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—–Eratic streaks of rain distorted the glass of her bedroom window. For Rixie, it was the only peace to be found in the world. She had always been unusual, not unpopular but simply misunderstood. It was not that others her age discarded her as an associate or a friend, but rather she saw little equivalence to them. How could she? They were all bland and ordinary. Typical and predictable wastes of breath that she could feel no empathy or pity for, but rather an inner disgust she never expressed. It was her eyes that exposed this hatred, and while some were too blind or mindless to recognize it, others were often held at bay. Of the former, many would attempt to approach her for friendship, turning away only once her lack of interest had been broken to the point of out-spoken aggression. Rixie wished to escape this school, this very world that she found herself held accustom to each day, but alas it was not that simple, for it was beneath the very reign of those who were exactly like the ones she wished to be free of, and they most certainly would not make her freedom easily obtained.
—But it was not long beyond her sixteenth birthday that everything began to change, and it all started with a report on the News. It told of a sister city High School, and a series of what they considered the most horrifying events in decades. A local student named Erika, a strange but intriguing name for a male. From what little information was given on television it was difficult to so much as imagine precisely how dark the future knowledge would be, but she could not help but be enticed, and even aroused by such a thing. An image of the boy came on the screen as they spoke of the way he mutilated several of his peers in horrible ways, acts so graphic and vile that, according to the announcer, they could not be spoken of in any detail beyond the most vague of deion. His facial structure was quite feminine, but in the more charming of fashions rather than sissy. His hair was a pattern of violet streaks over ebony, long and smooth, very beautiful like his face. His skin was pale and his lips looked soft, but something about his eyes were unusual. While one looked onward in a lifeless gaze, the iris pale and dead, the other was filled with a level of convoluted emotion that she could not quite sort out. Whatever the case, this was a boy she could indulge in, and in time perhaps even love. She already felt admiration from what little had been said, and with each additional bit of information she could feel a draw of animalistic temptation towards him.

—–Rixie was a beautiful girl. Her skin a pale and silky snow-white, her lips soft and full, yet had a chilled violet hue to them. Her hair was raven, an endless flowing ocean of shimmering ebony that matched the thick, bordering, long lashes abound her blindingly prismatic, electric blue eyes. A height of five foot and six inches with the build of a healthy temptress, she was truly a sight to behold. What little additional weight she had only radiated a curvaceous, natural structure that balanced and enhanced her already ample bust, a full DD that bordered an upgrade. Her nails were painted black, had been grown long, and cut to razors, and various scars from self-inflicted, accidental, and unintentional wounds nicely textured the lengths of her arms, legs, and torso.

—–Sadly, the report about Erika had come to its all-too-eager end, and now she felt dismissed, a burning sensation of disappointment and… temptation. The longer these thoughts ran through her mind, the hotter she began to feel, and soon she found herself flashing his visage through her mind. Delicately she removed her clean but worn nightgown from her figure, revealing the spectacular body beneath to, tragically, nothing more than the surrounding room and herself. Softly she let herself fall back upon her bed, her large breasts bouncing with the impact, her raven hair sprawling its length haphazardly across the covers. Her slender fingers ever-so-lightly graced the contours of her miraculous curves, the tips of her sharpened nails digging faintly into the flesh to leave trails of red over white. Her eyelids fell shut, her skin began to crawl and form goosebumps, and her pale, pink nipples began to harden at her touch.
—Rixie fell into fantasy, her mind reeling with temptation come to life, fantasy of the feminine, yet strangely masculine Erika grasping hold of her and throwing her against the soft bed. The nails of her left hand slid down her neck and over her collarbone until they found their way onto her large, soft breast. A set of fingers stroked across the surface of the beautiful mass, squeezing firmly and caressing the sponge-like flesh, enticing the bubblegum nipple beneath her palm. Her fingers slid across the tiny bump to the tips, and between her index and thumb she began to pinch and twist at the ring-shaped piercing through her flesh. In her mind it was his clenching teeth upon her, their tight grasp tugging away as Erika's hands explored her naked body, a hand swiftly snuck beneath her, between her thighs, and cupped her throbbing womanhood. A firmly pressing finger pressed against her slit and drove its length, breaking passed the lips ever so slightly to encourage her moistened hole to become further drown in desire. His lips furiously kissed and bit at her nipple and her breast, up to her collar where his teeth clamped teasingly. She gasped, her body enflamed with temptation, her eyes rolling back in her head. She begged for his body, hungry for his embrace and his passion.

—–Her right hand continued to wonder down her front, over her stomach and down to her abdomen where they proceeded to stroke her silky, soft inner thighs. Black nails dragged feverishly up the delicate skin, burning a stinging trail up the length and leaving her moist and wanting for contact. Her pussy began to drip steadily, the enflamed mound begging to be pleasured and fucked, and just as her hand approached where she desired her will tore it away once more, taunting her into a frenzy of manic lust. She twisted her piercing tighter than before, the nipple becoming sore and red, her eyes rolling back beneath the lids as her hand continued to scrape along her thighs, and her mental lover continued to please her. His eyes, the beautiful eye of passion and the abysmal eye of death, gazed upon her own, his naked, cold body pressing tightly against her own as he continued to bite at her supple breasts. His fingers roughly ground their way into her heated pussy, the lips wrapping hungrily around them as her body cried for more, and soon she felt the racing pleasure of the intruding digits as they unexpectedly thrust deeply inside her warmth. She gasped deeply, her back arching as his fingers began to fuck her violently. Her nails dragged roughly across the covers of the bed, her head tilting back with her eyes. Her teeth pressed tightly over her bottom lip, a faint trickle of blood forming and rolling over her chin.
—Her own hand finally found its way upon her crotch, and in the same ways of her fantasy she could soon feel her slender fingers rush inside of her, their length rapidly thrusting inward as her thumb rapidly strobed across her swollen clit, the nail prying and tugging at the hood. Her moans grew heavier, her body a burning inferno of temptation. The cries of pleasure tore through the halls of the dwelling, a trickle of blood seeping from the worn, teased nipple of her left breast. She swore the bed must be shaking, the very world around her trembling along with her, and soon came a torrent of unleashed lust in the way of the most superb of orgasms. She panted, her mind reeling with excitement and fantasy, her body quivering and hot, sprawled carelessly across the bed. Her full lips hung open as she panted, catching her breath slowly, her eyes shut gently as she reflected on the venture she had just fallen to. It had almost felt real, and yet so far away like a dream. She wanted so desperately for it to be real, so passionately for it to be true, and she knew that it would only be a matter of time before her curiousity got the best of her and made her wonder more deeply into the crimes of her estranged lover from the town over. After all, even through climax she had only been teasing herself, and the true fantasy was only about to begin.

~~~Later That Day~~~

—–Rixie had snuck away from her fifth period class that day to wonder into the vacant library on the floor below. How else would she research Erika? Her parents were too neglectful and cheap to purchase a computer for home, and there would be too many obnoxious mentors monitoring the computers in the designated times.
—It took her no time at all to find an article to the depth she had hoped for, and as her eyes steadily roamed the page her sapphire eyes grew wide in excitement. The crimes were truly heinous, a gruesome nightmare to behold of a degree far beyond what she had imagined. Normally when they say it is beyond describable it is simply as pleasantry towards the victims' families. But there was nothing disappointing about what she was witnessing, and while there were no images or videos to accompany her intrigue, she needed no more than the words typed across the page. He had not just murdered them, he had horribly butchered and destroyed them. Rape, torture, necrophilia, even cannibalism. Strangely what she read was too extreme even for her, hearing that these things had taken place only a short time ago, and so nearby, was truly frightening… and yet it was enthralling, and the more she thought about it, the more she felt she may need to sneek off to a more private area quite soon. How had she not known of such a miraculous and mesmerizing individual? She simply had to meet him. This boy had bound a girl's jaw to a tree with a wire, had torn many beyond recognition and even done things so extreme to one younger girl that the internet would not openly announce any further detail about the matter. He was perfection, the very opposition to what she had always known and precisely what she had always desired. The very thought of this boy was awakening things about her she had lived in complete oblivion with until now, and the more she thought on it… the more she liked it. Her nipples were stiffening and bulging faintly through her gown and bra, her pussy steadily growing moist. She needed this boy, she craved him, and she simply could not be happy until she obtained him. But he was in captivity, and as desperate as she was for him she could not imagine a plausible way to obtain him. It was beyond impossible, much to the extreme of difficulty she had refraining from shaking in temptation as she continued to read over the page again and again. Why must the one she desired be so unobtainable, why could she not have shared the rapture and glee of his actions alongside him? Hell, she would have settled as one of his many victims if that is what it took. All she could feel was the insufferable draw of animal-like madness that her loins burned for him, and it drove her to near insanity then and there. Perhaps if she could obtain him, perhaps there was some way to get hold of him. But as she continued to ponder this ideal she could not imagine a possible solution, and so she began to conceive something else all together.

—–If she could not have the boy she loved, if this dark God among men could not be her own, she would become like him herself. Maybe then she could feel closer to him, and maybe he would hear of her actions and fall madly for her in the same way she had fallen for him. He had to, this blissful and enigmatic soul that so perfectly made junction with her own, would most certainly find the same passion for her upon hearing of such a thing. And maybe, if she was lucky, she would find her way into his visage before he was sentenced and ultimately imprisoned for what she was certain to be life.
—And that's when it happened.

—–Rixie felt a pair of firm hands suddenly claps onto her hips, and before she could manage to look back to see who it was her assailant had thrust her upward from her chair and over the computer desk. She gasped out, her hips bucking instinctfully with temptation. It mattered not in the slightest who this was, she wanted him and desperately. Erika's face could always be the one she saw in her mind, and before she could react any further there was a heavy clatter behind her. The chair had been thrown aside, her gown hiked high over her hips, and a pair of strong lips pressed ruthlessly against her heated mount through her panties. Rixie cried out, her nails clawing for grip against the hard surface of the desk, her breasts cushioning her only enough to prevent discomfort. Her unkempt, raven hair hung in a beautiful cascade, her eyes shutting tight as the assaulting lips ground her slit viciously. "Oh god, don't tease me!" She cried out, begging him to move on and dig deep into her. His strong yet slender hand slid across her ass, curled beneath the white panties, and tugged them to the side. It was near instantaneous that his hot tongue snaked its way along her soaked cunt, and with no more than a moment's taunt the slithering length pushed its way inside her starved hole. Rixie cried out heavily, her eyes rolling back as her claws dug into the wood of the desk, her writhing causing the keyboard to clash against the carpet-coated floor. Her heavy panting was muffled as she bit down firmly on her lip, and at precisely the same moment, nearing a psychic connection, his teeth bit against her swollen pussy lips and tugged roughly. She swore it had drawn blood, she swore she could have climaxed then and there, but as her muscles throbbed and her hips bucked violently, the assaulting mouth moved upward and dug into her ass. A heavy gasp echoed through the library, yet her approaching orgasm had been near haulted in its tracks. Two slender fingers thrust deep into her cunt, their length hammering away and causing her to cry out deeper. The saliva-coated serpent pushed inside her, digging away at her and tempting her climax, and only a short time stood between her and the impending orgasm awaiting her.
—The young girl's body shook with enigmatic bliss, her heart pounded in her chest, and for a moment she knew for certain she could die then and there and be happy. But as quickly as the acceptance of death had come it had been replaced, and only the heated desire to share the embrace of her dark lover filled her heart. With thoughts of him flooded further lust, and soon she found herself overcoming the fatigue… and wanting something far rougher. Rixie pushed up from the desk and began to turn, but the force of her assailant overpowered her. A strong arm curled its way beneath her waistline, the opposing arm's powerful hand slamming her down against the desk once more by her shoulder. She yelped in sudden pain, her canine coming down and piercing through her lip. A small sputter of blood shot across the wooden finish of the desk, and then he entered her.
—A deep moan burst from her lips as she felt the thick length of his cock rip into her. It was far too large for her, much more than what she had found herself used to, and it was this pain that heightened the pleasure to a level beyond what she had imagined. Without mercy he began to pound savagely into her tight cunt, her bleeding pussy trickling a diluted red liquid across his pulsating shaft. She cried out heavily, her body shaking and quivering in passion beneath his overwhelming frame, his intoxicating scent, and his soothing yet erotic body heat. She wanted more and more, her body insatiable and her lust unrelenting. As if reading her mind he lifted her upward, drawing out only long enough to swing her around to face him. Her dark hair fell blindingly over her eyes as she looked up at his face, and his strong hands gripped the bottom of her thighs and lunged her upward onto the desk. The thick, magical cock returned to her tormented and starved pussy, the bulky length tearing deeply inside of her. Her large tits bounced with each thrust and in moments she felt the chilling air rush over her exposed breasts as her lover tore her gown open. The conflicting sensations hypnotized the young girl, her mind racing and her heart pounding mercilessly in her chest. She felt like she was going to die, and just as she imagined it could get no better his stern jaw found its way onto her neck. A set of teeth bit down sharply, her pale flesh drowning in warm blood as it poured freshly down over her collarbone. Rixie's cries were painfully loud, and a deep burn of pleasure bolted through her nerves with each painful thrust. Her arms wrapped securely around her masterful attacker, her razor-sharp nails began to tear into the flesh on his back and drag deeply enough to cascade his spine in crimson necter. Her head fell back, the hair parting from her eyes and freeing her vision to the world, and just as the incredible orgasmic rush struck her, upon the same moment she would finally look upon his mysterious visage, the bell clashed with her cries and awoke her from her fantasy, and she found herself alone once again.

—–Had it all been a fantasy? A simple daydream? Judging by her slumping, fully dressed body and the hand run deep beneath her hiked gown she knew that to be true. Finishing herself off, she withdrew her slender fingers from beneath the gown, licked the blood and cum from her fingers, and proceeded to leave the library.
—Rixie knew this would only get worse, and it was now certain she must seek out her temptations and find satisfaction.

story by: SinfulOblivionII

Tags: male/teen female masturbation violence domination/submission fantasm female solo sex story

Author: SinfulOblivionII

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