Apocolypse chapter 9 + 10

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Chapter 9

(Ok just a little background to the characters of the story so far incase
you can' remember who's who or if I have failed describe them enough.
Derrik, he's a typical American teen age boy. 13 years old 5 foot 5 tall
around 115 pounds. Light brown hair and hazel eyes and is our lead
character. Chris was the next boy to come into the story. He was found
locked in the freezer at the school. He's 11 with short darker blonde
hair and blue eyes weighing around 80 pounds or so. Next was Josiah or
Joe for short. He was the boy that was found at the bottom of the pit
where he fell running from the aliens. He lived in a neighboring town to
Chris and Derrik. He is 12 years old has short brown hair and is slightly
bigger than Chris in size. Next to arrive is Adam or AJ, he is Josiah's
cousin. He also is 12 but a bit smaller than Josiah. He was found in the
bomb shelter of a collapsed house. Around 4 ft 6 and nearly 90 pounds or
so. Light brown hair and had blue eyes when he was found.)Now back to the

Awful visions of chaos and death filled my dreams. As I slept I saw my
inner most sorrows come to life. I saw my family being destroyed over and
over again. The site of my parents being murdered time after time. I
finally woke from my nightmares around 4 am and sat up in the dark in a
cold sweat breathing heavily. I sat there a few minutes and regained my
breath and calmed down for a few minutes before breaking out in silent
tears. I felt such sorrow over losing my family and my whole life to the
invasion. I wept quietly to myself so I didn't wake the others, but Lucky
was right there at my side in the darkness. I felt his wet tongue lick my
wet cheeks. I grabbed a flash light and flipped it on to gain my
bearings. I stood up and as quietly as I could exited the room with Lucky
and headed out side to take a quick leak. I stood there in the cool night
air still naked and pissed on my usual tree as did Lucky. As I pissed in
the back of my mind I sort of sensed a faint presents. Not one of sorts
that it was closing in on me in the darkness, but one that seemed very
far away. But the most important thing is I believed it was human. It
didn't have the feeling of being alien to me. I felt its fear, love, and
sorrows emitting from afar. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the
feeling. I opened my eyes to see if I was seeing through the eyes of
another. I could see what they were seeing, but I couldn't control what I
was seeing they had total control of that. I could see glancing around
what seemed to be a dark pit or hole with a cage like lid on the top of
it. Who ever this was I was sensing must be imprisoned some how. The more
I concentrated on this person I realized they were young. Younger even
then me and the others inside the cave. Then as I saw through their eyes
they looked up to see a bright light coming from the top of their prison
and an overwhelming feeling of terror washed over me and the connection I
had to the kid was gone. "What the hell was that?" I thought to myself. I
stood there naked in the darkness wondering if I was just dreaming or if
what I just experienced was real. Rationality would tell me I was
imagining it, but in my gut I knew it had to be real. I called to Lucky
and we ran back inside the mine.

"Guys, guys wake up!" I yelled as I ran back into the safe room. The
three sleeping boys jumped as I startled them from their sleep. Adam
grabbed for the first thing he could get his hands on which was a shoe
and had I ready to hit something with. "Guys it's just me chill. Wake up
I got something to tell you." I told them. "What is so important we had
to wake up this time of the night to be told?" Chris asked yawning.
some one else out there alive." I stated simply. The three of
them looked at me in disbelief. "Where? Outside the mine?" Josiah asked
excited. "No, no. me and the dog went out to take a piss and I got this
weird feeling that another presents was near. Not like real close but in
the distance. I know it sounds weird but I concentrated really hard on
that presents and some how I could see what the saw. Like I was inside
them or something. I think it's a younger kid than we are, and I think
the monsters have them." I said. The others looked at me like I just went
loony on them. "Guys I know it sounds weird as hell, but you have to
trust me on this. I think if we don't try to help this kid they're gonna
die." I told the younger boys. They all could see I was being dead
serious now and I meant what I was saying. "So what do we do?" Chris
asked. Truthfully I didn't have a clue as to what to do about it. "Um..
well I can try to link back with the kid and see if I can like
communicate with them or some thing. The last thing I felt from them was
a feeling of total fear." I replied. "I dunno Derrik. I mean we're kind
of safe here. Who knows what could happen to us if we leave to go and
look for some one that we aren't even positive is out there." Josiah said
making a point. "Good point you got Joe. But guys think about it. We may
be the only other humans still alive to help this kid. Plus we have an
edge over any one else that might still be alive. Remember we have our
special abilities now. Who better than we to help this kid?" I said. The
boys could see the logic in my answer, but I could also see the fear and
wonder on their faces. AJ looked straight at me with his onyx eyes and
said, "I'm in let's go for it." Chris to reluctantly agreed to help. "How
about it Joey? You gonna help or stay here alone?" AJ asked his cousin.
"Ah man. Ok, ok I'll help. I got a bad feeling we're going to regret this
though." Josiah answered.

Now in total agreement that we were going to help this kid we all got
dressed. We quietly strolled out in to the pitch black night. Once we got
to the mine entrance we turned the lights off for a minute till we were
sure it was safe. "I don't hear or smell nothing." Chris said. "Yeah it
looks clear to." AJ said. We flipped our flashlights back on and scanned
around. I told the guys to be quiet and let me concentrate so I could try
to re establish my earlier link to that scared kid. This time I could
flashes of sights and sounds. I wasn't getting a clear enough connection
this time. "I got an idea lets go up as high on the hill as we can." I
told the boys. We all climbed to the top of the hill where I tried the
connection again. This time it was much more intense. I fell to one knee
as I felt the kids mind. "Oh man. I think the kids in deep shit guys." I
said. I sat down this time determined to make a connection with the kid.
I clinched my eyes and focused all of my thoughts on this kid. The harder
I focused the more strain I felt on my mind. I finally broke through what
seemed like an invisible barrier in my mind. "God please help me." I
sensed the kid begging. "Ca you hear me?" I thought to this kid. "Yes. Is
that you god? Or is it an angel? Please let me die already." The child
begged. "No I'm not god or an angel my names Derrik. I know this sounds
weird, but trust me I'm not an alien. I have what you could call special
abilities that are letting me communicate with you. I want to try and
help you. Do you know where you are?" I asked. "I'm in a hole. The
monsters have me and they're gonna eat me. Please help me. PLEASE!" the
kid begged. By this time I had picked up on the fact that it was a
younger boy I was communicating with. He was scared, alone, and didn't
know what to do. "Ok here's what I want you to do. I want you to think
about the last thing you saw before the monsters grabbed you. Think about
it as hard as you can. It may be the only way we can find and help you."
I though to the boy. He was sending me visions of things I had seen once
before. I wasn't quite sure where I had seen them though. Then he sent a
vision of the clincher. "He's near Kingston! He just showed me a vision
of the post office there I stayed at when I found AJ." I said snapping
from my transe. I dove back into the depths of my mind to tell the boy,
"Kingston, is that where you were when they found you?" "Yes" he replied.
"We are coming for you. Try your best to stay alive and we WILL find you
I swear it." I promised the boy. With that said I disconnected my
thoughts from him and conversed with the other boys I was with. "Guys if
we don't get to Kingston and try to find this kid he's toast. We all know
what those things can do. We can't let that happen to him." I told the
group. Now in a unanimous agreement we were going to help save this boy
from a cruel evil fate. "AJ look around since we're up here so high and
see if anything stands out to you." I said. He scanned around the dark
horizon and stopped when he was looking in the direction of where the
alien ship had crashed. "I can see the aliens ship, the one that crashed
from here it's over that way about 4 or 5 miles away." He said pointing.
It just so happened that the direction he was pointing was the way to
Kingston. "Ok guys lets get back down to the mine and get ready for war."
I said making the boys gulp in anticipation.

In the mine we packed as many supplies as we could into backpacks and
crammed as much as we could onto the trailer and on the ATV. We each took
2 guns and as much ammo as we could carry. By the time we were ready the
ATV and trailer were loaded down heavily. We had for the moment just
enough room for the four of us and Lucky to fit on the ATV and then it
would be full. The plan was to head for Kingston and stop at the crashed
ship along the way. We were going to check for survivors and anything
useful in the ship we might find, then head to Kingston. I fired the
ATV's motor to life as Adam rode shotgun literally holding a shotgun
being my night eyes in the dark. I could only see so far ahead of us with
the head light, but he could see much further and clearer. We rode along
with Chris keeping an ear out for any noises out of the ordinary. It
seemed like in no time we had rode the 5 or so miles through the woods in
the dark to where the alien ship had crashed. It seemed to have went down
hard since it was scattered all over the area in pieces. We dismounted
the ATV with guns drawn on our guards just incase we were taken by
surprise. As we approached the wreckage closer on foot we found the
partially charred remains of 3 of the pale skinned aliens, the friendly
ones. We went further into the wreckage and looked for any signs of life.
We only found 2 more dead aliens inside though. We walked cautiously
through what was left of the ship when we came to a room that looked
important to me. "Hey guys lets check this room out." I told them. /> AJ asked. "Well that sign next to the door says armory tech. maybe
there's something in there we can use." I replied. We walked inside and
looked around the room. There were all kinds of strange things in there.
Everything seemed to be made out of some sort of polished shiney metal.
The only bad thing was almost everything in there seemed to be damaged in
some way to, possibly from the crash. One thing that did catch my eyes
was a device that looked like some kind of glove. I picked it up and slid
it over my right hand and I instantly felt a tingly sensation in my hand.
I held my hand out palm up and small bolts of electricity began to
flicker form my finger tips. The boys were all in awe of watch the glove.
I decided to try something, I balled my hand into a fist and concentrated
on the thought of a shock wave blowing out away from me. As I thought
this a huge burst of energy erupted from my fist knocking the others on
their asses. "Holy shit!" I exclaimed when I saw what I had done just by
thinking it. "Sorry guys I didn't know it was going to do that." I said
apologizing. They all got up in total amazement and began searching for
devices to use for themselves. Disappointingly we couldn't find anything
else in the room that still worked that would help us in any way. We did
have the glove though, the glove of doom Chris jokingly named it. All of
the others tried the glove, but had no success in activating it. I guess
my mental abilities were the controls to work it so the glove ended up
becoming mine. I stowed in my back pack and we explored on into the ship
further. We eventually found our way to what seemed to be the command
center of the ship. Inside were 2 more dead aliens. I ran to a control
panel and looked for some way to control it. There were no kinds of
buttons or ways to work the device that I knew of so I tried something
different. I place a hand on the console and thought about what I wanted
to see and sure enough the display popped on. I thought about where could
the monsters be close to Kingston and where possibly they have prisoners
or food stashed. The screen showed what looked to be a small camp set up
about 2 miles north of Kingston. The device told me that this was a food
processing facility. A place where the monsters took their prisoners to
be made into their food. If this truly was where the boy was he didn't
have much time left. I took my hand of the console shutting it off and it
shorted out shooting sparks all over the place. "Well I guess that it for
that thing its junk now." I said. "Come on guys we have to get a move on
I just found out that the kid is I a food processing camp. Those THINGS
are going to eat him if we get him out of there." I stated. "What the
hell are we waiting for then?" Adam said. We made our way back through
the crashed ship and back to the large hole in the hull where we went in.
We exited to the sun just starting to peak over the tree tops at us.

By 7 am we had made it to the edge of the woods next to Kingston. "Ok
boys we go on foot from here. We don't want them hearing the ATV motor.
AJ I think you should lead the way, I mean you use to live around here
and you can see things we can't." I said. We then concealed the ATV in
some brush and put the leash on the dog and proceeded on foot towards
Kingston. As we walked into the towns limits Chris began to sniff the air
as did Lucky. "What is it?" I asked. "Smells like something dead." Chris
replied. Further into the heart of town we walked till we ran into a
hiccup. "Oh shit guys hide!" I said quietly but sternly. We all ducked
for cover in an alley. I peeked around the corner to see one of those
robots hovering in the middle of the street ahead of us. "You think it
saw us?" Josiah asked. "Dunno, but lets not take any chances." Chris
said. An idea then struck me. I took my pack off and dug the glove of
doom out of it and slid it on covering my hand and forearm. "Guys I'm
going to see what this thing can really do." I told them. I pointed my
hand towards the robot and thought of an extremely high amount of
lightning. A bolt of electricity shot from my finger tips to the robot
and instantly fried it shorting it out. The robot fell to the ground
shooting sparks out all over the place. "Wow" was all we could say. The
glove was indeed a powerful device to be held. Fearing I might set off
some sort of unknown power in the glove I removed it and stowed it back
in my bag then we continued on. Adam led us then to the northern most
part of town at the base of yet another hill covered in trees. "Stop!
Shhhh!" Chris exclaimed. We froze instantly. He listened intently at the
silence the rest of us heard. coming. Coming down the hill
towards us. It sounds like 2 sets of footsteps, and what ever it is, it's
bigger than us." Chris said. Josiah asked worried. I again
dug the glove out of my bag and slid it on. At that time Lucky's ears
perked up and he began to growl. "Guys what ever you do don't shoot
unless you absolutely have to. If there are more of them around they'll
be on us like flies on shit if they hear a gun shot." I stated. I had the
boys and the dog bunch in close to me like before and I activated the
cloaking shield to hide us. We stood there in a tight huddle and waited
fro the creatures to lumber down the hill to us. Hopefully they would
just waltz right on past us without ever being the wiser we were standing
right there. Chris reached down to muffle the dogs growling as the sounds
grew close enough for us all to hear. Sure enough it was to of the
hideous monsters stomping through the woods. As they got closer to us
they began to slow down until they stopped completely right in front of
us about 30 feet away. One of them began to sniff at the air. I gulped in
fear and anticipation of what was probably getting ready to happen. The
alien that was sniffing turned and looked in our direction and continued
to sniff. It then let out an ear piercing sound that scared the living
hell out of us. I knew then it was time to strike first. I flipped of the
cloaking shield and exposed our position to the monsters. They both then
roared out loudly and began to charge at us. I raised my gloved hand the
only thing I could think of was a huge shockwave to push them away and
then a burst of energy emitted from the glove and flung the aliens flying
in to the air. They got right back up and came at us once more. This time
I thought of torching them and a wave of intense heat flew from the glove
engulfing the aliens in flames.

"Shi look out!" Chris screamed as another monster snuck up on us from
behind and grabbed AJ. "Adam no!" Josiah screamed out and with all his
might punched the alien in the chest sending it soaring through the air.
It slammed against a tree with a bone crushing thud. "Holy shit! You
killed it!" Chris said in amazement. "WOW! Thanks cuz." AJ thanked him.
"Well, well looks like you had some unknown powers on top of the self
healing. That's kool we can use some superman strength." I stated. Josiah
was totally amazed by his new found ability. Then he looked to the alien
he blasted against the tree and took on a sorrowful worried face. "I
never killed anything before." He said looking like he was about to cry.
"Dude if you hadn't he would have killed me." AJ said to his cousin as he
hugged him for saving his life. "Ok guys enough of the talk lets get our
game face back on there might be more of them out there. You hear
anything Chris?" I said. he listened to the air for a moment and said,
"No. if they are out there they're being super quiet." We then trudged on
towards the direction of the alien base. Chris and Adam walked in front
as I draped an arm over Josiah's shoulder. "Don't feel bad for killing
that thing dude. It damn sure was intending on killing us. Remember when
it let out that loud ass sound? It was calling to the other ones that it
found food. You actually did us a favor." I said to him making him feel
some what better about it. By the time we crested the top of the hill we
were pretty well worn out. As bad as I didn't want to do it we decided to
hide in some bushes and take a break from the walking. We ate a quick
snack and then AJ poked his head from the bushes to keep watch. I sat and
closed my eyes and concentrated on the boy in the pit. "Are you still
with us?" I ask him. "Yes please hurry please!" he begged me. /> worry we're coming for you. We will be where you are soon, just try to
stay alive." I thought to him. "Derrik come here." AJ said excited. I
crawled over next to him. "I can see the base from here. It looks like
there are 3 aliens here and 1 ship. I can see 6 holes in the ground to.
And oh god!" he said almost gagging. "What? What else do you see?" I
asked "a pile of bones and body parts." He said trying not to gag. 3
aliens between us and who ever down there that might be alive's freedom.
"Wait." He said then. He took his sunglasses of and focused in on the
base more. all getting in to the ship. Ok it just took off. The
place is unguarded rite now." Adam said in excitement. "Guys on your feet
lets go!" I said as we all sprang to our feet and ran the mile or so from
the hill top to the alien base. We ran as fast as we could to try and get
there before the aliens came back. we got there about 20 minutes later
due to having to run through bushes and around other obstacles to get
there. Once we got close we slowed to a turtles pace with guns drawn and
on our guard. "Eyes open guys. This could be a trick." I told them. On we
walked into the camps confines and straight to the pits. The first one
was empty. Next one had what looked to be dead deer and other large
woodland animals dumped in it. Third was a open toped pit full of
processed meat for the monsters food that stunk badly. Fourth had the
caged top closed and it appeared to have a few dead people in it. Same
for the fifth. We all slowly walked to the rim of the last pit. Its lid
was also closed. "This is our last chance guys he has to be in there."
The boys took up a defensive stance wit their guns pointing at the holes
opening and I looked down inside. "Are you in there? It's me Derrik. Can
you hear me?" I yelled into the dark hole. "Help me!" a small boy
screamed from deep in the hole. "Wait a minute." AJ said. he lowered his
gun and walked over to the pit. He removed his sunglasses and looked in
to the darkness. "DONNY! OH MY GOD DONNY!" he screamed frantically. He
dropped his rifle and tried with all his might to open the cover to the
pit the whole time screaming the name Donny. Josiah then said, "Donny?
Holy shit it's my little cousin! It's AJ's brother!" before running over
to the hole. By now Adam was frantic screaming his brother's name and
crying as he tried to no avail no open his prison. "Put those new found
abilities to the test Joe. See if you can open that lid." I told him.
Chris and I ad to literally drag a screaming and fighting AJ away from
the lid so Josiah could try to open it. I wrapped my arms around AJ to
restrain him. "Adam let Josiah try to open it so we can get him out. Calm
down he's going to be ok now. We got him now." I said in his ear calming
some. We sat and watched as Josiah clinched the lid with both hands and
strained to open it. "It won't open guys. It's locked somehow." He said
sending AJ back in to hysterics. I then yelled at AJ, "Calm the fuck down
dude. Freaking out like that isn't helping us any and it's not getting
him out of there any faster." He then realized what I was saying and
calmed a bit. I then went to examine the locking device on the cage lid.
I still had the glove on so I tried using it. I placed my gloved hand on
the lock and thought of extreme freezing cold. Frost began to emit from
the lock as the glove froze it. "Why the hell did you freeze it for?"
Chris asked. "This is why." I said as I smacked the butt stock of my
shotgun against the lock shattering it into a million pieces. "Cold like
that makes things break really easy." I explained to him. Josiah once
more tried to open the lid. This time his strength paid off the lid
creaked open as he strained his small body to lift it. He dug deep down
inside and with one final grunt he flung the top all the way open. "Tie
the rope off to that tree." I said as I wrapped the other end around my
waist. I then began to descend into the pit. At the bottom was a young
very dirty boy. Once I shined the light on him I knew instantly he had to
be AJ's brother. If he were older he could be AJ's twin. "Ok little buddy
I'm going to get you out of here." I told him. he had almost no strength
at all to help me get him out. I lifted his dirt covered body and tied
the rope firmly around him and myself. I then wrapped his arms around my
neck and held him belly to belly and Josiah hauled us back to the
surface. As we approached the surface AJ was right there waiting. The
small boy took one look up and instantly began bawling, "AJ it is you!"
he cried. The guys pulled us out of the hole and Adam engulfed his baby
brother in a bear hug and they both cried like babies. "Oh god bubby I
thought I lost you for ever!" AJ cried to his baby brother.

"Guys I don't mean to ruin your reunion, but he need to get the hell out
of here. They know we're here now." I told them as I sensed that some
sort of force was approaching us from afar. "Here Adam let me carry him.
It'll be no sweat for me." Josiah said. Reluctantly AJ released the hold
on his brother and Josiah scooped his little cousin up in his arms.
"Let's get the fuck out of here now." I said wanting to get home. We made
a mad dash in the same direction we came out of the camp on our way home.
The run back to the hill was harder than it was going to the camp. We go
to the area where we encountered the aliens and their dead bodies were
now gone. "Oh shit that's not a good sign." Chris said getting worried. A
bit further we ran till Chris warned us, "I hear something out there guys
and it sounds big." Still we kept running till we came upon what Chris
warned us of. Stopping us dead in our tracks was standing on 2 legs, a
huge grizzly bear. The other boys grew scared. I on the other hand felt a
connection with the animal. I walked closer to the bear and stood
directly in front of it. "Derrik no it's gonna kill you!" AJ yelled. I
stared the bear right in the eye though. It then dropped down to its
normal 4 legged position. Now it sort of whimpered and turned and ran
off. The boys stood there in total awe that it didn't maim me. "What the
fuck was that?" Chris asked in amazement. "I connected with its mind. I
told it we weren't trying to hurt it and we were friends. It was scared
is why it reared up like it did. Once he understood we were friendly he
left. He also said he dragged the monsters off and left them in the
bushes. They were fucking with his territory and he didn't like it." I
said giggling. Once our encounter was done we continued on to Kingston.

Some where in the middle of town Donny regained consciousness and began
to cry for his mother. He was so out of it he had no idea what was going
on, probably due to being dehydrated and not eating for so long. "Guys
lets go in there and take a break we need to give him a good check over."
I said to the others as I pointed to a half demolished house. Josiah
carried his younger cousin into the house with AJ right o his heals
worried about his little brother. I made a make shift pillow from my back
pack and Joe lay Donny on the floor resting his head on the pack. Chris
was one step ahead of me thinking of taking out the first aide kit. "Good
idea dude we might need it." I said looking to Chris. He knew I had read
his mind and took the kit out of his pack. I checked the small boy over
thoroughly checking for broken bones and other injuries. For the most
part he just had scrapes and bruises, but he did have a pretty good gash
on his inner thigh that looked like it might be infected a bit. I took
his temperature and he did have a slight fever. "He's sick guys. He's got
a fever and that cut looks infected. We need to get him back to the mine.
We have stuff there that might help him. There's not much we can do with
this first aide kit." I told them. "Please Derrik help him. Don't let
him die PLEASE!" AJ begged me. I placed my hand on his tear stained cheek
and assured him I'd do my best. We tried to give Donny some water and he
happily sipped it but slowly since he was so weak. "Let's get him back to
the mine I think we're pushing our luck being out in the open like this
so much." Josiah said making a valid point. As we were repacking our
packs and getting ready to head to the ATV Chris interrupted us, "Shh. I
heard something. Sounded like a gun cocking, but quietly." He said. "A
gun cocking? That means there's some one else alive out there." Adam
said. "Yeah maybe, but we don't know if they're friendly or not so be on
your toes." I said as Josiah scooped Donny's little body up and we left
the ruined house. We trekked on to the woods on the far side of town with
our guard up looking for what ever made the sounds Chris heard. About 100
feet from the edge of town from behind us we heard, "Don't move." I spun
around raisin my gun and pointed it. There stood a man holding a deer
rifle pointing it at us. "Drop the guns." He yelled at us. "No way dude
you put yours down." I screamed back. I wasn't about to put my gun on the
ground. The other boys were a bit more shaken by the man than I was. AJ
and Chris slowly lowered their guns to the ground and raised their hands.
Again the man yelled, "Put the damn gun down now!" still I wasn't going
to do it. Josiah being in fear lowered his cousin to the ground and a she
raised back up "BOOM" the mans gun blasted. I turned to see Josiah fly
backwards from a gun shot wound to his chest. "NO! JOEY NO!" AJ screamed
at the top of his lungs as he ran to his cousin. At that point I saw red.
I still had the glove on and I threw the gun on the ground. I raised my
hand and with all the fury, anger, and might in me the glove discharged
with a lethal blow to the man picking him up and flinging him backwards
through the air in a way that no living thing could survive. He was
thrown at a neck snapping speed over the tree tops as far as the eye
could see. My attention was then turned to Josiah. He was laying on his
back and gasping for breath spitting out blood. "Oh fuck. Hang on Joe
don't die on us." I said starting to freak out a bit. Chris sat next to
him holding his hand and bawling his eyes out. I took AJ's hand and
placed it on Josiah's chest over the bullet hole. "Keep pressure on it."
I told him. He pressed down on it and began to pray for his cousin not to
die. I dug through one of the packs looking for the first aide kit again.
"Joey no!" I heard AJ scream then. I ran back to him and he had stopped
coughing up blood and closed his eyes. It looked like we have last him at
that point. The three of us then all broke down in tears as we looked at
his body laying still. Then a surprise, he opened his eyes wide and sat
up. "That fucker ruined my shirt" Josiah said. The three of us sat and
looked at him in disbelief with wide eyes. He then spit out a big mouth
full of spit and blood clearing his throat and pulled his shirt off.
Realizing he was alive and ok Chris sprang to his knees and engulfed
Josiah in a huge hug and kissed him all over his cheek. AJ sat still in
disbelief. I called his name and he didn't move, he sat and stared at
Josiah. "Adam, are you ok?" Joe asked him, but still he stared. Worried I
walked over and crouched in front of him and lightly smacked him on the
cheek. He began crying like a baby then. "You didn't have to hit him that
herd." Chris said complaining at me. "I didn't hit him hard Chris." I
responded. "Adam look at me bud. Are you ok?" I said. He nodded his head
as he cried. I took his head in my arms and he cried into my chest like a
baby. "Why is all this happening?" he said between heavy sobs of hard
breathing. "I don't know bud, but it is happening and we have to get
through this together." I said to him. As I held AJ Josiah crawled over
and also hugged his cousin. "Adam I'm ok. Remember I got those healing
powers. It hurt for a second when he shot me, but it was like I fell
asleep then woke up. And when I say it hurt, damn did it." Joe said to
his cousin. I let loose of AJ then and he grabbed his cousin in a tight
embrace. "I love you Joey please don't ever leave me." AJ cried. Just
then Donny began to cry again. "AJ? Mommy? Daddy?" he moaned. "Go to your
baby bro now." Josiah said releasing his cousin's hug. Before tending to
his brother AJ kissed his cousin on the cheek and smiled with teary eyes.
Josiah sat there then shirtless smiling to Chris who was happy his friend
was still alive. He then crawled back to Chris and planted a good wet
kiss right on his lips. As the boys were glad Joe was still alive I lay
down on my back and took a breather. I was so drained at that point I
didn't know how I was going to go on. "You ok Derrik?" Chris asked. "Yeah
bud. I'm just worn out. This whole thing is taking a lot out of me. I
feel like I can sleep for a month, but I know I can't yet." I replied.

We rested for a bit totally off our game at that point. Anything could
have walked up on us and we wouldn't know it was there. What snapped my
tired mind back to reality were rain drops hitting my sweaty face. "Come
on boys let's get to the ATV and get back to the damn mine." I said
feeling like something inside me wasn't right. I was kind of scared, but
I wasn't going to tell the others yet. Again Josiah carried Donny and we
proceeded to the ATV. When we got there it was right where we left it. We
all piled onto it and motored on back to the mine. The trip back was much
faster than the trip coming since it was daylight and we knew the way we
came. About an hour and a half later we were climbing the hill to the
mine entrance. "We're home dudes." I said getting slight cheers from
them. I stopped the ATV in front of the entrance where the dog jumped off
and ran strait to the closest tree to relieve his bladder. By now my head
was pounding. This was one of the worst head aches I ever had. "Guys can
you unload the ATV and trailer then unhook the trailer. I need something
cold to drink." I told them before I went ahead into the mine. Inside the
safe room I opened the cooler and pulled out a can of pepsi from the
mostly melted ice. I cracked it open and took a big drink, the next thing
I knew I was on my back looking up at the cave roof. "Guys come quick
something's wrong with Derrik" I heard Josiah yell just before I passed

"Derrik., Derrik can you hear me? Come on man wake up." I heard AJ say
just as I opened my eyes. I found my self laying in the bed naked and
clean now. "What the fuck happened? Last thing I remember was drinking a
pop. Now I'm in bed naked." I asked. "You passed out dude. We're not sure
what happened." Joe said. "Yeah remember you said yesterday that you felt
tired and worn out and when we got back home you passed out." Chris said.
"Wait, wait, wait. Yesterday? What the hell? How long was I out?" I
asked. "You were out cold for almost 20 hours. You scared the hell out of
us." Adam said. I sat up and got my wits about me and noticed the guys
all had shorts on. "Ok what gives with the shorts? I thought we agreed
naked was ok when we was in here." I asked them. "Well we kind of didn't
want to spill the beans to the little one yet." Josiah said referring to
Donny who was sleeping a few feet away from me. "How is he? Has he woken
up yet?" I asked. "No not really. He just pops up like yesterday every
now and then." AJ said worried. I got out of bed and stretched my now
sore body. As I stood up I noticed the others eyes transfixed on my
goodies. "Gees like you guys never saw my dick before." I said laughing
at them. "Well it's just been a few days since we did anything is all."
Chris said referring to naked play time in the mine. I walked the few
feet to Donny and checked his now squeaky clean forehead for his
temperature. He felt a bit cooler now than he did yesterday so I figured
his fever had broken some. I then checked his leg and the boys had
dressed it with some clean bandages. As I was inspecting his little body
I noticed that he to was now naked. He had a cute slight little body
resembling that of Adam's only smaller. His small 2 inch limp pecker
laying above 2 small marble sized balls looked yummy enough to eat, but
now sure wasn't the time. "Hmm. Looks like AJ's got a mini me." I said
giggling. "Shut up." AJ replied laughing to. I checked his temp with a
thermometer and it read slightly above normal, but not much. "Guys I'm
going to try and connect with him like I did before we found him. He
might wake up then." I told them. I placed my hand on his smooth cheek
and temple and concentrated on him. "Can you hear me Donny? It's me
Derrik. Remember me? The one who found you in the hole?" I though to him.
just then his eyes sprang open "I sure do remember." He said in a sleepy
little boy's voice. AJ said as he embraced his baby brother in a
hug. "Oh god I thought you were dead. I should have come looking for
you." AJ said before starting to cry. "Adam you couldn't help it you were
trapped under that house. Don't blame yourself like that." I told him.
"Yeah just be thankful we found him alive." Josiah said. "Joey? Is that
you?" Donny said now wide awake. Joe smiled and came over to greet his
little cousin. AJ took his sunglasses off to wipe his teary eyes and
that's when Donny noticed his eyes. "You're not my brother! You're
another monster! HELP!" Donny began to scream and cry fearing is brother
was not real. "Donny it is me. Who taught you how to swim and ride your
bike?" AJ asked. "You did." Donny answered. "Bubby it is me. It really
is. I know my eyes look weird but it's a long story. If you calm down we
will tell it all to you." AJ said holding his brother's shoulders to keep
him still. "Don't be scared of my eyes. it's still me underneath. I can
see a whole lot better now with these eyes. I'm still your big bubby." AJ
said to him. He then leaned in and said something to him that only they
could hear and Donny answered "Yeah I remember." He then grabbed his
older brother around the neck and began to cry tears of joy. The moment
truly touched me seeing the two of them reunited. It also mad the other
boys feel good since they were now teary eyed to.

Time went by as AJ and his brother told each other their stories of what
has happened to them in the last week or so. I sat trying to take it all
in as my mind wondered in a million directions at once. It seemed like I
had to grow up all at once, but I wasn't sure of how I was going to do
this. I wasn't sure if I even wanted to. The other boys had come to
depend on me as being the oldest of the group, but sometimes I wondered
if it was too much pressure for a kid my age. "Derrik you ok?" Chris
asked me. I opened my eyes to see him staring me in the face. "Yeah dude
I'm ok, just letting my mind drift is all." I replied. He began to giggle
and said, "Well from how hard your pecker is I think you got a lot on
your mind." I looked down and sure enough I had a raging boner. I laughed
and said. "Oops I guess I do." Donny looked over and saw me and began to
giggle to. "He's got a hard one bubby look." Donny said laughing to his
brother. "Don't make fun of him Don it's not like you haven't seen a
boner before." AJ scolded him. That statement peeked my interests so I
peered inside of Adam's mind. I picked up on something that I never
thought it would. AJ was thinking about how he used to bathe and have fun
with his little brother in the bath tub, the naughty kind of fun that is.
I dove even deeper into his mind then and saw a memory of his of how he
used to suck his little brother off in the bath tub when they took those
baths. I didn't want to say anything to AJ about it, but no knowing this
got me even harder than before. I noticed that the others had taken
notice to my cock being hard. Their dicks were all hard now to. "Adam can
I talk to you a sec in private?" I asked. He agreed and we walked out
into the mine shaft to talk. he asked. "Sorry but I kinda
invaded your mind. I'm sorry and I hope your not mad at me now, but I
know about the bath time fun." I said. He stood there silent not knowing
what to say. "Guess you think I'm a perv or something now don't you?" he
said looking like he was getting upset. "Not at all dude I think you're a
loving big brother that just wanted to make your little bro feel good." I
answered. He smiled then and hugged my still nude body. I could feel his
partially hard cock poking me in the thigh through his shorts. He then
looked into my eyes smiling as I planted a small kiss on his tender lips.
"You think baby bro might be up for some fun with the bigger boys?" I
asked. He smiled and said, "Maybe, but I don't want to force him or rush
him into doing anything with you guys. I mean I know he would with me and
probably Joey, but he doesn't really know you and Chris yet." He said.
Seeing his point I just said ok and we went back in the safe room. It was
nearly night time by now and the little bit of light in the mine shaft
that came from the entrance was fading. "Guys it's getting late out there
and I'm fucking hungry as hell so lets eat." I announced making Donny
fully agree. He gulped down cans of pepsi and ate chowed down on 2 cans
of soup. He burped loudly in only the way a boy of 9 could long and
gross, but it still made us all laugh. We didn't want to give him too
much slid food yet since he hadn't really eaten any real food in a long
time. The liquids might be better on his stomach I thought.

Chris and Josiah had started to play their video games while I checked
through the information device we got off the dead alien. AJ and his
brother were sitting and chatting to themselves. I tried to not delve to
deep into their conversation, but I couldn't help but hear a little bit
of it. I heard AJ telling his brother about how we had our "fun" time,
and how we all slept in the same bed area together naked. I also heard
Donny telling his brother that he didn't care because they use to sleep
like that to sometimes. After a little while I noticed AJ's eye lids
begin to get heavy as he was chatting with his brother. Donny on the
other hand seemed wide awake, probably from all the pop he drank having
him wired. I found a file in the info device that said holodisplay. I
opened the file and a huge hologram appeared in front of me displaying
the information on the device was in it. Donny's eyes lit up in
amazement. "WOW! He mouthed with out actually saying. As I looked at the
hologram I saw AJ now sitting up leaning against the wall asleep. I
motioned for Donny to come over and sit by me. He shook his head no. I
then sensed he didn't want to because he was still naked. "It's ok little
dude I'm naked to. You'll see all of us naked in a little while, and
besides I already saw your wiener." I told him laughing. He finally said
what the hell and slid the blanket off him and crawled over and sat his
little naked body next to mine. He looked up at me and smiled blushing.
"Little bud you can do just about what ever you want now. There's no
adults to tell us no now. So if you want to be naked all the time you
can." I told him. "Ok, but maybe not all the time this floor is kinda
cold." He said giggling. I couldn't help how much he looked like his
brother when he smile, aside form AJ having the devil eyes Donny had
those beautiful blue eyes his brother once had. I showed him how to mess
with the hologram to make it move around and change shaped while I went
over to his big brother. "AJ hey bud wake up and get undressed so you can
lay down." I told him quietly as I shocked him from his sleep. He
stretched his body and began to undress then. Donny's little eyes were
locked on his brother as he stripped naked to lie down. As soon as Adam's
head hit the pillow he was softly snoozing. Poor kid has had a rough day
I hope was all it was. I then noticed Chris yawning which was contagious
since Josiah then started to yawn as well. "Guys why don't you get ready
for bed." I asked. Not about to disagree they both began to undress for
bed. Chris stood up and slid his shorts and undies down and stretched as
he stood back up with is arms over his head. Donny's little eyes were
locked on the other 2 boys as they took their clothes off for bed. He
noticed me watching him stare at the others and then got red in the face
as he grew embarrassed. "Nothing to be shy over little dude we all stare
at each other and then some." I said poking him gently in the ribs making
him giggle. He seemed to like being tickled since he squealed like a
little toddler as I poked his ribs. He got to the point where he was
short of breath and I stopped to let him catch his breath again. "I gotta
pee now." He said still half giggling. "I'll take him I need to go
myself." Chris volunteered. "C'mon little guy lets go pee on a tree."
Chris said smiling. "Are we going to go naked?" Donny asked. "Why not?
Not like any one is going to see you out there." I mentioned. Donny took
Chris' hand then and the two of them ventured out into the dark mine
shaft. Outside the entrance the two of them stood next to each other and
pissed on the same tree. "It's scary out here." Donny whispered in the
dark. "It's ok little guy if some one or something was out there I would
hear it. I got super sensitive hearing and I can smell stuff better than
you and the others can to." Chris explained. Hearing that reassured Donny
of the dangers of the night. They walked back into the safe room to see
the rest of the boys laying in some sort on the bed. The bed was barely
big enough as it was for the four boys, but now with Donny it was going
to be cramped. "I think a trip to town is going to be a must tomorrow." I
said. "Why's that?" Chris asked. "Well we need to get Donny some clothes
for one thing. We can't have him running around naked all the time. Plus
we need to expand the bed a little bit more now to." I told them. Chris
lay down in his usual spot and Donny stood waiting to be told where he
can sleep. He looked so cute standing there nude with his milky skin and
cute face looking like the cat that ate the canary. He looked good enough
to eat, especially his tender 2 inch limp mushroom hanging over his small
tight little ball sack. The sight of him standing there like that got me
hard very quickly. Donny noticed my little friend spring to attention and
began to giggle. "Your wiener got hard again." He chuckled pointing at
my dick. "So, get use to it kiddo you'll probably seeing a lot of stuff
like that with us." I explained to the younger boy. He simply shrugged
his shoulders and smiled. "Ok now I guess we need to get a place to crash
don't we. How about you sleep next to your big bro?" I suggested to him.
It seemed like a good idea because he walked over to the far side of the
bed and lay down next to AJ on the small bit of bed area left. As soon as
Adam felt warmth against his body he draped his arm over his little
brother and pulled him against his chest. "Love you" I heard him say in
his sleep. Some how he knew his brother was now with him even in his
sleep. I messed the little guy's hair then pulled the blanket over them.
Once I was in my spot on the bed it was now a tight fit for us. I lay on
my side and snuggled up to Chris who was on his way to dream land. I
couldn't help but to give his small tool a quick squeeze just to let him
know I still cared. He smiled instantly when he felt my grip. I was going
to give him a bit of a thrill, but exhaustion was winning me over at that
point so I gave him a few short strokes them released him. "Maybe
tomorrow" I whispered in his ear making him smile again. I kissed him on
the cheek then we were off to sleep our selves.

Beep, beep, beep my watch called out in the morning waking me from a very
deep slumber. "Fuck 8 am already?" I groaned as I shut the alarm off. I
flicked a flashlight on and sat up to git my wits. Lucky saw me and began
to whine. He needed his morning time outside with his favorite tree.
"Gotta go out boy?" I asked and he whimpered. I got out of bed and was
going to the door when I heard Donny say, "Can I go to I need to pee."
"Sure come on kiddo." I told him lighting the way for him to walk over to
me. We walked out to the entrance of the mine naked with the dog to
relieve our bladders from the night. Lucky of course went on his favorite
tree and Donny and I stood next to each other and pissed. "Guess where
we're going today?" I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders. "We're going
to wal mart to get you some clothes and stuff. I know their clothes suck,
but it's all we got right now." I said to him. "Cool. Can I get some
toys?" he begged. "I guess so, as long as it's not a bunch or anything
big. We only have so much room on the atv to haul stuff ." I explained to
him. He was all smiles then. "We're also going to get some more stuff to
make our bed bigger, unless you want to make a bed of your own. You don't
have to sleep with the rest of us if you don't want to." I told him.
"It's ok me and bubby use to share a bed all the time." He explained.
Made me wonder just exactly what all the brothers shared in life. I
watched then as he shook the last few drops off his half hard pecker from
having morning wood. He looked to be maybe about 2.5 to 3 inches long if
he was fully hard. Just the thought of it made me boned all the way. He
saw it and giggled at me. "What? It's just morning wood." I said
laughing. "I know bubby has it al the time to when he waked up. I do to
some times." The little guy told me. Hearing how his cock would get hard
sometimes made me even hornier then. "Hey why don't you go back inside
and wait on the other guys to wake up. I'm going to stay out here with
Lucky for a few minutes so he can finish his business." I told him
pointing to the dog as he was squatting to drop a turd. He agreed and
walked back in the mine with the flash light. My real reason for wanting
to stay outside was so I could relieve the built up pressure in my cock
from seeing Donny hot little nude body. I wrapped my fingers around it
and began to pound away at it. I stroked as fast as I could thinking
about how good it would be to taste Donny's little pecker sliding into my
mouth. In no time I tensed up and spasms of pleasure ripped through my
body. I had to grab a nearby tree branch to keep from falling to the
ground from my legs almost giving out on me. I stood there as the orgasm
wave washed over me and I came back to my senses. "Holy shit that was
great." I panted as I now knew I had to have the small boy's dick. I had
to figure some way to get him alone with me for a long enough time. "Dam
why didn't I think of it before." I thought to myself. The trip to wal
mart would be perfect to get to know Donny a little better. Just then
"Hey Derrik." I heard from behind me. Josiah and Chris came walking
outside naked to relieve themselves as well. As they pissed next to each
other and yawned I told them, "Guys I'm going to take Donny into town
today and get him some clothes and things. I'm also getting some more
blankets and stuff. It's starting to get chilly around here at /> "Who all is going with you?" Chris asked. "Just me and the little guy. No
need for everyone to go. Besides I figured you two and AJ might want to
have some fun while we're away." I said winking at them. They got the
hint instantly and smiled evily.

Back in the mine AJ had woken up and felt lousy. "What's wrong Adam?"
Josiah asked. "Don't know I just feel rough for some reason." He replied.
"Ok well you better just relax for now then. Are you hurting or what?" I
asked him. "Yes a little, my stomach hurts." He replied. "Ok well, I'm
going to take your little bro to town to get him some clothes and some
more bedding. I guess I can stop by the pharmacy and get you something
for your tummy ache to." I said as he lay back down. The other three boys
just dug through our food stores to find a quick breakfast as I chatted
with AJ. I knelt down next to him and told him, "Dude don't get real
sick. I don't know what I can do for you if you do. I was gonna just take
your brother with me so you and the other guys can have some fun
together. I know you guys have been through hell the last few days so you
need a bit a pleasure. Just don't over do it while I'm gone." I said
quiet enough so only he could hear me. I know Chris also heard because of
his super hearing, but he respected us and didn't say anything. I then
petted him on the head to let him know I cared and went to get up. Before
I could though he grabbed me around the neck and hugged me tightly.
"Thank you for finding Donny. I don't know how I can ever repay you." He
said now with tears in his eyes. "Don't worry about it dude. Just get
some rest and take it easy." I told him. I then had a few words with
Josiah and Chris. "Guys he doesn't feel very well. Don't let him
overexert his self while I'm gone. And oh yeah one last thing, why don't
you two show him a good time while I'm gone to." They instantly got the
hint and started to grin. I then dug through our clothes and found the
smallest pair of shorts that Chris had. "Ok Donny boy lets see if these
fit you. Chris is the smallest one besides you and these are the smallest
clothes we have." I told him. He stood in front of me still naked and
stepped one foot at a time into the shorts. I pulled them up around his
waist and let go then. Just as I thought they fell straight to the floor
since they were too big. The other boys were a riot laughing. Donny kind
of got an embarrassed look on his face then. "It's ok big boy their just
jealous cus your peckers bigger." I told him making him smile. The others
were giving me weird looks as if I insulted them. I looked at them and
winked and they finally got the point that I was joking to make him feel
better. I pulled the shorts back up around Donny's waist and he held them
there this time as I took some tape we got from the hardware store and
wrapped it around his waist to hold up the shorts. This time when he let
go they stayed on him. They hung half way down past his knees they were
so big. Normally they were at Chris' knee level. As for a shirt we just
put one of Chris' t-shirts on him and now I got dressed. In no time we
were heading down the hill on the ATV and into town.

As we rode through town Donny couldn't believe the devastation the aliens
had caused to our world. "Wow everything is all tore up. All the houses
are knocked down." He exclaimed in awe and horror. "Yeah they really did
a number on Earth from what we can tell. But it's not all bad we have
some friends out there." I told him. he questioned. I went on
to tell him about the good aliens and how the other boys and I had gotten
our special abilities. "So that's how my bubby got those weird eyes?" he
asked. I nodded yes. "Wow wish I had super powers." He said sounding a
little jealous. "You do. You have more will power than any person I have
ever seen before to survive I that death camp as long as you did." I told
him. "Really? You think I got special power?" he asked. "Yep one of the
most special ones of all." I told him making him smile. Soon we arrived
in front of the wal mart. As we went inside it was clear to me that some
one else had been there beside the boys and I. all of the cash registers
had been broken open and had no money in them. I wondered what kind of
moron would take money of all things now that it meant absolutely
nothing, it was worthless now. I kept this to myself as we walked further
into the store. "Ok dude lets get you some clothes first, then some
shoes, and then to the goodies the toy isles." I said making him jump for
joy. First stop was the underwear. Being only 9 he still preferred tighty
whities so we had to figure out what size he wore now. "Go ahead and drop
those shorts so we can try these on you." I told him as I opened a pack
of undies. He yanked the shorts down and stepped out of them, but was
still covered up by Chris' shirt like it was a night gown. "Ok I guess
you should probably lose the shirt to, it's just gonna get in the way." I
told him. "What if some one sees?" he asked being modest since we were in
public. "Donny there's no one else to see you, just me right now." I
explained. Looking around first to make sure the coast was clear he then
pulled the shirt up and over his head leaving his body now totally
exposed. Seeing him naked again made my dick grown a bit in my shorts. I
knelt down I front of him and helped him with the briefs. "These are too
tight." He said sliding them back off. I grabbed another pack a bit
bigger in size and we tried again. I slid them up to his grown then with
a little help from my wondering fingers his tender little 2 incher slid
inside them. He giggled as I adjusted them on him. "What?" I asked. "That
tickled my wiener." He responded, but he didn't seem to mind much though.
Deciding to take a chance I reached out my fingers and began to tickle
the small lump in the front of his new briefs. He giggled a bit then
stopped and just smiled really big at me. "Like it?" I asked. He nodded
yes and kept smiling. I kept on rubbing him and he grew to his full size
inside the undies. "Can I see how big it is now?" I asked. He nodded and
placed his fingers in the waist of the briefs and pulled the front down.
There before me was a beautiful mushroom headed 3 inch boner. I wanted so
badly just to sink it into my mouth, but I held myself back. Instead I
reached up and messaged the tip a bit with my fingers. His smile didn't
fade completely, but it was replaced with a look of relaxation. I could
tell the little AJ clone was loving it. "Feel good now?" I asked again.
He nodded yes again. Now I stopped for a sec ad he opened his eyes ad I
pulled the briefs back down to his ankles. He stood there waiting as I
again began to message his stiff boy tool. This time I wrapped my fingers
around his skinny shaft and gently stroked him slowly. "Gosh that's
better than what bubby did." He mumbled. "I knew it! He just let the cat
out of the bag." I thought to myself now knowing he and AJ have had some
sort of sex play together before. Now I began to speed up my pace and his
breathing became deeper and a bit faster. He was definitely getting into
It now. When I looked up and saw his closed eyes and his half open mouth
I couldn't help myself any more. I took his rod by its base with my
fingers and sank it into my mouth. He moaned slightly as the warmth and
tightness of my lips met the tender skin of his boy cock. His hands
instantly found the top of my head and I guided his dick in and out of my
mouth. I had my hands on his smooth but cheeks gripping and forcing them
forward to thrust his member in my mouth. "Oh my gosh I gotta he
started to say as an orgasm wracked his small body in waves of pleasure.
He forced his dick as hard and deep as he could into my mouth as his body
tensed up from the pleasure. 5 more times he forced it in my mouth till
he almost collapsed to the floor when the last wave swept over him. I
held him in my arms as he breathed hard and deep with his eyes closed.
"Oh my gosh what was that?" he asked referring to the orgasm. "Called an
orgasm wasn't it great?" I said. He nodded yes with his eyes still closed
trying to catch his breath. "Can I do it again?" he asked. "Not right
now. Maybe later on if the time is rite." I said laughing at his
question. His first time getting off and he's now hooked on it. A short
time later we sat there on the floor him on my lap as he came back to
earth. "So little buddy how'd you like that?" I asked. "I loved it. I
never felt nothing like that before. Me and bubby use to play around in
the shower, but he never sucked on me before." Donny replied. "Glad you
liked it." I told him as I gave his now limp pecker a tickle making him
squeal. "Ok kiddo lets get those undies back on you and get you some
clothes of your own." I said.

About an hour after looking we had a cart full of new clothes just for
him. He picked out new shoes, shirts, shorts, ect. Then it was on to his
favorite part of the store, the toy department. Much to the little guys
dismay the roof had collapsed on top of the toy department. "Oh man! Now
I can't get no toys!" he whined. We picked through what shelves we could
and he scavenged a few things he wanted and tossed them in the cart. Now
that I had Donny's shopping done we went to find more blankets and
padding to make the bed bigger in the mine. By the time we were through
the cart was piled over the top with free merchandise. "Come on Donny
lets get out of here." I told him as we headed for the entrance to leave.

Back at the cave the boys were having a little free time to themselves.
Not feeling so hot AJ was resting on the bed as Chris and Josiah were
starting to get a bit frisky. "You wanna do it?" Joe asked. "You know it.
Let's suck each other." Chris answered him. With that the boys smiled in
agreement and got into the classic 69 position. In seconds they had each
others hard little tools in their mouths. They went on for a few minutes
when the obvious sucking sounds and moaning woke AJ from his nap. "Hey no
fair I wanna do it to." He said whining as he rapidly got hard. Chris
popped Joe's dick from his mouth and said, "Ok I got an idea. How about
we all suck each other at the same time?" the cousins not seeming to mind
the idea agreed to it then the three of them got in a circle laying no
the bed and formed a daisy chain sucking each other off. Chris sucking
Josiah, Josiah sucking Adam, and Adam sucking Chris all at the same time.
This was a new experience for them and they were loving every second of
it. The thrill of all of this seemed to do its trick since on que all
three boys seemed to get their orgasms at almost the same time. They
forced their hard boy cocks into each others mouths and moaned heavily
while having a cock in their mouths. They all collapsed in a heap on the
bed panting and heaving coming back to earth from their great pleasure
they just gave each other. "Holy hell you can suck good!" Chris told AJ
smiling to him. "Yeah so do you Joey." AJ told his cousin. "Yeah and
Chris is never bad." Josiah said giggling. They laughed and joked a bit
laying on the bed in a naked heap for quite sum time. About an hour into
this they decided to copy the activities of earlier only changing
position this time so they sucked the other boy. This time they sucked
away on ach other and just as the first the got off in each others mouth
very intensely. This time how ever they giggling and carrying on was cut
short. "Oh Oww!!" AJ cried out. "What's wrong Adam? You ok?" Josiah asked
his cousin. "My stomach! Oh god it hurts!" he cried with tears forming in
his eyes. he lay on his side clutching his mid section tightly. Not
knowing what to do Chris and Josiah tried their best to help and comfort
AJ till I got back feeling bad because they thought they had caused his
pain by having the sex play with him.

Coming through town with Donny on the ATV we made one last stop at the
drug store to find something for AJ's tummy ache. I grabbed anything on
the shelf that was stomach ache related and tossed it into a big bag. And
not really knowing anything about medicine myself I grabbed a bunch of
medical books to. As I was walking out the door I decided to grab 2 more
very special items. They were small but special indeed. I got back on the
ATV and tossed the bag full of meds in the back. "Why did you go in
there?" Donny asked me. "To get your brother something for his upset
tummy. He didn't feel good when we left. And oh yeah, I got us a special
medicine to." I answered him as I pulled out the two things I grabbed on
the way out. "Kool a sucker!" Donny cheered as I pulled the candy out of
my pocket, one for him and one for me. "Just our secret ok." I told him
as he happily unwrapped it and popped it in his mouth. We rode back
through the woods on the way to the mine and as we got closer I could
sense a sensation of great pain. wrong." I said out loud.
"What?" the little guy asked. "We have to get back to the mine." I said
as I pushed the gas pedal on the ATV to the floor. I had never driven the
vehicle at that speed and safety was not on my mind as we tore up the
hill to the mine entrance. As we came to the entrance I slammed on the
brakes jarring Donny and turned the engine off. "Come on inside now!" I
told him as I grabbed the bag of medicine and ran inside. "What's wrong?"
I said loudly as I ran inside the safe room to see two naked boys
hovering around a third and looking very worried. I ran over to see AJ in
great pain on the bed with tears streaking down his cheeks. "What's wrong
with my bubby?" Donny began to cry. "Joe I want you and Chris to get
dressed and take him outside with the dog. He's scared and I know you
guys are to. He doesn't need to see his brother like this till I know
he's going to be ok." I told him quietly. Donny stood in the door way
crying his little eyes out as I tended to his brother. "Come on Don boy
let's take the dog out. AJ will be ok now Derrik is here." Josiah told
his cousin as he took his hand to lead him out of the mine. I wished that
these guys didn't put so much pressure on me to come through for them all
the time. I wasn't that much older than they are. I knelt down next to AJ
ad asked, "How ya feelin bud?" "My stomach hurts so bad. Feels like some
one is stabbing me or something." He answered. I grabbed the bag of
goodies from the drug store and dug out one of the books. I filed through
it and found the section on stomach pains. As I read it I asked AJ
questions. One question seemed to answer all for me though. "Have your
eaten anything in the last day or two unusual?" I asked. "Yeah I ate some
berries a little while before we found Donny." He said. He described them
to me and the book said they were poisonous. "Fuck dude those were poison
berries. That's why you're hurting so bad. The book says we need to get
them out of your system. Have you thrown up or anything?" I asked. /> he cried with a scared look on his face. "Well bud we need to get you
outside so you can puke those things out." I told him as I helped him to
his feet. I helped him to get outside the mine so he could empty out his
stomach. The others were all sitting on the ATV looking worried for Adam
as I helped him out. Donny being scared for his brother ran to his side.
"Bubby, bubby are you ok?" he whined. "Yeah Donny just got sit with Joey
I'll be fine." He tried his best to say braving through the pain. Donny
did as his big brother told him and we lumbered over to a tree. "How do I
do this?" he asked. "Open your mouth." I told him. He did and before he
knew what to do I stuck my finger in his throat making him gag and throw
up. He heaved a few more times and just as he told me some undigested
berries came out. I sat his still naked body down and leaned him against
another tree as the puking ordeal had tapped his strength. He was
breathing heavy now and trying not to cry. He wanted to look strong for
his brother. "Chris run inside and bring out some clean water." I
ordered. In a flash he ran in and retrieved the water. "Here drink this
we need to get some fluids back in you. I'm afraid you're going to have
to do it again. We gotta get all those berries out." I told him wiping
the sweat of his pale fore head. He drank the water and didn't want to
throw up again, but there was no choice. Again I helped him up and as
before he puked from my gagging him with a finger in the throat. This
time mostly water and a few more berry fragments. This time the throwing
up weakened him so much he nearly passed out. He dropped to his knees and
fell into my arms. "I got you, I got you dude." He said to him holding
him. I then scooped his sweaty naked body up and carried him back inside.
He had absolutely zero strength left as his body was like a rag doll. I
lay him down on the bed and he looked as pale as a ghost. I got some
pepto out of the drug store bag and poured some in his mouth. "Come on
dude I know its gross but you have to swallow it."� I told him. He
complied with me and swallowed it all. Then I sensed the most dreadful
thing from him. "No you're not going to die. We're not going to let you
die. You can't die you got a reason to live now, Donny." I told him after
reading his thought of passing away. I tried my best to be the tough guy
but inside I was dying knowing he wondered such a thing.

Minutes went by and turned into hours as we kept watch on Adam. He would
fall in and out of consciousness periodically due to being so weak. We
kept watch on him and kept his body wiped off since he was sweating so
badly. Donny never left his side after we got him back in bed. He even
fell asleep next to him. Seeing the two of them next to each other like
that made me think deeply. I thought about how much the two of them
looked alike and how they truly did love each other. It also made me
think about my own family and all the friends I'd never get to see again.
It broke my heart to the point that I had to leave the room. I walked
outside the entrance and broke down in tears. The thoughts and feelings
of losing every single person and thing I loved was a lot for a kid my
age to take, and I guess I had reached the breaking point. I sat on the
ground and just cried like a baby not knowing what else to do. It was bad
enough having to survive after what has happened to Earth, but having to
help these other kids survive to was a lot to ask of a kid like me. "You
ok?"� a voice said as I felt a hand on my shoulder. I knew it was Chris.
I didn't know what to say to him. "I know it's hard Derrik. I feel just
as bad as you do, but I can't change what's happened. All we can do now
is live and try to be happy with our lives." He said kneeling next to
me.� Hearing him I knew he was rite, but the pain would always be there.
I wrapped the smaller boy up in my arms and we just held each other and
cried together. He felt my pain and knew what I was thinking. Sometimes I
think he was the one that got the knowledge as a gift from the alien and
not me. Was all I could think of to say to him. After a while
of sobbing and holding each other I pulled myself together and dried my
eyes. I sat with him and chatted a few minutes till Josiah came out to
join us. "How's he doing?" Chris asked about AJ. "Sleeping. Donny's still
laying with him." he answered. While we were enjoying the outside air
thoughts of other problems of the present began to creep into mind.
Thoughts of needing to replenish our food supply, thoughts of what to do
when the weather turned cold, thoughts of avoiding the monsters now that
they were aware of our being in the area, and all the other hormone
driven thoughts racing through my mind were making me crazy. "Guys I
think that alien is going to end up making me insane with the ability he
gave me." I said to the boys. "I can't get my mind to slow down for ten
seconds so I can just chill out. I'm always thinking about something. I
mean it doesn't even stop when I try to sleep. I keep seeing these
visions or bad dreams or something." I went on telling them. "Visions of
what?" Joe asked. "I don't know. I'm not sure if it's things that have
happened, things that will, or just my damned imagination making me
crazy. I keep seeing worlds that those monsters have destroyed and things
like that." I answered. the boys and I went on about our problems for a
while just relaxing outside the mine.

About an hour later Donny came out to join us rubbing the sleep from his
eyes. "Hey little cuz how's AJ?" Josiah asked him. "He's still sleeping.
Is my brother going to be ok?" he said asking me. "He should be little
guy. He ate those berries yesterday and they were poisonous. Now that we
got some of them out his system he should be ok in a day or two." I told
the 9 yo. He then sat down ext to Josiah and leaned against him. My guess
was that Joe and the brothers were very close by the way Josiah and Donny
were acting. "Guys I'm going in to check on AJ. Chris keep an ear out for
trouble." I said before going back in the mine. I checked Adam's
temperature and it had dropped a bit more and he was no longer sweating.
I pulled the blanket back up over his tummy to his chest and sat down
next to him on the bed. Apparently he was sleeping good since he had a
nice looking tenet going where his dick would be. I smiled and my own
dick swelled a bit from the sight. I thought for a second about pulling
the blanket down and giving him a great feeling dream, but decided not to
so he could rest. I tried to close my eyes to rest for a moment next to
him on the bed. The next thing I knew Chris was kneeling next to me
shaking me. "Derrik wake up! Dammit wake up!" he was saying sternly but
not yelling. "What? Huh?" I muttered not knowing what the hell was going
on. From my perspective I just closed my eyes for a second. In actuality
I had fallen asleep and been there for early 2 hours next to AJ. I
glanced over to him and he was now awake and looking better. "Derrik wake
up!" Chris said again. "I'm awake. What is it?" I asked. "I'm not sure
what it is, but I hear something coming. Sounds like it's on foot
walking. I heard crunching sounds like leaves and twigs being stepped
on." He answered. I went from partially awake to on full alert in a
second. "Boys show time, get the guns. Joe stay in here with AJ and
Donny. Chris and I are going to wait in the entrance." I gave AJ a pistol
and Josiah grabbed a shotgun. Chris and I both took rifles and I also
grabbed "the glove" then headed to the mine entrance.

"Hear anything?" I asked Chris in a low tone. "Yeah lots. What ever it
is, it's not trying to be quiet. It sounds like it's running. And dude
its on 2 legs, it's not an animal." He answered cocking his rifle to
fire. I slid the glove on and instantly felt a tingly sensation in my
body. "Chris I got an idea. I wonder if this thing can make like a force
field that looks like the side of the hill to hide the mine entrance." I
said. "Kool idea let's see if it works." He said. I concentrated hard on
what I wanted the glove to do and the next thing I knew the light coming
through the cracks of the boards covering the entrance became shaded.
"Looks like it did something." Chris said. It definitely did something, I
felt a bit of strength being sapped from my body. Chris then raised his
gun to a firing position and pointed towards the entrance. I then heard
the steps growing close myself. I walked rite up to the entrance and
peered through the cracks I the boards. What I saw shocked me then.

story by: fairieboi69

Tags: boy / boy science-fiction sex story

Author: fairieboi69

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