A little death ( a miranda & victoria story)

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The entire week of the joint iCarly/Victorious episode was the most intense time of Miranda’s life. Miranda, had never had more fun doing a taping. Victoria brought such positive energy and professionalism to the set, Miranda felt swept away by the whole experience. To top it off Victoria had arranged for a party in an exclusive club for the cast members of both shows. The theme of the party was “Hot Shorts, and Hawaiian Shirts” which raised the temperature in the room by about sixty degrees.

Miranda dressed a tad conservative with a floral shirt tied off to show of her midriff and kaki Capri’s that hugged her hips and ass. Victoria on the other hand was taking a walk on the hot side, she was wearing a skimpy bikini top with images of coconuts over her firm breasts, and her shorts were so short that the bottom half of her ass was visible below them and they were so tight that everyone in the room was aware that she wasn’t wearing panties since her cunt line was clearly visible the crotch of the shorts.

Victoria did everything right, she booked the tightest DJ in LA and the crotch buzzing music never stopped all night long. It was the best party Miranda had ever been to. Her heart was beating more quickly, she saw Victoria approach. Victoria swung her arms around Miranda’s neck, and said loudly, “You Randa are the hottest bitch in this room,” then she gave Miranda a sloppy kiss on the mouth.

Miranda could tell that Victoria was kind of drunk, but she gave her a one thousand watt smile. She loved that Victoria had a pet name for her.

“Vic I have a call to the set at 8 tomorrow morning, I should really go.”

Victoria took her hand, “You listen to me hot little Randa, you aren’t going anywhere until you dance with me!”

Miranda shrugged her shoulders and took Victoria’s hand as she lead her into the throng of dancers in the middle of the big club. The mix was tight and both of them were into it immediately. Still holding hands Victoria pulled Miranda in closer, she put her hands on her hips as began thrusting her crotch in rhythm to the music. Miranda glanced down and felt her pussy tingle at the sight of the crotch of Victoria’s short shorts outlining her slit as her friend began rubbing a finger up and down over her pussy lips. Then suddenly Victoria swirled around and began grinding her perfect little ass into the crotch of her friend’s shorts. Miranda groaned and grabbed Victoria’s hips to steady herself. The friction of Victoria’s ass on her pussy was amazing but she was embarrassed as well. Yes she wanted to make love to Victoria, but not in front of everyone. She turned away from Victoria and headed for the elevator to leave.

Miranda was surprised to discover she was actually crying, without really knowing why. Finally the elevator opened and she went inside, a hand slammed against the door. Victoria stepped in the elevator and the door closed. Miranda brought a hand up to shield her face not to show Victoria the tears.

“What, what is it Randa babe?” Victoria said in an almost whisper. Victoria gently took the hand from Miranda’s face and saw the tears, which were now running down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry Vic, I’m not a party girl, I just can’t do that in public. If you only knew how I there were more tears.

Victoria took a key from the back pocket of her shorts, put it into the panel of the elevator and turned it. The car stopped suddenly.

Victoria turned and took Miranda’s face in her hands, “Oh sweet Randa babe I am so, so, so, sorry. The last thing I wanted to do is hurt you. It’s just that this week, being close to you, seeing how beautiful you really are and how I came to want you, to want to be with you, I just didn’t know how to tell you. I guess I was so nervous I drank too much and…oh />
Victoria leaned forward and kissed the tears from her friends face. Miranda closed her eyes and sighed as Victoria kissed her nose her eyelids and finally pressed her soft full lips on her mouth. Miranda, sighed as her mouth opened and flicked her tongue to meet Victoria’s. The feel of their two tongues sliding together pressing together was divine they both moaned, as Victoria’s fingers unzipped Miranda’s shorts and put her hand inside, rubbing her soft wet pussy lips through the white satin thong.

They broke of the kiss and looked each other directly in the eyes. “You do me Randa, I need your fingers inside me babe. “

Writhing from the pleasure of Victoria’s fingers, which were inside the thong and were tracking circles over her clit. “Oh fuck Vic, that feels so good,” she moaned as she managed to unbutton and unzip the skin tight shorts and thrust her down cupping Victoria’s dripping cunt with her the palm of her hand. She used the heal of her hand to grind hard on Victoria’s clit then she curled two of her long slender fingers and twisted them slowly into her friend’s tight cunt.

“Oh that is so fucking good Randa, yeah, fuck me like that, oh fuck I’ve wanted this all week.” In turn Victoria brought two of her fingers to the entrance of Miranda’s pussy then slipped them deep inside her in one fluid motion.

The two leaned into a passionate spit swapping kiss, as they finger fucked each other. Sloppy cunt sounds filled the elevator along with the hisses and moans of the two lovers. Victoria nibbled a Miranda’s sensuous lower lip and Mirada gave out a cry while speeding her fingers in and out of Victoria’s sweet wet cunt.

“Oh Randa, lover, I need to taste you baby, I need to feel your slick clit under my tongue, get undressed and lay on your back , thank god this elevator has a carpet.”

Within seconds the two petite stars were naked and Miranda laid down her Capri’s and shirt, she stretched out her slim body spreading her legs to show Victoria her shaved pussy. Miranda looked up at Victoria’s hot body.
“Oh fuck Vic I want to eat your pussy so bad, give it to me please, “she pleaded.
Victoria smiled down on her new fuck buddy, as she straddled Miranda’s sweet face. She bucked her hips in sensual dance as she squatted over Miranda’s face. Victoria reached down and with her fingers parted her slick pussy lips showing her the pink walls of her cunt hole.
“Is this where you want to put your tongue Randa babe, right here in my tight little cunt? You wanna taste Victoria’s sweet pussy juice?”
“Oh fuck yes,” whimpered Miranda, as she reached for her friends hips to pull her pussy down.
“Randa, you are so fucking gorgeous when you are desperate for pussy,” Victoria said with a lustful grin.

She didn’t keep her friend waiting she placed her knees on either side of Miranda’s body and pressed her cunt to her friends large hot mouth. The feeling was one of ecstasy ass Miranda’s fingers parted the wet lips and plunged her long firm tongue deep into Victoria’s cunt. Victoria hissed in wonderment at the dexterity of her friends tongue as it curled and jabbed deeper into her hole then jumped out and flashed up and down her slit running circles around her engorged, fleshy clit.

Victoria was spurred on to lean forward between Miranda’s long lovely legs and slowly dig her tongue into her pink pussy hole, the taste of the sweet, tangy juices gathering on her tongue was incredible, Victoria couldn’t get enough of it slicing her tongue deeper and deeper into Miranda’s pussy to gather the nectar, then kissing her way up her friends cunt lips and sucking her sweet Randa’s clit hard against her hard white teeth.

The two were rocking back and forth on the floor lost in a trance of lust as their mouths danced jazz and hip hop in and out of their cunts, lavishing their clits with riffs and solos each of them had never thought possible.

Victoria’s mouth made loud popping sounds as she plucked Miranda’s clit into her mouth and then blew it out, sending her friend into bouts of ecstasy each time. Miranda retaliated by taking Victoria’s slick love button between her long false nails and pulling and scratching at it like a cat in heat. Both girls knew that they were getting so close to having the greatest climaxes of their lives.

“I want to see your face,” Miranda cried from the lower position, I want to see your face when I cum.”

Victoria instinctively knew what her friend was saying. She achingly lifted her pussy from her friends’ lavish attentions and sat back on her bum.”

“Alright randy Randa, bring it on, cunt to cunt, I am dying to see your cum face too.”

In the centre of the elevator the two beauties, glistening with the sweat of their love making , interlocked their legs so their shaved pussies were />
The two kissed passionately, gasping for air grapping at each other’s breasts, mercilessly pinching and twisting nipples until the pain was almost unbearable. They took turns licking and sucking aching nipples in anticipation of what was about to happen, each feeling the heat of the others cunt only an inch apart.

Finally Victoria could stand it no more, she shifted her hips forward slamming her sloppy cunt lips into Miranda’s gaping slit. Miranda grabbed her friends soft thigh for leverage to meet the nest thrust with a surge of her own.

“Look at me,” Miranda screamed at Victoria, “I am the hottest bitch at this party, fuck I’m th hottest bitch you have ever seen, am I right!”

“Oh fuck, Randa, there is no one, just you baby, your hot cunt on mine baby is the most amazing thing I have ever felt.”

Victoria was now the one shocked by the tears that came unbidden rolling from her eyes like salty promises she never kept until this very moment. Victoria looked into Miranda’s eyes with a look of unadulterated love, and Miranda’s eyes smiled back at her reflecting the same love. Suddenly Victoria’s engorged clit shuddered and her cunt exploded sending a fine spray of hot creamy flooding into the folds of Miranda’s grinding cunt.

Miranda’s mouth opened on a silent scream as her cunt lips convulsed, her thighs trembled uncontrollably, and she came as never before, squirting a river of thick girl cum all over Victoria’s highs and cunt. The two clutched at each other as their bodies lost, writhing with a pleasure the girls never imagined possible on earth. Miranda griped her friends face in her hands and kissed her, and seeing the tears licked each one up with the tip of her curling tongue. As she did Miranda slammed her dripping cunt against Victoria’s for three then four final strokes, bringing them off again cum sluicing from their cunts in waves as they moaned lowly, no longer able to imagine that this was something as insignificant as love, or that the building or even the city of angels remained standing.

Finally spent, the two fell into each other’s arms, their lips barely able to form a kiss, but kiss they did.

How long did they been lay there, mewing wordless love songs to each other, both unaware that they had the same thought at the same time. For at that moment each had come to a new understanding of exactly why the French insisted that the lovemaking of true lovers be given a name, “a little death”.

story by: Mafia Bitch

Tags: fantasy lesbian female/female teen sex story written by women

Author: Mafia Bitch

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