed, flat,” he said into the air, his own voice sounding strange in his ears.

As the mattress lowered and flattened out enough for him to sit down, he pulled his wife’s cold, sweaty body around so that she was lying in bed, proper, and threw a sheet over her. Then he lay down next to her, completely exhausted. In seconds, he was sound asleep. The cock ring lay on the floor where it had fallen while he was fist-fucking his wife, forgotten, for now.

Chapter 7 />
Frank felt her stir and sit up in the bed.

Tanya called out, recognizing that she was in Jake and bedroom. Then she noticed Frank lying next to her.

he mumbled, peering up at her with sleepy eyes.

Tanya scooted back down in the bed and snuggled up to him. She kissed his face, then hugged him closer so she didn’t have to breathe the air he exhaled.

“Dum yup felp butter?” he asked, his face buried in her soft, warm shoulder and the pillow beneath it.

Tanya replied, humming her answer without opening her mouth.

She grinned to herself and hugged him even tighter. Now he couldn’t breathe at all. She crooned her pleasure at hugging him so tightly and ran her nails gently up and down around his shoulder blades, projecting her total innocence and ignorance of the fact that she was suffocating him.

She yelped as Frank bit her shoulder and began jabbing her big, soft breasts with his fingers as he tried to escape his soft, pleasant deathtrap. Finally, he pulled free and they grinned at each other, nose to nose.

“I guess you are,” he grinned, and kissed her again. He pulled free the rest of the way and swung out of bed. They could hear noises in another part of the house. “We should go out and thank our hosts. Then we can go home. I had something made for you that I think you might like.”

Tanya grinned. “And what devious torture have you dreamed up for me now?”

“I’m not going to tell you, other than that it involves bondage,” Frank said, smiling down at her sexy, naked body. He was getting horny just looking at her sitting up on the bed with her wildly tangled hair covering half her face.

Changing his mind about getting up, he climbed back across the bed and pulled her down, kissing her neck and shoulder.

“Ooo! Wake up call!” Tanya giggled. “My favorite way to start the day!”

She stretched out across the bed moaning and purring pleasantly as Frank kissed, licked and chewed his way down to her marvelous breasts, shoving each one up against his mouth as he attended to them.

As her loving husband continued on down to her ticklish ribs and stomach, more of his torso became available for her to play with. She knew he loved the feel of her hair against his skin, so she buried her face in her own hair against his stomach and began kissing and licking his belly through the strands of hair covering her face.

In another moment, Frank’s traveling mouth and tongue were teasing her pelvis and his hardening cock was pressing against the top of her head, buried in mounds of her thick, blond hair. He began moving his pelvis back and forth, moving his cock through her hair.

‘He’s fucking my hair,’ Tanya realized, somewhat perturbed.

She was mollified a little as Frank’s tongue found her sleepy little clit and began flicking back and forth, not quite touching it, but surrounding her little pleasure nub with sloppy, warm wetness that made it feel every hot breath.

Tilting her head back so that Frank’s cock was rubbing against her forehead, she arched back farther, trying to reach it with her tongue. She jerked back and Frank stopped moving instantly as his cock slipped off her forehead and gouged her in the eye.

Now, it was pointed right at her, still wrapped in silky strands of her golden hair. Tanya moved up a little further and sucked the end of it, hair and all, into her mouth. With her hands, she began stroking his cock through her hair as she moved up and down on it with her mouth. Frank moaned his approval and frontally attacked her now hardened little clitoris with his tongue.

As Frank sucked on her clit, he watched her pussy lips opening and closing as Tanya twitched with her first orgasm of the day. Reaching around her leg, he added a finger, sliding it past his nose and into her seeping cunt. The wonderful scent of her sex was much stronger now that he was stirring it up, and she was also starting to twitch her pelvis against his face.

The feel of his cock buried in her hair and her mouth was incredible. He remembered her leaning over him once, teasing him, making his cock rise just by stroking her soft, golden hair across his pelvis, then wrapping long strands of hair around it, and finally sucking on its sensitive tip, just like she was doing now. He remembered that it was one of his most powerful orgasms ever. He’d spurted almost a dozen long strands of cum – into her mouth, onto her face, into her hair and onto his own belly and she’d happily licked up as much as she could reach with her tongue.

He pulled back from her mouth, not wanting to come yet and stopped tonguing her clitoris. As if on cue, they both sat up and slid around, each one ready for the next action. Tanya grinned at the coordination of their actions. They knew each other so well, and they fit together perfectly. Well, in another few seconds they would, anyway.

Then she laughed, realizing they’d both moved to be on the bottom. Frank had his legs spread so that Tanya could crawl up to him, and so had she. She decided to scoot up the bed toward him, moving her pelvis ever closer to his hard, inviting cock.

She slid her feet under his raised knees, and scooted closer.

“Think this’ll work?” Frank asked, amused at her antics and lustfully admiring her bouncing boobs and torso as she approached.
She didn’t answer, intent on walking her butt up toward his. In another few seconds her thighs were pressing underneath his and his knees were brushing against the sides of her large, soft breasts.

Tanya reached down and forced his hard cock down against the sheets, then scooted forward again. In two more his cock head was actually pressed against her warm, moist vulva. Breathing heavily from her exertions, Tanya glanced up at her husband’s face, grinning wickedly and licked her lips.

“Almost there!” she announced breathlessly.

She raised up one more time and landed on him, squashing his hard cock up into the crack between her legs. Tanya began humping madly and scooting her rump around, then Frank felt his cock suddenly surrounded by moist, hot flesh as he popped inside of her. His cock twitched, loving its familiar environment and announcing its readiness to expend itself now that it was home.

Panting, Tanya reached out and held Frank’s shoulders, giving her some badly needed support in this new position, then scooted even closer. Frank could feel his cock being embedded a little deeper inside her, but the most incredible part was how her pussy clenched against him every time she scooted forward. He was ready to end it right now and just shoot it all inside her.

Tanya, suddenly realizing how close he was, froze.

you dare!” she declared, gazing at him.

“Then don’t move,” Frank replied, his voice quiet, but intense.

They sat, staring at each other for a minute or two, then Frank seemed to relax a little. Tanya sighed, daring to tremble from her efforts of not clenching her pussy muscles against his wonderfully hard cock buried inside and stretching her like that. There was intense pressure against the soft, sensitive front part of her insides, making it extremely difficult not to move. If she moved, she would come and so would he, then it would all be over.

Another minute passed as they gazed at each other intently. Tanya was breathing slowly and deliberately, trying to control herself from coming. Frank was forcing his body to relax, which he found difficult to do while watching Tanya’s gorgeous breasts and her stomach muscles move with her deep breathing.

In another moment, they both felt ready to continue.

“I can’t move,” Frank announced, grinning sheepishly at her after trying to thrust a little further into her.

Tanya wriggled around a little in response until she discovered a slight up and down motion that she could manage.

She grinned and licked her luscious lips again. “I guess it’s up to me, then,” she murmured, gazing into his eyes.

Squeezing her pelvis against his cock, she began slowly humping away. After a moment, she let go of his shoulders and dropped backwards to lean with her arms bracing her up from behind. Frank watched and admired her stomach tighten and relax as she moved the insides of her sweet, wet pussy against his rock-hard, sensitive cock.

“This is good exercise,” Tanya panted after several more minutes, her stomach muscles starting to burn from her exertion.

Frank nodded, not even hearing what she’d said, his mind and body mesmerized by the fascinating, sexy body impaled on the end of his raging cock. The incredible sensations of her cunt repeatedly squeezing and moving ever so slightly against his cock was driving him slowly but steadily to an intense orgasm.

Unable to sit still any longer, Frank began humping against her, matching her movements, driving him to new heights of sensation. His orgasm was going to be incredible. Tanya, finally receiving some help, began to feel her own orgasm approach again after having been so unfairly suppressed earlier and increased her movements, matching his as best as she could.

In another minute, they were completely out of synch with each other, but they didn’t care. There was enough sensation for each of them to get where they were going.

They arrived at the same time, Frank shoving forward as hard as he could while Tanya did the same, crushing her exploding clitoris against his pelvis. Both their rumps were in the air, their pelvises twisting madly against each other as they came, Frank’s orgasm so violent that he was sure his cock would be torn right off and Tanya’s so powerful that she felt she was being ripped apart.

Crying and moaning desperately, they both crashed back down onto the bed, gasping for air. Frank’s cock had come out of her and the last spurt of his cum had spackled her entire body lengthwise, drawing a glistening wet line down from her hair, over one eyebrow, down her cheek and the corner of her mouth. It continued down over one breast and on further down her stomach as it splatted down on her.

Frank gazed down his body at her as she lay, still supported by her elbows dug into the sheets beneath her. She was gazing back at him, her face glowing from her orgasm.

“Got you,” Frank laughed, panting from his exertion.

“I got you, too,” Tanya grinned, nodding toward him.

Then he noticed that his stomach was all wet. They both laughed, realizing that when they’d come apart in the middle of the air, she’d hosed him down with girl-cum while his last blast of semen had arched out over her sweating, writhing body.

They both crawled up to hug and smear their cum flecked bodies against each other. Frank was delighted with his wife’s relaxed, laid-back attitude.

“Just like old times,” he murmured into her mouth as they broke their kiss.

Tanya sighed contentedly, satisfied with how this day had begun.

Another sound from somewhere in the house reminded them once again that they were guests, and not at home. They went into the bathroom and quickly shared a shower together, not doing much more than spraying each other down, then Frank found a pair of shorts and a T-shirt of Jake’s and Tanya put on a sarong that Béla used to wear.

Frank gazed at his wife as she slid the silky material over her head. It was really tight around her breasts, almost squeezing them out through the neck opening. She started to take it back off.

he said admiringly. “You look like I could fuck you all over again. Leave it on and I’ll just tie you up on the corner and let people come up and fuck you while I stand there and collect credit chips!”

Tanya grinned at him, seriously considering his jest for a moment, then took it off anyway. Frank pouted at her, then realized she was naked again and brightened up, continuing to gaze at her.

She searched around, finally finding a polo shirt of Jake’s that fit well enough and a pair of shorts. Then they went out to greet whoever was in Jake and house with them.

In the living room, there was a bare, hairy foot sticking out past the end of the couch. A pair of hairy legs came into view, then a naked, female rump was lying on top of the hairy torso beneath. Glistening fluids were still seeping out from between her legs and dripping down onto the limp dick below. They had obviously been hard at it, fucking each other madly only moments earlier.

Admiring soft, sexy body as she lay on her husband breathing heavily from their recent lovemaking, Frank continued on around in front of the couch, heading for the kitchen.

‘She's getting a little out of shape in her old age,’ Frank thought, remembering how tight and taut body had been when she was with him, a hundred and however many years earlier.

Jake turned his head and gazed at him as Frank walked around the end of the couch. Then Jake’s gorgeous, dark-haired wife turned her head and looked up at him. She grinned.

It was Lisa!

Frank stopped, stunned, and stared at Jake’s daughter. Lying on top of her father like that, there was no way that she hadn’t just fucked him.

“You can catch flies with that!” Lisa chirped cheerfully, indicating Frank’s wide-open mouth.

“Well, aren’t you two a lovely couple,” Tanya quipped, leaning over the back of the couch. She stretched down and kissed Jake ‘Good Morning’. On her way back up, she kissed Lisa’s cheek, as well. She continued on around the back of the couch and almost tripped over another pair of bodies lying on the floor.

she exclaimed, kicking Macario in the side. She looked down to see Béla and Mac wrapped around each other. They’d been fucking, too. In fact, the whole room smelled of fresh, ripe sex.

“We missed Tanya whined to Frank, still standing in the center of the room gawking at the incestuous pair on the couch.

“No you Lisa argued. “We could hear you in the bedroom all the way out here. In fact, this is all your fault. We were all asleep until you started, ‘Oh, oh, yes! Harder! Ah! That’s it! Right there! Ohhhh, fuucckkk meeee!’ ”

Tanya laughed and swatted at the noisy, dark-haired beauty on the couch.

“I don’t sound like that!” she complained, half-laughing and half-annoyed at the little phoenix.

Even Frank laughed. He couldn’t stay upset with such a cutie simply because she fucked her dad. In fact, thinking about it further, he was surprised that it had taken this long for that scumbag to get into his sexy daughter’s cooze.

“It Lisa grinned, having read his mind. “The first time, I was only five. No one can resist me, not even you!”

She grinned up at Frank, slid off the couch and undulated toward him, flooding his mind with lust for her.

Frank gasped as his body responded to her. “My God! You’re a succubus!”

He made a feebly effort to push her naked, aromatic body away from him. She stank of her father’s sex. He couldn’t fuck her now, not right after />
Then his arms were around her. He was dimly aware of everyone staring at them, but he didn’t care. She owned him and could do what she pleased. She kissed him passionately, then savagely tore his lower lip open with her sharp teeth and shoved him backwards, away from her.

“And my dad is not a scumbag!” she snarled at him.

Frank crashed against the wall, his legs tangled up in his effort to save himself from falling, bright red blood streaming down his chin and dribbling onto his borrowed shirt. Lisa turned away, uncaring whether or not Frank was injured and walked back. Reaching Macario and Béla, she kissed her mom and took her lifemate’s arm in hers.

“It’s time to go home,” she said simply, with no apologies to anyone.

They both vanished. Béla sighed, not knowing what to say. She went over and let Jake take her in his arms. Tanya stood, still rooted to the spot behind the couch and watched her husband stumble back up onto his feet, wiping his face with the back of his hand.

“We should probably go,” Tanya murmured to Jake and Béla, sitting on the couch in front of her.

Béla nodded agreement. Tanya didn’t want to leave them with the bad feelings floating around the room right now, so she walked around across the room, put her arms around her husband and gently kissed him on the mouth.

“Get my surprise ready for me,” she said softly. “I’ll be home soon.”

He vanished from her arms as she teleported him to their own house. Tanya turned away from the empty space where her husband had been and walked back, dropping down to her knees in front of Béla and Jake on the couch.

“My first sister,” she said, addressing Béla, “you saved me, once again. Thank you.”

Béla reached down and hugged her blood-sister. They kissed for a moment, then Béla sat back up. She seemed more at ease, now, and not upset about her daughter’s outburst.

Curious, Tanya looked at Jake and asked, “How did you and />
Jake grinned. “I was teaching her how to sword fight, and we, um, carried it just about as far as we could go, I guess.”

Tanya grinned and then gasped in astonishment as Béla supplied images highlighting their previous night’s entertainment at the gym.

Tanya exclaimed, grinning mischievously. “I did miss everything! Invite me next time. I’d like to do that, as well!”

Béla promised. “I will!”

Then Tanya teleported home.

Chapter 8 />
“I’m home,” Tanya called out.

Frank called, returning her call.

Tanya walked into the kitchen, still wearing Jake’s polo shirt and shorts. Frank had taken off Jake’s clothes and was wearing a pair of his own shorts. He was looking into the fridge through the glass door, still deciding what he wanted to eat. His problem was that he wasn’t hungry, but he knew that Tanya would be, because her healing and regeneration used a lot of energy and that energy had to be replenished.

he asked, hoping she would suggest something.

“Not really,” she said, then changed her mind, recognizing that empty gnawing in her stomach for what it was. “Starved, actually. What do we have?”

“Well, not much,” he replied.

The citizens of Solar City were on rations, now, because of the collapse of civilization outside their mountain hideaway. No food came in except what the Femme Fatales could filch from the ever-growing Confederacy, which was quite a lot, actually. But now, if you were hungry, you had to go to the Community Center where a permanent chow line was set up. That way, food usage was completely controlled and there was practically no waste. Also, no one went hungry.

“We have cheese, and,” he looked, hoping to find something more. Bread and cheese were still handed out as requested, along with milk when it was available, and individual pieces of fruit. />
“Cheese, please,” Tanya said, not really interested in what was available. She didn’t complain, though, because things weren’t going to get any better than this. She just hoped they didn’t get any worse. She and her teammates were thieving their very best to keep the community fed and supplied.

Frank turned on the electric grill – they had plenty of power from the solar panels high in the mountains above them – and dropped at pat of grease on it to melt. While it melted, he cut several slices of bread from the long loaf in the fridge. Then he began frying the bread in the thin layer of melted grease. While it fried, he slices several pieces of cheese and dropped them onto the grill, as well.

Tanya came over and watched him work, resting her chin on his shoulder and pressing her magnificent, very distracting breasts softly into his back. The cheese was melting nicely and starting to bubble and darken. That was how she liked it – almost burnt and crispy on the outside. Sometimes she even ate it that way without any bread. But then, it always rumbled in her stomach afterward.

Frank moved with ponderous sways back and forth from stove to counter and back, carrying most of Tanya’s weight with him as her chin was hooked over his left shoulder. She watched anxiously as he put the sandwiches together, then cut off the excess cheese that protruded from the slices of grilled bread.

As he swept the cut-off edges of cheese into the palm of his hand, Tanya opened her mouth, digging her chin into his shoulder blade. Chuckling at her antics, Frank began to hand feed her the little pieces of cheese, enjoying her munching and grinding her chin into his shoulder, as well as the motion of her throat as she swallowed the little morsels. What he enjoyed most, though, was the feel of her wonderful, warm breasts pressing lovingly into his back.

When the cheese bits were gone, he twisted his head around, managing to brush her cheek with his lips, kissing her gently. Then he shrugged her off him, and carried the two plates over to the kitchen table. She followed and sat down with him.

They ate in silence, not wanting to break the lighthearted mood that Tanya had created while he fixed her little supper (breakfast? />
“The new ship design will be ready to test in a couple more months,” he mentioned, aware that Tanya, so often out in the field these days scouting for food storage and supply depots to raid across the nine states of the Confederacy, was probably not current with the news on the home front, as it were – the huge (to him) spaceship that was being constructed in synchronous orbit high above them.

The magnetic drives were the most difficult part of the construction. Nothing like them existed in earth technology. The technology had to be built from scratch and it was definitely a learning process, filled with incredible errors. They’d actually installed the first drive inside the ship before testing it, and it had completely wrecked eight years of construction in only the few seconds it was operating, crushing or rupturing most of the space capsules of which the main body of the ship consisted.

That was five years ago. They still didn’t have a working prototype. Even steel beam construction was warped out of shape and evacuated the atmosphere into space when the huge magnetic drive was activated.

Neither of them wanted to think of the possibility that they might not be able to construct a ship large enough and sturdy enough to transport the entire six hundred plus denizens of Solar City to New Eden.

you get me?” Tanya asked, sounding more pleasant than she felt.

She needed to concentrate on the moment. If she thought about the future, she became terribly depressed. There were too many problems and not enough time on this dying planet to solve them.

“Well, I’m not sure you’ll want it now,” Frank said, finishing his meager sandwich. He got up and opened a drawer. “Come

Tanya got up and walked over to him. He turned and hugged her against him.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

Tanya didn’t really understand what he was asking. They’d made love earlier today and she’d felt great, then. She simply wasn’t sure how she felt right now.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

Then she felt it – something sharp pressing against the small of her back. Frank was threatening her? Her heart leaped in sudden fear. She gasped as he pressed harder.

“Does that make you horny?” he asked simply, “or scared?”

she replied honestly.

The pricking sensation was suddenly gone.

“Then you won’t want my present,” he said, tossing the paring knife onto the counter.

Tanya looked at him, not understanding what he was getting at.

gone back to the way you were,” he explained, seeing her confused look. “Before you were skewered, I mean.”

She still didn’t understand.

“I got you a bondage wheel,” he explained. “But I got that for a pain-thirsty sex-mad blond amazon who was only interested in experiencing as much pain and mutilation as her body could stand.

not you anymore,” he continued. “We made love this morning. We haven’t made love like that for quite a while. It was beautiful. It was love, no lust, no pain-driven need.”

Tanya stood, stunned, her arms limply draped over Frank’s shoulders.

“I had no idea you felt that way,” she said, finally. “I’ve been really selfish, haven’t I?” She kissed him gently. “I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?”

She pressed her whole body against his, enjoying the sensation that pressing against him always gave her.

“Of course,” he said, grinning. “I wasn’t trying to make you feel guilty about expressing your needs.”

she exclaimed. “Can you show me my wheel, now?”

She grinned at him, then began laughing at his expression of pure disgust.

Then he laughed, too.

He led her to her current sanctuary and opened the door. Inside and right in the middle of the floor was a large metal stand. Protruding from the center of it, about four feet up from the ground, was a large barrel with straps screwed into it. There were two other wheels, higher up; one with leather straps dangling down and the other was rimmed with short, but very sharp metal spikes.

Tanya frowned, looking at it. “Looks />
it work?” she asked.

Frank led her over and backed her up against the barrel. He pulled her polo shirt off and tossed it aside, then pulled down her shorts. Tanya helped him by kicking them off her feet.

he said, “Now lie back on the barrel,

She gingerly balanced as the barrel tried to turn with her weight, then, becoming more used to the feel and balance of the device, she lay back, arching her back along the curve of the barrel. She raised her hands past her head and on around the barrel, knowing that was expected of her.

“This is just like my water wheel,” Tanya mentioned, her voice strained from the arch in her back and the fact that her head was upside down.

Frank began to strap her down. When he had her arms strapped tightly down, he ran a strap over her shoulders and breastbone below her neck and tightened it down, then ran another strap over her ribcage below her breasts. Her breasts were now nicely displayed and available for whatever he might want to do to them.

One more strap went around her waist and another tightly secured her hips and pelvis. She yelped as Frank turned the barrel to bring her legs around so he could strap them down, too.

Soon she was completely immobile and secured tightly around the barrel. He finished by tying the straps holding each foot secure to the strap holding her wrists.

Tanya was completely upside down now, and blood was rushing to her head. She felt totally exposed as her bare pussy was at the top of the barrel.

this pan for?” she asked, her body upside down and her head dangling over a wide, shallow drip pan.

“Oh, blood, vomit,” Frank assured her, sounding very casual, “whatever comes out.”

Tanya murmured, sounding a little uncertain about this new adventure.

Frank asked cheerfully.

He chuckled at the gurgling sound she made. He knew she was enjoying it. She always liked being tied up and tortured.

Tanya yelped as he turned the motor on and the barrel began turning slowly around. He stood, watching her incredibly sexy body pass by, then began running his finger along her sensitive skin as she turned. He tickled her stomach when it came around again, and held his hand in position, letting her strapped down body pass under his fingertips.

After several turns around, he realized that he could have more access to her body if the barrel was turning the other way. Instead of leading with her head, if she was leading with her… um, feet…

He reached up and shut off the motor. When the barrel stopped, he flipped the switch the other way. Now, the barrel began turning slowly counterclockwise.

“I’m going backwards,” Tanya mentioned, certain that he already knew it.

Frank replied, wondering what her complaint was.

“Remember that cheese sandwich?” she reminded him.

A moment later, she produced it. She missed the drip pan.

When she was ready to continue, he began tickling her body again, starting with her legs and letting her hips and belly pass under his wiggling fingers. As her breasts went by, he flipped her nipple with his fingernail. Tanya yelped, then glared at him as her head went by.

As her legs reappeared, Frank spread two fingers, and held his hand so that one finger touched each leg. As the barrel continued around, his fingers traced their way up her thighs, diving deeper between her legs as they approached her pussy. He stroked her pussy lips as they went by, and continued tracing his way up her stomach to her breasts, then flipped the same nipple again. It was stiffer now that it had been before. She still gave him a dirty look when her head went by.

He did the same thing again. This time, her pussy left a streak of moisture on his fingers and her nipple was definitely hard. Her eyes were closed this time as she went by again.

The next time, he held his fingers stiffly together and slid them up her legs, ramming them into her pussy as it went by. Tanya cried out, and struggled against her straps. She couldn’t move at all with her back already arched around the barrel and her feet and hands tied down.

“Harder next time!” she yelped as she went by again. This time, he rammed his hand into her pussy, almost punching it. Tanya cried out again. She was definitely wet and had evidently already had at least one orgasm.

He flipped the motor switch to the ‘off’ position as her feet came around again. As her legs passed by, going more slowly, Frank positioned his hand between them, fingers and thumb tucked into his palm. Tanya grunted at the impact as his knuckles slammed into her pussy lips, then cried out as his entire hand sank right into her pussy. The barrel came to a sudden halt as her entire weight shoved against his arm, burying his hand deep inside her womb.

Tanya gasped repeatedly, unable to speak. Her pussy muscles quivered against his wrist as though trying to push him back out. Her whole body was convulsing from the impact. After a moment, she was able to breathe again and was sobbing from the agony of her torn insides.

After another moment, she seemed to relax a little and Frank tried to pull his arm out. Tanya convulsed the instant he moved and clamped down on his wrist and forearm with her cunt muscles. He found himself unable to move as she twitched and twisted against her restraints.

She finally settled down and he started to pull his arm out again. The same thing happened. This time he decided to talk to her when she settled down again.

“How ya doin’ down there?” he asked her.

she grunted. She sounded weak and disoriented.

“Can I move now?” he asked.

His dick was rock hard and he wanted to put it where his arm was. He wished he could see her face, but, strapped around that barrel like she was, her face was hanging upside down on the other side from where he had his arm buried in her cunt.

she told him, barely able to form words. “No

She shuddered for a few seconds, then was still, again. Her pussy was quivering against his forearm and wrist. He tried to move again. Tanya cried out and bucked against her restraints. She was definitely coming, this time. Her pussy muscles were contracting against his arm and it was getting really wet in there. She was either having an incredible orgasm or she was hemorrhaging.

Before, when her ruptured twat was clamping down on his arm and she was straining against her straps, he had held perfectly still. He realized that he had been hoping not to injure her further, but, considering the fact that his arm was already buried almost a foot into her cunt, he changed his mind. Leaning back with most of his weight, he pulled his arm back.

Tanya shrieked and bucked wildly as Frank nearly turned her cunt inside out pulling his hand free. Not certain what to do about her extra-long lips dangling out from her cunt, but anxious to get her quieted down, he pushed her insides back in with his fingers. With any luck, whatever was ruptured in there should heal shortly. He hoped so, anyway.

After a few minutes, she quieted down again. He watched and waited, his cock still raging hard. She didn’t call quits. Pulling off his shorts, Frank stepped up on the frame and pulled the barrel around so that he could reach her with his cock.

Tanya moaned a half-sigh of protest as she felt the barrel moving again. She tried to look around to find out what he was going to do to her next. Although her head was higher, now, she still couldn’t see much. The other two wheels were visible to her now. She wondered which it would be – leather straps or spikes? Then she felt Frank cock brush against her legs.

Oh, good, she thought to herself. He’s only going to fuck me…

She felt his cock shove past her pussy lips and waited. There was absolutely no sensation inside her cunt at all.

“You killed my pussy,” she murmured, wondering why she didn’t feel anything.

His pelvis was banging into hers, and her body was jerking with each thrust he made into her, but there was no feeling inside her.

“Put it in my ass,” she suggested, calling around and down her body at him.

Frank pulled out when he heard her request and placed the head of his cock against her asshole. Moving the barrel slightly, he pressed up against her. Her legs weren’t far enough apart and her butt was too dry anyway. He went back to fucking her loose, sloppy cunt.

Tanya muttered to herself. ‘Guess I’m done for

She didn’t really mind. Her orgasms when he’d buried his arm up her cunt would hold her for at least a week, especially if her pussy needed some down time to heal properly.

Frank hammered his cock into his wife’s cunt hard, over and over. She was completely limp. He realized that he would need more stimulation in order to come inside her. Reaching over with one hand, he moved the lever to lower one of the secondary wheels down.

Tanya yelped as she saw the spiked wheel descending. “What are you doing?” she cried nervously.

“Waking you up,” Frank called back to her.

Tanya grunted as the wheel dropped down on her torso and forced the air out of her lungs. Then she felt the spikes penetrating her belly.

Frank grinned as he felt her pussy muscles contract against his cock with the impact of the spiked wheel against her belly. He started thrusting into her again as the spiked wheel rolled up her torso.

“Oh, God, no!” she cried out. “I’ve had enough!”

The wheel rolled slowly back and forth along the top of the barrel, perforating her flesh from her hips to the breasts. It rolled up onto her breasts, squashing and perforating them as well, then rolled back down her torso.

“Please stop!” Tanya cried. “This isn’t fun />
Frank stopped fucking her and pulled the lever raising the spiked wheel into the air. He pulled the barrel around so that her head was at the top. Tanya’s body was beautifully perforated and leaking little rivulets of red from her breasts to her hips.

“You killed my pussy,” she whimpered. “I couldn’t feel you.”

Frank sighed, realizing that the day’s play was over – at least until she was ready for more.

“I’ll unstrap you,” he told her and walked around behind her to release the rope securing her hands and feet together. After a moment, he had her free and gently rolled the barrel around, catching her blood-slickened body as she fell against him.

“Had enough for today?” he asked, already knowing her answer.

She grunted. He couldn’t tell if it was yes or no. Frank ended up carrying his exhausted wife back to bed. Once there, he sponged her down, cleaning the splashes of blood and vomit off her that had accumulated during her torture.

She was conscious the whole time he washed her, which was unusual. Once she was ‘maxed out’ on physical mutilation, she would usually sleep for the next thirty hours or so. She’d been gutted by an energy pistol just yesterday, woke up this morning after only fifteen hours of recovery time, and hadn’t slept since.

Then he remembered that she hadn’t been murdered, after all. The ‘second time around’, Lisa had teleported her to safety before she was gunned down with that blaster. All that damage to her body was only in her mind.

Although she hadn’t passed out from the strenuous torture and all that spinning around, Tanya wasn’t talking, either. She seemed to be in a dream state, dimly aware of her surroundings and responding when he touched her, but that was about all. But when he lay down next to her, she rolled over against him and snuggled up, so he was content.

After some time, Frank realized that he couldn’t sleep. Tanya wasn’t asleep either, although her eyes were closed and her breathing was light and relaxed. She opened her eyes and gazed at him as he restlessly stirred, trying to get comfortable. He watched her watch him for a moment.

“You okay?” she finally asked, her voice a little scratchy from crying out earlier.

“Yeah, I guess,” Frank said quietly.

He watched her closely, looking for signs of dissatisfaction or upset.

she replied, smiling a little. “It was nice.”

Frank asked, raising his eyebrows. “You threw up all over yourself and I turned your cunt inside out.”

“I know,” she replied, her voice very relaxed and distant. “It was fun.”

“You didn’t want the spike wheel?” he asked, still uncertain of yet another change in his wife’s attitude and personality.

Tanya shook her head. “No,” she admitted. “But I’d like to try it as an opener sometime. I would have been as happy just being fucked while I was tied down like that.

“Do you know what Macario did to Béla last night?” she asked, seeming to change the subject.

Frank looked at her, wondering what she would say, then shook his head.

“He stuck a sword up inside her,” Tanya continued, sounding a little awed by the idea, “all the way to the hilt – right up between her legs.”

“Do you want me to do that to you?” Frank asked, not really certain that he wanted to do that to her.

she asked quietly, then she kissed him. “No, I’ll settle for your personal sword. You don’t need a metal one. Just stick yours inside me once in a while, but not right after you’ve ripped me apart down there.”

“Nice to know you’ll settle,” Frank murmured as his lips kissed a path across her cheek toward her jawbone and earlobe.

Her body felt warm and inviting as she pressed against him. And she was responding nicely to his lips on her neck and shoulder, moaning deep in her throat with pleasure the way she used to when they made love.

“I think I can handle it, now,” Tanya murmured.

She reached down, pressing her hand and arm between their bodies to find and caress his dick as they kissed. It was still nice and hard and didn’t need any work. Pulling her arm free, she pressed his shoulder back so he was lying flat on the bed and slid a leg over his torso. A few seconds later, she was surrounding his hard cock with her moist, wet pussy walls, and lay down against him, apparently content just to have him in there.

“I can feel you,” she murmured.

Frank started feeling frustrated in less than a minute with his cock buried in her hot, wet pussy and tried to thrust into her a little bit. She was still really loose in there from his earlier penetration with his arm. Tanya chuckled as their bodies moved together and he couldn’t seem to get any action going.

“Now you’re teasing me!” he complained.

Grunting with the effort, Frank rolled her off him and they ended up lying on their sides facing each other with her leg hooked over his hip and his cock still buried in her sweet, wet, but unmoving pussy. But at least, in this position, he could create a little friction down there. Holding her rump steady with his free hand, he began to pump slowly in and out of her with his dick, satisfied that he was fucking her normally again.

He continued making quiet love to her, enjoying the feel of her soft breasts pressing against his chest, warm and just a little sticky with moisture from the mild heat they were generating. He hoped she wouldn’t need him to tear up her body anymore. She always healed, completely unscarred, but he always felt degraded when hurting her that way, which was odd, because she was the one who was always wanting to be mutilated.

Frank loved how close Tanya was pressing against him as they made love. It was as if she was trying to gently merge her whole body into his, starting with her soft, warm, slippery pussy and working her way up. There wasn’t any part of her entire body facing him that wasn’t in intimate contact with his. It was almost suffocating, but very pleasant.

Gradually, Tanya picked up the pace as her sweet cunt became more demanding. She started subvocalizing in her throat – a soft, barely heard grunt or moan with each exhalation of her breath. It gradually grew louder and higher pitched as she began humping against his cock a little harder.

Her orgasm surprised him when it happened. Tanya hadn’t worked at it nearly longer enough to give her a mind-shattering, cunt-blowing explosion of sensation like she usually did, but seemed to settle for a nice, mild, body-shuddering squirt and squeeze that he still physically felt with his cock.

Not certain that she was finished, he continued to move in and out of her for another moment, then picked up the pace, aiming for his own orgasm as she relaxed in his arms, through with sex for the time being.

He didn’t mind her being relaxed and completely unmoving as he began pummeling her with his cock, striving to come. He was used to fucking her when she was unconscious. But he was pleased when she humped against him several more times just as he was coming. Her movements added to his sensations and he felt that she was actually enjoying it instead of simply being a receptacle for his cum, or a real live but completely passive sex doll.

She sighed contentedly and quickly went to sleep this time. Frank lay awake for awhile longer, still trying to figure out his ever-changing wife, then gave up and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 9 />
Ember gripped the structural supports tightly as her rear end floated above her in the zero gravity environment. She and her junior assistant, Carl, were inside the framework of the stabilizing gyros that were part of the steering mechanism of the almost completed ship.

She met him six weeks ago when he replaced her former assistant, Andrew East. Ship and maintenance personnel were rotated planet-side every three-months so that their bodies could recover from the unusual bone loss and muscle weakness that seemed to occur in gravity free environments. Her was up in three more weeks, but Carl was so sexy that she’d begun an affair with him within a week of his arrival.

She considered herself ‘sexually and rarely had any relationship last more than a few months. Her twin, however, had been married to the same guy for almost her entire adult life. And Amber was quite satisfied with her husband, so long as she could vicariously share her sister’s wild sexual adventures.

Now, Ember was hanging on as her body trembled with the orgasmic sensations flooding through her. Carl had his mouth glued to her pelvis and was deep-tonguing her, his own body floating free, his hard cock visible just a foot away from her hungry mouth, but completely unreachable. When she reached for him, she lost her grip and they both floated apart from each other, then had to start all over.

Ember loved living in a gravity free environment. Her not-quite perky tits stood out like they had when she was a teenager, more years ago than she cared to think about, and motion was incredibly easy. With her wrist pads, she could fly just like her childhood heroine, Wonder Girl. That was how she’d seduced the handsome, but stuck-up Carl Webber, who wanted nothing to do with a middle-aged woman suffering her mid-life crisis. But her acrobatic flying in zero gravity (along with the skin-tight leotards she wore when exercising) had helped him realize there might be something interesting about her, after all.

Her body twitched as she approached her second orgasm. Carl was ready, now, and pulled himself around, levering against her body to bring his dick around for her to suck on. Letting go of the gyro supports, Ember reached out and grabbed his approaching torso, easily pulling his weightless body toward her, guiding the little space ship, into its docking bay. Her ‘bay door’ opened and the warm, moist floor of the docking bay reached out to make contact with the incoming deep-space explorer vessel.

Their bodies floated freely in a sixty-nine position. Carl, satisfied that his middle-aged cum receptacle was securely sucking on his cock, went back to pleasing her pussy. She wasn’t that good-looking and she was old, but she was very athletic, and a firm, fit body went a long ways in impressing him. Another thing that impressed him was the number of times she could come in any given ten-minute period – his standard time for a quickie.

Another thing he liked about her was her preference for oral sex. That could have something to do with the fact that she didn’t want any more children, but Carl preferred oral sex, as well. He also didn’t want any middle-aged cunt showing up looking for his help in raising a brat, but his favorite thing about oral sex was listening to the slut choke on the amount of cum he could produce. Just the sound of a female choking gave him a hard-on. And in another minute or so, he was hoping to hear this old slut start choking when he filled her mouth and throat with white, gooey gobs of semen.

Ember was starting to twitch again, starting her third orgasm. Carl slowed down eating her out and sped up fucking her mouth, wanting to come while she was in the middle of her own orgasm. Her muscle control would be at its weakest, then, and she could quite likely inhale some of his sperm deep into her lungs. The thought brought him closer to orgasm and he fucked her face harder, digging into her pussy again with his madly probing tongue.

Ember started to come at his renewed attack on her cunt, squeezing her muscles down there tightly around the tip of his tongue. He was fucking her mouth, now, and she knew he was as close to orgasm as she was. Wanting him to come in her mouth as her pussy exploded into his, she increased her sucking pressure against his cock every time he thrust it into the back of her throat, causing it to pop loudly when he pulled it free to thrust it back in.

She was starting to come, now, and quickly wrapped her arms around his rump so he couldn’t pull back out of her. Sucking madly with her whole mouth, tongue and upper body as well, she felt his cock begin to spasm. Pulling back a little so that she could still breathe, she felt the first spurt filling her mouth and began swallowing as fast as she could.

Carl raked his teeth along her pussy lips and jabbed her clitoris with his tongue just as he started to come, himself. Ember arched her back as her orgasm exploded through her body. Her mouth and throat were suddenly full of cum and she couldn’t breathe. Carl bit her clitoris and she gasped, completely overwhelmed, twitching and spasming out of control.

She began to choke on the incredible amount of cum filling her mouth, and Carl wasn’t helping any by wrapping his legs around her head and pumping deeper into her face. The lack of air and her inability to breathe was incredibly erotic as Carl kept chewing on her clitoris and she kept coming, her body spasming in orgasm and with her choking, as well. She was starting to pass out from all the sensations and the thought occurred to her – what a wonderful way to die…

Carl was in heaven. He held Ember tightly against him, wanting to feel every contraction of her body and he humped her face and spurted again in her hungry slut mouth. She was choking now, as well as coming, and her convulsions were lengthening his orgasm. This was his sixth powerful spurt into her wet mouth, then the seventh. The eighth was barely noticeable and his ninth was just a dry shudder.

He relaxed and Ember was finally able to free herself, coughing violently, then gasping to catch her breath.

“Oh… (Cough!) God! (Gasp!) That was great! You make me come harder than anybody… (Cough! Gasp!)”

She twisted her body around to see his face, still gasping for air.

“You make me come really good, too, Babe,” Carl replied, not meeting her gaze. He looked at his watch. “Twelve minutes! We should get back before anyone misses us.”

He pushed against a bulkhead and snagged his shirt as it floated by.

“Yeah, we should,” Ember agreed.

Carl was really thoughtful about her reputation in not wanting her to get caught enflagrante with a junior member of the crew.

Carl was dressed first, but he didn’t leave like usual. He seemed to be looking for something.

“What is it?” Ember asked, worried that someone might show up in Engineering looking for him or her. The scent of their sex was still heavy in the air and it would be pretty obvious from her current state what they’d been up to.

Carl shrugged and pushed through the entrance out of the gyro room. “Nothing, I guess. I thought I had a spanner in my pants pocket.”

“You did!” smirked Ember, licking her lips. “It tasted great!”

She waited another moment, then followed him out. After a quick misting, she was changed into fresh clothes and back on post.

Amber Cutberg was on the bridge and was currently the senior crewmember on board. She was excited about actually being at the helm of this magnificent teardrop of a ship. (That’s what it reminded her of when she first gazed at it from the ground through a telescope – a tiny, glistening teardrop in a field of brilliant stars.) She wished her husband, Roland, was up here sharing this moment with her, but his expertise was in another field. (He’s a garbage collector, okay? Jeez! He’s a good man and he loves me!)

Ready to fire! Amber thought into her sister’s mind.

Her twin, Ember, was the engineering officer of Earth’s flagship Phoenix III, the third attempt in as many decades to build a city-sized spaceship capable of carrying seven hundred and (currently) forty-two passengers – the entire population of Solar City, Colorado to a safe haven in the more distant regions of the solar system.

This current construction was the brainchild, in more ways than one, of their patron, Lisa Pestova, who had recommended her family’s admittance into the Solar City community and helped to guide the twins’ education over their next two decades after having fled Denver.

After two disastrous failures to make the tensile strength of the ship’s outer shell strong enough (and flexible enough) to withstand the stress created by the magnetic space drive, it was decided that earth’s technology wasn’t sufficiently advanced to the point where an actual working model could be constructed. A new approach was required.

At that point, Lisa (wild child, phoenix, basically uneducated and ignorant of any of the advanced sciences) popped up and said she thought she could probably create a shell that would withstand the twisting and disrupting magnetic forces emitted by the ship’s main drive.

Lisa’s brainchild was a single-shell construct, molded from a non-metallic silicon-based resin that was tougher than granite and didn’t warp under magnetic stress. Lisa had used the formidable power of her stored nuclear energy to glaze the material and condense it into an almost transparent, one-meter-thick surface.

It was created inside the Teleportation Zone and had taken her and her entire Femme team several weeks to create, Lisa needing fresh blood almost hourly to replace the energy she expended. Lisa provided the raw power and Tabatha provided the shielding that forced the material into shape. Béla and Tanya helped to anchor the vast vessel and hold it in if there really was such a concept inside a dimension with no breadth or width.

Everyone in the community was proud to have donated their blood during the long, agonizing birth of their new vessel.

When it was finished, the Team had an hollow, eggshell-shaped object over a kilometer long and four hundred meters wide. The girls moved it into space where the previous ship had been orbiting, and interior construction began as soon as the new transporter was installed and personnel were transported aboard.

Inner wall construction went much faster, as the resin was soft enough to accept screws and bolts for wall supports without cracking, even in the sub-zero temperatures of space. After that, it was up to the more mundane construction workers to complete the insides of the ship.

The massive engine was bolted against the hull at the far end of the resin egg instead of in the center, as in the previous designs. The hull was three meters thick at that end. A gigantic gyroscope was fitted above that, to help swing the weight of the ship in any direction required for steering as the magnetic drive, no longer able to turn and push in any direction from the center of the ship, could only push in one direction now that it was solidly anchored.

The Bridge was at the narrow end and was where all the electronic equipment, including the Praetor, was installed. The Bridge was also shielded from the magnetic residue of the main drive, which was one reason why it was designed to be a kilometer away from the engine.

The twins, Amber and Ember, were separated right now, one on the bridge and one in Engineering, where the great engine was mounted against the hull. The giant resin ship was empty except for a few bridge personnel and two engineers.

‘Max power engaged, Sis!’ Ember sent back. ‘Put this thing in gear and let’s peel out!’

She and her assistant, Carl, were strapped into their buffers, as were the six members of the bridge crew. The ship surged forward, the engine producing about six gravities of acceleration at maximum power.

‘Yee-haw! How’s it steering, Sis?’ Ember asked excitedly as she was cruelly pressed into her buffer.

She had her own controls that could override the helm controls on the bridge, but only if bridge relinquished control to engineering.

‘I can’t Amber thought back at her, sounding strained.

The magnetic drive was set to accelerate at six gees until the energy cells were depleted (about thirty seconds at that rate of energy usage). That was the maximum output of the drive. Theoretically, it could accelerate forever at six-gees, but right now, the electromagnetic drive ate up all the stored power available in less than a minute, severely limiting its acceleration capabilities.

After thirty seconds, they were back in zero-gee and they still had some battery power left for steering. The ship was now travelling almost three hundred meters every second; over a thousand kph, now.

Ember floated around the giant magnetic drive, using her directional hand pads (small air-jets attached to her wrists) to guide her. Having spent the last several months up here, she was used to getting around that way. She watched through the thick, but mostly transparent hull as Earth moved slowly beneath them.

‘Wow! We’re moving!’ Ember broadcast excitedly.

She had studied all this in theory, but, so far, this was the first ship design that actually worked. She was excited, but also a little scared. Space was awfully big, and Earth was a long ways down right now.

She heard the Praetor in her mind. That was something else to get used to.

‘Changing course in five seconds… four… three… two… />
The magnetic drive came back on at a much lower power now. Ember had her safety line snapped to a hull brace and was also holding on to the handrail (already installed, thank you, whoever did that…).

She rolled to her right as the huge gyros turned the ship, changing the direction of the thrust. The ship was now steering to the left.

‘Port, it’s moving port. I’ll have to remember that.’

Ember saw Carl was still strapped into his buffer. He looked positively green.

‘Course change will terminate in five seconds… four… three… two… />
She didn’t realize that she’d been pushing so hard against the hull, but now, she almost flew straight out as the magnetic drive shut off. She quickly reached the end of her safety line and spun wildly around for a few seconds. Then she pulled herself back to the hull and released her safety line clasp.

Using her hand pads again, she returned to see how Carl was doing.

“Hey, Green Boy,” she grinned at him. “Need a barf bag?”

He looked at her and actually sneered. At least, that’s what it looked like to her.

“You should be checking the readouts on this thing,” he growled. “I can feel it inside me, messing with my bones every time it fires.”

“Well, it’s a magnetic drive,” Ember said, pointing out the obvious. “You have iron in your system. That’s what the degausser’s for. Want me to get it for you?”

Carl grinned. On him, with his insides obviously roiling around, it was a pretty ghastly expression. Ember jetted over to engineering storage and pulled one off the rack, then jetted back, more clumsily now that she was managing extra weight.

In another fifteen minutes, she had Carl degaussed. Whether it was a psychosomatic problem or a real one, he seemed to feel better afterward, which was a real relief to her. Now she wouldn’t have to clean up any messes he might have made if he got sick in free fall.

She returned to her buffer and checked the panels in front of her. The readouts for the last engine usage were stored and ready to be viewed. She frowned as she looked them over.

The engine was working okay, but the radiation readout was off the scale. She checked to see what kind of radiation was registering. Her heart sank as she reviewed the displays. She looked at them again. They were the same.

She pressed her comlink to the bridge.

“Bridge – she said, quietly.

“Bridge – go ahead,” her sister’s cheerful, comforting voice – her soon-to-be dead sister, along with everyone else on the ship if those readings were correct.

her voice faltered. Verify your radiation readings with mine. Transmitting now.”

She pressed the button sending the engineering data to the bridge display, hoping her sister would tell her there was a malfunction and that her instruments were faulty. This was their first use, after all.

It was quiet for a long time as the ship orbited around the beautiful blue and white swirled world. Forever later, the inner door to Engineering hissed open. Ember looked up. Her sister floated on the other side of the door. They simply looked at each other for a long time, then Amber pulled herself through.

in the middle of a solar flare,” she said, simply. “We don’t have the equipment to monitor the sun anymore, and no one thought to shield the ship against hard />
“How do you know it’s a solar flare,” Ember asked, “if you can’t detect them?”

‘The Praetor said so,’ Amber thought into her sister’s mind. ‘It knew before you sent me your />
because the Praetor can electronically read all the Ember replied.

Ember decided, “since we’re here, we may as well finish the scheduled tests on the engine. We won’t feel sick for some time, I />
Amber broke down at this point and hugged her sister to her, sobbing on her shoulder. They floated slowly past the giant engine, rotating slowly as they hugged each other in their grief.

Carl called out to them. another course change scheduled in a couple of minutes, now. You should secure.”

‘Incoming traffic. Please stand clear of the Focal Press,’ the Praetor said into all their minds.

The sisters heard the cyclotron powering up. Then, with a pop, a white case with a Red Cross on it popped into existence on the receiving platform. There was also a radiation symbol on it. Lisa suddenly appeared next to it, twisted around, seeming to be perfectly comfortable in free fall, and picked it up.

“What is it?” Amber called out. “Why are you here? You should leave. You’re exposing yourself to intense />
“I know,” Lisa smiled at the twins. “But it won’t hurt me. The Praetor told us about your problem, so Mom made up some solutions for you. I thought I’d come by and let you know everything will be all right.”

Grinning at each other like they’d just received a reprieve from death row, the two sisters powered their way closer to the receiving platform. Lisa handed Ember the box, then vanished.

‘Please secure and prepare for a course />
“Over there!” Ember motioned, holding the box by its handle and trying to maneuver with one hand pad. She began spinning around, then kicked against the bulkhead housing the Focal Press to steady herself.

Amber snapped her line onto a hull brace and kicked out, reaching for her sister. They grabbed each other />
‘… one.’

and swayed off in a new direction as the ship changed course again. They collided into a bulkhead, both of them doing their best to hold onto each other and the precious white case with their futures inside it.

end in five seconds… four… three… two… one.’

They were in free fall again. Ember sighed with relief.

“I hope nothing’s damaged,” she said, snapping the fasteners and pulling on the lid. A Styrofoam case floated upward. Amber, her hands still empty, grabbed it and flipped it open. Inside were eight hypos. Six were filled with a light pink fluid. Two held a dark reddish substance, almost brown. It looked thick, compared to the others.

the sister gazed at the row of needled vials carefully secured in the Styrofoam. There were nametags on each one. The two dark ones said and />
The instructions in the container simply said, “To be used as needed.” Amber reached down to pick hers up, wondering what was holding it in place. It released as she touched it, so she lifted it up and held it against the light.

“It looks like blood,” she murmured to her sister.

They gazed at each other for a moment. They both knew about the blood-sisters, having met Lisa on their very first day in the mountains, and that they were, for all practical purposes, immortal. Very carefully, she put the needle vial back where it had been resting. It adhered and stayed where it was.

“So that’s what she meant,” Ember murmured, staring at the vial with her name on it. “She's offering us…”

She couldn’t find the words.

“To be used as needed,” Amber whispered, almost reverently, the weight of her entire forty-two years in those few words.

They both reached up and closed the lid. Ember powered up to the Engineering Supply cabinet and shoved the white case inside, then closed the cabinet door.

“Voiceprint Lock, Dual,” Ember said to the door. “Ember,

She looked at her sister, then tilted her head at the door, indicating it was Amber’s turn.

“Amber, her sister said, giving her name and list number. />
The door clicked. The sisters looked at each other.

‘To be used as needed,’ each thought to the other.

They knew the vials would be used. But, for now, they weren’t needed. There were no ill effects yet from the intense radiation surrounding the ship.

Amber returned to the bridge and Ember went back to see how Carl was faring.

Chapter 10 />
Béla was almost a mile high, her wings spread wide as she glided over the silent city gleaming in the light of the Aurora Borealis. There were electric lights visible in Wichita where it had been dark for almost fifteen years now. That most likely meant the final futile surge of civilization called the Confederacy had reached Kansas.

Béla felt annoyed that these outsiders would come so close to her chosen people. Soon, the Confederates would be farming the land that supplied most of Solar City’s produce and using it for themselves, probably even stealing the transmitted energy from Solar City’s own power relays to run their farm equipment.

She circled down, deciding to investigate who was down there in what should be a dead city. It had been awhile since she’d been in the field and her mind was still partially occupied with the impending journey looming ahead for all her people.

There was the new ship her daughter had created practically single-handedly, or rather, single-mindedly. Her daughter’s construction methods still amazed her, due to the fact that ship was pretty much created out of transmuted rock and pressurized sand, compressed and formed in Lisa’s nuclear powered mind, then thrust back out into normal space as a done deal – a finished, seamless shell over half a mile long.

It was a magnificent engineering feat – an entire ship made out of some kind of hard, seamless resin that wouldn’t melt and wouldn’t break. The first test, six months ago, indicated an acceleration rate of almost ten meters per second. At that rate, you could break the sound barrier in less than half a minute, but it was uncontrolled acceleration. When the attempt was made to maneuver the ship at a lower speed, the gyros that balanced the ship had malfunctioned, jamming as the ship was turning. The ship spun for several hours until the engineers could get the huge gyros spinning again.

Béla landed on a rooftop overlooking the lighted street below. She’d never been here before, and didn’t know exactly where she was. Wichita was another dead town among thousands, deserted as radiation survivors, hearing rumors about the rise of the Confederacy, had flocked to join, often leaving their worldly goods behind.

Béla wondered what would have happened if word of her little mountain stronghold had gotten out. Would she have been forced to fight off and maybe kill humans whose only crime was that they were hungry and dying? The alternative would have been to accept them into Solar City and abandon them to their fate, later, as there wouldn’t be room in New Eden for all of them. She was glad she hadn’t had to make that choice.

Her wings still formed, she dropped off the rooftop down to a darkened side street, her bare feet touching down silently in a silent city. Pulling her wings forward now, she reformed her arms, resuming her normal human appearance. She was perfectly naked, as well. She grinned to herself, realizing that this part was what excited Tanya about their adventures – walking into a situation where she could just as easily be gunned down as raped, and pretty certain that one or the other would be likely to happen.

Well, Béla liked to play too, and she rarely even got to participate in the Femmes’ activities since she’d declared Jake’s son, Jake Hedron, persona non grata in her home for withholding the information that put them all into this fix.

She stayed in the middle of the street and walked toward the lights. As she drew nearer, she could see that the lights were strung on bare wires and hung along the fronts of several buildings.

‘An amateurish attempt to light the way home for someone, />
she called out, not too loudly.

She stood in the middle of the street and waited. She couldn’t feel anything mentally and was pretty certain that no one was here. After a moment, she walked into one of the buildings with a light dangling against the wall. It was dark inside and she couldn’t really see. Broken glass crinkled under her bare feet and she suddenly realized what was odd about the street outside. There wasn’t any debris.

There was something watching her, now. Whatever it was, it wasn’t human. It saw food and there were a lot of ‘it’ watching her. Béla chastised herself for being unreasonably nervous. She’d lived on this planet for almost five thousand years and knew what kind of dangers there were. Large carnivores were about the only things she ever needed to worry about – carnivores and people – and there weren’t any of either, here.

But something was here. It knew she was here and it wanted her. She could feel it. It was an alien sensation – something… new. There were images attached to the sensation. She closed her eyes against the darkness and concentrated. The waveband of the mind (minds?) producing these images was different than the telepathic band she and her blood-sisters used. It was even different than what the Praetor used for its broadcasts.

‘The Praetor! Of course!’ she suddenly remembered she had a backup, after all.

‘Praetor! Can you hear me?’

‘Of course, Carte Blanche. What is it you wish?’

‘I’m picking up images in my mind. Can you help me sort them out?’

Béla opened her mind to the Praetor – and to whatever was watching her.

She was surprised that the animal was sentient, but it didn’t change anything. Her children would still feed on her flesh and grow big and strong. The animal wouldn’t escape. Too many of her sisters blocked the exit, now.

She opened her mouth, anticipating the sweet exchange of fluids that was about to occur – a loving death for one, the sweet nectar of life for the other, or, others, I mustn’t forget my />
She dropped down on the warm animal in the middle of the room, signaling the attack.

Béla shrieked as something landed in her hair. She teleported out to her rooftop landing point and shook herself all over, making sure there wasn’t anything crawling on her. Then she teleported back to the doorway and peered into the room where she’d been standing. The floor was covered with dark moving shapes.

‘Big fucking spiders! Holy Crap!’

She could feel the group mind of the spiders. They were intelligent! The lights were meant to lure warm animals like her to their lair so they could feed and reproduce. As she mind-linked with them, they mind-linked with her, as well. Béla shielded as soon as she felt the group mind invading hers. In addition, the shapes and shadows on the floor were all scuttling toward her, now.

Béla backed away into the street and turned. Forming her wings, she leaped up into the air, beating wildly for air space.

‘Lisa! I need you!’ Béla cried out mentally.

The spiders had invaded her mind. She didn’t know how much they’d been able to see – about her, her species, their mountain hideaway or the nearly completed orbiting ship. She also couldn’t tell if the spiders were still mind-linked with her. They operated on a different mental frequency – one that her Praetor had momentarily enabled her to perceive.

Lisa appeared a few meters away, simply hanging in the air and levitating at the same speed her mom was flying.

she chirped into her mother’s mind, then got very serious as she felt fear radiating from her.

“We have to blow it all up!” Béla exclaimed. “The whole city. It’s filled with mutant spiders – and they’re />
“Wow! Mutant spiders?” Lisa exclaimed, suddenly excited. “Cool! Think I’ll go have a look!”

She vanished before Béla could warn her. She felt Lisa reappear near the lighted area.

‘The lights are a trap!’ she mentally screamed at her daughter. ‘And the spiders are telepathic! Please be careful, />
worry, Mom, Béla felt Lisa flare her body. She was fighting something, but Béla couldn’t get a clear image. Then Lisa radiated a flash of exhilaration.

‘She was being challenged – a fight to the death! Finally! Some real freakin’ action! Frying dozens of giant spiders! Nothing can touch me! Burn, you freak!

‘Wow! There’re a lot of them. They really are telepathic! Shields up, baby! Oh, shit! … Have to do it the easy way. There’s too many of />
There was a blinding flash as the whole building exploded and then a fireball rolled up into the sky.

Béla stopped flapping and almost fell out of the air. The fireball was radiating an intense orgasmic flow.

‘Holy cow! That’s Lisa!’ Béla realized as she blinked, trying to see through the bright images that were fading too slowly in her eyeballs.

The fireball became a huge fiery woman with legs and giant wings rising in the air as Lisa blew off excess nuclear energy. After another moment, she was able to rematerialize into a solid form again – as solid as her hybrid body gets, anyway.

‘Got ’em!’ Lisa sent to her mom, crowing with victory. ‘Lisa, ten thousand! Spiders – big oh! And it was a really big ‘O’, if />
‘I got it!’ her mother interrupted, terribly upset. ‘You almost gave me a big o-old heart attack! What were you thinking, going in there like that?’

‘Just looking for some fun, Mom,’ Lisa replied mentally. She relocated so she was right next to her. ‘You still treat me like a kid! I’m forty-four, Mom. Go have another kid or find something else to fuss over. I have an orgy to get back to. Bye.’

Béla yelped into her daughter’s mind. Lisa turned back around, still levitating. Béla thought she looked ridiculous just hanging in the middle of the air like that. ‘I thought you were on reconnaissance with />
‘Tabby and I finished that hours ago,’ Lisa confessed, almost smirking. ‘You called me right in the middle of rescuing her butt again. I time-walked back six hours to see what you wanted.’

‘So you’re in two places right now?’ Béla asked, trying to wrap her mind around the idea that her daughter had ignored her cry for help for six hours.

Lisa moved closer. Béla stopped flapping for fear of striking her daughter with her wings, then felt Lisa holding her up, levitating them both with her mind.

‘Mom, I can be any and any I want,’ Lisa thought solemnly into her head. ‘I own the whole />
get so superior, Beth,’ Béla thought back at her. ‘Remember that you died the last time you tried to take on too />
‘I wasn’t a phoenix, then,’ Lisa interrupted her. ‘And don’t call me that. It’s not who I am!’

She vanished, deliberately leaving behind a fiery image of herself that dissipated quickly into smoke.

Béla began to drop now that Lisa wasn’t holding her up anymore. Spreading her wings and arching her back, she flipped over, her wings catching the air rushing past her. She circled around and glided back toward the towering pillar of smoke. Her daughter was powerful, but careless. She could easily have missed some – perhaps a whole nest. Béla wanted to make sure they were all dead.

She dropped down next to the flaming building, so close that the heat scorched the thinly stretched flesh of her fragile wings. Reforming her arms, she walked around the roaring fire trying to sense any mental broadcasts in that odd frequency the spiders used earlier.

There was debris all over, now, and the myriad cuts in her bare feet kept breaking into her concentration. She looked up and down the street. The city looked eerily dark beyond the pall of the flaming building. The darkness seemed to attract her – seemed to be watching. She tried to feel the mind that she knew was there and failed. It was evidently well shielded, having been educated by the group Lisa destroyed.

Béla began walking up the street. The attraction she felt was almost mesmerizing, but not so much that she wasn’t paying attention. She continued walking, her bare body silhouetted by the pale yellow light of the distant burning building. It was dark where she was, now, despite the undulating ribbons of light high above, so she used what she could feel in her mind to guide her.

‘Praetor, follow my thoughts and record what I see,’ Béla broadcast out into the air.

Whatever was here, she wanted a recording of it for analysis later. There was something happening here. Maybe Wichita was special, or maybe it was happening in other places, too. She needed to find out.

There was a soft hissing sound that ended abruptly. Béla looked toward where it came from. She heard it again and walked closer. She was starting to feel warm. Her arm brushed against something stiff – a small rod or a reed of some kind. It was sticking out of her torso. Surprised, she looked down at it.

‘Why don’t I feel that?’ she wondered.

She pulled it out with her fingers. It weighed practically nothing and hadn’t gone in very deep – barely piercing her skin, in fact. As she held it up and looked at it, trying to determine what it was in this darkness, Several more appeared, sticking out of her stomach and breasts.

She gazed down at herself, surprised. She felt pleasantly warm and comfortable.

‘I’m being attacked,’ she realized, feeling very relaxed.

She twisted her body back and forth, checking to see if whatever was on the little darts was paralyzing her or not. Her body moved in its usual supple way, indicating her motor control was fine. She picked the little reeds out of her one at a time. While she was doing that, a couple more appeared. She pulled them out, too.

Whatever was shooting at her seemed to be out of the little darts, now. At least, no more struck her. Béla rubbed her fingers over the tiny puncture marks as her skin healed. Everything felt normal, except that she was feeling warm and lazy and perhaps a little horny. With an effort, she cast out with her mind to make contact with whoever (or whatever) was lurking in the darkness.

‘Praetor, are you receiving anything?’ Béla called out with her mind.

Alarm replaced her lethargic warmth now as the Praetor failed to respond.

Béla reformed her wings and leaped straight up, beating furiously for altitude. Something was seriously wrong. She was flying, but she couldn’t feel the air. She circled around, trying to determine what was happening.

‘Praetor! Respond!’ she cried out, becoming even more frightened.

Then she saw it – standing in the middle of the street. Peering down into the darkness, she dived closer. Her eyes widened in fear and confusion as she recognized it. It was…

‘My God! That’s me!’

Her body was standing in the middle of the street, not moving. There were a dozen of the little reed-like darts sticking out of her bare breasts and belly. In the darkness of the buildings, shapes were detaching themselves and moving toward her.

‘Wake up!’ Béla desperately cried to herself.

There was no response. She dove down and slammed into her body, shrieking in terror as she passed right through it and crashed down into the pavement beyond. The pavement burns on her knees, wings and shoulders felt real.

real except me!’ Béla realized, stunned. ‘But which one do I need to protect? This me? Or that one?’

Perhaps the body lying there was just an illusion. But how powerful could a mind be to trick her like that?

She pushed forward with her wings and reformed her arms again, needing to use them to get upright and off the pavement.

Shouting loudly, she leaped toward one of the shadowy creatures crawling toward her self. It ignored her completely. She stomped down with her bare foot, trying to kill it.

‘Hey! It squashes! Great!’

She jumped around, squashing several more. But others were starting to crawl up her bare legs. She could feel them, but there was nothing there when she looked. She brushed her hands against her legs to get rid of the weird, almost erotic sensations as tiny legs with hooked feet seemed to be crawling on her. Nothing she did would make the feeling go away. Then she looked at her image lying in the street. Spiders were crawling all over it!

both real!’ Béla realized, astounded. ‘Why am I separate like this?’

‘Praetor! Respond!’ she cried out again as she ran toward her other self standing helplessly in the street. She began pulling spiders off and tearing them apart with her bare hands. She stomped on the ones that ran into her feet. After a moment, they seemed to notice her presence. Now, they physically were climbing on her, too. But at least she could knock them off.

Something stuck her in her stomach. She savagely brushed it off, but there was nothing there. Then she realized that her other body, the helpless one, was being attacked again. A spider was sticking something inside her. She reached down, grabbed the spider, and pulled it away. She felt the protrubance being yanked out of her stomach as she did so.

Suddenly stunned with erotic sensations, Béla dropped to her knees. She stared at the hand-sized body of the tightly gripped spider, realizing that the sensations were coming from it. It had been fucking her helpless body!

‘Spiders don’t fuck! Do they?’

Erotic sensation began to overwhelm her judgement. Confused, but desiring more of that overpowering erotic feeling, she turned the spider’s belly towards herself and moved her hand to press it against her own right breast.

‘Yes! Let me worship your sweet warm-blooded body! Let me inside of you. It is truly a wondrous sensation I offer!’

The spider’s legs touched her warm breast. It couldn’t see what was holding it, or the breast it was feeling with its legs, but it felt around and realized that this was the same warm animal it had been probing before. It shoved its protrubance forward, penetrating the soft, warm tissue of her breast.

They were mind-linked – spider and warm animal, each astounded at the sensations experienced by the other. Other spiders were crawling on her, now, each one mink-linking with her as they carefully crawled up what they perceived to be her invisible, but warm, animal legs. There were spiders crawling on her other body, her helpless one, as well.

‘We need to worship you, to crave your touch as you must crave ours, to />
Béla arched her back at the incredible sensations of the spiders sticking their protrubances into her warm, animal body. Shaking with her need to orgasm, she picked up a spider and pressed it against her pussy lips. It quickly snagged its legs into her invisible flesh to hold itself against her, and shoved a protrubance in right next to her clitoris.

‘No! Not there! The little hard part! Stab it into the little hard part – my clit, you moron!’

She pulled the spider off and carefully guided its protrubance up right against her clit. It pierced her clitoris this time, sending waves of orgasmic sensations through her body. Her orgasm was so intense that she accidentally squashed the spider that gave it to her.

She grabbed another one, there being lots of them around her now, and pressed it up between her legs. It behaved the same way. The spiders on her stomach and breasts were burrowing their protrubances deeper, making her whole body itch with sexy sensations. She realized that the itching was probably some kind of anesthesia, but she didn’t care. It wasn’t putting her to sleep – it was making her more aroused. It wasn’t like they could kill her or />
She could feel the spiders on her inert, silent body next to her burrowing their way inside as intensely as she could the spiders she kept placing on her own (to them, invisible) belly and breasts. She had three on each breast, now, happily burrowing into her soft, warm flesh, and seven or eight penetrating her stomach and sides. The didn’t seem to be interested in her upper back, but several were burrowing in beneath her ribcage from behind and almost a dozen lovingly stabbing their protrusions into her thighs and buttocks.

body was so alive with sexual need that she couldn’t stop writhing. Grabbing another spider, she rolled backward, squashing several that were on her back and placed this one over her ass. It immediately behaved just like all the others, hooking its feet into her tender flesh and burrowing its protrubance deep inside her.

She grabbed another one and placed it on her pussy, replacing the one she squashed during her last orgasm. A few seconds later, she squashed it against her cunt as she came again, and discovered that if she squashed them while their protrubances were stuck in her, she could get more of that wonderfully erotic fluid inside of her.

Reaching up with both hands, she squeezed the life-juices out of two spiders, one on each breast. She could feel the final spurt of juices as each spider’s insides were forced down the protrubance and into her breasts. She came again as her body reacted to the hot alien juices inside her. She squashed a couple more that were penetrating her and orgasmed again. She rolled forward, squashing the spider that was penetrating her ass and cried out in ecstasy as her ass was filled with warm, itchy spider juice.

In another moment, all the spiders that were on her active body had been squashed against her flesh. Béla gasped and tore at her own flesh, driven mad with lust from all the venom and juices that the spiders had both willingly and unwillingly injected into her.

As she lay on the ground, Béla looked up at her body. It was covered with spiders again. She could feel them penetrating her, burrowing deep inside her with their protrubances. They would stop every few seconds and inject something into the surrounding tissue where each one was working, then shove in a little deeper and do the same all over again.

There were still hundreds of spiders on the ground, crawling toward her body standing in the street. Some of them crawled up on her body and began to burrow. Frantic for more of this unusually erotic sex, Béla grabbed a spider and pressed it against her pussy again. Then she grabbed more and placed them on her body.

They each happily began burrowing into her, only to be squashed in her orgasmic frenzy. Her invisible body sitting in the middle of the street was more noticeably visible as it became smeared with gore and squashed spiders.

Suddenly she felt something penetrating deep into her central core. She grabbed her abdomen in ecstasy and writhed on the ground, penetrated completely through. Another one arrived deep inside her with its protrubance, also. Béla shrieked her orgasm out at the sky.

She lay on the ground, exhausted. The spiders that had burrowed their protrubances into her central digestive core were dead, hanging limply from their feet hooked into her flesh. The other spiders were leaving. The sky was getting light and she suddenly realized that she’d spent the entire night fucking at least a thousand spiders.

She scratched absently at a lump on her breast and it burst open, surprising the hell out of her. She stared down at her gory, spider-smeared body and the cyst that had burst open. It was oozing some dark fluid out. Béla recognized it as digestive juices from her own central core, mixed with whatever it was the spiders had injected in there. As the fluid leaked out, it burned her flesh, but her breast began healing.

Béla probed the wound with her fingers anyway, making certain there weren’t any eggs in there or anything. Looking down the rest of her body, she saw lots of lumps where the spiders had deposited their eggs. She tore open each one she could reach so they could drain and heal.

Finally staggering to her feet, she reached out to her motionless body to get rid of the lumpy egg sacs on it, as well. Her hand went right into her other body’s torso and she was suddenly sucked inside, muscles that hadn’t moved for hours screaming in protest as she regained consciousness in her own body.

Astounded at the sensations of renewal, she felt her mind merging with itself and realized that some part of her had been trapped inside her inert body, terrified by the entire experience.

Curious, she investigated one of her wounds more closely as it healed and discovered that the spiders had actually defeated themselves. While she was madly fucking every spider she could get her hands on, others had burrowed deep into her flesh and deposited their eggs. But the burrows went too deep, violating her central core – her main digestive system.

Sitting down in the middle of the street, Béla closed her eyes and scanned over her entire body with her mind, vanquishing dead spider residue as well as emptying out the remains of the egg sacs beneath her flesh.

Then, she suddenly had an image of baby spiders hatching and eating through her flesh until they ruptured her central core to be consumed themselves as her digestive fluids flowed over their tiny voracious bodies.

Now that her mind and body were both whole again, she realized that she hadn’t even attempted to flee.

‘I have the same problem as my daughter,’ she realized. ‘I believe I can’t be defeated. I could have easily been killed if they’d been more intelligent. An egg sac in my brain or my heart, and it would have been ‘Bye-bye, />
She laughed into the morning sky as she realized that the spiders had caught her flat-footed, paralyzed her and mated with her all night long. They had obviously intended for their young to consume her, but she had consumed them instead, leaving behind their venomous toxins in the myriad, itchy lumps all over her body to be disposed of later.

Feeling surprisingly well fed, she climbed to her feet. Once on her feet, she mentally scanned over her body again to finish cleaning the remaining residue from the spider venom and her own digestive fluids off her body.

She was still curious about the electric lights and the darts the spiders had used – one to lure her into a trap and the other to paralyze her. How she’d become separated like that she had no idea. It was probably a side effect of the venom in the darts.

She wondered if her separated condition had helped her to survive the ordeal. It was the unusual construction of her body that had defeated the spiders, after all. She hadn’t really done much, other than squash a few hundred of them. She turned beet red as she remembered her zeal and total willingness to do what she’d done.

‘Sex with arachnids!’ Béla thought to herself, shuddering with shame at the thought. ‘This is something that I’ll never tell anyone!’

She could still feel the incredible sensations from last night.

‘It could have been a hallucination caused by the venom in the darts,’ the Praetor replied. ‘I received no images of any sexual activity, and I monitored you all night to ensure that you still lived. You found yourself trapped and paralyzed and could have created a scenario that you could accept more easily than being totally helpless while dozens of spiders laid eggs in your body.’

‘You mean it didn’t happen?’ Béla asked incredulously. impossible! I’ve never experienced sensations like that without Jake gunning me down or slicing me into little pieces.’

‘Since you insist that these events occurred, Carte Blanche, I will record your memories for />
‘No! That is too private!’ Béla cried out in protest. ‘No one must ever know!’

‘As you command,’ the Praetor replied.

Béla looked around, surrounded by empty buildings looking unnaturally bright and cheery in the early morning light. Her mind returned to the problem of the lights and the darts.

‘Arachnids using tools?’ she thought, working through the concept in her mind. ‘That would indicate a surprising jump in intelligence. It could be possible that the sun’s radiation is forcing the evolution of the species to its logical, sentient conclusion, just as the sun is forcing mankind, a weaker species, toward />
She recalled that the spiders were also telepathic to some degree – at least Empathic, unless the Praetor was correct and she’d hallucinated the whole ‘sex with spiders’ thing. No, that wasn’t correct, either. She’d felt the other nest’s group mind invading hers when she’d walked into their lair, lured by the lights.

Suddenly remembering something, she formed her wings, flew quickly back up the street, and dropped down next to the still burning building. She looked around at the nearby buildings, trying to find light strings that might still be hanging.

She almost gave up, thinking they’d all been knocked down in the explosion. Then she saw one. The bulb was melted, as was most of the wiring. What interested her was still there, though – tiny bits of mud and thread, the wire against the bricks. But, she still had questions she couldn’t answer.

‘How did they get that up there so they could glue it?’

She was unable to hover that close to a solid structure and didn’t know how to levitate (Lisa had tried to teach her, but poor old mom just didn’t get it). So she had to lie down in the middle of the street and dream-walk up to where the melted light and dangling wires hung. Once there, she could study the insect-like manner that was used to hold the wires in place.

‘They had to have had help!’ Béla realized. ‘But who the hell would help />
Béla realized that she had mind-linked with the group mind of the group Lisa had destroyed last night. Perhaps they had ‘taken over’ or maybe hypnotized someone so that they had held the lights in place against the walls.

‘Gods! This is so />
She dream-walked back into her body. In another moment, she woke up and sat, just thinking.

‘There has to have been people here,’ Béla decided. ‘Spiders just don’t have the technical know-how to hang lights! Some one else must have done it!’

She stood up and brushed dirt and sparkling bits of glass off her, then formed her wings again. Leaping up, she worked her wings for altitude until she was above most of the buildings again. Circling around the great spire of smoke, she concentrated on finding whoever or whatever was here – besides spiders, of course.

‘Hello! Can you hear me?’ Béla mentally called out into the buildings below.

There was no response – no one left in this dead city to pay any attention to her call. She tried again, broadcasting her mind into the next building.

An hour later, Béla dropped down onto a black-tarred roof, her wing muscles and back burning from her exertion. She’d called down into every building for several blocks in every direction from the spider nest Lisa had destroyed last night. In addition, the sun was too high, now, and was interfering with her telepathic reception.

Giving up on finding anything out about who had hung the lights, Béla flew back to where her second attack had taken place. Maybe she could learn something about those strange darts that had paralyzed her.

She couldn’t find anything – no darts, no squashed spiders. But she remembered pulling the darts out and dropping them on the ground.

‘No, that was part of the hallucination.

‘Oh, Christ! Here we go again!

‘Were there any darts or not? Maybe their group mind paralyzed me and I just imagined there were darts.

‘God! I give up! I can’t deal with this!’

Disgusted with her confusion and her inability to comprehend and understand what really happened to her, Béla teleported back to her bedroom in Solar City and landed on the bed.

“Christ! You’re still asleep?” she asked, annoyed at Jake sleeping on the bed as she dropped down beside him.

“I guess I can sleep when I want,” Jake protested sleepily. “It’s always dark in here, so what difference does it make when anyone sleeps.”

been fucking your daughter again,” Béla complained, cuffing him lightly on the shoulder. “I can smell her on you!”

“No,” Jake replied, more awake now. “Mac fucked her. I reamed her hot, little incestuous ass. So, where have you been, anyway? Lisa said you would be right home and that was… God, I don’t even know how long ago that was.”

“I was busy,” Béla replied, deciding to play the offended other party. “It’s not like you needed a sexual outlet or anything with our harlot daughter around.”

“Why are you so hard on Lisa all of a sudden?” Jake asked. “She's always been a sexual part of us and you never minded it before.”

“I’m not Béla started to yell. She stopped. “I’m sorry. I had a rough night.” She crawled up the bed and kissed him, hoping he was too tired to be his normal inquisitive self.

“Rough night?” Jake asked, stroking her hair.

‘What is all that icky stuff in her hair? It looks like little twigs and some kind of />
“Remember all those old horror films back in the flatscreen days?” Béla asked, dropping down on the bed beside him.

“You mean like Blood Island, Doctor Moreau, Empire of the Ants, and The Jake grinned down at her. He held his hand up like an evil claw and moved it toward her as he talked.

Béla snorted, trying not to laugh as she batted his hand away.

“And there was Lupus, and It, and, let’s see… Oh, yes!” Jake leered at her. “Eight Legged Freaks! />
“She told you!” Béla muttered, disgusted now.

Jake nodded, grinning down at her. Then he attacked a nipple, wiggling his hand like spider legs. Béla yelped and disappeared completely.

“Hey! Come back!” Jake called out to the empty air. “I was only />
He sighed. ‘Boy! She's really wound up tight />
“I’m sorry,” he called out, not expecting an answer. She was gone; so skittish she probably teleported halfway to the moon.

‘To the moon, Alice! Ya hear me? To the moon!’

“I’m right here,” Béla said from the doorway.

She walked over to the writing desk (sorry, wrong century). She walked to the wall console station and sat down.

“There are telepathic mutant spiders living in basements in Wichita. Lisa cleaned out one nest, but she didn’t get them all. She’s going to have to nuke the whole town.”

“How do you know she didn’t get them all?” Jake asked. “She says she did.”

Béla laughed derisively. so fucking lazy! God! She didn’t even check! There’s at least one more nest. They… attacked me.”

She sat staring listlessly at a point on the floor as she talked.

“So,” Jake pondered. see – You on one hand, on the other. You creamed them, right?”

Béla shook her head.

“No?” Jake asked, challenging her non-verbal answer. like… unkillable. What kind of a problem could a few spiders be? Or even a few />
“More like a few thousand,” Béla murmured. “They swarmed me, I />
“You think?” Jake asked. “You don’t know?”

“I don’t remember!” Béla snapped at him.

mean, ‘you don’t remember?’ Did you forget what happened?” Jake asked, swinging his bare feet down to the floor and staring at her sitting so… “What is wrong with you?”

yell at me!” Béla cried, snapping at him. “I remember what happened! It’s just… I I’m not… sure… what happened. I may have been… />
“Do you think you hallucinated the whole nest?” Lisa asked from the doorway of the bedroom.

She walked in and sat down on the bed next to her father.

“I don’t know,” Béla cried softly. “I just don’t know.”

She was done in now, exhausted and exasperated. She began to cry. She folded down into a ball, still sitting in the chair, sobbing helplessly. Then Lisa was down on her knees in front of her, holding her face in her hands, Lisa’s sweet face and her large, dark, all-knowing eyes gazing into hers.

‘Show me…’ Lisa implored her. ‘Let me in and show me what happened, Mother.’

Image of Béla flying back to the burning building – smoke, heat, scorching my skin.

enough,” Lisa said suddenly. “You flew through the smoke when you went back.”

She sighed. “Do you know why I made such a big fireball when I blew up the />
Béla mutely shook her head. Lisa grinned, trying not to be too condescending, and sighed again.

“The building was full of crap, Mom,” Lisa explained. “Drugs, I mean. It was a Tycor Manufacturing Plant. Those spiders weren’t telepathic. They were stoned from eating all those fucking drugs. When I blew it all up, I got contaminated and had to burn the drugs out of my system.

“Because of the way I was feeling, I may have acted a />
Béla supplied the answer, remembering the huge fireball becoming an image of Lisa as a phoenix before she returned to her human form.

They both laughed as they watched her memory of the fireball rising into the sky.

Lisa nodded.

“Even Daddy noticed it,” Lisa admitted. “I was still a little high with I came back here.”

“So none of it happened?” Béla asked hopefully. “Not at all?”

“Nothing after you flew through that cloud of Lisa explained. “After that, you were in />
Béla was immensely relieved. She came over to the bed and hugged them both. She couldn’t stop giggling in her relief, so Jake and Lisa started tickling her, giving her a real reason to giggle.

It didn’t take long for the tickling to become sexually arousing to all of them. Lisa began kissing her mom’s breasts while Jake played with her pussy, dipping his fingers in and out of her.

“Wow, Babe,” Jake said, wiggling his fingers up against that really sensitive area just inside, making her wriggle and buck her hips at him. “You are really juiced up! You need to hallucinate more often!”

He added another two fingers and began fucking her with his fingers held straight. A moment later, he moved down and began sucking clitoris, as well, then tucked his thumb into the palm of his hand and gave a gentle shove. His whole hand slipped into her pussy, and Béla started bucking and crying out in ecstasy as he stretched her insides. Lisa moved over on top of her mom to hold her down, still sucking on her tits.

these used to give milk?” she asked, pretending to be frustrated.

Jake murmured. “I don’t remember you ever being this loose and juicy before. You are one really horny mamma today.”

Béla agreed, crying out and nearly bucking her daughter off her torso as she came. She could feel Jake’s hand going even deeper.

A fearful image of someone doing that to her many years ago flashed through her mind, then vanished. Other images, hallucinations from last night were flooding through her now. She was being filled with their juices and squashing them into her, filling her insides, making her come, over and over.

Jake stopped fist-fucking her after she’d almost broken his wrist, bucking wildly during her third orgasm. He began to pull his hand out, stretching her pussy lips and making her come again. She squirted on his hand as it popped out with an audible sucking sound.

“Jeez, Mom,” Lisa crooned, really gross!”

Fascinated, she squirmed down her mother’s body and stuck a couple of fingers into her seeping pussy, then licked them off. Making a face, she tried to spit the taste of her fingers out of her mouth.

“You are… I just don’t know!” Lisa exclaimed. “You taste />
Jake was getting up and heading for the bathroom. He was radiating concern.

up, Dad?” Lisa wanted to know.

She sat up, ignoring her mother lying on the bed, nearly comatose from her orgasms.

“I think I got some of your mom’s digestive fluid on my hand,” Jake explained. “I have to wash it off.”

‘Digestive fluid?’ Lisa wondered. ‘In her pussy? Is that what tastes so />
Almost doing a back flip, Lisa landed up next to her mother and patted her cheek with her hand.

Lisa called out, right into her ear. “Wake up!”

Béla asked, not wanting to lose her euphoric condition.

“Why is your central core leaking into your cunt?” Lisa asked, in her normal caustic voice.

Images of Béla scratching her flesh, discovering one infested egg sac after another beneath her flesh. It took a long time, digging around on her own body, but she got them all.

“Oh. My. God!” Lisa exclaimed, sitting up suddenly. “You weren’t hallucinating! And you didn’t get them all!”

Béla asked, becoming alarmed. “What all? I killed them. My body consumed them all. They tried to eat me, but I digested them!”

She was laughing, but her laughter was full of terror and hysteria.

Béla pleaded with her daughter. “I got them all! Tell me I got them all! Please!”

Béla stared into her daughter’s frightened eyes, becoming terrified all over again.

‘My God! Nothing scares Lisa! If Lisa is />

‘You must hurry!’ the voice insisted in Tabatha’s mind. ‘There is great danger!’

“All right!” Tabatha cried out, running up the steps to house. the big rush, anyway?”

Not bothering to knock, she ran into the house. There was screaming coming from the bedroom. Tabatha raced around the corner, grabbing both sides of the bedroom door to catch herself. She screamed as the room filled with fire, not certain of what she was seeing.

Tiny spiders were flowing out from between legs and from ruptures in her flesh. Lisa’s body was flaming. She flowed fire over the river of tiny spider bodies running across the bed, incinerating the little creatures as they tried to flee.

Now, the flaming phoenix turned her attention to Béla. It was shrieks that Tabatha had heard earlier. Béla shrieked again as Lisa began slowly turning her mother’s body into fire, intending to destroy the remaining spider sacs at any cost before any more hatched.

‘Save her! Pull her away!’ Tabatha heard cry out in her mind.

Tabatha wrapped flaming body into her mind and pulled her into the teleportation zone.

‘What now?’ she asked frantically. ‘Help me!’

An image of a long, long tunnel. They were floating in it. There was a light at the end. Go to the light! There is safety in the light. Go! Go now! The Destroyer will discover you if you remain here!

Tabatha stretched toward the light, recognizing the sensations of time-walking.

‘Where am I going?’ Tabatha frantically asked the voice in her head. am I going?’

‘You are almost there,’ the voice called to her. ‘Now, push her out!’

Béla and Tabatha tumbled out into a rainy, heavily wooded area. scream ended as time began moving for her again. Then she screamed again as she felt her body being consumed by thousands of tiny, voracious spiders as they hatched inside her muscle tissue.

‘You must not eat your host, my children! There is plenty of other food here. Greed is not to be permitted! That is your first lesson! Learn it well!’

Suddenly, skin began to erupt all over her body as thousands of tiny spiders began tunneling out. Béla shrieked and writhed in fresh, new agony. Tabatha gasped, hoping Béla didn’t break her back from arching it at right angles like that.

The tiny spiders quickly disappeared into the tall marsh grass. In another minute, Béla was gasping and sobbing uncontrollably, but no more spiders were eating their way out of her.

‘It is done,’ the voice in her head informed them both.

Tabatha realized that Béla heard it too, because Béla raised her head, looking for where the voice came from.

‘Who are you? Why did you bring us here?’ Tabatha cried out angrily in her mind.

She also wondered why the voice sounded so />
‘You have participated in the birth of our species,’ the voice told her. ‘You, Revered Mother, and you, Divine Savior, are the reasons we exist. In the next five hundred million years, our species will spread throughout the galaxy, bringing peace and understanding to the myriad species we will encounter.

‘But our birth, at the end of your solar cycle, was necessary for any of this to be />
“I know who you are!” Tabatha exclaimed. that… Hurrah.. that keeps following me around!”

‘Yes, you are correct,’ the voice admitted. ‘Let me show you my true form.’

The air shimmered and the body of a meter-high, long-legged spider appeared. Béla shrieked. Both girls jumped back and stared, astounded.

“You are well, Revered Mother?” the spider asked politely, looking (?) at Béla.

Béla stared back, her eyes full of terror. Then she blinked several times, as though coming out of a trance. She looked down at her healing body. There didn’t seem to be any ill effects from giving birth to a million spiders, other than the fact that she was covered in her own blood from all the little tunnels they made coming out. She wasn’t in any pain, anyway.

“Y-yes, I guess so,” she said, her voice shaking and uncertain. Then gaining some courage, “Where are we? Why did you bring us here?”

“You are on Earth, of course,” the Hurrah said, not having any trouble speaking perfect English even though neither girl could see anything moving, such as a mouth or vocal cords.

“More it (He? She?) continued, “you are in the Paleozoic period. The Carboniferous, to be more exact, using your inefficient and usually incorrect terminology. Currently, you are the only humans on earth, and will be for some two hundred million years, yet.”

“Why didn’t I die from traveling this far?” Tabatha asked. “I moved two hundred years into the future and nearly starved just from that.”

“Your mind provided the means,” the Hurrah explained. “I provided the power… I, and others like me. It was necessary for the survival of our species. The Destroyer would have murdered her own mother to commit genocide against us. She did not understand our />
“He means Lisa,” Tabatha explained, seeing the image of the fiery phoenix in the Hurrah’s mind.

To the Hurrah, she said, “I think she understood the attempt to create a new species, but she probably considered it a threat to humanity and our own survival. The idea of telepathic spiders that can teleport anywhere is a bit scary, you’ll have to admit.”

She grinned at it, hoping it understood her facial expressions – that is, if it could even see her facial expressions.

“I certainly do not admit to such a thing,” the Hurrah replied, its dignity obviously ruffled.

“So, what now?” Béla asked, finally coming to terms with what had happened to her.

“I send you back to your own time,” the Hurrah explained. “And you, of />
“Will forget,” Tabatha finished its sentence with a sour look on her face. “Why do you always make us forget?”

“Your primitive minds cannot yet cope with our existence,” the Hurrah explained. “We have guided your evolution as best as possible, within the confines of the occurrences which were necessary to enable our species to exist, but human imagination runs wild while human acceptance is severely limited to a very narrow and very often inaccurate and unhealthy frame of reality.

“We cannot accept the possibility that a narrow-minded human could come back and change this reality to one that does not include our species,” it stated.

“What about the human species?” Tabatha asked. “Are we destined to be one of those myriad species you spoke of?”

“Alas, no,” the Hurrah said. It actually seemed to slump. “Six hundred years into your future, an Arcadian scientific exploration team will visit this star system to study the aftereffects of your star’s nova. They will discover descendants of their ancient enemy, the Viragos, hiding amongst the humans on an artificial planetoid of obvious Viragoan construction. They will annihilate both species as abominations because of your interspecial capability to interbreed. It is regrettable, because we put so much work into you humans, and you have your own unique creativity that would have been…

“Never mind,” the Hurrah said, shaking itself free of its melancholy. “It’s ancient history anyway. Now, regrettably, it is time for you to go.”

Before Béla and Tabatha could protest, they were thrown back into the long, narrow tunnel, moving away from the light of the distant past. A moment later, they were both deposited back in bedroom.

“Where did you go?” Lisa shrieked. “What happened to the spiders? Did you kill them?”

Lisa was still flaming. Evidently, they’d only been gone a few seconds.

Béla asked, confused for a moment. “Oh, the spiders. The spiders are gone. I’m free of them.”

She didn’t know how it happened, but she knew there were no more spiders inside her. Not believing her, Lisa flamed her mother’s body, then returned it to its physical form.

“They escaped,” Lisa seethed, snarling. “Where did they go? I’ve got to kill them all.”

“I don’t know,” Béla pleaded, telling the truth. gone! Completely gone!”

Lisa savagely turned on Tabatha. “Where did you take her? Where did the spiders hatch out?”

Tabatha shrank back, frightened. She’d never seen Lisa like this.

“Tell me!” Lisa shrieked into her mind. The room was getting hot. Lisa’s body was radiating intense heat.

“I don’t know!” Tabatha cried desperately. “I sent them away! I don’t know where – a long ways away! They are no danger to us now!”

Tabatha screamed as Lisa ruthlessly invaded her mind, determined to discover where the spiders were hidden.

“What the hell is that?” Lisa asked angrily as she smacked against a mind shield. “That won’t keep me from finding out!”

She flared against the shield, becoming more enraged as the shield refused to burn out.

Tabatha, in intense mental agony from Lisa’s powerful mental attack, discovered what Lisa was trying to burn through and was able to extend it to protect her physical body, as well as her mind, from the heat and energy being generated by Lisa’s rage.

In the process, Tabatha discovered something else. She could move this marvelous new shield around, without any apparent effort.

Deciding to become outraged instead of terrified, now that she had protection, she violently shoved Lisa out of her mind. Then she slammed Lisa against the bedroom wall with her new shield and sealed her there.

“Praetor, put her to sleep or something!” Tabatha cried out.

Then Lisa was unconscious. Jake picked himself up off the floor. He had been about to strike Lisa from behind when Tabatha shoved the flaming phoenix into the wall, knocking him down as well. A thick wooden board lay on the floor beside where he had fallen.

He and Béla pulled Lisa out of the hole she’d made when her superheated body was forced into the wall, and lay her on the bed.

‘Lisa, the Destroyer,’ Tabatha murmured to herself. ‘Where did I hear that?’

“How did you do that?” Béla asked, still stunned at what she’d just witnessed. “I’ve never seen her use so much power. She should have killed you! And you just ignored it and cast her out like a… a rag doll!”

Tabatha shrugged. “I don’t know. I have a new shield. I don’t know how I have it or where it came from. I have the idea that the spiders gave it to me for helping them, but I don’t />
“Perhaps the shield was put there to keep someone from finding out what you two don’t remember,” Jake suggested. “You probably have one, too, darling, protecting what someone, or something, doesn’t want known.”

“What are we going to do about Lisa?” Tabatha asked.

Béla reached down and stroked her fingers lovingly along her sleeping daughter’s cheek. “I’ll take care of her,” she said softly.

She climbed over and lay down beside her daughter, hugging her. She mind-linked with the unconscious girl, then appeared to go to sleep.

Chapter 11 />
I thought I had found her – the Divine Savior. But she was just another human with no special talent in her mind. I was certain it was the correct entity. I checked her identity against what historical data and interspecial memories were available, and I’m certain it was she. But I couldn’t go forward to search the archives properly. Something was blocking me.

I watched her grow from an infant to a child, interacting with her as much as possible, ever hopeful of any glimmer of her talent shining through. But it was a fruitless task. There was obviously a mistake. This was not the Divine Savior.

I began to worry that I would fail in my task. History records that I succeeded, but with each movement of each being, the future alters slightly. The simple knowledge of ‘how all this will turn out’ often changes how it does.

But then, the Divine Savior came to me – dropped into the physical universe right next to me as though she was seeking me out. She’d just lost her body and was looking for a new one. The amazing part was that her talents were fully manifest. She could already move through time. It wasn’t something I needed to teach her (as if one could teach those primitive species any higher abilities).

She appeared just as the human I had been trying to educate for the past ten years was being killed. How very convenient. It was easy to convince her to take over that form, and once she was in it and convinced of her new identity, I realized that my possibility of success was immeasurably greater.

Now, all I had to do was watch and wait. You may think it is easy, knowing the past and the future, but it certainly is not! There are always variables, and too often events are recorded with errors, even with our own superior capabilities. All I knew was that sometime in the next century, the Revered Mother would make her appearance, the Destroyer would try to kill her, and the Divine Savior would transport the Revered Mother back to the beginning of our time, enabling our species to manifest.

I only knew of the Divine Savior. There was no record of who the Revered Mother had been, as she was killed by the Destroyer, along with the Divine Savior immediately after the birth of our species. None of their names are known in the end times, as the humans were lost as a species long, long ago in the history of our galaxy.

I followed the Divine Savior, making careful note of the beings she associated with. I came to understand the reason for her superior mental talent. She, and several other otherwise humans, were enhanced both physically and mentally by the crossbreeding of another now extinct species – the Viragos.

Unfortunately, this was an early era in the history of the galaxy. Interspecial wars were commonplace and genocide was universally practiced by almost every species – except us, of course. The Viragos were a faction that coexisted with the humans for a brief period of history, but both species were completely wiped out by the Arcadians.

But I digress. From the Saga of the Revered Mother and the Divine Savior’s Annihilation, I was able to determine, after many years of observation, who the Destroyer was. Only one human exhibited the kind of power necessary to kill the Revered Mother. And it was never completely determined, but part of the saga suggested that the Destroyer was quite possibly the Revered Mother’s true daughter. So now that I had everyone’s identity, all I had to do was wait for the sacred impregnation to occur.

When the time came, I was almost too late. I watched the Revered Mother and the Destroyer as they destroyed a primitive Harrah nest, aghast at the thought that history had somehow been altered. I followed the Destroyer back to her home, a deep feeling of sorrow consuming me as I waited for the reality wave to pass through my part of the universe, overwriting me and all of my kind.

I watched as the Revered Mother finally returned to her nest and was stunned to discover that she retained memories of a Hurrah impregnation ceremony. I rushed to awaken the Divine Savior and mentally browbeat her into arriving at the precise time required, at the instant the Revered Mother was being murdered by her daughter.

The rest, of course, you know.

“But there is a change in reality!” the Tribunal Overlord thundered down at her. “The Revered Mother and the Divine Savior were not killed by the Destroyer! You will tell me what occurred immediately after The Creation Event!”

Forgive me, magistrate, for my judgement. It may be an error, but over the years I developed a great affection for the Divine Savior. After The Creation Event, I revealed myself to the Divine Savior and the Revered Mother. I even showed them my true form.

I did not know if that was part of the original event, but afterward, I realized the danger I had created to our race. To correct that error, I surrounded those memories in the Revered Mother and the Divine Savior with a nuculoid shield so that the Destroyer would not be able to discover the truth of our birthplace when she murdered the Revered Mother and the Divine Savior.

The Divine Savior discovered the shield as she was being killed, and used it to save herself and the Revered Mother. I was not aware of her abilities in that area and was only concerned with preserving the secrets of our origin.

“You gave the Divine Savior our mental shield?” the Overlord thundered down even more loudly. “That could change everything! The Divine Savior could move through time! She could alter history to the degree that the human race might survive beyond its properly defined limits! Another warlike species loose in the galaxy with that kind of power could destroy all we’ve strived to />
There was general pandemonium in the assembly hall. There were probably a hundred races present, including a large Arcadian assemblage. Except for the Hurrahs, the Arcadians were the most populous species in the galaxy, having exterminated many species during their expansion period.

Unbeknownst to the Hurrahs, the Arcadians had a special interest in this hearing. What they had learned during this assembly would enable them to rid the galaxy of the horrid effect of the Hurrahs once and for all, enabling the Arcadians to realize their true destiny and become the master race – the overlords of the universe.

But, alas, it was not to be. As the reality wave from the last change swept through, catching up to the end times, the Arcadian assemblage vanished completely. In its stead were the smaller, frail humans. In addition, thirty additional species, previously extinct, were suddenly there, having shown an interest in the affairs of the Hurrahs, as well.

“Thank you for your report,” the Tribunal Overlord said politely. “The fact that there were no changes in galactic history is a credit to your />
The small Hurrah scuttled down to the floor, satisfied and proud of a job well done.

The End

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Author: dank

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