Sovereignty 3

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Alan was trudging his way back to his room, shit things were starting to get stranger and stranger. Opening
the door he sat in the chair thinking about the day.
"Alan," Hopix said next to him, "are you alright? I felt your distress but it was over before I even had a chance to
lock onto you."
Alan nodded and started to recount what had happened to him at the diner, "the strange thing though. he said I
couldn't touch him as long as I was on earth but he could kill me. I shouted at him then he screamed, he said I might
kill him but there were many more to take his place then he strangled and stopped. I felt hin leave the body he'd
taken over, Hopix, I have no power on earth, so how is it />

"I am unsure this planet blocks…," Hopix started.
"We believe we have an answer for that," came a voice behind Alan. "You didn't actually hurt him here, though you
have no power on this planet, you do anywhere else. You reached out to protect yourself with out realizing it, you
are a rare find. If you continue to free worlds, soon, we feel that the balance of light and dark will once again
even out. Hopix's planet will effect a bigger shift because of the total amount of magic wielders on it, more than
most, also she can go home to heal herself."
Alan could only nod, then as suddenly as it started it was gone.

"Oh, Hopix, I met an older one of your people in the underground area with Queen Glimmer, he looked at me and
knew I had met you," Alan told her.
"Wait," a shocked Hopix said, "an elder very old feeling and looking?" Alan nodded, Hopix squealed in delight.
He's alive!"
"Yes, he seemed happy that you had finally done what you set out to do. Shall I give him a message when I return?'
Alan asked.
"No, I… yes, just tell him in private, I will be home soon, I feel that you will finally free them from 2000 years
of my mistakes." Alan, could feel the regret and remorse flowing from Hopix, like heat waves off a hot oven.
"I should return, I feel I have more to do. I need to weaken her more before I actually fight her." Alan said a sly
smile on his face as an idea started to form.

Lying down, Alan appeared in the same spot, though everything was as it should appear, good she is obviously
more worried about me than re-screwing up the world. Reaching out he could feel the free group of Hopix's people dam,
they were a long way off. He was about to go there, when he felt another group of the tiny people heading his way,
sighing, he brought up his shields and a few other surprises. Slowly approaching him, he felt her before he actually
saw the squad of the tiny people she was controlling.
"So I've finally found you, I thought you were just a lap dog of the council, but you really are here to take the
planet from me. I welcome the challenge, too bad it will the mean the destruction of all my slaves to /> A little pissed off Alan reached out and made a scissors motion above the group in front of him. Once again he heard
the woman scream then all of the squad were looking at Alan confused, then they were all bowing to him, reaching and
pulling them all within his shield he smiled.

Only a moment later another squad attacked from below, as Alan thought they would. Sighing he was always
surprised how predictive non-military types were, diverting each as they came up, he soon had all of them within a
shield next to him.
"Alright you bitch, that's 4 of your precious squads you have lost. I know the more you lose the weaker you are, just
think soon, you won't have enough to even light your ass on fire!" Alan laughed when he felt her anger erupt and
another portal opened, this time Alan was ready. Reaching in and grabbing the two most powerful beings he felt were
feeding the woman's power, he ripped them lose from her, this time though, she didn't only shriek he felt her fade a
moment before she reappeared.
"You cock sucking son of a bitch! When I kill you, I'll make it as long and painful as I can, those are mine!" Again
she sent (sigh, again) huge fire balls, almost bored Alan sent back at her but stopped when he felt something
different. Drawing the two beings to him he saw that they looked familiar though at the moment, he couldn't place

Ah! Alan could see what she was doing, not unlike a trick of decoys he was going to try. Waving his hand the
hidden portal opened, the now false one vanishing, struggling to hold the fire balls and the portal open, he felt the
woman beginning to panic. Finally Alan sent the flaming weapons back at her. Hm, he'd have to remember that this
wasn't a man he was against. A shrill scream sounded from the portal as he snapped it closed. Looking at the second
group he could even more clearly see the strands connecting them to the woman.
A snarl escaped his lips, as he violently ripped the strands from the second squad, again pleased when he heard an
extremely painful scream near where the portal had been. Looking around he saw that there were about 75 more of the
tiny people staring and bowing to him.

The 2 who'd been leading each group came to him bowing low, "We await your orders master," each said a look
of absolute terror in their eyes. Alan's face twisted into a mask of rage but calmed when all of the beings before
him began to tremble uncontrollably. Realizing his error Alan quickly waved his hands over all of them. Many looked
up amazed, all the bad thoughts, all the terror was gone, but how? He was a mazey the first male mazey they'd ever
seen not issuse orders immediately.
"I have removed all she did to you, your thoughts are your own, and this," again Alan made a putting a hat on motion,
this caused most of the women in front of him, eyes to fly wide. "Will free you, she can not make you do anything
against your will again."
Looking at the 2 unmoving beings next to him, he felt he had to return to the free people quickly. Gathering all the
women he flashed out, a moment later he was in the underground area, a few screamed when they all appeared, till the
elders stepped forward.
"Mazey Alan, I see… by the great queen! Please Mazey Alan, we will clear you a path!" The same elder that had
talked to him before said as he shouted moving everyone out of the way.

Not exactly sure but almost on instinct Alan moved forward till he was beside the Queen. Looking at each of
the beings he saw that they were the queen but slightly different, moving closer he began to work both into her as
slowly and gently as he could. A moment later her eyes opened and she looked at Alan. Motioning him down, she kissed
him, mumbled a few words then sighed relaxing then closing her eyes.
Alan's eyes were wide, only the elder had heard her faintly whispered words, he too was somewhat surprised though if
what the queen had said was true then he too might be bowing to this man in more then appreciation.
The healers flew to the queen as soon as Alan moved away, their mouths agape in awe and wonder.
Alan turned and saw the wide eyed elder, walking to him Alan whispered, "I take it you heard?" the elder nodded.
"This is not to leave your mind or lips, we will deal with this as soon as I have reunited the rest of the queen.
At the moment she is weak and will perish if I do not capture the rest of her mind. Fortunately the false ruler can
not use her power any more so I must hurry before she realizes it. I'll return soon," Alan said as he walked to the
middle of the area and enlarged it again making it almost twice again as large.

Motioning to the elder again, Alan bent to whisper in his ear, Alan told him the message Hopix had given him.
The elder's eyes grew large then filled with tears after Alan delivered the message. Alan looked at the elders
expecting them to explain, the same little girl ran to hug Alan, he tried to stop her but she stopped when she found
that she couldn't touch him. There were many gasps when they realized just how powerful Alan was and wasn't even
there. The little girl backed up and smiled, "I hope you're here soon, it will be good to actually hug you." Alan
smiled and nodded before he vanished, opening his eyes, he sighed he was so tired of this on and off again rescue.
Hopix fluttered next to him this time he could barely see her outline.
"Hopix, I need to rest, I've freed part of the queen but I have to go back now, there's no time. I can't fail, no I
WON"T fail," Alan told her as he grabbed the box.

Hopix's eyes were filled with tears, Alan was nowhere as strong as he needed to be, but he was right he had
to go now. Hopix started to speak when Alan opened the box and… huh? They were both on her home planet! NO! Alan
looked over at her and made a strange motion towards her, strange, the voices she had started to hear suddenly
vanished till there was only the voices of her family in the underground sanctuary. What? but Alan was a new white
mage he shouldn't have this amount of control for a few more years! Alan noticed even if she hadn't that Hopix's skin
was now a more greenish hue, plus the fact that Alan could feel her powers had increased almost double, more than
almost all but one he'd met here, smiling he knew now what had to be done. Looking at Hopix he thought of the
underground sanctuary, as soon as they were there, there was a multitude of gasps. Everyone knelt before Hopix and
Alan, leading Hopix to the queen Alan saw that Hopix's eyes were filled with tears as she careesed the queen's face.

"I am sorry Hopix," Alan started, "I do not wish to cause you pain." Hopix looked at Alan in confusion then
fell to the floor screaming as Alan began to pull at her. Tears were falling from his eyes when he felt the spirits
start to pull from her body. Alan prayed his strength held out, he could feel the two minds start to seperate,
problem was Hopix's weakened body was starting to lose the fight. Cursing under his breath he didn't see all the
elders, and every magical being in the sanctuary also lend their power to what he was doing. Alan decided that he
didn't care, for once, just once in his life, he felt he had made a difference, opening up he began to push with
everything he had not caring if he survived, as long as these two did. Finally he felt the two completely separate
one drifted and settled in the queen, the other was trying to depart, something Alan wasn't about to let happen.
Anchoring her Alan saw her and called out, surprised she turned, a look of joy and something he couldn't recognize on
her face.

Her spirit stopped and came to Alan, <Alan,> she thought, <It's alright I am more than ready to go I…>
<NO!> Alan shouted out in his thoughts, <I will NOT release you, you are needed more than I ever will be!>
Grabbing her he pulled her with the last of his strength suddenly Queen Glimmer was there.
<I am proud of you both, you for keeping me alive Hopix, and you Alan your heart is so rare that I fear the existence
would end if you were to pass. Please both of you return, there is much, very much more for both of you to
accomplish. Neither of you realize just how important you are, return.>
Alan helped Hopix all the way back, the queen was helping also, opening his eyes he saw that Hopix was starting to
wake up. Good he thought, the queen and several others were standing over him, smiling he nodded then surrendered to
the darkness there were several screams as he started to spiral downward further into the darkness, dam was that
Hopix? Wow, that woman had a set of lungs.

It was 6 days later when Alan's eyes snapped open, groaning he tried to sit up and fell almost to the floor,
huh? Almost? Looking over at the feet next to his eyes he heard a familiar voice, "It wouldn't be right for you to
get hurt before you're healed," it said. Pushing, Alan righted his self sitting on the cot. "I am so glad that so
many of us are free to think again, the energy has strengthened us so much that others are starting to break free of
the false rulers hold. what started with a mere 145 freed slaves has grown in almost a sque to 145,000!"
Alan nodded listening to her feeling his strength rapidly returning, that is till his stomach almost roared.
Embarassed Alan waved his hand making food he could eat appear before him, almost ashamed to look at the queen till
her stomach almost roared. The queen started to laugh, Alan snapped a look up at her as he too started to laugh. God!
It felt good he couldn't remember the last time he felt this good.
"Your Majesty," started Alan.

The queen held up her hand, "I am Glimmer to you young man, you are never to call me queen again we are equal
as far as I and my people are concerned," leaning close she whispered, "Though many almost consider you a god, I have
told all that you do not wish to be praised or bowed to or I'd punish them. I won't, it's just a good deterrent," she
said as she smiled, a smile that reminded him the most of Hopix's. The queen turned away, Hopix had been right, he
did broadcast his strongest thoughts, at least he wasn't all of them any more, as Hopix said he was a few sques ago.
"Is Hopix safe," Alan asked. Glimmer only nodded, relieving Alan's troubled mind.
"Alright, Glimmer you know I have to confront the false ruler, I really don't want to kill her but if she is like the
last one I might have no choice. I have not decided…," stopping Alan realized that the queen was staring at him.
"What's wrong Glimmer?" He asked.
"You referred to the false ruler as she, the last was a she before he came. You will need more training to see those
that mask what and who they are you your self are starting to do so."

Alan shook his head, son of a bitch! He'd let the bastard fool him, if this weak one could then he was in for
a tough time with this job. It was true Hopix had helped him more than anyone he'd met, but with her home, he was
pretty sure she would stay knowing her station.
Again the queen turned away though he wasn't as strong as an hour ago he was still sending out his strongest
feelings. A small smile, then a tear fell from her eye she hated concealing the truth, as she know nothing could
change Hopix's mind once she made a decision.
"This changes things quite a bit but is he really as weak as I feel he is?" Alan asked
"Yes, well over 1/3 of our people are free the rest the rest of the Fairixie's are well on their way, though there
only those that you freed that are actually free in their minds. I don't know what or how you did it but if you could
the rest of them you would again have our thanks," the queen said as she bowed to an opened mouthed Alan. Reaching
out he felt many outside the sanctuary that weren't touched yet. Waving his arm in as big an arc as he could he felt
thousands sigh as all the crap left their minds. Again he waved his arm and again did the hat motion, suddenly he
felt a shift in the energy of the planet, the queen smiled at him as Alan didn't realize that he had cleared every
free mind on the planet and had hardly strained at all.

Finally eager to end this Alan flashed to the front of the false rulers palace/residence. Alan was reaching
out to bring him there when he/she appeared in front of him.
"Enough you fucking little freak!" Alan shouted, waving his arm the woman's guise blew away as smoke causing the man
now standing there to curse.
"Who the fuck do you think you are?" The man spit out at Alan, "this is my world now! I control all these pathetic
magical bitches!"
Alan shook his head and waved his hand at the man, suddenly frozen the man's wild eyes were looking everywhere. Just
as suddenly a huge number of the Farixies started to attack him, growling Alan could see the strands coming from the
man. Making a scissors motion Alan began to saw away at all the strands at once, now the man was starting to sweat.
Finally a few minutes later Alan severed the last of the strands, the man's eyes were wide as he felt the last of the
power he'd stolen fade.

From what Alan could feel he was almost an average human now, to bad he couldn't or could he? Looking closer
then closer still Alan saw that there was myriad of colors coming from the man. Reaching in he saw that the colors
were coming from a never used sedction of the brain, hmmm wonder what it'd take to turn it off maybe plug it?
Alan imagined a plug made of the same material that the colors were coming from, holding as steady as he could Alan
began to force the plug into the area. The more it was covered the less magic he felt from the man, that is till he
had it completely plugged making the plug grow into the brain he felt nothing else no magic no pressure.
Releasing the man the man stared wide eyed at Alan, "what have you done to me?" He shrieked.
"I plugged your powers," Alan said matter of factly.
"No, you son of a bitch! You've signed my death warrant, along with yours, you don't know who I serve but you will, I
wish I could be there to see you die! Problem is I am a dead man, no power, no life that's their rules."

A table of dark and evil beings appeared above the ground, a few feet away the light council appeared.
"Nam Daed, you are ours!" The leader said as he reached out only to find that he was blocked by Alan.
Pissed off he tried to push past Alan, this time the leader of the light council was stopping him.
"You know the rules or should I call you by you name Luci…" the council leader started.
"NO! ENOUGH!," the red skinned leader of the dark council shouted. "We concede, what say you Nam Daed? With or
"Think before you answer," the leader of the light council said, "with us you could at least live."
"Live? With no fucking power? That's no life ask, your lap dog, oh that's right he had no life before," the man
looked at Alan, "you're such a fucking loser!"
"True," said Alan holding his temper, "but at least I am a living loser and not a fucking dead one like you." Alan
said as he sneered at the man.
bitch," the man said.
"It's decided," the red skinned leader of the dark council said. "Control your agent," He said looking at the light
"Do not interfere Alan," The gnome like creature warned Alan.

"Nam Daed your soul now belongs to chaos, come Dead Man!" the dark council leader said, the man screamed as
his spirit was ripped from the body then consumed by all on the council. "Be warned, Alan Glanto, we are watcing you
we will not be as kind next time."
"Oh shut up Luci…" the gnome started.
"NO, we agreed to not use proper names either way, again we concede we will no longer target your agent, but we will
still be watching you, having freed but 2 worlds, though the fairixies world was a bonus still hasn't turned the
balance in your favor." With that the dark council vanished.
Laughing the gnome looking leader of the light council looked at Alan, "I would say you have done more than freed
this world, for Lucifer to threaten, you must have really scared him. Good work, rest but we'll have another for you
in a few days." With that they were gone too.
Alan went to tell the it was all over arriving in the sanctuary, he was shocked to find it empty. Looking aroubd he
found a note with instructions to get to the queens city.

Alan guessed that they already knew appearing in the city after an hour of flashing towards it, Alan stared
in wonder at the pure crystal city. Walking toward the queens ruling building people were running from him in terror,
sighing he was afraid someone would get hurt if he didn't hurry. Entering her Palace like crystal edifice he stopped
before the throne room. Walking in, he almost had to bend slightly to enter, there were gasps when he approached the
queen. Bowing there were even more gasps but nowhere as loud as when she curtsied to Alan, several guards made a move
toward Alan, he'd started to raise his hands when the queen spoke, "to everyone here, this Alan the mazey that has
freed us, it has been many, many starons since we were free, truly free."
"Glimmer, "Alan started, causing even more guards to advance Alan waved his hand and all the guards froze where they
are. "I am leaving soon, please tell Hopix I am sorry I wasn't able to tell her good by, I know she was so happy to
be back as I am sure her grandfather must be. I can not stay here not long, I fear the dark council is now watching
me, though the light council interceded I will still have to watch out.
The queen nodded curtsying again, Alan bowed, turned and left.

Walking out the front of the Palace the same little girl flew to Alan and gave him a huge hug. "I knew you
were good and you feel so good too, I wish you could stay but I know you have others to help as you have us."
"You never told me your name," Alan said happy he got to see her again.
"Oh," she said, "I am Glimix, til I turn 23 starons then I'll be free to choose my royal name."
"Royal name?" Alan asked.
"Yes, since you healed me, I can now assume my place as princess, didn't you know? Queen Glimmer is my mother, I just
wish my sister was as serious about it as mother and I am, after all she is 30 starons. She isn't married and has no
children, sometimes I think she'll never meet a male."
Alan wasn't really listening no wonder the queen was so grateful he'd saved the princess. "I have to go Glimix I hope
to see you again one day." Flashing out he was home in a matter of seconds, sighing he called the council.
"Yes Alan, you called?" The leader said though he couldn't see them clearly he could hear them.
"I am going to need another watch dog, with Hopix gone I am still in need of help," Alan said sad and defeated, he
would miss her but she was finally happy and healthy.
"Yes Alan, we have been considering this, there will be someone here tomorrow," the leader said with a straight face,
ah these humans so simple but powerful.
Thanking them he laid down but sleep was a long time coming, of course this time there were no dreams.


story by: pars001

Tags: violence non-erotic cruelty body modification alien science-fiction sex story

Author: pars001

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