Anyone want a molded chair

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Anyone Want A Molded Chair

I made a mold of my wife’s butt. First I did it in plaster of Paris and then I had her sit in it. I had shaved her pussy bald and oiled her butt with a release agent. The plaster cast looked great but what to do with it. I poured more plaster of Paris into that and made a copy of my wife’s ass that I could hang on the wall as art. The more I looked at that first plaster cast the more I thought about how uncomfortable hard wooden chairs were. I then bought a thick piece of plastic and using a heater I melted it down over the wall art forming a chair that perfectly matched my wife’s ass. With a little trimming and the addition of legs I knew that I needed a mold of her lower back too for the chair’s backrest. She cooperated with me and before long I presented her with the chair. She loved it and told her friends about it. Several tried it out and asked me to make another one for them. No!

I was okay with making more chairs but that one was specifically made to fit my wife’s contours. If they wanted a chair then I needed a mold of them.

Reluctantly one agreed. Kimberly was not pleased that I wouldn’t let her wear spandex. She wasn’t pleased when I shaved her pussy bald and oiled her ass either. I suppose that I could have made one mold to take care of the backrest too but what would be the fun in that? I allowed her to keep on her bra for the ass part but told her that it would have to come off for the backrest.

I must admit that I really enjoyed shaving Kimberly’s pussy. I pulled on her outer lips, opened it up to see her pink inner lips, and tickled her clit too. That really upset Kimberly especially when I gave her an orgasm. Her husband never gave her an orgasm but I did. As she sat in the plaster feeling it get hot from the chemical reaction she talked about her sex life. Apparently there wasn’t much to talk about.

Next I had Kimberly remove her bra. She was much better about it after allowing me to see her pussy for a half-hour while the plaster set up. It only took a few minutes but I wasn’t about to tell her that. I had her lay back to get the backrest mold. While she lay there I kept admiring her nice firm breasts and complimenting her on them. Before long I had managed to talk Kimberly into letting me make a mold of them too. I really enjoyed applying the oil to her breasts. They really were firm. I had her stand up straight in a natural state then I asked for a second mold with her leaning forward and allowing gravity to take effect. As long as I had come that far I asked Kimberly if I could get a mold of her pussy with her on her back and her legs open. She was most agreeable once I fingered her clit and gave her another orgasm. While we were waiting for the plaster to set she offered me a blowjob in exchange for giving her two orgasms. Okay. She placed her head over the edge of the table so that I could slip my cock in. In that position her throat lined up perfectly and she was able to take it all a little at a time until my balls were touching her nose. I throat-fucked her, she deep throated me, and I cum directly into her stomach not allowing a single drop to escape. Kimberly even thanked me before I could thank her.

I watched her as she cleaned the mold release oil off from her body and got dressed. I was disappointed to see her covered up. She must have been disappointed too because she said that she could come back for another sitting if those molds were not enough. I smiled and thanked her, then just before she left I said, “I don’t think this pussy mold is good enough. I may have to shave you closer next time. Are you available tomorrow during the day?”

Our spouses worked the same shift and car pooled together, so did Kimberly and I, so I knew perfectly well that she was available. I was giving her the option.

She replied, “Yes. I’m free. How about one second after your wife and my husband take off in the />
I said, “I think that your pussy mold would look better if maybe you had sex just beforehand. I think your pussy lips would swell, your clit would be a little more pronounced, and having your hole exposed might just do the trick.”

Kimberly smiled and said, “Okay but I don’t think it will be that easy. My pussy closes up pretty quickly after sex. We might have to try it several times before we get it right. I hope you don’t mind.”

I said, “Not at all” and then I ran my hand over her tits, across her pussy, and around her ass as she was going out the door.

She got to the end of the porch and came right back. “I think you better check out how quickly my pussy closes up. You better fuck me before we have to go to work.”

I took Kimberly back down into my cellar and helped her out of her clothes. As I fucked her on my table I suggested a full body cast. She said that I could do anything that I wanted to do to her. Then I thrust into her one last time as my final squirt entered her. I pulled out and kept her legs together on purpose.

Kimberly said, “Oh no. You forgot to look. We’ll just have to do it again.”

I replied, no time. We have to get ready for work.”

Kimberly said, “Then maybe on our way home.”

I smiled at her and watched one more time as she got dressed and headed home. I just grabbed my clothes and headed toward the shower.

It was a good thing that she didn’t work too close to me because I wouldn’t have lasted until the trip home. Kimberly wanted to do it in the parking lot but instead I took her out behind some storage buildings and parked the car.

Kimberly got completely naked and climbed into the backseat. I climbed over and just pushed my pants and underwear to my knees then inserted my cock into her. God she was wet. She said that just thinking about me gave her orgasms and made her panties wet. Plus she masturbated three times in the lady’s room during her breaks. I had thought about that myself but didn’t. Anyway I managed to fill her with cum again and in the dark I couldn’t see how quickly she closed up. She smiled and said it just might take a while. I smiled and told her that I was in no hurry.

On the way home Kimberly asked me if I thought that our spouses were have an affair too. I told that I hadn’t given it any thought, then I told her that it didn’t matter because we were. She agreed.

Her chair turned out just as good as my wife’s chair plus I had a dozen molds of her pussy and two of her tits hung up in the cellar.

Then one day my niece Bridget was over and admired my wife’s chair. Surprisingly my wife told her that I would make her one but that it would require her getting naked, letting me make plaster casts of her girl parts, and fucking her silly a few times. Bridget just looked at her with a puzzled expression on her face. Then my wife said, what it cost Kimberly for her chair.”

I had no idea that she knew. She never said anything. Then she took Bridget over to see Kimberly’s chair. Bridget came back wanting one and she was willing to pay the price. So I spent my two days off that weekend making plaster molds and fucking my sixteen-year-old niece.

The very first time I slipped my cock into Bridget she told me that I had the biggest cock that she had ever had and that her mother would probably let me fuck her too. What! My wife’s younger sister was only getting sex about once a month and she had mentioned letting me fuck her to her daughter. Bridget had just laughed it off but since my wife had literally told her to let me fuck her she figured that she might let me fuck her mother too. She was probably right but right then, all I wanted to do was to fuck Bridget just as often as I could. I hadn’t had a sixteen-year old girl since I got one drunk at a party when I was in college. Actually the more I thought about fucking Bridget’s mother the more I fucked Bridget herself. By the end of the weekend my cock was sore and Bridget admitted that her pussy was too. She said that I had worn her pussy out and that six members of the football team hadn’t managed to do that last weekend. I had no idea how much my niece was into sex. She said that her score was somewhere around thirty-seven but that she would have to check the notches on her bedpost. She also said that she didn’t count anyone that just fucked her once. She laughed saying that if she had included one-night stands that her total would be well over a hundred if not two hundred.

The following weekend my sister-in-law Carla came to spend the weekend, saying that Bridget had wanted the house to herself and that she wanted one of my special chairs. Carla seemed to know exactly why Bridget had wanted the house too.

There was no talk or anything as Carla undressed and followed me down into the cellar. She was all mine to do with as I wished, just as I had done with her daughter the previous weekend. During the week I came up with a new idea. I shoved my cock into Carla’s pussy and made a mold of us fucking. It was tricky getting it cut apart so that it would come off in large pieces. The heat cooked my balls too, killing a few billion sperm in the process. It came out much better than I had expected so for the next one my cock was in her ass. Now that I liked and Carla didn’t seem to mind too much.

I had bought a pump that would blow up a plastic balloon inside their body molds making a copy that resembled a mannequin in a store without a head. A little flesh colored spray paint and I had a rather nice collection. Carla was up for anything and I do mean anything. She got my wife and Kimberly to share one end of the double-ended dildo with her while I cast their lower parts that way. Then Carla got them to kneel butt to butt while she inserted one end of that long dildo into each of their assholes for another cast.

While she was there Carla got my wife to admit to having an affair with Kimberly’s husband before Kimberly and I ever had sex together.

That Sunday afternoon each girl called up four men that they had had sex with in high school and invited them over for an orgy. Then those twelve men got to fuck those three women just as often as they could and in any hole that they wanted too. After the second round those girls were eagerly sucking cocks hard again to get fucked some more. Finally Kimberly’s husband and I had to help them out. We couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that to butt fuck those three women so that’s what we did. In fact my wife had so much anal sex that day that she actually started to enjoy it. Terrific!

When they compared notes with Bridget those women did pretty good for themselves. Bridget had invited ten boys, but they had only fucked her twice each. At least she got to put ten more marks on her bedpost.

Bridget and Carla both sent girls and women to me to fuck and mold. I didn’t even have to make them a chair either. My wife and Kimberly never objected to my fucking them as long they got theirs too.

The End
Anyone Want A Molded Chair

story by: fbailey

Tags: fiction male/teen female consensual sex incest male / females sex story

Author: fbailey

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