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This chapter is actually pretty damn long compared to my usual standards. I'm hoping it doesn't drag on in the middle, but I didn't want to do 2 school chapters in a row and that be it, so I'm hoping this makes up for it. I'm also hoping that this chapter doesn't have the same problem the last one did – Not being able to access it because I was stupid and put it in a slash.

This one doesn't have too much sex, and the sex it does have is small – I'm sorry, everyone. It seems like this is becoming more erotic literature instead of just a smut story. I'm having fun writing it though, so I hope you enjoy reading it.

As for the lame title, I couldn't think up anything, and I didn't wanna risk being fancy and messing things up again. Do you REALLY care about the chapter title since you already know of the story?

If you couldn't read the previous chapter due to address reasons, feel free to PM me on XNXX's forum and I'll re-direct you.

Ever since Julie invaded my school life more than usual, things were becoming quite … Well, how do I say it – Fucked up. Yeah, that’s a good term. Besides the fact that one of my friends knew about our little relationship, my sister made no attempts to hide anything – She’d kiss me in the hallway, hold my hand while we were walking, and always skipped her friends’ table at lunch to sit with me in the corner of the cafeteria.

I’d like to say it was annoying and that I hated it, but I didn’t – On the contrary. I had never got any attention at all from a girl (hey, I told you I was a nerd,) so this was pretty nice, even though the girl is my sister. I could tolerate the affection and everything I just mentioned, but the biggest issue of all was after lunch.

You see, even though we were in high school, we still had somewhat of what you’d call – We had half an hour to do nothing. We could continue eating, stroll around the school grounds, or do whatever we felt like. Unfortunately for me, however, I didn’t get to choose what I wanted to do – My sister did that for me. Every day when the after lunch/break bell rang, Julie would grab my hand and yank me out of my chair, practically dragging me to a spot behind the school – The potheads usually hung out there to get high before class started (or sometimes to wind down so they wouldn’t freak out) but today Julie somehow knew that it would be deserted.

It looked like a very old wheelchair ramp that was no longer used, but it was pretty much a hidden corner of the building – I’m not sure how someone could miss it, though. After she pushed me against the wall and locked her lips to my own, I closed my eyes as our kiss began. When she pulled away, I took a moment to see what she actually had on today – I know you could say I should’ve seen since I live with her and see her practically all day, but somehow I never got a good look at her.

She didn’t have on anything too special: A black, long-sleeved shirt with dark blue jeans – No special designs or anything. The straps of her purple bra could be seen just a bit from her shirt’s collar being a bit too big. Her glasses were sliding down her nose a bit, which made her seem a lot more attractive than usual – If that were even possible.

“Are you enjoying the show, you little />
I snapped back to reality at her words, quickly shaking my head. She grinned, pushing me against the wall yet again and starting another kiss – Was I the woman in this relationship? She seemed to be the dominant one. Oh God – Don’t tell me she wants to go down that road. S&M seems kinda creepy in our situation …

“Julie, hang on …” I pushed her away, blushing at that sly grin on her face. “Are you really sure this is safe? If someone spots us, we’re pretty much fucked.” She shook her head, attempting to push me back – I resisted. “I’m serious. The last thing I want is for someone to separate us.”

She started. “No one is going to catch us, and if they do, who would the principal believe? Both a sister and her brother, or just one person who wanted to accuse us of something as odd as incest? Now shut up and kiss me again …” I sighed inside, nodding and accepting her lips.

Just as her right hand began to explore down my chest, I felt something cold hit my nose – It was beginning to snow.

“Damn it.” Julie said quietly, snatching my hoodie from the ground and putting it on.

“Hey, you have something long-sleeved on. Give me my hoodie, I’m fucking cold.” I complained, yanking at it. She took it off, throwing it at my head and forcing me back a bit. I quickly put it on, rubbing my hands together to attempt warmth. “Sorry, it’s just freezing.” She smiled at me, taking my hand.

“I’m fine, I’m kinda glad I wore this today. I just didn’t really think it would snow.” She said, the two of us walking back towards the school’s main doors. “We only have a few hours left, and then we can go home … And finish this there.” She kissed my cheek, the warmth of her lips feeling very nice against my skin.

Back in class, it seemed whoever was in charge of the school’s thermostat had decided to crank up the heat just a bit too much. Almost every person in the room’s second layer of clothing was removed, with coats and hoodies on the back of almost every seat. It was times like this that I was glad I wore short-sleeved shirts and jeans instead of sweaters and sweatpants.

“Dude, what happened to your shirt?”

I looked up, seeing that David had spoken to me. Looking back down, I saw that the shoulders of my red shirt had been torn slightly. I looked over to see Julie sitting next to me, seeing a smirk on her face.

“Damn your sharp nails …” I muttered. I looked back at David, who had a horrified look on his face.

“Never mind man, don’t wanna know.” He quickly turned around. I sighed, swatting Julie away as she attempted to cling to my arm. Both David and Julie’s ex-boyfriend knew, and that particular bit bothered me – Even though he was very close to Julie at one time, Allen was still a jock, and being a jock, he was loved by everyone. Well, everyone with only half a damn brain.

Over the past few days, I realized that he might tell the other guys on the football team, which could carry over to the cheerleaders they all fucked, which could carry over to the basketball team, which could … Damn it. Why does high school have to be a fucking teenage jail for 4 years?

“… What ya thinkin’ about?” I sighed as I felt Julie nuzzling against my shoulder. She asked me this at least twice in every class, and I always gave her the same reply – But that was never enough for her.

“I’m just wondering what your idiotic ex-lay would do if he figured out he could spread shit about us.” I replied, hoping no one was paying any attention to us – No one usually did, so we should be fine. Sitting in the very back has advantages.

“If he did, is it really a problem? We can always deny it.” She said. “He’s just a jock, and you know how they are. They’ll laugh and poke fingers until it gets boring and then they’ll move on.” I nodded at this.

right, and besides, I haven’t heard anything so far – I don’t think I will, provided a certain someone also keeps her mouth shut.” I shot a glare at her, only to see puppy-dog eyes on her face.

“You couldn’t mean me, could you big brother?” Julie stuck her tongue out, winking at me. Just before I could say something, the bell rang, signaling the end of the day.

Thank God.

The bus ride home was nothing too special – Julie cuddling up against me as usual, taking a nap as we rode home. It was kind of nice seeing her sleeping on me, but at the same time I had to make sure no one saw her. Then again, wouldn’t this thing be seen as kind of normal? Better her brother than some big sweaty dude. It took me a bit of effort to shake her awake as the bus slowly came to a halt in front of our house.

Julie yawned as I unlocked the door, the two of us walking inside – Mom was nowhere to be seen, which was odd. Shouldn’t she be home by now? Just as I saw down at the kitchen table, Julie’s cell phone began to play some random ringtone – I couldn’t recognize the song.

“Hello? Oh, hey. Okay … When? Okay. Bye.”

I smirked as she walked into the kitchen.

“Wow, what a riveting conversation. I hope no one’s died.” I said. She bopped my head as she walked past me, opening the refrigerator.

“That was Mom, smartass. She said she was working a bit late, but she’ll be home in ten minutes.” After she said this, we were both quiet for a moment. Wait a sec …

Just 10 minutes?

“Damn it.” Julie muttered, grabbing me by the wrist and running towards her bedroom. I didn’t bother pulling back – Not like I really wanted to.

“You didn’t close the-” I paused as I felt myself be thrown across the room, landing hard on her bed.

“Lose the pants – I can’t wait until Mom goes to bed, that’s too long.” She said, already kicking her pants aside and working on removing her panties. We usually only did this at home when Mom had a few hours of late working, or after she was long asleep.

“I don’t think we have enough time …” I said as the both of us finished removing our bottom clothing. Julie glared at me, lying down on her bed and looking at me.

“No, what we don’t have time for are your excuses. Fuck me. Hard.” She said. I stepped back a bit, somewhat surprised by this.

“This seriously isn’t like you at all. What the hell has you so damn horny?” I asked, being ignored and pulled down on top of her. I pushed myself up over her, moving close and sliding inside – Don’t ask me how she got me hard so quickly. I have no idea. I completely ignored moving slow to get her into it, and started thrusting away inside of her.

“Oh, fuck yes …” I heard her moan as she gripped the sheet under her. “Faster />
I nodded, slamming into her as deep and as quick as I could manage, trying to keep a listen for a car door’s slam. The fact that we always lock the door of whatever room we’re in also helped. I moaned a bit myself, but didn’t speak as I kept thrusting into her.

“Jeremy! Fuck me!” She yelled. I felt her pussy start to tighten around me as I kept moving, Julie wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me into a deep kiss. As we pulled away, I looked down at her.

“Hurry up and cum, we don’t have that much time.” I said, trying my best to gather energy and move even faster. It usually took her forever, and it didn’t seem like it was going to be any faster this time.

“I’m home!”

“SON OF A BITCH!” Julie yelled, pushing me away and taking no time in putting her clothes back on. How the hell she did it that fast is beyond me, but whatever. I put my jeans back on, stuffing my boxers into my pocket.

“Did you just say something, Julie?” Mom asked as we walked into the kitchen to see her. Julie shook her head, her arms behind her back. “Anyway, go get ready for dinner. It’ll be ready as soon as the pizza gets here.”

The two of us nodded, quickly dashing to the bathroom and locking the door. Without saying a word, Julie’s jeans and panties were to her ankles, the same for my jeans. I had her pressed against the shower wall, the two of us standing in the bathtub and going at it for the second time today.

“Finally …” Julie sighed in pleasure, her moans staying soft and quiet as she wrapped her arms around my back. “Ah … F-Fuck me harder, Jeremy …” She muttered, my thrusts becoming deeper. I tried to not go too fast and risk us thumping against the wall – Fucking while Mom was awake was dangerous enough as it is. I tried to be as fast and as forceful as I could without getting too noisy.

I moaned a little myself as I heard Julie’s moaning get increasingly louder. I could tell that she was close, which was a bit surprising – I guess the worry that we could get caught excited her somehow. After a few more thrusts, I felt her climax around me.

“J-Jeremy … Oh yes …” She moaned, placing a hand over her mouth to muffle her moan. I quickly pulled out, trying my best to not shoot my load all over her shirt – She must’ve noticed this, as she hit her knees and smiled up at me. It didn’t take a second after she put my dick to her lips – I arched back a bit and shot my load into her mouth and around her lips when she pulled away.

“Oh fuck …” I said softly, sighing in content. It took a moment for us both to realize the danger we could be in, and the fact that Mom could be outside listening. We got dressed as quickly as possible, me stumbling into her from trying so fast and almost hitting the wall. I slowly opened the door …

Thank God – Mom wasn’t standing there.

“Did you two get lost or something?” Mom asked as we walked into the kitchen, grabbing plates from the table and getting slices of pizza. We were both quiet, smirking at each other.

“I guess you could say that.” Julie said, grinning at me.

“Well, whatever.” Mom said as the two of us headed into the living room. “I don’t understand why it took half an hour to wash your hands, but oh well.” Julie and I both froze, slowly turning to each other.

“… We were in there for half an hour?!” She said as quietly as possible, looking at me. “I thought it was like five minutes!” I shook my head, looking just as freaked out.

“Hell if I know, I thought it was less than that!” I whispered. The odd thing was that although it was extremely obvious that something fishy was going on, Mom didn’t seem to notice. I’d like to just think she forgot we’d left the room – She does that sometimes, but this seemed all too weird. “You don’t think she knows, do you?” I asked, Julie’s face turning a bit pale. She must’ve been thinking the same thing.

“If she did, she wouldn’t hide it. We’d be dead by now.” She said. I nodded – She was right. Mom wasn’t the type to hide that she knew stuff, especially something like this. I’d have been on a bus to military school already if she’d heard us.

The rest of the night was very awkward – We really questioned if we had been caught. The idea that Mom would have said something kept calming us down, but it seemed like we barely dodged a bullet this time. Later that night we’d both agreed to only do it at home when we were alone and had plenty of time – The fact that Mom was in the house at all, asleep or not, worried us.

Since yesterday was Friday, Saturday was greatly welcomed by me – A day to finally sleep in without having to worry about someone watching my sister manhandle me. The few times I woke up, I checked my clock – After it read noon exactly, I figured I might as well get up. I promised the TV I’d watch it for a while.

Walking into the living room, I saw Julie asleep on the couch in her purple pajama top and pants, with some cartoon on TV. I smiled at the sight of her, sitting next to her and grabbing the remote.

“Change it and I kill you.” She mumbled. I placed the remote back down, looking to see she had one eye open. “I watch the cat and mouse kill each other, or you watch me kill you. Those are your />
“I think I’ll go microwave some pizza …” I said, getting up and leaving the room. Just as I headed into the kitchen, the phone on the wall rang. Mom had left to see her friend from work for the day, so it wasn’t likely that she was calling.

“Hey man, what’s up?” It was David. He called once in a while when he wanted my money (or “hang out,” as he called it.) It seemed today he was calling to remind me that I was supposed to come over and drive him to the game store. He used to ask me why I took the bus to school instead of driving – To which I’d tell him honestly that I don’t feel like driving in the morning. Lately, Julie had kept encouraging me to take the bus so she could get extra sleep on my shoulder on the way to school.

“Okay, I’ll be over in a few hours.” I hung up the phone, walking back into the living room to see that Julie had finally sat up. “I’m going to the game store with David later, you wanna go?” She looked at me, her eyes only half open.

“That depends. Will you buy me something?” She asked, giving me a big smile. I sighed, nodding.

“I guess. You can ignore the fact that I’ve been saving money for a game for like a month now.” I said, kind of thinking this would guilt her into shutting up. No success.

“Okay, I will. That’s so nice of you.” She kissed my cheek as she walked past me, going into her room. I headed into mine to get dressed for the day.

“So why are you dragging me around with your idiot friend?”

It hadn’t been five minutes and already Julie was whining. She always complained when I included my friends when we went anywhere.

“I’m not; you wanted to come for a free game.” I said, her eyes lighting up.

“Oh yeah, I remember now.” She said, smiling. “What to get, though />
After picking up David, the three of us eventually made it to the store. Julie stretched her arms out after we got out of the car. She yawned loudly, scratching her head. David nudged me, leaning close to my ear.

“Dude, are you really okay with her wearing that stuff?” He asked, directing my attention to Julie. She had on a blue shirt with a long-sleeved blue-and-black stripped one underneath it, with a blue miniskirt and black-and-white stripped knee-high socks. Her glasses had the kind of lens that would darken when it was bright out, so it looked like she was wearing sunglasses. dressing kind of />
“What was that?” Julie must’ve overheard us, as she grabbed David’s collar and yanked it hard. “You got a problem with the way I dress, dipshit?” He shook his head and she released her grip, pushing him into me and knocking us both back.

“Julie, calm the hell down. Jeez.” I said, her glare instantly changing into a smile. We headed into the store, parting ways to look at the different sections. Of course, I didn’t need to bother looking since all of my money would be going towards whatever my sister got her hands on.

“Jeremy, look.” Julie said, her voice coming from behind me. I turned, seeing she was hugging a plush of a character from some game she played, also holding a game for the portable system she had. “I want him and this.” I sighed, reaching into my wallet and handing her my debit card.

“Go nuts.” I said, her eyes lighting up as she snatched the plastic out of my hand. She was like a child when it came to this sort of thing, but it was absolutely freaking adorable of her. I couldn’t stand it. What I also couldn’t stand was that I had finally noticed the miniskirt she had on left nothing to the imagination – You could see the outline of her panties whenever she bent over too far. Is it common for a guy to get a boner in a game store?

Well, I guess if you’re really passionate about speedy animals and fat plumbers, it might be. Either way, this is bad. Maybe I should retreat to the bathroom until I calm down …

“Is something wrong?” Julie appeared out of nowhere, giving me a smirk. “Are you giving me another game to play?” I almost groaned at the lame joke, but I really couldn’t. I nodded, looking around to see if David was paying attention to us – His eyes were focused on the used game section. “Meet me in the bathroom in two minutes.” Julie licked her lips, winking at me. Normally I’d never consider something like this, but for some reason seeing her just then made me so fucking horny that I didn’t care.

“Are you ready to go?” David found me a few seconds later, already having bought what we wanted. I shook my head, slowly walking away.

“Just gotta hit the bathroom and I’ll be good.” I said, slipping away into the bathroom as fast as I could. I locked the door behind me, turning to see Julie leaning against the wall with a smirk on her face.

“Unzip the pants.” She said. I did so, letting my erection spring out of my boxers, a bit of pre-cum already on the tip. Julie moved down to her knees, taking the length in her right hand and stroking it slowly. Since this was a one-person restroom, it was easy to support my balance against a wall so I couldn’t fall over from my muscles relaxing. After a moment more of jerking me off, she moved closer and took my dick into her mouth.

“Oh fuck …” I moaned, watching her head bob up and down on me. Since I was already so aroused, I knew I wouldn’t take too long to get off. The faster she went, the more I felt myself shiver from pleasure. “Julie, I’m gonna />
She pulled away, pumping her hand as fast as she could up and down my shaft, looking up at me and licking her lips. I moaned one last time, shooting a long load into her open mouth. It was three streams of cum before I finally stopped, panting heavily. I haven’t had head that awesome since … Well, since the last time she did it. I zipped my jeans, peeking out the door to see if anyone had been watching – No one. Thankfully, and oddly enough, the store didn’t have a camera outside the bathroom door. You’d think so to prevent theft, but I’m not complaining.

After dropping David off and returning home, I noticed the answering machine’s screen was flashing – A new message. Julie walked past me as I hit the button to start it. It was Mom.

“Hey guys, I just got a call and I need to head into work, and according to what I was just told, I may have a business trip coming up, so you two will have to guard the house. Don’t burn the place down, okay?”

Julie had walked back into the room halfway during the message, and the both of us had grins on our faces – Mom was going to be gone, and usually her trips were weeks at a time. We were going to be all alone for a whole week.

“This is gonna be fun.” Julie said, smirking at me and kissing my cheek.

Yeah, this is definitely gonna be fun.

story by: Dusk

Tags: fiction school blowjob teen male/teen female incest sex story

Author: Dusk

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