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Hannah waited on me at Chedder's, she is a young waitress with a warm innocent smile. I asked her " When does your shift end?" " In a half hour." She replied. " Do you have any plans after work?" " No." She said. " Would you like to join me for a drink?" " Okay." " I will wait for you." There is a small cafe on the corner of the road that is very quiet. It was a small, discreet establishment. I liked it for the superior coffee that they served. We walked in and
headed towards a booth in the corner. She slides into the seat beside me, we picked up our menus. I laid my hand on her thigh. Hannah glanced at me, surprised, but I did not appear to notice, and she said nothing. After dinner, we sat in my car on the side of the road, whispering, caressing each other, and kissing until the windows had fogged and we were breathless. Her body yearned for my touch in a way she had never experienced before; her past experiences with intimacy extended to kissing and nothing more. She wanted me so bad, she can see that I wanted her as well.
" Tell me about yourself Hannah?" I asked. " I'm 25 never married…no boyfriend." She replied. We went to her nearby apartment. She went to the bedroom to change cloths.

I heard a noise in the kitchen, I headed into the kitchen. Turning the corner, I stopped not wanting to make a sound. Before me, bent at the waist to get us something to drink is Hannah. Her feet are shoulder width apart, the globes of her ass looked taunt and firm. Her thin panties are side swiped down her crack, half in and the other half covering what they could of her globes. Her ass is beautiful. I whistled under my breath, trying to breathe at the same time. " My god!" I whispered out loud. Hannah half twisted without rising up from her position, glancing at me around her leg. " Hey John," She said. " I wanted to get us something to drink," she continued. " You want a drink," she asked. She rocked her weight from foot to foot, her ass swaying slightly. I looked back to her ass, seeing the outline of her cunt lips pressing the satin material. I swallowed hard. I did not think! I did not hesitate! I took two steps to Hannah, stepped into her ass, grabbed her hips softly, and pulled her body back against my crotch, humping against her. Our bodies ground together, my cock growing hard instantly. My pants tented, pushing into her slit, wanting to penetrate her, slide deep between her succulent lips, inch by inch to penetrate her. I arched my hips into her ass, firmer with each push, wiggling to get my cock between her lips. Hannah groaned, surprised. Hannah, bent completely over, raised her torso up, grabbing the shelf of the refrigerator, and pushed back against me. She looked over her shoulder at me. I stared into her eyes. I pulled my hips back hard and thrust forward, our bodies crashing together, my tented pants pushing hard on her slit. I thrust again. Hannah groaned again.

I pull back, glancing down between our bodies. I slide my hand along her cheek, wrapping around her globe, my fingers slipping between her cheeks, dipping into her crack over her panties. I push my hand down, sliding over her puckered hole, causing her to gasp as I pushed over her tight ring. Sliding along her slit, moving slightly side to side, I slip my fingers between her lips, pushing my fingers into her wet pussy. She grunted hard, tilting her hips to me, her back arching. Her mouth open, her tongue licking her lips. " Oh fuck, John," she whispered. " I'm getting more than a drink," she growled. I watch her face as my fingers reach deeper between her legs to find her engorged clit. I cover it, flicking it firmly back and forth. With each flick, she grunted, her breathing growing shallow. " Yes John," she grunted. She rocked her ass with each flick of my fingers. Her panties are soaked, and getting wetter. I smell her, her musky odor filling my nostrils. It spurs me on. My cock grew harder, swelling with her smell. I pull my hand back out of her crotch. I slip my fingers under her panties, and push back down between her globes, sliding my fingertips into her wet hole. I dipped in again, reaming her tight pussy. Hannah pushes back against me hard, driving my finger completely into her wet pussy. I don't know who grunted louder. Her velvet hole wrapped tightly around my finger, covering me with her juices. I rotated, jammed, and thrust my finger in and out of her. Her knees buckled. Her breathing became raspy. Pulling my finger out, I slide my thumb deep, pushing my fingers along her slit. My fingertips covered her engorged clit. Raking it with my nails, Hannah exploded on my fingers. Her body shook, her legs quivered as her orgasm washed over her, her body absorbing my penetrations and assault on her clit.

I slowed my assault, pulling out, pushing gently into her cunt. Seconds passed as she regained her breathing.
" Well, lets go to the bedroom." he said more seriously. Bringing her back to the present. She smiled as she leaned into me, her heart beating out of her chest. Our lips touched, and she can taste the sweet tea I had been drinking. Our lips parted as we picked up speed, her tongue darted out to meet mine as her fingers grasped my shoulders. My hand rested on her waist, warm and strong. Breaking the kiss, she pulled back slightly to look into my eyes. She worked up the nerve to say, " Okay, lets go to the bedroom." She bit her bottom lip. I sat on the edge of her bed, to her left, my hand landed on her breast. The sensation sent a shock wave through my system. I didn't let go. She feels so soft. Without realizing it, I squeeze her breast gently. A soft moan escapes her parted lips. " I… I don't know," She stammered. I reach for the bottom of her tank top and pulled it up, her breasts are small milky white and topped with puffy, dark areolas and the cutest nipples imaginable. I let out a groan at the sight, my cock hardening within my pants. It took all my restraint not to take her nipples into my mouth and suck them. I allowed myself a few minutes to admire her breasts. Finally tearing my eyes away, I start with her shorts, tugging it downward and as gently as I can. It is difficult as her butt is in the way. I took a deep breath and pulled a little harder than I should have. I'm instantly rewarded. The lacy top of her white panties met my eyes. Just a bit more.

" John! what are you doing?" The confusion and horror is clear in her voice. Finally I looked up at her. She is sitting up, with her hands covering her breasts. Her face is one in confusion, shock and horror. " Hannah, I…" I still have my hands on her shorts. " Relax." Before the words registered in her brain, I start furiously tugging her shorts down. I can't even pretend to be hesitant. Almost immediately, she shrieked and tried to push my hands and my body away. I managed to yank the shorts past mid-thigh. I can see the beautiful white fabric covering her pussy in its entirety. " Hannah, please don't fight back, I just want to have a look," I said, while using my right hand to pin both of hers above her head. Her eyes are swimming with tears, her lips moving to plead with me. But I can't hear her. With my left hand free, I pull her panties down but the way she crossed her thighs and the awkward position I'm in made it difficult to maneuver her panties. After a few futile seconds, I yanked hard and the fabric ripped free.
The action exposed her pubis to me. It is clean-shaven and her thighs squeezing together made it look so plump.
" I need to see more," I whispered. That is when she started kicking me in the chest. I gripped her legs, enclosing them within my large hands, and positioned myself over her. Then, I pushed her legs apart and upwards until she lay on her back, her knees bent, almost touching her chest. I almost let go of her legs. She is completely shaven, her outer lips are a dusky pink and puffy. Her inner lips are thin, pink strips which fanned a little at the top with a big, fat clit sitting above.

I place my knee over her beautiful pussy and ground it hard against her. A long shudder ran up her body and that ceased her fight. I kept grinding my knee until I felt her wetness seep out, making my pants damp. This went on and on with her body shuddering intermittently. Seeing her body respond to my manipulations made my cock ache. So much precum is oozing from the tip and it is getting harder and harder not to fuck her. " Ahh." Hannah shut her eyes and pressed her lips together tightly. Her hands start gripping the bed sheet and begins twisting them. She is incapable of stopping the erotic noises emitting from her throat. " Ahh, ahh, ahhh." Finally, she cries out and arches her back, her thighs shuddering. Her orgasm lasted a few seconds as I watch wave after wave of pleasure hit her. When she came down from the orgasm, it looked as though all the air had left her body. I let go of her legs and move my face level with her pussy. She is so incredibly wet. I gave a hard lick from her anus to clitoris. Her pelvis jerked up. I gave her another long lick, eliciting a similar reaction. My lips sought her engorged clitoris and sucked steadily on it. She let out a moan. My index finger probed within her folds and reached inside her again. She feel like molten lava now. Angling my finger upwards, I begin thrusting my finger in and out of her. Looking up, her angelic face is the only thing I can focus on. More and more of her womanly fluids sloshed out with each thrust and the damp spot on the bed begins spreading. I sense her orgasm approaching and quickly switch my fingers and mouth so that my tongue is positioned at her entrance, ready to taste her cum. My thumb maintained a steady pressure on her throbbing clit.

As I waited patiently for her release, Hannah surprised me by grabbing my head and grinding her pussy against my face. I responded by penetrating her as deep as I can with my tongue. The sudden sensation must have been the breaking point as she came in clipped hard spasms. I grab her thighs, holding them in place and almost drowned in the torrential amount of cum that gushed out of her. When she finally stopped squirting, I lifted my head away. My head, neck and shoulders are drenched with her fluids. The droplets even clung to my hair and slight movements created a drizzle of cum. Upon seeing my drenched state, she gave a small cry and turned to lie on her belly. Her whole body heaving. She must be crying again. I wanted to go on forever but I needed to be in her. I roll her on her back. She still would not look at me but her hands are pulling my body closer to hers. I kicked my pants off. Her legs parted for me. " Hook them around my waist." She shyly obeyed. With her legs around me, I lean forward, with my hands gripping the wooden headboard to support myself. The tip of my cock brushed against her dripping pussy. The sensation is a lightning bolt through me. Before I can bring my hand down to guide myself in, she wrapped her hands around my cock. Her hands are shaking slightly but she still managed to draw my cock in towards her entrance. It is almost too much for me to watch. Hannah is rubbing the tip of my cock against her entrance. Her dusky pink, delicate folds parted for me. And then I feel the stretch of flesh around my cock. My cock is easing in, easing in until there is a slight giveaway and my head is inside of her. Her mouth is in an 'O' at the sensation.

After a few moments, her hips slowly move up, sliding my shaft inside of her. Her expression remained the same, with her eyes and mouth wide open. She is so tight, hot, and wet. Her arousal is so incredible that it begins dribbling down the side of my cock as she continues easing me inside of her. There is no resistance along the way but I wasn't surprised. She is a beautiful girl and some lucky guy saw that before I had the chance. I stay still as she moved to meet me at both our deepest points. My cock twitched within her, eager to fuck her like an animal. I agreed with my cock but the visual plethora before me is too arresting. She is resting on her elbows, her nipples erect, and her pelvis tilted for the gods. Her eyes are rolled back and her mouth is parted, the tip of her tongue visible.
Then, the torture begins. Her pelvis slides back down in the most agonizing pace, the movement pleasurable but the loss of her warmth isn't. Then, she filled herself with my cock once again in the same slow speed. Sweat is beading on my forehead from the exertion. After six or so of her languid strokes, she covers her face with her hands and her lips formed the words I longed to hear. " Please, John." With an animalistic grunt, I wrap my arms around her waist and buried my face into her neck. My body did what it had longed to do since I first saw her naked. I thrust my cock savagely into her, making her body cling on to mine for support. She is so wet. So good. All mine. All these thoughts whirling in my mind as my body kept slamming hers.

The wet squelch her pussy made each time I slammed in drove me to new heights of craziness. I won't last long. I breathed in the fragrance from her neck and gave thanks to every god possible for this gift. My hips are a blur as I sought to stamp her pussy as mine. The intensity of her moans increases as I went faster and faster. My balls begin tightening up. " I'm going to cum inside of you," I grunted, each syllable punctuated with a thrust. The orgasm hit me like a truck. I went as deep as I could, bit down hard on her shoulder and shot rope after rope of cum inside of her. She moans at the sensation and her pussy spasms, she also having reached another orgasm. There is so much cum it dripped out. I release my jaw and gingerly withdrew my softening cock. A large glob of cum followed my exit. I lifted my eyes to her face. Hannah is still writhing from the aftershock but I see a very satisified woman in her.
More and more cum dripped out. I reached out to cup her face. What I didn't expect was her turning away from my touch and walking out of the room. Moments later, I heard her door click close. I cupped the side of her face and gently pressed my lips on her forehead. Denial might have been the right way for us to do things but it wasn't the easiest now that I know she wanted me too. Whatever internal struggle she has will soon be washed away when we fucked. I was determined to replace her anger with desire. To ravish her until the only coherent thing in her world is pleasure. Her skin is hot beneath my lips. My tongue darted out between them. She is so salty. My lips left her skin, eliciting the faintest sigh from her.

I kiss her again, this time on her temple. On her cheek. On the corner of her mouth. My lips paused a fraction of a whisper before her lips. She took this as a chance to protest. " Please stop." Her hot breath ghosted over my lips. Her eyes shone with a contradicting anticipation. " You want this." I was so sure of myself. " Why are you doing this?" I brushed my lips over hers. " Why not?" " It's wrong." Her lips are so soft. " Does this feel wrong?"
She uttered a breathy yes. My lips presses on hers harshly, she tries pushing me away but I'm merciless. My lips and teeth sought to bruise. I kiss her everywhere, on her lips, her neck, her ears. She panted and struggled, but failed to get free. I push her down on the bed again. One hand kneading her breasts while the other pinned her hands above her. My cock has hardened in the process again. I rub its length against her thigh. I wanted Hannah to know the effect she has on me. I ease my tongue past her protesting lips and tasted her peppermint-y mouth. She shuddered. She tries to block the intrusion with her tongue. It lent the effect of our tongues rubbing wetly against each together and she ended up tasting me just as much as I tasted her. At some point she just gave into the kiss. I scooped her up in my arms and flipped her face-down on the bed. She protested weakly as I straddled her, my cock nestled between her butt. She wriggled, trying futilely to resist. I move down to her thighs, I press my palm on the wet patch. I massaged her roughly, feeling the wet slide of lip against engorged lip. A low moan emanated from her throat. When I remove my hand, there is a sheen of moisture coating my palm and fingers. I'm tempted to taste it but thought better of it. I pull on her hair, forcing her head back and presented my fingers before her mouth. " Lick it," I demanded.

Hannah gave my fingers a tentative lick before taking them into her hot wet mouth. She cleaned, sucked on them, and licked my fingers more than necessary. I could have blown my load at the sensation. Removing my fingers before that happened, she twisted and turned to get away. I grab her hands and pinned them beside her head, one on each side.
Using my thighs as a wedge, I force her thighs apart. I lean forward and press my cock against her pussy. I want her to lose herself again, like she did an hour ago. She can pretend to hate me for what I'm doing, she can protest all she wants, she can say a million and one words after this is done but as long as she is honest, I would be content. I thrust hard, pushing my cock inside of her. She whimpers and squirms beneath me. I thrust again, going slightly further in. " Do you want me inside you again?" I growled. Hannah turned her head to look at me. Her eyes are dark with arousal but those stubborn lips refused to answer. I thought we were past these games. " If you want to be fucked again, you just have to ask." I lick the helix of her ear, curving down till her earlobe. Still nothing. " Don't you want me inside of you, Hannah?" Her breath grew rapid, but she is silent even as her body responded. I resume my assault, dipping shallowly in and out of her pussy. The rough, unrelenting sensation of my sensitive glans ran all the way up my spine. I shuddered with each thrust, knowing that I'm about to cum soon.

Beneath me, she moans and writhed, bucking her pelvis in time with my thrusts. She clearly wanted more but refused to say so. It drove me crazy. I fucked her in this half-assed manner for a good ten minutes before I feel the familiar approach of an orgasm. My balls tightened and I cannot stop the inevitable. Hot thick cum splashed across her butt. I pull back and watch as two more streaks of cum sprayed over her, coating the back of her thighs. I groaned loudly as my orgasm ran through me. Exhausted, I roll off of her. Sleep begins taking over. Before my eyes shut, I saw Hannah holding my flaccid penis, trying her best to revive it. It couldn't have been morning yet. The room is dark but I can make out the things in the room. I'm also aware of the blood rushing into my cock and the wet noises that accompanied it. The sopping wet heat that engulfed my cock belonged to the mouth of Hannah. She is doing her best, licking and lapping at the crown, then bobbing over the shaft. I feigned sleep with half-open eyes, not wanting to disturb this erotic turn of events. Her hair is hanging loosely on either side of her face, tickling the top of my thighs. It is as though her hair is framing the lewd act for me. Her eyes are shut and her brow furrowed in full concentration. Saliva dripped from her lips as she took my cock into her mouth. She slowly moved down. I couldn't believe how good Hannah is at this. I reach the back of her throat and feel her swallow. I bite back a moan but can't stop my toes from curling.

I'm a throbbing mess and wanted to thrust back, eager to fuck her luscious lips until I came. As though she could hear my thoughts, she stops. Hannah glanced at me before crawling over me. She rested a hand on my chest while the other is used to line my cock to her dripping hole. She sank slowly and I watch as her hot cunt parted for me. She let out a loud needy moan. I did too but her voice masked mine. It is even better than eariler. I slowly reach her molten center. Her wet walls throbbing and tightening around me. We stay connected for a long time before I finally lost my patience and bucked my hips. She cries out in surprise. I held on to the top of her thighs to steady her and rolled my hips upwards. We start building a steady rhythm. Her butt slapping deliciously on my thighs with each thrust. She looks down at where we are joined. I look there as well. Her fat, dusky lips are stretched around my cock. Her clit is engorged with blood. I touch her clit, marveling at how it twitched and throbbed each time I thrust up inside her. I rub harder on the tiny bundle of nerves. She cries out at the sensation and dug her nails into my chest. I keep this up and she digs deeper. Her body starts tensing. Her eyes shut and her mouth hung open. Droplets of sweat trailed down her body. She is close to the edge. " Ahh…John," she cried. " It drenched me when she fell. Her body stiffened and she jerked violently on top of me. She cries out once more for me. Her nails drew blood at some point but I didn't care. Her body shuddering in small waves of pleasure. I held her as the last wave of her cum gushed out of her. She is a shuddering limp mess in my arms.

I laid her on her back and kissed her deeply, eager to cum as well. I place her calves on my shoulders and lean forward, bending her into two. I aimed my cock for her sopping wet pussy. I shoved hard and slide easily inside of her. I start fucking her in short rapid strokes and relished the way her cum sloshed within her. " John," she moaned repetitively into my mouth. I abraded her lips with kisses. She is all mine now. I'm so close. Grunts of exertion dominated the noises within the room. " I'm going to cum." Her pussy tightened around me and she starts babbling for me to cum inside of her. That sent me over the edge. My breath hitched and a jolt of electricity shot to every corner of my body. My cock pulsing and spasms. I emptied spurt after spurt of my seed inside her. I held on to her as though my life depended on it. When I finally came back to earth, I was exhausted. My cock slipped out of her. Large globs of semen dripped out of her freshly fucked hole on to the bed. For the third time tonight I fucked her, sleep descended upon me. Then I made the move and reached behind her and my penis had hardeened at the thought of her. I place my hands on her shoulder and she looked back at me and smiled and that she liked the stuff. Then she looked at the screen. And suddenly like a lightning bolt she stood up and we started kissing each other vigorously my tongue playing with her and my hands moving all over her back rubbing her and her hands at mine pressing very tightly her boobs on my chest. Then while kissing we fell on the bed (it was me who was pushing her) and our kiss broke and then she looked in my eyes and we start kissing again. We rolled and I came on top of her and started moving my hands through her hair. We are kissing very hard and after few minutes we broke the kiss and are gasping for air. Then I kiss her again on her lips and sat on the bed while she still laid there and we start kissing again as she is sitting in my lap facing me and her tongue played with mine and I'm in heaven and my hand's moving on her breasts and squeezing them lightly, then squeezing them very hard rubbing her tight and erect nipples vigorously and she wanted me to hold them.

We were still kissing each other and I move my hands on her erected nipples and her soft mounds and we broke the kiss. Now she laid down and I'm on top of her kissing and biting her breasts slowly and at the same time moving my hands on her breasts and pressing them. " She is moaning and is restless as I stop and reach down while she starts playing with her nipples and pulling them. My cock is rock hard and cannot wait for the fuck as she is lying naked and playing with her breasts and looking at me. As I reach for her wet pussy, I smell her scent and I start messaging her clit then she moaned " OHHHHHHHHH! I see her arching her back raising her body up towards me. I'm rubbing her pussy lips with my cock then I slam into her. She is breathing hard and I again slam my cock inside her pussy and forcing its way deep inside her. She is very tight and she is screaming with pain and pleasure. I'm thrusting in and out like a piston, we both came at the same time and I filled her pussy with my cum and a mix of her pussy juice and sperm are leaking out of her. Then I took out my penis out of her covered in cum and her juices. We both lay on the bed licking each other and cleaned each other then we dressed.

story by: horny fox

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Author: horny fox

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