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“A Young Teacher”

By Blueheatt

high school, I was doing ok with a few girls, but I found I loved the challenge of getting in their panties the fun part. After I had fucked them, I wanted my freedom to go after any girl I wanted.
I found an unexpected challenge that fired up my juices to put the make on this woman. She was my Drama – English teacher, a Mrs. Weaver. She was cute a hell. She had sweet eyes, and very nice body and tits, and always dressed cool. I wanted to fuck her more and more.
As teenagers, to score with a female teacher was a major score. We’d all seen in the last few years, female teachers fucking male students in the news. They got into legal trouble, but the guys only got praise and envy .

Mrs. Weaver had a surprise test one afternoon, and I didn’t know any of wrote my answers all as a comedy sketch. “When is a verb used as a noun.” was one of her questions.
I put: “When you run out of nouns, you just kidnap a and force it a gun point to be a noun.” I wrote every answer this way. I figured I’m going to get an “F” anyway so why not have some fun with it. When the bell rang, Mrs. Weaver stood by the open door outside. As I walked by she tapped me on the arm and said to go back into the classroom, she wanted to talk to me. Oh shit, here it comes, kicked out of her class I figured. She handed me my test with a big red “F” on it, but with a note on it, “See Teacher”. I stood there waiting for a lecture, and kicked out. I looked up and at first she had no expression, then she began to smile. “You failed the test, was the funniest thing I have ever read! Now….to keep you from failing and getting kicked out of class, I suggest this: After school you come to the Drama room and start writing comedy for our next play we’re putting on.” (me write comedy?, nerds and geeks were in drama classes.) looked at her beautiful smiling eyes and hot body, all eager hoping I would say yes, and said: “Ok, but only if you help me.” Damn if she didn’t put her arms around my neck and hug her nice tits into my chest.
We talked in length about the play as I tried to hide my boner. She took her jacket off and she had really nice tits for my eyes to feast on.
I went to the drama room after school, hoping none of my buddies wouldn’t see me go in. She was the only one in there. No practice that day. She had her pinned up hair down in a long wavy pony tail. We sat side by side in the corner going over the play. Now she had on a dark blue sports suit kind of thing. It was unzipped 1/3 of the way down her chest. Now I was really distracted seeing half her tit as we talked. She scooted close as I quickly wrote the lines for a dumb character in the play. Mrs. Weaver went: “Wow, you did that so fast! This is perfect!” She grabbed my arm and hugged it saying: “ Thank you, your so talented at this.” My boner was luckily under the table. I was now looking down her sports suit at two of the most beautiful tits I’d seen this close and LIVE in a while. I continued and she continued complementing me over and over. When we finished I had re-written the whole play and added in comedy. She squirmed in her seat with delight and kept squeezing my arm. This is so wonderful, your so talented. I took the scrip and held it up like I was going to tear in in half. She exclaimed: “No…what are you doing!” I said one kiss is all I want, other wise I’m ripping this to shreds. She smiled at me so cute and sexy and whispered: (“you know I can’t do that.”) She was breathing heavy.

I told her she would have to leave first. She looked puzzled and ask why? I smiled and said: “Ugly girls don’t cause me this problem.” She paused….. got pink in the face as she figured out what I meant. She got up grinning and stood behind me. I heard her zipper. She had taken off her jacket, she reached in and put it over my lap, but now she was just in her bra and sport suit pants! I turned and looked at her tits and said: “Mrs. will never go down now.” She smiled and opened up a locker and put on another jacket.

She took a deep breath, then went over and locked the door. She sat by me, took another big breath and ask me to keep this conversation absolutely secret.
She said she was not married. The Weaver was to look good for her job. She was only 23, and had been a nerd all her life. She wore thick glasses but had contacts now. All she ever cared about was being a teacher. She was a late bloomer and it was just in the last two years that her body developed. She said I was the first guy who she knew got an erection over her, and she took it as a great complement, but that it shook her up some. I said: “Mrs. Weaver, your so hot I took this offer just to be close to you. Me and half the guys in school think your hot.” She gasp and took a big breath….. She whispered: “ We have to keep this on a teacher / student level here at /> She scooted close to me, held my hand under the table and whispered right in my ear:
(“… maybe you come over some evening and we would work…. on some school plays.”) I could smell her wonderful womanly perfume and feel her fingers tremble a little. She was smiling and looking into space across the room. She got up and pulled me up and said you gotta go, and pushed me to the door and out.
She thought to herself:..
are you doing, girl!…you know this can lead to trouble. You just invited a male student to your house! Mom won’t like it at all….but I’m so attracted to him, he really desires me, I can’t help it. I’m having fantasizes about him already! I can feel his arms around me and kissing me…which will never if it did? Keep your mind on the writing and off of him. Oh damn!, that’s so easy to say….his erection for me was so hot, I get tingles just thinking about it. He must think I’m sexually attractive. When we’re alone at my house, will he make a move on me?….god I hope so. I can’t resist. I want him so bad, I can’t think about anything else. Something about him has given me new feelings, and I want a lot more of them…stop girl!…just think about working on the plays and not him…just the plays…just the />

We arranged for me to arrive after dark, to avoid being seen.
She still lived with her mom, and she introduced me as ‘my friend’, not a student to her. Her mom was pleased and stayed up stairs the whole evening. Mrs. Weaver was now just Morgan Weaver at home. She had on shorts, a tiny top with no bra, and looked way hotter than I had imagined. As we talked she admitted she had only one boyfriend. A nerd like her, who moved away a while back. She was making me want her more and more.
I said: “You must like to act, so let’s do a sketch.” She said: “Oh yes, let’s do that!” I said: in a row boat in a storm. I’m lying in the bottom injured. You the rower. Ok?” I laid down on the couch She smiled and said: and started to giggle. She got on top of me and sat right on my dick facing me. I said: “The storm is bad, so you lean over and protect me for the storm.” She giggled again and said: “What kind of scene is this?” I pulled her down to me and said: “A hot love scene, now stop giggling kissed her.
I’m not sure I can…play this whispered in her ear: teach you rower kissed the man with all her passion, while she protected him with her body.”
She was not use to this and tried to talk as I felt her body and kept kissing her face over and over. She was totally out of breath and finally relaxed and started kissing me back between gulps of air. I said: you’re an excellent actress.“ ) She kept kissing me, but now started to twitching her body on me. As she got hotter she whispered: (“I’m not acting, your making me all excited inside. My mom’s home, (gasp) can you come back when she’s not here?”) I said sure, but first do you know how to French kiss? She didn’t even know what that was. I said: “One French kiss, and I’ll come back when your moms not She smiled and said: “Ok, you show me.” I took my time kissing her and then eased my tongue across her lips. She must have liked it as she returned her tongue to my lips. I eased my tongue deeper as hers did too. She had it now and she only broke for air, then back to the our tongues going crazy together.
I heard a noise on the stairs. Her mom took a few steps down, smiled, then quickly turned around and went back upstairs. Morgan was so engrossed I don’t think she even heard her.
I had to take a parting feel and down my hand went in the back of her shorts. I felt her smooth sweet butt cheeks. She jumped and whispered: you trying to get me to keep you after …and giggled. I whispered back: (“I sure am, when will your mom be gone?”) She didn’t answer as she had her eyes closed and ran her fingers thru my hair. She said quietly I put my arms around her and rubbed her back and butt cheeks. The more we felt each other the hotter we got. She raised up and smiled with her beautiful eyes. She whispered: (“… I could get big trouble and lose my job getting involved with you, but I guess it’s to late. I want to be with you so bad. We have to be very careful. I just…want She kissed me so hot my boner stood up between her legs, as she squirmed her pussy on it. She whispered out of breath: be… right back.”) She got up a little dizzy, and stumbled up the stairs.
After a while I see her mom come down the stairs. She comes over and tells me that Morgan isn’t feeling well, and that she will contact me to continue working on the plays. She hands me a sealed envelope. I graciously left and read the letter inside in my car.
“Dear ____. I’m faking this letter for my mom’s sake. She has always wanted me to be a lifelong teacher, and not get involved with men. (tee hee) She’ll be gone this coming week, come over Friday night after 9pm and we’ll ’work on xxoo.”

The next day was Friday and I went to English class as usual. Mrs. Weaver was very cheerful and happy, but of course paid no attention to me in class. Somehow she had gotten more beautiful than ever. As the bell rang, she said she had a make up test for me she wanted to talk about. We talked about the test as the rest of the class filed out. After the last student left, she walked over and locked the door. It was the end of the school day. She smiled and pushed me up against the wall. “Mr. ___, do you know the penalty for molesting a teacher? The teacher has the right to punish you as she sees fit within the law. You will….. put your arms around me and kiss me until I stop you, do you I smiled and put my books down. “Yes mam.” I said.
It was pure heaven kissing her right in her own classroom. She felt my boner and I felt her nice tits. She stopped kissing me and said: “I hope you’ve learned something here today, now get out of my classroom, there will be further punishment later.” She straightened herself and unlocked the door, and pushed me out with a big grin. I left holding my books over my boner. Morgan thought to wow….god I loved being desired so much.’
It was Friday night, 6pm. I parked down a ways from her house. I had gotten there at 5:30 to watch her mom leave with another lady. I hid down in my seat and peeked as they drove the other way, away from me. My boner never quite went away so I held a sweat shirt in my hand over it. No one was watching that I could see. Morgan opened the door as I approached and I quickly went in. We held hands and just smiled at each other for a few minutes. Both our hearts were beating fast and we both could feel it in our hot and sweating hands. We just started slow dancing, we didn’t even know why. She had on a long shear blue night gown. I remember the aroma of her hair as her head lay on my chest. Finally she looked at me and said: “It’s time for more of your punishment Mr. We’re going to do some acting again, only this time I’ll be directing. You’ve just found me on the beach, half dead from almost drowning. There is a dry area in my bedroom. You take me there and start to revive I chuckled and picked her limp body up and carried her to her bedroom. She giggled. I said: “Drowning victims don’t giggle!” I placed her on her bed. I lifted up one leg and started pumping it up and down. We both got the giggles as she said: “That is NOT how you do it, mouth to mouth resuscitation is the correct way!…but so hot in here, you better remove the victims clothes and your own too. I slowly undressed her and my self too. I think my eyes crossed looking at her sexy naked body for the first time. We took our time feeling our body’s, running fingers thru our hair and kissing us everywhere. She had soft music playing and we both were in another world of excitement. This was turning out not to be a score on my part, it was pure heaven. She whispered in my ear, out of breath: no wonder…. mom didn‘t want me to…. ”). That was the last thing she was able to say as we began to blend our lips together. My boner lay right on top of her clit. She moved her pussy back and forth to let my dick massage her clit.
Morgan /> god, this feeling of being desired is taking me to heights I never dreamed of. I need this, and a lot more of it.’)
I felt her tits as my boner started slipping down to enter her wet pussy. She reached down and guided it in. Oh god she was tight. I took my time entering her as she moaned and squirmed under me…..a little further in each stroke. Her body trembled as she felt my back and opened her legs wider. I lifted her legs up and put them on my chest. She liked that as I kept going in her pussy deeper. Her breathing was now in pants of moans as we started fucking. “Ohhhhh it’s so want to feel you in me all yes!” she whispered.
I finally could take full strokes and pushed my dick all the way to the bottom. She winched and cried out…”Oh and now we fucked faster and faster. She made growing and moaning sounds as my cum shot was coming. She held me so tight I could hardly breath and she started to climax. she yelled as I shot a huge load in her. She bucked and squirmed, grinding her pussy down on my dick. My balls hurt as they kept pumping themselves empty and beyond. She was a shaking woman in a trance, pushing her pussy up to my dick, as deep at it would go. She just laid there and trembled. She gasp for air between kissing me over and over. She kept moaning those little sounds you can’t describe. I love the feeling of her tight trembling pussy around my dick.

Morgan />
mom, you’ve designed me this for all this time…well I’m having it, and lot’s of it from now on.’)
She kept working her pussy on my dick, getting all the good feelings she could…..we fell asleep…
/> ….We put on the play: “A Streetcar Named the school wouldn’t let us….so we put on: “Splendor in the to the Principals disgust…)

story by: blueheatt

Tags: fiction consensual sex first time older female / males sex story

Author: blueheatt

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