A boy and his genie – chapter 09

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Sophie woke up the next morning alone, which was something she’d long since decided she didn’t like. She generally preferred to wake up cuddling with someone, whether it was Matt, Alexis, or someone else she’d commanded into bed with her. But this morning, she was alone. Matt was mad at her, she’d commanded Alexis to go back into her lamp, and she wasn’t in the mood for sex with some random person.

“Good morning Mistress, would you like some breakfast?” Sophie turned around, to see Alexis sat there on a chair, holding a tray, with a big plate of pancakes and syrup.
She said, yawning. “I told you to go into your lamp.”
“You once told me that you consider me your best friend,” Alexis said. “Best friends don’t always do as they’re told.”
also my genie, and you have to do what I say.”
“Fine, if you’re going to be like that, I’ll just leave, and take these delicious pancakes with me.”
I’m sorry,” Sophie said.
“It’s not me you should be apologising to. It’s that boy you scared half to death, and the boy who had to stop you.”
“Oh God, don’t remind me…I fucked up.”
be fine. Now eat these pancakes I worked so hard to make.”
“What, you didn’t just conjure them up?”
“Yeah, but it took a lot of a sampling them to get the amount of syrup quite right.”
“Swimming in it is the right amount.” Alexis made the plate float over to Sophie, who started eating them.

Matt also woke up alone that morning, but it wasn’t nearly as bad for him, since he wasn’t as used to waking up to the feeling of nude skin touching his own. He thought of what had happened the previous day. Had he blown his chance of having a girlfriend? Perhaps, but someone had to stop her. Matt didn’t bother calling Sophie that morning. Frankly he didn’t really want to think about her or the genies, so he opted to keep Lumiosa in her lamp when he went to school. He could just pretend that his was sick.

As Matt was rummaging through his locker, he felt a hand on this shoulder.
“Hey Matt.” Matt turned around, and saw Dan standing there.
Matt said, expecting to either get beaten up, or mercilessly teased.
“Listen Matt…I just wanted to thank you for saving me from that psycho /> not /> “Look, I don’t know what weird powers you two have, and I don’t want to know. But thanks for saving me from her.”
Matt tried to walk away, not really wanting to talk, but Dan stopped him.
“Matt, look, I know I’ve never been particularly nice to you, but-” Dan said.
“Look Dan, you’re welcome for me saving you, but I really don’t want to talk,” Matt said grumpily.
“Dan, why the fuck are you talking to this loser?” Cindy asked, walking up to them.
“Cindy, he’s not, he saved me,” Dan told his girlfriend.
“Look, I’m just gonna go,” Matt said, walking off. “Please just leave me alone.”

Matt walked into his first class, where he saw Sophie and Alexis sat in their normal seats.
“Matt, I-” Sophie began.
“I don’t want to talk,” Matt said, turning to leave.
“Matt, please, I’m sorry!” Sophie shouted after him, before getting up to follow him.
“Sophie, I really don’t want to talk!”
“Matt, I’m really sorry for what happened! I made a mistake! I’m only human!”
“It’s not just that though! We’re supposed to be better than those old guys who enslave people with their genies! But you were about to do who knows what to Dan!"
“Matt, just-”
“And what about your parents? Still fucking, are they? They’re basically your slaves!”

“Oh you’re hardly one to talk!” Sophie shouted back. “Or have you forgotten how you made an entire girls’ PE class fuck you senseless!? Or how you did the same thing to your sister, and nearly killed the two of you in the /> A crowd was starting to gather to listen to the two of them loudly argue.
“Oh Alexis, make them go away!” Sophie shouted.
“As you wish,” Alexis said.

“Actually, we could handle that.” The three of them looked around for the source of the mysterious voice, but they saw no-one. At that point, they saw the other students in the corridor begin to fade away, along with all the walls and floors. They looked around, and saw that they were stood in an ornate living room, not unlike the dining room from before. In it, the other members of the society were sat around with their genies.
“You could have just called us,” Sophie said.
“Yes, but this is so much more fun,” Neil smiled. “Please, sit.”
“Make this quick, I’m not in a good mood,” Matt said, sitting down on an empty armchair.
“My my, what’s gotten into him?” Jürgen chuckled. “Why don’t you just have dear Lumiosa conjure up some fun for you?”
“Just get on with,” Matt said, his mood obvious in his voice.

“Very well,” Brian said. “Sophie, Matt, the time has come for you to prove your worth to our /> “What, helping to uncover Alex’s secrets wasn’t enough?” Alexis interrupted.
“Sophie may enjoy your contributions to discussions, but I do not,” Brian said to her sternly. “I would advise you to remember who is in charge here, genie.”
“And I would advise you to, oh great and wonderful human,” Alexis said sarcastically. “To remember that the only reason you have power at all is because of Lexia over there. You know, when I met Lexia, she was such a sweet girl. Loved making people happy. But now look at her.”
“She serves me /> “Yes, a little too obediently. Hey Lexia, remember Babylon? Remember showing me the gardens you built? How proud you were of them? It wouldn’t surprise me if he’d wiped your memories of it. Of everything. Turned you into his mindless slave, who’s only any good for granting wishes. Do you remember me, Lexia? Do you!?”
“She won’t speak without my /> “Then give it to her! Give her some freedom, at least!”

“Sophie, your genie is being rather noisy,” Sarah interrupted. “Do shut her up. I can’t abide listening to her.”
“Alexis, go back into your lamp,” Sophie commanded her.
“Oh come on Sophie, don’t pretend that you don’t agree with-”
“Alexis, in your lamp! Now!” Sophie shouted. Alexis just stared at her.
“Your wish is my command, Mistress,” she said in her most sarcastic voice possible, before she returned to a cloud of light-blue smoke, which was sucked into Sophie’s handbag.

“Now then, to business,” Brian said. “Now as you know, one of our goals is to collect genie lamps. Well, we’ve discovered another one. Or rather, we discovered it many years ago, but its owner refused to join us.”
“Who is it?” Sophie asked.
“Jacob Larson,” Brian replied. “Born in 1922, a British man living in the countryside of Kent in a very large estate. He went from being relatively poor, until, in 1950, he made a fortune on the stock market. Not long after, he married a girl named Eléni. His genie, of course.”
“How do you know?”
“Because he told us, of course. He told his story to Alex’s father Richard in 1952. It was at that point he refused to join us. Ever since then, we’ve been waiting for an opportunity to take lamp for our own.”
“And now’s the time?”

“He was 93 last month. He’s not got long left. And we think his time is coming very soon. Like us, he has given himself eternal youth, and he used to be very active out in public, doing things like charity work. But recently he’s been seen stumbling a lot. Like he’s dying. And now he’s not going out in public at all. He will likely be dead soon. The job we want the two of you to do is to recover his lamp once he dies.”
“But that could take 5 more years for all we know!”
“It will not. We /> “How do you even expect us to do this?”
“Well, for you and Alexis, we would like you to join his harem. You see, despite being happily married in public, we know that he has a rather large harem in his mansion, consisting of hundreds of girls. We figure no-one will notice two more popping in.”

“And me?” Matt asked, speaking up for the first time, but still sounding annoyed.
“As I said,” Brian continued. “Jacob does a lot of charity work. He has a meeting today with a man from the NSPCC, who is going to ask him to increase his contributions to them. Or he was, until, as if by magic,” the rest of them chuckled at this, “he dropped down dead. So now Matt is going to take over from him, with Lumiosa as his PA.”
“And what exactly do you hope to achieve by this?” Matt asked. hoping he’ll drop down dead while we’re there?”
“Yes. Or if not, very soon after. The important thing to remember is that, when Jacob dies, Eléni will be sucked back into her lamp. You two must get it before anyone else rubs it.”
“So are you in?” Neil asked them both.
“I’m in,” Sophie said. “I can’t speak for Matt though.”
“Fine, I’ll do it, but I don’t think it’ll work,” Matt said.

The two of them pulled out their lamps, and rubbed them. Lumiosa emerged on her knees in front of Matt, while Alexis reclined on a sofa she materialised for herself.
“What do you desire of me, oh great and powerful Mistress?” She asked in her sarcastic voice. They then explained the situation to the two of them. “So we’re about to go and condemn another of my sisters to being trapped in her lamp for all /> “Alexis, I don’t want to talk about this now,” Sophie said sternly. “I wish for you to teleport us into Jacob’s harem.”
“Your wish is my command, />
The two of them were instantly gone. Matt then turned to Lumiosa.
“Lumiosa, I wish for the two of us to be in a car, on its way to Jacob’s house. I wish I knew how to drive this car perfectly. And I wish we were both dressed in business attire,” he /> “As you wish Master,” she smiled, and the two of them also immediately vanished.

The next thing Sophie knew, she was naked, and stood in a very steamy room with Alexis. She could hear girly giggles, and moans of pleasure. The two of them looked around, and saw that they were in a sauna-like room, with a large hot tub in it. In the tub were 10 girls, making out and cuddling one-another.
“Well then, if you’re done oppressing my freedom of speech, I think we should play the part. Hi girls!”
“Hey, who are you?” One of the girls in the tub asked.
“Uh, we’re new,” Sophie said.
“Then get in here and join the fun!” Another girl shouted. Alexis jumped into the water, and Sophie soon followed her.
“So are you girls American?” Asked the first girl, who kissed Alexis.
Sophie replied.
“I didn’t know that the Master went to America recently,” said the second girl, who started kissing Sophie.
“You idiot!” Shouted a third girl. “The Master is all-powerful. He can do what he wants.”
“Oh yeah, sorry,” the other girl said, before getting back to kissing Sophie. Sophie kissed her back, and squeezed the girl’s ass. She saw two more girls go under the water, who then proceeded to eat her out and lick and fondle her under the water.
“Welcome to the harem,” moaned the girl who was kissing Sophie. Sophie looked over, and saw her genie being caressed and moaning in a similar way.

Meanwhile, Matt and Lumiosa appeared in a large-ish car, with Matt behind the wheel, and Lumiosa sat on his left in the passenger seat.
is weird,” Matt said as he drove. “They drive on the wrong side of the road here.”
“Would you like me to swap them around, Master?” Lumiosa asked.
“No!” Matt shouted in panic. “Listen, while we’re there, just let me do the talking. If you have to talk, let me think your words to you.”
“Yes Master, I /> “Good. And remember, we’re from the NSPCC.”

They drove up to the house’s gates, and buzzed for entry.
“Who is it?” Asked a female voice on the other side.
here from the NSPCC, to see Mr Larson,” Matt replied.
“Just a moment,” The woman on the other end of the intercom said. There was a minute or so of silence, before she came back. “Please come in.”

They drove up further towards the house, Matt feeling very nervous.
“This reminds me of going to Alex’s house,” he said. They got there, and got out of the car, where a beautiful woman in a revealing dress greeted them.
“Good day,” she said. “I am Mr Larson’s wife, Eléni. It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our home. My husband is in his office, please, follow me.”

They walked through the long corridors of the house, where Matt noticed that, rather oddly, there was no-one around. Jacob Larson supposedly had a large harem, so where was it? He then realised that they’d presumably all been ordered to go and hide while they were there. They walked into an office, where a man who looked in his late-50s sat behind a desk. He looked weak.

here, honey,” said Eléni, before kissing him.
“Thank you,” he said weakly. “Welcome to my home. I am Jacob Larson, and who are you?”
“Matthew Evans,” Matt said. “And this is…uh, my wife, /> Eléni asked. “That sounds foreign. Is it /> “No no, dear, it’s genie, isn’t it?” Jacob said. Matt started panicking.
“Well, um, no, uh…” He said in a blind panic.
“Boy, I may be old, but I’m not stupid,” Jacob said bluntly. “My beautiful wife here is constantly scanning this house. She knows everything that’s going on inside it, and she’s monitoring everyone’s minds. Yet she cannot read yours. Why is that? I’ll tell you. It’s because this girl here is your genie.”
Matt said.
“And I can only assume the same for those girls in the sauna who magically appeared, since I can’t read their minds either,” Eléni said.

“I’m assuming you’re with the society, then?” Jacob asked. “Here to steal my lamp?”
“Jacob has already made provisions to ensure you don’t get your hands on me,” Eléni told them. “When he is about to die, I will return to my lamp, and teleport it hundreds of miles away from here. You’ll never find me.”
“Tell you what dear, why don’t you summon our other guests here?” Jacob said to his wife, who simply smiled, and snapped her fingers. The wall next to them vanished, and they saw looked at the sauna, which had lots of feminine moans of pleasure coming from it, and lots of nude girls in the hot tub.
“Could the genie and her Mistress please come out the water, and sit over here please?” Eléni said in a friendly manner. All the girls turned to look at her.
“Oh fuck,” Sophie said.
“You can say that again,” Matt said, come on.

Sophie and Alexis got out of the water, and Alexis clothed them with a snap of her fingers. She materialised 2 chairs for them, which they sat down on.
“Well that answers the question as to which one the genie is,” Eléni said.
“Well as I was just saying to your accomplice here, your organisation will never get hold of Jacob said.
“Look, we’re with the society, but we’re not like them,” Sophie admitted. “We don’t want the lamps in captivity either. It’s why we’re helping them. Once they’re all gone, we’ll be able to liberate the lamps.”
“And why should I just hand Eléni over to you?” Jacob asked. “If she does what I told her to do, she could find a new Master within days, not decades. And I’d hate to think of my love being locked away like that.”
“Well if we don’t get your lamp, the society’s going to start asking questions about us,” Sophie said. “This is supposed to be about proving our loyalty to them.”
“Sorry, I can’t help you.”

At this point, Matt heard his phone ringing in his pocket. He got it out, and saw that the call was apparently from “Your Worst /> Matt said, as he answered it.
“Hello Matt, do put me on speaker, I’d like Sophie to hear this,” said a familiar voice on the other end of the phone. Matt did so, and the voice continued. “Alex here, just to let you both know that I’ve got your parents Matt. And your sister. And those two friends of yours. And Sophie’s 3 friends. Why don’t you listen to them?”

In the background of the call, they could hear very loud moans of pleasure.
“I’ve wished up eternal orgasms for them all,” Alex continued. enjoying it so far, but their poor bodies won’t be able to stand it for long. You’d better come and save them soon, before they die of /> “You bastard!” Sophie shouted.
“Now now, are you really in a position to be risking angering me further?” Alex chuckled. “You two cost me my position in the society that my family founded. So now, you are going to surrender your genies to me.”
“Not in a million years!” Sophie shouted back.
“Oh yes you will. Because you value the lives of normal people. So you’ll surrender your genies to me, in order to save them. Do hurry now, won’t you?” Alex laughed evilly.

Author's message: So I'm actually quite disappointed with this chapter. It's short, and I don't really like the contents. But the ending was required to set up the plot advancements I want. I think I've worked out where the plot is going to go from here until the end, and I do hope you all like it. I'm thinking there will be 3-4 more chapters total, but who really knows? Certainly the plot I have in mind can't extend much past that. Or maybe it will? I never quite know until I write it what's going to happen.

I'm sorry about there being so little sex in this chapter. It's part of the reason I'm not that proud of it. That and the fact it's so short in total. I'm thinking a proper sex scene at the end of the next chapter, but I have no idea how big in total it'll be. So we'll see.

Also, a lot of people have been pointing out how there's no interracial stuff in this story. How there are no non-Caucasians. Well, to be fair, no-one's race has been stated in this story. I've not given much deion to the characters at all. Partly because that takes time and effort, and partly so you can imagine them how you want them to be. So if you want Sophie to be black and Matt to be Asian, you're free to do so. I just don't think it's particularly relevant to the story to mention the characters' races.

story by: DragoTime

Tags: consensual sex fantasy mind control female/female male domination sex story

Author: DragoTime

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