Training laura part 1

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Please Sir

She had just woke up to her phone buzzing and a missed call. Looking she had a text from a guy she had met at his work. “ Lets go do something” She had only met him once and wasn’t sure about meeting with him outside of his job. With nothing to better to do she agrees. He tells her to bring a bathing suit and meet him at his house.

She does her hair and make up. Not expecting anything but she can not look bad in front of him. She had met him when he fixed her laptop. He had made her blush with his cute innocent flirting. was tall, dark, and handsome what a lot of girls go for. She didn’t want to be like most girls. she hated that she found him attractive.

Punching in the GPS she had 20 minutes to turn back. She was going to someones house that she had only met once what was she thinking! She Couldn’t even remember his name! He was “tech guy” in her phone. With 5 minutes to go she started seeing a lake, really nice houses she started to pray she was just driving through.

The GPS informed her that her destination was on the left. she was there. The driveway was long and from her car she could hardly see the front door. She was about to turn around when her phone buzzed again. Answering it she hears “park in the garage, don’t keep me waiting”. she was becoming more nervous as she drove down the driveway. She wasn’t this type of girl. She was shy, kept to herself only went out with a groups of people, never alone.
the house in her mind looked like a caste. two stories, the bottom stone and the top log. you couldn’t see the main road from the front porch. before she could ring the doorbell the door opened. “come in Laura” as she stepped in she couldn’t help but feeling under dressed. she had worn her jean shorts and a backless shirt with her bikini underneath. while he wore Nice khaki shorts with a green polo. The color really made his eyes pop.

He took the site of her in for a moment. so innocent and nervous. He couldn’t wait to have her. He could tell he was making her a little uneasy with the silence.

“would you like a drink”

“Sure that would be nice thank you” she gave a smile “I’m sorry if I am under dressed I didn’t

He cut her off there “Please do not let my way of living intimidate you. While you are at my house make yourself at home. Run around naked for all I care.”
She blushed at his crooked smile before he continued.

He brushed his hand against the string around her neck “I asked you to bring a bathing suit, I see that you wore it thank you.” He felt her tense. “please don’t be shy with me.”

“so why did i bring a swim suit”

He smiled “ Because I asked you too. Aside from that we are going out there. on those. “

he led her to the back porch. All she could see was water. It was beautiful.

“I will go change if you would like there is a room upstairs to the right for all your needs. “

As he walked of she tried not to watch, but he walked with such an aura that was like a magnet for her. His touch was electric to her. she took in the view once more before heading upstairs. She was unsure what room he had went into. The room he pointed her too was yet again more than she had expected. The bed was a king sized four post canape bed. the curtains was held back by hooks but there was extra hooks. There was a chair, and a chest of drawers. behind the french doors was a jaw dropping bathroom. A large stone shower, deep Jacuzzi bath. marble floor, and a large counter and sink.

“ Its like it was made personally for a woman” she laughed. She took her clothes off and folded them leaving them on the bed and proceeded back to the living room.

When he caught sight of her she was perfect but one thing. Her arms were crossed, he head low she was nervous yes but with a body like that she should walk with pride.

“are you cold”

“no just not a fan of bathing suits”

“Uncross your arms let me see”

She does as she is told and he tried to act as if it is nothing. She is perfect. Most females come back to him in a skimpy two piece or lingerie but not her. She was in a very modest two piece. The bottoms came above her belly button it hugged her curves in all the right ways the navy color complemented her tan completion. She was about 5′3 long wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. All he could think about was how bad he wanted to take her lips in his. Her lips were full and look as if they could please him very much. He had to stop these thoughts or the day would go no where.

“are you ready? have you ever been on a jet ski?”

she was becoming excited now! “I think I’m as ready as I will ever get and no I

“you can ride with me just hold on”

walking down to the jet ski he notices it is really hard to hold a conversation with her she is so shy.
He hops on and reaches his hand out for her. Her hand in his even for the simplest thing her touch send waves through him. He knows she is who he wants. she wraps her arms around him and they back out of the slip.

“your going to have to hold on a little tighter Laura. Its not a smooth ride”

she squeezes a little tighter and he takes off. all she could do was giggle. the water splashed on her feet in that moment it felt good to be wrapped around him. He hit a wake and the jet ski caught air.

She squeezed even tighter and all he heard from her is “holy shit!” followed by a giggle.

He hit every wake he could find, It made her slide closer to him and hold on tighter. He loved the feel of her hands on him. He waited till he was on half a tank before he figured they had played around enough.

“would you like to take a breather? swim a bit?”

She was having so much fun but really needed to rearrange her bikini.

He was already heading to a his spot. It was a tiny little beach with lots of wildlife but not many people go down there. lots of woods and privacy. As he slowed down he felt her relax and start to let go. As soon as he beached she bounced off and into the water.

“why such a hurry?”

She blushed “The jet ski wasn’t too kind to my />
He laughed at this “yea it’ll do that, come here i have something to show you.”

He guided her up a tiny path. She was in awe of the scenery. When he stopped she noticed a the only man made thing out her was ropes. on one of the tree branched a few long ropes were hanging.

“hmmm rope swing?”

The question amused him. “ you will see soon enough”

He let her explore for a few minutes before confronting her. He led her back to the end of the path. this was his spot the things he has done to women tied to this tree. the pleasure they have felt. It had been too long. She looked at him wondering what was going through his head.

He couldn’t take it any longer. He took a step closer before he grabbed the back of her head, entangled his fingers in her silky brown hair and took her lips. They were so soft. He felt her body melt and knew he could have his way. He knew from the get go she was submissive whether she knew it or not.
he used is other hand to free her breast. he pulled her head back forcing her to arch her back and push her chest out. He left her lips but left his hand in her hair. He kissed her neck and mumbled in her ear.

“ Don’t move. Do you understand”

She nodded. What had he just done to her. She has never had some one just take her like that to kiss with such demand. she was already becoming wet.
He took a step back to admire her. Her breast were perky a wonderful handful in size he guessed about a C they fit her body with tiny dark nipples. he just wanted to taste them. the walk around her. her back side would look delicious bent over his knee. The thought of her walking around his house with his hand print on her bum make him smile.

she stood there almost completely bare to him. Why was she doing this? Why was she letting a man she doesn’t really know see her like this? What was he thinking? She felt him behind her his hand touch her waist. He pulled her into him her back against his bare chest.
“there is something I want from you”

His hands rubbing down her torso. He never touched her breast. He continues to kiss her neck and whisper in her ear.

She couldn’t get any words out.

“ I want you to be mine. Not the relationships that your used to. I am very dominant. I want you to be submissive. Not just any submissive but MY />
She started to speak and he cut her off

fed me that “I’m not submissive” shit. If that was the case you wouldn’t be here.”

He let his hand fall to the top of her bikini bottom pushing it to her hips. her breathing was heavy her eyes glazed over.

“Take them off and get right back where you are”

She did as she was told and his cock began to throb. He traced his hands over her breast avoiding the nipples and down her torso. Past her belly button to the top of her clit and back. He felt her disappointment when he didn’t touch her sweet spot.

“I want you to call me master or sir. Which ever you prefer. You are not to call me James as my submissive you only have that right if we are out in public. Maybe if your a good little girl you can work to become daddy’s little girl “

He felt how wet she was. Her clit was soaked. He pushed her against the tree, his hand pushed her chin up as he kissed her neck once more.

“I want you to serve me, to please me. I want to push your limits but in return I want to bathe you rub you down. I want to show you orgasms you never knew existed. I will only do this with your consent. If you submit to me I promise you wont regret it and if you do is the safe word I will stop”

At this point she couldn’t take it anymore. She had never felt the need to cum this bad. Her nipples were hard from the breeze, she could feel her own juices on her leg. Her pussy was aching for his touch.

“Please sir Just touch me…. Please”

She had no idea what had just came out of her mouth but she didn’t regret it. He lit up with joy and took her nipple in his mouth. She let out a moan he knew it wouldn’t take much to make her cum. He sucked and teased her nipple while he pinched the other. He was right she reacts well to his touch on her nipples.
His hand fell from her breast past her sweet spot to her inner thigh. They were soaked, He had never made a woman so wet. He took pride in this. He wanted to taste. He laid her down and kiss his way down nibbling at her hips. He wanted to tease her but he himself was to excited. He took her in his mouth his tongue flickering around her lips. She tasted of heaven.

She arched her back, She was almost about to cum. He took her clit in his mouth and she reached her high. She let out a moan of pleasure but he didn’t stop he wanted to taste her orgasm. She put her hand on his shoulder and he tensed up.

He backed away and sat up “I have gave you your first orgasm. I wanted more but I must train you. You are not to touch me without my permission “ He wanted to feel her to taste her but he knew she would be back soon enough. “there is a reason i have those” He pointed to the rope. “Now get /> She blushed at the embarrassment of the rope swing comment. She was content now and speechless.

“I will take you back now. I have to go on a business trip but I want you here next week. I will call you. If I call you better answer or have damn good reason not to.”

“Yes sir”

“and one last thing” He grabbed her cunt “this is mine I DO NOT share” He pulled her breast back out and began to suckle leaving a mark “ You may moan at that but that is so you don’t forget about me when you are not here. now lets go”

To Be

story by: Hollyphoenix

Tags: domination/submission fantasm oral sex bdsm sex story

Author: Hollyphoenix

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