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Hannah Crofts gingerly ran her fingers over a white lace bra while wondering how she would look in it. She was completely lost in thought when a voice from behind her ask casually, “May I help you?” Hannah spun around and nervously replied, “Well, uh, you see I was just looking at the “The one you were touching is very pretty,” the older woman said with a smile. “Would you like to try it on?” “Uh, I don’t think so,” she replied softly. “I was just looking, that’s all.” “Have you ever shopped for lingerie by yourself?” the woman asked gently. With her face turning six shades of red the eighteen year old stared at the floor while whispering, “No, never.” Without asking, the woman took Hannah by the arm and led her towards the rear of the shop. When they reached the dressing room area she gently offered, “We have private changing rooms, let’s go inside and get your A little stunned and bewildered by the sales lady’s directness, nineteen year old Hannah nodded dumbly and allowed herself to be directed inside a very spacious dressing cubicle. Once inside the woman ordered almost casually, “Okay, honey, off with the shirt so we can see what we’ve got!” gonna stay in?” Hannah asked. “Of course I am, dear,” the woman replied a matter of factly. “How else am I going to get your “I dunno,” the young woman replied dumbly. “Here, let me help you with that,” the woman said while grabbing the hem of her baggy shirt and whisking it up and over her head. Now standing there in only her old bra and blue jeans, Hannah modestly covered her chest with crossed arms. My goodness gracious!” the woman offered softly while pushing Hannah’s hands down to her sides. “Your breasts are almost huge, I can certainly see why you need a new bra!” Hannah kept her eyes cast down while the sales woman turned her around to undo the catches on her bra strap. “There we go,” the woman said quietly. “Now, let me get some Out of nowhere the woman produced a cloth tape that she looped around the young woman’s back. She carefully snugged it up while noting the number. “For such a small body you have a very large bust,” the woman offered. In almost a whisper Hannah asked, “What size do I need?” “I’m afraid you wear a 32DD,” the woman replied. “My old one was a 32C,” Hannah rejoined. “An ill fitting bra can cause an untold number of problems,” the woman said seriously. “Now you stay here while I go select some samples for you to try on.”

While Hannah stood quietly waiting for the sales woman to return, she cupped her oversized chest while gently fingering her bright pink nipples. “Good grief!” she admonished herself as she quickly drenched her pussy. “Leave them alone or you’re gonna get yourself into trouble!” Even though Hannah had only absentmindedly caressed her bosom, the sensation was such that she was quickly dampened her panties in anticipation of an orgasm. Ever since she could remember her nipples and breasts were incredibly susceptible to even the slightest touch. Even now her nipples had grown hard and stood out like two pencil erasures in the middle of her shriveled up areolae while the familiar ache between her legs caused her to moan softly. Her thoughts began to drift when the door to the dressing room burst open and the sales woman appeared with what appeared to be at least six or seven bras. “Here we are!” she said almost breathlessly. “All 32DD!” “How about this one?” she asked. “Uh, that one’s just fine,” Hannah answered. “Good, turn around and let me help you,” the woman ordered. Hannah did as she was told, and seconds later she felt warm hands tugging the sheer white nylon cups around her heavy hanging boobs. A slight moan escaped the young woman’s throat as those same hands gently worked her chest back and forth. “Your breasts are very heavy, dear,” she whispered into Hannah’s ear. “Are they sensitive?” “W-what do you mean by that?” Hannah stammered. What occurred next was so stunning she couldn’t believe it was happening to her! The sales woman casually cupped her breasts in her hands and twisted her already hard nipples while replying, “I mean are your nipples sensitive when they get sucked or />
Hannah’s head was now spinning out of control as her nipples sent electric shocks directly to her by now burning clitoris. “Answer me, child!” the woman urged. Finally regaining some of her senses the young woman managed to answer, they’re very sensitive!” “Do you have a boy friend?” she asked. Hannah moaned. “Is he a tit man?” came the next question. “H-he loves my breasts!” Hannah replied thickly. “Does he suck them for you?” “Every day,” came the low groan. “Do you want me to suck them now?” the woman asked. Hannah stammered. “P-please help me!” The new bra was quickly shucked aside as the woman sat on the dressing room bench while pulling Hannah’s incredible chest to her eager mouth! “Oh my goodness!” the young woman gasped as hot tongue connected with hard nipple. It never ceased to amaze her how such little girls could have such massive breasts! The woman feverishly went back and forth from nipple to nipple, biting and nipping between long hard sucks! Her own pussy was now literally a burning inferno, so as her own cunt careened out of control, the sales lady undid Hannah’s jeans before shoving them down around the young woman’s ankles along with her white cotton panties!

Hannah shivered while goose bumps covered her entire body when the cool air conditioned air caressed her milky white smooth skin. “You have a lovely body,” the older woman sighed while cupping the younger woman’s tight but supple ass. “Thank you,” she replied softly. “Sometimes I feel a little bit freaky having such large breasts.” “Oh nooooo,” the older woman admonished, “you have a perfect body, tiny waist, slim hips, and of course your big heavy breasts.” “Now, let me get closer look at your “Oh migosh!” she gasped. “W-what is it?” “A clit ring,” Hannah answered softly. “Do you like it?” “It’s just the woman moaned. it hurt, I mean is it actually in your clit?!?” “Mmmmmm, yes,” Hannah sighed, “and no, it doesn’t hurt at all, in fact, it feels wonderful.” “May I touch it?” the woman asked almost breathlessly. Hannah replied softly. “Just be careful.” Almost gingerly the sales lady gently separated Hannah’s labia to completely expose her incredible clit and its stainless steel adornment. “It’s right through the head!” the woman marveled. “I’m going to lick it!” she eagerly announced while pulling the bulging mound towards her mouth. “I’m going to eat />
Hannah’s boyfriend had eaten her hundreds of times, but nothing she had ever experienced could have prepared her for the tonguing she was getting from this strange older woman. “Oh dear!” she gasped as the delicate tongue flicked over her distended little organ. going to cum!” “Of course you are, child,” the woman said between licks. “Now be a good girl and luck your nipples!” The little blonde cupped one of her massive boobs into her small hands before easily guiding its hard nipple into her hungry mouth. Soon the only sounds that could be heard in the changing room were the echoes of sucking and licking emanating from each of their hot mouths. The sales lady, being totally fascinated by the little clit ring, put it between her teeth and gently tugged on it, educing long low moans from deep inside of the excited teenager chest. With her orgasm building inside of her like a tidal wave, Hannah spread her legs even farther apart to afford the older woman easier access to her aroused vagina. Then just when Hannah thought she couldn’t get any more excited, the older woman suddenly stood up and exposed her incredibly hairy pussy for the wide eyed young woman to see!

The hot pussied sales lady then calmly spread her fat lips before pressing her own engorged clit directly into Hannah’s gaping organ! “Sweet mother of god!” Hannah gasped as their two hard clits snapped back and forth over each other. almost “Me toooooo!” the woman moaned as Hannah’s huge chest naked was squished between them. “I just love girl girl sex!” the woman stammered. “So soft, so wet, so It was at that very second that both women’s vaginas suddenly convulsed over and over again as untold numbers of climaxes spasmed through their trembling clits! When they couldn’t stand it even another moment, both women slowly slipped to the carpeted floor while their satisfied pussies throbbed in a post orgasmic haze. “My gosh!” Hannah finally sighed. “I never knew how much fun it could be to buy a bra!” The sales lady smiled sweetly before replying, “And to think we have to still pick out a matching pair of panties!!!” Hannah giggled a little girl’s giggle and sighed, “Yeah, just />


story by: Lady Old Whore

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Author: Lady Old Whore

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