Wettest dream cum true part three

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I got a bath town and wrapped It around him, drying him off I tickled him in an attempt to cheer him up; it worked, he started laughing and trying to squirm away from my hands. After he was dry, I dried my self and walked him into his bedroom and closed the door. He grabbed a pair of pajama pants and put them on quickly; I could tell he had found bashfulness, So I grabbed my boxers and put them on. "burr, it's cold" I said as I got in his bed and covered up. "hope in" I told him. He did but I could tell he was freaked out from my orgasm in the shower. "so are you a big boy?" I asked him. "yes" he answered back in a meek tone. " well do you want to play like a big boy?" I asked, "I'm kinda tired" he said back, "can we play tomorrow?" my cock was already starting to get hard again; there would be no waiting. "oh come on, can we just play for a little while?" I asked, " it's a lot of fun; I />
"no" he said, " I'm sleepy". I sat up, "ok, that's fine," I told him, "you can just lay there and I'll play". I put the blanket over my head and looked at him, the light shinning through his spider man blanket onto him lit him in a red and blue light. His red superman pajama bottoms looked so cute. I threw my leg over and straddled his shins, I put one hand on each side of his hips and gripped his waistband. As I began to pull them down he grabbed them and tried to hold them up; he tried to role over but I pulled him back onto his back and ripped down his pants. Both of his hands cupped and covered his tiny boyhood; as he told me to stop, he didn't want to play anymore. I grabbed one of his hands by his thumb and twisted it off, then I did the same to the other and pinned his arms down by his side. I stuck out my tongue to a point and wrapped it around his little prick, moving my tongue faster flicking it on his cock. Then taking the whole soft thing into my mouth and just sucked on it, holding it in my mouth and moving my tongue all over it moving it from one side to another in my watery mouth. He was screaming; "no! Please! I don't want to play anymore!" I heard the door open, "shut the fuck up!" I heard his father scream at him. He stopped screaming but I could hear him crying; " mike," Jake called to me, " come here for a sec, please". I got up, throwing the blanket onto the floor. I went over to Jake, "here" he handed me a little blue pill, "maybe this will help" he said. I skilled at him as he left and closed the door. I walked back over to the bed where the seven year old was crying in the fetal position. I pulled him back onto his back and told him to open his mouth wide; I took the Viagra in my index finger and thumb and shoved it down his throat then covered his mouth and nose until he />
Now we were going to have some fun when that kicked in; until then I was kind of enjoying forcing myself on him. I grabbed him by his long soft blond hair and pulled him up, I stood on the bed and put the tip of my dick to his lips. "suck it!" I told him in a low but stern tone of voice. He opened his mouth and took me in, "use your tongue!" I ordered him. He gagged and pulled me out a bit, then slobbered on it, pushing his tongue onto my shaft inside his mouth. I grabbed the back of his head and made him follow me as I flew onto my back; his teeth stung me a bit, so I trusted my hips forward as I pulled his head down and put all of me into his little throat. He pulled off and started to gag but I thrust him back down onto my engorged member. This time he didn't gag, and he actually stayed like that for a second before I let him up; his eyes were red and watered but he was getting the hang of it as he sucked as he was let up. I told him to keep doing that, up and down; suck hard!

He did what he was told, finally I wanted to feel him for the other side; I told him to lay on his back, after he complied, I propped his short legs up on my shoulders. I spit on my fingers and wiped the spit on his tight little ass hole. I stuck my index finger inside him, in and out until it was loose enough to stick in the second finger. His pleads  
for me to stop went unanswered, "shhhhhh, its ok it wont hurt for long it's ok." I wispered in his ear as I inserted the third finger gently into his seven year old ass hole. I spit on my other hand to lubricate my cock. I pulled my fingers out and put the head of my wet cock to the boys ass hole and slowly and gently pushed it in. I felt the head pop in as He started to flail his arms and trying to get away, I pinned his arms and kept going in deeper and deeper until it was all the way in. I stopped moving to let him get used to the feeling of me inside him; I flexed my cock inside of him before he jumped again and I had to hold him down. I kept flexing inside of him for another few minutes before pulling out and thrusting back in; again and again and again. I stopped thrusting and grabbed the boy on each side of his hips and pulled him on top of me. Using him like a fuck doll I had him straddle my cock making him buck with the thrusting of my hips tightening of my ass muscles and rocking his hips with my hands. He was still crying; however, I did notice something that almost made me cum on the spot. I stopped moving him, shoved him hard on the chest and threw him back onto his back.

Either it was the Viagra kicking in or my dick pushing against his prostate, but his tiny little penis was starting to get a tiny little erection. I pulled my dick out of his ass and grabbed it in the palm of my hand tight; I started pumping, thrusting my hips into the air. My eyes were fixed on the boys slightly swollen prick as I aimed and blew my second load of the night all over his dick. Only four squirts this time but it was enough to cover his little boy bits in hot sweet nut. As soon as I was done cuming, my hand left my cock and went to his, using my own cum as lube to pump my hand up and down on his growing member.

story by: Dreamindirty

Tags: fantasm sex story

Author: Dreamindirty

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