An after school suprise

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This is my first story soo..

I woke up on Saturday morning after an unbelievable night with my sister, who was still lying beside me with a satisfied grin on her face.

Let me tell you about myself, i am 14 and quite tall, and i woudn't exactly describe myself as muscular but i wasn't unfit. I have medium length black hair, blue eyes and a tanned body. My sister was blonde, (she got that from our mom), the familys blue eyes and a set of 32B boobs, not bad for her being thirteen. She has long legs that seem to go on forever and a nice butt, (not to big but a good size), and her hips were just starting to fill out.

—2 days before—

I came home from school after a long and boring day taking notes and answering questions. I walked through my front door to an empty house, on the ground floor at least. I was pretty hungry so i went to the kitchen to make my self a sandwich, ham & cheese, nothing to complex. I decided to go to the living room to relax in the recliner when i heard a faint noise coming from upstairs, since the house seemed deserted i thought nothing of it and turned on the T.V . I was just finishing my sandwich when i heard the noise from upstairs again, this time louder, it sounded like a squel so i thought i'd better go check it out. I had just reached the top of the stairs when i heard something fall over and an "ow fuck that hurt" coming from my sisters room. Now my brotherly instincts kicked in and there was two things that could have been going on, either my sister had dropped something and hurt herself, or she had snuck a boy home. No one touches my little sister( i am a bit protective). I went to my room and grabbed my baseball bat, just incase. I was outside her room now and i could still hear squiels. The door was cracked open a bit and i peaked in, Julie's bed was on the other side of the room so i couldnt see her. I barged in, bat in hand, ready to beat the shit out of whoever was in the room with my little sister. And the sight i saw was like nothing i've seen before.
"Alright you little shit im gonnaa-"
I stopped mid sentence because i was lost for words, there in front of me on her bed was my not so innocent hot little sister lying naked on her bed with two fingers buried knuckle deep in her dripping pussy. She just looked at me, and i guess i came in at the end of the show, and she just closed her eyes, arched her back and let out a loud moan of pleasure as she came. I stood there and stared at her in shock, not being able to move my eyes or my legs( my dick was having no trouble moving). She opened her eyes again looked at me as her face paled as she covered herself with her sheets. I snapped back to reality when i heard a car pull into our driveway. Mom and Dad were back, as I realised where I was I bolted back to my room and shut the door. I just sat on my bed thinking about what I had just walked in on. My little sister, had been lying on her bed fingering for anyone to walk in on. I had never really thought of her in that way, but my dick had other ideas. I had been in my room for almost half an hour when there was a soft knock at my door.
"come in"
"Hey, started saying.
"Me first, Julie im sorry, i shouldnt have barged in like that, if i had known what you were doing i would have left you in privacy, im sorry" I said to her as she moved to the bed and sat next to me. God she looked beautiful.
"Look Tony, I shkuld have been more careful and not have dropped the lamp, im guessing thats why you came /> "yeah, sorry if i scared you with the bat, i thought you had someone home." she shifted a little when i said that.
"No im saving myself for someone."
"OK well dinner should be ready soon so you can go back to your room now." Truth is i still had a raging hard on i was struggling to keep contained. "Ok bye, big brother" she said with a sly smirk on her face but i thought nothing of it.
Dinner came and i went downstairs. I was just sitting down when Julie came in. Her face was a little flushed. I guess she wasnt done when i walked in. We ate our dinner making small talk about school and our friends. Every time i looked at Julie she was looking at me and smiling. Strange, i thought. Later that night i was lying in my bed watching T.V when i heard the moans again. This time i thought i'll give her her privacy. My mind drifted back to when i did walk in on her, so did my penis. I was starting to get hard and i thought "what the hell". I pulled off my boxers and started stroking my cock, slowly at first as i relived the events from earlier. As i thought about her cumming i increased my speed and within no time i was ready to cum when my sister walked through the door (talk about irony). She stood in shock but with a smile on her face. That did it. With a grunt i started cumming, four big spurts came flying up out of my cock and landed on my chest. I was still holding my now softening cock when Julie walked over to my bed and started licking my cum of my chest. Its safe to say i wasnt expecting that. I lay there and watched her lap up my cum. Her eyes never left mine the entire time she was doing it. When she was sure she had all my cum of my chest she took my flacid cock in her mouth and sucked off what was left. She then stood up and left. I just lay there. My sister had just eaten my cum. As i lay there i wondered why Julie had come in in the first place. I lay thinking for another half hour or so before i went to sleep. Happy, but woried about what Julie would say tommorow.

story by: bigdude053

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Author: bigdude053

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