When i became a woman — chap. 16 — mommy comes home

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I heard that darn old alarm clock go off and woke up. It was 7 a.m. Cripes, I was sleepy. I stretched out on the bed and realized I was still in Mommy and Daddy’s bed, and Daddy wasn’t here. It was just too much effort to get up, even though I had to pee, so I just laid there and then I started remembering about last night when Daddy and I played ice cubes and Being Janice. OMG, Deedee, Daddy really blew me out of the water last night. It was the best ever with him. Once again I thought about what a terrific essay it would make for school, especially telling about when Daddy and I both came at the same time! Can you imagine, Deedee? It’s too bad school doesn’t let you be honest.

Just then Daddy came in with a tray of eggs and bacon and toast and OJ and he was all dressed already for work. It was Saturday, though, wasn’t it? He is so handsome. He set the tray down and leaned over me and kissed me and then pulled a sheet up over me (I was still naked) and I said why did you do that Daddy and he said because sometimes you look even prettier and sexier when you’re covered like this and there’s just funny bumps to see. some breakfast for you, little one. Mommy will be home soon, so just enjoy. I’ve got some business things I have to attend to. Okay?” He said we’d talk about all this later when he got home and Mommy was here. “I want you to tell Janice everything we did, okay? Everything. I know she’ll like that. And tell her what you liked best, okay?” I promised I would, and then he took off. I kicked off those covers and pulled that tray over to me and just ate my fill. My Daddy is so thoughtful. I wish I could marry him.

I finished up finally and hopped in the shower and while I scrubbed myself, I was so wishing Daddy was here again like last night. Well, Mommy always says wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which one fills up first.

It was about 11 a.m. when I finally heard Mommy driving up. I was just lounging on the couch watching National Geo channel about the cheetahs and lions on the plain in Africa. She came in all noisy and loaded with bags and I jumped right up and said here I’ll take some and she tried to hug me and things fell and it was all so funny, we looked at each other and laughed. Mommy said, “Hey, Janice, I hear you and that man of yours had a real good time last night.” I couldn’t help giggling. All the rest of the bags dropped coz I hugged her and she hugged me and I said oh Cassie Lee you wouldn’t believe what we did last night and she said I heard all about it on the phone and I looked right in her eyes and said, “well, Janice, you and I are just gonna have to have a good time together coz I think I can teach you a thing or two.” Well, she went into gales of laughter, Deedee. ME, teaching my Mommy a thing or two!!!

She said, “Oh you silly little darling. Wait until Daddy gets home tonight, and then I want you and him to fill me up with ice cubes, too!! That sounds exciting.” We got busy putting away all the bags of groceries and presents. It was noon before we finally sat down at the kitchen table to eat something and really talk. Of course she asked me about last night again and I told her Daddy said I should tell her everything that happened and what I liked best. She said oh baby start with that last part, all the details, so I started out blurting the best parts. “He showed me some girls kissing and having sex together right on the computer, Mommy. I wasn’t sure at first, but then I decided I really liked watching them do that, and that’s why I started doing some of those things I did after Daddy and I showered. I’d like to watch some more of that, if I could. And then it was so much fun pushing an ice cube into Daddy’s butt, just like he did to my pussy last week, remember? And then he ended up doing it to me, too, but pushing TWO up my butt with his mouth, and THREE in my pussy!!!! It was the most fun.”

She said wow she’d really like to have watched all that and did I have a good time and I said you bet and Daddy said we’d do that to her too and she said I can’t wait and then we finally went back to relaxing and finishing our lunch. I thought tonight was going to be another big S-E-X night for all of us. She wanted me to tell her more, so I told her about Daddy and me coming at the same time and how terrific that was and she said they do that a lot and that’s one of the nicest things about Daddy, that he thinks of things like that – “he says his motto is ‘the lady always comes I said I sure wanta do that again and she said oh you will baby, you will, many times. I told her I might like to see more of the S-E-X stuff on the computer, like Daddy showed me, and she said okay, after we finish eating, let’s go shower and then I’ll log on and we’ll watch until you get tired of it, okay? I said absolutely, Janice, and she just laughed and hugged me. My mommy is so much fun and I know she loves me the best anyone’s mommy could ever.

As it turned out, Deedee, Mommy sat me in front of her computer in their bedroom and logged on one of those porn sites she said I should watch and around for whatever interested me while she showered. Okay. This was neat. I watched some of those lesbian sites. She came out in about fifteen minutes with her hair wet and a big towel wrapped around her and said, “It’s your turn to shower now. Be sure to scrub EVERYTHING, baby, ‘cause we’re going to have lots of fun when you get done.” Whew! I was ready anyways, Deedee! My mommy is so pretty, and we had a whole afternoon to ourselves! So I trotted off to the bathroom while she sat down to look at some of the things I’d been watching. I scrubbed real good, and of course, you know, I had a hard time not just making myself come. When I finished, I put a big towel around me just like she did and went out to the bedroom. Mommy must have heard the shower cut off, coz she was on the bed , her head laying in her arms and her butt sticking right up in the air toward me. “Baby, come love me,” she said. She had her legs spread already, and her pink silk panties had a wet spot in />
Oh Deedee, you can’t imagine how wonderful this was! We both love this position so much! I dropped my towel and climbed up on the bed and started kissing Mommy’s butt right through her panties and she started saying real nice things to me. I pulled her panties down and she wiggled around. She reached behind and pulled her buttcheeks apart, and I slid my tongue from the top of her crack all the way down to her pussy, and boy oh boy she purred! I love the taste of my mommy. I started running my tongue on her slit, and then pushing it into her cunt and she liked that. I went up higher and started licking her butthole like I’d watched on the computer and when she felt that, she started pushing back at me and said oh baby oh baby fuck me with your tongue oh baby and so I did as far as I could get it, which wasn’t very far, Deedee. I know she likes this a lot. I’d already put my hand around under her leg so I could rub her clit, coz I knew that turns us Real Women on. I think it took about a minute before all of this got her going real good and panting and stuff and then I felt her shake all over and her butthole contract (that’s what they call it) because she was coming, and I had my tongue right square in there, Deedee, and that was so neat for Mommy and for me, too. We’ve done this many times now, and she always likes it when my tongue is right square in her asshole when she comes.

When all her trembling shakiness finally quit, she still stayed like that position and then I got a great idea, Deedee. It was time for the old switcheroo again. I rubbed my titties on her butt and then I slapped her left buttcheek, kinda hard, and said, “Cassie Lee, you came in last night after curfew! You need some punishment for that!” Mommy caught on real quick. She likes it when I’m in charge – Daddy does, too. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize the time while I was at the library with my girl friends,” she said in her little girl voice. I said, “you need a spanking. I think ten hard spanks.” Mommy wiggled her butt like she does when she’s excited and just said oh oh oh no….and I slapped her again…and then bent down to kiss where my hand left a red imprint. “Oh, no, not nine more just like that, Janice,” she whined to me. I kissed on her calves and then right up her thighs and boy oh boy did she wiggle when I did that – “oh no, oh no, oh god oh god”. And then I started in spanking her first on one cheek and then the other for nine times and I know Mommy loved this even though I’d already made her come. Her butt was so red!!!! She loves me to be in charge of sexy things like this! I didn’t even know this kind of thing was s-e-x-y until I saw it on the computer.

I told her to turn over then, and I climbed up on top of her and pushed my pussy right down on her mouth. Deedee, here’s what I did – I really just fucked my mommy’s mouth right then. I pushed it right in on her mouth and didn’t give a care what she felt about it…but I know I did, really. I knew she’d like it.
About a minute later, she just took over and shoved me off, laid beside me and put her arm around me and started kissing my boobs and her hand was down on my cunt and rubbing me so fast and I just spread my legs because I knew she wanted to make me come, too, and she was right on it and it took about a minute before I went crazy with my orgasm, just like she wanted.

I love my mommy.

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Author: madhatter62

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