Unexpected pleasures, part iii

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Prying Eyes

I had seen enough on the local little remote security camera I had picked up at Radio Shack. It wasn’t high enough grade to get the pictures I wanted. I wasn’t sure I was seeing what I was seeing. Was my wife’s son Zac really drugging her? Was he really having sex with her?

It took three days but I got what I wanted and UPS second day delivery brought it to me. It was a nearly invisible pinhole camera with 780 resolution, low light, and remote control. The camera was $425, plus shipping. I put up a string of lights in my wife’s bedroom and just above the Christmas lights put the pinhole camera masked in the garland. The remote control was good for 1,000 feet.

My bedroom was next door and my den was down stairs 100 feet away. I hooked up the camera to my computer. I could record, and view simultaneously. Mac software is great, and I downloaded some additional editing software to make my own movies. I always left the original files intact as they were and made copies of them to edit.

It worked perfectly. My wife was so appreciative of me putting up the Christmas decorations even though it was the first week of November she gave me a special hug. HA! I knew what she was planning.

Now all I had to do was watch her in her bedroom, and record what I needed. If I could get her drunk enough I might be able to arrange a threesome with her mother. In a divorce I would be protected from any outlandish claim she might make. Also, with the pictures of Zac going into her room to if they were clear enough I might have something even more outrageous.

Two days after that my wife came home from work, she worked in a factory in the order department as a manager. It was fun playing out my newly developing voyeur feelings shutting my door and locking it then viewing her in her bedroom. I found out she masturbated every day before going to sleep. No wonder she didn’t want sex at night.

I enjoyed watching her come out of her bathroom after a shower, or going potty and dressing, or undressing. I found I was quite voyeuristic and no matter what, this new toy was of great enjoyment.

Anyway, home she came and went in to take a shower. Her son Zac wanted to talk to her, and of course it had to be right now it could not wait. I told him his mother was taking a shower. Of course he tried to walk in anyway. I kept him from it almost hitting him to keep him out. Finally she called out asking what was going on and I told her. She said she was out of the shower let him in.

With that, I ran down stairs to my den and shut the door. Grabbed the remote control out of the drawer and turned it on. The picture came up on one of my screens and low and behold there was my wife standing naked in a towel in front of her son. They were talking for a few moments until he walked over to the bed and sat down. He put his head on her lap whining about something or other.

The mic was good, but not real good. All I could make out was how he wanted it now, couldn’t wait, needed it, on and on he went. I thought he wanted drugs, I sat there stunned that my wife was procuring drugs or preion drugs for her son. I watched kind of bored as he pleaded his case begging and begging.

She resisted “not now,” she kept saying and guaranteeing him “later, later when you really need it.”

Sucking weak bastard brat. I wondered if she was getting it at the factory or someplace else. Then slowly she opened her towel a little bit. He threw his arms around her hugging her putting his crying eyes in the towel around her body.

Slowly his hands began to move. I almost missed it and turned the boring begging boy off. But his hands opened the towel fondling his mothers breasts, then her butt. Within minutes he had parted the towel wrapped around her and put his face on her bare stomach. All at once the towel dropped and she was sitting in front of him naked.

One hand moved, it went to her lap, and when he straightened up his dick was clearly visible in full color and high definition. His mouth dropped to her knees while his hands went to her breasts. His mouth ran up her thighs to her crotch as she opened her legs. Within minutes he was standing as her mouth dropped to his penis. She began giving him a very wonderful blow job. THAT BITCH! She gives her own son blow jobs but not me.

I watched with rapt attention as he fondled her ass and breasts. He finally laid back on the bed his legs hanging over the edge as she finished him off. I watched in anger that made me want to take a gun into the room and kill him, maybe her, probably both. Then as I watched I realized she was fondling her own pussy. She was getting herself off as well. She was humping her hand her fingers going in and out until her body convulsed in a climax. As she regained her composure he suddenly bent forward coming to his own climax.

She licked him up, and got up. He begged some more. She stepped closer to him as he buried his face in her stomach. It was now his turn to drop to his knees. She stood there as his face thrust in between her legs. She adjusted her weight separating her feet. Then again further apart, then further. She moved to the bed his face never leaving her. She sat on the bed and he knelt on the floor, her legs wide open. It wasn’t enough, he wanted more. She raised her legs until she was pulling on her knees her feet hovering in the air above his shoulders. She laid back, her feet resting on his shoulders as she came to a climax, his head firmly buried between her legs, his hands beneath her buttocks.

I watched her come to a climax, and a second. He wasn’t letting her up with one. I noticed I was fondling my own dick as I watched. Soon I had it out pumping it watching her naked body on the bed her breasts jiggling as he ate out her pussy. At last she pushed him away and he stood up like he was a rejected lover.

What a wussy I thought. He turned and went into the bathroom and washed his face off. She laid there enjoying the after glow. As he walked by he reached down and picked up the towel and threw it to her. She didn’t move just wiped herself off.

Now I understood why she went through a towel almost every day, or every other day. There was a knock at my door. Quickly I turned off the camera. I checked everything and realized my dick was out. I put it back in my pants and went to the door.

“Dinner is ready,” granny said to me.

I walked out to dinner. My step son Zac was already at the table. My wife showed up five minutes later kissing me on the cheek. She had freshly brushed her teeth.

I wondered just how far I should push it, and then decided looking at my wife’s mother to not push it. She had let me in on, knowingly or unknowingly, my wife’s plans. I was the cash cow. Her first husband was the sperm donor for one child. Her second husband was a sperm donor for her second child, the kid sitting across the table eating the food I provided. I wondered just who was using who as we sat and ate some of the worst food I ever ate. Her mother couldn’t cook, but she did have great tits.

While we were cleaning up the kitchen I told Zac he didn’t need to help. My wife drifted toward the TV and I took the opportunity to walk up behind granny and feel her tits. She turned and looked at me like I had raped her.

“You ain’t drunk now, you still want it?” I asked.

She was going to slap me but looked past me toward the living room where my ex was sitting watching TV.

“If I come to you that is one thing, but this is in the open,” she said.

“Come on, you have fucked every member of your family, I have helped you get pictures that if your daughter saw she would disown you. Tell me the truth, have you fucked your daughter? How about young Zac? He is sexually active and masturbates his brains out. You have done some of the laundry since getting here, you have seen the towels in his room under his pillow or in the corner. Have you done him yet? Or only masturbated to his towel when you did the wash.”

She hesitated facing me acting mad. I stuck my hand down the front of the pants she was wearing to her pussy and fingered her clit. 

“Feels good doesn’t it. Ever had a threesome with your daughter? Is that why you say she won’t do you now?” Her eyes flashed. God I hit on something. “I know you have, but I don’t know the name. Does Zac know? Was it him?”

“No, it wasn’t him. Don’t say anything. It was her previous />
Holy Shit did the stars align at that moment. She was seducing me to have a threesome with her daughter so she could get a divorce and take me for more alimony than she took him. I was richer than him so she traded him for me.

“Want some real I asked. “I mean real />
“You don’t know real excitement cowboy,” she said as I stuck two fingers in her cunt.

“There are things you don’t know about me Momma bear, but I can show you a ride you could only dream about, all I am asking is, you want it or not.”

Her eyes twinkled. “Go for it, you going to ride me are you?”

I smiled. “Tomorrow, tomorrow is Saturday, I will give you the ride of your life.”

We talked and I tried to egg her on. I knew I had her when she grabbed my wrist and forced me to stop finger fucking her as her body shook. I had brought the old slut standing in the kitchen. Quickly she pulled my hand out of her pants as my ex walked in.

“I’m turning in,” she said. I turned and said I would be in momentarily. is all she said.

I knew she was still horny, and she hadn’t had a full pleasuring from her son, so was still thinking about sex. After I washed my hands at the sink I went to my den and turned on the camera. I followed my wife up the stairs to her bedroom. I walked in and put my arms around her as she was undressing in front of the closet.

She pretended to want sex. She welcomed me and I closed the door. I helped her off with her clothes and kissed her. I knew she was as fake as a tin nickel at the state fair. I fondled her boobs and kissed them. I knew the spy on the wall was getting all of it.

I knew what she liked. It was all about her. She liked her boobs played with, but not too much. She liked her pussy played with, then she liked me in her doggy style so she didn’t have any of my weight on her. I performed my just like it was a movie. I brought her to the two climaxes she liked, three was overboard. And when it came time for me to cum I merely begged off. “Old man />

“I guess I need a blue pill by now” I said. She accepted it and didn’t care.

I kissed her good night and put my pants on. I took out a hundred dollar bill out of my wallet and gave it to her and told her to go to the mall tomorrow and get her hair done and nails, she deserved it. When she said she would I left. I went to my den and checked the video. It was wonderful. Low light, 92 degree of angle, I got it all. Especially the part about her saying, “you go take care of yourself, I’m tired,” after me bringing her to two obvious big climaxes.

I then went to Zac’s room and knocked. It took him a minute to let me in. I sat by his bedside as he played a video game.

“Zac, I know you masturbate a lot, and well, I think you are old enough I would like you to have a treat. Your mom and I have talked about this and well, tomorrow I have a surprise for you. That okay with you?”

he said.

mention it to your mom, but tomorrow, okay?” I said.

It didn’t take me but about another 10 minutes and I had him ready to have the treat of his life, if he could keep his mouth shut. When I got to my office den who was waiting for me? Granny, in a sexy teddy, no bra, sitting by my fireplace.

“Want a fire?” I asked. She nodded and rubbed her boobs telling me she was cold.

I started the gas fire. The gas was on only about three minutes when I put a couple small pieces of wood on in just for ambiance and the crackle. While it burned I stood behind the chair and put my hands down her chemise feeling her tits. “You like that don’t you?” I asked.

“You know that, tell me something I don’t know.”

I moved around and sucked on her nipples. They were great hugh nipples. I pulled the chemise off and fondled her boobs and then pulled my dick out. “Suck it” I told her.

She looked up at me and hesitated, then not being able to resist put my dick in her mouth and started sucking. It was mutual because I enjoyed that woman’s body even if she was 20 years older than me. It turned me on to think I had power over her and over my wife’s mother. I had her suck my dick and even pulled down a video camera and set it up taking a video of her on her knees sucking me, then on her knees in front of the chair with me fucking her doggy. I pounded that old pussy hard egging her on to say the dirtiest things she could say.

I got her saying she wanted to have sex with her daughter, Zac, her son Danny, and be used as a cum slut in a swingers club. I got her to say she wanted to go to Club Hedo III and get fucked by everyman there. Her mouth ran like a nonstop toilet for an hour while I fucked her in all three of her holes in front of the fire.

“Stay in your room tomorrow. I will come get you. Be naked. When I come get you, I will give you the thrill of your life.” I told her. She crept out of my den naked. I kept her chemise, “for smelling.” She was suspicious, but horny enough to go along. She thought I would be fucking her in the living room or something. She saw the video camera and had even watched some of it on my computer screen as we fucked. “I got some new DVDs” I told her, “we will have some fun.”

She was a dirty old lady and agreed to do what I wanted her to do.

The next day my wife left and when gone I went in and told granny to get naked. I stood there in her room and watched while she stripped. I even went over and fingered her a little and sucked on her boobs.

“I’m going to enjoy this like nothing else,” I told her.

As we started to leave the room I stopped her and put a blind fold on her. “We are going to have so much fucking fun,” I said then tied her hands behind her back. She didn’t put up much of a fight as she was standing in the hall naked with a blind fold. She didn’t know if her daughter or grandson was in the house or not. She thought we were alone, but didn’t know. It was part of the excitement in not knowing and I didn’t tell her.

I led her to her daughters room and put her on the bed. I tied her hands to the bed and her feet. “Hold on, be right back” I said, “I got to get the camera going for this.”

I then went and got Zac. I told him I was taking him to his mothers room. There was a surprise for him there. I blind folded him and tied his hands behind his back.

“This will be the greatest moment of your life. Believe me, the />
I led him into my ex’s bedroom and there adjusted his blindfold just enough so he could see he was in his mother’s room, and that the bed was unmade, and that there were two naked feet and naked legs on the bed. But I stood in front of him enough that he didn’t get to see anything more than quick glances.

I led him over and helped him get on the bed kneeling between his grandmothers legs and whispered in his ear, take your mask off, but you can have your hands free.”

He had boxers on, and I pulled them down. His cock was ready, hard, throbbing. “Beat it, get it ready,” I told him. He started jacking himself good as I turned to Granny and whispered in her ear, “here I fucking come you slutty old woman.” And I fondled her boobs pinching them, licking them, sucking on them. I stuck my fingers in her pussy fondling her clit trying to get her ready. I took out some KY and spread it on her pussy then told Zac “now” bringing him forward.

He held himself off of his granny while I helped him put his dick in his granny. He knew it was a pussy and a juicy one. He thought he had hit the mother load, and he had. He started fucking her with all his youthful zeal.

Granny for her part played it exactly right. Her voice sounded like her daughter’s enough when she started to moan and talk it sounded just like her daughter. “Fuck me” she said real low. I would have sworn it was my wife myself if I wasn’t standing there filming it with my camera, and for a bonus the one on the wall getting it all.

He pounded her hard his balls banging against her and exclaimed “oh momma.” At first I panicked but she responded. “So, you like fucking your momma do you, well fuck me boy, fuck your momma if that’s what you like.”

I nearly shit my pants. I couldn’t have ed it better. His hands found her tits and roamed, his mouth found her nipples, and he went at her like a hungry man at a smorgasbord. Every time he called her momma she replied with something close enough that I was covered. He fucked her to three climaxes before shooting his cum in her. More than once she said “this is the best fuck in year, this is better than any man has fucked me,” and even when she came

When he was finished I pulled him off of the bed and led him to the end of the hall and told him to stand there, his dick dripping on the carpet. I went back and untied granny and led her out to the hall, her dripping pussy doing the same. Then walked down the stairs a few steps and said “ok you can take off your mask and see who you fucked.”

Zac saw first and dove into his room but not before his granny saw who it was she had fucked. She looked around and saw me standing there with camera in hand and didn’t even flinch.

“I suppose this is your way of…. You think this is funny.”

“No Granny, I think this is only poetic, and if you come down to my room I will show you why.”

She glared at me, and I said “you will see your daughter sucking off Zac. Now you are all one big happy family. And it is out in the open.”

She walked down the stairs still naked following me. It took me only a few minutes to bring up the file of Zac sucking his mother and her giving him a blow job. After watching it twice she got up and left the room.

“You are one fucker,” she said as she started to walk out. “Got to give you that, you are one fucker.”

“It was the best you had in 40 years I bet,” I told her.

“Not quite, but almost. He is one hot stud,” she said.

“Sit here another minute.” I said and left the room.

I went to Zac’s room and just walked in. I caught him jacking off. “Come with me,” I said to him and walked out. He followed trying to put on a robe. I took him down stairs and into my den. He tried to back out when he saw his naked grandma sitting there in my den.

“Did you like it?” I asked her. She nodded “he is awfully good.”

“Did you like it?” I asked him. He stammered and hummed and hawed. Then nodded yes.

“Zac, did you enjoy the fucking or not?” I grabbed his arm. “Yes” he said defensively pulling away.

“Well then, what’s anyone got to be upset about. Just because you weren’t fucking the person you thought you were, so what? You both enjoyed it. Now, go over there and feel her tities for real. You liked them upstairs a minute ago, feel her up.” I said.

She sat there not moving. I took his arm and led him over to her and put his hand on her tit. It just laid there. Within a minute his dick was hard and poking through his robe. She saw his dick and reached up and took a hold of it. When she did that he moved his hand on her boob. He rubbed it, she rubbed his dick.

“Well now, I think we have the formalities out of the way. From now on you can fuck each other whenever you want and no one has to be the wiser. Right?” I asked. “Anna, you said you wanted to fuck him, correct me if I am wrong.”

Neither said anything but Zac just kept fondling those terrific boobs. “Suck ‘em” I pushed his head toward them. He bent down and started sucking on her boobs, his hand went to her pussy all by itself. She put her head back as his fingers played with her clit and went up and down her slit.

I bent over and whispered into his ear, “I bet you like pussy, give it a taste, go on,” and pushed his head down. Slowly he went and she lifted her legs over the arms of the chair as his head slowly got to her pussy. The slurping sounds was evidence he was into it. Her moaning was evidence she was too.

Twenty minutes later I kicked them out of my den where they went up to Zac’s room and finished with each other. They were up there an entire hour before she hobbled out like she had been riding a horse all day without a saddle.

I felt comfortable now that anything my wife had planned for me I had turned the tables on her. I was fairly sure I was safe to exit the way I wanted to on my own terms. And there would be terms now that I knew what was going on.

* * * * * * * * * *

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