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I was walking on the sidewalk going home when it happened. My pussy got it's first big cock rammed inside it. I'm 14 and my pussy has never been fucked before. That all changed when Mr. Burkle invited me inside his house. He was a friend of my mom's so I didn't think anything of it. He said my mom told him I was having trouble at school and I needed a tutor in a subject I was failing which I was. The moment I walked inside he closed the door behind me and locked it.
I spun around. He had this hungry look on his face that made me feel uncomfortable.
"Mr. Burkle, maybe I should go home now."
"Nonesene. You need help in that particular subject you're failing and I'm just the man to teach you how to get a straight A."

His smile was anything but nice when he grabbed and shoved his hand up my skirt inside my panties. I was so shocked that I didn't struggle and he pushed his finger inside my pussy. He smiled when I moaned and pushed another finger inside my pussy. "You like that, don't you, you dirty little slut?" I shook my head and started struggling againist him. He shoved me againist a wall with my hands pinned behind my back. "Please, let me go. I won't tell anyone you touched my pussy." "You're not going to tell anyone and you're not going anywhere til I've had my big cock inside that tight hole of yours."
"NO! /> He pulled his hand out of panties and ripped open my shirt exposing my small breasts. "If you're not a horny slut, why don't you wear a bra?" I just shook my head. "I don't know! Please, Mr. Burkle, stop!" He reached out and pinched my left nipple, then sucked on it making it getting hard. I started moaning. I couldn't help it. It was making my pussy wet. All of a sudden he released my arms and grabbed the back of my head.
"What are you doing?" I yelled. He pulled me by my hair into the living room and made get on my knees. "I'm going to teach you what every good little fucking slut needs to know." He unzipped his pants and pulled his fat cock out. I stared at it as he stroked it with his hand. His cock was so huge. "What's that?"

"How to suck a fat cock. Now take my cock in ur mouth like a good little slut." I opened my mouth and started sucking on his cock slowly. I didn't think I could fit it all in my mouth when he pushed his cock down my throat and I gagged. "All of it now," he said. He fisted his hand in my hair and kept my head in that position so I would take all of his cock down my throat. I began moving my mouth up and down faster and I heard Mr. Burkle groan, "Oh fuck yeah… just like that." A minute later he spurted his sticky cum all down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow it. His cum tasted salty. His cock was still hard when he pulled it out. I was feeling very turned on. I thought to myself, "I shouldn't be enjoying sucking his cock and tasting his cum, but I do!"
"Mr. Burkle, what are we going to now?" I asked. He looked at my nipples and smiled. "You're going to take that shirt and those wet panties off." I did, then he said, "Now lay down on my couch with your legs spread wide and pull your skirt up." I laid down and pulled my skirt up. Mr. Burkle could see my pussy. He opened my pussy lips and started rubbing my clit back and forth with his thumb before pushing two fingers into my tight hole. I gasped in pain. It hurt. He glanced at me fingers into my tight hole. I gasped in pain. It hurt. He glanced at me and then began shoving his fingers in and out of my pussy. "Mr. Burkle, you're hurting me!"

"I know and my cock likes it. See?" I glanced at his cock to see it had grown harder and the head was swollen. I licked my lips. "Now I'm going to hurt you even more." He pulled his fingers out of my pussy and shoved his fat cock inside my tiny pussy. I cried out because I wasn't wet enough and it hurt more than his fingers had. "Please, stop! It hurts!" He shoved his cock deeper inside me. "NO! Stop!" The pain he was causing me to feel made him start shoving it harder inside my pussy and soon I started liking it.

"Ah! Yes! Mr. Burkle! Oh, that feels good! I love your fat cock inside my pussy! AHHHH!" He smiled and fucked me even harder. "I knew you would. All dirty young sluts do. Say you're a dirty slut. Say it or I will stop fucking you!"
"I'm dirty slut!" I said quickly.
I didn't want him to stop fucking my pussy. It felt so good. He pounded me again and my pussy creamed all over his cock. "Yeah! Cum for me fucking slut!" I moaned as I felt my pussy cream again. "Open your mouth!" he yelled as he pulled his cock out of my pussy and spurted his tasty cum in my mouth. I swallowed every drop. He dropped his head back as I licked every drop from the head of his cock.
When we finished and I got up to put on my clothes, he said be here tomorrow. Same time. "What are you going to teach me tomorrow, Mr. Burkle?" I asked excitedly. He sat on his couch and began stroking his semi-hard cock. "How to take a fat cock in your ass."
"Does it feel as good as you fucking my pussy?" He smiled. "It feels even better." I smiled back and began to pick up my panties put them on. He stopped me and said, "I'll hold on to those for you." I gave him my pink lacy panties and said, "I will be here tomorrow."
When I got home late that afternoon, my mom asked me where I'd been. I told her I'd been at Mr. Burkles's house studying. "Studying what? That man probably doesn't know anything." I just smiled to myself as I went upstairs to room and thought, he knows more than you think, Mom.

story by: sexynicole69

Tags: fiction older male / female sex story

Author: sexynicole69

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