A lifelong affair pt. 2

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I couldn't belive I had finally "got me some", it was just as good as my wild imagination. While I had always thought about fucking my sister Lilly I really never anticipated it would happen.
All those years back when we had the opportunity to play in bed and explore each other we were engaging in foreplay before we even knew what that was.
I did learn a lesson back then, the lesson was patience. I'm not sure what, if anything, Lilly ever learned from our early experiences but I think it made me into a better lover. To get my dick inside a pussy was all consuming before but after that was accomplished it became an overpowering force or a quest to get more and more.
I loved my sister and now I was struggling with desires that made me question the fine line between love and the need to have a girl to tap anytime I needed it.
Did I still love her because she was my sister or were my needs betraying my feelings. I wondered what partiular torment she may have internally when it comes to what we did and what we could still do.
Like me I am sure she kept it supressed and dealt with it inside but it always makes one wonder how the other person will feel about it in the future.
These are the thoughts people have when they are "in love" but I convinced myself it wasn't that. I did love Lilly without a doubt but I wasn't "in love" with her, it was something else, something different, maybe something above being "in love".
I was never able to put my finger on it precisely other than we simply shared a special connection. It was felt more than it was ever talked about between us. We never really did talk about it over the years, we didn't have to we just "felt it".

You would think after Lilly and I did it we would be or had been fucking like rabbits but we didn't, with each other anyway. We went on with life and relationships like most siblings do.
What Lilly and I did produce was a sort of "calm" between us or like an itch that had been scratched in a way or it was still a smoldering fire which was transmitted via eye contact at certain times.
When we were together around family, friends, her boyfriend(s), my girlfriend(s) or whatever we would laugh and catch each others eye and look just a tiny little bit longer than would be usual among siblings.
We knew with our eyes that it was ever present in our thoughts and it was like we were always forcing ourselves to "be good". Although we never regretted it we knew that not very many would understand it and to succumb to our suppressed desires would lead to exposure, riddicule and general embarrasment for many people.

It was always tough to keep that fire from raging out of control but a controlled burn is needed now and again.

A Life Long Affair pt 2:

I was 21 now but moved out only the year prior and shared an apartment with a friend who has now moved out. I didn't want to do the roomate thing anymore and was able to get a one bedroom apartment in the same complex.
It was early Friday evening and there I am in my new place, which was still in some disarray, when I heard a knock on the door the same time it was being opened,

she called.

I had a box in my hand and turned to see Lilly which caused me to stop dead in my tracks and stare at her.

"What do you think", she asked.

I couldn't belive it, she had went blonde. I am not partial to blondes per se and when you are accustommed to hair color then a change typically just doesn't work. She always had natural dark brown hair but somehow being a blonde suited her more than I would have ever thought.
Her name was certainly appropriate with her face and demeanor and now the hair completed it. She was always a quiet, sweet innocent little flower of a girl but with her shape and hair you would figure her to be named Megan or Ashley but this was her look.

"I LIKE IT, that I said nodding my head in approval.

She had been up on her tip toes waiting for my reaction and when she got what she wanted to hear she began to bounce with glee. She stopped bouncing and lightly walked up to me with her arms strecthed out. I had my hands full of boxed items or I would have returned the gesture. She was so happy she couldn't wait and leaned into my side with her arms around my waist.

"I've never felt more like ME in my whole life until I did this", she said.

That set the tone for her evening and she insisted that she stay and help me arrainge my place, put things away, etc. This was realy unplanned and I had no idea I would see her today and with it being Friday evening I had no intention on imposing even though she offered.
As usual her and some friends planned to get together and go out so there was no way I could ask her to put that off especially when she wanted to get out there and sport her new hair color.
We gave each other the obligatory hug and I saw her out the door and watched as she bounded down the steps. It was summer and she was dressed for the hot weather with thin white shorts that were not tight around her legs and a spagetti strap top.
I stood there admiring how hot she looked and when she reached the bottom of the steps she turned to smile and wave at me. I threw my hand up and continued to watch as she got to her car, I didn't turn to go back inside until she was in the car and backing out.

I went back in my apartment, closed the door and thought about her bounding down the steps,

"WHEW", I said out loud while shaking my head side to side.

It really lets you know you are a man when you ogle something like that. My memories were brought to the surface as I stood there and with her fresh in my minds eye I was no longer interested in continuing what I needed to do. I went straight to my bedroom, dropped my shorts and laid back taking my cock in hand.
My thoughts had already caused me to get a chubby so with gentle strokes and the vision of Lilly in her attire I quickly had a very stiff pole in my hand. I had jacked off countless times thinking about Lilly, my current girlfriend or any off of a whole list of woman over the years. Every once in a while though I needed a completely naughty situation in my head to get the job done and fucking Lilly in my mind always did the trick.

While I worked my tool I conjured up a scenario wherein Lilly was on her knee's and I was taking her from behind. I had no thoughts of being gentle as I only thought about straight out fucking as my hand strokes increased. As I imagined my fingers dug into her hips while I thrusted in and out of her hole I was able to quickly coax a load of cum from my balls.
I grunted as I worked feverishly to finish up just as the friction was getting to be to much. Thinking about my cum shooting inside of Lilly brought it on and I roared out loud as cum exploded from my dick. I moaned and groaned while I pumped my shaft and my cock convulsed to expel my spunk.
I laid there catching my breath and let the dizzy feeling of relief fade away before I could stand. I got up and wiped cum from my stomach and hand then went in to wash up.
I felt better now and was able to get back on the tasks at hand and finish things in my apartment, I needed to get the sense of normalcy back. By the time I finished up it was late and I was tired as hell but when I laid down I wanted to stroke one off again but before I could gather up the energy to start I fell asleep.

I was woken up by the rock and roll ringtone on my cell and I wanted to ignore it thinking I had just went to sleep but the light of the morning sun coming into the window let me know otherwise.
I answered in a groggy fashion and it was Lilly, she wanted to come to my apartment complex to go swimming in the pool and hang out. This was fine with me since my girlfriend was working this weekend and I didn't have any real plans. I was carrying on a short distance relationship with a woman I who worked at a resturant in a town about 35 miles from here. It wasn't worth the commute if she lived in this town so she stayed closer to work and we saw each other about every other weekend.
I dragged myself out of bed and showered even though Lilly wouldn't be here until around noon. I was ready when she got to my place and she even brought lunch so we ate while talking before going to the pool.
She was a bit sad as opposed to yesterday evening when I saw her. She explained that her boyfriend was less then happy with her new hair but her girlfriends loved, that kept her spirits up plus the fact that I approved.
Now that we were through with lunch and talk she went into the bathroom to change. She came out with a scrumptious bikini, the bottoms were the type that had ties on the side which I always thought was so hot on a woman.

We spent the day in or around the pool, when she wasn't in the water she laid out catching some sun and of course she caught her share of looks from the other males, not to mention myself.
The way she looked in her bikini belied her quiet nature plus her innocent appearance caused men to to look at her with lust. I have seen it and I know because I'm drawn to woman like that as well. I would sit back and casually look around and see the other guys around the pool leer in her direction and I knew the thoughts in their head.
The day was getting on and we had enough of the outdoors, she spoke up and expressed what I was thinking,

"You want to order pizza tonight", she asked.

"Sure, lets do it", I responded.

"OK, you ready to go back to the apartment", she asked.

Yeah, let's get you away from here before one of these guys rapes you in his mind again", I said with a smile.

"OH STOP IT", she said in a mocking fashion.

We were not near enough or even talking loud enough for any of them to hear it and although I was playing I was also conveying some truth. Why did I need to tell her something she was already plenty aware of, I guess it's just the teasing big brother thing.
She, like all females, know the attention they get and they LOVE IT for the most part.
There are some woman which are real prudes and/or think they are so damn hot that they don't need or want any confirmation other than their own.
Lilly wasn't like that, she wasn't a bitch or even a tease but in one way her demeanor projected more than I thought she was truly aware of. This was only one of the things I loved about her besides simply loveing her because she was my sister.
We got back inside and ordered our pizza and with that done she asked to use my shower,

"Can I wash your back", I asked with raised eyebrows.

She frowned at me and rolled her eyes up. Sure I was testing the water and looking for some encouragement, one of us HAD to. As she turned and walked into the bathroom I smiled and spoke up again,

"Can I wash your front", I asked in a raised voice.

I heard the bathroom door close which caused me to stiffle a laugh. I sat there and contemplated walking in on her once she had got into the shower and anticipating what her reaction would be I laughed out loud. I didn't do it though rather I sat back and turned on the TV and waited my turn for the shower.
The pizza arrived not to long after she was out of the shower. We ate and watched TV and we even thought about going out to get a drink or two but the sun had taken it's toll on us. We decided to just sit in and watch TV plus I still needed to get a shower so I got up and headed to the bathroom.

"Need any help", she asked.

"Naw, I got it", I responded.

I was playing it cool myself but it's not like we haven't thrown out those inuendo's many times over the years. We did tease each other like this and we knew it was a test of continued curiosity as well as a test of will.
It was hard for me to be good and I had no idea how tough it was for her, for all I knew it was nothing in her mind. I would have had sex with her just about anytime over the years but has weird as it seems I didn't want to initiate something and be rejected.
Despite the special connection I felt existed I still didn't want to be exposed or embarrassed by a rejection nor did I want such to crush my belief. I would rather live with the belief I had than to prove beyond a doubt that it didn't exist.
It wouldn't diminish the love I had for her but every now and then I needed to be much closer to her and renourish my faith in our bond. This was ever present on my mind as I showered and it had me rock hard.
I didn't want to stroke it even as bad as it hurt. I knew I was taking an inordinate amount of time in the shower then I heard a knock on the door,

"Hey, quit wanking it, a movie is about to start", she said.

"YEAH, YEAH", I shouted.

I exited the shower, dried off and took a little more time doing all that to let my cock get soft. If I would have went out there sporting even a chubby then we could tease each other for hours.
I threw on some shorts and a T-shirt and was out and into the living room. All I had was a couch so with her on one end and me on the other we settled in for a movie.
I continued to sneak peaks at her by slightly turning my head and then looking out the corner of my eye. I just wanted to be sly about it rather than obvious, she looked so damn good but then again I wasn't sure if it was just horniness clouding my vision.
I couldn't stop sneaking in some looks and when I adjusted my position I was looking down her legs and when I looked up she was looking back at me.
We both turned our heads towards the TV without a word. I was analyzing her look but really couldn't guage anything from it because she didn't smile, nod or anything. We were way past when we were kids and it shouldn't be this awkward but so much time had past since we fooled around as kids then finally did it as teenagers I just couldn't be sure of her willingness anymore.

When that movie ended she came across another one that we hadn't seen in a long time,

"OOOOOH, that's a good one but it's like 3 hours long", she said.

"Hell let's watch it", I responded.

We got into the movie but halfway through it got kind of boring. Even though it was a favorite we had seen it so many times that it was only exciting when we knew it was coming on.
So to pass the time we ended up talking more than watching and the more we talked the more I sensed she had something on her mind.
Turns out she was not happy about her boyfriends response about her new hair. Even though she talked with her girlfriends about it she wanted a males perspective.
I told her that anything I said would be biased as opposed to her boyfriend and I pointed out that she already knew what I thought. I wasn't being difficult to converse with but I knew she had to hear it again and maybe in even more detail.
She said she was doubting herself a little based on his reaction but I wasn't buying that. She was so happy about it yesterday that she was shining from the inside out.
I always knew she could be the self conscious type but not like this, she was more Lilly now then she was before. I sensed it was something other than her hair. I let her beat around the bush for a bit more until finally I had to be abrupt, in a brotherly loving way,

Look, I'm not buying this crap. Now what's on your mind", I asked in a playfully stern tone.

"You always could see right through me", she responded with a smile.

"Well I think we know each other pretty good", I said.

She looked away and dropped her head slightly looking straight ahead. After a few moments she opened her mouth as if to speak but didn't. Even from my side view I could see she was pensive so to get her attention and let her know she could speak freely I leaned my head to the side so she could catch my movement with her peripheal vision.
Without moving her head she glanced at me then straight again,

"You first time", she said then gave me another quick glance out of the corner of her eye.

There could be all kinds of reaction to this. A person could lean back with a big smile and talk loudly about it and wax nostalgic like it was one of those crazy things. Maybe another reaction would be to lean their head down like in shame with a look of remorse on their face then remain silent so as not to incriminate themselves.
Either of those could be real feelings or just a way to hide true feelings until confirmation is obtained one way or the other then one could mold their future responses to the person doing the asking.
That is all subversion and we weren't a couple of young adults dating or in love or playing the usual games.
I knew Lilly and she knew me just as well and while I understand both of us being somewhat evasive before it was now time to quit masking and let true feelings be expressed.

"I will never forget it", I said softly while I looked at her.

She slightly turned her head then looked out of the corner of her eye then looked away then glanced back at me again. The look on my face and in my eyes must have gave her some comfort because she gently turned her head and brought it up.
We were now facing each other and the sullen look she had was transformed into a glow.

"It had been so long ago I thought you had forgot", she said with a slight smile.
I gently shook my head side to side and had a warm smile on my face.

I know she really didn't think I had forgotten and were both sure of what we felt on the inside with all our eye contact over the years.
She wanted verbal confirmation just as much as I did though. I will admit she was much more brave than I was in bringing it up but then again she always was the first one to "reach out" as it were.
There was a blanket of warmth that enveloped me at that moment or rather it was a sphere that surrounded her and I. It blocked the sound emminating from the TV and the air conditoner, we were back to transmitting feelings silently.
I stretched my arms out towards her and she scooted over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist while mine went around her shoulders. She had the side of her face buried in my chest which let me rest my head on top of her's while I hugged her as tight as she was hugging me.
I brought a hand up and starting at the back of her head I stroked her long blonde hair. The feel of her arms around me, the smell of her hair, her gentle sweetness and this environment added oxygen to a starved fire.
There was real love between us but we couldn't deny there was latent lust as well. The love needed to be renewed and our need had to be quenched then when you couple it all together we needed confirmation.

"Want to relive an old memory", I whispered.

Our holding each other may have been all the confirmation she needed but I had to ask and that was the only way I could think to pose the question and not seem crass or presumptive.
She didn't say anything rather with her face on my chest she was nodding YES. I wanted her to look up at me but I could sense she didn't want to at this time, she was being shy or maybe just sly but I wasn't going to force anything.
I eased the hold my arm had around her then quit stroking her hair to indicate I wanted us to get up. We rose simultaneously but she was keeping her head down.

"Are you sure about this", I asked as I put a hand to her face to turn her to me.

She raised her head and as soon as out eyes met her arms flew around me and she mashed her lips to mine. She was so quick that it caught me by surprise but I quickly recovered and pulled her tight to me as we leaned our heads to oppose each other.
Our tongues flirted while hands began to move down as we pulled our waists together. After several seconds of that passionate kiss we pulled back and stared.
The fire was raging, my cock was growing and she opened her mouth slightly to take in a breath. We both turned and walked towards the bedroom while holding hands. When we passed through the bedroom door I preceeded to the edge of the bed and she stopped to close the door.
I could barely see the outline of her figure as she moved toward the bed to stand in front of me. With her hand on the bottom she pulled her shirt over her head. I did the same and before I could get that done she was sliding her shorts down her legs.
With my eyes getting used to the dark I could see her standing in front of me with her bra and panties on.
I unzipped my shorts and let them fall then I step out of them moving to her and with my arms around her waist I brought her to me. We kissed deeply again and I didn't waste time reaching up to unhook her bra and pull my body back slightly to let it fall away.
Still kissing her I brought my hands around and let them run over her beasts.
My mouth left hers as I went down to her neck and kissed my way down to the nape. I planted several kisses there before leaning down further to take a breast in my mouth.
Taking in as much as I could I sucked and pulled back to her nipple then left with an audible smack. I switched and gave her other breast the same treatment. When I stood up straight she descended down while hooking her fingers into the wasitband of my underwear and tugged them down.
She wasn't able to get them down passed my engorged cock. She took one hand and pulled the front out as far as it could stretch while taking her other hand to pry my cock up and out.

With her hand firmly holding my tool she took me into her mouth rocking her head side to side. She was taking me as deep as possible before pulling back out then plunging down again.
It felt good put it was already as hard as it was going to get, so hard it hurt. It's not like it has been that long since having sex with my girlfriend but this is Lilly and it has been YEARS.
While she worked on my strained cock I leaned my head back and opened my mouth to take in and let out quiet breaths. My chest was heaving as she increased her suction and the depth she was taking me in. I brought one hand around and placed it on the back of her head and let it move with her while she bobbed.
I didn't move my hips rather I stood still and let her work. There was nothing I felt I needed to do because she was working hard and taking me in deeply.
She took me in rapidly a few more times then pulled off letting out loud panting breaths while still holding my meat in her hand. We had love and would express that but right now we had pure lustful need that had to be taken care of.
She stood up and turned then sat on the bed. I followed her down and leaned to her while she scooted back more and laid down. I grabbed her thong panites and peeled them off of her.
I ran my hand up her smooth legs working over her thighs towards her cunt. She opened her legs while my face made a beeline to her snatch.
With my tongue already extended I brushed it up her very smooth and completely shaved cunt. She had a nice soft pair of cunt lips which lapped over her slit. I put my mouth over those lips and sucked them into my mouth then let them go and worked my tongue between them. She moaned loudly when I did that so I sucked them in again then rapidly licked up and down. She was delicious and I would have almost been content just eating her but there was no way on earth I was not going to my dick inside of my sweet little sister.

After a couple of minutes of severe tongue lashing I pulled back and positioned myself between her legs. Without a wasted motion I leaned over her and brought my cock to her entrance and pushed in.
She grunted at the intrusion and she was tighter than what I assumed she would be so I eased up. I began to gently pump in and out so as not to hurt her while I worked my cock inside.
As I finally reached bottom I just took long slow strokes sawing in and out of her. I wanted to start pounding but wanted to make sure she could take it.
She was softly moaning while I pumped then she put a hand on each of my hips and began to push and pull to indicate she was ready for me to give it to her faster. I immediately started fucking her and raised my torso up while pulling my knee's closer to her.
Keeping her hands on my hips she kept puling me with her fingers pressing into my butt cheeks. I was grunting out loud due to the work I was putting into it and that cum was already rising up my shaft.
I didn't even want to think about shooting already but there was no way to stop it's advance, other than slowing or stopping, and neither of us wanted that.
The higher my cum rose the louder I moaned and grunted and the faster I tried to fuck her. The combined strain was to unbearable, I wanted to cum as bad as I wanted to keep fucking her. I knew it was to soon for her but there was nothing I could do and she could tell by the sounds I eminated that it was close.
Never missing a stroke I kept pounding in and out as cum squirted from my cock. After my initial eruption I slowed down slightly because just from insticnt I would have stopped completely and held in to get my seed as deep as possible.
She again pushed and pulled my hips wanting me to speed up which I did while I drenched her insides with molten cum. When I ran dry I continued to fuck her until her hands dropped from my hips and she let out a long loud breath of relief.

I didn't stop yet but I did slow down and even though my cock was beginning to get soft it was still chubbed enough to slide in and out of her hole.
I finally stopped and slowly pulled out and held myself up and hovered over her. Just like our first time I leaned down and kissed her full on the lips. She full returned the gesture and put her arms around my neck while we smooched a few more time before I rolled to the side.
After a few minutes of catching our breath and letting the the euphorea of having long awaited sex dissipate we both reached to pull the covers over us.
We rolled to face each other and merged our bodies and held one another. We weren't tired, we were content with being in silent closeness. Not a word was said or needed to be said at this time because we knew there would be a time for that.
We took care of our immediate needs, we scratched each others itch, but further confirmation of our connection was yet to come as we drifted off to />

my eyes still closed I became aware of sounds and realized I was no longer sleeping. I sensed it was really early but I didn't want to open my eyes if I could make myself go back to sleep. I couldn't feel Lilly next to me but I needed to feel her body against mine.
I opened my eyes and rolled over to look behind me, she was laying still and had her back to me. I rolled on over and picking up the blanket I scooted up behind her then put my arm over and pulled close.
She murmurred and wiggled her back against me while she draped her arm over mine and hugged it. She was so soft and warm to the touch and when she moved her head forward I took the hint and planted soft kisses on her exposed neck.
I worked on that for a few seconds then left a trail of kisses across the top of her shoulder.
She rolled over to face me and snuggled up close then we wrapped arms around each other and settled in. Comfortable again I wanted to sleep more but I couldn't, once I stirred and opened my eyes that was it.
I reflected on the events of yesterday and last night searching for feelings of remorse or guilt but none could be found. We were each in a relationship but what we did and felt seemed natural, at least to me anyway.

With the sun light filtering through the window blinds the bedroom was becoming more luminous, I peered down the length of her body which was outlined under the covers.
I was holding her close and her breasts were mashed against my chest, she had one of her legs between mine and I had a hand resting on her hips with my fingers draped onto her soft ass cheek. I hadn't seen her naked, at least not as a woman anyway so all I could recall was faint outlines of her body out of the darkness and what I had felt with my mouth and hands last night.
While I laid there forming a mental picture of her naked body I also thought about the bond we shared and the love I have for her plus the love she must have for me.
You would think it odd for a brother and sister to do this even with all the "love" in the world they shared. Just because two people love one another that doesn't always lead to sex. Sure there are different kinds of love and the lines drawn between love and lust are faint.

I've had sex with a couple girls before, an FWB thing, that I had no feelings of love for nor did they for me but after we did it they changed. I could see the glow of love in their eyes and I could hear it in their voice plus their mannerisms changed.
That through me for a loop and caused me some concern because I simply didn't have those feelings in return. The sex was outstanding but if feelings weren't there prior I didn't understand (from a males perspective) how they could instantly fall "in love".
Of course there were a couple of relationships where we had mutual feelings of love then had sex which over time went by the wayside for one reason or the other. Love, Sex, Benefits, Friendship, Strong was I thinking all this right now.
I was thinking about mine and Lilly's first time, which was 5 years ago, and using my experience to analyze everything between her and I from the beginning all the way to this moment in time.
Was I doubting myself, my feelings and my motives in being right here at this time and holding my naked sister after acting on our lust last night. Was it just that, have we simply been curious all these years since breaking each others cherry and we needed a follow up session ?.
Lilly and I actually had so much more than that though. I thought about all the years as children right up to our young adult lives and all the trials and tribulations. The dreams we shared with each other, the help we provided each other, the love which certainly existed, the admiration for one anothers character, etc, etc, etc.
Why was I questioning myself when it felt just as right 5 years ago as it did last night and as it did right now. Love is a very confusing thing, it has so many facets that nobody can comprehend it. All I knew is that this was simply part of the love Lilly and I had for each other.
I was being perfectly still the entire time I was running all this through my head,

"What are you thinking about", Lilly asked.

I breathed out a laugh through my nose while smiling and giggling on the inside. With my body shaking while I giggled she rasied her head to look at me.

"That's just another reason I love you so much", I said.

"So what were you thinking about", she said proddingly.

"All the reasons I love you", I said.

With that she laid her head back against my chest. I truly did love my sister and there was no other reason I could think of for wanting to be deep inside of her. I felt comfortable that it was a basic expression of our feelings, it was satisfying, fulfilling and it just completed things.
My cock started to swell but it wasn't because I was horny, it was due to the love I felt for her. With my cock growing and trapped between us it began to press into her stomach.
She slowly raised her head up to look at me and the look on her face matched what I was feeling inside. We were thinking as one and we wanted to be as one and express it in the most intimate way possible.
Before I could make a move she rolled on top of me then sat upright on my stomach. Her long blonde hair hung over the front of her shoulders and covered her tits. I glanced down then back up to her face and she took her hands and pulled her hair behind her. I looked back at her nice round boobs then placed a hand on each one and gently squeezed then pulled my fingers back to her nipples.
I lightly pinched and rolled her nipples with my fingers which caused them to go from crinkled to hard and proud.
I rubbed the palms of my hand over them while I kneaded each breast to enjoy the feel of them. My cock was standing straight up and pressed against her.
The sensation I was getting from my hands on her caused me to flex my cock muscles which made it wave back and forth behind her. I looked up at her again and she was looking straight into me. I felt she had been drilling into me with her eyes the whole time I was playing with her tits.
My hands left her breasts and I placed them on each side of her and ran them down to her waist and stopped when they reached her hips. Never breaking eye contact she raised up then reached between her legs to grasp my cock as she moved back slightly to line up.

Working my tool into the right spot she eased down and impaled herself, as more of my shaft entered her I moaned out in pleasure. As much as I wanted to keep my eyes open they began to flutter due to the feel of her luscious cunt.
When she had descended all the way and had as much in her as possible I opened my eyes and she was still looking right at me. Her look was a mix of love, want, need, lust and determination all rolled into one. I clasped my hands around her waist and began to heave each time she descended.
She was moving up and down taking me in and out with slow deliberate motions. There was nothing that needed to be said as we were saying it with our eyes and movements, she was expressing the love she felt and the love she needed from me.
The way she rocked her hips when she went down then squeezed my cock on her upstroke was heavenly and after several minutes of this it was taking it's toll on her.
She went from sitting upright to leaning over me which let us be closer. Her hair spilled over my face when she leaned in closer so I placed my hands on each side of her head then pulled her hair to one side so we could see each other.
She thrusted back and forth while rolling her back and rocking her hips to rub her clit against my cock. She was taking what she needed while conveying her love for me.
With a hand on the side of her sweet face I pulled her to me and raised up to meet her for a kiss. She raised back up a little and I noticed her breathing increase then her eyes drifted away from mine. Her mouth opened slightly while she leaned her head back, she stopped breathing just as I felt the warm sensation of her juice wash over my cock.
She let out the breath she held and with her head still leaning back I saw her throat swell as she swallowed. She took in another breath then opened her eyes and brought her head back down to look at me.
I knew she was getting tired and with the relief she had just gotten her energy was withering. With one hand on her back she leaned over me and when I placed the other hand on the side of her face we rolled with each other while keeping my cock buried in her love tunnel.

With me now on top I continued to slowly piston in and out of her. She put her arms around my neck and we kissed while we moved with one another.
We were not in a hurry at all but just like last night we were filling a need, albeit a different need now. We were not only expressing the love we had we were also making it. The love and passion was much more intense than the lustful need of our prior session.
It was these emotions which boiled the cum in my balls and caused my cock to expand inside of her. I wanted the refief it would bring but more than that it would be the fact that I would leave something from me inside of her.
She lovingly gripped my cock each time I pulled back for another stroke and she had her hands on my back squeezing with her fingers.
I had worked an arm under her neck to hold her close and to keep myself off of her. With my other hand planted on the bed beside her I was able to keep my torso up and rigid and with my knee's dug in I gently thrust into her sopping cunt.
The intensity of our lovemaking was overwhelming, the level we were on was something I had always knew but never experienced until now.
The gripping warmth of her cunt and the pressure her hands had on my back plus our love was about to boil over. I stopped kissing her so I could breath and concentrate on this pending moment. The feeling was so extreme I was silently hyperventilating. I had cum just hours before but this was different, this had much more meaning to it. I gripped the bed with my fingers, my neck was straining along with every muscle in my body. I had tingling sensations up my back and I thought I would go into cardiac arrest trying to let go.

"cum in meeeee", Lilly whispered in my ear.

I groaned loudly as cum violently erupted from my swollen cock. Every muscle in my body clamped tight with the exception of my cock, it was convulsing rapidly as I continued to ejaculate thick ropes of cum deeply inside of Lilly. I wasn't able to breath while I filled her with her brothers love.
When I did take in a breath it was in a stuttered fashion given the sensation of incredible tingling radiated through out my body. I would catch a breath and flex my cock to to make sure I deposited every minuet trace of semen inside of her that I possibly could.
Once I knew without a doubt I was spent I rolled to the side and laid on my back,

"oh my god……., oh my god…….. oh my god, I whispered between breaths.

Then with no energy left in me I laid still and quiet so I could recover. I closed my eyes and while I had what seemed like a spiritual moment just seconds ago I prayed that Lilly would understand why I was not holding and kissing her right now. I wondered why I even had the strength to think at this moment but I told myself that all I needed was a few minutes.
Once I regained a modicum of energy I intended to roll to the side and pull her to me. I felt her move to me, she picked her head up then laid it down on my outstretched arm and draped her arm over my chest. I managed to pick up my hand then let it drop onto the arm she had on my chest and patted it a few times. It was either that or speak but I couldn't do both at this time.
This is how we stayed until we both went back to sleep again.

The last thing I heard as the veil of sleep descended over me was distant thunder and the spatter of rain hitting the window. There was a another storm />
(to be continued)

story by: str8tohell

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Author: str8tohell

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