A last breath. part 2. a meeting.

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The club virtually shakes from the deep pumping bass emiting from speakers on every wall , the dark lighting hides many tables and small alcoves around the room. The girls push past the mass of euphoric dancing people before finding a small table in which to entrench themselves. Its only moments before Jen notices several friends and wanders off to be social. Laughing softly Rebecca heads to the bar for the first round, as she leans against the bar waiting for the bartender to get to her, the hair at that nape of her neck stands with the feeling of being watched.

Spinning around she scans the room , her eyes drawn to a dark corner on the otherside of the dance floor . He stands cloaked in shadows, tall and broad shouldered, leaning against the wall staring at her. A shiver creeps up her spine as she meets his dark eyes, heat settling low in her abdomen as her pulse spikes. Taking a step towards him, she is distracted by a voice behind her, "What can i get you? " Glancing at the bar tender she waves him off with a vague hand and starts across the dance floor in search of the mystery male.

Eyes rapidly searching as she breaks free from the dancing shamble of people, she frowns in annoyance at no sight of him. Shaking her head at her stupidity, for she wouldn't know what to say if she did find him, she heads back to their table. Amy grabs her hand demanding with a laugh, "come dance with me Becca, let's heat up this place"

Raising a brow in surprise Rebecca let's Amy lead her onto the dance floor , on reaching the crowd of people Rebecca tugs on Amys hand and catches her in her arms. Slowly beginning to move her hips to the music, Rebecca leads any in a slow moving dance. Lowering her lips to Amys ear, Rebecca murmers quietly, "How heated do you wanna go? " Letting her breath tickle along Amys neck she draws Amy closer with a hand around her waist.

Feeling Amy shiver against her Rebeccas lips curl in a small smile, spaning her hand on Amys lower back, Rebecca dances. Hips undulating with the music the two bodies of the women move as one, their steps offset, hips never parting. Rebeccas free hand moves to Amys neck as she dips Amy down low before learning forward and putting her lips a breaths space from Amys. Trailing her nails along Amys neck, Rebecca moves to the music as she moves her hands down Amys body, kneeling before her friend Rebecca laughs lightly add she noticed more than a few men watching them dance. Moving behind Amy, Rebecca dances with her, her fingers lightly spaning Amys ribs. As the music winds to a close Amy tilts her head back , and with a grin Rebecca meets her lips in a slow erotic kiss as her hands slide down to Amys thighs.

The girls drink and dance throughout the night, as the hour approaches morning the four stand at their table around a small stand holding four flourecent test tubes. “ If I drink this will I turn into Dr Jekyl? “ Jen holds her tube up to the light with a laugh, “ Werent we always told never to drink chemicals?“ Downing the drink she coos happily, “Oooo theyre nice, we need more!“ Laughing as she watches Jen move through the crowd towards the bar, Rebecca shakes her head and turns back to Amy and Em. “That guy youve been dancing with Becca is still watching you, “ Amy says smugly as she raises her own drink to her lips.

Turning her head to observe the guy in question, Rebecca blushes slightly and shrugs,
“ Ehh.. been a long night..“
Both Em and Amy cry in unison before trying to convince her,
“You need some fun!“
“Take him home and get your bell rung for once, youre gathering cobwebs girl!“ Scowling at Amy Rebecca huffs with indignation,
“Fine, dont wait up girls“ Blowing them a kiss Rebecca moves through the crowd till before him. At eye level to her while shes in boots, he is rather short for a guy, light blue eyes, blond hair and a dark tan just scream vocational surfer.

Her eyes roam over his body and she frowns slightly at her lack of response. His large muscular arms and toned frame are certainly attractive enough, shrugging slightly she pushes ahead anyway. After inviting him for a quieter more private coffee in a cafe a short walk from the club the two leave togther to the delight of her friends. It isnt until they are halfway to the cafe and he pulls her into his arms and into a side alley, that she relises her mistake. Pushing against his chest as he presses hard wet lips to hers and tries to push his tongue past her lips, she struggles out of his hold.

Attempting calm she says reasonably, “ Lets get to the cafe first and see how things go huh?“ Moving to step away from him, she is surprised when with a growl he grabs her arm pulling her back against him with a slurred snarl, “ Fuck that bitch! Your gonna taksh my cock“ His fist moves fast and connects hard with her temple. Stars dance before her eyes as she stummbles and falls to the ground, his hold on her dragging him with her.

Striking at him viciously, Rebecca’s fists land several forceful blows to her attacker’s face but he doesnt faulter. Her arms strike at him wildly as her attacker swiftly sits on her, his full weight firmly on her stomach. She doesnt have time to react nor does she have the strength to fight the attack. Rebecca feels his body weight crushing her stomach and lower ribs. In an act of desperation, she claws at his exposed face, painfully digging her sharp fingernails into his flesh. Her attacker groans as he draws his arm back and, in one strong sweeping motion back across his body, strikes her forearms with his. The force of the blow causes her upper body to roll to the side slightly. Seeing an opening in her feeble defense, her attacker grasps Rebecca around her neck with both of his powerful hands, squeezing tightly.

Shaking with fear as she realizes she cant breathe, she begans hitting her attacker in the forearms in an act of desparation, doing anything she can to remove his hold from her throat. Her efforts are useless. His arms, now flexed tight and strong, are unmovable. She gags as her body screams for oxygen. Within seconds, her brain feels the effects of being deprived of the oxygen rich blood it needs to remain alive. Again, she punches her attacker solidly in the face but her efforts are futile.

He seems to draw a sense of morbid arousal from her struggling, he moves a hand to her breast squeezing and twisting it painfully. She feels her energy begin to wane as she begins losing consciousness as he maneuveres her into position. He slides a knee between her thighs, pressing his obvious erection against her. She uses all her strength to try to pull her attackers hands from her neck but he is too strong. A single tear runs down her cheek as the alley begins to spin. “I’m going to die!” she thinks to herself as her eyes began to bulge and she vaguely feels him fumbling with one hand to try to undo her pants.

Rebecca tries to scream but nothing escapes through his grip. She feels her attacker pull her body into his and then, with incredible strength, he slams her into the ground and her vision wavers. A moment before she passes out a shiny flash of metal pokes through her attackers neck, warm liquid spraying her face in a rush. The hand around her neck loosens and she gasps in large lung fulls of air, her vision swims and she finally loses conciouness but not before she sees a dark looming figure pushing the lifeless body of her attacker off her.

Pain ripples through her body and she cries out, strong hands gently push her back against her pillows and once more sleep claims her. Rebecca wakes later to great wracking coughs shaking her body, her chest heaving s she tries to draw breath. Strong arms encircle her gently and she relaxes back against him, the pain and coughing fading as shes enveloped in warmth, she drifts to sleep once more.

Waking slowly Rebecca stretches lazily in her bed, winceing as bruises and small scrapes make themselves known. Frowning she tries to recall the previous evening and gasps softly as memories flood her. Her stomach rebels, stummbling to the bathroom she barely makes in time. Flushing the toilet and moving to the sink, she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror as she reaches for her toothbrush.

Her long brunette hair hangs limp around her pale face, the few freckles spattered across her nose stand vivid beneath overly bright eyes. Swallowing she winces and observes the mass of purpleing bruises around her neck. Brushing her hair behind her ears she splashes her face with water and brushes her teeth. Her usual tablets and a shower until the water runs cold and she still doesnt feel clean. Returning to her bed, Rebecca curls into her blankets and hugs a pillow to herself. A strong dark husky scent surrounds her and she startles upright. Flashes of a dark figure holding her throughout the night fill her mind. She scowls in confusion and tries to remember more details, she cant… besides that she had felt warm. Warm and ……..safe.

Calling into work to beg off sick, she doesnt have trouble getting them to believe her as her voice is harsh and scratchy from the bruising. Not willing to stay cooped up in her apartment she quickly dresses and heads to the local park. Turning her face to the sun she smiles as the warm heats her chilled skin, giggling softly at her doctors expressions if they knew she wore no sunscreen. Crossing the road she shivers slightly as moves under the large oak trees, the shade dappled with the small amount of sun that shines through the thick overhead folliage.

Finding a shaded spot beneath a large oak, she sighs softly and laughs lightly as she watches several young children playing on a slide. Opening her bag she pulls free a book, dog eared and tattered the book is clearly well read. Leaning back against the tree Rebecca sinks into the world of adventure, love and fantasy and for a while is able to block out and escape the reality of her life. Several times her body shakes with huge coughing fits, the last leads to blood on her lip. Rasping breathlessly she shakily stands and leans heavily against the tree as she tries to catch her breath.

A dark head comes into her vision, bent before her and she starts in surprise. He rises to grin broadly at her, she gasps in surprise as she meets dark eyes. Rebeccas heart pounds in her chest as she stares back stupidly, she sees his lips move but she hears nothing but white noise. Dark hair and a clean shaven strong square jaw his strong features turn concerned as he watches her through narrowed eyes. “ Are you alright?“ Rebecca nods quickly as her hearing returns, unable to speak she blushes brightly as she peers back. “Here, I believe this is yours, “ He holds out her book to her and she glances down, gasping embarrasedly as she quickly takes the novel mummbling her thanks. His grin returns and a shot of heat settles low in her abdomen in response. Tipping his head to her, he steps back saying lightly, “ Rafael is my favorite.“ With a wink at her he turns and walks away, his broad shoulders drawing her eye as she stands stunned.

Returning to her apartment still a little bewildered, she runs a hot bath, soaking in the scented water and allowing her mind to drift. Dark eyes cross her minds eye, dark eyes and broad shoulders. Her body heatens as a wave of arousal flushes through her. Sliding the fingers from one hand gently over her skin, she trails her nails over her breast. Circling her nipple and watching it pucker and harden as she gasps softly from the sparks of sensation. Moving to her other nipple she runs her nail over the hard tip before pinching gently.

She squirms in the tub as small tingles begin between her thighs. Caressing her breasts in slow gently touches, Rebecca‘s breathing quickens a little. Her stomach quivers as she runs her finger tips down her body, the water makeing her skin feel soft and sensual. Around her naval, goosebumps rising on her flesh while her breasts bob steadily in the water, her breathing elevated. Her fingers dip lower to the line of her waist, her skin smooth and hair free she jumps slightly as she touches sensative flesh.

Her fingers part her soft folds and she bites her lip at the thrill of feeling through her body. She moves her finger over her clit, squirming as she presses light little circles over the sensative nub. Her pulse increases as she drops her fingers lower to caress her slit, her muscles grabbing needily at her touch. Moaning softly she presses a finger inside of herself, the slick walls of her inner muscles tightening. Beginning to slowly pump her finger in and out of herself, she rubs her palm over her clit. Moving her hips to meet her own rythm she moves her free hand to her breasts as a moan breaks her lips again.

Remembering his deep voice with the trace of an accent sends shivers through her. She increases her thrusting to two fingers and moans softly as the walls around her fingers tighten and grip. Heated moisture floods around her fingers smoothing their movement as she begins pinching and flicking at her nipples in time. A loud moan breaks from her lips as her head falls back, a fine film of sweat on her brow. Angling her hips upwards, a shudder runs through her as she curls her fingers inside her to rub against her g~spot. The instense wave of pleasure that follows almost causes her to lose control, but she holds out. Moving her other hand down her breasts and stomach she rubs firmly at her clit, brushing the sensative spot in time with her now rapidly thrusting fingers. Feeling her body tighten and the pressure of her release reaching a peak, Rebecca quickens her movement until her orgasm crashes over her. Crying loudly she bites down heavily on her lip, instantly tasting the sharp metallic tang of her blood as her pussy tightens painfully around her fingers in rippleing waves.

story by: Elarayn

Tags: masturbation violence fantasm female solo sex story written by women

Author: Elarayn

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