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earlier that day…

Though Pierce had gotten up early that Sunday morning, he had soon fell asleep as he felt the frustration and distress of his chastity devise. As he dreamt, he had curled up under his comforter, still naked except of course for his chaste, and now tossed and turned.

The scene in his mind was a strange one. He didn’t quite know how, but he was fully naked, sprawled over Haley, and was cuddling and caressing her naked body. He felt her warmth and he continued to feel her naked body, her soft and long brown hair, her smooth tan skin, her plump and emerging b-cup breasts. He kissed her lips and slowly made his way down her body, stopping at the tits to lick and suck them. Pierce twitched a little in his sleep as he thought of himself licking and massaging Haley’s tits, and even failed to notice the throbbing erection that was straining to resist his chastity devise.

As his dream continued, he felt himself next take his fully erect dick and began to rub it on her stomach, slowly making his way up to her tits, which he inserted his teenage cock in between Haley’s breasts. Her smooth and soft breasts felt amazing on his cock, and he began to hump into them, as Haley squeezed her breasts together with her hands. Pierce loved this wonderful feeling, the soft skin slowly rubbing up against his dick. He looked down at the scene before him and felt a sudden shock of testosterone, as he saw the two perfectly rounded nipples pointing back up at him. They were perfect in every way, not to big, but not to small, just perfect for a girl like Haley. They were nipping and pointing up at Pierce, they were darker than her white breasts, but a soft brown. Next he looked he saw that on Haley’s face, she had an expression of pleasure glued to her. He felt so lustful now, in fact, he hadn’t felt this lustful in a long time, as he began to speed up with his humping.

He imagined Haley could feel his warm dick making its way between her tits. He thought about that combined warmth, and how it only felt more and more orgasmic on his boy dick.

Suddenly Pierce felt the feeling began. He looked into Haley’s eyes and saw she new it too. He quickly fell back on his back while Haley crawled over him and began to stroke his dick expertly, pulling his uncircumcised foreskin over the rim of his dick head quickly. He felt his body tense up as his face began to redden.

He moaned as Haley, in a sexy manner, looked up and into his eyes. He felt himself getting close to the big moment, his muscles were tensing up, his legs flexed he he felt the moment about to happen. In a flash he leaned his head back and let the ounces of boy cum shoot from his dick and land on Haley’s face, neck and chest, as he was overwhelmed by the wonderful and intoxicating feeling of an orgasm, his cum still sunning down his dick as Haley still softly stroked it.
“I love you, Haley”

“I love you, Pierce” the girl said as she next began to lick the cum on his dick off using her tongue expertly and rolling it around the shaft, slowly making her way up to the exposed head.

Pierce shuttered from this experience and moaned softly, yet as he moaned, he felt himself becoming fully erect. He thought about all the blow jobs he had seen on porn videos and he imagined Haley doing what the other girls had one.

Pierce thought of the girl first stroking his member, next, as it was fully hard, he imagined her pulling back his foreskin and licking the underside of the skin before taking his entire 5.5” dick in her mouth. She swiveled her tongue around the gland, and over his dick, licking the cleft on its underside before moving over and licking the piss whole. As he thought of this he felt the same feeling coming, but this one felt stronger, more powerful than before. He imagined Haley continuing to suck on his dick.

cumming…” He dreamt himself saying, as he felt an incredibly powerful feeling emerge in the base of his dick. The orgasm suddenly shot up. Quickly it travel up his dick, causing great pleasure, as he felt his body tense up as the liquid shot form his dick and into Haley’s awaiting mouth, yet as he did….

“What the fuck!” Pierce yelled as he burst from his bed.

His dick was in complete and total pain at the moment, as it strained to fight the chastity device while fully erect. Pierce ran to his bathroom and turned on the shower. He was covered in what appeared to be his own semen, and there was a lot of it.

As we all know, Pierce masturbated twice a day, he after-all was a 14-year-old boy, and for the past week, he hadn’t been able to masturbate at all thanks to the chastity device Amy Lewis had cruelly attached to his cock and balls. Luckily for him, the cum had shot out of his dick at a high volume, and for the most part, had splattered his abs and chest. His sheets were, however, stained with the semen, and his chastity devise also had cum uncomfortably nestled within it.

As Pierce showered off, his younger brother paul quietly entered Pierce’s bedroom. Curious why his older brother had screamed, the young 10-year-old sat on the bed.

Paul and Pierce were similar in appearance, and the little 5th grader was, unknown to him, the secret desire of all the girls in his grade. He had wavy brown hair and hazel-green eyes like his brother, and was very thin, tan, and athletic. Paul heard the shower on, and decided to wait for his brother to finish to see what had scared him. As he sat on the bed, however, he started to smell something he had never smelt before. Now if any of us had smelled this smell, we would have known it was cum, but little Paul, who was only about to enter puberty, was unaware of this. So, laughing to himself, he ran from Pierce’s room to find Antonia, the Rolland’s maid, and tell her Pierce wet the bed.

As Paul ran down the large winding stair case of his family’s mansion, he began to yell.

“Antonia! Antonia! Pierce wet the bed!”

The old Hispanic maid ran quickly from the TV room to meet Paul in the front room.

She asked in a confused manner.

“He wet the bed!” Paul said again, giggling as he did.

“Oh, Heaven! Pierce hasn’t wet his bed since he was in second grade!” Antonia and Paul next ran up the staircase to enter Pierce’s room. Paul pointed at at the dark splotches were Pierce’s cum had spilt, and laughed.

“Look! See! See Auntie />
Antonia could smell the cum from the sheets and now felt incredibly awkward. She might have raised these two boys since they were in diapers, but she still hadn’t felt particularly comfortable with telling them anything involving sex, “Uh…look Pauley, that is not That is-uh-well…ask your brother. I’m sure he can tell you what it is.”

Paul suddenly had a look of curiosity come over him. He wasn’t sure what Antonia was talking about, and now he felt scared, “Is Pierce sick?”.

“No, honey. He’s not sick. Just-uh-just ask him what it is. Okay?”

“Okay, Antonia!” Paul responded />
“Good. Now Haley comes over at one today so don’t bother them while they’re here. And I wouldn’t mention it to her. Okay, honey?”

“Good. Now let’s leave your brother alone”, Antonia was a little shocked at what she saw in Pierce’s bed, but felt tickled inside as she thought about her little Piece growing up.

Haley was dropped off at the Rolland’s mansion at about one in the afternoon. Though her family was rather wealthy, the Rolland family was probably the richest in the whole city. She waved good-bye to her dad, and walked up to the front door to ring the door bell. In a matter of minutes, she heard Antonia unlock and open the front door.

“Oh! Hello, Haley! Pierce is upstair taking a shower. You can wait upstairs in the TV room for him.”

“Sure, thank you, /> “No problem, Haley”, Antonia responded in a motherly voice as she walked back to the downstairs TV room to watch her soaps.

As Haley walked upstairs, she entered the TV room to see Paul playing xbox.

“Hey, Paul!” Haley said cheerfully to her boyfriend’s kid brother.

“He’s so adorable!”, she thought to herself.

“Hi, Haley!” Paul said happily, as the teenaged girl sat next to him on the big leather couch, “Guess what!”

“Pierce did something in his bed, and I thought it was pee, but Antonia said it wasn’t so I don’t know what it is. What else comes out of wieners besides pee?”

Haley felt just as awkward about the question as Antonia did, “Well, you see, when boys get older, they are able to make babies. And to make babies they have to make sperm.”


“Well, if a what else can come out of a dick-uh-I mean wiener.”

Paul laughed as Haley caught herself form saying dick.

“So can Pierce make sperm?”

“Well, evidently he can”, Haley said, still feeling as awkward as ever.

Meanwhile, Pierce had gotten out of the shower and had dried himself off. He walked over to his cabinet to see that he was out of boxers or underwear of any kind. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he walked out of his room to tell Paul to get him boxers.

As he opened the door to the TV room, he yelled, “Paul! Can you go downstairs and get me some boxers?”

“He’s busy”, Haley laughed as Pierce walked into the room with just a towel covering his modesty.

Pierce yelled, making the unfortunate mistake of covering his already covered genitals with both hands, causing the towel to drop to the ground.

Haley shouted, covering Paul’s eyes to keep the ten year old from seeing the cruel device encasing Pierce’s dick, “Get the towel and cover up, Pierce!” She yelled, using her head to motion towards Paul.

Pierce ran to his room and pulled on basketball shorts and a t-shirt, forced to go commando, he walked back to the TV room a little less proud.

Sitting next to Haley on the couch, he put his arm around her and tried to kiss her cheek.

“Not in front of Paul”, Haley muttered into his ear.

Paul suddenly set down his controller and turned around to look at Pierce.

“Pierce, do you make sperm?”

Pierce asked, stunned by his kid brother’s question.

“Yeah, it was all-over your bed this morning, I guess”, Paul said in young curiosity.

don’t we talk about this later. Now leave!” Pierce yelled. He stood and grabbed paul, picking him up and carting him out of the room. He locked the door behind the angry 5th grader.

“No fair, Pierce! I was here first-”

Pierce walked back tot he couch and kissed Haley on the lips, this time she gladly accepted the kiss.

“So, Pierce. You jizzed all over your sheets Haley asked with a sarcastic air to her voice.

“I know what you’re thinking, but it’s because I had this dream…” Pierce stopped talking so as to prevent himself from remembering the dream, he was now straining not to get boner.

“Ah…a wet dream!” Haley spoke up. She tried to look knowledgeable in front of Pierce, even though she had only learned the term about a day ago from Lynn, who made a joke to a class mate who had fallen asleep and had had a boner.

“Yeah…I don’t know what I’m going to do…tomorrow when Ms. Lewis takes this thing off she’ll think I-you know what- and she’ll hurt me…” Pierce defeatedly said.

“It’s okay, Pierce. I won’t let her do anything to you our Will.”

“Thanks, Haley”, Pierce thankfully said, hugging Haley at the shoulder.

Haley smiled back, but deep down she knew she couldn’t do anything about the situation, “I’ll tell Brook. She’ll know what to do”, Haley thought to herself.

Suddenly both received text messages and the two quickly took out their phones to see what had happened.

“Oh my God!” Haley shouted, “Pierce! Blane’s in the />
“I know! It must have been that night when they wen to Kimble’s party”

“Oh my God! I would never think that Blane would be in the hospital!”, Haley covered her mouth in disbelief, “It’s just the toughest guy in our grade…I have no idea how he could be so />
“I know. But don’t worry, Haley. I’m sure everything will be okay”

“Yeah. I’m not worried. This text says he’ll be okay. But the fact that the toughest guy in our grade is in a coma in the hospital! I mean…it’s like its more of a security thing. Like, if someone like Blane can be taken down, what about us?”

“Yeah I know what you mean”, Pierce was now worried as he continued, “I understand exactly what you’re saying. Don’t worry though, Blane will be just fine.”

Haley smiled at Pierce and let him wrap his arms around her. She kissed him on the cheek and rested her head on his shoulder as the two young teens cuddled up next to each-other on the couch and watched TV.

“Yes, Pierce?”

“I love you”

Blushing, Haley smiled at Pierce, looking deep into his eyes, she saw his innocent soul gazing back at her and she smiled, “And I love you too, Pierce.” She said, holding him tighter and kissing him on the lips.

“And I will do something to help you, Will, and going to keep me from helping my friends”, she thought to herself.

(Now let’s go back to the Reeds)

Will’s little in the bathroom had lightened his mood. For some reason or another he felt like he was even with Brook now, and that the two were now on an equal playing field.

Little did Will know, however, but his most recent sexual experience was with Hayden Monet, and that he was only to be set up for disaster latter down the road. But at the moment, Will was ignorant to the danger, and the insidious plan of Lloyd Greene that clandestinely revolved around him and his friends.

Parking the car in the garage, the four got out of Maria’s sedan and walked to the front door. Maria inserted her house key into the lock and rotated it. She pulled the key out after feeling the specific of the lock and pushed the door open. Once she did, however, she saw a shocking sight.

“HOLY SHIT!” She yelled, as she saw that her house had been turned upside down.

“Maria! What happened in here!” Maggie yelled as she ran into the house, “I can’t believe someone broke in! Were’s the phone! I’m calling the police!”

After about ten minutes the police arrived and the officer helped the family tallied everything in the house.

good up here, Maria!” Brook shouted from upstairs.

“Looks like all the silverware here, and the computers and the TV are still intact!” Maggie yelled form the TV room.

“All the clothes are here too, mom!” Will yelled as he looked through the laundry room. As he did though, he noticed something peculiar. Though everything in the house was literally torn apart, the blue laundry basket he had thrown his dirty football stuff in, was, for the most part, placed in a neat and and orderly manner, as though someone had quickly and sloppily folded his cloths.

Sensing that that was unusual, Will went threw the basket to see if anything was missing.

“Why would they fold my sweaty football stuff?” Will thought to herself, “And why would they only take my stuff? I mean we have a new TV, silverware, computers, and my mom’s />
As he thought this to himself he found that the two pairs of sliders he had worn on Thursday and Friday were not in the basket. Will had a puzzled look on his face as Brook came into the room.

“Everything alright, Will? Did they take something from you in here?”

“Yeah, but it’s kinda weird”

“What do you mean?” Brook asked, crossing her arms and raising an eye brow at him.

“They took know…for />
“Why would they take that?”

“I don’t know? I’m sure I just put them somewhere else. But they also folded my stuff.”

“That is weird?” Brook said as she walked back out of the room and over to Maggie and Maria, who were talking to the police officer.

“So you guys say nothing was stolen?” The officer asked, as he wrote down notes on a small notebook.

“Yes. Everything was just thrown everywhere! It’s like they’re just trying to mess with us”, Maria said, looking around her house.

“Well, you said that the back door was wide open?”

“Yes, officer”

“Well look here, Ms. Reed. I’ll have someone come here tomorrow and have a look for any finger prints or evidence of any kind, but for your part I suggest you simply lock all your doors and turn on the alarm when you leave.”

“Thank you officer, we will”, Maria replied, while walking the officer to the front door.

Hyrem Chung yelled form his kitchen table.

“Yes, Daddy?” Lynn said in as innocent a way as she could muster.

“I received a call from a Mrs. Sower. She said her son had a picture of you doing something inappropriate at a party?” The elderly headmaster said, glaring angrily at his daughter.

Lynn’s heart sank as her father held a picture of her at the party, her breasts hanging out of her bra and her face buried in another girls chest.

“Lynn! What the hell were you thinking! This behavior is completely unacceptable! You are my daughter, and I am the headmaster of Davis Hall! Every time you screw up, I screw up! Now go to your room, you will not be around your friends for a very, very, VERY, long time! Besides, I don’t know right now which I’m angrier at. You obviously being drunk out of your mind, or the fact you’re engaged in a very unfortunate position with this young lady!”

Lynn yelled back.

“Lynn! You have made me very disappointed! I can’t even imagine what your mother will say! And tomorrow I already know you’ll have a terrible day at school. Now go up to your room, now!”

Bursting into tears Lynn ran up to her room and slammed the door. She threw herself on her bed and sobbed bitterly.

Hayden beamed happily at the computer monitors in the small apartment. Each monitor was the video image that the were recording in the Reed household.

Rachel stood next her, and smiled too as she watched the family go about its business putting their house back together. Though Greene was asleep at the moment, Hayden had agreed to watch the family and witness rachel’s handy work.

“Rachel, you have done a marvelous job implanting the cameras in the target house. I will report this to the reverend tomorrow and he will be most pleased”, She said, still with a monotone, and robotic voice.

“I think I’ll tell him, Hayden. After all, I was responsible for the-”

“Careful, Rachel. Don’t ver step my complement. You’ve done your part and the reverend will be pleased. You will not be needed until tomorrow”, Hayden then turned to face rachel and stare her down.

“Listen, Hayden. Right now, its my mission. I’m going to be-”

Before she could finish her sentence Hayden grabbed her left arm, twisted it roughly behind her back and pushed her against the wall.

“AH! Hayden stop!”

“Then know your place here, Rachel. And I know you have the pictures. ms. Lewis told me about them. Now give them to me.”

Hayden let go of Rachel, who slowly grabbed the pictures form her purse and gingerly handed them to Hayden.

Laughing, Hayden set the pictures in a manilla folder and placed them in the top drawer on the desk.

“I get those back right? I mean I took-”

“You must learn your role here. You work for us, not the other way around. Now leave. We’ll call you in the morning”, Hayden said before grabbing Rachel’s arm and escorting her out of the apartment and locking the door behind her.

As rachel walked home, she was furious, “That bitch! if she wasn’t paired with Rev. Greene I’d kill her too”

That night Maggie had to share a room with Brook. The queen-size bed was more then enough for the two females, and beside that, they had so much to catch up on.

“So hows Sam and Clair?” Brook asked as she sat at the desk in the room, reading a book.

fine…I guess you never really got to know Sam?”

“Well when we there he was always out, so we never really talked to him”, Brook replied, thinking about what Sam Andrews looked like. He was seventeen, he was very skinny and about 6’2”. He had blond hair and brown eyes, but for the most part, and he was very quiet and seemed to have an angered expression most of the time.

“I know. Well he’s on a bad streak I would say. I mean, all I’ve gotten out of him in our sessions is that he wants to kill all these people.”

“Oh, jesus!”

“I know? But it’s people like Greene. He says he wants nothing else but to kill Greene and this other kid…I can’t remember his name, but he was apparently brainwashed by Green in The Farm.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a little messed up after being in that hell whole.”

“So how about here? Having any fun here? Maria told me something embarrassing about you two”, Maggie jokingly spoke up.

“Oh…well it wasn’t our fault she barged in!”

“It’s fine, Brook, just use protection, but you’re smart, you’ll do the right thing”, maggie said reassuringly.

“I hope so…” Brook thought to herself, as she put her book down and crawled in bed.

Monday was both a blessing and a curse for the group. Lynn was swamped with rumors and lies about her. The pictures had spread through the school faster than a disease, and she was almost on the verge of tears at lunch.

The subject was now out in the open, was Lynn a Lesbian? Her ridicule only increased form the fact that she had been questioning her sexuality for weeks it seemed. She know knew, sadly, that this wasn’t a safe environment for someone like her, so she merely denied and lied. yet each insult that was brought down on her was like a knife.

As she walked form the check out line for the cafeteria, she saw Haley and Brook and decided to sit by them. As she did, however, a group of other freshmen began to laugh at her as she walked by.

“Hey, Dyke!” One yelled at her, throwing an apple at the back of her head.

The fruit made contact with the back of her head and Lynn stopped. She closed her eyes and counted to five in an attempt to contain herself. Opening them again she walked over to Haley and Brook and sat her things at their table. Next she walked over to the boy who had thrown the apple.

“Please, Lynn! Don’t do anything! Please!” Haley yelled back from the table as Brook looked on in confusion as the 5’ asian girl walked towards her tormentors in pure hate.

“Stand up, Brad”, Lynn said, crossing her arms.

“Whatever, you Dyke!” He laughed, standing and facing her with confidence.

As Brad stood, Lynn quickly punched him in the stomach. He groaned before bending over and grasping his hurt stomach. Next, Lynn grabbed his shoulders and brought the boy’s head down on her knee, causing him to fall to the floor grabbing his nose and gushing blood.

“What the hell!” One of his friends said, as the other two friends stood and closed in on Lynn.

“You don’t want to do that”, Will spoke up as he walked behind Lynn, caring his tray of food, he looked at the encroaching boys and starred them down.

One by one, each sat back down slowly and continued with their lunch. Brad, however, wasn’t done, and quickly got up and jumped at Lynn.

Expertly and quickly, Lynn stepped away and stuck her foot out to trip the already disoriented boy. As he fell on the ground, Lynn swung her foot into his rib cage and next onto the side of his head, causing him to start crying and grasping this head as blood spilt from his nose, he now even had a black eye from falling.

Lynn bent down and looked into his bleeding face, you EVER call me that!”

Lynn sat in the dean’s office with the bleeding Brad sitting next to her. The dean had listened to all the accounts and had concluded it was, if anything, Lynn standing up for herself.

“Look here, Lynn, Brad. You both acted inappropriately. But, Brad. You started this, and so I’ve decided that you will receive a week of suspension from the school. And, Lynn. I’m afraid you’ll have detention for a week. I mean, look what you did to him!” The dean said, motioning to Brad, who had two cotton balls shoved in his nose and an ice pack on his eye.

The two left the office and walked back to the cafeteria.

“You dumb bitch”, Brad said under his breath, pay for this!”

“I bet I will. So how about you grow some balls and a dick before you try to fight me again, cause you have no chance of beating me you worthless piece of shit!”

“Yeah, you’re the daughter! I bet-”

“Bet what you fuck-tard? He already knows about the pictures! My life is three times more complicated than the pampered little one you have. Now don’t come near me again, and if I find out that you talked about me behind my back I’ll beat the shit out of you again! Got it?”

Brad replied, shoving Lynn into a near by locker.

Not thinking, and still pissed form the fight, Lynn ran up behind the boy and dead legged him. As he fell, she circled him quickly and kicked him square in the balls, making im groan and fall over in pain.

“Now we finally learn!” Lynn shouted, as she made her way back to the cafeteria.


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