A day without the kids.

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My wife and I have been together for 7 years. Some say that’s when the itch creeps in, the 7 year itch. You know, the wives tale goes that after 7 years a person is supposed to start wondering whether or not they can still pick up the opposite gender. Well, the itch hasn’t gotten me. I still crave my wife and have eyes only for her. As happens though, time and kids (we have three under 5) tends to slow things down. So we decided to take a date day, a day off work for just us. This is that day.

After I dropped the kids off at daycare, I go home and lock the front door. Then I made my way back to the bedroom where my wife was waiting in bed, already naked I hoped. I get there to find she is indeed naked, lying under the covers with her ‘get over here’ smile. I lose my clothes and make my way over to her. We hug then kiss. The kiss turns into a slow wonderful hungry kiss. I run my hand over her back down to her butt and squeeze her cheek. My fingers go lower and touch her womanhood. “Nuh uh.” She says playfully. “You tease.” I say. She responds “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” in her little innocent voice “besides, I need a shower first.” “Good idea,” I play back, “you do stink.” I block one playful slap but not the second. “You wanna come join me?” She asks. “Anything to rub you down with soap.” I respond.

After our shower we made our way to our favorite restaurant. Nothing fancy but it has what we like. We order our favorite dishes and make small talk while we wait trying to avoid talking about the kids. Eventually the conversation comes back to the kids, what can I say, we’re parents.

With lunch over we go catch a movie. I’m not paying it much attention as I keep looking over at my wife. She’s gorgeous. Back to the screen some people are talking about something but I don’t care, I’m just happy to have some alone time with her. Finally the movie ended and we drove home.

At home, we made our way to the bedroom, no words were said, none were needed. We both knew what the other wanted. In the bedroom we embraced our mouths seeking each other out and kissed. My tongue entered her mouth, still tasting of the popcorn she had earlier, and played with her tongue. She moaned and kissed back, her tongue swirling around mine.

The kiss broke and we took the opportunity to take off our shirts. I admired her body, after 7 years together she still filled me with lust. Her suntanned skin and soft feminine features drove me crazy. I ran my hands over the sides of her stomach and up her body avoiding her breasts. My hands made their way up to the back of her head. My fingers wove through her hair and I kissed her again eliciting a moan from her sexy throat.

She pushed away from me and gave me a come get me smile while pushing her skirt off, then she sat on the bed and scooted to the far end. I took the rest of my clothes off while admiring her body. At 5’3” weighing 115 lbs, she’s smoking hot to me. My eyes drank in her shoulder length dark brown hair and 36 B breasts then ran down to her black lacy underwear that I knew hid per clean shaven pussy. Just thinking of her cute little pussy made my mouth water.

I got on the bed and made my way to her. We embraced again and kissed some more. I loved it. My right hand rested on her stomach and slowly rubbed down to the outside of her left thigh making its way to her knee. She moaned and opened her legs slightly. I moved over on top of her between her legs as we continued to kiss. I broke the kiss and started kissing her jaw line making my way to her ear. I licked and nibbled her ear lobe and kissed down her neck to her sternum.

I began kissing and nibbling the exposed flesh of her breasts that her bra didn’t cover. She held my head and moaned encouragingly. I made my way down her stomach and stopped at her underwear. I began kissing and licking the inside of her thighs avoiding her pussy. Her hips started making small thrusting motions as I continued licking, sucking, and nibbling everything but her pussy.

Finally I decided it was time. I grabbed both sides of her underwear and removed them from her inhaling her intoxicating musky scent. Gently I licked her outer lips. She was already breathing hard and sighed when my tongue touched her lips. I made sure I didn’t touch her clit, that was for later. I ran my tongue over her outer lips and sucked each into my mouth enjoying the torture I was giving her. She squirmed and tried to get me to lick and suck elsewhere but I wouldn’t do it yet.

When my tongue finally made contact with her clit, she let out a moan and a drawn out She was somewhere else. I played tongued her clit and then moved down to tongue her hole sticking it in as far as I could. “I like that.” She told me. I made my way back to her clit and sucked it into my mouth creating a vacuum while I flicked it with my tongue. Then I inserted my middle finger and found her g-spot. Within minutes she was bucking her hips and moaning telling me stop, I’m gonna come.”

When she came I felt her pussy pulsing around my finger. She gasped and let out unintelligible grunts. I eased up on her clit and let her ride her orgasm out. Finally I withdrew my finger and lay down beside her giving her a kiss. She kissed me back and pushed me onto my back.

She kissed my neck and made her way to my nipples licking and nibbling on them. It was electrifying and I caught myself not for the first time wondering if it was the same thing women felt when their nipples were played with. She went lower and spread my legs getting between them. Then she grasped my dick with her left hand. Slowly she ran her tongue up my shaft to the underside of my head. She looks extremely sexy when she does this.

She then inserted the head into her mouth causing me to groan. Very slowly she lowered her head taking all of me inside her mouth stopping when her lips rested against my trimmed pubic hairs. She stayed like that for a few moments then suddenly started bobbing her head. “That feels amazing.” I told her. She alternated sucking me, jacking me, and massaging my balls until she could feel me getting close. Then she stopped and sat up.

She reached up between her breasts and unclasped her bra. Her beautiful breasts were free. My hands went to then and gently massaged them. I rolled her light brown nipples in my fingers and watched them come to life. She crawled up me and rested her pussy against my dick. I inserted one nipple in my mouth and sucked enjoying the feeling of her in my mouth. I moved over to the other breast and sucked her other nipple into my mouth rolling my tongue around it. Then I moved my head up and again we kissed, full of hunger and desire for each other.

My dick still rested outside her pussy. She used this opportunity to rub the length of my dick against her dripping pussy while we continued kissing and moaning into each other’s mouths. Finally she adjusted her hips and the head of my dick entered her. There she stopped.

She pulled back and looked me in the eyes and told me “I love you.” “I love you too,” I answered. My hands which were on her hips applied a little downward pressure and she slowly slid onto me. After three kids, I’m still amazed at how tight she is. We both moaned at the feeling. We stopped with my fully inside her and my hands running over her back enjoying the feeling of her skin. Slowly we found a gentle rhythm and continued kissing.

Each thrust brought forth sighs, moans, and grunts from both of us. Sweat began to make our body’s slick. Gently I played with her breasts some more and pinched her nipple. Then I put my fingers in the hair at the back of her head again knowing it drives her crazy and kissed her mouth followed by her shoulder enjoying the salty taste of her hot skin. I was approaching my climax again so I dropped my hands down to her waist and held her in place not allowing her to move.

wrong?” she asked playfully. “I don’t want to yet.” I told her. She made a feeble attempt to move and grind against me eliciting a sighing grunt from me. how you want to be?” I asked her. she asked, “You mean this?” she ground against me again getting the same reaction from me.

I gripped her waist and pushed her off me and moved around behind her. She put her face down on the pillow and groaned as I entered her from behind. Our combined scents drifted up and I savored them while I started a slow rhythm. She moaned on every thrust. In, pull out to just the tip, push in. I kept a steady pace slowly picking up intensity. Eventually her hips met the bed and she was lying flat on her stomach. I love this position and she knows it.

My knees are on either side of her thighs and I’m slowly thrusting into her pussy while my hands are just beneath her armpits. “Do you like this?” I ask her. She responds weakly. “Why do you like it?” I ask her. “Because I can’t do anything to stop you right now, I’m helpless.” I let my dick come out of her pussy and rub the underside of it against her asshole. She moans deep and pushes her face into the pillow. I continue rubbing my dick against her ass and let the head rest at her opening. I push just a little and feel her open up slightly. She’s holding her breath waiting for me to enter her. We don’t normally do anal; I just want to tease her a bit this time. I adjust lower and enter her pussy again.

I begin to pick up speed. Beneath me she’s moaning and doing what she can to push herself back onto my dick. I’m grunting and pistoning, she’s moaning and asking for me to come. Then I feel it, it’s happening now, I pushed myself in her as far as I can. Her pussy was repeatedly squeezing my dick, she’s yelling out that she’s coming, I start to come. Pulse after pulse shoots into her, I’m getting dizzy, the feeling is intense. There’s nothing else in the world but our moment. Reality starts to settle in. I gently kiss her back and shoulders. We’re panting. I roll off and we lay there holding each other just enjoying each other’s company.

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story by: MustangSteve

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Author: MustangSteve

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