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Ok, so check this shit. People in my dorm think I am the smartest damn individual in the building. Everyone in this place always comes to me with computer problems.

Ok, so I am at the Library and Arielle (Same as in my first story) came up to me and said, "Bo can you help me print this

I'm like, "Anything for you, beautiful."

So she opens her assignment, and I print it and pay for it.

So I run to the printer to glance at what I had just wasted my money on.

I'm thinking, What the Fuck, man.

I'm watching what's coming out of the printer.

It was a 50-page lecture from her COLLEGE HUMAN SEXUALITY CLASS.

Just then, I had two realizations.

First, I realize that I just wasted $10.50 (She made me waste 3 times as much because she color printouts.)

Second, if you're a Sophomore in college, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL TAKING A SEX ED CLASS. Was she two stupid to pass it in Middle School.

I mean be serious, I bet she knows nothing about sex. She constantly fronts that she's afraid of boys. However, she is always gawking at the Bearcats football team…

I bet she is the only virgin staring at the football players, and she knows damn well that if she ever got down with any of them, she couldn't tell what the fuck was going on, in, up, or down. O_o.

I swear to everything holy, that one day she will be my bitch.

Visual deion, she stands up to about my chest (I am 6'2"), and she barely even weighs 100lb.

One of my friends says that if she was mine, I could CRUSH her in more than one way.

I'd crush her hymen and I would pin her down to the bed while I'm doing it.

Now all I've got to figure is how to lure a reluctant bitch into my room, and get shit poppin'.

story by: BoTheCritic

Tags: school job/place-of-work sex joke sex story

Author: BoTheCritic

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