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Summer. Warm sunny days. It is on one of these days that I am working outside. It's still early in the day as I toil away under that hot sun, sweat dripping down my back. Of course, this is for you, yard work/yard improvements for your place. I like the physical work and I like doing it for you. I take my hat off my head, wiping the sweat from my brow. During this moment break I glance at my watch. 11:50. Time to clean up a little and head inside for lunch and to escape the heat somewhat.

I grab the garden hose and spray some of the dust and sweat off me. The cool water soaks my clothes, my hair, my body. It feels good in the heat and I take a couple of moments to enjoy the feeling.

I turn the water off and head to the garage to dry off a little and head upstairs, anticipating a nice lunch with my beautiful woman. I close the door behind me and strip my wet clothes off. Better not make a mess of the house. As I am undressing I notice a piece of paper taped to the door going into the house. Curious I move to read it. It is a note from you… "Go inside, shower downstairs and when you are finished put the clothes on that will be waiting for you."

Wow, now that's an interesting twist to the afternoon. Wanting to play this game I head to the bathroom and finish undressing. I run the shower and step in. The water washing the rest of the grime and sweat from my body. I take my time, making sure I am sparkling clean. I wash my hair and rinse the shampoo. I love the feeling of the water running over my scalp.

As I am showering I hear the door open and close again shortly after. Just my clothes being dropped off I think. Well, enough of the shower, time to dry off and get dressed.

The water off now, I dry and step out of the shower. There on the counter is a pile of clothes and yet another note. Very curious now, I step over and pick it up, reading it. "Put blindfold on, do not get dressed. Knock on door and stay put until instructed to do more."

So it's going to be like that is it? I'm excited now. I look at the pile of clothes and there on top is a little blindfold. Similar to the ones you would use on an airplane to sleep. I pick it up and slide it over my head. I am unable to see now. I reach out and give a know on the door. Nothing. Not a sound. I stand there, as instructed. I am cool in the bathroom. My body drying in the air. I am naked with the exception of the blindfold. Thoughts race through my mind as to what is going to happen. Time passes. How much? Hard to tell as without my sight it is hard to gauge. Then, I hear the door open. Your voice cuts through the silence… "Stand still, do not move, do not talk." I feel you move closer. Your lips brush mine and move way. There again, on my back and gone. Time passes. I feel you again, your tongue brushing my cheek and your hand running across my chest. The excitement is getting to me. You take a nipple between your fingers and squeeze, hard. The pain shoots through me like a spark and then recedes. You take my head in your hands and tilt it down. You reach up with your mouth and kiss me. Hard, your tongue piercing my lips and forcing itself into my mouth. You play with my tongue, your pace, fast. Your hands reach down and grab my manhood, playing with it, stroking it, feeling it grow. And then, nothing. You've pulled away and all that I can hear is you breathing. My breath is fast, my heart beats in my chest. I want to reach out and hold you, kiss you, take you.

Then, I feel your lips around my, taking that part of my body into your mouth. Warm, wet, soft, hard. Nothing but your mouth touching me. You continue for some time. I am not sure as I can not focus on anything but that feeling. Then nothing, again. A flick of your tongue on my ear and a whisper… "wait until you hear the door close. Get dressed and put the blindfold on again. Knock and wait for me."

I hear you walk away and close the door. I am left there, still standing, feeling where you touched me, kissed me, pinched me. My body is trembling from the excitement. I am still wet from your saliva down there. Slowly my mind focuses and brings me back to reality. I dress. I am overwhelmed, turned on, frightened of what may happen. I am yours to do with as you wish and you know it. I take these thoughts, ideas and run them through my mind. As I do so I put the blindfold back on. My hand reaches out, pauses for a moment and then knocks on the door.

Knock, knock. I pull my hand away from the door, trembling slightly still in anticipation of what may be. I hear the door open and sense you approaching. Your lips brush mine and your tongue teases me again. You pull back slightly and whisper to take your hand and follow you. I feel your hand touch mine and I hold on to yours as you slowly guide me away. It is challenging, walking through a house without vision. I am used to my place and could probably easily manage this task, but being unfamiliar with your place, it is harder. You tell me to lift my foot as we start the climb up the stairs. A few stairs up you stop and tell me to stand there, but lean me forward and pull my head down towards you. I have to kneel now and realize that you are sitting on the stairs, legs spread and that you are guiding my head between your knees, pulling me towards you.

You command me to pleasure you with my mouth, my tongue. I can smell you, your scent fills my nostrils, musky, nice. Not freshly showered, but probably sometime that morning. It is nice and I eagerly begin my task. My tongue parts your lips and enters you, slowly, tasting you. I close my lips and gently nibble on yours and then move my tongue up, slightly, searching for your little button, the one that I know will bring you the most pleasure. I move my hands between your legs and spread you apart a little more, making it easier to lightly brush my tongue on you, hoping that my efforts are pleasing you. I can fill you getting wetter and I clean your wetness with my mouth, savoring the taste.

I can feel you getting more excited and you press yourself closer, pulling my head, driving my tongue into you. I know you like to be stimulated by more so I press a finger inside of you, sliding it in and out in rhythm with my tongue licking your clitoris. Harder you pull me into you and guide me, encouraging me to go faster. I know you are close now and I am excited by that fact. Excited that you will enjoy this pleasurable moment and that I am the cause of that pleasure. I focus more, stroke you faster and work my tongue on you. You arch upwards as your climax starts and your wetness flows over my face and hands. I hold you there, my face pressed into you, enjoying this moment. After a few moments, you relax and collapse back onto the stairs, pushing me away. I wait until you are ready, my erection pushing against my clothes. I am excited, wanting you, enjoying the lasting taste and scent of you on me, my face, my lips, in my mouth.

I hear you stand and once again you grab my hand, guiding me up the last few stairs. Not a word has been said since your command in the bathroom. I hear only my heart beating and my breath, somewhat quicker now. You stop, release my hand and break the silence… "Stand here and wait."

I stand again, devoid of my main sense, sight. I hear you though, in the near distance, moving around. The sound of dishes being moved and you walking back and forth in the room and beyond. Again I do not know how long I stand there. Minutes surely but how many, who knows, who cares.

Almost in a trance, I am startled as I feel you grab my hand and pull me forward. Again we stop and you pull me, turning me around and pushing me backwards. I feel the couch against the back of my legs and you force me to sit.

"Open your mouth" Again a command and I do. I feel your fingers slide into my mouth. "Suck them clean" and I do, feeling wetness on them. It is a familiar taste, the taste of you. You pull your fingers out for seconds, then I feel them again, rubbing my lips and forcing themselves between my lips, they are wet again. I can't get enough of your taste. This is repeated a few more times before it is finished. My mouth is filled with your taste and my skin is covered with your scent. I am incredibly turned on, but can not do anything about it.

I feel your hands on me again, pulling me down towards the floor. "Lay down on your back" Of course I do. After laying down, you pull at my shirt, slipping it over my head and arms. Again I am partially naked.

"Put your hands together in front of you" I oblige and I feel something wrapping around both wrists, pulling them together. You've tied my arms. As this adventures moves forward, I am becoming more and more vulnerable… You push my tied arms down, my hands resting on my stomach. I hear you move again, sense you over me. I feel your legs on each side of my head, then, you pushing yourself onto my face again. Your wetness evident as you rub yourself up and down on me, using my tongue to masturbate yourself. I am almost suffocated, but enjoy you again, your lips gliding over my tongue. Faster and faster you rub until again you orgasm on me, your juices running over my face, dripping off of me. You stay there, seated on me again for some time, coming down from your ecstasy.

You lift off of me and I feel a soft material wiping my face. Cotton maybe, soaking up the wetness of you. I feel your fingers urging me to open my mouth and I do. Then, my mouth is filled with this material, covered in you. I think I know, I think they are probably your panties, discarded at some point in the morning. You whisper in my ear "Stay here, do not move, do not make a sound. Your appetizer is over and lunch will be served soon."

I lay there, hands tied, blindfolded and gagged with your underwear filling my mouth.

What next? I ask myself as I hear you move away…

I hear you moving more dishes and the sounds of you bringing things to the living room. Probably setting them on the floor beside me. This continues for a few minutes and then you return. I hear you sitting on the floor beside me. "So, you like the taste of me, do you?" I can only nod, my mouth is still gagged. Your fingers touch my lips, part them slightly and tug the material out of my mouth. It is now dry, but your taste lingers on. "Well, if you like it so much, perhaps it is time for your lunch." "I will feed you, and you will eat what I give you".

How weird this must look. I am bound, shirtless on the floor, laying there. You are seated beside me, with food surrounding you. I am not sure how you are dressed so I can only guess.

I feel something cold pressed against my lips and I open. You insert a round object, which as I bite down, I learn is a cherry tomato. Mmm, raw vegetables seems to be the theme for lunch. The next tomato you hold in front of my nose, I feel its coldness pressed against my upper lip. I inhale and detect a faint smell of you. It seems that you must be rubbing part of my lunch in your wetness. The tomatoes continue on, probably 5 or 6 after the first couple. I hear you moan slightly beside me. I am unsure of the cause. Again something parts my lips. This time a carrot. Not the baby ones, but a real, pulled from the garden carrot. The carrot taste is mingled with yours and I am excited by the thought of you, slowly masturbating yourself with this carrot, then sharing it with me. I can feel my erection pushing at my pants. I too moan slightly, feeling overwhelmed with excitement. You must notice this as I feel you unzipping my pants and pulling them down around my legs, over my feet and off. My underwear is next.

Now I am totally naked, blindfolded and bound at the wrists, laying on your living room floor, totally at your mercy.

Suddenly I feel your mouth on me, taking all of me inside, licking me, sucking me. Over and over you play with me, the tip of my erection, deeper, faster, slower, harder, softer. I am breathing hard now, my body tensing as I build up towards release. I love this, I am so close… then, nothing. You stop, pulling away and leaving me panting, heart pounding and… frustrated. "That's enough for now. Time to finish lunch. You may get some relief after, if you are good."

I hear you shift positions and again food is pressed to my mouth. Another carrot, some cut peppers, broccoli. Some taste and smell like you, others not. "Turn over on your belly, and lift yourself up on your arms." I do this, now laying, facing forward. You are moving again and I can feel you close. Your hands cup my head and pull it down. "Open your mouth" I do and you pull a little harder. Something soft and cold is there. Cream cheese? Yes, I think it is. I lick it, obviously it has been spread on you. As I lick it and suck it off, I detect a nipple. You've coated your breast in cream cheese. I clean it all, enjoying the sensation of eating off of you.

You move away again and roll me back over. I feel you loosening the bonds around my wrists. "Sit up and in front of you is a plate. Reach out and feel it." I move my hands slowly forward and find the edge of the plate. I explore it a little and find it covered in the raw vegetables you have just fed me. "Take a piece, one at a time and hold it in your fingers." Your lips brush my finger tips as you take the food from me. I am your personal servant, replacing each piece you take with another form the plate. Soon, the plate is empty.

"Count to 30, then stand, remove your blindfold and clean our dishes. You will only move between the kitchen and living room. I will not be seen. When you are finished washing and drying, return to the living room and sit on the couch. Replace the blindfold and call out to me 'Mistress, I am yours to command'. You will then wait for me and dessert."

Then, you are gone. I count to thirty, slowly. I stand, remove my blindfold and begin the task at hand. There are not many dishes, but I happily clean the living room and the kitchen. Why leave a mess for later when you have a slave now?

When I finish I return to the living room and replace the blindfold. I gulp slightly before I open my mouth "Mistress, I am yours to command."

The sound of my voice echoes in the hall. I hear a door opening in the distance and the sound of your footsteps approaching. You take my hand and urge me to stand. I am naked, except for that blindfold, still covering my eyes, preventing me from seeing you, my beautiful woman. You pull me along, much like before, guiding me. I think we are going down the hall. You stop, turn me again and push me backwards. I feel the edge of something against my legs and I sit. Higher now, compared to the couch. It is your bed. You push me, raise my legs up and I am now laying on the bed, your pillow beneath my head. I feel you grab a wrist and you tug it outright. I feel something on my wrist and feel you tying me up. You repeat this on my other wrist and on my ankles. I am now naked and laying spread out on your bed. My erection must be obvious as there is nothing to hide my desire, nothing to cover my anticipation.

"Close your eyes and keep them closed until I tell you" And with that statement, you remove the blindfold. I lay there, still in darkness with my eyes tightly shut. And then… "Open them now"

I do.

And there you are. It has been all morning since I have seen you and I blink my eyes getting used to the light. You are standing at the end of the bed, your hair nicely done, a small black collar around your neck. My eyes linger there, studying your face, your mischievous smile, your eyes and your painted lips. Lower I wander with my gaze and see a nice black bra, in contrast to your skin. Lower still and my eyes open slightly wider. A black garter belt, fishnets and matching black panties. I didn't think I could be more excited but you have done it. I am in awe of your beauty and the vision you give me. I am helpless, unable to act on my urges as generations of male instincts override my brain. I want you, need you, must take you. I struggle against my bonds, but am unable to break free. You smile at this.

"It is your turn now. You have given me pleasure and now, I will give myself to you. This will be your dessert…" and you motion your hands over your body. You move closer, climbing onto the bed and crawling towards me. You brush your lips against my skin as you move up my body, covering me in yours, pressing against me. All the way up until your face is inches from mine. You tease me with your look as I reach my head up to try and kiss you. Your lips then touch mine and we embrace in a passionate kiss. I am driven, like an animal, my tongue searching for yours. We lay here in this moment, enjoying the passion, the heat of our lips touching, our tongues playing. Then, you move down slightly, your lips kissing my cheeks, my neck. Lower, but slowly, excruciatingly slow. Further, you now take a nipple in your mouth. You tease it with your tongue before you bite down. I know you can feel my erection pressing against you. The other nipple now. This is almost too much to withstand.

You pause, reveling in my frustration. Then, lower still, lower. You look up at me, smile and plunge your mouth over me. You still look up and I watch my manhood disappear into your mouth. You repeat this, your red lips gliding up and down. I am so close to climaxing and you can sense it. You slow down and make a sound "Uh Uh". I know this means no, means I can not have satisfaction yet. You release me and move backwards on the bed until you are standing again. You walk towards the side of the bed so i can see you closer. You unclasp your stockings and roll them down your legs. Your bra is next, falling to the floor as well. Last, your panties. You bend and pick them up and slowly wave them under my nose. I smell you again and am more excited. You smile. and hop onto the bed.

You climb on top of me again, naked and press yourself down on my. There is no more teasing now, you take me inside of you. I part your moist lips and enjoy the wetness and warmth beyond. You sit, taking me deep inside of you and press your hands against my chest. Faster and faster you go. You reach over and grab your bullet. The buzzing sound starts and you move it between your legs. You are still riding me, but your eyes are closed as you enjoy the feelings you experience. I feel your muscles contract and a moan escapes you. You are climaxing, I can tell and enjoy the look on your face. You look down, reach out and squeeze one of my nipples. It sends a trigger through my body and I arch beneath you. I feel the wave grow within me and I am climaxing as well. I feel you squeeze me, take me further inside and my release has started. We are joined, the two of us, as one, here on this lazy afternoon in your bed. You are both gasping for air and you collapse on my chest, your lips reaching towards mine. I feel you untie the ties that bind my wrists and I hug you, pulling you closer to me as I enjoy the moment. This is one of those moments that you remember for years to come. A feeling of bliss, fulfillment, sexual ecstasy.

The world fade into darkness as we lay there, falling asleep in each others arms. The afternoon is still young and the day has many hours in it. For now, we are content, sharing the moment. Time passes and we slowly wake from our dreams. "Are you ready for the next thing?" A smile forms on your face and you kiss me again, slowly at first, then more heated.

Ah, but it is too soon. Too soon to continue with the passion we've experienced over the last few hours. We continue to kiss, tongues darting into each others mouths, lips brushing, bodies pressing into each other. During this time you untie my legs and I roll on top of you. Holding you down to the bed, I continue kissing you, running my hands over your body. Softly though, gentle, just lightly touching your skin.

I roll beside you, still in contact with you, not wanting to break that connection. You are beautiful laying there, now in a nest of sheets and blankets. We are still kissing, exploring each other with our hands. You climb on top and take me inside again. Slowly we rock together, just enjoying that feeling, not actually trying to accomplish anything. We start and stop, laying there in the bed as the afternoon lazily drifts by. There is no hurry, no agenda, just time to rest.

I think we drift off to sleep again. I wake, partially inside of you, relaxed, content, happy. I see that you too are awake. It is probably time to climb out of bed and I do. I pull your hands, helping you to stand. I guide you towards the bathroom where I start the shower. Time to clean off the results of our fun. We enter the shower and let the warm water wash over us. I grab the soap and start to wash your body. My hands gliding easily over your skin. I take my time, exploring, washing, caressing. I wander in my job, lower, between your legs. I have intentions of course and I turn you to face the wall, reaching around, still rubbing you there. Finding your little button, pressing, teasing it. I am excited again and I lean you forward slightly. You press your hands against the wall for support and I enter you, from behind. The water still running, but there is more than that wetness between your legs.

I am still using my fingers as I thrust into you. Hmm, your body is reacting, tensing. You shudder slightly with another small orgasm. I love how you feel when this happens. I move faster, feeling you wrap around me. There, I am so close, I start and push hard into you, enjoying you once again. I kiss your neck, shoulders, cheek.

We move apart, now focused on the actual shower and we finish washing. The water off, we step out and grab towels to dry off. It is late in the afternoon now, early evening. Perhaps it is time now to get dressed and go for dinner.

The restaurant doesn't matter, as only our time together does. It must have dim lighting though, to hide the colour in our faces as we flirt and tease each other through the night. We sit across from each other, smiling, laughing and enjoying our time. I can't take my eyes from you and have very naughty thoughts going through my mind. What I want to to do you, experience with you and share with you tonight. Our meals are ordered and our drinks arrive. I slip off my shoe and run my foot up your leg. I need to touch you, have contact with you. My foot works for now, but later… my hands, my tongue, again.

I take your hand in mine and gaze into your eyes as we sit and chat, drinking and waiting for our dinner. What can this evening bring for you? I know, but won't share with you until we are in the moment. Dinner comes and we enjoy the meal. We share each others food. I take a forkful and raise it to your lips so you can taste. What a great evening. I long to kiss you, slide my tongue around your lips, dance with your tongue. This will come, later…

Dinner done and time for dessert. I want to drag out the time here, build the anticipation for our time later. I order a dessert to share with you. Whip cream? Hmmm. Now I look at you, into your eyes again and know it is time to start the events of the evening. I ask you to excuse yourself from the table to visit the ladies room. I *instruct* you to come back with your panties removed and to give them to me when you return. I will know that under your outfit, you are naked, and hopefully getting excited. You return and humbly give them to me. Nervous I am sure and not sure what to expect. Have you done something like this before? Probably not, but isn't it the new things, the risky things that excite us and draw us further in?

Again I feed you with my fork. Enjoying your lips and mouth enveloping the dessert. Enough now, time to leave this place, take you home to a big, comfy bed. As I sit you in the truck, I kiss your palm, lick it, take your fingers in my mouth. I then kiss your lips and close your door. Not the place to continue this line of action.

Home, finally. I help you with your jacket, hugging, caressing you as I do. Kissing your arms, hands, neck, cheek, lips. Tasting you, smelling you. Did you remember that I have your panties still, tucked into my pocket. One less thing to remove when we get upstairs into the bedroom. As we walk up the stairs, I am behind you, rubbing your bum, admiring your beautiful body. I also anticipate the next few hours…

The room, finally. I turn you towards me, hug you, wrap you tightly in my arms. Kiss you, attack your lips with mine, with my tongue. Move from there to your neck. Light kisses at first, then harder. A little dart of the tongue. I am removing you top as this happens. Your nipples are hard with excitement and the coolness of the room. They call to me so I lower my mouth to them, taking one in my mouth, warming it with the heat there, my tongue and my lips. A little nibble with my teeth and off to the other one, repeating the process. Your legs buckle a little so I know it is time to finish undressing you and lay you in the bed, under the covers. I kiss you, stand at the side of the bed and slowly undress myself. Naked now, it is time for me to climb into bed beside you. I take you in my arms again and hug you tightly, pulling your body against mine, warming you, feeling your energy and enjoying this moment.

Time to proceed now, and I move down the bed, to start kissing your toes, the sole of your foot. Up to your ankles now, and further, your calves. I roll you over and kiss and lick behind your knees. Working higher, towards your bum. I stop there for a minutes, kissing and licking. My hands help, wander over your body, feeling your curves and caressing you. Your lower back is now my target. I turn you over again and work my lips over your stomach, around your bellybutton and back to your breasts again.

Time to move to your fingers, palms, wrists. I work up, to your elbow and plant a warm kiss in the crease where your arm bends. Up to your shoulder, your neck. That soft spot, just above your shoulder. Now, down you your other hand and I repeat the process. My hand now is moving lower now, down past your stomach. Over your soft hair and to that smooth area where your legs meet your torso. No, not the middle yet, not quite. I rub your inner thighs, your breathing is quicker, harder now. Then, my hand touches you there… that spot and feels your wetness. My finger glides between your legs and explores, feeling and pleasuring the spots that make you move, just so. My lips find yours again, and I fill your mouth with my tongue. As that happens, my finger slowly slides into you. Mmmm, the sound that escapes you, the feeling I get when you receive pleasure. I continue to explore you there, rubbing, sliding in and out, building you up to and orgasm that I *must* provide you. I continue to build the pleasure, bring you to the edge again. Not the same this time, more pleasure, more feeling. You are almost there, I can tell by your breathing. Time now though, time for me to climb on top, press my body against yours, press myself into you. Take advantage of you in this state, press into you deeply and feel you surround me as we are one. I move my hand to rub you as we are merged. The pleasure is intense, too much, we both finish, climax together and enjoy this time, the first time tonight. The night is long and there is so much more to do, experience, enjoy.

story by: Island Dan

Tags: fiction blowjob consensual sex male/female oral sex female domination bdsm male domination sex story

Author: Island Dan

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The doors are open


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