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[Part 1]

Christmas was going to be rough this year for the Sorvino Family. Donna had lost her job this year and they had to watch how much they spent, until she was able to get a new job. Donna always was the person who worked while her husband Oscar stayed home with the girls. The kids didn’t understand money all that well all they knew is that there mommy lost her job. The kids were 8 and 9 years old both being girls they didn’t have a real problem with sharing things. Titania was 8 and her sister Elincia was 9. When Donna lost her job the girls didn’t notice a difference in there life style. But there parents sure did they were now buying in bulk and couldn’t take a vacation this year.
It was Christmas time and Elincia wanted a watch, some Barbie’s, and a bike. Titania wanted a dollhouse she also wanted some Barbie's and a bike. Oscar and Donna bought their girls what they wanted and a few other things except the bikes. Bikes can cost a lot of money and anything over a hundred dollars was considered a lot of money lately. So they decided that the bikes were out of the question. But the night before Christmas Oscar had an idea since they were both girls they could share the bike. So he purchased one bike for the time being until they had enough money to buy another one.
The kids were up early Christmas day but had to wait for their parents to get up. Finally two hours later their parents got up, but they then had to go to church. The girls were beginning to grow impatient.
Finally after church they were allowed to open their gifts, they opened all their gifts except for the large gift behind the Christmas tree. Their daddy had to move the Christmas tree for them to get to that one. When they looked at it they had a feeling what it was, but they both thought shouldn’t there be two of them. When they were able to reach the present they realized it was addressed to both of them and it was from their parents. They opened it to reveal a brand new bike without training wheels; their last bikes had training wheels on them and were now too small. They saw there was only one and realized they would have to share. They then shared a lot of hugs and kisses with there parents. They were really happy even though they had to share it.
Some time after Christmas when the weather was warmer they started to fight over who would be allowed to ride the bike. Their parents tried everything from scheduled days to allowing them to reserve the bike for a certain days, but nothing seemed to work. They still fought every chance they got over the bike. This seemed to be the one thing they couldn’t share.
One day Elincia came into the living room and said she was going out she grabbed her helmet and left. She said on her way out the door. “Titania and I aren’t arguing about the bike anymore she said I could have it for today.” At that she left on the bike.
Donna ran to tell her husband that the girls at last are through fighting over the bike. They both celebrated the good news by opening two wine coolers, after finishing their wine coolers, and watching TV for an hour. They both got to worry about Titania; they hadn’t heard a noise come from upstairs since Elincia left. They called to her but got no answer. It was unlike her to be quite for this long so they walked upstairs to investigate “Baby are you all right.” they called again but still didn’t get an answer. They got to worry so they ran down the hall and burst into her room.
They saw a sight they thought they would never see. Titania was hogtied and tape gagged. She was lying on her right side next to her bed with her golden brown hair all scattered in her face. She was bound with her pajama bottoms and a length of rope that the girls used as a jump rope. Her left foot was bare while her right foot still had a sock on it. Other then that she was fully clothed although her cloths were wet from sweat.
She didn’t even see them come in because she was crying too much. She wasn’t struggling in her bonds anymore; she had given up a while ago. They kneeled down next to her and as they put there hand on her shoulder. She realized they were there and she started struggling again.
Donna started to untie her while Oscar worked on removing the tape off her mouth. When he removed the tape he found the missing sock it was stuffed into her mouth. As soon as the sock was removed she said “Elincia did this to me so she could use the bike. I hate her.” Just then Oscar got an idea and he took his wife’s arm before she could finish untying Titania and escorted her out into the hall. Donna was concerned at why she wasn’t allowed to finish untying Titania. As they both stood up Titania started to cry. leave me, please untie me, mommy come back.”
Just outside the door Oscar told his wife his idea. “Lets tie her back up better so when Elincia comes home and tries to untie her she wont be able to. Then she will have to come to us for help she would then have to confess to tying her up.” Donna thought about this for some time finally she agreed it was a great idea.
They went back to their daughter. She relaxed once they returned. But she soon began to panic as she realized they were retying her ankles and this time tighter. They retied her ankles with a new knot that if you didn’t know exactly how it was tied you wouldn’t be able to untie it. They repeated this knot on her wrists the whole time with one hand over her mouth. She began to cry again and struggle in her bonds but soon realized it was useless, so she began to bite at her father’s hand covering her mouth. She was again hogtied but his time tighter. They then forced the sock back into her mouth and smoothed a new piece of tape over mouth.
Oscar had worked at Funiculaireville in there knot tying department there he invented new types of knots, that were much harder to get out of. This was before he met his wife and that’s when he gave it all up to have a family, but he took his ideas for knots with him. They were both into bondage and Donna quickly learned some new knots, which she had not known about before.
They left the room and went back down to watch more TV after about an hour and a half of watching TV they went back up to Titania’s room. When she saw the door open she began to struggle but she relaxed when her daddy slowly and gently began to remove the piece of duck tape from her mouth. He then helped her remove the sock from her mouth. She was silent this whole time but hoping that they would untie her.
They placed a cup in front of her with a bendy straw in it she hoped it was something cold. Her father then helped her by supporting her head and placing the straw to her lips. She was apprehensive about drinking the contents of the glass. But she did after they told her “its ok” and stroked her arm. She began to suck the contents of the glass while her father still supported her head. She was quite happy to find the contents to be a nice cold glass of milk. She finished the entire glass before her father let go of her head.
Oscar and Donna got up and opened her underwear drawer where they grabbed a fresh clean sock from out of her drawer. They balled it up and kneeled down next to her again. The new sock that they pulled out disappointed her. Now she felt she had to speak up “Can you please wait.” Donna answered her “sure sweetheart what is it” Donna then stroked the hairs from her daughters face and looked into the beautiful blue eyes. Her daughter’s eyes seemed to be pleading for mercy as she spoke. “Did I do something wrong.” they shook there head no and answered her “No sweetheart you did nothing wrong, but we want Elincia to try and untie you, when she cant untie you she will have to come and tell us the story of how she tied you up.” The look on her face told them she was confused and probable angry at them but she said, “Ok, but do I have to be taped shut.” They both laughed at this and told her “Its not called being taped shut its called be gagged, now open your mouth wide.” She began to cry but she did what she was told, she opened her small and shaky mouth. At this point they almost didn’t want to because they knew it was distressing her. They both thought ‘Elincia better get home soon.’ After placing the clean sock in her mouth and smoothing a new piece of tape over her lips they picked up the dirty sock and left.
Downstairs they placed the dirty sock in the laundry and then went back into the living room to watch TV, and wait for Elincia to get home. They never got to turn the TV back on because they started holding each other close. This was distressing to their daughter and in turn was distressing to them. They didn’t feel like doing anything else except waiting for Elincia to get home.
Elincia at last walked in the door two hours later. They were glad she finally was home because now they could untie Titania who was tied up most of the day, for about 4 hours. Elincia went and opened the garage to put her bike away then came back inside. Stopping before she proceeded up the stairs she asked her parents Titania” they replied with “Oh she's great, she's been up in her room playing all day we haven’t heard a sound out of her. You know we should probable go check on her.”
Elincia started again to run up the stairs and said, “I will check on her.” She thought ‘great they didn’t find her, I wont get in trouble.’ She walked into her sister’s room and kneeled down next to her but before trying to untie her she said to try and blackmail her sister “If you tell anyone that I tied you up I’ll tell mom and dad how you stole a candy bar from the store.” Titania nodded her head in agreement and Elincia started tugging at the bonds. After about five minutes of working at the knot Elincia still couldn’t get it to budge. The knot only seemed to get tighter but she couldn’t give up if she did she would get in trouble.
Then they were both called down for dinner. She knew she was in trouble now she tried harder she was now jerking at the bonds so hard her sister began to cry. She heard them call them down a second time for dinner. She did the only thing she could do; she gave up and walked downstairs to face her parents.
“Um Mommy, Daddy could you help me with something.” But of course they knew exactly what she needed help with, but they didn’t blow their cover so they answered. “Sure honey what is it” The words shot from her mouth in a single breath, as all children say things when they know there in trouble “Titania is tied up in her room.” Oscar acted first as to try to make it convincing that they both didn’t already know about Titania.
He screamed as he grabbed his wife’s hand and ran passed Elincia. They didn’t stop running till just outside Titania’s room Where Donna said, “wow! That was They preceded into the bedroom where they saw their daughter still all tied up but this time crying loudly though her gag. “Mph” They sat down behind her and started to untie the Funiculaireville special. As they worked at gently untying her they told her “It worked sweetheart your sister will now get in /> Just then Elincia walked into the room as her dad started screaming again. “Who did this?” This scared her and she stepped back half a step before saying, get mad daddy but I did.” That didn’t seem to help because even her mom looked angry now. “Well, why did you do this” Elincia was now crying and she said, “Because I wanted to go bike riding I'm sorry mommy.” apologize to me young lady its your sister you need to apologize to.” Her mother screamed. They finished untying Titania and helped her stand up. Only now did she finally understand why her parents retied her, it was so that Elincia would get in trouble. They then went down stairs to have dinner; Elincia followed a little ways behind them.
At dinner Elincia apologized some more but it seemed to have no effect. Her mom had already made up her mind as to what her punishment would be. It was going to be a spanking, 10 swats with the belt and 5 with the hairbrush. She didn’t like the sound of all that she wouldn’t be able to sit for a week. But her dad said, “That might not be all of your punishment I'm still thinking of some more.” This scared her because her father had a strange look in his eyes when he said this. She decided against saying anything more and just finished her dinner, so she could get her punishment over with.
When everyone was finally done with dinner. Oscar grabbed Titania and Elincia’s hand and escorted them upstairs. Donna followed close behind. They reached mommy and daddy’s bedroom and were told to go wait inside. Just outside the door Oscar told Donna about his idea for further punishment. “We should tie Elincia up as part of her punishment and leave her like that.” Donna like her husbands idea so they started Elincia’s punishment.
They went into the room and Donna told Titania to have a seat on the floor while Oscar yelled at Elincia to remove her pants and underwear. It took Titania a little longer to do so; she was scared she was also going to get punished. But as she went to take a seat on the floor she realized she wasn’t and was only get a front row seat. Donna then also took a seat on the floor next to Titania.
Elincia took the position over her father’s knee as Oscar raised the first item of torture, the belt. This belt was a thin leather belt but hurt quite a bit. He swung and put a stripe across her ass. The first swing did the trick and got her crying. By the tenth swing she was balling her eyes out. Burning red stripes crisscrossed her butt. Then came the hairbrush which both girls dreaded the most.
But before it was swung she was given the option. “I will hit you only five times if you agree to be tied up the rest of the night or I will hit you ten times on the butt and five on your peepee and you wont have to be tied up.” She knew how much the last one hurt because that was introduced only a few months ago when she turned 9. She would do anything to avoid being hit down there. So she chose to be tied up. Just as she chooses this, then the first strike hit her butt. She didn’t have time to relax and all five came as she was all tensed up.
He stopped after five as promised and helped her up they all walked into her bedroom and she was instructed to lie down on the bed. Her mother went to gather four lengths of rope. She was then told to put her arms above her head and she did so. Her parents both started tying a wrist to the top bedpost. After making a successful tie they moved down to her feet. They spread her legs apart and began securing her ankles to the bottom bedpost. It was now that she realized how exposed she was with nothing covering her bottom half, and at how spread open she was. So she asked “Mommy, Daddy what about my underwear and pajamas.” At that they also realized how exposed she was but decided against untying her. “Sorry honey we must have forgotten and it’s too late now.” Then all three of them walked out to go to bed themselves, as she once again started to cry.
They all went to bed but she had to cry herself to sleep so it took her a little longer then the rest of them.
Oscar was woken up in the middle of the night by being shaken and hearing “Daddy I can’t sleep.” He woke up to see Titania standing at his side of the bed. He got up and walked her back into her room where he asked her wrong She looked down at her feet and said in an unsteady voice “Daddy will you tie me up.”

part 2 coming

story by: bager

Tags: fantasy bondage and restriction sex story

Author: bager

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