You can stop that now..

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You Can Stop That Now..
(MF, oral)
© 2005 Rhys.The.Mage

I was enjoying a rather typical weekday morning surfing the web for smut before heading off to work. After a short workout and some household chores I usually spent thirty minutes to an hour reading erotic stories or visiting my favorite nude picture websites. While in front of the computer I rubbed my dick through my shorts with my left hand as I used my right for the mouse. When I ran out of time I’d just close down everything, jack off in the bathroom and then shave, shower, and go to work. Naturally, I guess, I was less likely to spend my time in front of the computer stroking my dick if my wife and I had recently had sex. The case that morning, however, was the one of the majority, meaning the night before had held neither sex, titty fuck, hand job or blow job for me. I woke up my typical horny self and was doing something about it since my wife didn’t nearly cover my needs in that area.

So there I was, totally into watching a video of a woman with enormous tits suck her husband’s dick. Having watched many of this couple’s vids, I knew he was about to cum when the big titted lass took the head of his cock out of her mouth and held it just off her tongue. Keeping her mouth open she continued to stroke him slowly as she looked up at him. I was rubbing my dick, which was equally hard, when I was rudely interrupted by a tapping on my shoulder.

I was surprised that my wife had been able to walk up next to me without my noticing. While it was still mostly dark in the room, the arrangement had me facing the door. Until that moment, my wife had only walked in on me jerking off one time. I figured she knew I did it all the time, but I usually shifted away from any smut on the screen when she walked into the room. I figured if she wanted in on some dick time she would let me know, otherwise it was my business and I kept it that way. I never saw any reason I should be denied some release just because we have really mismatched sex drives. But I digress.

I paused the video and looked up at my wife, moving one of the headphones as I did. “You can stop that now,” she said.
“Stop what?”

“The movie. Do you have a few minutes before you have to leave for work?’

Damn, I thought, and the dude was just about to shoot off in her mouth. “Sure, what do you want to do?”

“Why don’t you go lay down on the bed and I’ll spoil you.”

I went to the bedroom, stripped off my clothes, and laid down on the bed. She walked in the room, stripped off her clothes, and grabbed the bottle of astroglide. I spread my legs so she could sit on the bed, cross legged, then I wrapped my legs around her. Now she was sitting between my legs her large tits forming a lovely background as she grasped my dick and poured some of the slippery stuff on her hands and me. I groaned as she gave me a few full strokes. I don’t know what woke her up, but this was a lot better than doing myself. I pushed up on my elbows and reached out to grab a handful of tit. She leaned back out of reach. “I have questions first,” she said.

I figured this wasn’t going to be a free lunch. I rested on my elbows so I could watch her play with my dick. She had stopped stroking and was firmly rubbing a small area right under the head. It made me incoherent and I am sure I was sporting a really stupid look on my face. I said heavily.

“How often do you do that?” she asked.

Not enough to go on there. “Do what, surf for smut?”

She nodded. “That, and how often do you make yourself cum?”

I started. As soon as I said this she suddenly bent down and took me in her mouth. She continued to hold the base of my cock firmly with her hand as she used her tongue to rub that same area right below the head. A moment after I stopped talking, she pulled her mouth off my dick and stroked me fully.

“If you don’t talk, I stop.” She bent forward again, taking me fully in her mouth but not moving.

“I surf for smut, ugh” I groaned as she started working me with her tongue again. A second later I felt her pause. “Pretty much every day. If you woke me up for sex or something the night before, I might not surf or jack off in the morning.” This whole time she has been strongly stroking most of my cock with her tongue. It was fantastic. I wondered if I could talk long enough to cum. She pulled her mouth off me and gave several rapid, full length and firm strokes.

“So you still might make yourself cum even if we had sex the night before?” She asked, still stroking me. Her technique, honed through many years of marriage, had me at the brink of orgasm in seconds. I grabbed her calf and squeezed. She grinned and paused her manipulation.

“If it was about the time I went to bed,” I began. As I did so I released my grip and she swooped down on my dick again. I breathed. “If it was about that time then I probably will get myself off in the morning.” She changed up on me, bobbing her head slightly and using her lips to slide back and forth over the head. I was determined to continue. “If it was later, around the time you went to bed, then I’d more likely just get up, read some news and go to work.” She pulled her mouth off me just after I stopped. She rubbed my dick between her tits.

“But that isn’t the only time, before work I mean,” she said.

“No, it’s not.” She took just my head in her mouth and stopped. “First off, on weekends I’ll probably go on line anyway,” she resumed stroking me and using her tongue, “just because I have a lot of time. And I usually spend some time surfing right after I get home from work..” I paused briefly and she moved to lift her head up. I grabbed some hair, gently, and held her head, “I wasn’t going to stop babe.” She resumed sucking on me, now earnestly stroking me as she licked at the head. Damn she was good at keeping me on edge.

“I would say that during the week I probably like to get off two or three times a day. On weekends it is definitely more like three or four. If we have sex, or you give me one of these wonderful hand or blow jobs, you can reduce that by two.”

She pulled her mouth of me, damn, and sat up. She stroked me slowly and expertly as she talked. “I had no idea it was that often.” She fluttered her fingers around the head and then gave me a quick stroke. After the third time, I squeezed her leg. She slowed down, but did not stop, keeping me />
“Tell you what,” she said, not stopping her efforts, “If you can stop jerking off when I am not in the room, I’ll make sure you get off often enough.” I was still on the knife edge of climax, my hand locked on her calf, and thinking was difficult. Speaking was no easier.

“I think you’ve made promises like that before,” I said.

She kept up her efforts. “I mean you won’t even touch yourself except for showers, using the facilities, that kind of thing.”

“I could say yes and I still think I am going to end up taking care of myself a lot.”

She shifted techniques, now giving me long slow strokes with a little double pull a the end, right at the head. Still keeping me right on the edge. “I know there will be some compromise. I promise to get you off twice a day, every day, as long as you don’t touch yourself. But I’ll have to take your word for it. On some days I may go for many more, just to ensure you aren’t />
“Making yourself cum. I figure if you have cum recently you won’t be able to get it up. If ever I can’t get you hard in less than two minutes, the deal is off.” My arm was getting cramped after holding her leg in a death grip for so long. “I’ll give a couple minutes think about it.” She resumed stroking my dick with her tongue. Damn that felt good. After all this time on the edge I was going to shoot a gallon. Probably on her tits, but damn, that was just fine by me! I thought, what little I could do, about what she was saying. Hmmm. Not really anything to lose.

“What happens on those days when you don’t feel like doing anything? I suppose I could hold out if I new there was additional payback coming.” She pulled off me with an audible />
“You save them up. On the weekend I’ll catch up. If I can’t that weekend, I’ll catch up the next weekend.” She gave me several strong strokes, bringing me right back to the edge. “Anything else?” she resumed bobbing the head of my dick with just her lips.

Thinking was becoming very difficult. All I wanted to do was shoot off. Of course, she knew that and wasn’t about to let me finish before she was ready.

“You have to give me a couple hours between orgasms before you assume I can’t get it up. It is kind of related to how many times I have recently cum, but I cant’ say exactly. I’ve gone five maybe fifteen minutes on some occasions, and needed an hour on other />
she murmured, not coming off my dick.

I decided I could make one compromise. “When I’m not in town you won’t have to keep />
She stopped for a moment, the look in her eyes told me she was near the finish. Which was good, because so was I. “I already thought of that. Whenever you aren’t in town I’ll put five days in the account. If it is less than five days, that is how many days you get.” She grinned, “And we will keep this agreement until you ask me to stop. Or one of us breaks the deal.” She leaned forward and took me back in her mouth. Then she took my hands and put them on her tits. This was particularly devilish of her since she knew I would not squeeze them as hard as I squeezed her leg. Moreover, I would constantly squeeze them now that she had invited me to.

She was now working my cock with only her mouth and that wicked tongue of hers. I decided I didn’t have anything to lose but I had everything to gain. At least, that was what I was thinking when I said, “Okay, I agree.”

“Mmm” she murmured.

I had more than a handful of tit in each hand and I was kneading them vigorously. My wife had just about my whole cock in her mouth and she was stroking the underside forcefully with her tongue. Her tongue was the only thing moving, and it slowly drove me up and up toward the precipice. After being married for so many years, I figured she knew what she was going to get if she kept this up, so I had long ago quit warning her of my impending climax unless she told me to. It was clearly one of those times, however, when having my dick firmly in her mouth when I came was exactly what she was expecting.

The slow march toward orgasm, driven by the relentless press of her tongue, tightened every muscle in my body. I relished the feel of her big tits in my hands and I concentrated on that delicious tongue laving my cock. I held the muscles at in my cock taught as long as I could, trying desperately to hold off my climax. In the end, however, I failed spectacularly and I lost my hold. I felt the contractions commence and I was only dimly aware of arching my back. This pushed me deeper into her mouth, but she didn’t slow down or miss a beat. I felt the first spurt leave me as the next contraction hit and sent the next spurt down her throat. She made a sound and continued stroking my cock with her tongue as she swallowed all of my cum. A bit later when I came back to Earth, I could tell I was no longer pumping cum into the mouth of my lovely wife, but she was still nursing my dick. It wasn’t painful, but it was rather intense. Every five or ten seconds I had a contraction just like my orgasm was continuing, but there was nothing coming out. It was like she was forcing me to keep coming.

I said. The sensation just continued. I was very sensitive and she just kept sucking my dick. I could tell I was still hard. I moved one hand to her head and she quickly put it back on her breast.

She held me there, pleasantly torturing my spent cock with her mouth, for what seemed like forever. The sensitivity was like walking when your foot has been asleep. Not painful but VERY intense feeling. Then she slid her mouth off me and sat back. “I hope that wasn’t to intense,” she said. “I read about that and decided to keep playing with the slinky pull toy until I felt ten more pulses.”

I was very content, and hypersensitive. />
“I might do that to you every time you cum.” My eyes widened at the thought. “Or I might not.” I sighed. “Just think how your weekend would be if I held off all week and then did that to you fourteen times in one />
I was only a little worried. “I should be so lucky,” I said. I figured she would never be able to keep up that kind of pace for a week, let alone a weekend. But I was sure as hell ready to try.

The End
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story by: rhyslysander

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Author: rhyslysander

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