Darkness incorporated

sex stories

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who longed to be rescued by a white knight. Really, it wasn't that long ago, but that doesn't matter.

This story starts when I found myself lying face down on a cold, hard, and wet surface. My reaction was, “Oh no, not again.”

Raising my head, I saw I was in the middle of a street. Literally the middle, I was staring at the center lines. It was dark, the rest of the scene was blurry, mostly just out of focus lights. I didn’t have my glasses on. I could see a yellow diamond shaped road sign, so was I in Ireland, Japan, Oceania, or the Americas? The center lines were yellow as well, so probably the Americas.

Why 'not again'? It happens to me too often. I’ll be living my life as normal, then suddenly I’ll be somewhere else. I’ll still be me, but all record of me is wiped out of existence. I have no identity, no one knows who I am, even close friends and lovers. Actually, lovers is a joke; it usually happens when I’m in the middle of fucking. This time it was Giulia. Aaand, I'm naked, my dick is slimy, covered in combined juices. It looks like I got to finish this time. That explains the glasses, do you wear them to fuck? Maybe I should, but then my lover would be blurry.

So now I have to make a new life. First some clothes. I'll have to find someone to take pity on me and help out.

Someone was walking along the sidewalk, I got up and headed them off. "Excuse me, could you help?"

Without the glasses, I couldn't see who I was talking to, but they answered. It was a female voice. "Hi sugar, I'm sure I can help."

Female is good. When I find someone to help, they usually want to have sex; I'm not into men. Once a man wanted sex, I was all, "Hell no, I ain't no fairy."

The woman continued, "How can I help?"

"Well, do you have any clothes I could borrow?"

"Sure sugar, my no good boyfriend left a few things at my place; he's about your size. But here, take this to cover yourself." She took off her jacket and handed it to me. I tried putting it on, but it was much too small for me. I tied it around my waist to cover my butt; the arms hung down the front to cover me there. "This way, I live just around the corner." We walked to her place. She let us into an apartment block, and we walked up the stairs. She unlocked a door upstairs.

Now we were in the light, I could see more; she was still blurry. She looked to be tall, slender, and dark skinned. Once inside, she said, "I'll go look out some clothes. Do you want to shower? It's that way."

I found a bathroom where she pointed. A shower was just what I needed to wash off the residue of sex and the wet road. After the shower, I emerged from the bathroom with the towel around my waist. "Here sugar, these should work." She'd laid some clothes on the bed. I picked up the shorts and examined them closely to work out which way around they were. "Are you alright sugar?"

"I can't see much without my glasses."

"Oh, you poor dear, we should get you some. There's a drugstore around the corner, you could get some there." Then she added, "I was just headed past there to the diner. I just got off work, I'm starving, do you want to join me?"

"Sounds good to me." I dressed, and we left her apartment. We got the glasses, and I could see again. She was probably quite pretty, but it was difficult to tell for sure under her makeup. She had really exaggerated makeup, like stage makeup really. The rest of her was definitely enticing, statuesque. She was topped by a large afro, the jacket she leant me was leather and fringed, under it she wore a slinky halter top over nicely sized and shaped boobs. Below that she had shiny skin tight pants. She moved with a dancer's grace, even wearing the heels she had on.

We got to the diner, the hostess seemed to know my benefactor and we were seated. I still had no idea who she was, I tried to introduce myself, but I was interrupted. Behind her a trio had entered the diner, they were dressed as a Viking, an imperial storm trooper, and a knight in armor. The Viking bellowed, "We come in search of spam!"

Then, the trio started to rhythmically chant, "Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Wonderful spam! …" The hostess approached the trio and managed to calm them down enough to stop the chanting.

I must have looked a little confused, my companion said, "Don't worry sugar, they must be from the con. They're />
Then someone shouted, "Keno!" I looked around there were screens showing the latest draw numbers, and a rack with draw tickets and pencils on the table.

"Are we in Vegas?"

"Of course we are sugar, where else would we be?" I could think of lots of places, but Vegas was a good place to be.

I didn't answer directly, but I thought I should try to repay her kindness, so I asked, "Could I borrow a dollar?"

"Sure sugar."

I picked up a ticket and marked off eight spots. I took the dollar, and signaled the runner. The runner took the ticket and the dollar. Then I finally got around to introducing myself. "I'm John, I'm glad to meet you, thanks for helping me out here." I extended my hand across the table.

She took my hand, "Crystal. Glad to meet you too John, and you're quite welcome, sugar."

We studied the menu and ordered. The Keno ticket came back, I gave it to Crystal, telling her, "You might need this." Then I asked the question I usually asked, "I have a question for you, what is it you really want?" That usually elicited an illuminating answer.

She thought for a short while, "I need a white knight. I have this idea for a startup, it's going to be big if I could just get the funding." I might have looked a little surprised at that, she added, "I'm an MBA student at UNLV, stripping is just how I'm paying my way." That made some sense. Then she looked up at the Keno screen, looked at the ticket, and said, "You hit six spots; you won a hundred bucks."

I was just about to say that that would pay the check, when the knight who'd come in earlier fell flat on his face just next to our table. We were startled, I stood up to help him out when the scene changed.

This time I was confused. This was the first time it'd happened before I'd made a new life. This was the first time it'd happened when I wasn't fucking. I was also in something that was confining me tightly, but I couldn't see anything there. As I'd been bending forward to help, my head hit against something hard and invisible, />
I was looking down, so I saw around my feet was a five pointed star, drawn in some white powder. As I looked up there was a circle also drawn in white powder next to the star and in that was a man. He looked surprised. He composed himself and exclaimed, "Hah! I caught you. That'll teach you to go throwing your luck around in Vegas."

That didn't make sense, I was just about to ask him what he was on about, when a cockroach skittered across the floor at my feet. A cat pounced on it from a nearby desk, but in doing so the cat upset a book atop of a pile of papers. The book slid down and knocked into a bowl of petunias. The bowl was close to the edge of the desk and was tipped over the edge. The bowl crashed to the floor and shattered, sending out shards of pottery and a wave of water towards the circle drawn on the ground. One of the shards caught me on the right palm. The man looked on, with an expression of horror gradually growing across his face, until he suddenly settled down.

Then he exclaimed, "Oh, this is silly. Here let me help." With that he started kicking at the powder that made up the star around my feet. As the star was disrupted the invisible walls holding me in place melted away and I could move. He just couldn't apologize enough, though I didn't see what he was apologizing for.

He wasn't making any sense, so I stopped him, "Why don't you start from the />
He looked startled, but composed himself and said, "Ok, … I'm Malcolm, pleased to meet you." We shook hands. Then, "Why don't you have a seat," motioning to a chair in front of the desk that the cat had jumped from. I sat down, and he sat down the other side. He leant forward and continued. "I caught you to collect the bounty on you. …" He was continuing with that thought, but I couldn't leave that.

"Why is there bounty on me?"

"You've been using your luck, that makes the casinos nervous." There was a theme here.

"How do you 'use' or even 'throw' luck?"

"Don't you know?"

"No." I didn't add that I wouldn't be asking, if I knew what was going on.

"Oh. … Do you know you're a luck fairy."

"I know I ain't no fairy, but 'luck />
"Indeed, you're not a typical fairy; the largest recorded fairy was about two-foot tall." We were losing each other again here, "Sorry, I only made the pentagram to accommodate a fairy. The luck fairy is a particular species of the genus Fae, Fae Felix. They're small blue fairies that repay kindnesses shown to them by generating good fortune. It's unusual they do have to repay a kindness, as they're bad tempered and unpleasant, thus are shown very little kindness." Something weird was happening, it sounded like he was starting to make sense. "You definitely were generating luck, but I'd assume you're actually a hybrid with some other species, maybe a different genus."

"So I generate luck? That kinda makes sense, things do go well for those around me, and most people are kind to me."

If a luck fairy were constantly fed kindness, it could generate enormous probability events. That might explain some tichiometer events." He looked at me, and before I could ask the question, he explained, "A tichiometer measures anomalous luck events. It uses a logarithmic scale, an even chance is a zero, an event that is about one percent likely is a 6.6. It was an 8.7 event that gave you away. There was an event that was off the scale earlier this morning. That's what got me watching, I've only ever seen a few events that big before."

That made me think, />
"When what?"

"When were the other events?"

He named some dates, each one was when the world had changed for me. "Err, 2009, September," That was Talulah. She wanted to go into space for real, not just "on some silly space show." She also wanted to be like Elizabeth Taylor, who she admired as an actress as well as for her tumultuous personal life. When I found her after the event, she's been dating that space boy Elon for a year. Actually, the very first thing she said she wanted was ice cream. It wasn't luck that kept her from the ice cream: she didn't want it to go to her hips.

Malcolm continued naming the dates, "2003, December," Pris. I called her that because she had the emotions of an android. She never liked that nickname. The joke was the android Pris (from the movie "Blade Runner") had more emotions than an android should. She wanted to make her parents happy. She'd only be able to do that if she married a billionaire, had four kids, became a doctor and brokered world peace. After the event, I found she'd taken up with that dweeb Zuck. She's still working on world peace. I sort of got revenge on Zuck once, when I got a look-alike to go into Sun Quentin and steal his birthday cake.

Finally, "1998, September." Susan. "I could look up the exact dates." Susan wanted to reconcile with her dad (she blamed him for her going to Stanford, not Harvard), have five kids and rule the world. When I found her after the event, she'd married a dweeb from Deloitte's the month before and her resume now listed Harvard not Stanford. She's still working on the ruling the world part.

There was one missing from that list, the first time it happened. Laurene, April 1991, an April fools joke on me. This was before I asked that question of people, I never knew what she really wanted, she was focussed on her MBA at that time. I found her married to that asshole Steve, the wedding was the month before the event. I have nothing against Steve personally, even if he stole my girl, but he was an asshole, ask anyone who knew him. I can't think why that was good luck on her part, not even the billions would make up for that. She did get her MBA.

"Things happened about those dates."

"The world changed, and I'm suddenly somewhere else."

"That could be an event of the right magnitude. Interesting. Why don't I research this and get back to you."

"Sounds good to me. It also happened in April 1991."

"I was still in high school then, before I got into this line of work." He looked contemplative, looking down his eyes settled on something, "Here, have one of my cards." He took a card from a container on his desk and handed it to me. It said:

"Malcolm W. Davis.

Investigating Mage."

Then had phone, email, web, and street addresses. He then asked, "What's your number? I'll buzz you when I have />
"I don't have one at the moment, I'll send it to you when I get one."

"Great. I'll just send you back. But one thing, when and where were you born?"

"1972 in Watts, but I grew up in Venice Beach."

"And you wouldn't happen to have a small flawless pearl and a bottle of St. Emilion would you?"

"A bottle of what?"

"St. Emilion, it's a red wine from France, it's the best for what I need to do, but it's difficult to find. A premier grand cru would be best."

"Sorry, I don't …"

I didn't get to finish that sentence, before I was again sitting in the diner. Crystal was across the table; she was sitting in the lap of the knight in armor. His visor was raised, so you could see his face. They were intently studying a laptop on the table.

Crystal looked up, "Oh, hey sugar, I found my white knight, or maybe a dragon." She nodded to the knight, "This is Bernie; he runs CCCD Partners." I must have looked none the wiser. "That's just the most successful venture capital company on Sand Hill. They've had more blue unicorns than any other V.C. in the last five years." I'm sure I looked even less informed now. "Oh silly sugar, a blue unicorn is a startup that exited with a valuation of more than a billion dollars. You know, companies like Facebook or Zynga. Like on Den', but real, he's the dragon."

The Knight, Bernie, spoke up, "I think this is a plan; I've got the series A Angel funding with Larry and Sergey."

I interrupted, "Not —the— Larry and Sergey?" I'd known —the— Larry and Sergey when they started their company in Susan's Garage. They were still the garage, raiding her fridge, after the 1998 event. I kept tabs on people I'd known before the events; they usually did well for themselves. Maybe there was something to this luck idea.

He looked up at me, "No, not Larry and Sergey. These ones are the C and the C in the middle of CCCD, they're the Viking and the storm trooper." He continued his thought from before I interrupted. "That's the twenty-million we need." Crystal leant against him and moaned softly. Before I could work out what that was about, he continued, "If we can hit these milestones, we should be able to make a series B funding round in eighteen months. With an idea this disruptive, we should be able to get Ventures and Kleiner interested, a hundred million is reasonable." Crystal threw her head back and moaned loudly.

I was a little worried about Crystal's reaction, "Are you alright Crystal?"

She panted an answer, looking at me through half closed eyes, "Yeah sugar, I'm fine, just horny. The thought of all that money turns me on so much." Bernie contemplated her, interested in a different way now. She opened her eyes wide, looked at me and said, "You've been turning me on all evening. If you hadn't brought out my maternal side, I'd have jumped your bones already. You know what stripping does to me, I get raging horny, all those men under my spell. Now I have no boyfriend, no good or otherwise, to help me with that."

We all looked at each other; something calculating was in Bernie's eye. Crystal saw it and said to us both, "Sugar, Sugar, there's enough Darkness to go around, let's go back to my place and have a threesome. Hell, let's invite Larry and Sergey along."

Bernie's calculating expression was replaced with a smile, married, they wouldn't be />
"Sugar, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Bring them along."

married to each other." Both me and Crystal saw the implications of that, Crystal obviously let the idea go, Bernie continued, "We could go to my hotel, I'm sure it's more comfortable, and there's room service."

Crystal punctuated Bernie's idea with, "Now that's a plan." She lay down four of the twenties she'd gotten from the Keno win to pay the check. Then we all got up and made our way out of the diner. Bernie waved over at Larry and Sergey and indicated his luck with a thumbs up as we left.

One thing was bothering me. "Crystal, what did you mean that there's enough />
She smiled at me, "Well sugar, Darkness is my stripper name." I was just reacting when she added, "Crystal is my real name, most people assume it's my stripper name though."

It didn't take us long to walk to Bernie's hotel; it was fancy. The desk staff didn't blink as the knight, the stripper, and me walk through the marble lobby. I noticed there was a jewelry shop in the foyer; it had a display of pearls. We didn't stop to look but took the express elevator to the top floor.

Bernie let us in his room. At first, it seemed kinda cramped, but that was just the entry way. It opened up into a larger room. There was some optical illusion, it didn't look that big, but then I realized the table at the far end was a dining table and it was set for eight. It was just rattling around in one end of the room. There was a humongous desk in the middle, similarly dwarfed and a seating area in front a huge TV at the near end.

Crystal voiced our impression, "Well sugar, this place is bigger than my whole />
The curtains started opening of their own accord; I noticed that Bernie had picked up a remote control with lots of buttons on it. The curtains parted giving us an amazing view of the Strip as a river of light before us. Lots of landmarks were picked out in lights along it. Most of them below us.

A cough from behind me brought me back to the present. Crystal pointed me and Bernie to the easy chairs, then stepped on the sofa, carried on up the sofa back and landed on the desk that was just behind it. She moved so fluidly, it was like she walked on air to get there. She stood on the desktop, facing us, slowly swaying. Her body moved like waves were flowing up from her feet, her arms waving in a breeze.

Without breaking the rhythm, she reached for the button on her pants and popped it. Sensuously, slowly, she unzipped and peeled the shiny material over her butt and down her thighs. Her light coffee colored thighs, topped by white lace panties incongruously made me think of a cappuccino.

Still swaying, she crouched down and rolled onto her back, as she continued to peel the pants. The pants came all the way off and were discarded behind the desk. She lay on her back as her legs continued swaying, seemingly in the breeze. Her hands caressed her butt, then pulled her panties down exposing her cheeks. Then the panties were pulled back covering her up again.

She rolled over in slow motion, ending up kneeling on the desk facing us, still swaying. Reaching behind her neck, she pulled the straps on the halter, so it fell down exposing her white lace bra and smooth tight belly. Then, she pulled the halter up and over her head, again discarding it behind the desk. Now, she slowly cartwheeled into a handstand, with her legs waving in that breeze again. The cartwheel continued so she was back on her feet, swaying again.

Now her body was largely exposed, she was truly magnificent. Long, slim, smooth legs lead the eye up to the white panties, covering perfectly flaring hips. Her waist was slim, but perfectly proportioned, her belly smooth and taught. Her boobs were covered of course, but that just added to their allure, as they swayed suggesting perfect heft. Above that, smooth shoulders and long slender arms, a long neck topped by the gaudily made up face and crowned by the afro.

Amid the swaying, she reached behind her and undid the bra. It slowly separated from her boobs and traveled down her arms to land at her feet as she displayed her boobs which slowly seductively undulated now they were set free. Now her panties slid down her butt, seemingly of their own accord. They revealed her intimate treasure neatly trimmed into a landing strip. The panties continued down to her ankles, she stepped out of the panties, then slid down the back of the sofa to end up sitting.

Bernie and me were sitting entranced during the whole show, but the spell was broken when she patted the sofa cushions next to her, "Here boys." We jumped up to sit next to her, but she waved a finger at each of us, "Uh-huh, clothes." Both of us stopped, ripped off our clothes as quickly as possible and ended up sitting next to her. She kissed me on the lips, then Bernie. Then she knelt on the sofa facing Bernie, wiggling her butt making it obvious what she wanted as her mouth descended to Bernie's hard on.

Kneeling on the sofa behind Crystal, I took my stiff dick in hand. Bernie was already supine, moaning from Crystal's ministrations. Crystal was just making "Mmm" and slurping noises, while her hips wiggled impatiently. I positioned myself at her entrance, thinking I was going to take this slow, as it wasn't that long ago I'd been fucking Giulia. Crystal had other ideas, she slammed her rear into me, impaling herself on my dick. She let Bernie out of her mouth long enough to exclaim, "Fuck, I need that." Bernie opened his eyes, not pleased at the interruption, and grabbed her head to encourage her back to her task. "Oooh." She moaned appreciatively, pleased at both ends.

I took Crystal's lead and slammed myself into her. I continued slamming into her like a rutting rabbit. Surprisingly the action was getting to me already, so soon. I was going to come soon — I was grunting incoherently. Bernie was also grunting, no more coherently. Crystal was almost silent, but still made some occasional "Mmm"s, despite having her mouth full. She started shuddering, she'd be coming soon, so was Bernie, so was I.

Then, the explosion hit me, rather too literally. I came inside Crystal, then was thrown back over the arm of the sofa, landing winded on the floor. Moving felt like too great of a task, so I just lay there. Crystal broke the silence, "Oh wow! That was amazing." The voice came from an unexpected direction, so I looked over; she was lying on the floor in front of the sofa. Bernie was also on the floor at the other end of the sofa. It looked like he'd suffered the same fate as I had. He was looking around dazed.

Crystal looked across at me, a string of come across her cheek. Bernie's I assumed. "Sugar, you can do that anytime."

"But not just now." I responded, I was in no condition to do anything at that moment. I reached across to Crystal, and we held hands. Bernie murmured something affirmative sounding.

We lay there, just holding hands. But soon, Crystal was squirming and moaning, I looked down and Bernie was there between her legs, face in her pussy. I ignored him as best I could, but I couldn't ignore Crystal. She progressed from appreciation, to passion, to coming. Then again, she was still. I heard Bernie say, "My ex-wife never let me do that."

We lay still for a few minutes, before Crystal asked languidly, "Bernie, where's the bedroom? I think I just need to flop." I agreed with that sentiment. Bernie pointed to the door at the other end of the room. We picked ourselves up off the floor and managed to make it to the bed. I must have been asleep before my head hit the pillow.

When I woke it was dark, but the clock said 10:23. I saw there was light peeking through the cracks in the curtains. I got up and opened the door to the lounge. I heard moans from the other end of the room. Crystal was lying along that big desk, obviously naked. Bernie was hunched over by her hips. As I walked up to them I heard Bernie say, "… for three point two billion. Matt netted seven hundred and ninety-three million from the acquisition, he became the most eligible bachelor in Silicon Valley."

Crystal moaned in response, her head lolled to the side, she saw me through her half closed eyes. "Oh hey sugar, Bernie's telling me stories of start ups. It's turning me on something rotten." She beckoned me over, opening her mouth to welcome me in.

She'd just closed her mouth around me, when Bernie interrupted, "We got it!"

We looked at Bernie, />
He pointed to the laptop he'd been reading from. "We just got incorporated. Congratulations Crystal, you are now CEO of Darkness incorporated, a Delaware

Crystal squealed, "Thank you Bernie." She leant over and kissed him on the lips. She looked at me, and my hard on. "Hey sugar, do you mind if we do that later, I've got things I need to do." I wasn't sure if I minded, but Crystal was fired up. "We got to get ourselves a bank account. We need to recruit. Bernie, how about corporate council? You want the job?"

She looked at Bernie, he nodded, "Uh, huh."

"Sugar, you could be my right hand man." She said, as she pressed my right hand to her soaking wet pussy. "You want to be my executive personal assistant? Very personal?" I nodded yes.

With that decided, she bounded off the desk. "We also need a developer and a marketing guy." Then she skipped to the bedroom, to get to the bathroom. Soon, we heard the shower running.

I was feeling kinda spare, standing there with a slightly damp deflating dick and several wet fingers. I cast around for something to do. "Hey Bernie, can I bum some cash?"

"You're on the payroll now, I'll lend you one of my corporate cards, until we get cards for Darkness inc." He handed me a Visa card.

"Thanks Bernie, you don't mind if I order room service do you?"

"No, go for it."

"Thanks, you want />
"Just some coffee."

I called room service, I ordered a large pot of coffee, and the panettone french toast from the menu which sounded tasty. Then I asked about the wine. They put me onto the sommelier, he said he had a good bottle of St. Emilion. I hoped it was good, it was four hundred and fifty bucks for the bottle. I ordered it, specifying it be unopened; he said he'd send it up with breakfast. Then I jumped in the shower in the entryway guest bath.

After the shower, I picked up my borrowed clothes from the seating area and dressed. Breakfast arrived soon after. It was as delicious as it sounded on the menu. After breakfast, I asked Bernie to give my love to Crystal, picked up the wine and left. On the way through the lobby, I picked up a small pearl from the jewelry shop. It looked flawless; it hadn't been strung. At five hundred bucks, I hoped it was flawless.

I stopped in the forum at Ceasar's to get a selection of more fashionable, better fitting, clothes. Then the Apple store to get an iPhone and I called Malcolm.

Soon, I was back in his office. I handed him the pearl and the wine. Malcolm read the label on the wine bottle and said, "1988 Château Pavie, very nice. This should be perfect." He reached in a desk drawer to find a corkscrew and opened the bottle, then set it on the desk and ignored it. "The wine needs to breathe for a while." That sounded reasonable. We chatted for a while. He hadn't gotten anywhere researching the luck events, he'd only just woken up himself.

Eventually, he pulled out a couple of crystal goblets from the same drawer, which didn't look deep enough to contain them. He poured wine into both of them, and pushed one towards me. I took a sip; it was good. I'm not sure it was four hundred and fifty bucks good, but it was rich, and full bodied and fruity. As I appreciated the wine, he delved in the drawer and took out some nutcrackers. He used the nutcrackers to pulverize the pearl into the wine. Then stirred the wine with a feather, also out of the drawer. Weird, but this whole thing was weird. He muttered something indistinct, then drank the wine, all in one go. The wine begged for better treatment than that.

He then got up, came around the desk, and started waving his hands around me. He occasionally made some exclamations, "Oh." Or "Oh!" Or "Oh?" Finally, he went back around the desk and flopped into his seat. He was sweaty and tired out, like the process had been strenuous for him.

I looked quizzically at him, he explained, "That was the Great Egg's identify spell. I know what you are."

"Oh, what am I?"

"You're a cross between a luck fairy and a succubus." Succubus sounded a little familiar, but again I looked quizzical. "As I thought a different genus, genus daemoni, a demon not a fairy. In this case, daemoni pornee, though their union is trying to get that name changed. They claim it's demeaning. Though if you're one, you're an incubus, not a succubus, that's the male version, same species. They're demons who feed off of sexual energy."

He paused, he was making some sense for once, so I signaled him to carry on. "Succubi and Incubi also have enchantment powers. Their enchantment makes it look as if they seduced their victim before they have sex to feed off of them. In your case, you're radiating an aura of enchantment. Anyone who comes near you, will feel well disposed towards you. That makes them act kindly towards you, and your luck fairy half feeds off that. If you have sex, then your succubi half feeds on the sex and channels the energy to the luck half."

"That kinda makes sense, as I said, people are generally kind to me. Lots of them want to have sex."

"Yeah, that'd be the aura. That's why I'm helping you, I came under the influence of your aura when the flowers washed away my circle of protection. Though I'm still not sure how your luck made its way out of the pentagram to make that happen. The pentagram was supposed to keep that />
"Would a cockroach running across the pentagram do that?"

"Hmm, that might do it, was there a cockroach?" I nodded. "It may be your luck was strong enough to cause the cockroach, then the rest of the events. You are very powerful. A strange blend of luck and />
I never though I was powerful, things just go my way usually. That is until the world changes on me."

"I can imagine, with your luck and charm, you never had to work out how to use them consciously. You probably don't even realize that life isn't like that for most people."

I was startled, "It isn't?" which kinda made his point for him. He smiled.

"Also if someone comes in contact with your blood, they'll be bound to you. That happened to me when we shook hands, we both got cuts from the bowl."

"Bound, how?"

"Much like your aura, but a hundred times stronger. They'll probably seem to be in love with you. Slave would be more like it though. It's a two way thing though, so you'd have feelings for the bound one."

That was a startling thought, if all my lovers had been slaves instead, without me knowing it. "That's terrible, how would I know if they loved me, or were just in my thrall?"

"Does it matter?"

"Well, let see. … You could use some He reached into the desk drawer and pulled out a little spool of golden thread. "If you circle someone with this thread, they have to tell the truth. It also negates any mind altering magic, any magic at all really, so you really know they're telling the truth."

I took the spool from him, got up and unwound a bit of the thread. "So I just run this around your feet?"

"Yes, make sure the ends touch, so the circle is complete." I did just that, unrolling it around his chair, then overlapping the ends making sure they touched.

"So you can't tell a lie?"

"That's right."

"How do I know that?"

"You />
"Do you mind being bound to me?"

"Sorry, I didn't realize. Can I release you from it?"

"Yes, you could. There's a ritual which involves cutting the palm and making an />
"What would you do if I did that?"

"I'd sell you out to the casino. There's a big bounty for luck fairies, I'm sure with your special talents, they'd pay ten times as much."

This was disturbing, I didn't want to hold anyone in thrall, but I didn't want to get sold out either. "How about if I made you rich beyond your dreams of avarice?"

"I can be bought, I'd consent to your binding if you could do that. But I don't see how you could. If you start throwing your luck around the casinos, you'll get caught again."

"I have a much bigger bet than at a casino; I could bring you on board. I'm assistant to the CEO of a new startup, we just landed twenty-million in financing, and we hope to exit with several billion in an IPO. I could offer you an equity share as mage consultant. Even a one percent stake could be worth several tens of />
"You're offering me a gamble as a pay off?"

"I am a luck fairy remember."

He nodded, seeing the point. "OK, how big's my end of the action?"

"You'll have to negotiate with the CEO about that."

"Ok, I'll consent to being bound for a reasonable cut to be negotiated. Good job we're bound — I wouldn't trust me otherwise. Though I'm not sure how long this accidental binding will last, you should do it />
I rolled the thread back on the spool. He said, "That was really strange, I felt as if I didn't trust you, of course I trust you."

"That's just the binding talking isn't it?"

"I suppose you're right, but it feels good to me." I suppose if I were enslaving people, at least they were happy about it.

I still had other questions, "This binding, does it have to be blood? Could it be other bodily fluids?"

"Such as?"

"Semen springs to mind."

He looked down at my crotch, looked disgusted, and said, "Look, as much as I like you, I'm not doing that."

I chuckled, "I'm not suggesting that, there's also tears and spit. But specifically, if I fucked a girl, came inside her, would that do it? And then if a guy licked that out of her?"

He looked even more disgusted, "Someone did that?" I tried not to react to that, "Give me your hand." He waved his hands up and down my arm again. "Semen, lacrimal fluid, and saliva will all have the same effect as blood. The degree of binding depends on the closeness of the contact. The usual way is commingling of blood, as we did accidentally. But ingesting or otherwise getting the fluid within you will have much the same effect. So yes, coming inside a girl will do it. As would eating that out of the girl. French kissing would also have a binding effect."

"So how do you want to be bound?"

"I'll take the usual commingling of blood, the other options are just not my thing, sorry."

"How do we do that?" With that question, he pulled a large hunting knife, a tumbler, and a bottle of whiskey out of that drawer again. He poured a large glass of whiskey, then dipped the knife blade in it, explaining, Then, he made a cut on his palm with the knife and handed it to me, indicating I should do the same. I did, then we clasped our palms together. Nothing obvious happened.

We sat there, I didn't know if anything were supposed to happen, he looked as though he had an idea. He reached in the same drawer and pulled out a small silver pendent on a silver chain. "Wear this, it'll protect you."

I examined it, the pendent was a blank silver disk. "What is it?"

"It's an apadal, it stops most magical detection spells working on the wearer. If someone wants to find you, they're going to have to blow a true seeing spell to do it. That's expensive, so if you don't make a nuisance of yourself, that should protect you when using your luck." I hung it around my neck, and we left to get back to the hotel.

We got back to the hotel, and there was a small conference going on around the dining table. At one end, a guy was furiously typing away on a laptop. At the other end Crystal, Bernie, and another guy were having an animated discussion.

Crystal saw me and sprinted over to me, she was wearing a conservative business suit and her makeup was much more restrained, she looked like a CEO. As I'd guessed, she really was very pretty. She threw her arms around me and kissed me and kissed me, and, … You get the idea. "Welcome home sugar. I missed you. Who's your friend?" Then added, "Thanks for sending over Dave and Mike."

"This is Malcolm, I've recruited him as a consultant. But, who are Dave and Mike?"

"You know who Dave and Mike are, you recruited them."

"I did?" They looked slightly familiar, I think I'd chatted to them earlier in the day, but I didn't remember recruiting them.

"Dave is the developer. He's already working up version 0.1 of the software; Mike is the marketing creative. He's already mapping out the social media />
Mike had sauntered over to join us, "I sure have, we'll have Crystal as our spokes-model, is a perfect name for her. It's also a perfect name for the product. We can use the tag line, 'Darkness isn't staying in Vegas.' How's that? It's going to be perfect. If we can't get to double our user base projections with that, I'm not getting my bonus."

I needed to get my business out of the way first. I herded everyone back to the table, and got them to sit down. I stood at one end, and got Dave's attention at the other. He stopped typing. "It has come to my attention that something unusual is going on. I am not what I seem to be, and you've all fallen under my power." Everyone except Malcolm looked at me blankly, confused.

"I emanate enchantment. Anyone who comes near me falls under my spell. Didn't you notice that when you met me?"

There was a chorus of protests, like "I just though you were a nice guy." No one saw anything odd in their behavior towards me.

"You can be freed from this effect. If that is what you want, that's what we can do. I have a method of finding out if that is what you want, independent of the />
They all looked at me and shrugged.

"OK, you all just wait here." I got up and motioned Crystal to join me. I took Crystal into the bedroom and closed the door behind me. I unrolled the thread from the spool and made a ring on the floor, making sure the ends touched. I nodded to the ring, and Crystal stepped into it. There was a heart rending scream from Crystal, she burst into tears, and screamed, />
I reached for Crystal inside the ring, there was a strange, disconnected, feeling in my arm. I pulled her to me and hugged her. Between sobs, she managed to gasp. "It was horrible, you'd ripped out my heart and soul. Don't send me away please!" It was obvious I couldn't undo the binding without hurting her severely, she truly didn't want that.

Before I could react, the bedroom door burst open, and Malcolm charged into the room. "Make sure to form the circle around the subject, don't have them step into a formed circle. Sorry I didn't say."

We both looked at him, startled. He looked back, then backed out of the room saying, Again.

Crystal and me looked at the closing door, looked at each other, then burst out laughing. When we settled down, I hugged her again, and echoed Malcolm's thought. Not meeting her gaze.

"Just promise you'll never send me away. I couldn't bear to be without you." I looked her in her eyes, still wet with tears. />
I wiped away a tear, "OK, I promise."

"Oh sugar, I love you." She hugged me. Then changing the subject, she asked, "Can I use your thingy?" Looking at the thread on the floor. "I want to interview the recruits."

I couldn't refuse her that, not after her earlier experience, so I nodded. "Uhh, sure. Just make sure to ask if they want to be freed from me."

Then she asked, "Could you try it, make sure it doesn't hurt?" I moved the ends apart, so the circle was broken. I warily entered the circle then indicated she should close the loop. She did, I didn't feel anything unusual.

Crystal asked, "Did that hurt?"

I said, "No." Before thinking.

"What are you?"

"A normal person as far as I know; Malcolm thinks I'm half luck fairy and half succubus." Again, I didn't feel anything strange, I just answered the question.

She reached down and disrupted the ring, "Thank you sugar. Could you send in Malcolm." She obviously wanted me to leave, so I did and sent in Malcolm. Then, the rest of us waited, Dave kept typing. I chatted a little.

Malcolm emerged saying, "Fuck she's a tough negotiator." Then asked Mike to go in. Then it was Dave's turn, then finally Bernie.

Bernie came out, "I see what you mean about the Everyone burst out laughing.

Then Crystal emerged. She stood at the end of the table and gave a speech. It was a stirring speech; a call to arms for those gathered. I felt a wave of optimism wash over me, and the rest of the room, as they sat entranced by her words. But, if I'd thought about it, I couldn't say why. I don't actually remember what she said given what followed.

At the climax of the speech, she reached down to the skirt of her suit, and ripped. It sounded like Velcro coming apart, it was, the bottom of her skirt came away, leaving her in a mini-skirt. She put her hands on the end of the table, then jumped up into a handstand, revealing a crimson satin thong as the skirt fell down about her hips.

She then rolled into a flic-flac and regained her feet. She strutted up and down the table, pointedly unbuttoning the jacket. She coyly flipped the jacket off one shoulder a couple of times, then pulled it down and off one arm and swung it off her other arm, ending up with it slung over her shoulder. Another strut, then she exaggeratedly swung the jacket around her head, thrusting her hips as counterpoint. Then, the jacket was slung to the other end of the room.

No one watched the jacket; she grabbed at the hem of her skirt. She flipped it up giving a view of her panty clad pussy, then spun on her heel and did the same to the other side of the table. Then, she bent over, and flipped the skirt exposing her uncovered butt. Again, a spin and gave the others a view.

Now, she moved the attention to the buttons on her blouse, a white short sleeved, almost transparent one. A couple of buttons were undone, and she briefly exposed her shoulders. Then a couple more buttons, her crimson satin bra came into view. Then a flurry of hands, the bra was undone and taken off, while she was still wearing the blouse. She paraded around the table, dangling the bra, just out of reach. Then, she dropped it on Mike's head.

Another two buttons on the blouse, just a couple more held it closed now. She reached inside the blouse and pulled out one boob. It overflowed her long slender fingers, the nipple peeked out from between them. Then, she put it back. She teased the table with the skirt again, then lifted one side exposing her hip. It also exposed a bow on her thong, she took one end and pulled, untying the bow. She let the loose ends dangle, while she exposed the other hip and pulled the bow, pulling the panties completely off.

First she sniffed the crotch. Then she again she paraded around the table, dangling the panties out of reach, before dropping them on Dave's head. He looked ecstatic at that, and then ready to explode when he sniffed at the crotch. The final buttons on the blouse were undone, and she the audience, grabbing the flapping sides of the blouse and pulling them open, before closing the view again.

A few more teasing glimpses with the skirt, before she sat on the table in front of Mike, opening herself up to his gaze. He leant forward, and Crystal grabbed the back of his head and forced his face into her pussy. She held him there as she appreciated what he was doing with his tongue. Leaning back on one elbow, her head lolled back, she moaned.

Suddenly, she released Mike's head, and she rolled over backwards to land on her feet. She teased some with the shoulder of the blouse, then it came off in one fluid movement. She was now topless, her bounteous boobs on display, mouthwatering. She paraded around the table, dragging the blouse behind her. Malcolm grabbed the blouse like a pouncing cat as it came by him. Crystal looked around, seemingly startled at the interruption, she sprung up and twisted round, landing facing Malcolm. She bounced on her feet and dropped onto her hands and knees, then crawled towards Malcolm.

Malcolm sat unflinching as she approached, until their noses almost touched. Then, she grabbed his head and pulled him to her breast. She bopped him with her boobs, then suddenly flipped over so she was on her back and Malcolm's head was trapped between her thighs. She drew his face to her pussy, and again moaned as she appreciated Malcolm's tongue.

Again, the release was sudden, this time she flipped onto her hands and knees before bouncing back up to regain a standing position. Now, she found the skirt's zip on her hip, and zipped it down. She stood still momentarily and let go the skirt. It started descending down her legs, revealing her pussy. Then, suddenly she flipped backwards, the skirt caught on her shoe and as she back-flipped, the skirt when sailing into the distance. She landed in a splits on the table, naked except for the shoes.

She rested for a couple of beats before rolling over, ending up with her pussy facing Dave and her legs sticking up and out. She smoothed her hand over her pussy, before laying back on the table with her arms splayed above her head, offering herself to Dave. Dave leaned forward and sniffed, then dove in and started licking Crystal. She obviously, and noisily appreciated his efforts.

Soon, she rolled over on to her hands and knees, then crawled to Bernie. She kissed him on the lips, then reached down below the table, unzipping his fly, and pulling out his dick. She motioned him back from the table, and he shuffled his chair back a bit. She pulled her legs under her, sat on the edge of the table briefly, before pushing off, and landing in Bernie's lap. She landed impaled on his erections, then started pumping her hips. Both of them moaned and groaned loudly, before Crystal shuddered, and both of them relaxed. Obviously, both Bernie and Crystal had just come.

There was a brief pause, then Crystal slid onto the floor. She crawled to me, and beckoned with one finger. I turned my chair around to face her, and she reached for my fly and unzipped it. Reaching inside she managed to free my stiff dick before inhaling it. Tongue and lips swirled around the head of my dick, pushing me quickly towards coming. The preceding show had wound me up tight. Crystal's heavenly mouth worked on my dick, and I exploded.

Regaining my wits, it was like there had been an actual explosion again. I was lying on the floor on my back, as was Crystal, sent in the other direction. The rest of the guys were also picking themselves up off the floor. Crystal was first to recover, she bounced back to her feet, sprung over to the desk, then called out. "Wow! That was some blowjob. Who wants to fuck?" Then, she lay back on the desk, with her legs dangling and open. Dave was first to react and sprinted over to take her up on the offer.

I didn't take much notice of that action, as I was trying to regain my seat. It was a Herculean effort to get up off the floor. Whatever Crystal had done to me, had sapped all my strength. When I finally managed get seated, a confused Malcolm leant over conspiratorially. "I'm not sure what happened, she's not using magic, but she managed a binding effect. Her pussy juice seems to have an effect like your bodily fluids, but not as strong. Then when you came, the binding effect of your semen coursed along her binding, strengthening the bond. I'm now bound to her, almost as strongly as to you. "

I wasn't sure what to make of that; Bernie, on the other hand, was bubbling. "Wheee! She's really something, that show, wow! That speech, it was like Steve at his best, before he passed. So much Charisma. I'd have funded the project, based on that alone." I knew what he meant, as much as Steve was an asshole, if he spoke he had the same effect, optimism, with no apparent cause.

Malcolm was less certain, "That speech was a bit hinky, she said some things I know weren't true, but she never lied. It's as if she has her own version of reality. I'm not sure even the truth-thread could get the actual truth of her. What did she tell you? She may be playing you. She was certainly interested in your capabilities when I was in the circle."

That didn't worry me, it's not like she actually said anything in the circle. Bernie's take was, "Just as Steve had his own version of reality. He was famous for it." Steve was indeed famous for that.

The action continued. Eventually, everyone including Crystal were sated. It took all of us a concerted effort working on her to satisfy her before she came down from the high she'd worked herself up into. If stripping and holding an audience in temporary thrall turned her on, having five guys bound to her sent her libido into orbit.

Dave ordered pizza from room service and went back to coding. Mike and Malcolm left for the night, Crystal telling them she expected them back bright and early the next morning. Me, Crystal, and Bernie went to sleep in the bedroom again.

And we all lived happily ever after.

That was how the company was founded. The rest is history as they say. Some things aren't generally known. Malcolm worked out I was a changeling. My birth parents had a forbidden love, luck fairies and succubi are not supposed to fall in love, or have a child. They left me with a human couple, who's newborn child had died. My arrival changed my new parents' fortune, so they could move out of the ghetto of Watts to Venice Beach.

He also found that with all the kindness shown to me, and all the sex, I could build up enormous luck potential. Malcolm invented the to measure this luck build up. That could explain all the sudden changes in the world. With enough luck built up, it could rewrite history to be more to someone's liking. Malcolm also came up with the idea to dissipate the luck before it built up to such proportions. He worked out how to channel it into the app, so our customers would get the good fortune, and I could continue to live with Crystal. That of course, only made our app more popular.

Crystal had some unusual natural abilities, Malcolm looked into those. She had the ability to bind people, then channel my binding, that's what caused the explosions. She had the ability to draw sexual energy from my succubus half, that's why she got so horny after. Crystal used these talents to her own advantage; the company orgy became her way of ensuring loyalty. A private show with Crystal was a favorite of the company incentive program. It was also a prize in the customer loyalty program. It was the most popular premium. Again, it just made our product more popular.

Crystal pretty much had control of the company. She structured the stock so that only the founders got voting rights. She had 49% of that, so in theory Bernie, Larry, and Sergey could outvote her. Bernie was under her spell, so he never would. She did really well by the company, so no one complained about the structure.

While not officially my job, I became head of recruitment. I could just bump into the very person we needed, like Dave and Mike. Me and Crystal could be very persuasive to get the right person to join the company. If needed, Crystal could turn on the waterworks and a tear would do it. Dave put together the workable iPhone app we launched with. He also cobbled together services with AWS. But, we needed an Android Developer, a web developer, and someone to really work on the backend services.

As the user base grew, we needed more and more talent to develop things further. I could bring in more quality talent faster than a more normal recruitment team. Dave reluctantly agreed to be CTO, with encouragement from Crystal and her incentive plan. He headed up the development. That allowed us to grow as fast as we did. We managed to make the series B funding round in one year, not the eighteen months originally planned. Kleiner took a piece, Ventures didn't for some reason, they said it didn't 'conform to their core values', but there were plenty others interested in the action, and it went to DG.

It was one of the fastest moves to IPO in history. Darkness went public with the second biggest IPO ever on the NASDAQ (second only to Facebook, and that Zuck Dweeb). That gave the company a market cap of just over fifty-billion. Crystal was the horniest I've ever known her that day, she now had a net worth of over ten billion, the fourteenth richest woman in the world.

My cut was a bit over a billion, as was Dave's. Malcolm had the smallest cut of the five of us, 'only' just over four-hundred million. That was what caused him to complain about Crystal's negotiation skills. Larry and Sergey exited with four hundred and seventy times their investment. They were happy as were the series B funders with a more modest one hundred and thirty times their investment. Many millionaires were made that day. While the later cuts of the action got smaller, even a very small cut could be worth a million. Anyone with fifty-thousand options or more became a millionaire.

"So Mr. Pogue, that's the true story of the founding of Darkness, inc. You can publish any of that you want, but you can't attribute it to any of us. Remember we have some very motivated lawyers on staff."

"No one would believe me if I did. How about, if I start: The boys at Darkness have a fairy story they tell about the founding of the company and their CEO, Crystal />
"That could work, but you should probably tone down the sex. That would be defamatory to Crystal."

"But it's true."

"Try proving that. Unless you have pictures from our IPO."

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