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True story from my childhood that was originally posted in forum Daughter's toys by lifeslayer696 on but I now slightly modified to be made into a story. Read the forum too.

When I was 13 or 14 I had the house to myself one day with my parents and brothers busy I was a horny kid so I watched some bad porn that got past the parent filter and jacked off. I remember exploding everywhere and made a mess so I was going to shower before anyone got home. Oh and I was probably going to masturbate in the shower too. But I was out of sope so I went to my parent’s bathroom butt naked because no one was home and went to get the sope but it was out of reach so I climbed up onto the counter and on top of the cabinet I found my mom’s large purple dildo with a in it to put a vibrater in and a long silver vibrater was there too along with my parents DVD pornos. I instantly got a hard on and jacked off right there standing on top of the bathroom counter it felt so good. The funny thing is I did not mean to find all this but when I did I was home alone and an rly horny 13 or 14 year old boy so yeah I watched shit tones of porn and made copy’s if DVDs and I jacked off so much. It was a great few hours!

Honestly I’d say my mom is pretty hot. And all of my friends from football and stuff think she is a hot MILF. Finding the dildo vibrater and porn was so hot and rly a huge turn on for me.

This is a 100% true story I have no pictures to verify but I can show you pictures of the same dildo and vibrater set off online if anyone would like to see that let me know with the form and PM me too plz.

Also if enough people would like me to I’ll post a pic of my mom on here too but with a blurred out face. Let me know.

if you would like to here more detaled verion of the story let me know and maby I'll post a more detaled version of it
if you think the story is good and i shuld contenue with it but make up the rest like my fantisy is let me know by commiting or PMing me. if i were to contenue it with my fantisy stuff it would contain insest, mastubation, hulmelation, and much more. let me know of anysegestions too.

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Thanks for reading please rate and commit. Helpful feedback would be nice too.


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