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I have known Angie for fourteen years. We have always lived in the same area and occasionally we would bump into each other doing shopping. I always liked her, and judging by the time we have spent talking in an isle of a supermarket, she liked me too.

Two years ago I got divorced and moved to a seaside suburb to clear my head and start a new life.
Rejuvenated and relaxed I moved back to my old turf. I was very lonely by then and in desperation decided to find a partner on E-bay (sort of, one of the on-line dating agencies).
I was not until one evening, a week later, full of happy juice, searching for my prospective partner, when I saw a familiar face.
It was Angie, as beautiful as ever, looking for a new partner in life. Without hesitation I sent her an email with my phone number…
For the next two days I was checking my email every chance I got…
Day three, late at night my phone rang, and yes, it was Angie.

We spoke for about an hour and she was to visit me the next evening, as to my surprise she lived only about a mile away.
Tuesday night could not have come soon enough. When I saw her again my heart has skipped a beat and there must have been some changes in blood distribution to my body. My brain was definitely starved, because all the fluids were diverted to my dick.

She looked just beautiful. She was much slimmer (going to gym 4 times a week), long blond hair as before, but really taken care of. Once we got inside I had a closer look at her. Not a wrinkle on her face. Her skin was absolutely flawless. And to top it all of her breasts were just as beautiful as ever. I am not an expert, but 36D sounds about right, if not bigger.
We could not stop talking about the good and bad times, our experiences, dreams and everything in general. From time to time I would touch her delicate hand. She felt so soft and warm. Four hours and two bottles of wine later it was time to say good bye.

We met again Friday night. This time her cleavage was much more adventurous and I had to try really hard not to stare at her exposed breasts. She left my place at 3am. Again we were just talking, this time there were no taboos. Sex was mentioned quite a few times, openly, preferences during love making, favourite positions, orgasms, foreplay methods…
She would describe everything in details driving me nuts. Finally I got the courage and asked her if she would be interested in me as her partner. It was a bitter blow when she said she would rather have me as a friend. From there on we would see each other once a week at my place, drink wine, watch movies, talk.
About two months later I called Angie to let her know that I have finally manage to purchase some Ecstasy. We have spoken about it before, but she was not willing to try. She was however more then willing to be there after I have taken some…

Friday night I was ready and waiting, she arrived as promised, 7 pm sharp. For the fist time she wore a skirt and was this a sight. Her legs were so sexy.
I asked her again if she would like to try, but Angie refused firmly. It was 7.15pm when I swallowed the bitter pill with some water. Angie was so curious, she was observing my face closely, didn't talk much. We had some appropriate music on, visual effects on my large TV screen. I was watching closely the clock on the wall trying to predict when it will take effect. It was my third time I took an Eccy, so I was surprised with the speed and strength it hit me.

Suddenly I had the urge to do something. I got up and told Angie I need to take a shower. I stripped in my bedroom and shamelessly walked out in her full view. I left the bathroom door open. I could see her observing me as I stepped inside a shower cubicle. The hot water brought the first wave. It felt wonderful on my skin. I massaged my body with my soapy hands, squeezing my genitals, pinching my nipples.

I inserted a soapy, slippery finger in my ass hole and kept on pumping it. After a while I reached for an enema bottle from the floor of the cubicle and five minutes later, with empty bowel I stepped out, dried myself. I could see her reflection in the mirror. She would not move. I did not know what to think, and by then I did not care. I just stood there looking at our reflections in the mirror, massaging my body, moving in the rhythm of loud music pounding from the stereo. My body was glistening with baby oil. My semi erected cock was fully visible to Angie as I turned around and put and over sized t shirt.

As I walked into the living room she was absolutely stunned. I turned the lights off and the only illumination was the plasma TV with some laser visual effect synchronized with the rhythm of music.
I asked Angie if she would like to dance. She said no, and as I was expecting her to walk out the door she walked toward the kitchen counter, took one of the pills and swallowed it looking into my eyes.

I was so high then. I told her about the effects E has on me before, and she used it now asking me all questions I would have not answered under normal circumstances.
She asked me to put my favourite porn movie on. I was spread on the floor, watching the porn flick and massaging my oily body. From time to time I would insert a vibrator in my ass sending me to ecstasy, arching my back.

After a while I turned around and I could see that Angie's pupils were as large as dinner plates. I simply took her hand, guided her toward the bathroom. She just stood there facing the mirror, as I clumsily stripped her clothes and directed her toward the sower cubicle. Once I adjusted the water I began soaping up her beautiful body. She just stood there, did not move, no reaction. Using Johnson's Baby Oil I lubricated her anus with my finger and pushed inside. She was so tight. It was the first time she let out a sound and her bottom pressed against my hand.
I filled the enema bottle with warm water, inserted the tube in her sweet ass cleaned her insides. Every time i removed the hose she would squirm and let out a moan. I must have taken my time, as the system has run out of hot water. I dried our bodies with a towel, poured some baby oil on her, massaged it in and took her toward the blaring speakers.
I asked her again if she would like to dance. This time she said yes.

We stepped closer, hugged and started swaying in the rhythm of the music. As soon as we looked in each others eyes our lips met for the first time. It was absolutely wonderful. our tongues were exploring our bodies. I was licking her whole body, she was on her knees sucking my limp cock. I was on kneeling behind her licking her anus. There was no end to the perversion until Angie asked me if she could have a smoke. She lit up a cigarette went down on her knees again and started sucking my penis. At the same time she separated my ass chicks and inserted the cigarette in my ass. She then took it out and continued smoking. It gave me an idea. I took a huge cigar, lit it and gave it to her. We continued to insert it into our orifices, smoking, kissing, laughing.
About two hour later we swallowed the second pill…

If you want to hear about it let us know…

story by: zetorx

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Author: zetorx

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