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On the way home, Maria and Sonya couldn't stop talking with Jeff about his experience. Roberto, however, didn't say a word. Jeff says his goodbyes quickly, darting into the house. "Mom! I spoke in tongues! I spoke in tongues!"

"Slow down, Jeff. Slow down."

Sad that she doesn't share his excitement, "I … spoke … in … tongues."

Seeing his sadness, Rachel hugs Jeff, "I don't know what that means."

"I didn't either."

Overhearing the commotion, Sean walks into the kitchen, "You spoke in a heavenly />
Jeff runs to hug Sean, "Yes! Did you ever?"

"No I haven't. My father doesn't believe that happens anymore–that it only happened in the first century."

"Tell him he's wrong."

"That wouldn't change his mind. He'd probably think you are demon possessed. Never mind him. Tell me about it!"

Jeff enjoys Rachel's and Sean's interest as he shares his encounter with God.

Sean suggests, "Avoid telling others about this, Jeff. If it never happened to them, they probably will think you flew over the coocoo's nest. The experience enriches your life. The interpretation enriches the church. Try to share the message, not the />
"I thought this made me special, not wacko."

"You know better than ever that God considers you special. What others think of you will depend somewhat on how you handle this."

"Son, I agree with Sean."

"Jeff, I've been doing some work for the Birch Aquarium. Have you ever heard of it?"

"No. Tell me about it."

"Let me show you on my />
"Look at that kelp forest. I can't believe Mom eats that stuff."

"Yeah, kelp is real healthy for you."

"Not for me. I don't eat it. Hey, you can actually touch the animals in the tidal pool />
"Who would want to touch that hermit crab?"

"Me! Wow! What brilliant />
"I gotta see that spotted octopus…. Oh, coral reefs fascinate me."


"That Simulator Ride looks like fun too. We gotta do this!"

"I got a lot of work right now, Jeff, but I'll take you there someday."

"Yeah! Show me, then make me wait."

Giving Jeff a hug, "I had to see if you would be interested before I forget about it."


"Rachel, isn't it nice we get to have a dinner date alone. It's been a while."

"You bet your coconuts! But where are you taking me? Sean, the suspense is killing me.

"Be patient, my love. Be patient."

"For all this driving, it better be good."

"I know I'll like it."

"Ya think…. You're going to Coronado. Hotel del />
"OK, Rachel, you figured it out. Let's check out wedding possibilities while we're there."

"I don't know how we're gonna afford it, but this should be interesting! … Oh, my God! This is a palace! This place is huge! … How enchanting. Let me use a restroom…. Sean, a servant provided me, uh, like everything! Fancy gold faucets. Hand painted tile. Fresh flowers. The toilet paper looked like it was lined with gold. I thought the servant would wipe me!"

Sean laughs, "No. That's my job!"

"OK, I walked into that one…. Help me Hercules! I'll need to learn Greek to read this menu. They don't even list prices. Let's go for pizza instead." As Sean hangs his head, "I'm kidding, Sean! I love it."

After enjoying gourmet cuisine that looked like artistic masterpeices, "Let's walk around a little, Rachel."

… "What a place! Look at these antiques! … Let's go />
"A man's best dream."

"Just let me look in this boutique…. Oh my, Singrid Olsen apparel!"

… "OK, here it is. Let's go in here."

"Sean, you're up to something! … Oh, what a gorgeous banquet room. You mean to say this is />
With a huge smile, "They just had a cancellation–the Saturday before Labor Day–the early time slot."

"How early? Not that it />
"We need to be out by 9:00 pm. It's a little bigger than we need. Better than to small."

"Fine tapestry. Sparkling chandeliers. This is perfect!"

"We can even have the wedding here. They roll a red Persian carpet across the dance floor and set up these mahogany chairs on it."

"Look at the intricate embroidery on these chairs!"

"The band could play for the wedding too. They'd already be set up."

"The atrium we just were in could be used for shooting the bridal party. Photo shoot, that is."

"Oh my, yes! Look at the panoramic view from these windows. Look at all the windows. Everyone will have a gorgeous view. I'm glad we have the early slot. Let's book it!"

"I already did. I didn't want to chance losing it. All we need to do now is sign the paperwork. You're crying!"

"Happy tears! Ecstatic tears! I love you Seany-poo." as she hugs him tightly.

"Ouch! Don't break my back."

"I'm so sorry. What got into me!"

"Do you want the wedding here too?"

"Then the wedding would be 3:30 or so."

"Let's do it!"

story by: J. R.

Tags: young male/female romance true story boy non-erotic sex story

Author: J. R.

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