50 shades of beech mountain–chapter 20

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50 Shades of Beech Mountain –Chap 20

As I have stated earlier–BDSM is not for everyone.
You may want to skip these “Shades of Beech Mountain" chapters entirely or may choose to read just out of curiosity.
You will certainly pick up on what tips and tricks you may want to add to your own lifestyle.

At times these chapters delve into the craft of BDSM and the associated fetishes and lifestyle they encompass. If I tend to dwell on a certain fetish or character(s), it’s because of a need to explain a particular effect it has on the ones involved.

I woke just after 6:15am with Connie curled up beside me…. her muscular thigh thrown across my half hard cock and her arm hugged to my waist.
I raised my head and glanced for the others, but they were gone. My cock was telling me it had to pee and I better hurry. I could also smell my Mr Coffee that brewed each morning at 6 am.

Nuzzling to Connie’s face I gave her the lightest possible kiss on her forehead as I tried to remove her thigh. Quietly making my way from bed I relieved myself and washed face and shaved quickly. I had my shower taken and was dressing when she finally rolled over and smiled.

“ You sure like to get up early.”
“ I’ve always liked this time of morning Connie-so quiet and peaceful before the gym downstairs cranks up.”
“ Guess there won’t be much wake up sex then huh?”
“ Not unless it’s Sunday morning. It’s the one day I usually catch up on all the lost sleep of the week. I will bring coffee back to bed and read and just be lazy as possible till noon sometimes. I can usually find the time in the afternoons for a power nap so I don’t get worn out.”

I stepped to my kitchen and fixed Connie a cup of coffee also, black with heavy sugar.
She eat up being spoiled so early in the day but I didn’t mind at all.
We both had plans today and needed to be at our best. The gym was still quiet as I made my way downstairs to my office. Connie had stepped into the shower saying she would catch up soon.

Sandra had no doubt taken Donna back to her condo in town where her sister Shannon had stayed. I was just finishing my second cup of coffee when I heard the front doors being unlocked.
I could already tell by the walk it was Donna. I stepped to poke my head outside my door and motioned her my way. She had the large bag of our favorite – McDonald’s biscuits!

“Good morning Sir! I forgot to ask what Ms Connie liked in the way of breakfast, so I took a chance and just got two of everything. Steak with or without or without eggs, McMuffins and strawberry jam too.”

I chose a steak and egg biscuit and she took my cup back upstairs for a refill and to see Connie.
They both returned giggling and sat in the chairs in front of my desk as we ate.

“ Sandra and Shannon will no doubt be here soon, so we need to get her and the twins up to speed with our plans. I will leave most of this to you Donna, since Connie has laid out the rules for you and the girls. You are second below her in the management of my new enterprise.
It will be your responsibility to see that the gym is covered with at least two of you at all times while the others help decorate and get our little dungeon up and />
“Dano – I’d like to spend awhile down here with Donna and get a feel for the place–just in case I’m ever needed here. I can already do a respectable massage, and mixing the various juices would round me out.”
I agreed with Connie and said I could manage upstairs and could always grab the twins if I needed them.
“Keep Shannon with you two also and fill in the gaps with some on the job />
Like clockwork we heard the doors again and it was the twins judging by the giggles we overheard. Donna called them back and handed out breakfast biscuits while briefing them on the days plans. They all grabbed their drinks and headed up front to open up while I checked my balance online at my bank.

I was still in the black by several thousand dollars and the 5K I received from Sandra would carry me through the final purchases I would make. While online I ordered more things we would need to start up the dungeon.
By nine am I was back upstairs and relaxing with the last of my coffee as I sat looking out the big den window. Light snow was steadily falling and I turned on the TV to the weather channel for the current forecast.

Moderate winds and steady snowfall with 6-8 more inches were forecast for the day, ending about 4 pm. The thing I had noticed most while here was the worse the weather got, the more members showed up at the gym.

I walked back down and found Donna and Connie. I passed the weather info to them and my prediction for a heavier than normal turnout for the day. They both nodded in agreement and had the twins running all over trying to prepare, doubling up on towels and drinking cups and bagging some ice so the ice maker could refill to the top.

It was ten am sharp when the UPS guy delivered more equipment for my place upstairs. I had the twins take it up and place it where I wanted. Sandra and Shannon came in and saw the place a flurry of activity.

As Donna gave them juice and biscuits she took charge and reported everything we had talked about that morning. I was upstairs in the dungeon when Sandra found me.
“ Looks as if you are all set to open soon.”
“ I’m shooting for tomorrow if everything goes as planned. My idea is to solicit a few members personally today and let word of mouth spread about this place /> “Oh I seriously doubt if it will be done quietly–unless you make it a point that they be /> “Leave it to me Sandra. I want it advertised as a instead of a dungeon till we get a dozen or so members who will appreciate what we’re offering. Once they see inside–I’m certain we will sign members />
She helped me setup the St. Andrew’s Cross, with all the buckles–leather and chains first. I had bolted two large two by sixes to the back wall close to my restraint table. I attached the cross to those anchors.

She insisted on trying it out to make sure it was sturdy. I faced her towards me and attached both her wrists then her ankles to the shackles. Grinning–she wiggled and squirmed sexily testing the heavy supports I had anchored to the wall with six inch wood screws.

I let her have her fun as I tested a leather riding crop lightly on her crotch–slapping her clit lightly to torment her. The tight spandex yoga leotard she wore was black and very thin. I used the crop to slap at her spread eagled inner thighs-making her moan in pleasure.

“You wanna unbuckle my ankles and slide my yoga pants off Dano?” she said with a devilish grin.
I was about to oblige her when Connie walked in carrying a gym bag.
“Oh– I’m soo sorry…am I interrupting ?”
“ Sandra insisted on trying out the cross as our first customer Connie.”

Connie smiled and stopped long enough to turn the dead bolt lock on the door so we wouldn’t be disturbed. Opening the gym bag she first took out a couple of red hair bands and secured hers and Sandra’s long black hair up high in a ponytail. Her ample boobs were rubbing against Sandra’s as she spoke.

“In here — I’m in charge…if I’m not here Donna is in charge..are you clear on that?” Sandra’s voice lustily answered she was happy with the arrangement.
Connie then squatted to unshackle Sandra’s ankles and peel the skin tight leotard off. It was a tube type with no straps that she easily rolled to her ankles.
As Connie stood–she removed her tight mini skirt and tee as well. I eased into the only place available–the leather covered restraint table to observe.

Connie reached to the bag again and produced two adjustable nipple clamps. Sandra’s eyes went wide as she watched Connie attach them with just enough pressure to hold them onto her rock hard nipples.
“They are set on the low setting to begin, but I’ll slowly turn the screws to see what your pain threshold is.” Connie frenched Sandra’s pouty mouth as she turned the screws slowly. Sandra moaned as her tongue danced with />
Connie backed off a foot and slowly slid onto her knees.
She blew her warm breath onto Sandra’s erect clit, making her moan louder. Her labia had already flowered open and glistened with her juices. She hunched her hips lewdly trying for any sort of contact. Connie’s long tongue snaked between the folds to lick her slowly and circle her throbbing clit.

I stood and walked three steps to tighten the nipple clamps another notch. Sandra came up on her tip toes as she moaned like a whore. I too frenched her as Connie attacked her helpless pussy. Her hands went around to cup Sandra’s ass cheeks and pull her onto her stiff tongue–impaling her.

Sandra could take no more as she wailed– gonna cum!!” Connie immediately ceased and stood as I backed away. Again she went into the bag and out came her double headed vibrating dildo. It was especially curved so two women could fuck each other with it.

She slipped one end into her slick pussy and rubbed the other end up and down Sandra’s tormented sex. Finally she slipped a single inch inside Sandra and removed the nipple clamps.
Sucking each nipple in turn–Connie fucked the dildo up into Sandra an inch at a time. The poor woman was going insane with pleasure it seemed, moaning and begging Connie to fuck her hard.

This made Connie smile, and fuck her even slower. I lit a couple of red candles and dimmed the overhead lights to their lowest setting. The room seemed to transform into a darkly lit cavern.
Connie asked me to unshackle Sandra’s ankles.

As I did Connie hooked her elbow under the back of a knee and drove the dildo deeply into her soaked tunnel. Their nipples were crushed against each other as she hooked the other knee and slammed the remainder of the 8 inch dildo to grind their clits together. She had Sandra totally pinned against the cross and began to fuck her senseless.

After only a few minutes both were moaning heavily and I sensed their orgasms approaching quickly. I moved to their side with the candles–their glass each full of melted wax.
As they screamed in unison, I poured the silky wax between each of their mashed breasts.
It ran all the way to their pubic mounds as they bucked and thrust at each others sex– moaning loudly.

My poor cock was like stone–but this wasn’t my show just yet, as these two needed some time to bond. My turn would come in time. It had been only forty five minutes since we had begun and both were dripping in sweat from a single explosive orgasm from each because of the tempo set by Connie.

I helped unshackle Sandra and we lay her on her back on the restraint table. Connie slowly peeled the wax from both of them, dropping the flakes into a jar for later re-melting uses. I helped them both to the shower in my bed room for a quick clean up. They were all smiles as we made our way back downstairs.

Although it’s very short–this chapter helps connect the dots to much more intense sessions both I and all the girls have cumming up!

Josie's First Client– Ophelia , a 31 year old single accountant

I left work early one afternoon and went for a free workout at a local health gym. I’d been told it was an ‘all female’ gym.

A very healthy young lady named Josie introduced herself when I walked in. She was one of the personal trainers
and the assistant manager. She asked me a few questions then offered to give me a tour.

It was a very nice well-maintained gym with all the right equipment.
The women working out all looked great in their body suits and T-shirts.

Josie stopped and introduced me to a few of the regulars. They were all friendly and seemed pleased to meet me.
I was getting to like the place very much. We went though the pool area and I began to notice that quite a few of the women were not wearing any swim
suits. I am a fairly modest person but I figured since it was women-only, there was no harm.

As we walked past the steam room Josie pointed it out. I looked in through the fogged glass and got the shock of my life.
Inside were five or six woman, it was hard to say exactly how many since their bodies were so intertwined and the window was fogged. I just gasped.

I wasn't sure if I should report what I had seen or just keep my mouth shut. Josie called to me to come and see the aerobics room.
I walked over in silence. I didn't say anything for the rest of the tour.

We finished by going to a small office the staff used to talk to potential new members.
Josie sat on a high stool and I sat on a very soft couch that put my head about eye level with her crotch.

For the first time I really looked at her. She is about 22 and has a dancer's body. Her waist is very small and her
breast while not small are very firm and I could see her erect nipples though the tight tank top she was wearing.

I couldn't believe this young woman was making me get excited in a way only a few men in my life had ever
done. Josie began to talk about the different packages available for membership. All I could do was let
my eyes scan from her breasts to the V in her shorts.

As she moved around on her stool her shorts became tighter and tighter in her crotch until I could plainly
see the outline of her pussy mound as the seam in her shorts pulled tight and separated her slit.

I guess I was breathing hard and my face was flush because Josie asked me if I was all right. I quickly looked up into her eyes and assured her I was fine, just a little warm. I stood up quickly to take off my jacket.

In the small office I ended up standing right between Josie’s spread legs. My breasts were heaving and my nipples could plainly be seen though my blouse and bra. My hard nipples were exactly eye level for her as she sat on her stool.

Josie looked at my breasts then she looked up into my eyes. A wicked sexy smile spread rapidly.

"This gym is quite special. We have only women clients and as personal trainers we offer help in many
areas. We can help you lose weight and get into great shape. We also can suck your pussy till you scream you
can't take it any more!"

I stopped and looked at her hard– and she looked at me Her lips parted slightly and I could see her tongue dart across her lips.
I came for the first time that day at that moment.

She then began to slowly massage her own breast. Her nipples we standing out a quarter of an inch. She pulled and pinched them both though the material of her tank top.

Josie smiled at me as I gasped, then leaned forward and nuzzled her face in my breast like a small child.
My legs went limp and we both sank into the sofa.

She knew every pleasure center on a woman's body. She sucked my nipples until they were red then she attacked my pussy with abandon.
I had the most intense orgasms that day than I ever had in my life–and the first multiples!

After she was finished with me I offered to return the favor if she would talk me through what I need to do.
I didn't need much tutoring .. making love to a woman comes naturally to another woman — really.

About that time a mirror image of Josie walked through –completely naked.

“ Ophelia this is my twin sister –Jan and she’ll be helping with your />
Needless to say I signed up for membership immediately!!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

story by: mikemiller63

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